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  R, Kerri — I joined the ARMY in January 2007 as a 27 D Paralegal and I'm loving it. I'm based with an Engineeri...More
  R, R F — Former Army Infantryman. Did 2 year long combat tours in Iraq, 1st tour with the 1st Infantry Divisi...More
  r, s — I have no military experience. I am looking to joing if anyone has info
  Ra, Laura
  Raby, Kenneth A — I entered Active Duty in January 1980, Served 12 1/2 years, took the early release, joined the reser...More
  Raby, Troy L
  Racca, Heather M
  Rackham, Matthew L — Started my career in the Army Reserve with the 172nd, Med Bn, Log Fwd out of Harrisville, UT. Then ...More
  Rackley, Jim L
  Raczkowski, Allen
  Radeke, Scott A — Mosul, Iraq
  Rademacher, Kerri L — I joined the ARMY in January 2007 and I'm loving it. I'm based with an Engineering Battalion in Ohi...More
  Rader, P
  Rader, Timothy R — Retired Infantry of 20 years. Affiliated with 2nd ID (C 1/9 Inf), 101st Airborne (B 1/501 Inf & B 2/...More
  Radford, Bill — I am in sales now for many years selling everything from car parts to cell phones. Business is good...More
  Radzius, Rimas A
  Rafferty, Michael — Served with the 518th Signal Company with duty at the 509th USAAD.
  Raibon, Glenn L — I'm a 35 year old black male. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. I'm stationed in Germany, but...More
  Raidt, Basil E — Served with 3rd ID, 1st AD and took over for the 101st Airborne at Saddam's republican guard and off...More
  Raimondo, John A — I was in the Army from 1970-1971. Initially, I was in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade Headquarters ...More
  Raines, Reno
  Rairden, Howard b
  Rairdon, David e — company clerk 1st bn 187th inf div
  Rajkovic, Ondrej
  Ralston, Jason — Delta Co. 1/502
  Ralston, Wally — US Army 1966 to 1974 HHC 2/505th, HHC 3/187th
  Ramirez, Alfredo M
  Ramirez, Lyle A — HHC 3 BCT 101st Airborne Div.
  Ramirez, Mario A — I was an original (31Q) Tactical Satellite & Microwave Systems Operator and completed my AIT from Ft...More
  Ramirez, Reinaldo — Served with 13th Pathfinders in RVN 70-71 Served with Pathfinders Aviation School A co. 1/38th Inf...More
  Ramirez, Rene — I was an E-4 with the 501st. Screaming Eagles!
  Ramirez, Tim — I served 4 years with the 101st Airborne 187th RCT. Also served 2 years with Indiana National Guard...More
  Ramos, Audrey L — Currently serving in the Army 4+ years. MOS; 91W20. Served in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom for...More
  Ramos, Jaime a — I was a parachute rigger and was station at s&s email is
  Ramos, Raymond — Only memeber of A Co. 1/58th to reach twelve years in the unit, with only a year break to Korea. As...More
  Ramos, Yvette
  Ramos-Corcelle, Yvette A — Born and raised in NYC. Basic training at Fort Jackson SC 1990. Army reserves 90 to 93 Fort Wadswort...More
  Ramsbottom, Steve
  Ramsdell, Matt O — I am currently a Cadet Private at Tarleton State University in Texas. I graduate next year and am l...More
  Ramsdell, Michael l — E-4 Corporal/Specialist 4 veteran/prior service
  Ramsdell, Michael
  Randall, Daniel T
  Randall, John c — Member of D-btry 3/325th based in Italy also a member of 101st.
  Randall, Tom L — Ft Cambell Ky 1972 - 1974 801st Maint. Germany 9th Engineers 1974 - 1975
  Randolph, Richard M — I was with Delta Co. 2/506th Inf 70-71 base camp was Evans. Didn't spend much time there though, we ...More
  Randolph, Richard — Served with D-2/506th Inf. 101st Airborne Div. 70-71..RVN
  Ranger, Army — I am a Ranger in the 3rd Ranger battalion, 75th regiment. I would love to chat with someone who is w...More
  Rankin, Alan D
  ransford, brett a — I have no prior military experience, but look forward to July, '04 when I enlist as Infantry/Airborn...More
  Ransom, Wilton
  Rapacki, Amanda
  Rardin, Michael L — I am a 19 k/d Specialist in 1-33 Cav Fortcampbell, KY.
  Raseta, Tom
  Ratcliffe, Scott
  Ratliff, Jacob W
  Ratliff, Robert
  Rau , James W — Served with the 101st from 1985 through 1988 in HHC 3rd Bde. Served with HHC 3rd Inf Div (M) in Wurz...More
  Raver, Beth — Cute, fun, honest, ass-kicking American...looking for new friends/other military wives/families to h...More
  Rawlings, Jill
  Rawllins, Brandi E — Oldest daughter of a retired Marine, MSGT James Rawllins; hard core supporter of the boys and girls ...More
  Rawls, Tamara N
  Rawnsley, Renton C. — Senior Supply NCO, 92AM6T8. I am a career soldier, I retired in 1995. I was also a Marine from 1967...More
  Ray, Antoinette
  Ray, Clinton S — I was in 426 FSB for three yrs. Deployed to Iraq in 03'.
  Ray, Dick N
  Ray, Joseph c — 5/3 commo dog
  Ray, Scott A
  Ray Jr, Benson R
  Ray, Jr., Marcus — Afganistan, Korea
  Raybourn, William F — HHC 1/508th TOW PLT initially then Scout PLT. 101st Air Assault Instructor 94-96. (CPL/SGT). ETS ...More
  Raychel, John J — I was stationed in Ft. Campbell, Ky. from 78-80, Darmstadt, Germany from 80-83, Ft. Campbell, Ky. fr...More
  Raygoza, Trinidad — D. 1/506 TH INF. AT. PLT. 101st AIRBORNE
  Raygoza, Trinidad Ray F — LIKE TO CONTACT OLD BUDDIES! 74-76 AT PLT DELTA CO.
  Raymond, J T — C 3/508 Ft Kobbe
  Raymont Sr, Michael W
  Rea, Ricky L — served from 75 to 84,75 > 79 @ B co. 1/327 infantry,79 > 81 wolfhounds S.B. 11b,& 76c. 81...More
  Ready, Richard W
  Reagan, Jason S — served two years with HHC 3/502nd PIR Ft Campell three years in Germany four years with B Co 3/325...More
  Reardean, Michael S — Was a 88M for the division during the Gulf War.
  Reaves, Mike
  Rebeil, Paul — I joined the Army in Sept of 1975. Went to Basic Tranining in Ft. Knox ., KY and to Ft. Polk, LA. ...More
  Redd, Jill
  Reddish, Matthew
  Reece, Ramon C
  Reed, Alejandro l
  Reed, Angie
  Reed, David A — Living back home in Michigan, working for the state.
  Reed, David L — 11B Infantryman Fire Team Leader
  Reed, Don r — vietnam 1970 1971 co c worked motor pool, driver, currior. germany 1971-1973 reserve 1973-1974, 1975...More
  Reed, James D — Was stationed camp eagle 1969.Having problems remembering VietNam.I think I was under platon sgt sta...More
  reed, jerry
  Reed, Jess A. — Born and raised in Columbus, OH. GO BUCKS. Grew up playing baseball and fishing. Love the state of...More
  Reed, Robert A — 11 Years, 5 deployments, with both the 2-325th AIR and the 1-508th PIR. almost 3 years and 1 deploym...More
  Reeder, Jeff
  Reedy, David E — Looking for other members of "strike & kill" who would like to discuss the good & sad times. I wa...More
  Reedy, Terry
  Reese, Jimmy P — I was a Food Service Specialist for 8 years then I reclassed to CBRN. My duty stations are as follow...More
  Reeve, Guy
  Reeves, Jason
  Reeves, Mark F — 1967 Basic San Diego, Engineman A school Great Lakes , Sub Base Pearl Harbor, 1968 Naval Communicat...More
  Regalado, Alexander
  Regalado, Erik
  Rehard, Scott
  Rehmel, Andrew s
  Reid, B — I was a member of Alpha 1 502 Infantry Reg 101st Airborne Div 2nd PLT. My squad leaders were SSG Wil...More
  Reid, Gary S — Active Duty 1972-75, 101st Abn Air Asslt. 11B2P, 1984-1990 82d Abn Div. 19D3P, 1990-1992 Drill Sgt A...More
  Reid, Rick
  Reid Jr, James T — Retired Army, spent 15 years 82nd, with 319th AFAR (2/321 and 1/319), 1 year with 101st, 320th FAR, ...More
  Reighn, Michael C
  Reilly, Brian M
  Reilly, Jay F — 1983-1986: COHORT III B/3/325 AIR & A/4/325 ABCT 1986-1987: HHC/4/325 AIR 1987-1988: B/3/35 I...More
  Reinhart, Bryan K
  Reinlein, Jay — 1SG C Co 6/101st Aviation 1SG A Co 1/2nd Aviation MSG, HQS First US Army 1sg, F Troop 5/17 Cavalr...More
  Reisetter, Kevin A
  Reisner, Colin G — I am a medical retiree from south eastern South Dakota. I served as a 13F from April 2004 to January...More
  Rembert, Gloria
  Rendelman, Gregory p — combat anesthetist
  Renegar, John
  Renfro, Christopher R
  Renfroe, Mark E
  Rennier, Eric J
  rentz, fred
  Restly, Sfc James M. — In Viet Nam my MOS was 11F40 ( Inf. Ops. and Intell.)I served in Recon/ 3rd Bn/ 506th Inf/ 101st Ab...More
  Reuille, Dave — 1st Duty - CSC 1/46 INF Erlangen Germany 1st Armored Division 2nd Duty - 1/327 INF 101st Airborne ...More
  Reuille, David A — Retired US ARMY Racing Fan Sim Racing Nut
  reule, frederick — ait/ft eustis va---hue/phu bai vietnam 1968-69 aviation trning sch(instrtor) ft rucker ala 69-71
  Reuscher, Craig J
  Reuscher, Craig J — Currently enrolled in the Army ROTC program at the University of Akron and will be graduating in May...More
  Reyes, Francisco
  Reyes, Luciano L — Served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In HSB 1/320th FA BN . After serving in 6/10th FA BN, 4/14...More
  Reyes, Roy
  Reyes, Tony
  Reyes, Tony
  Reyna, Amado B — 1968 served as squad leader with B Co. 1/502 101 AB Div.
  reyna, jose
  Reyna, Jose m
  Reynard, Michael C
  Reynolds, Bill
  Reynolds, Charlie F — I'm a sniper team leader currently finishing up a year in iraq.
  Reynolds, Matt
  Reynolds, Rob
  Reynoso, Evans s
  Rhein, Darin — HHC 3/187 INF Battalion Mortars from Nov. '91- May '93
  Rhoades, James t — hey whatsup im james, 23 male from detroit MI, and living in clarksville TN right now. I'm with the ...More
  Rhoads, Rodney C — SERVED 84-85 2ND ID KOREA. SERVED 85-87 2ND AD (FWD) 588th mi det W/GERMANY SERVED 87-92 101ST AA ...More
  Rhoads, Rodney C — Military history Strategy games Immigration Inspector
  Rhodes, Daniel R — OIF Feb.03-Feb.04: B Co 3-327INF OIF Nov.05-pres.: 2-506INF
  Rhodes, Raymond
  Ricardo, Diaz
  Ricciardi, Benjamin V — Co B 11th SFG(A) 1st Special Forces 5th Sqdn 117th Cav Co B 3d Bn 113th (M) Inf
  riccione, steve b
  Rice, Carole a — I am a military supporter have been for quite sometime nowI support navy service people on board the...More
  Rice, David E — Served with the 3rd of the 327th in Sharm al Sheik Egypt. and Stateside.
  Rice, James A — I went over to the gulf on Dec. 24 1990 with HHC 1 A.D. out of Ansbach Germeny. I was with HHC 1/6 I...More
  Rice, Richard
  Rice, Rick — B/3/5 ODA 583/585 Underwater Operations...B/1/5 ODA 525 Sharkmen /526 DMV Team..... ODA 125 SWTB,...More
  Rice, Robert
  Richard, Bernard
  Richard, Michael D
  Richards, Amos J
  Richards, Amos J
  Richards, Danel L — A great experience and the most fun I had in the Army.
  Richards, Dean C
  Richards, Edward L — Born: McKeesport, Pa. Education: 12 years plus 3.5 years Enlisted: 22 Dec 1958 Basic Training: Co...More
  richards, jim
  richards, mark e
  Richards, SFC Darrel
  Richardson, Anthony D — Served as Team leader and squad leader in 3rd Plt B co 3/187th.
  Richardson, Dennis — B 2/503
  Richardson, F. A. — Born in Sawdust, TN RA18865749 1st Plt, A Co, 1/35th Inf, 4th Inf Div Apr-Aug 1969, Nickname: ...More
  Richardson, Garry L — TOW Gunner
  Richardson, Gary l — I was in the republic of vietnam in 67/68 during tet . I was with bravo company 3/187 base camp phu...More
  Richardson, Jeff
  Richardson, Ray
  Richardson, Robert L — D Co 3/187, Viet Nam A Shau Valley, Hambugar Hill Operation
  Richardson, Valerie — I was first a dependent while my father Wendell Richardson served as an Active Duty Enlisted Army me...More
  Richelderfer, Frank T — Served from 79 to 83. My most enjoyable time was at Fort Campbell. I was a 62E. I made E-5 in just 2...More
  Richerson, Scottie — Served at Ft Bragg, NC; 559th USAAG, Detachment 47th USAAD Mt Calvarina, Italy(Vicenza) & Bovolone C...More
  Richey, Bethany
  Richie, Samuel p
  Richmond, J
  Richmond, Joseph E — retired e-7, last duty station was Ft. Lewis, Wa. Did 2 tours in Germany, Ft. Sill, OK., Ft Benning,...More
  Rickabaugh, Steven — Enlisted 1978-Basic-Ft Leonard Wood, MO 1978-AIT Ft Benning,GA 1978-1980-Wiesbaden AFB Germany 1...More
  Rickabaugh, Steven J — Duty Stations: Ft.Leonardwood,MO, Ft.Benning,GA, Wiesbaden,AFB.WestGermany, Ft.Campbell,KY.
  Riddle, Arthur — joined in 1974 went to ft. Knox for basic and ait training. did 2 tours with the 101st. went to reco...More
  Ridener, Roy L
  Ridgeway, Amanda j
  Ridlon, Glenn L.
  Riegelmann, Edward A — Imagery Interpreter in the 101st Military Intelligence (Combat) Co.
  Riendeau, Sandra j
  Rieser, Harold J
  Rietman, Barry
  Riggs, Joseph S
  Riggs, Joseph S
  Riggs, Larry
  Riggs, Philip C
  Rigney, Andrew m
  Riles, Donald VALENTINO
  Riley, Sean t — I am in the national guard, my mos is 11Bravo infantryman
  Rinconeno Jr, Mike
  Rinehart, Thomas D — (1992) 91B-(combat medic)-HHT 3/11 ACR, HHT 4/11 ACR (AUG. 1992-DEC. 1993); HHC 3/187th INF. 101ST A...More
  Rines, Chasity
  Ring, John
  Ringstad, Brian
  Rios, Cesar
  Rios, Daniel — Downey PD Police Explorer
  Ripley, Daniel L
  Ripley, James L
  Ripperger, Stephen
  Rissmiller Jr., Larry C — Medical Retired, Pa with 3 grand children, Miss the action at Fort Ord and Korea.AIRBORN>>>>all the ...More
  Ritchey, James — Crew Chief/Door Gunner on a slick. AO Ashaw Valley, Quang Tin, Quang Tri, Camp Eagle. B troop 2/17 A...More
  Ritchey, Patrick F — Joined delayed entry program Jan 3 1985. Basic, FT Dix, August 1985. AIT FT Sill, October 198...More
  Ritchey Sr., Michael B — I was with the 78th Combat Eng. Bn. I was with D co. 2/503 Inf. Bn. & B co. 8/101 Avn Bn. I was wi...More
  Ritchey Sr., Michael B — Was with the 78th Combat Eng Bn. 1980 to 1982. I was with Dco. 2/503 Inf Bn as the NBCNCO 1982-1983....More
  Ritchie, Tyler K — just got to this unit in may of 2010 .......... Able Co 1st platoon
  Ritt, Jon — Just got activated... wooo hooooo...headed to benning for retrain then to the sandbox AGAIN
  rivas, jessica
  Rivas, Nelson
  Rivera, Basil P
  Rivera, Dominick — Being in the Milatary has the very best of me! Now I'm ready for the challange.
  Rivera, Julio A — Iwas in the Service for two years. Served in Vietnam from 1999-1970
  Rivera, Luis A — Military fan / plan to sing up in two years
  Rivera, Luis A — No current military experience, but plan to sing up in one year.
  Rivera, Neftali — Original from puerto rico. Serving in FT.Campbell,KY for 4 yrs . air assault... unit: A co.2/3...More
  Rivera, Neftali — 7th. inf div(L) Ft. sherman, panama HHC & C co. 1/295th. Inf. (PRARNG) A co. 2/327th. Inf Regt. 101...More
  Rivera, Pedro
  Rivera Jr, Luis
  Rivera Jr., Luis A — Served with the B and HHC 1/187th 101st Airborne Battailion. "Rakkassan leads the Way". Served dur...More
  Rivero, Ruben — MOS 35L Avionics Communications Tech Served in Aco 5th Trans Bn 101st Air Assault Div 1982-1984 ...More
  Rivers, Jeff
  Riviera, Anthony L — eh.. ask me
  Roach, Odis J. — phang-thiet Vietnam ground pounder 1969-1970, 3rd, 506th delta company.
  Robare, Fred l
  Robbins, Randy
  Roberts, Brandon m
  Roberts, Derick
  Roberts, James J
  Roberts, John — I was stationed here from 86 to 89.Air borne, Air assault infantry. I completed Basic and AIT at Ft ...More
  Roberts, John — 3rd 502nd inf. Ft Campbell, Ky
  Roberts, Kenneth
  Roberts, Louise M — I was an Army Brat... Traveled all over the place with father during his 20 years in Army.
  Roberts, Matt
  Roberts, Pam l — my son is in the airforce . he is airman 1st class ryan renner. he is an sp. i really would enjo...More
  Roberts, Stephen G — 1960-1982 United States Army 1974-present International Printing Corp (since 1974) publishing 1966...More
  Roberts, Tim E — Basic @ Ft Leonard Wood 1993. C Co; 326th Engr Bn; 101st Airborne 1993-1996 B Co; 230th Engr Bn; T...More
  Roberts, Timothy E
  Roberts iii, Malcolm — XO, C Trp Cdr, asst S-3
  Roberts jr, James R
  Robertson, Jessie L — I was with the 334th AHC From Feb.1967 ToFeb.1968, Then I was with B TROOP 2/17 AIR CAV. 333RDTCDE...More
  Robertson, Mike — 31B20 HHC 2/506 Camp Evans, FB Blaze, FB Scotch & Soda
  Robertson, Tabitha L — I have been in the army since the week after I turned 17. My father is a retired Sergeant Major...More
  Robins, Ciff A — "Fat Daddy" here and liven it up in Las Vegas
  Robins, Gordon t
  Robinson, Ashley
  Robinson, Daniel G
  Robinson, David A — 2/187th infantry B Co. Rakkasans, 101st Airborne Air Assault Ft. Campbell, KY
  Robinson, David M
  Robinson, Dirk E. — MOS 02B40, EUSA Band, 5th ID (Mech) Band, 2nd ID Band, 399th Army Band, 25th ID (Light) Band, 6th A...More
  Robinson, Fred
  Robinson, Kathy — about me, wow! i have been married to a Navy Chief for way too long, lol!! actually we are in an op...More
  Robinson, Kenneth W
  Robinson, Stanley
  Robinson, Terry a
  Robinson, Timothy
  Robinson, William A
  Robinson Jr., Rondal D
  Robison, Aaron r — Currently Stationed with Alpha Company, 4th Brigade, 4th Battalion, 506th Infantry 101st Airborne. ...More
  Robledo, George L — Looking for the guys who I served with back in the Viet Nam era 1973-1975 at Ft Campbell. Last or...More
  Rocha , Jason
  Rochester, H — Father served proudly in the Army Viet-Nam Vet...Uncle Glenn Baker Viet Nam Vet U.S. Navy... 2 cousi...More
  Rock, Joshua M
  Rockhold, Tony R — 2/6 2MAR DIV 2/8 2MAR DIV COMBAT CARGO CREW WITH GUNNY MAC. 546 Transpotation unit .2nd Plt. Just r...More
  Rocklen, R. Michael — Served with Delta Company 3/187 1969 - 1970, I Corps, Vietnam
  Rockwell, Michael j
  Roddy, Gina m
  Rodgers Jr, Leslie G — Was with A Company 2/506th in Vietnam from August 1rst, 1968 to August 1rst 1969. was in the field...More
  Rodgers Jr., Kenner E
  Rodrigue, Preston C — Enlisted in 1968; served in Vietnam with the 2d Battalion, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborne Division; ...More
  Rodriguez, Antonia A
  Rodriguez, Enrique
  Rodriguez, Fernando
  Rodriguez, Hjalmar
  rodriguez, Jose
  Rodriguez, Juan — 5 years in the Army, left as Sergeant
  Rodriguez, Kenneth
  Rodriguez, Lizette
  Rodriguez, Orlando — SH First Class worked in the laundy
  Rodriguez, Wallace
  Rodriguez, Will — Led light infantry/air assault/mechanized infantry soldiers. Extensive experience South/Central Am...More
  Rodriguezpazo JR, Pedro A — Nickname "JR". Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Entered US Army on 14 July 1977 as PFC (11B), D Trp 2/1...More
  Roe, Loren L — Was stationed with HHB 2/44 ADA....FAAR PLT...SENSOR PLT...HHB ARMORER...>.TRAINING ROOM...Desert Sh...More
  Roede, Kenneth D
  Roede, Kevin G
  Roederer Jr, Kenneth V — Old infantryman, 25 years and counting. 13 years active, took a break for a few years then went Rese...More
  roehrich, Theresa m
  Rogers, Christopher T
  Rogers, Fh
  Rogers, James E
  Rogers, Jim — MOS 72B2D1, Served in 1967-68 12th ASA Field Station, Chitose Japan TDY Dec67-Feb68 with 8th RRFS (...More
  Rogers, Jimmy D — when i first came in the army i was in a cohort unit. we went to basic togather and spent three year...More
  Rogers, Joe O
  Rogers, M A — 3rd. platoon,, 2nd/502nd
  Rogers, Michael
  Rogers, Thomas A
  Rogers, Thomas A. — 15th Armor Korea 63-64 1st CAV 3/18 Arty Vietnam 65-66 1st CAV 101 Admin 101st ABN DIV. U.S. NAV...More
  Rogers, Willie — Join the U S Army on June 7 1978 ETS in April 1983 Join U S Air Force Reserve in April of 1985 an...More
  Rogeven, James — none
  Rogne, Kelly d
  Rogney, Gary R — Joined the Army Jan 22, 1961. Basic Training D-4-1, Ft Jackson. SC, May 61 G Trp 14th Cav-Bad Kissin...More
  Rohler, Bradley Earl — A Co 2nd Bn 293rd Inf 38th Div, Attica In. 11B10 A Trp 1st Bn 9th Cav 1st Cav Div, A Trp 1st Bn 12...More
  Roignski, Katherine — I am 25 yr old SGT currently in the 82nd Airborne Div in 18th Fires BDE. I have served with the 3ID ...More
  Rojas, John P — Aco3/502nd infantry Cco2/187th infantry
  Rojas, Michael J — Served with 1st Bat in Kosovo and in Afghanistan. Operation Anaconda. Served as Bravo Company's Seni...More
  Roland, Darryl N. — Retired Command Sergeant Major Darryl N. Roland, served in Viet Nam 1968/69 as Squad Leader & Sniper...More
  Roland, Jamari L — 551st MP CO 194th MP CO Platoon Leader
  Roleson, Michael — Born in Ripley, TN ( pop. 8,000 ) to George and Myrtle Hale. After Mom remarried my brothers, Tony a...More
  Rollins, Calvin D — HHC 1st BGD 2/502 INF 101st ABN RECONDO Vietnam 1967 IFFV E Co. 20th INF LRP (ABN) Vietnam 67-68...More
  Rollins, Loretta C — I served four years in the army. I served seven years in the reserves. I received the Air Assault Ba...More
  Rollins, Michael
  Romaine, Ken
  Roman, Heydee y
  Romanenko, Mihail A
  Romero, Daniel G — Spent six yrs at Fort Campbell, 4 with the 501st Signal Battallion and 2 with the Air Assault School...More
  Romero, Ken — I was part of Bco 3/187TH INF with the 101ST AIRBORNE DIVISION from 1989-1992.
  Ronan, Sean P
  Rondelli, Eric O — Served from 1952 up to March 10th 1960. Last Assign. 169Engr.Bn Const.Fort Stewart Ga. 3rd Inf. Div....More
  Root, Dave R — 273 TC Detachment, C Company, 158th Avn Bn, Camp Evans RVN
  Roper, Morgan
  Rosa, Daniel — I am very experienced in field craft and i am an excellent marks man.
  Rosado, Oscar A — I was the First Sergeant for a few MI companys..and enjoyed when my soldiers called me TOP
  Rosales, Michael
  Rosario, Edwin
  Rosario, Natalie
  Rose, James P — My name is James Rose My feonsay still hasent got over the fact that I maybe going to Iarq.
  Rose, Michelle
  Rose-Kosiba, Deborah L — none,but i am a fast learner.....
  Roseberry, Carl L — Ft Leonard Wood, Ft. Huchuca, Ft Lewis, Ft Carson, Ft Campbell, Karlsruhe Germany, Ft Kobbe Canal Zo...More
  Roseboom, John E
  Rosemberg, Demian
  Rosen, Ted No middle name
  Rosenbaum, Gerald
  Rosenzweig, Holly
  Rosete, Rachel H — joined the army in 1995, then re-enlisted into the coast guard in 1998-am proud to be affiliated wit...More
  Roskey, Terry — Field medic with 1/502 Delta Co. in Viet Nam from 3-17-69 thru 3-17-70
  Ross, Donald R
  Ross, Douglas E — 3/320th FA
  Ross, Isaac
  Ross, John — Served in 2nd platoon, C-1/327 during Desert Storm
  Ross, Lauren
  Ross, Matthew D
  Ross, William
  Rossi, Frederick J
  Rossi, John J
  Rosson, Bryan — Memeber of Operation Ananconda, TF Rakkasan and other operation. Enlisted in 1997 medically discharg...More
  Rottmann, Steven M — Basic at Fort Jackson Oct'98 - Jan'99, AIT at Fort Gordon Jan'99 - Mar'99, Permenant Party at Fort C...More
  Roukey, Larry a
  Rounds, Michael d — 11bravo
  Rouse, James A
  Roush, Kevin A
  Roush, Michael J
  Rousseau, Kyle J
  rowan, david
  Rowe, Charles s
  Rowe, Don J
  rowe, richard r — 2/502 c-company
  Rowell, Bert H
  Rowlan, Daniel R
  Rowlan, Daniel R — good time was had
  Rowlan , Daniel R — I WAS WITH THE ABU's IN 89-91( A CO, 1/187 Inf,2ND PLT). NOW IM IN THE WASHINGTON GUARD, AND LIVE IN...More
  Rowland, Kim L — Was 11B2P, served from 66 tp 73. 101st Abn, 67-68 and 173rd Abn,70-71.
  rowlands, christopher
  Rowley, Raymond F — i was in delta co. 3rd battalion 8th infantry divison for 3 1/2 years. i then pcs'd to A co. 501st 1...More
  Roy, Wayne M — AH-1S crew chief from 1984-1986 at Fort Campbell, KY. I was with C/229AHB then C/309AHB.
  Royster, Gary A
  Royston, Bryan — 8/101 Avn Regt from 1993-1995 1/101 Avn Regt from 1997-1998
  Rozzell, Ken A
  Rreynolds, Merrill r — ray reynolds medic
  Rucker, Barry — Served in the Heavy Mortar Platoon CSC 1/72nd Armor.
  Rucker, Charles M
  Ruder, Bill E
  Rudolph, Angel M
  Rudolph, Ronald
  Ruffing, Leo g
  Ruffolo, Robert P — Chief Morale and Welfare
  Ruggiero, Donald L — Married with three children. Sr. VP with a Tallahassee bank. Served with the 82nd Airborne through...More
  Ruggiero, Donald L.
  Ruiz, Alexis e — Served in 1st BN, 32nd FA in Hanau Germany and maried the former Sonja J. Hamilton. Served in 2nd BN...More
  Ruiz, Conrad p — CO.D 1st. BN. 2nd INF. 1st. infantry DIV. CO. A 1st. 2ND INF. 1st. INF. DIV. JUNE 1967-JUNE 1968 (B...More
  Ruiz, Conrad P
  Ruiz, David
  Ruiz, Gerardo L — I spent three years (August 03- August 06) with 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor in Fort Riley, Kansas. Dep...More
  Ruiz, Jessica
  Ruley, Dan — Entered service September 1973. Retired Janunary 1996. CSM/E-9
  Rumrill, Allen — I was with C.Co 5/87INF 92-94 then went to Ft.Campbell,KY. B.Co 1/502INF got out and now i am with 8...More
  Rumsley, Chad — Operation Iraqi Freedon from 04 Mar 03 to 26 Jan 04
  Run, Sary — I'm Currently a soldier in the 101st Airborne Division serving AD.
  Runkle, Michael J — US Navy, 1973-1974, Midshipman, USNR US Navy, 1974 - 1977, ETN2(SS), USS Will Rogers (SSBN 659)(G) ...More
  Runkles, Curtis W
  Runnels, Mary w — I have no Military experience. My Uncle served in the 101st Airborne"Screaming Eagles" during Na...More
  Runyon, John C.
  Rupert, Don S — 28 years in the Army. Retired living in the Pittsburgh area. B Co 101 Avn BN.
  Rupp, Spencer g — HUUAH
  Rusch Day, Katy L — 507th Trans. Co., part of 5th Avn. Battalion at Ft. Campbell, KY from 6-85 until 11-86. 225th GSAC,...More
  Rush, Brandon S
  Rush, William
  Rushing, Gary L
  Russell, Charles J — Finished with basic training, now a mechanic...
  Russell, John K — Tennessee Native and proud former Commander of HHC/1-327 IN (Headhunters), A/1-327 IN (ABU), and BTT...More
  Russell, Randall J — 4 years active Army, 2 at the 101st B co. 1/502nd Inf. 2 years at C Co 2nd Battalion/4th Infantry D...More
  Russell, Robert W
  Russell, Robert L — Just ask and I can tell you about my twenty eight brothers that gave it all in the city of ember.
  Russell, Robert A — Retired Military Food Service
  Russell, Ronald E — Joined the Army Jan 68 as a fieldwireman re-up in 70 became commo chief 1982 attended TAC-fire repai...More
  Russell, Timothy m — Ex-airborne 11b, now an AF tech. in ohio
  Russell, William S
  Russell Jr, Clarence D. D — HHC 326th Eng Bn 101st Abn Div Viet Nam Texas Army Guard Texas Air National Guard Retires 27 years
  Russo, Alan M.
  Russo, Thomas J
  Rustand, Brett M
  Ruth, Randy
  Ruth, Randy e — I was in HHC 4/187th,South Camp,from 85-86 I was involved with the medevac of german touring bus fro...More
  Ruth, Randy — Retired military,with sportscard buisness,also write for a .com service
  Ruthven, Tod J — Spent 6 years in the Military. Was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, Camp Casey, Korea and Mcnai...More
  Rutkowski, Cas — Married with two grown sons
  Rutledge, Samuel A — I participated in the Invasion of Iraq with the Bravo Bulls --> 1/320th FA, 101st ABN DIV, U.S. Army...More
  Rutz, Phillip J — i deployed with B co 204th from nov 05 to nov 06 and still with them at ft carson co
  Ruzylo, Michael
  Ryals, Patrick L — was a officer candidate.
  Ryan, Bill
  Ryan, Christopher D
  Ryan, Kristie
  Ryan, Paddy P — Serviced with C/2/501 for 12/67 to 6/68 then went on to 2nd Brigade HHC was wounded at Wonder Beac...More
  Ryan, Stephen M
  Rychetsky, Brian M — 1993-1996 3/187 Inf "Rakkasans" 2002-2007 8-101 AVN, 563D ASB
  Ryckman, Danny
  Ryver, Jon M

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