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  P, T R
  Paape, Rickey L — Just got back from Iraq.
  Pabon, Eddie
  Pace, Denny
  Pace, Eugene
  Pacheco, David — i joined the military in oct 2002 i went to ft benning for basic then i went to ait at ft lee virgin...More
  Pacheno, Thomas A — 2/55th ADA. Fort Bliss, Texas 501st of the 10st Airbourne, B Company 1st Special Force Group, SFOD
  Pack, Eddie
  Pack, Ralph E
  Packard, Rocky C — I Was In Some Trouble When I Had Just Turned 17, By The Time I Had Turned 18, I Was In Counrty,I Wen...More
  Packer, James W — Served in 1/23rd Inf (2nd Inf Div)1982-1983, 3/47th Inf 1(9th Inf Div) 983-1986, TDY to Yakima Firin...More
  Packer, James W — Served in both active and reserve status from 1982 till 1995. Stationed in Camp Hovey (Korea), Ft L...More
  Packer, Thomas
  Padel, James — 2/17th Air Cavalry assigned to the 101st ABN AA in Ft Campbell, KY. Visited Saudi Arabia of course ...More
  Padgett, Allen W
  Padgett, Cortney
  Padgett, Danny
  Padgett, Morgan
  Padgett, Phil — 10 years as a USAR. 5 MOSs: 76J; 71L;91G; 38A; 25U. Active Duty 1994-present. Conflicts/Deployments:...More
  Padilla, Jessica
  Padilla, Osvaldo — I served as a helicopter repairer AH-1G and the modernized cobra with B troop 2/17 cav at Ft.Cambel...More
  Padin, George
  Padmasiri, Atthasit
  Paeth, Patrick M
  Pagan, Manuel A
  Page, Donald J
  Paige, Anthony J
  Paille, Dustin
  Palma, Emilio j — Served in the US Army from 1978 to 1992
  Palmatory Jr., Wolford I — I served with the 82nd Airborne, C Company of the 307th Medical. I also served with the 101st Airbor...More
  Palmer, Jack L — Served in Nam 70-71 in B co 2/502 101st Airborne at Camp Eagle. Would like to talk to other vets of...More
  palmer, larry
  Palmer, Lucas n
  Palmer, Rebecca A — I am the military brat of SSG Edward Allen Palmer Sr. of the 101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagl...More
  Palmer, Richard E
  Palmier, Gregory L — Served from May 1970 - June 1992 - 59th Avn Co (Korea), 5th Trans 101st Div (Ft Campbell), Flight Sc...More
  Panasewicz, Thomas r
  Pandurangan, Dilip k — Iam a Graduate Student at the University of Texas at Dallas...and to describe myself iam a extovertl...More
  Panek, Michael — Served in 501st Sig. Bn. Bravo Co. 1st Platoon as a Tac Sat Operator.
  Pannell, Melissa A
  Papaceno, Charlie — 101st AG
  Paradis, Ed A — I went into the Navy in 1964 and served aboard the USS John R Perry. Was discharged from the Navy in...More
  Parchem, Matthew
  Pardue, William E
  Paredes, Rafael A — Ft. Campbell, KY was my first and favorite duty station. I proceeded to Germany and requested to ret...More
  Parish, Joseph
  Park, Hyeon Woo
  Park, Jong Hyun
  park, purpleheartpark heart — Served in Vietnam with 1st Brigade 101st Airborne and 64th Quartermaster Battalion. Was promoted to ...More
  Parke, William R — Served with Q Troop, 4/2ACR from 1987-1989 and B Co. 8/101st Avn.Regt. 101st ABN 1989-1992
  Parker, Brian A — I joined the Ga Army National Guard as 11Bravo and I'm currently assigned to Co. Delta 1/121st Infan...More
  Parker, Connie — 24th Forward Support Battalion Fort Stewart Georgia
  Parker, James a — SERVED AS A 15E10 1979-1982 IN NEU ULM GE. C BTRY 1ST 81ST, FA 3/9 FA FT. SILL OK. SERVED 1984 -199...More
  Parker, John S.
  Parker, Jonathan L
  Parker, Joseph D — Fulda, Germany T troop from 88 to 90 scout helicopter section, was stationed FT Carson CO B Co 1-4 A...More
  Parker, Justen D
  Parker, Justin L — Just turned 29 still serving in the Oklahoma National Guard.
  Parker, Mark A
  Parker, Marvin W — 10 year Army Veteran. SSG E6. Vietnam, Germany, Panama Canal. Ft Davis CZ, Ft Gulick CZ, France Fiel...More
  Parker, Michael — fury from the sky
  Parker, Priscilla
  Parker, Stephen C — i was a the mud and the blood and the beer
  Parks, Don R
  Parks, Olander — Enlisted June 77, Basic Training FT. Dix,NJ, AIT FT Benning, GA, First Assignment 101st Airborne Div...More
  Parks, Rodney — I was in the bde. for 44 months jan 87 to sept. 90 in a c/v/s unit. at spangdahlem air base.
  Parks III, Harry R — Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Drafted into the Army on 17 Aug 1966. Served twentyseven yea...More
  Parks Iii, Harry R
  Parlow, Josephine
  Parmentier , Clifford
  Parmer, Bryan P
  Parmley, Randy
  Parr, Jason R — Served with 801st MSB, Ft.Campbell,KY.
  Parra, Robert busch — joined army in 1987 went to fortsill for my 15 E training got sent to germany and was in neu ulm fro...More
  Parrill, Kyle w
  Parrish, Charlie
  Parshin, Victor
  Parsley, Jesse
  Parson, K
  Parsons, Bret E.
  Parton, James B
  Parton, Joey N — Joined Army in 1975, Basic & AIT Ft Knox, first assignment Ft Carson 4 Inf Div. 1-22 Inf. CSC Scout ...More
  Partridge, Erik T — NBC NCO DEC03-AUG05
  Partridge, Erik T — 101st Airborne/63rd Chemical Co. 443rd MP Unit/Reserve Duty
  Pascascio , Francis
  Pasha, Sultan r
  Pasquale, John E — SSG John Pasquale b co. 2/502abn.Inf.101ST ABN. VIETNAM 65-66 looking for guys that served with me...More
  Passmore, Chantal I
  Patchell, Gary S — Grad Del City HS..Joined 1970..'Nam 70-72..Helicopter crew chief and door gunner.. Ft Campbell Flt E...More
  Pater, Richard J
  Pater, Rick J
  Paterson, Charles J — C Co. CDR/469 EN Bn (C)(H)
  Pathe, Christopher J — * Two years in 689th (57F) Oakland Army Base - Reserves 1986-1988 * Four years on the Drill Team...More
  Paton Jr., Randall E
  Patrick, James A — None
  Patrick, Robert A — Retired Army
  Patron, Brett J — 24 yrs with the US Army (Active/Reserve; enlisted and officer). Multiple communications assignments...More
  Patten, David — C Co. 1/50 Maddogs Ft Benning,GA Ft Campbell A Co. 2/502 1st Plt NTC Ft Irwin,CA JRTC Ft Polk...More
  Patten, David Joseph
  Pattermann, Anna J — My husband is active duty Army. He is about to be deployed to Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division...More
  Patterson, Alan — I was in the 2/502 before it went regiment and became 3/327th
  Patterson, Bobby W — ISG of Alpha Company 2-187 Inf from Jan 1990 to April 1991. Served as ISG during Desert Shield/Sto...More
  Patterson, David a — Served with 2/502 and Recon 3/506th 4/67/4/68
  Patterson, Frankie d
  Patterson, Gregory A — 1/30 & 2/15 IN, 3ID SCHWEINFURT, GERMANY JUN '87 TO AUG '90 2/327 IN, 101 ABN (AASLT) FT CAMPBELL, ...More
  Patterson, Randy
  Patterson, Torie j
  Pattillo, Anthony D — lived around tha world
  Pattison, Jerry M — I spent 5 months at Camp Eagle with the 101st M.I. Detachment, IPW, and the rest of my tour at LZ Sa...More
  Patton, Nathaniel
  Paul, Deonne m
  Paul, Michael S — Disability: L1 incomplete paraplegic from a skydiving accident Sept. 29, 2002. Was an Airborne Milit...More
  Paul Johnson Hanyak, Nancy J — I am a free spirit who loved driving truck in the Army. Hi to everyone who knew me!!
  Paula, Richard — I came in to 502nd as A Co. "GATOR" I was a rifeman in 1st Platoon 1st Squad for a short time. Then ...More
  Paulison, Neil P
  Paulus, Sara F — brown-red hair w/blonde higlights,blue eyes,atheltic,and a devoted and loving tagalong
  Payne, Anthony H — Viet Nam Veteran
  payne, john — 1st 502 hardrock 2nd plt 3rd plt 2002-2003.
  Payne, Keith
  Payne, Linda
  Payne, Naomi C
  Payne, Robert R
  Payne, Robert M
  Payne-Bey, Turhan Arnold
  Pchelin, Sergei A
  Peabody, Frank E
  Peacock, Diana-Marie
  Pearce, Mike L — OK, here's the chronology: Jul 88-Jul 92- Germany & Ft Riley Aug 92-Dec 96 - KSU ROTC Aug 97-J...More
  Pearce, Robert
  Pearcey, Rodney — Unusal but rewarding duty station
  Pearson, Ian M
  Pearson, Mark — 1. Joined the US Army in 1986, 55B Ammo Spec. . . 2. Stationed 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbe...More
  Pearson, Steven C
  Pearson Jr., Don M
  Pease, Karen
  Peck, Ricky b
  Pedersen, Daniel
  Peel, Danny
  Peev, Dimitar
  pegeroine, jimmy
  Pehle, Jason G
  pelham, charles
  Pellegrino, John c — grunt in nam with 3/187th camp evans phu bia
  Pelletier, Dan P — joined the Army 1977 mos:67U10..served in Korea, and Germany, first assignment with the 101st was in...More
  Pellow, Patti L
  Peltonen, Phil
  Peltz, Michel
  Penn, Steve L
  Pennell, Gregory L — Combat Engineer OSUT, FLW, MO 1984, A/20th EN BN Ft. Campbell, KY 1984-85, A/10th EN BN, Schweinfurt...More
  Pennington, Guy W
  Penny, Arthur G — Defense
  Penny, Stephen C
  Pennycuff, Michael — From February of 1981 to July of 1982, I served with Delta & Bravo Troops of the 2nd Squadron, 17th ...More
  Pensado, Joe — Police officer (New Jersey)
  Peper, Jonathon E
  Pereira, Joseph
  Perez, Aurelio L — Six years in USAF and four years Army - afterward in secondary education for the past 25 as a teach...More
  Perez, Aurelio Ray L — Entered service Jan. 19-1962. l stationed at Like AFB, George AFB, Lackland AFB, Chanute AFB, Binh ...More
  Perez, Israel — 10 years acite duty 2 years with 2/327inf no slack
  Perez, Jacob
  Perez, Jose A
  Perez, Roberto
  Perez Jr. , Manuel — I loved working in aviation, cars, maintenance. I happy that I served in the greatest armed forces...More
  Perezcajina, Domingo — a little about me i was prior military joined the army . Proud dad of three beautiful girls .
  Perkins, Charles M — ONN and ONI
  Perkins, Christopher L — 11B1P ..Carried the radio for the most part, then the M60, A Company ,Third platoon, 3/506th Infa...More
  Perkins, Melvin J
  Perkins, Robert — Infantry Vietnam...I'm the one standing. D Company 1/506th 101st Airborne
  perkins, roger
  Perks, Stephen — D Co. 3rd/502
  Perrot, Nicolas
  Perry, David P — U.S. Army 1966-1979
  Perry, Joshua C — servied in Operation Iraqie Freedom, was stationed in 326 En BN. and am curentley stationed in 311th...More
  Perry, Marie S — I was in HHC 2nd Battalion at Fort Cambell Kentucky.
  Perry, Thom
  Peryer, Steven J — Served with the 27th Maitainence Batallion, first in E Co., and then as a section supervisor, in the...More
  Peter, Julie S — 1989 - 1991 WVARNG, Charleston, WV 1991-1993 USAR, Big Chimney, WV 1993-1995 HHC, 101st Abn Di...More
  Peterman, James A — Catholic chaplain, now a married priest. Many interests, including writing articles and books
  Peters, John W
  Peters, Leon
  Peters, Leonard W
  Petersen, Dustin
  Petersen, Ernie
  Petersen, James — I love my Job. Finally got married.
  Petersen, James Z — Combat wounded veteran of Iraq war. Was assigned during 26 Dec 02 thru 8 Feb 04.
  Peterson, Brad
  Peterson, Cliff
  Peterson, Ferrell
  Peterson, Jim — 101ST airborne div 1963 to 1966 hhc 2/502 vietnam 65,66
  Peterson, Joe R
  Peterson, Wayne A
  Pettenger, Anthony
  Pettenger, Anthony F
  Pettice, Pete — Security Sergeant
  pettie, jim — Im trying to find a friend of mine who is leaving from fort campbell to relocate to frot gordon. I h...More
  Pettigrew, Steven C
  Pettyjohn, Michael D
  Peveto, David P
  Peynado, Christopher w
  Pezzello, Nick — Served with c 1/320th from January of 92- May of 95
  Pfeifer, David — bravo co medic 1969-70 lzsally 1/501st airmoble 101st airborne div
  pfeifer, docdave henry — grew up in michigan, flint interestred in nice cars, good muisic, beer, pretty women. ...More
  Pfeiffer, Jeffery — B CO 3/502 INF
  Pfettscher, Wayne S — '89-'92 US Army Basic Training Ft. Benning,GA AIT Ft. Benning, GA Airborne School Ft. Benning, GA...More
  Phelps, John P — Spent 3yrs at Ft Campbell As a Air delivery Specilist. Was discharged in 87 , Enrolled in College a...More
  Phelps, Rodney W
  Phelps, William
  Phifer, John
  Phillips, Beverly r — i have been around the military i lived at camp lejune nc for 4 yrs.
  Phillips, Brittany N
  Phillips, Colby — 1/187 scout platoon
  Phillips, Graelin D.
  Phillips, Jeff
  Phillips, John W
  Phillips, Ken
  Phillips, Kevin MI
  Phillips, Mark S — Desert Shield & Desert Storm
  Phillips, Michael
  Phillips, Robert L.
  Phillips, Ron — Great to be alive with family and in Kansas. Spent 40 years in both Army & Air Force - active duty, ...More
  Phillips, Scott D — just an american that wants to do all he can for his country, family, friends.
  Phillips, Scott
  Phillips, Stephen j — Battery A 5/81 8th ID Weisbaden Germany 1966-1967 Battery D 2/320 101 Airborne Veit-Nam 1967-1968
  Phillips, Wayne L
  Phillips, William G
  Phillips, William
  Philpott, Jeffrey D
  Phipps, Emery P.
  Phipps, Robert D.
  Picard, Brett — Retired Army helicopter pilot
  pickard, dustin
  Picking, Jonathan w — I en-listed in 93 with OSUT ( one site unit training ) 11Bv2 packet discharged in 04 Medical under ...More
  Picou, Kevin J
  Pie, Poontang U
  Piepiora, Robert J
  Pierce, Carl E — Join the Army in 6 Nov 1981 and became active on 4 Jan 1982, station at Fort Campbell, Ky 82-83; Nel...More
  Pierce, Charles — Was assigned to HHC 3AD for Desert Shield/Storm
  Pierce, Harmon E — I will never forget the time we went on Alurt when the Greaks invaded Cypress. I had just got a 30 d...More
  Pierce, Linwood R — C/1/506th Inf (Abn) 10/66-5/67,6/66-6/67 B co 2nd Bn (Abn) Weapon Plt & Recon Squad, 503rd Inf (Abn)...More
  Pierson, Lisa — My Father served in Vietnam as part of the 101st Airborne Division. He was also a Ranger. He was sh...More
  Pierson, Ray p
  Pierson, Ricky L
  Pietro, Ralph a
  Pietrzak, Michael J
  Pike, Dennis e
  Pike, Gary C — Served in: Kansas Army National Guard (1987-90) Regular Army (1990-98) -64th Ordnance Company...More
  Pike, Gary C — Served in the KSARNG (Council Grove, KS); 64th Ord Co, Fischbach Army Depot, Germany; HHC 3-101st Av...More
  pildner, aaron
  Pilkington, Charles e
  Pincombe, Donald F. — Retired after 22 1/2 years of active duty. Returned back to my home in Ohio. Was a teacher for 8 y...More
  Pineda, Robert A — Infantry, 1st BDE, 3/327th
  Pineda, Robert A — B Co. 6/502, Berlin Brigade; 3/327, 101st Airborne Div. Currently the Director of an outreach min...More
  Pineda, Robert A.
  Pinedo, Alfred A
  Pineo, Harry W — 3RD PLT A COMPANY 1964TO1965. 9TH MEB. 3RD DIV,1965TO1966. MARINE BARRACKS NORFORK VA. 1966TO1967. 1...More
  Pinero, Victor L — I was with the 1/9th until it changed over to the 1/506th Inf. I was stationed in Camp Greaves from ...More
  Pingrey, William C
  Pinheiro, Michael f
  Pinkston, Julon D — Google me or go to August 1, 1995- August 30, 1999 served in US Army, Infantr...More
  Pinkston, W S
  Pinson, Joe
  Pinter, Brian k — 11B/11H/OJT31V/ Korea 1983-1984 DMZ/ 3/502 1984-1986/MFO Sinai Penn 1985/OEF GITMO 2004-2005
  Pinter, Rob N
  Piper, Joshua S — 6' 230lb active JROTC member at Mulenberg North High School Under command of Ret. LTC.Nick Chee...More
  Pirnie, Larry H — was also USMC 82-86
  Pirtle, James
  Pitchford, Evan L — SPC -- December 2002 assigned 3rd RCT (Rakassan) following Airborne Training; Feb 2003 - Jan 2004 Op...More
  Pitchford, Fred
  Pitschka, Tim G — D Co 2/36th inf 1984-1986 and 1986-1987 B Co 4/th 187 inf
  Pittam, Raymond F — W/M, 63, Yrs., 6'4" tall, 265 lbs., Former, Fifth Army, Fort Leonard Wood, Misssouri, 1955-56, For...More
  Pittman, Randy S — I served in the 101st Airborne HHC 3/327th Inf as a medic I was assigned to B company whenever we wo...More
  Pitts, Bill
  Pitts, Patricia — Looking for info on Thomas Warren Burnham and anybody who served with him.
  Pittz, Jason N
  Pizzati, Delmo
  Place, Gerald T — I served with the 101st Abn Div (Airmobile) in Vietnam from 1970 to 1972
  Plant, Robert J — Troop C, 3rd-5th ACR, 9th Infantry Division from 1967-1968.
  Plante, Arthur r
  Plascencia, George
  Plata, Joseph — Member of the 101 st Airborne Div 1/327 In Scout Platoon.
  Platt, Melissa A
  plessinger, sebastian
  Plevek, Phillip
  Plichta, John T — Commanded Delta Company in Viet Nam
  Plonka, Jonathon N
  Plowick, Frank g
  Plumley jr., Wilfred J — Enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1979 while in college. I was commissioned in 1982 via Marchall Uni...More
  Pokoy, Andrew
  Poland, John E
  Poland, Terrell — I was in the 101st Airborne from 1953 to 1956. I was stationed in Iceland for a year of this time. ...More
  Polasky, Steven E — Retired with 23 years AFS, 16 years Airborne, 14 years Special Forces, 12 years on an A Team, 7 year...More
  Poldo, Daniel E
  Pollard, Christopher E — Joined the 3-502nd Infantry as a Line medic assigned to Aco 3-502nd's 3rd Platoon (bigballz) Went to...More
  Pollard, Gary L
  Pollard, Wayne A
  Pollock, Robert
  Pollock, Stephen R — i was part of the hundred and first i loved repelling from things
  Polonitza, Ed h
  Polyak, Denis
  Pommenville, Mark W — Joined the Army in Oct 1983, went to basic at Ft Knox, then AIT at FT Jackson. Went to Ft Campbell f...More
  Pompi, Roberto
  Ponce, Danny
  Pond, Steve
  Ponder, Donald R — I joined the Army when I was 17 and left for basic 2 days after I turned 18. I did basic at FT Dix, ...More
  Poole, Bob
  Poole, Robert R — I was a member of B co at Fairbanks Alaska from Oct 62 till Sept 65. Many fond memories. I retire...More
  Poorker, Suzanne J
  Pope, Jeff M — I joined the army in 1982, my first duty assignment was 311th MI BN, 98c, then I was off to Field S...More
  Popek, John S
  Popp, John L
  Porter, Adron L — Aco. 1/503, HHc101st-G3ops/Pathfinders 6-101/Aco 2/187
  Porter, Florence A — I was stationed with the 3rd Bde (Rakkasans), 101st Abn Div. I served with 626th BSB in support of ...More
  Porter, James — i wish to be a part of ur team
  Porter, James c
  Porter, Jennifer J — I just asked my dad if I could try to find some of the men that he served with in Vietnam. He was a...More
  Porter, Michael A — I was actually assigned to HHB DIVARTY 101st
  Porter, Tina A — I plan on joining the Army National Guard. I wanted to help people since I was a little kid.
  Porterfield, Albert
  Posada-Montes, Felipe — Attended 92A AIT with Wiskey Co. Dec 05 - Mar 06
  Posey, Derrell
  Posey, Samuel T
  Possert, Richard K — Was a Tomahawk Tech on USS RAMAGE (DDG 61) since May '96, when I got there as an FCSN. Learned quit...More
  Post, Richard T — I was assigned as a UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter Crew Chief to B Co 4/101 AVN BN. Active duty from ...More
  Post, William R
  Posten, Samuel j
  Poteete, David W — L troop all the way 75 to 79. Retired 1993 with the 2nd ACR being the best I ever served with.
  Potter, Bob
  Potter, Daniel R — Although I was never in the military my father was a member of Easy Co. 506PIR of Band of Brother fa...More
  Potter, David E
  Potter, Leland W
  Potts, Kenneth J — Basic Training Ft. Knox Ky. 1965 Airborne Training Ft. Benning Ga. 1966 B Trp 2/17th Cav 101st Abn...More
  Potts, Robert -- Andy Andrew — Arrived In-processing at Ft Clayton Nov. 81. Everyone said you don't want to go to the Atlantic side...More
  Potts, Thomas S.
  Poulos, Chris
  Powell, Anthony R — joined right after high school. loved every minute of it. now i am a father with 2 great kids they a...More
  Powell, Daniel C — AH-64 PIC, with Bluemax 3/101. AH-1 PIC with 2/229th AHB, 3/101, 4/2ACR,
  Powell, John r
  Powell, Melvin S — HHC 3/28 Inf(M) Wiesbaden, FRG Nov82-Feb 84, Svc Btry 3/8 FA Ft. Bragg Mar84-Aug85, HHC 2/87 Inf and...More
  powell, richard
  Powell, Roy C
  Powell, Steve
  Powell, Thomas R — 1973 to 1974 Field Radio Mech. a Co. 3/327 Inf. and 1976 to 1977 Redeye Gunner CSC 3/187th Inf.
  Powell, William R
  Power, Rick A — IM in love with Shasta Porter and I hope to marry her in the future I want her to know that I would ...More
  Powers, Monty
  Powers, Randall L — Prior Navy 90-93 BM2 Present Army 92F SPC
  Poyma, Michael A. — Stationed at Finthen Army Airfield in Mainz, Germany with H Co., 4th Avn. 1990-1991; deployed to Ope...More
  Poyma, Michael A — Stationed at Finthen Army Airfield in Mainz with H Co., 4th Avn.1990-1991; deployed to Operation Pro...More
  Prado, Richard D
  Prahl, Hans J — asigned to A Co 2/502d INF 101st ABN 1975-1980 Served as an instructor at The Air Assault School fr...More
  Prahl , Hans J — A Co 2/502 INF, 101 ABN DIV (AASLT) from Dec 75 til Apr 80 AASLT School Cadre from Apr 80 til Apr 8...More
  Prater, Robert j
  Prather, George — After retirement, worked as a corrections officer in Kentucky State Reformatory. Moved back to Texa...More
  Pray, Dan
  Predmore, Timothy H — Drill Sergeant
  Preidis, Charles V
  Preister, Jeremy J — 6 year Marine Corps Veteren. Served in C 1/1 "Chainsaw", and Instructed at School of Infantry. Joine...More
  Prencipe, David — U. S. Air Force: Military Airlift Command: Air Transportation Specialist, 1974 - 1976; Managed t...More
  Prenot Jr, Jack R
  Prescott, Lester H
  Preslar-Gardner, Mandy
  Presley, Erie
  Prest, Jacob — I was stationed at Ft. Campbell with C Co. 1-502nd INF and now back in after an 8 year break in serv...More
  Preston, Ernest B — Served w/D Co 2nd 502nd Infantry Division. (NASTY DOGS - TANK DESTROYERS)
  Preston, James d
  Preston, Robert A
  Preston, Thomas E
  Prettyman, Michael S — HHC 501st Sig Bn 101st Airborne Div Sept 20 1990 - Feb 2, 1994 Gulf War,Somalia
  Prewitt, Tony O
  Price, Aaron j
  Price, Andrea L — Servedwith 101st Airborne Division in G3 Operations, went to Desert Storm.
  Price, Andrea K
  Price, Bryan D — I am an avid outdoorsman. I like harleys. I also like the thrill seeking life style and would probab...More
  Price, Coreletter w — My name is Coreletter Price, I am 20 years old. I was born in Montego Bay Jamiaca. I was in the Army...More
  Price, Crystal y
  Price, Dan S
  Price, Don
  Price, John E
  Price, Joseph E — Active duty w/ 2-187 at Ft. Campbell in Light Infantry (11B). Served as an Operations Asst. and RTO ...More
  Price, Kevin
  Price, Larry N — Currently attached to Crew Persistent waitin a re-deployment to Bahrain for 6-9 months
  Price, Rusty W
  Price, Terry
  Price, Tom A.
  Price, Troy a
  Prida, Ernesto
  Priest, Cory
  Priest, Terry — Scout/Ground Surveilance/Platoon Sergeant/Intelligence.Duh
  Prieto, Alfonso
  Prieto, Felix S — grew up in florida joined the army in 2004 went to iraq in 05 about to be on my second tour on my wa...More
  Prieto, Mark C — Completed Basic AIRBORNE 13NOV87. Completed Air Assault MAR88 @ Ft.Campbell. Served A 2/320FA FO ...More
  Prigipas, Parami8enios Lt
  Prigmore, Clarence F — ACo 1/144 IN(M) 49AD TANG 09/84-12/85 Greenville, TX. B-6-1 OSUT 01/85-04/85 Ft. Benning, GA. CCo 3/...More
  Prince, Danny
  Pringle, Dale l
  Pringle, Luther — I was in Viet Nam in 1966 and 1967 with the 299th CBT ENGR BN, Pleiku. I haven't been able to find a...More
  Pritchard, Robert G — Assigned to 1/ 327 at Ft. Campbell from 72 to 74. Assigned to CSC 3/6 Scouts from the summer of 1...More
  Pritts, Mike
  Priyonoaji, Fajar s — my name is sifajar, bicycle is my hobby
  Procella, Frank D
  Prochniak, Scott E
  Prock, Dawnne m
  Procter, Jason — I started out as a riflemen in B Co., 1-327th IN; I have also been a m203 gunner, M240B AG/Gunner. ...More
  Proctor, Nelson E — Retired civil service employee with aproximately 37 year(military&civil service.Also an vietman-era ...More
  Proctor, Thomas E — I was a soilder in Bravo company 1/502nd. I was a door gunner durning the first Gulf War. I plan on ...More
  Profile, Christopher's G — Came into the Army in June 2006 became an 11B Infantryman.(3 yrs 11C Slot, Hang it Fire!!!) Served w...More
  Prohodcev, Andrey V
  proper, shane
  Protzman, Jonathan A — 1ST.TOUR: B 2/327 101ST. DATES 06-67 TO 06-68EXTENDED TOUR 06-68 TO 12-68 2ND.TOUR: C 1/503RD. 173R...More
  Provost, Eric L — Graduate of Eastern Kentucky. Regular Army 1982-2002, career MP Officer. 2d Infantry Div Korea 1985...More
  Pruett, Peter J — After basic I was at Camp Greaves Korea with the 2nd Plt "maddogs" B.Co. 1/506 Inf. from '91-'92. Af...More
  Pruitt, Kimberly
  Pryor, Steven
  Przybycien, Joseph
  Public, J. Q.
  Pucciarelli, Ashley l
  Pugh, Brill w — served in desert storm attached to 101st airborne..stayed on active jump status from6/88-5/91...sepa...More
  Pugmire, Jeffrey D — I medically retired as an E-6 in July 2003 after combat injuries in Afghanistan. I started as an 11...More
  Pulis, Gerald a
  Puls, Jim M — B-company,5th Trans,9/1970 thru 9/1971,Speciality-Greenline Phu Bai, Charlie Sector, Hello to all w...More
  Puls, Jim M — Was born, went to Nam, stayed drunk, got sober, still one day at a time. Thank you VA for finally ac...More
  Pung, Michael J — Was a member of D Co. 2/16 and D Co. 4/16 of the Big Red One and then as a member of the A Co.1/327 ...More
  Pupplo, Bill
  Purcell, James r
  purdom, jacob
  Purdy, Matthew
  Purgert, Dan
  Purnell, Darius D — 101st from dec 00 until present
  Puro, Jill
  Purslow, Orion e
  Purslow, Orion e
  Purvis, Lloyd G
  Pyles Jr, Russell E
  Pyron, Katherine C

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