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  O, Sara
  O, Zach C — Enthusiast
  O'Brien, Heather
  O'Brien, Jason D — Served in 311th MI BN in 1992 and then transfered to United States Army Information Systems Command ...More
  O'Brien, Lewis W — Born: Racine, Wisconsin. Saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. Served with the 101st Airborne Divisio...More
  O'Brien, Lewis W — BS: Communications, Illinois State University. MPHSA: Minnesota State University at Moorhead. Spec...More
  O'Brien, Mark A — Fister and COLT, worked as DTAC FSE Ops NCO and OC in GE, as the S2 analyst, COLT, and line FiSter w...More
  O'Brien, Willie — ex member of the 1st Battalion Parachute Regt UK Served with UN peacekeeping force Cyprus Memb...More
  O'Bryan, Robert E. — One semester prior to college graduation, I entered the Army August 1970 and completed my combat bas...More
  O'Connell, Joseph
  O'Connell, Joseph M
  O'Connell, S F — FT Dix. 69, Ft Sill 69, (FO 82C). Ft Bragg 70, (SF 18C)., Korea DMZ, Imjin Scout ,trained ROK Comba...More
  O'Connor, Ryan L — Enlisted in 1997, Bootcamp @ Ft. Leonardwood, Mo C co. 1/48th; 1997 AIT @ Ft. Eustis, Va A co. 1/222...More
  O'Connor, Shan P
  O'D., T. — ,Airborne,Ranger,Pathfinder, Inf. I can't believe they paid me to do that for 26yrs! It sucked so...More
  O'Donnell, James
  O'Donnell, Kevin P — C 1/59 ADA 87-90 then 101st ABN in Desert Storm HHC Div 101st (Div HQ)
  O'Donnell, Maria — Just an American
  O'donnell, Mark J
  O'Dowd, Matthew C — Newly assigned
  O'dowd, Matthew C — S-2, HHT, 1-33 Cavalry Squadron, 3BCT, 101AA
  O'Grady Iii, Clyde R.
  O'Gwin, Christopher W
  O'keefe, Thomas h
  O'Malley, Jason P.
  O'Neal, Lt. Col. Felton David C
  O'Neal, Rob
  O'neil, Derek E — I am a 24 year old married male in the US Army, stationed at the above stated Army Post. I am origi...More
  O'Neil, Jimmie L
  O'Neill, Evan W — Hello. My name is Evan O'Neill. I am a 16 year old teenager whos dream has been (since I was able to...More
  O'Neill, John C — Nickname was "Stan" or "Stiggity" and my nickname should say it all if you knew me.
  O'Shaughnessy, Patrick J
  O'Toole, Sean C — Assigned to Delta 1/327th. (Death by Wire) 1988 to 1990. PCS to Delta 1/506th. (CurrAhee) Camp G...More
  Oakes, Todd
  Oakley, Kirk s
  Oaks, James E — Ground Surveillance
  Obrien, Brandon — Served in Alpha Company, Bravo Company and Delta Company.
  Obrien, Jeff S
  Ocheltree, Rich — A Company 2/ 327th, Sinai and Ft. Campbell
  Ocheltree, Richard A — At Ft Campbell 82-85 with A Co. 2/327th INF MFO-Sinai 1983. Looking to make contact w/ any old mem...More
  Ocheltree, Richard A
  Ochoa, Maria D — Max Rafael Waller at ------ "Air Force Max / ...More
  Ochoa, Vicente — Served with 3/187th Inf (ABN) 101st (Oct 72-Nov 72); USAG Ft Sam Houston Dec 74-Dec 75; A Co ABN 3/5...More
  Oconnor, James — 1/327th Cco 2nd PLT "Outlaws" "Wings of Destiny"
  Oconnor, Michael
  Oconnor, Shan p
  Odell, Kenneth
  Odette, Bryan t
  Odom, Gary
  Odom, William J — Five years active duty, three of them were with the 101st Airborne Division(Air Assault). Was medic...More
  Oeffner, Edward f — medically discharged 1981 following a car accident. college from 1982-1986, certificate in emergenc...More
  Oehme, Robert S
  Oeland, Zachariah
  Oesterling, Samuel H
  OFFOR, PATRICK — Over 14 years of successful military service, leadership experience and management of the Army?s mat...More
  Ogea, Derek M — Nicknamed "Buhdda", served with 2nd 327th Inf. out of Ft. Campbell from Nov. 87 til Nov. 91. Served...More
  Oghachruithne, Eochaidh — Tuesday 17 January 2006; Has anybody written a book?
  Ogle, Brian
  Ohlenforst, Martin l
  Ohler, David F — I was in country from May 70 to Dec 72. Was a medic with 1/501 out of Phu-Bai and spent most of my t...More
  Ohlsen, Jeremy B — I was stationed with B Co. 407th Supply and Transport Bn, 82nd Airborne(unit no longer active) 1987-...More
  Ohman, Britnee N — My name is Britnee. I am 20 years old. I have a two year old son named Tristan. I have been married ...More
  Ojeda, Antonio — U.S. Army (Retired) - Tours included HQ USARV ACofS, CE (Tan Son Nhut), MACV Advisory Team 51 (Ba...More
  Okerbloom, David M — 256th General Hosp 705th Transportation 2291st General Hosp 101st
  Okerbloom, David M — 1st Lt. MSC (Ohio Reservist) attached to DISCOM 326th FSB Alpha Company for Operation Desert Storm.
  Oldham, Reese — RVN: Echo Co. 2/506 1968&69 and Echo Co. 1/501 1971&72. USAEUR: HHC-1st Inf. Div. Fwd; CSC-2/3...More
  Olewiler sr, Kevin S
  Olimb, Larry
  Olimb, Larry A — Joined military in 1976; Army 1976-1988, Air Force 1988-2001.
  Olinger, Laura
  Olivas, Joe — From Kauai, Hawaii, entered US Army in Jul 1970, BCT Ft. Ord, CA, AIT Ft. Gordon, GA, Sukiran, Okina...More
  Olivencia, David
  Olivencia, Stephen — Infantry squad leader
  Oliver, Phil P
  Olmstead, William — I was a point man on a Recon team out of Camp Evans from Sept. 1970-Sept. 1971.
  Olsen, Joe
  Olsen, Michael A
  Olsen, Richard E
  Olson, David K — I have a big family, enjoy talking to people, and plan on being in ROTC at University of Wisconsin S...More
  Olson, Gary — "B" Battery, 101st Airborne Artillery
  Olson, John M
  Olszewski, Edward J — 11B3HC-2 (RETIRED) BCT-FT. DIX MAY 74 INF TRAINED FT POLKJUNE 74 CO B 1ST BN 21 INF 25TH INF DIV 74...More
  Olszewski, Edward J — FROM BROOKLYN NY BCT FT DIX NJ 74 AIT FT POLK LA 74 { TIGERLAND }1st bn 21st inf 25 inf div 74 -78 t...More
  Olt Iv, Philip
  Olver, Jennifer A — Well we are back at Ft. Campbell now!! Boy did I miss this place!!! God Speed to all our soldiers o...More
  Omlor Iii, Kenneth W — With the 24th FSU at Ft. Stewart, GA 630th Trans Co, Washington, PA
  Ongos-Hall, Kaoline
  ooo, ooo K — Have been active duty twice. 1st Basic Training was at Fort Ord, California, Oct 1972. ETS: Oct 1...More
  Oquendo, Frances
  Orendi Sr., Michael J
  Organ, Jonathon E — Supporter and family member. A little historian.
  Orman, Dave a — i was in 2/502nd in the nam and eagle dustoff..i was a medic..would love to find anyone that was in ...More
  Ornelas, Erick — deployed 3 times, Jordan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, E-4 team leader in Iraq and E-5 team leader in Afgh...More
  Ornelas, Joseph J
  Orosco, Andrew
  Orr, John R
  Orr, Lee S — 2/44 ADA MOS 16R(now 14R) Vulcan gunner Desert Storm
  Orr, Lee S — Born in Austin Texas, raised all over the world (dad was in oil). when i was 8 family moved to Mexic...More
  Orta, Christopher — My name is SSG Orta and I have served at Fort Hood, TX, Fort Campbell, KY, and Fort Sill, OK. I have...More
  Ortega, Donna m — I was in the 101st airborne division in Vietnam in 68 to 70. I was in a group called the Chargin Cha...More
  ortega, joe — CLASSIFIED INFO.
  ortega, joe — i was point man for my squad, also was a nite tiger. later worked for the company, air america.serve...More
  Orth, Ray C
  Ortiz, Danny
  Ortiz, Johnathan M
  Ortiz, Raymond Louis — happily married to carolyn ortiz proud farther of 7 children 6-girls and1-son hobby love rottweilers...More
  Ortner, Anthony J
  Ortner, Timothy j
  Osborn, Douglas E
  Osborne, Brian
  Osborne, Charles M.
  Osborne, Donald — Lived in Dallas before I joined the U.S. Army. Went to Fort Campbell, KY then Korea. Left there went...More
  Osborne, Raymond
  Osborne, Scott M. — 1982 - Joined U.S. Army. 1983 - Graduated Infantryman Basic. 1985 - Graduated Airborne School. 19...More
  Ost, John
  Osterhage, James
  Ostrander, Michael
  Ostrowski, John
  Osyron, Osy
  Otero, Johnny r
  Otero, Lewis A — PRANG 11/71 Active duty 7/72 served LRRP Scouts Out 9th Inf Div Co A 2/39th Inf(CoB75thRangers) Co A...More
  Otero, Octavio A
  Ott, Stephen
  Ottinger, Edward L
  Oubre, John
  Oulton, Patrick B — After the service I got my BSW in social work, and am now working as a Behavioral Health case manage...More
  Ousky, Dylan
  Overlie, Jack w
  Overstreet, Zane — 183AES MS ANG 1985-1987 37AEG, 610AES, 622AES USAFR MacDill AFB 1987-2005 Operations Desert Shield...More
  Owen, Ronald — Joined Ala NG in 2/79 as 12B Co C 1343rd Combat Engineer. Then went active duty as 13E(FDC) statione...More
  Owens, Justin R
  Owens, William K — 1st Armored Div. 2/6 Infantry Reg. I was a rifleman, APC driver, company Armorer, track commander an...More
  Ox, Joe
  Ozer, Philip A

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