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  L, Theresa — I Reenact French Resistance and American Medic.
  La Due, Don
  Labelle, Daniel D
  Labelle, Daniel D
  Labelle, Jeffrey P — 101st Airborne div., 2/502 Inf., B company, 2nd Platoon, m-60 gunner, Desert Storm Vet.
  Laboon, Stephen W — A Co and C Co ... 5/101. Air Assault!
  Labrake, Tim — 92-94 502nd Aviano, Italy 95-96 K 158th Ft Hood 96 6th Cav Ft Hood 97 A Co 7 BN Ft Cam...More
  Lacheney, Joseph E
  Lackovic, Chris
  Lacoste, Emmanuel r
  Ladd, Chris N — Presently COLT Team Chief HHB 1/178 FA, 218 IN Bde. Formerly Weapons Squad Leader B 1/121 IN,Squad ...More
  Ladd, James M
  Ladouceur, Roger G — 101st ABN 1st Bn 3rd ADA 1977-1980, 306th MI Detachment 1980-1983, 1st Bn 1st ADA Ft Bliss Tx 1983...More
  Lahaye, Donald j — Served with 82nd ABN Div during Ops Desert Shield/Desert Storm. LT & CPT in 101st ABN Div (801st MS...More
  Lair, Don L — USMA Class of 1962. Retired in 1984. Currently assistant director of the Ohio State University Reg...More
  Lair, Don — Battalion Executive Officer, 2-6 FA, Gelnhausen and Hanau, Germany July 1975-June 1977. Battalion...More
  Laird, Jeffrey
  Laisure, Michael L — USN 1974-1978 Boot Camp: RTC SAN DIEGO CA AG "A" School Lakehurst, NJ AG "C" School Lakehurst, NJ...More
  Laizik, Peter R. — Retired from the US Army in 1985; Worked in International Marketing for 16 years. Hobbies: travel,...More
  Lall, Dolly
  Lally, John — A Co, 1/506th Inf, Vietnam
  Lamb, Aubra
  Lamb, Michael G — I serve with the 716th Military Police Bn, 163rd Military Police Detachment.
  Lamb, Thomas J — Served with Detachment 1, 101 MI BN, 1 ID (Forward) from 1985-1991.
  Lambeau, Eric
  Lambert, Carl E
  Lambert, Glenn
  lambert, ken
  Lambert, Roberto V — 11B Infantryman, 92A Logistics
  Lambert, Shirley B — I am the proud mother PV2 Josh Lambert, 101st Airborne, 2/187 INF. He is currently in Iraq. We are p...More
  Lame, John C — My unit at the 101st was the Cco 1/502. Camp Hovey, Korea I served in the Cco 2/503d. I went to Ft ...More
  Lame, John c
  Lamere, Deborah A — CH-47 Flight Engineer
  Lamneck, Mark J
  Lampe, Andrew T. — Camp Casey Korea (Eco 5/20 INF) from 88-89 and was with D co 1-187 from 01-89 to 07-93, including th...More
  Lampro, Sara E
  Lancaster, Jeff — Was a CH-47 pilot, now flying for Comair Airlines
  Lancaster, John I — Married in the 80's to my high school sweet hart parted ways in the yearly 90,s moved to Ma. to go ...More
  Lancaster, Matthew d
  Land, Clifford
  Land, Jason
  Landers, Frank
  Landers, Lauren
  Landis, Niki
  Landrum, Jason w — Served in Berlin Brigade, A Co and HHC Co 1990-1993 AND 3rd Plt, Bco 3-327 Inf, 101st AASLT 1993-199...More
  landrum, Timothy — I was in headquarters 187th rakasans 1987 to 1988 mortarman.
  Lane, John J — I am 5'10, 165lbs, hazal eyes, brown hair My hobbies are baseball, football, and fishing Iam stati...More
  Lane, John W — I was an asst. XO, XO and Btry Commander for A Co, 2/11th Arty at FSB Ripcord in July 1970. I was a...More
  Lane, John
  Lane, Lawrence G — US Army:; Fort Benning, Ga Basic Training !980, 8th Infantry Div. Baumholder Germany 1980 to 198...More
  Lane, Roger
  Lane, Russ — Jump school at Ft. Campbell, 1959. 187th RCT., 502d. Vietnam 1966,67,68,69 1/327 Inf. Retired in 1...More
  Lang, Jared A — I was a medic with the original 3rd Bat. 187th Inf. which is now (1-33 Cav). While on active duty, ...More
  Langager, Dan E — HHC 3/502 - Medic (Doc). Attached to Charlie and Delta Company.
  Langford, Harold d
  Langford, Jon d
  Langley, Ronnie D
  Langlois, Chris B
  Langmeyer, Nicholas K
  Langner, Michael D
  Lankford, Kenneth C — Served as Forward Observer/Laison with 2/327. Arrived in RVN on the MSTS Leroy Eltinge in 1965. Ext...More
  Lanoway, Chad
  Lansaw, Mike E
  LaPenta, George
  Lara, Frank
  Larew-Smith, Roberta
  Larimore, Jason G — Served in: -7th Engineer Bn (Ft Polk) -2nd Engineer Bn (Korea) -5th Engineer Bn (Ft LeonardWood) ...More
  Larma, Nancy — army 1975-1977
  larocco, micki
  Laroche, Charles W — A co. 3/325 Infantry Airborne Batallion Combat Team, Vicenza Italy. Alpha Sharks!!!
  Larrimer, John B.
  Larsen, Todd E
  Larson, Nicole l
  Larson, Roger — 532d Bn Legal NCO. JAG Corps!!!
  Larson, Ryan T
  Larson, Ted
  Lasalle, Kelly
  Lashley, Melody
  Lasley, Jim
  Latham, Craig G
  Latham, David
  Latham, Dustin
  Latham, Tee
  Latsha, Linda l
  Latti, Dima L
  Lattimer, Sheri L — Served in the Marines from '85 to '89. Currently active duty Army since '97. Have been assigned to...More
  Laubach, Tarrel
  Laue, Steven R
  Laue, Steven R — OH-58 crewman in A-2/17 Air Cav
  Lavender, Johnny
  Lavender, Ryan B
  Lavergne, Angel
  Lavigne, Jonathan R
  Law, Albert R
  Lawhorn, Karl L
  Lawler, Wayne O — Hello to all the personnel I served with. To all the one's I didn't like, and you know who you are, ...More
  Lawless, Joe — 1985-1987 assigned to A-Battery 3/84 which turned into A 4/9.Heilbronn Germany. 1987-1988 Ft. Cam...More
  Lawless ii, John P.
  Lawrence, Charles S
  lawrence, dennis
  Lawrence, Larry R
  Lawrence, Marc D
  Lawson, Andrea
  Lawson, John W
  Lawson, Joshua
  Lawson, Lee
  Lawson, Michael b — served with B.Co. from '98 to '02 in weapon's plt. as an 0331 gunz up baby. i've just recently joine...More
  Lax, James N — D 3/187 "86-88", D 2/502 "89-94" "95-97", D 1/502 "97-00"
  Lay, Linda K
  Lay, Linda K
  Layman, Cherry E — i am a 20 year old army wife! we have two boys Wyatt and Cohen. Wyatt is 16 months and Cohen is almo...More
  Layman, Thomas E — I have never been in the military. My father was in the 101st Airborne Division between 1972-1976
  Le, Thuong — I was Commander of the ARVN 11th Arty Bn/1st Division in Vietnam, fighting with the 24th US Corps Ar...More
  Le Hew, Thomas P
  Lea, Benjamin s
  Leach, Dianna L
  Leach, James
  Leach, Michelle R
  Leak, George R
  leake, andrea
  Leaphart, John R
  Leber, Chris — fort campbell ky
  LEBLANC, ANDREW B — if you dont like big red then fuck you
  Leblanc, Curtis M
  Ledford, Gary
  Ledford, Keith
  Ledford, Pamela
  Leduke, Grant L
  Lee, Bennie
  Lee, Bob
  Lee, Charles
  lee, james
  lee, johnny
  Lee, Jonathan
  Lee, Kenneth
  Lee, Lee — SGT, HooterBother!, Crew chief of MH-60A Black Hawk
  Lee, William
  Lee Jr., James E. — Served in A Co and Hdqrts Co 326th Combat Eng. from 1963 thru 1965. Was a radio/telecom specialist
  Leehang, John J — A Combat Veteran, serving more than 22 years in the US Army which has provided the fundamentals and ...More
  leeman, steven
  Leeper, Henry — My name is Henry. I am an average fun loving guy. A bit about me: I was born in Hot Spring, Arkans...More
  Lefebvre, Robert R — Primary branch was Field Artillery then went into Aviation. Was Airfield Commander in I Corps Group...More
  Leffel, James
  Leffelman, Joe W
  Leger, Joelpatrick v — I was a Blackhawk Crew Chief in A 2/3, B 2/2, and A 5/101. Went to Iraq with the 101st in OIF1
  Legere, Gerald
  Leggett, Courtney
  Legier, Steve
  Lehan, Vivian
  Lehigh Jr, Wendell l
  Lehman, David
  Lehman, Rick L — Have 3 great kids. My oldest daughter will graduate from High School this year, She is active on th...More
  Leibhardt, Robert J — I'm home now, and it's time for me to get some school done. I'm not done, or should i say... the wa...More
  Leibhardt, Robert — Been there, done most of that, and still want more t-shirst.
  Leifeste, Ben P
  LeMarie, Carlos
  Lemke, Christopher S — 1-502 Infantry B Co. Served Under First Sgt Adams and Captian Smalls
  lemma, james
  Lemmon, David
  Lenker, Randall
  Lentz, Jeff e
  Leon, Mcgraw — 30 years of expereance as a Operations Signal Sergeant Major
  Leon, Ronald
  Leonard, Jennifer
  Leonard, Joseph J — US Army (1983-1987) 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) US Coast Guard (1987-Present) 5th Coa...More
  Leopold, Robert
  LeQuire, George
  Lerums, James E
  Lesher, John C
  Lester, Mandy
  Lester , Vincent J
  Letherman, John K — Assigned to the 25th ID (L), Schofield Barracks, HI
  Letterman, Jeff R — served in Desert Storm with 101st, Airborne with 53rd QM.Det.lifetime member V.F.W live in AURORA,C...More
  Leung, Schulmynn — Desert Storm/ Shield, D Co 1/327 inf, 101 ABN A Co. 1/12 Infantry Regiment, 4th ID HHC, 43rd ASG
  Levandusky, Jason p
  Leverett, Jonathan — I served with the group in the first part of 2006 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom at RPC at LS...More
  Levermann, Hogan
  Levis, Robert H — I have retired from the Active Army with 27+ years of service and enjoy taking care of Soldiers..I a...More
  Lewis, Alva L
  Lewis, Brent D — Married 3 Children.
  Lewis, Charles D
  Lewis, Cory A — My Great grandfather was in the 506, he dropped on normandy on D-Day
  Lewis, Dale E — I am currently a Military Police Sergeant in the 336th MP Det., 89th Regional Support Command, US Ar...More
  Lewis, Denise — I enjoy digital photography, art in all mediums, computer graphics and web design. Costume design f...More
  Lewis, Donald r — vulcan crewman
  Lewis, Joel ec
  Lewis, Kristy
  Lewis, Micheal H — Proud to be an American and will fight to death for the Red, White and Blue.
  Lewis, Nicolas A — I have military experience in small unit tactics,recon, and full scale drops behind enemy lines
  Lewis, Sandra F
  Lewis, Sidney P — 3/17th calvary hhc 1st sig 267th qm co 501st sig
  Lewis, Stephen J — I was assigned to D Co. 1-1 AVN (Service Company) Ft. Riley, KS as an AH-64 Apache armament and elec...More
  Lewis, Tina
  Lewis, Tyler H
  Lewis, Wayne s
  Lewis, William H — I was in Trp E, 17th Cav, 173rd Abn Bde after leaving the 101st Abn Div. 1964 via ship for Okinawa....More
  Lewis , Alva l — Aco 2/502nd 1st platoon D/S "desert rats" 90-92 Aco 3/502nd 1st platoon till aug '93
  Lewis senior, Antonio M
  Lewis-Hughes, Rebecca l — My son is currently in the 3rd ACR at Ft. Hood.
  Li, Eric
  Licea, Jose A
  Lichak, Mark A
  Lichtenberger, Terry
  Liebowitz, Shmoie
  Light, Bud O — At the time when I was at Ft Richardson, Ak 90th Aviation company/120th Aviation Company, I loved Al...More
  Light, Ron W — 101st PFDR DET
  Light, Thomas R — 1988-1994 Alpena, Michigan C co. 1/125th Inf 1994-1997 Schofield Barrack Hawaii C co. 4/27th Inf,C ...More
  Lightowler, David F. — Feb 73-Nov 94 - 80th Div Tng, Alex VA Apr-Sep 70 - 101 Abn, Camp Eagle Jan-Apr 70 - 101 Abn, Phu ...More
  Lim, Albert S — 3rd Brigade, C CO 2-187th In From April 1998 -Nov 2001 SGT, !st PLT, 1st Squad Leader
  Lima, Daniel J — Been with 30th since 1998. Got out in 2003. Rejoining in August
  Lima, Delta R — 12B-Served 1982-1985 C/326 ENGR. Ft. Campbell,KY Ft. Leonard Wood, MO., Ft. Wainwright, AK, Ft. St...More
  Limas, Catrina M
  Linch, Robert
  Lincoln, Jonathan S
  Lind, Bernhardt V
  Lind, Gary — Law Enforcement Officer/Pilot Dual Rated: CE-500, 550, 560, B206 Series, Inspection Authorization, ...More
  Lindauer, Rick m
  Lindenberg, Glen R — Went to Ft.Jackson for Basic Training in 1983. 31J Training at Ft.Gordan from 1983-84. Was in HHC 5...More
  Linder, Lee
  Lindey, Edward
  Lindke, Sam — I served with the 2327 Inf with duty in the Siani my fondst memories out of basic were in the Gre...More
  Lindley, Frederick M — Served Jan., 1969 - Nov., 1971; SPD, Ft. Dix, NJ, 1st Army Surgeons' Office, Ft. Meade, MD; 101st Ai...More
  Lindman, Fredrik — Hello! I?m a 17 year old guy from Sweden. Intrested in Spec. Forces like SEAL:s etc. Soon about ...More
  Lindsay, David R.
  Lindsay, William
  Lindsey, David W
  Lindsey, Harry W
  Lindstrand, Troy — served with Cco 2/187th INF REGT as first a Dragon gunner then m203 grenadier Nov 87 to Dec 88
  Line, Matthew R.
  Linebarger, Gerald l
  Lingenfelter, Ed L — 1st Sergeant
  Lingenfelter, Ed — I served in the Army from 73- 97 Ft Campbell 74-79, 82-85, 86-89, 90-93 2-44 ADA 101st Abn (AA). ...More
  Lingenfelter, Ed L — I served with the 101st 4 times throughout my career. My combat tour was in the 101st as the S3 NCO...More
  Linger, Kenneth E — 6 year army veteran and now a two year over the road driver / i was with Bco. 4/101st then transfere...More
  Lingus, Michelle b
  Link, Christopher M.
  link, richard
  Linkogle, Les
  Linscott, Howard R
  Linz, Anthony
  Lippe, Blaine
  Liscombe, Bruce — Served with C 2/4 from Feb 78 - Mar 81, with B 2/502 from Feb 81- Jan 83, with B 3/327 Jan 83 - Oct ...More
  Lisk, Erik A — O/C Warhog Team 1SG HHC & Cco 1/327th IN
  Lisowski, Theodore j — 163 AV 1969-70 CAMP EAGLE VIETNAM
  Liss Buchbinder, LCSW, Brenda
  List, Mark K
  Littau, Jerry R
  Littell, Jd
  Little, Larry J — Served with HHB 2/11 in Vietnam. Worked as artillery surveyor, surveying fire bases from Da Nang to ...More
  Little, Warren M.
  Little, William D
  Littlejohn, Donnie E
  Littleton, Andrew J — I am a 24 year old in the US Army. Have been in for a lil over 2 yrs now. I am married to my beautif...More
  Littleton, Kayla
  Littlewood, James E
  Litty, David — Team Leader 1st Platoon Aco 3/327 during Desert Shield and Desert storm.
  Livingston, Anthony W — Served in D co. 2nd /503rd ( 3rd brigade 101st ) however we still felt like the old 173rd Brigade(PR...More
  Livingston, Randy
  Livingston, Richard
  Livingston, Travis R — I'm a great Sharpshooter for my ROTC Rifle Team.
  Llanes, Rachel
  Llanto, Beam N
  Lloren, Jorge V — I was a combat medic assigned to D Company 3rd Battalion 327th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airbor...More
  Lloyd, Brandon E — Served in 101st Airborne as an Infantry Scout from 98-01.Served in the Kosovo Campaign in 2000. Recl...More
  Lloyd, Karen
  Lloyd, Kelly A
  Lloyd, Robert — 2nd BN./4TH Infantry(Heilbronn)
  Lo, And
  Loague, Samuel C — Was at 2ND BN, 1/67 AR, 4ID........currently at 1/71 VSB at Ft. Jackson, SC. Happily married to t...More
  Lober, Lourn A — 1/5 INF 2 ID Cp Howze, Korea. 1/502 INF 101st AB DIV
  Lock, Al — Served with A/1/327th, 1st SOCOM and 11th SFG(A). 11B5P 18A5P
  Lock, Al — Served in A/1/327 from 1981 to 1983. From 1983 to 1988, served with SOCOM and 2d Bn/ 11th SFG(A).
  Locke, Bob S
  Locke, Joseph — I am looking for information about my dad who served with the 101st Airborne in Korea in 1952 and 19...More
  Locke, Travis w
  Locker, Sherman E — I served with A Co. 1/506th Inf Ft. Campbell, Ky. from 9/76 to 5/79. I was in the 1st. Plt. 3rd Sqd...More
  Lockett, Shana N
  Lockhart, Dennis — Vietnam - 501st Signal Btn.
  Lockskin, Daniel J
  Loera, David M — Battalion Draftsman for HHC 1/502d Inf. Regt. (S-3) Operation Desert Storm/Shield
  Loffreda.Weston, Terri l — I served most of my time at Fort Campbell and miss it greatly.
  Loflin, Michael L — CSM 6/101 Avn Regt.
  Logsdon, Erik jr — male 19 years of age live in tulare california and i want to join the united stated amry but im havi...More
  Lohr, Scott K
  Lomax, Leah M — I was born in Nebraska, then moved to Washington at the age of 6. I am a republican. I root for the ...More
  London, Sidney L. — Charlie Company 326th Medical Battalion, 101st Airborne Div. C Co 1st SB, 8th ID Germany 7230t...More
  Loney, John F
  Loney, Tony D
  Long, Angie N
  Long, Brian J — I am currently sering the Iowa Army National Guard but once I complete AIT I am going active hopeful...More
  Long, James E.
  Long, Robert C — Hello, my name is Cody Long. I am a SPC in the U.S. Army Military Police corps. I have been in the A...More
  Long, Willard
  Long, jr., Ricky L — Served with Bco. 3/502nd 101st Airborne from 87-90 Was reactivated for the gulf war and assigned to ...More
  Longbons, Richard D
  Longo, Joseph V — I am now with HHT 1/4 CAV, 1 ID, Shweinfurt, GE.
  Lonidier, James H — Retired DoD and U.S. Army, Vietnam Vet, 101st airborne Huey pilot. 158th aviation batallion, VietNam...More
  Lonidier, James H — First off I'd like to say Thanks to all the fellas That diden't make it home wether you were In Vie...More
  Loosen, John M
  Lopez, Ascencion — 11 Charlie by profession. married with two children
  Lopez, Jesus P — "C" Company, 1st/501st, 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division. Stateside duty 1967 that included depl...More
  Lopez, Jose
  Lopez, Jose l
  Lopez, Michael a — My first unit was 1/9 INF Regt 2nd Infantry division. Stationed in Camp hovey Korea. Then I was sen...More
  Lopez, Nestor A — Served in operation iraqi freedom with 1-66 ar 4th infantry division. Joined NYPD on January 10, 20...More
  Lopez, Peter — Co C, 2nd Bn 327th Inf (Airmobile)(Air Assault) 11B-PMOS 76Y-SMOS CSC 2nd Bn 107th Inf Regt., N...More
  Lopez, Sheri
  Lopez, Vincent f
  Lopez III, Juan — Born and raised in Oakland, CA. Served in the U.S. Army from 1980 to 1984. Coaching football in San ...More
  Lopez Jr, Antonio — Born in McFaddin, Texas Nov 04, 1949. Graduated 1968 Wurzburg, West Germany High School. Military Ca...More
  Lord, Trevor
  Loring, Robert W
  Lospenuso, Joseph — Vietnam 1970-1971 3rd/187th/101st Co. C Airmobile. Served under Lt John Smith
  Lost, Nicolette C
  Lott, Alice M — Father: John Jefferson Goat or Goate Brother: Alfred Johnson Goate, Hometown: Holdenville,...More
  Louck, Louis K — Joined the Army Apr 1960; MOS was 634 and became 63G F&E Reprmn; then 63H and finally 63Z; stationed...More
  Loucks, Timothy W — Served on USS Theodore Roosevelt from 1/87-1/89, USS Abraham Lincoln Plankowner 1/89-3/91. Currentl...More
  Loucy, Dennis G — combat medic 2nd 501st I corps 1969-1970 Operated out of fsb birminghan,fsb bastogne
  Loucy, Dennis
  Louie, Louis — Veterans Service Officer, 100% disabled and compensated, 101st AB Div (RVN-Laos-Cambodia), sniper, L...More
  louis, shellie
  Love, Chad d — ETS 1999. Graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2003. Married, yes marri...More
  Love, Charles A — Looking for friends from head & head 101st aviation group, 101st Airborne Division, RVN, Camp eagle ...More
  Love, Demetruis L
  Love, One
  Love, Thomas — Draftsman @ Headquarters 82nd Airborne
  Love jr, Clarence E — Age 45 born - Arkansas Joined military 1980 Retired 2002
  Lovejoy, Arthur K — 326 Medical Co. Spd. Gp. 101 Airborne Div. Jump school class#88. June 1961.
  Lovejoy, Nelson E. — Co C. 3/63 Armor Supply SGT: HQ 3/63 Armor S-4: HHC 3/63 Armor Supply Sergeant: Co D 1/327th Inf ...More
  Loverin, Krystal L — Served with the 52nd ENG BN out of Ft Carson. We were deployed to Iraq for OIF I and attached to the...More
  Lovett, Charles C
  Lovett, Keith m
  Lovette, Jason Lo
  Lovette, Thomas — Born an Army Brat and stayed unitl 2005. I retired after coming back from Iraq.
  Lowe, David
  Lowe, Jimmie R
  Lower, Ken P
  Lowery, Robert R
  Lowman, Jason d
  Lowman, Jason d
  Lowrance, Ron
  Lowrie, David H — Reunion Chair for 63rd Chemical Company, Desert Storm Alumni.
  Lowry, Wendell
  Loyd, Michael Peter — Born in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. Joined the Army at age 17. Served 20 years and retired at age 38. Wor...More
  Loyd, William B — USAR retiree spent 10 years on active duty in various ADA assignments including 1/3 ADA at FT Carson...More
  Lubbers, John W
  Lucarelli, Gabriella
  Lucas, Jack J.
  Lucht, Jared S — No experience in real military but I am a supporter of the military and love to read about units.
  Luedeman, Jason R
  Luedeman, Jason
  Luepke, James — I was with C co. 327th Inf. 101st Airborne Oxford ,MS and West Point, NY also jumped in Turkey
  Lugo, Julian A — My First AD Unit C Co, 268th Attack Hel. Bn. Wonderful Memories - Made SGT in 2 1/2 Years...Eagles F...More
  Luibel, Beth
  Lujan, Edward J.
  Luke, Sharon D
  Luke, Toby A
  Luman, George
  Luna, Anita
  Luna, Jesus R
  Luna, Rhonda L — I'm 37 and the mother of 2 wonderful children. I'm very proud of the men and women serving this cou...More
  Lund, Austyn H — My dad is in the air force but i want to become a marine sniper
  Lund, John g
  Lundquist, Edwin C — Platoon Sgt, 2d Plt., Co "E"...Captured 26 Apr 51.
  Lunsford, Bill — 25+ years of Active and Reserve Duty and Loving it. Currently assigned to the United States Arm...More
  Lurya, Nadezhda
  Lusk, David
  Lusk, Randall L
  Lutton, Kylene M
  Lutz, James
  Lutz, Jim — Recon/2/506 Infantryman in the A Shau & Team Leader in the DMZ. Later served in Phoenix (C/158 Avn) ...More
  Lyle, William
  Lyles, Robert E — V.A. Retierd 32 year old male. Four years Marine Corps and Four years 3 1/2 years Army. Had a few di...More
  Lylo, Andrew M
  Lynch, Jason R
  Lynch, Jason R — I'm 17 years old I'm going into the Neveda National Guard I support everyone who is supporting this...More
  Lynch, Jim — 71D (Legal Clerk) working in battalion headquarters.
  Lynch, Vincent p — Married now have twins. Living back in CT.
  Lynch Jr., Edward F.
  Lynn, Eleanor O — I'm a 92Y. Which is a Unit Supply Spec. I work in the S-4 shop at the 7-17 Cav at Ft.Campbell,Ky.
  Lynn, Lawrence H — MI branch detailed Infantry officer currently serving as on Infantry officer with the 101st Airborne...More
  Lynne, Shelton-Dilly D — My ather Gladson Earl Shelton is deceased. I am trying to look for anyone that served with him in ...More
  Lyon, Chance B
  Lyons, Michael T
  Lyons, Paul D — SSG. USA Retired (Medically) Disabled Gulf War Veteran Served with 101st Abn Div. in Operati...More
  Lysek, Brian
  Lyttle, Howard D

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