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  C, A
  C, B
  C, J
  C, Jim — served as a canadian in afghanistan in 02 as a member of the PPCLI / Rakassan
  C, T l
  C., Jan — Rtd abn recco sq ldr from 4th Bg. Rapid Reaction, Czech Army welcome to talk about airborne stuff w...More
  C., Janie — I am a 5'4 blonde, scorpio. My interests are dancing, movies, music, out doors and talking to peopl...More
  Caban, Carlos M
  Caban, Ramon
  Cabrera, Rick — I was assigned to HHB Division Artillery,S-2 in Jan.1995, after leaving the Sergeant Majors Academy....More
  Caciola, Richard t — although I have got out I still miss the days when we would wake up to the thunder of troops calling...More
  Cackett, Robert L
  Cadwell, John
  Cain, Charles w. — 6th FA 3d AD Germany, 10 Inf 1st BG. 79th Ord. Co Ft. Ord Calif, 3d Sq. 3d ACR Germany, 41st Inf. F...More
  Cain, Tambra
  Calderon, Miguel A — Stationed at Fort Hood
  Caldwell, Harold E — CSM - 101st Avn Gp CSM - 159 Avn Bn
  Caldwell, Jeremy t
  Caldwell, Mike L
  Caldwell, Phillip B — Joined active duty in 1994, went to basic and AIT at Benning. Station with the 101st Airborne Air A...More
  Caldwell, Robert
  Caldwell, Robert — Served with the 3rd and 327th between 1986-1987. Participated in MFO in Egypt.
  Calhoun, B. A. — My name is Bernice Calhoun and I am married to my vet for 26 yrs as of Aug.9,2006. If anyone wan...More
  Calhoun, Charles E.
  Callaghan, Daniel H
  Callaghan, Daniel H — D (4/324,3/325,319) ABCT 1984-1988 NYANG Poughkeepsie Batt, 1988-1989 A 1/320 Desert Shield/Storm...More
  Callahan, John A — Ua army 1982-1999 served Desert Storm, trained at Benning Georgia Rangers Tab at Georgia, linked up ...More
  Callahan, Joseph f
  Callahan, Kelly d
  Callahan, Sean
  Callahan Iii, Joseph P
  Callanta, Noel D — joined the service in 1985 and first duty is korea.likes all sport as long as is challenging.. like ...More
  Callenberger, Chris J
  Callender, Brian
  Calloway, George j
  Camacho, George — I was with the 502nd
  Camacho, Lamar
  Camacho, Lamar
  Came, Patrick M — enlisted fort dix assigned Berlin brigade, assigned fort Carson Co., assigned Berli brigade 6/502nd,...More
  Cameron, Jason — 2 years in the 3rd/502nd INF, C Co. AIR ASSAULT! STRIKE AND KILL!! HOOWAH!
  Camien, Kernie J — 1/187inf A CO
  camp, michael
  Campbell, Bruce J — I have a military career that includes both reserve and active military duty. I was active duty fro...More
  Campbell, Chad m
  Campbell, David D — Walked Point Viet Nam,Nov 1969 to 1970, 2/502, B Co, 101st AB
  Campbell, Dianne G — I am a career "Air Force Brat". My Dad is a retired career man. I grew up in England at Lakenhealt...More
  Campbell, Fred ALLEN — I have lived a productive life, have a great family, and cherish each day with them. Though I am ret...More
  Campbell, Howard F
  Campbell, Howard f — Univ of Pennsylvania, MA Georgetown, PhD Clemson. Retired after 30 years. Served with the best: Rang...More
  Campbell, Jeremy
  Campbell, Quadie
  Campbell, Robert
  Campbell, W — 5th Trans Bat. Camp Eagle 1968-1970.
  Campbell, William
  Campisi, Ryan C
  Campos, Marcos t
  Campos, Oscar
  Campos jr., Jose A — Joined army in 1972. Got out June 1980. Joined Navy June 1981. Retired October 1993
  Campos-Moya, Leonardo — I was an enlisted 11B with the Chicago-based unit, and then an ROTC cadet w/ the Scout and Mortar Pl...More
  Canada, Charles E — I was in the army for 8 years. I was stationed in Fort Wainwright,Alaska. Where I was in 5/9th infan...More
  Canard Jr, Granville C — 28 year military career 1957-1985 (20 years Active Federal service 1965-1985)
  Candelario, Misael
  Canfield, Paul S
  Caniff, Richard — Arrived in Camp Eagle in 1971 then sent to Quang Tri as comm center operator.
  Cannon, Antoine
  Cannon, Brian K — " Who Dares Wins", Ranger class 12/94, Airborne, Air assault,C Co 3/18 INF, B Co 3/502 INF 101st ABN...More
  Cannon, Kevin A — 19D Cavalry Scout. A Trp, 2/17 Cav. HHC, 5/8 Inf.
  Cannon, Sean d
  Canny, Timothy F
  Cano, Elizabeth
  Cano, Ismael — I went through the EOD program and bombed out at Indian Head in the ground portion. I know I suck......More
  Canterbury, Debra
  Canterbury, Robert a
  Cantrell, Darrell A
  Cantrell, Darrell A
  Cantrell, Stephen C
  Capasso, Al
  Caple, Dave r — i was gorillal warfare specialist
  Capps, Bill — Machine gunner with 3rd platoon Cco. 1/502 inf 09/1981 - 09/1983. Rifleman with 2nd Platoon Cco. ...More
  Capps, Brad B — Served 82 to 83 Dco 3/187th inf Ft cambell, 83 to 85 CSC 4/10 inf FT Davis Panama, 85 to 89 B co 2/...More
  Capps, Shane — Staff Sergeant in the 3D1X3 field (RF Transmissions Systems).
  Capwell, Raymond G — I was a Medic with 2/327 inf/VN/65/66. I was Eltinge rider.
  Carato, Mary
  Carballea, George — AH64 Pilot LAV-25 Security Officer Concealed Weapons Civil Service Finance and Accounting Profe...More
  Carballea, George — Special operations, security services, usnmcr lcdr, concealed weapons specialist, atfe liason, defen...More
  Carbone, Dan — OH-58D Kiowa Warrior armament dawg turned scout pilot - Retired at 20 years! Korea, Germany, Bosnia,...More
  Carbonel, Ralph B
  Carbonell, Ben G — Was in the Bravo Bandits (B Co., 3/327th Inf Reg) - a company COHORT unit - from '83 to '84, before ...More
  Carchidi, Anthony j
  Carchidi, Anthony J — Served in Korean War 8th Army w/ 1st Corps 51-'53' (159th FA Bn Btry "C, 51'-52'), -1st UN Counterof...More
  cardenas, gilbert
  Carder, John R
  Cardoza, Jose l — I was a line medic for the 3/502 Infantry for B. Co in 1996 to Aug. of 1997, and to A Co. from Oct 1...More
  Cardwell, David — I have been in the military since july of 2001 reported to Fort Campbell in December of 2001 as a Ra...More
  Cardwell, John W — RVN Dec 68 - Jan70 1/506 101st Abn Div (Ambl)
  Cardwell, John W
  Carey, Donald R — I served twenty years in the Army with my last assignment on General Staff of Hq. Recruiting Command...More
  Carey, Jay j — it was hard work but rewarding i miss it very much
  Carey, Patrick — Brother was on the USS America in '72 as an AO with VA82. His son, is in the 101st Airborne, 2-50...More
  Carey, Randall
  Carey, Randall P
  Caris, Mike
  Carle, Matthew
  Carleo, Sean P — The 101st Airborne (AirAssault) Division HOOAH!! Served with Alpha Company 1-327th. Bastogne Bulldog...More
  Carlisle, Richard
  Carlson, Samuel D — 24.5 years Regular Army, 3.5 years Guard. Enlisted '67. MOS's 11B, 11D, 97D, 97B. Direct commissi...More
  Carlson, William F
  Carman, Joshua M
  carmean, david l — rm of Viet Nam Veterans Motorcycle Club, ride motorcycles, hunt some fishing, bird watching in coun...More
  Carmean, Edward L — 46th Aerial Port Squadron/United States Air Force Reserve/Currently Enlisted
  Carmichael, Jason H — OIF IV Deployment for 2005/2006
  Carmichael, Robert a
  Carmichael, Sandra p
  Carmichael, Steve D.
  Carmichael, William J.
  Carney, Jim R
  Carpenter, Danny l — I love the 101.
  Carpenter, George p — served with b/co 1/327oct67thruoct68
  Carpenter, George
  Carr, James d
  Carra, Jeffrey B
  Carre, Zachary P
  Carreras, Samuel — 67t, uh-60
  Carretero, Michael A. — A Co "ABU's" and HHC 1/327th from Jul '70 thru Aug '71. Visit the 327th web-site: http://www.scre...More
  Carroll, Doug
  Carroll, George — A/158th Aviation Battalion
  Carroll, Michael S
  Carroll, Robert C
  Carroll, Timothy
  Carruth, Molly j
  Cars, Krazy D
  Carson, Curtis
  Carstensen, Eric J
  Cartelz, Dragon — i like to know more with the war.
  Cartelz, Dragoon — HELLO MY FELLOW GRUNT.
  Carter, Albert D — > I was with the 101st AirBorne Div. 2/11 arty.Co.C Vietnam in 1970 and 1971 ,i was also at Camp Ea...More
  Carter, Boone — TIS 19 YRS, AD 15yrs. Elisted/completed Basis and AIT (Advance Individual Trainning)INFANTRY, Ft. B...More
  Carter, Cristopher H — Korean War, Vietnam, Retired, had fun doin it
  Carter, Danny R — I was with the 1st Battalion, 503rd Inf. I also was with 8th Inf. Division in Germany & 75th Suppor...More
  Carter, Don — BRAVO BANDITS, you out there? Bravo 3/327th 84-85, part of a COHORT unit which was deployed to Ft ...More
  carter, don
  Carter, Erik L — Spent the past year in Iraq.
  Carter, Erik L
  Carter, Gary — Echo Company, 23d Infantry, 2d Infantry Division Fort Benning Georgia 6th Army NCO Academy, Drill...More
  Carter, Horace L
  Carter, Horace L
  Carter, Joseph F — I was stationed in AnKhe from July 1970-Dec 1970.. A Co. 3/12 Inf 4th Div...let me hear from you ...More
  Carter, Kevin L
  Carter, Krystal D
  Carter, Matthew — I was a member of the 101st. Served two Tours in Iraq.
  Carter, Michael T — Just Looking for old friends from my military days
  Carter, Phillip E — I retired in 1995 in Atlanta after 20 years service in Infantry, Field Artillery and Public Affairs ...More
  Carter, Randy
  Carter, Robert W
  Carter, Tonious R
  Carter , Tyrone C
  Carthon, Gregory
  Cartwright, Phillip c — Joined the Army in 1976. Units were: 2/75th Rangers-76-77, 2/60th Inf. 9th ID-77-79, 6/31st Inf ...More
  Carver, Fred W — Served at camp evans in Vietnam from 1969 till 1970, Looking for buddies that served at camp evans ...More
  Carvey, Leo m
  Carvey, Leo M.
  Case, Chris
  Case, Daniel E
  Case, Joseph T
  Casey, Dennis J — medic 66-67 a@b co 15th med bn.pfc-E-4 senior medic hhc 101st avn vn 101, e-6 70-71 rvn 24th inf d...More
  Casey, Jane A
  Caskey, Thomas L
  Cason, Kenneth W
  Castillo, Santos G. — "Hi" my name is Santos (Spooky). I served with the 101st. Airborne Div. 1st. Bde. 1st. Bn. 1/327 In...More
  Castilloux, Joel
  Casto, Marcus R
  Castro, David — Currently with A co 1-502nd INF. REGT., 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION
  Castro, Karen J
  Caswell, Dennis W
  Catalano, Salvador — "A" Co. 2/187th. 101st. Abn. Div. (1963-1965) Fort Campbell, KY. "C" Co. 2/502nd. 101st. Abn. Div. ...More
  Cates, Arlie C
  Cates, Don
  Cates, Randall F — Patriotic, Hardworking, Experienced in SWAT/ SPECWAR Tactics. Always looking for work!
  Cates, Robert W — D Co 3/502 Inf
  Cathey Ii, Howard G — 98G3FC8KP- 3 tours in Korea, spent time stateside with 7th ID(L), 4th ID, and 101st.
  Catlow, Cassandra D
  Cato, Matthew B
  Caton, Ed L
  Catron, David G — S3, HQ Company, Indiana National Guard, Jasper, IN
  Cauley, Paul — Served with 101st Airborne RVN Nov. 70-Nov.71 I spent 6 months in the Bush with C.Co 3/506 Inf. Curr...More
  Cavender, Wayne M
  Cavin, Brian L — Thank you for calling the 36th ID. I'm sorry, but all of our units are deployed at the moment. Pleas...More
  cavins, kenneth
  Cayetano, Ryan R.
  Cegledi, Carydaniel — Finance Officer in the United States Army. Love my life, love my wife, love my job!
  Cerda, Mark A — *One Unit Station Training (Basic & AIT)at Ft. Benning 01/1992 *10th Mountain B Co. 1/22 Anti-Armor...More
  Cerioli, Paola — I have been working for for the last 5+ years. Disclaimer: Some information here (bad...More
  Cerioli, Paola
  Cervantes, Michael
  Ceynar, Kevin R
  Chadwell, Thomas — I served with "Love"company, 506th Inf. 101st Aiborne 1955 at Fort Jackson,S.C. on Tank Hill
  Chadwick, Gailann
  Chaffee, Bradley J — Served as Oh-58 Crew chief,Production Control NCO, Quality Control NCO, and Platoon Sergeant with B ...More
  Chalklin, Caroline F
  Chamberlain, David D — Outlawed (2/16, 1 ID) from 1988-1992; OPFOR (1/4 IN, GE) 1992-1995 (TL/E-5);101st (AA)(1/327) - 1995...More
  Chamberland, Thomas
  Chambers, Gerard — Even tho all the Military branches work together The U.S. Army Artillery is truly "The King of Battl...More
  Champion, Daniel — Joined Army Jan. 3 , 1967. Basic at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Attended aviation school at Ft. Eustis, V...More
  Champion, Ray — NAVCOMMU/NAVCOMTELSTA London 101st Airborne Division
  Chandler, Charles R. — Medic, MP, Recruiter Currently volunteer paramedic and adjunct college professor
  Chandler, David R — I am a 20 year veteran retired and working for the forest service. I was in the following units: 34...More
  Chandler, Jason A — s-1 clerk
  Chandler, Jerry L — Retired Army (Major) (21 Years) Retired CS (GS-13) (21 Years) Service Connected DV (100%)
  chandler, willis
  Chandramohan, Venugopal
  Chaney, Kate — Combat Medic with C Co. 326 Med Bn during Gulf War I - 1990 -1991. Was located at Ft. Campbell, Ky u...More
  Chaney, Kim A — Rakkasan Brigade Adjutant Aug 2000 - June 2002
  Chang, Tony — Enlisted in 1996. OCS in 2003. Physician Assistant in 2009.
  Chapin, Kenny F — Helicopter crew chief 1970-1971, 101ST Airborne, A TROOP 2/17 Cavalry, Quang Tri, I Corp - Sanctu...More
  Chapman, Bruce W
  Chapman, Michael e
  Chapman, Sterling R — B/3-506/1/101 (10/67 - 9/68) Airborne Currahee
  Chapman, Steven — Never in the Pathfinder unit but a Pathfinder none the less assigned to the Division. A Cav Scout as...More
  Chapman, Steven r
  Chapman, Tyrone — I served from 1987 to 1989. My MOS was 13E.
  Chappell, Samuel L
  chapple, reginald
  Charles, Alex
  Charles, Crawford
  Chartier, Lawrence R — Medic for 2-327 AASLT INF. Forward Trauma Team NCOIC for BN during ground operations in Iraq from M...More
  Chartier III, Wayne L — Born in Santa Ana Moved to Riverside Moved to Corona Went to Corona High Joined the Army Went t...More
  Charvet, John F
  Chase, Chester K — Went to Desert Storm with Bco 8th Batt 101st AVN Reg
  Chase, Ray T.
  Chase, Tom
  Chaseinwinter, Craig
  Chastain, Robert w — viet nam 1971 1972 infantry delta troop 2nd 17th 101st air cav
  Chastain, Robert w
  Chavez, Manuel T — Hi my nickname is Manny, while in Vietnam my nickname was "Chilli". (Sgt Chavez)
  Chavez, Ronnie
  Chavez Sr, Danny E — I spent many good times with many good people in the following units. The "CAV" "Garry Owen" C 4th...More
  Cheek, Richard M — DMZ Feb 71 to Feb 72 Camp Liberty Bell Co A 2d Bn 23rd Inf and Co B 1/17th Inf Co B 1st Bn 502d Inf...More
  Cheever, Roy G — Came from 101st ABN Div to Bamberg Kaserne in 74 as a scout tm member and became the Supply SGT and ...More
  Chen, Jimmy
  Cheney, Eric E — I was with 2-187 A Co 3rd brigade,RAKKASANS.
  Cherkashin, Vitaliy A
  Cherubini, John R — assigned to the 101st in Mosul Iraq Operation Iraqi Freedom. Served with 381st BLD Military Police
  Cheslog, Curt I
  Chesser Jr., Lamar F. F. — HHC 3 rd BRG 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
  Chicote, Bettina
  Chilcott, Steve J
  Childers, Ronald l — bravo 2/327 th INF dec 1989-1992, korea charly 1/503 camp casey 1992-1993, finished back with bravo ...More
  Childress, Fredrick C — Best days of my Life.
  Childress, Jeffrey a
  Childs, Jeannette — retired
  Childs, Thomas A
  Chisman, Frank H
  Chisman, Frank H — Trained as an Infantryman at "Benning School for Boys" in 1980. Assigned to the 101st Airborne Divi...More
  Chittum, William L
  Choe, Andrew
  Choi, Peter S
  Chope, Andrew J
  Chou, Jeffrey
  Choudry, Fundi M
  Choueri, Roy R — Logistics management. Innovative educator and adult professional trainer with combined military and ...More
  Choyfoo, Eric
  Christian, Joshua CS — going on my first deployment in augest
  Christian, Rick w
  Christiansen, Robert — OIF 2003-2004
  Christison, Carl — was with the 320th bombardment wing;medium(sac)march air force base ca.
  Christofferson, Todd — I was an 11-H that was lucky enough to be one of the last ever members of the 7th Infantry Division ...More
  Christopher, Paul D — Mean, nasty irascible Viet Nam vet with beaucoup attitude.
  Christy, William R — 3-73rd Armor 1985-1993 Ft Bragg(reclassed 75B); 550th Sig Daharan SA 1993-1994; 90th PSB Baumholde...More
  Chriswell, John p
  Chuba, Craig
  Chuck, Fuck — I served with the 101st in Vietnam. Hill 937.
  Chvatal, Frank
  Chymboryk, Grant T — Born Feb 8th time 10:44pm age 25. 6'1 tall brown hair brown eyes lighty tanned skin. slim.
  Ciccariello, Susan l
  Cid, Stephen E — You just have to ask.
  Ciesla, Adam — desert, 1991
  Ciesla, Andrew S
  Cieslak, Dennis
  Cieslik, Richard — 3rd Bn, 187th Inf (Abn),101st Abn Div 1964-65; 5th SF Gp Abn 1966-67; 1st SF Gp Abn 1968-69; 5th...More
  Cimini, Lia M — Born and raised Williamsport, PA BA Nursing AS Accounting BA Business Administration/minor Hospit...More
  Cinquino, Joseph M
  Cirabisi, Joe m
  Cisneros, Adrian
  Ciszek, Stan
  Ciszewski, Lee D
  Ciudad, Chester M. — Just a couple of memorable phrases from the past: Redeye Section; Think War; If it flys, it dies; Go...More
  Civils Jr., Timothy H.
  Clagg, David — 2d Combat Aviation BDE, 2ID
  Clancy, John D — B Co 1966-68, A Co, Vietnam, 1968-69 18th Abn Corp, Graneda, 1983
  Clapper, Charles M
  Clark, Bill
  Clark, Douglas C
  Clark, Francis E
  Clark, Gail
  Clark, Gary s — 19D, 11C
  Clark, George E
  Clark, James
  Clark, James
  Clark, John E — Operation Assistant S-3
  Clark, Larry — Entered the Army as a Medic in the Reserves. Went Active in 1987 A co 1-505 PIR, 82nd 88-91 Scout...More
  Clark, Linn E — I came back from Germany in june 1983 and was with the D CO 326 MED BN before it moved out to the ai...More
  Clark, Lisa
  Clark, Mel M
  Clark, Michael g
  Clark, Michael S — Squad Leader - Desert Storm
  Clark, Norman A — I was in 1st Platoon, C. Co. 1/503 Inf 101st Airborne Div from Feb 83 through Feb 84. I was in 3rd ...More
  Clark, Raymond E
  Clark, Robert O
  Clark, Robert
  Clark, Robert D.
  Clark, Timothy R.
  Clark, Tony L
  Clarke, Charlotte K
  Clarke, Oliver O
  Clarke, Sarah a — I am a huge military supporter, because my grandfather was in the Vietnam and Korean war. Also, i th...More
  Classified, Lieutenant Colonel — Served Laterally in Division Command S-2/S-3. Functions remain Classified. Awarded Lt. Colonel p...More
  Classified, Trientje
  Claudio, Ricardo
  Clausell, Cathy E
  Clausen, Jeffery A
  Clausen, Jeffrey A
  Clawiter, Matthew J
  Claxton, Roy — I was in the TET in Quang Tri and was wounded. I was sent out to be a RECO SGT FO for artty and air ...More
  Clay, Joe
  Clayboss, David
  Claypool, Todd A — I began my military career in Air Force Active duty in the Security Police career field. I left act...More
  Clayton, Leon
  Clegg, Park E — Former member of 101ST, 3/187 Rakkasan, Delta Wolf Pack ( 81-83)living in NH with gf, Jackie and son...More
  Clement, Paul M
  Clemmons, James
  Clemo, Robert J — Completed Basic Training JAN 67,Served with 101st Airbone Div and deployed to Vietnam in DEC 67-DEC ...More
  Clemons, Ken
  Cleveland, James
  Cleveland, Ledell
  Cleveland, Randy
  Clevenger, Carl w
  Clevettte, Mark J — Served with A co. 2/4 infanty from Jan. 1988 to Nov. 1991.Served with 2 ACR for Operation Desert Sto...More
  Clifford, Richard
  Clifton, Byron G.
  Clifton, Chris
  Climovech, Andrew W — I have been in the active Army since 1991 and have served at FT. Campbell, FT. Stewart, Korea, and G...More
  Cline, Aubrey M — I am engaged to an E-1, Cornell. He's in the 187th Infantry. He is supposed to be deployed an Augu...More
  Cline, Dan
  Cline, Lyle
  Cline, Rick
  Clingan, Beth — married to Matthew J cooper in the army
  Clinton, Jason — Currently in Iraq for OIF III
  Clinton, Johnny
  Cloninger, Jeffery M — Joined the Military in apr 28 of 1999 and served as a uh-60 helicopter repairer - basic at fort jack...More
  Cloninger, Thomas S
  clukey, terry
  Clutter, Jason C
  Coate, Jamie M
  Coates, David A
  Cobb, Michele G
  Cobb, Samuel
  Cobeen, Darrell S
  Coburn, James R — Attempted to join the U.S. MArine corp. Had some issues with the recruiters after enlisting and had ...More
  Cocchiarella, Dave
  Cochran, Gary
  Coderre, Martin — I have a friend who jumped on D-Day
  Coderre, Steven
  Cody, Jim L — After assignment with 101 transfered to Okinawa, Japan. A Co Special Troops Support Group, Machinato...More
  Coe, Steven Wayne — Did basic training at Ft. Benning Ga. - Infantry 11H. First duty station was Ft. Campbell Ky, 101st...More
  Coffey, Jeff
  Coffield, Thomas F — Joined Army October 1965. Basic Training - Fort Benning, GA, AIT - Fort Dix, NJ, Returned to Fort Be...More
  coffin, dave
  Coffman, Jeffery Stephen — CGIS RESERVE Retired - January 1988-March 2010 (Criminal Investigator) USARMY 101st Airborne -...More
  Coffman, Jerry p
  Coffman, Jerry P
  Cogswell, Melvin w — Iwas the first enlisted Commandant at the 8th Inf Div NCO academy in Baumholder Germany.
  Cohen, Philip M
  Cohorst, Michael D — Served with the 101st from Nov 1986 until Jul 1998, mainly 159th Avn, C Co 8-101st, B Co 8-101st. 68...More
  Coker, John F — Joined in 1989. D company 1/327th 101st airborne division, Bastogne bulldogs. 3 years, Operation De...More
  Colasanto, John A.
  Cole, Jody
  Cole, Michelle
  Cole, Rodolfo d
  Cole, Ronald
  Cole, Shannon
  Cole, William T — Inducted Oct 43 assigned to Hq Btry 322nd Arty 83rd Div Camp Breckenridge Ky, France and Germany, di...More
  Cole, William A. — Served in the USMC from 1981-88. Served in the US Army from 1988-94, 1999-2007. Served in the FLAR...More
  Coleman, Charles f
  Coleman, Eddie
  Coleman, Genese T
  Coleman, Kathryn A
  Coleman, Larry W — I was a member of C Co. 58th Inf (LRRP) and B Co. 75th Rangers. This was between 1968 & 1974. The ...More
  Coleman, Wayne A
  Coles, Robert H
  Coletta, Mark P
  Collier, David B
  Collier, Kevin W — Attached to the 2/502 INF BN as a Mechanic. Completed Air Assualt School in Feb94. Attached to the 5...More
  Collier, Richard A
  Collier, Tina M — I have been an Army spouse for 6 months we are headed to Ft Campbell.God Bless all our troops and Go...More
  Collier, Wade C
  Collings, Martin
  Collins, Archie
  Collins, Clint J — I know my dates look a little screwy, that comes from being a drifter;Born: District of Columbia,(Wa...More
  Collins, Clint J — Iwas honored to become a Infantryman in 1984.With Eight years of active duty time I served with seve...More
  Collins, Edward a
  Collins, Edward E
  Collins, Harry E — Enlisted in US Army 1949.. 25th Inf Div (14th Inf Rgt) Korean War 1951/1952 11th Ab...More
  Collins, Jackie S
  Collins, John W — I am currently a full Professor at New Jersey City University, in Jersey City, New Jersey. I retir...More
  Collins, Mark w — army rotc 2nd lt western high school davie fl.00 to 03 raider team captin aug-nov 03 ship to ft.b...More
  Collins, Richard W
  Collins, Rick L.
  Collins, Robert E — B co 1/327th INF....PVT-CPL....M249 Gunner, M203 Grenadier, Rifleman, Team Leader.
  Collins, Ron B — Basic training and Field Wire Commmunications at Ft Polk,La 1965,Ft Benning,jump school,from there 1...More
  collins, wade
  Collomy, Cathy M
  Colman, Steven M
  Colon, Jose — Bacic training- 3rd Plt, Cco. 8th Bn, 2nd Bde. Ft Jackson, SC.
  Colon, Osvaldo — I served with the 82d ABN DIVARTY as a 1SG and OPS SGM, during 1997 to 2003. I later served as Vampi...More
  Colsia, Matt D
  Combs, Ronald S
  Combs, Terry L — HLM 801st Maintance Battillon, Transfered to Germany 11/87/12/90
  Comeaux, Daniel F
  Compton, Roger J
  Compton Sr, Charles Edward — USAF/USAFR 1972-1978 AFSC-43151C at Lackland,Sheppard,Craig AFB. USA/USAR 1979-1986 MOS's 68F20,100A...More
  Conard, William R
  Concepcion, John M
  Conde, Steven
  Cone, Michael A — 3/187 INF, 101st PFDR PLT, HHC Co 11th AVN GP, HHC CO FT, BENNING GA......
  Cone, Michael A — 11B2y Light Weapons Infantryman,11D2y Armor Recon Specialist. 3/187th rakkasans FT campbell Ky....More
  Cone, Richard
  Confer, George
  Conlee, Dave — Army 98G4HLKP Korean from 1973 to 1993. Stationed at Field Station Korea from 75-76, 80-82, Fort Ord...More
  Conlon, Hugh F — NPTT/SPTT Military Advisor BDE/DIV(OIF), OC-T (AC/RC) Sr. MED NCO SME (OIF/OEF), 249th GH (Caretaker...More
  Conn, Michael d — what can you say about the desert, hate it when you're there, miss it when you're gone, i was there ...More
  Conn, Michael D — i was stationed in panama with the 5/87 inf. from 1984 to 1987 at ft. clayton panama, alpha company
  Connell, Joseph R — 15 years old loved the Army since I was 5yrs old got 3 more years till i get out of high school and ...More
  Conner, Bill — SERVED WITH BCO 3/187TH INF 101ST AIRBORNE FROM 1990-1992
  Conners, Jerry L — RANGER Jerry Conners, Captain (Class 502),Master Parachutist (Honor Graduate of 101st ABN Jumpmaster...More
  Connolly, Robert
  Connolly, William
  Connors, James — Currently in 256th Information Operations BN,
  Connors, Scott m
  Connors, Scott m
  Conrad, Allen F
  Conrad, Boyle
  Conrad, James
  Conrad, William a — Joined in sep88, was with 3/159th that changed to 6/101 stay with them for a total of 6yrs as a Avio...More
  Conrique, Marisa
  Constantine, Scott
  Constantine, William L
  Contilli, Michael L — C co 1/327 INFANTRY 2002-2004
  Contreras, Juan — I was part of C. co. 3-187th inf. 1st. Plt. with SSGT Rosenburg and then with SSGT. Mckinley from 1-...More
  Contreras, Luvin — Retired in 1999 worked a couple of civilian jobs then tried JROTC. Taught for seven years now I am a...More
  Conway, Ben
  Conway, Mike — Joined the Army in 1990, served in Desert Storm, Ft. riley Ks. 1/506inf Camp Greaves Korea, 1993-199...More
  Cooey, Aaron L
  Cooey, Aaron l
  Cook, Charles S — I Troop 3/11 Bad Hersfeld from 1977-1979 Scout 11DR8 HHC 11th ACR Fulda 1979-1980 A Troop 2/17 Ft....More
  Cook, Courtney
  Cook, Darren
  Cook, James W — Ordanance Corps- Munitions management/Tank Automotive Maintenace. 1976-1979 Fort Campbell 227th GS C...More
  Cook, Matthew
  Cook, Phillip
  Cook, Samuel J
  Cook, Scott P — 1/30th FA (Augsburg, GE), 1/320th FA (101st ABN DIV.-Desert Storm), 538th Ord. Co. (Korea), HHC/MMC ...More
  Cook, Susan C
  Cook Jr., Raymond E.
  Cooke, Walter S
  Cookson, Daniel D — Born and raised in Northern Maine. Completed 2 years of college majoring in Criminal Justice. Comple...More
  Cooney, Brandy M
  Coonse, jerred
  Cooper, Derrick — active duty oif vet currently recovering from wounds recieved while serving in iraq
  Cooper, E. D. — Marshall Univ. Grad, 1982; married, 2 children. Early commission in 1980, joined C/478 in Ashland, K...More
  Cooper, Earle J
  Cooper, Mark A
  Cooper, Tommy d
  Copeland, Edward E — Tactical COMMO CHIEF, MSG(RET)
  Copeland, Edward E — I am a Army Reserve retiree who graduate from the Army Sergeants Major Academy(Class#31-1991). Also...More
  Copeland, Ethan L
  Copeland, Jewel E — I am retired from the Army and currently working in Civil Service for the US Army. The most of my ...More
  Copeland, Roger
  Copeland, Timothy s
  Copley, Cecil W — U. S. Army RASP, Okinawa, Aug 58-Jan 60 ;US ARMY ELM, SHAPE, PARIS, FRANCE, JAN 61-JAN 64 HQ 2D INF...More
  Coppick, Stephen A
  Coram, David W.
  Corbett, Scott A
  Corbin, Shannon
  Corbit, Ronald
  Corcelle, Yvette A
  Corcelle, Yvette
  Corcelle, Yvette A
  Corcoran, Michael P
  Corcoran, Peter a
  Corcoran, Thomas C
  Corcoran, Thomas
  Cordes, Beth A — AKA Beth Battali, Beth Sawyer Divorced, 2 adult children Still in Contact with many Marines and Sa...More
  Cordova, Francis D
  Corkran, Ronald E — I commanded 1-187 IN in Pakistan/Afghanistan ('01-'02), previously served as S3 and XO of 2-327 IN a...More
  Corleone, Micheal v
  Corley, Arthur P
  Cornelison, John — Arrived Viet Nam April, 1968, assigned to E Company, 701st Maint. Bn., First Infantry Divison. Repa...More
  Cornelius, Mark A — 1-502
  Cornelius, Mark A
  Cornett, Jon R — Served 25 1/2 years, almost all in Infantry assignments at troop level. (light, abn, aaslt) 5.5 yea...More
  Cornett, Paul D
  Cornick, Michael
  Corona, Juan A
  Corp, Earl V
  Corrales, Erick I — JOINED THE MILITARY IN THE YEAR 2000. 16TH DEC 2000 CAME TO 101ST. ASSIGNED TO 3-327 INF. REGT. DEPL...More
  Corrigan, Lee
  Cortez, Joseph A
  Coshatt, Daniel W — My first duty station was at Ft. Eustis. I am now at Ft. Campbell in 101ST Airborne Division (AIR AS...More
  Costanzo Sr, Jay M — Former Member of E Co. 227avn bn. 1st Cavalry Division Helicopter Missle system repair, Ft Hood Tx ...More
  Costigan, Daniel J
  Cote, Albert h
  Cotones, Karen
  Cotsakos, Christos — 1967-1970 Sergeant E-5 MOS: P11B4P Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborn...More
  Cotter, Nancy A
  Cottingham, Aaron C
  Cottrell, Joseph A — My moms boyfriend served with the 101st in the Nam. Lost his right hand got a prostetic one then c...More
  Coulter, Gregory C — B 4/9, C 2/503, A 3/17, HHC 7th ID Was a 90mm gunner, TOW gunner, RTO, Armorer, Rifleman. After le...More
  Courtney, Adam r — I am a Steel Worker 3rd class (E-4) in the U.S. Navy and currently i am on my second deployment head...More
  Courtney, Robert M — I entered the Army on 9/15/83. did basic/AIT at Ft. Benning ,GA with C Co. 2nd ITB.Graduated on Dec....More
  Courtney, Robert M — Basic infantry training,Ft. Benning,GA,OSUT.C92 ITB.B Co. 1/501 Inf. 12/83-6/84,B 2/502 Inf,6/84-7/8...More
  Courville, Paul J — It all started at Fort Jackson SC in 1977 and i retired in 2001 from Ft. Campbell KY
  Cousins, Mathew S — ETS'd from Active Duty in 1998 (3/187 "Rakkasans"). Currently in an Armored Cav unit in Bristol, TN...More
  Cousins, Matt — I started my military career in 1987 with A 1/115 IN, Maryland Army National Guard. Served with 3/1...More
  Couture, Jason D
  Couture, Larry — Eagle Dustoff
  Covarrubias, Erasmo E — I served with the Co. B 2Bn (Airborne/Airmobile) 8th Cavalry in Vietnam from Nov. 1965 to Nov. 1966....More
  Coventry, Antony mr
  Cowan, Cameron B
  Cowan, Robert E
  Coward, Anne M — I served with 101st Airborne Division (as personnel clerk)
  Cowden, Michael K
  Cowles, Douglas — Phan Thiet May 1969 to September 1969
  Cowman, Steve
  Cox, Aheen Z — Never was in the military. Just looking for a person I lost contact with in 2002
  Cox, Branch S — Hello All, You all where Great to bad the experiment didn't work (COHORTS). I look forward to heari...More
  Cox, Dale E
  Cox, David W — csm retired inf
  Cox, Jody J — MOS 67N(Huey), Assigned to Aco 4/227 Avn Regt FT Hood TX 1993-95, then assigned to F troop 1-7 Cav 1...More
  Cox, Kerry G
  Cox, Larry — I was stationed at Bien Hoa with 101st Airborne SF
  Cox, Larry — Served with 101st Airborne Security Force and Military Police stationed at Bien Hoa, Vietnam Oct 68 ...More
  Cox, Riley S — F Co. 58th Inf. (Long Range Patrol) 101st. Abn. Div. 1968 L Co. 75th (Rangers) 101st. Abn. Div. ...More
  Cox, Shawn P — Was with the 109th Trans. Co. from 1986 to 1990. After that, I was with D Co. 426th S & T Battalion ...More
  Cox, Stephan A
  Cox-Koolovitz, Kristy A — Basic Training May 2000 at Ft. Leonardwood; AIT July 2000 at Ft. Rucker; I worked in Flight Operat...More
  Crabbe, Tahnee L
  Crable, David — 3/502nd Bravo co. 12 December 1985., Never forgotten.....
  Craddock, Brandon A — I joined the army in January, 1998. I attended basic training at 1-50th INF 1st unit was Aco. 1-32I...More
  Crafton, Steven S — I was in A co 1st BN 9th INF REGT (Manchu) from 1991-1994, went to Hawaii were I was in A co 1st BN...More
  Craig, Charles D — I am an Army JROTC cadet. My current rank is Cadet Major and I am the S-3 of the battalion. I am fro...More
  Crampton, Walter w — From Aug. 1970-July 1971 was with a mash unit in the 173rd Airborne, stationed in the central highla...More
  Cramsie, Daphinie A — I'm 14 yrs old, I'm planing to go to a military school. I'm going to be signed up wiht Civil Air Pat...More
  Crane, Jonathon C — Three years assigned to HHC 1/14 in Hawaii in 81mm Mortar platoon, and a year at HHC 2/502 in Ft. Ca...More
  Cravy, Brett e
  Crawford, Calvin C — World War II, 502nd Parachute Infantry, Headquarters Company 101st Airborne, ,Battle of the Bulge
  Crawford, Clarence Chris
  Crawford, Dennis L
  Crawford, Harry — Retired after 30 years on railroad. Former Army SFC in 101st Abn, 1st Inf. Div, and 85th Div. Vietna...More
  Crawford, William S
  Crawford, William — C Company, 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment....Since retiring from the Army in 1988, I have li...More
  Cresswell, Joanna M — Son is a medic
  Crimm, Steve — B Co 158 Avn. Bn, 101st Abn. Div. (Camp Evans) 2nd Bde, HHC, 101st Abn. Div. (Phu Bai) 421 Med...More
  Crimmons, Aleshia
  Cristofaro, Joseph — Kaiserslautern, Germany
  Crittenden, Mark
  Crockett, William E
  Crockett Jr., John F — crew chief of uh-1h helecopter in Vietnam from 1968 to 1971 while there our unit C co 101st was atta...More
  Croka, William C
  Cronk, Carl A
  Crooms, Michael A
  Crooms, Michael a
  Crottie, Pay M
  Crotto, Marvin g
  Crotty, Howard
  Crotty, Howard R — Short & sweet. Retired from Army in 1978, moved to Ft Worth,Tx. Worked a few short jobs trying to ...More
  Crow, David A — Formerly of A Co. 3 STB Sappers as the NBC NCO, before that RECCE PLT HHC 3 STB, B CO. MI 3 STB ...More
  Crow, Erin
  Crow, Robert
  Crowe, Richard E. — Attended Rancho Cordova H.S. 1963 to 1966, graduated from Glendora H.S. 1967 - attended Citrus Colle...More
  Croxen, Bryan Patrick — Hello. I was born on Oct. 2, 1979 at St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights, IL. Lived in Illinois ...More
  crozier, tom
  Cruickshanks, Frank W — SSG E-6 INF 1966 TO 1969 supply to 1982 B CO 2 bn 31 INF KOREA 7 INF DIV 340 supply company OKINA...More
  Cruz, Estevan A — well im a 20 year old male American that hopes to join the U.S. Military. I want to follow in my fat...More
  Cruz, Jose G
  Cruz-Diaz, Jaime E — Medic assigned to Co. D 2/502nd Inf 1st Bde in Viet Nam from 1968 - 1969. Assigned to 43td Mash K...More
  Cubie, Walter
  Cude, Jay
  Cuellar, Juan F
  Culbertson, Nate L — Arrived 24 September 2009 Deployed with 1st BCT. Honorably discharged 22 December 2011
  Cullison, Thad J
  Cullop, Brian — LTC Driver, Movement control downtown Weisbaden
  Culpepper, Ronald w
  Culpepper, Sharika
  Culver, Brett — Was in A Btry
  Culver, Robert
  Culver, Robert
  Cummings, Chris — Pvt-Pfc in HHC 1/325, Batallion Mortars, 1986-1988. We were "That Damn Mortar Platoon". I got levi...More
  Cummings, Marvin W. — I joined the Army 1971 retired in 1991. After the military I went back to college and recieved my B....More
  Cummings, Ronald C
  Cunard, Diane m
  Cunningham, Arthur — 11c Death from above
  Cunningham, Barry T
  Cunningham, Corey — I was a 63T10 for the HHT motorpool under MSG Moreno. Worked along with Sgt. West, Spc. Thiele, Spc...More
  Cunningham, Janet — 67U
  Cunningham, Kevin J — As a new 2Lt, I joined the Bn in June '73 as a replacement for Cpt Fortier, as Bn Commo Officer. A c...More
  Cunningham, Philip W — 128th Avn Co at Camp Page, Chun Chon Korea that became C Co, 1/501st Avn; D Co , 4th Med Bn, 101st A...More
  Cunningham, Ray W
  Cunningham Ii, Paul E. — I'm West Point class of '94. I served in 2/327th Infantry, 101st Airborne Div (AA) as a rifle PL an...More
  Cunningham-Eshom, Jamie — I was married to Paul Eshom in 2004 and have 2 wonderfully crazy kids named Aiden and Leia. I spent...More
  Cupp, Joseph w
  Curley, Jack
  Currie, Michael J — I am currently AGR with the Joint Forces Headquarters Logistics directorate for the Massachusetts Na...More
  Currier, Lewis W. — Placed on PDRL 23Sep83 Nam(ICorps), Germany Mid East Medic A 1/11Inf 1st Bde 5th Inf 70-71 Medic ...More
  Currin, Aaron D
  Curry, Nicholas
  Curtin, John J
  Curtis, Charles C. — Served with US Army 173rd in Viet Nam 65-66 C company 1/503rd Infantry 173rd Airborne Bde.(Sep) Re...More
  Curtis, Christopher K
  Curtis, Leo D
  Curtis, Marlon — That's on a need to know basis.
  Curtis, Mike
  Curtis, Mike — Chaplain
  Curtis, Wyatt — Reporting Manager, Ameriquest Mortgage Company
  Cushman, Phillip W — 25th Infantry Division Psychiatrist, August 1970 to November 1970; Third Field Hospital Psychiatrist...More
  Cushman Mcguire, Jessica
  Cuthbertson, James V — My first assignment was 101st Abn Tng at Ft Jackson SC 1954 My retirement was from 101st Air Assaul...More
  CVgggh, Dscvg p — Drafted int oservice March 10th 1971 at Fort Dix NJ. Assigned TDY to 101st July 1971 While at fort J...More
  Cymerman, Martin D
  Cyr, Daniel r
  Cyrus, Matthew S

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