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  S, Ben J — 79R Army Recruiter NCO assigned to Special Operations Recruiting. Served as a Brigade Master Trai...More
  S, Bo
  S, Gary — C/2/504
  S, M J
  S, Matt j
  S, S C
  S, Steve
  S, Tiffany
  S., Alex
  S., Dave
  S., Josh — Helping the masses learn to use the computer/internet.
  Sablan, George
  Sabol, Rhonda
  Sacchetti, Joe — After graduating from LaSalle U ROTC in 1985, I served in the 416th CA Bn (Res) until 1989. I spent ...More
  Sacchetti, Joseph p
  Sadler, Charles & Crystal — My son, Kyle W. Sadler is part of your division, departing in July 2006 for Iraq. May God be with h...More
  Sadler, Gordon B
  Sadler, Gordon B
  Sadler, James — U.S.Army 1985 - 2005 82 ABN Div, Old Guard (3rd U.S. Inf Regt), 2 ID, 101 ABN (Air Assault), TRADOC...More
  Sadler , Sadler W. — AIRBORNE INFANTRY 11B 4-325 3-325 A.B.C.T. 1985-1988 82 ABN DIV 2-325 1988-1992 THE OLD GUARD 1...More
  Sadouski, Alexandr
  Saferite, Jessica
  Saffioti, Gaetano
  Safrit, Shane S
  Sage, Michael
  Sager, Jeff
  Sager, Ryan
  Sagoes, Robert N — This was my first and only tour of duty with the ABCT. I was in the Equipment section, and drove one...More
  Sakala, Paul A. — 101st Abn, 2/187 - 1st Cav Honor Guard - 9th Inf Div - 82d Abn Div, 2/508 - 3 Army Tng Ctrs. 1SG of ...More
  Salaiz, Melvin — Lifetime member of both 160th SOAR (ABN) and 82nd Airborne Division. I participated in Operation Got...More
  Salamone, Mystique Gb
  Salas, Jim — My career is law enforcement (cop) and am soon to retire. I miss my old friends at Bragg and would l...More
  Salas, Richard — NA
  Salazar, Armando
  Salazar, Hubert R
  Salazar, Michael B
  SALAZAR, PAUL A — Currently working as a job developer in Orange County Serving the returning Veteran Population in Tr...More
  Saldana, Matthew L — Stinger Tough ADA leads the way
  SALDE, RICHARD — 82nd company A 1st ballalion 325th infrantry VIETNAM 1968 TO 1969 WITH THE 23RD AMERICAL INFRANTRY ...More
  Saldivar, Jose S
  Sale, Salei F. — If you'll need help I am here for everyone. I will protect my people...................
  Salesberry, Wesley p
  Salinas, Jose F — HHC AVN BDE, 92A Motorpool
  salinas, jose roberto
  Salinski, Gary — C&E NCOIC
  Salisbury, Don
  Salmon, Hector J
  Salmon, Hector J — Born in Rio Grande City, Texas in 1939. Joined the Army Reserve in 1956, went RA in 1958. Retired in...More
  Salmon, John William — Served in the Army from 1987 to 1994 at Ft. Hood, 3rd Armored Division in Germany, Gulf War, 3 years...More
  Salmons II, Noel Edmonds — Cohort 1 Wpn Squad 2nd Plt C Co. 2/325 Abn. Sgt/E-5.
  Salnave, Stephane
  Salter, Clifton a
  Salter, Michael T — A retired Army veteran with vast experience as a successful recruiter, instructor, training develope...More
  Saltos, Julio W — 82nd Airborne HHC 1st Brigade E-4 1976-1979
  Salyer, Dave — 1972-1974: B-Troop;11D4P mos;ETS 1 Nov 1974 Oct 1972: recondo school grad Oct 1973: Yom Kippur War...More
  Salyers, Mark a — Aco 1/38 was my first unit still remember running the horn went to fort bragg next Aco 1/505 an Aco ...More
  Salyers, Steven — C Co 52nd ENG BN 50th Ord Co 4th Inf Div HHC 2X (ADE), HHC 2nd ENG BN HHC 307th EN BN (CBT)(ABN) ...More
  Salzer, Bart — Hello I was with C CO. 1/508 PIR Panama 89-91 just wondering how everybodys doing. I'm retired and l...More
  Salzman, Kevin T
  Salzmann, Don
  Samarin, Donna
  Sammartino, Tim A — spent 2 years in 2/6 infantry erlangen germany. 1 year at bragg and 1 year at campbell
  Sammons, Rick
  Sample, Paul J — US Army 11/80-11/84, 11B... B/6/1 (Inf OSUT)... 42nd Company (BAC)... B/1/508th Abn Inf, 82nd Abn D...More
  Sampson, Dennis
  sampson, lester l
  Sanandreas, Disco
  Sanches, Robert C
  Sanchez, Cristopher m
  Sanchez, Gabriel G — Served in the 5/87th in Panama from 1989 to 1991. Sent to the 82nd Airborne Division, where I served...More
  Sanchez, Jose M — Currently Serving
  Sanchez, Juan Felipe — Born and raised in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Immigrated to the U.S. in 1965, joined the U.S. Army in 196...More
  Sanchez, Larry
  Sanchez, Lawrence W
  Sanchez, Rachel
  Sanchez, Ruben Y
  Sanchez, William
  Sand, John
  Sandberg, Karmen
  Sanders, Alex R
  Sanders, Brian
  Sanders, Chris — 14J with 3/4 ADA
  Sanders, Donnie
  Sanders, Geroge
  Sanders, Jerry W — SERVED IN 1/17 AIR CAV FROM 1971 UNTIL 1976 -1978 118TH AVIATION BN HAWAII 1976-1979 1/17 AIR CAV 19...More
  Sanders, William — Went to ROTC at Syracuse University. Graduated as a 2LT. Started in the 82nd Airborne Division, 1-32...More
  Sanders jr., Clarence B — Commissioned 2LT Regular Army from Texas A&M May 1959. Joined B Battery 319th ABN FA, 82d ABN DIV M...More
  Sandgren, Renee J
  sandomierski, tony
  Sandoval, Marysol
  Sandre, Vincent
  Sanford, Joshua
  Sankey, Charles D
  Sano, William C. — Retired from San Antonio Fire Dept. after 32 years. Currently employed in non-uniform position in f...More
  Sansei, Scott
  Santabalbina, Capt. Enrique J — Airborne and Special forces member
  Santamaria, Manuel
  Santiago, Jose A
  Santiago, Juan M. — Regular Guy.
  Santiago, Laureano
  Santiago, Miguel
  SANTIAGO, MIGUEL A — Joined the US Army in January 1978 Assigned to Gunsburg, Germany 1982 -1985 assigned to 1/325 AIR ...More
  Santillanez, Mark A — HLM 782nd Mt. Bn. / 183 Ord. Det. Worked as a technican in the Shillelagh missile shop, and provide...More
  Santos, Carlos l
  Santos, Fred
  Santos, Javier M — Assigned to the NCRIOC currently working at Fort Gordon, GA
  Sapanara, Matthew R — SSG Sapanara, stationed Ft. Bragg NC, Bco 2/504 INF, Scofield Barracks HI, Cco1/5 INF and Bco 2/299 ...More
  Saperston, Mark J
  Sapp, Heather S
  Sapp, Johnny G — 618th EN CO (The Nasty), 307th EN BN
  Sarate, Sheryl
  Sargent, Tyler Scott
  Sartin, Kermit D
  Sarver, Mark
  sasser, barry
  Sather, Norman — 4-9 IN SBCT "MANCHU"
  Sather, Norman D
  Satterfield, Bj
  SAUCIER, GREG s — * I am on a mission to organize former and current members of the military who were POISONED by the ...More
  Saucier, Paul
  Saucier, Stephen
  Saunders, Clarence V — I'm six (6) feet, two (2) inches tall, weight 220 Lbs. Wear eye glasses, slightly losing hair in th...More
  Saunders, D
  Saunders, James R — Retired Military Officer SOCOM
  Saunders, James R — MiTT 912 Tarmiyah & Adamiyah, Sr Bn Advisor 2006
  Saunders, Mike
  Saunders, Ronald K. — In Service From Sept 1958 Thru Sept 1961. Was in Recon platoon of Headquarters Company of the 187 t...More
  Savage, Jay R
  Savage, John — Was in 82nd Airborne Division
  Savage, Rick — Served 3 years (1983-1986) with A Company, 2nd 505th Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division: would love to...More
  Savage Jr., John
  Saville, David B
  Saville, David — Born in Orange, CA.. Join the US Army in 1973 82nd MI Co Ft Bragg, NC 1995 Join the US Navy Reserve...More
  savoian, jerry
  Sawhill, Jeffrey J
  Sawicki, David j — 3/73 Armor 88-91. HHC Trans/HHC Tanks/DCO Gunner Aug 1990-Sep 91.
  Sawyers, Patrick D — In 1-82 from 96 to 00, In a lame ass support unit that I won't mention from 00-02, Got out, Got a...More
  Sayre, Brad
  Sayre, Brad
  Sazykin, Aleksandr
  Scales, Kenneth — 117th Avn Co Co B, 82D Avn Bn, HHB 82n Div Arty
  Scalf, Tyrus
  Scaliatine, Michael A — Now retired. The Army was a wonderful experience.
  Scanlon, Roxanne L
  Scardaccione, Vincenzo
  Scarpelli, Nicholas J — Nick J. (Scratch)Scarpelli Served Ft.Bragg (79-82) Parachute Rigger and assorted duties. Contact at...More
  Schaefer, Richard A — Associate Degree from IVYTECH 1975 Retired from the US Postal Service, 2009
  Schaertl, Marc J
  Schaffer, Lindsey
  Schaffer, Roger — 02/1980 - 1984: 82 Finance Company 82 Abn Div F...More
  schalk, micheal PAUL
  Schall, Jonathan R
  Schaller, Sidney W
  Scharron, Francisco M
  Schaubschlager, Robert C
  Schauer, Richard — bay of pigs,fort bragg,texas
  Schedin, Per A
  Scheirer, Richard S
  Schell, Timothy
  Scheunemann.Garcia.Gustafson, Janett L — 1979-1985 F Company 82d Aviation UH-1H Mechanic 1985-1988 Blackhat Ft Benning Ga. 1988-1989 Kore...More
  Schiavone, Daniel
  Schimming, Bryan
  Schimpf, David J
  Schimpff, Benson Eugene — Served on Firebase All American
  Schlicht, Robert F — Army brat; son of 1SG E. W. Schlicht, Ret. Graduated 95 USMA. Airborne School AUG 95 ;FAOBC JAN 96. ...More
  Schlitz, William
  Schlossman, David P — I am currently suffering from "mysteriuos" health problems and PTSD. I was in the Persian Gulf War ...More
  Schlubach, Robert — 7 years active duty army. Spent 3 1/2 years with B Btry 3/4 ADAR 82nd Airborne Div . Reclass...More
  Schmerler, David J
  Schmid, Gary — Joined the Army in March of 1983 Basic Training at Fort Dix, NJ Attended Jump School in Aug 1983 ...More
  Schmidt, Daniel D — combat eng 82nd
  Schmidt, Jim e — ABN 11H, 11B, 95B40. USAEUR / USAFE GLO 1980 1983 FOL III NORTHAG
  Schmidt, Richard W — Got to A Company and it was still 1/508th - but after going regimental as 3/505 with Latham as our C...More
  Schmidt, Will H
  Schmitz, John
  Schmotzer, John s
  Schnaebele, Edward S
  Schneider, Joey W
  Schneider, Mike
  Schneider, Paul J
  Scholl, Benjamin L.
  Scholle, James T — 1/325 C Company 3rd Platoon, served mostly stateside; Trained w/Honduran Army in '89; Surprisingly, ...More
  Schoof, Donald — Was in C Btry 1/319th FA from 72' to 78' Just looking around to see who's out there from my era. Nam...More
  Schoolfield, Guy
  Schoonover, Rex V
  Schork, Ray — I served with C Company 2/505 PIR from 1982 to 1986. From 1985-1986 I also served as a Recondo Inst...More
  Schramm, Richard A — retired from 1st 325 Inf , 1982 !sg of A Company. Borne Bronx NY< now live in Charleston SC , work f...More
  Schrandt, Scott
  Schreiber, Ronald C — 2/505 PIR Infantry. Part Of Operation Restore Democracy in 1994. Also Operation Restore Hope in 1994...More
  Schreiner, Joe — served in the 782nd Maint. Bn. during desert storm
  Schreiner, Louis G — Retired NYC Police Department officer. Married 38 years three children three grandchildren. Served ...More
  Schriefer, Joseph K — B Co. 2/8th 1st Cav 65-66; USNS Geiger; B Co. 2/501 101 ABN 66-67; HHC 2/508 82 ABN 67-68. Private I...More
  schriefer, malte
  Schrier, Mary
  Schrock, Craig W
  Schroeder, Mark A
  Schrum, Frank J — Duquesne University, Webster College, College of Lake County, former County Sheriff, certified Secur...More
  Schuchardt, Laura
  Schuler, David
  Schuler, Kenneth b — s2-clerk 2nd batt 325
  Schultz, Marty
  Schultz, Ty
  Schulz, Axel D
  Schulz, Richard — Light Armour division, Ft. Bragg, Motor pool sergeant
  Schumacher, Michael W — Forward Observer 82nd Airborne Division
  Schuseff, Robert
  Schusteff, Robert
  Schuster, Justin W. — 6ft6inches tall, 230 lbs. last duty station 82nd Airborne Division.
  Schwab, Timothy e
  Schwandt, Leslie A — The first year In Vietnam I got sparyed with Agent orange now I can be one of the walking de...More
  Schwartz, Gilles S — I believe in the freedom for ALL AMERICANS it is the reason I joined the Military in the first place...More
  Schwartz, Merrill
  Schwartz, Myke — Basic.Ft. Jackson SC-AIT-Ft Sam Houston-Jump School-Ft Benning-Ft Bragg 307th Med BN."ALPHA ANIMALS"...More
  Schwartz, Stephen
  Schwartz, William
  Schyberg, David erik — I was with 3/325 c.s.c Recon PLT. from ,79 to ,82 and loved my time there. man there was some crazy...More
  Scialo, Rudolph J — A TROOP 1/ 17 CAV Command of Ltc. LUTZ / Capt. Wild Bill NASH Gassed the 307th engineers. Ca...More
  Sciotti, Amy
  Scofield, John
  Scott, Bud
  Scott, Christopher — I was stationed in Bragg from 96-99 with both B Co. 3/505th PIR and HHC Co. 3/505th PIR.
  scott, christopher
  Scott, Clayton H
  Scott, Clifford Sc
  Scott, Deral
  Scott, Donald M — I was assigned to 618th eng Co, 307th eng Bn 1972 to 1975.
  Scott, Jarrod A
  Scott, Jarrod A
  scott, lewis
  Scott, Linda
  Scott, Michael T — Leave-ETS Ft. Ord, CA 12/78-2/79 Inact.Res 2/79-11/80 San Diego CA Public Safety Training 1979 Assoc...More
  Scott, Peggy J
  Scott, Rachael
  Scott, Rachael
  Scott, Tom
  Scott Jr, Wilburt B — I retired from the United States Army after 23 years of great service. I am presently working with a...More
  Scratch, Harold
  Scriber, Dale G
  Scribner, Jason C
  Scroggins, Bryan C — Served in OIF, Enduring Freedom under the 82nd Airborne Division. Paved the way from LSA Anaconda to...More
  Scruggs, Eddie
  Scully, Timothy A — 1-325 AIR (1975-1976) 1-17 Cav (1976-1977) 1-508 PIR (1982) 3 Bde/82 Abn (1982-1983) 1-505 PIR (...More
  Scurlock, Samuel D
  Seaholm, Steven N — Did eight years in the USAR and Mn National Guard after leaving Bragg. Went back to my old MOS, 95B...More
  Seal, Gregory S. — cohort from 1985 till 1988 with 3/325 abn to include battalion rotation to Italy. 1988 till 1990 at...More
  Seal, Terrance C — I served in Bravo Company as the Third Platoon Leader from Dec 85 to Dec 86. Then I spent the next ...More
  Seale, Bobby w — I was with the C co,2-504th from Feb to Dec 1969
  Sealy, Gordon M
  Seaman, John
  Seamans, Kyle R
  Searles, Joe S.
  Sears, Abram Dann R — Sp4-E4 Dann Sears 1962-63 Co D, 1st Battle Group, 325th Inf. Weapons Plt. Armorer, Company Armor...More
  Sears, Dann
  Sears, Tim — An?experienced?IT?Support?professional?&?US?Army?Sergeant?Squad?Leader?with?strong?verbal,?listening...More
  Sease, Jennifer
  Seaton, Joseph Calvin — I was married for 52 years when my wife passed in 2000. I have one son who is 60 and one granddaugh...More
  Secula, Christopher M
  Sedach , Joe F
  Sedeno, Sara
  Sedillo, Arnold
  Seeley, David P
  Segrue, Michael — When I was with C Co., I worked in HQ section as: supply, armorer, and company driver...I spent a lo...More
  Seibel, Kevin — Bco 3/505PIR
  Seibert, Frank
  Seibert, Tom
  Seid, Guy A.
  Sekscinski, Victor s
  Self, John T — Platoon leader in 1/504.
  Self, Johnny l
  seling, george — 2nd battle group 504th infantry
  Sell, Paul D — Assigned to 3/505 during OEF (Afghanistan)
  Sell, Raleigh W — Military Background 1990-1993 3rd US INF (TOG) Sentinel at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 1993-1995 B...More
  Sellers, Alfred L — First time Korea, Clerk, SACCT #4, Hialeah Compound, Pusan Korea, 1979-1980 - The entire compound wa...More
  Seman, John A — I am back in and I love it.
  Semelbauer, Bryan A — I am private Bryan Andrew Semelbauer and I have 82nd Airborne in my contract. My hobbies include bei...More
  Senecal, Mary
  Senkbile, Richard L.
  Sepeda, David R — Served with Charlie Company, 1st Platoon and HQ Platoon. In the three years I was there I went from...More
  Serback, Romeo — Currently married since 2000 and have 3 beautiful young boys.
  Sergeev, Stanislav s
  sergeev, stanislav s — i served poudly with the 319th AFAR for 3 years, we deployed to IRAQ in 03-04. currently living in C...More
  Serj, Baramba A
  Serranoreyes, Jose L — Born and raised in Puerto Rico. Joined the Army and retired from the Army. Working as a BFV NET Inst...More
  Serrato, Joel d — A troop 1-17th cav 82nd airborne
  Servetti, Cliff p
  servetti, cliff
  Sessoms Jr., Lonnie
  Sesto, Joseph
  Setkoski Ii, Ronald J.
  Setkoski Ii, Ron — Airborne Scout Observer in Recon Plt, 1/325 AIR, 82d Abn. Div. 86-88. Rob's Rebels Recon: Longest Ha...More
  Setzer, Christopher
  Seveliova, Inesa
  Sevene, Jason A — Got off active duty in 99,did the guard thing,went to school and became a freight train conductor. I...More
  Severance, Jeff — I joined the military in Jul of '86. I went to Ft. Jackson for Bootcamp, Ft. Gordon for AIT, Ft. Be...More
  Severino, Charles — Retired Battalion Fire Chief. Served 35 years in the fire service. Currently Vice President of the...More
  Severson, Brett w
  Sewash, Miles M — Graduated basic airborne school 21 Jul 1977. First unit assignment C Troop 1/17 Cav (Air Cav) 82nd A...More
  Sewell, B G — US Army 11/51 - 11/53----Basic - Schofield Barracks, Honolulu, HI 12/51-05/52 Jump School - Ft Benn...More
  Sexton, Richard
  Sexton , Darrell
  seybold, scott
  Seymour, Gary
  Shade, Johnathan
  Shafer, Julie A
  Shaffer, David
  Shaffer, John
  Shagivaleev, Vitaly
  Shakir, Yahya ZI
  Shale, Jon S
  shanahan, ronald
  Shankle, Steven L
  Shanks, Stephen R — 13B1O with B 2/10th FA at Ft. Benning, GA; 13B1O with SVC 3/37th FA at Herzo Base, FRG; 13B1O with A...More
  Shanks, Stephen R.
  Shanley, Dion
  shannon, mike
  Shaputis, Roger
  Sharif, Nor Sharizal
  Sharkey, Kevin G
  Sharon, Simonton
  Sharp, David D — I am currently a Disabled Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom.
  Sharp, Patrick
  Shasserre, Donna
  Shaull, Abbott L
  Shaver, Tim
  Shaw, Curtis w — did it All the Way
  Shaw, Dawn E
  Shaw, Derek JOSEPH — I was proud to have served my country but I made mistakes and couldn't handle my personal affairs. I...More
  Shaw, Harry
  Shaw, Myles j
  Shaw, Oliver C — Retired from US Foreign Service 30NOV91 after 29 years all served overseas. Married in Rangoon, Bur...More
  Shaw, Terence W — I worked in the motorpool. I served in souel Korea in 84-85. I served in the 82nd airborne 85-86....More
  Shaw Jr. D.C., Thomas G — B- BTRY. 1/319 - BTRY B-321 BACK TO B-1/319 82ND. 63-66. SP/5 FIRE DIRECTION. DOMINICAN VET. 1965...More
  Shawn , Gregory L — Born - OK; Raised -TX, Drafted Military - Retired as Major 20 yr, BS from Cameron University, worked...More
  Shawver, Robert
  Shea, Timothy
  Shearer, Don C
  Sheckels, James A — US Army 1976-1996, Retired First Sergeant, last unit -Western Air Defense Sector of NORAD, McChord A...More
  Sheckels, James A — Army, 1976 - 1996 First Sergeant (Retired) 82d Airborne Division, 7th Special Forces Group, Army 1s...More
  Shedd, Jyrell
  Sheerin, Kevin — I was in A(co) from 77 to 83.Became Motor 79.JumpMaster School in 5-80.Jungle School in Panna...More
  Sheffield, James R — In the 82nd Airborne Division Artillery from 1953 - December 1955, MOS 71193. Was in A Battery, 456...More
  Sheffield, John — Co B, 2d Bn (Airborne) 504th Infantry 82nd Airborne Division(74-78), Military Police (78-84) 61...More
  Sheffield, Joshua G
  Shelander, John w — Work at EI Dupont 27 years also District 8 Commander veterans of Foreign war belong to Post 670 Faye...More
  Shelburne, James
  Shelby, Mark j — I have 8 years active duty.I was stationed with Dco 4th 15th inf from 89 to 90, in panama with C co ...More
  Shelby, Mark
  Shelby, Mark j — I was in the 4th of the 15th as a private from 1989 to 1990. I was pcs'd to panama and stayed for 3...More
  Shelhart, Andrea L — BSB for 1-505PIR
  Shellenberger, Michael E — 2/319 AFAR 2/508 PIR
  Shelley, Rick
  Shelton, Kenny — 2001-2002 D BTRY, 5-5ADA, 2nd Infantry Divison; 2002-2004 B BTRY, 3-4ADAR, 82nd Airborne Division; 1...More
  Shelton, Ricky J — Served with Bravo Co. 3/505 PIR from 1987 to 1991. Served with 1st plt. in Persian Gulf.
  Shelton, Ronald L — RETIRED TRUCK DRIVER"
  Shepherd, Chuck
  Shepherd, Cody — I was born in ogden Utah. Currently living In Syracuse Utah . i am 17 years old. i would like to joi...More
  Shepherd, David S
  Shepherd, David — Spent 3 years at Bragg. 1/320 (ABN) FA HDQTS in ammo platoon. Great times with great people. Now ...More
  Shepherd, Mark C — Designation: 11H2P Unit: D. Co. 1/325th A.I.R.
  Sheppard, Edward
  sheppard, william
  Sherbinski, Matthew S
  Sheridan, Guy
  Sheridan, Michelle — ~* My child, you glow in uniform In pride I live, my heart so warm I have such precious thoughts cas...More
  Sherman, Michael J — 3rd/325th ABCT: Jungle expert-Fort Sherman Panama, Spanish Parachute Badge, City Combat Training-Ber...More
  Sherman, Steven d
  Sherrill, Calvin D
  Sherrill, Ralph T
  Sherwood, Jeffrey B — Served in US Army 1983-1992 Served entire career at Fort Bragg, with the exception of deployments. P...More
  Sherwood, Jeffrey B — First Airborne assignment 4.2 mortar Plt CSC 1/325 AIR 1983.transfered to CSC 2/325 AIR "Four Deuc...More
  Sherwood, Traycie L — I am female civilian with ties to the military, both past and present. Like all other patriotic Ame...More
  Sheurov, Mike
  Shevtsova, Irina
  Shey, Donna
  Shields, Daniel B — Served with HHC 1/503rd IN Camp Casey Korea (93-94); HHC 2/325 AIR Ft Bragg NC (94-97); HHC 3/4 ADAR...More
  Shier, Lenny L. — Active duty from 1974-1980 w/82nd Abn Div. Law Enforcement from 1980-1987. Reentered the military; W...More
  Shier, Lenny L. — Grew up in Puerto Rico from the age of 8 months. Left at 18 and entered the Military in 1974. ETS ...More
  Shifflette, Jim — Entered the Army in 1956 and went to Germany to the 11th ABN Div in Augsburg. Stayed in for 27 years...More
  Shinwari, Humayun K
  Shipley, Joe D
  Shipley, Joe D — 63B10PH8
  Shipman, Kenith — Served at Ft Bragg for over 16 years. 8 Years in the 307th Engr Bn. Served in Operation Desert Shi...More
  Shipton, Bill
  Shirey, Kevin L
  Shirley, David L. — Served Feb. 1989 to Oct. 1992 Charlie Co./307th Engr. Bn. 82nd Airborne Division
  Shirley, Randy V — Native American (Tlingit/Navajo) born and raised in San Francisco, CA. AIRBORNE! Served with the C C...More
  Shively, Daniel J II — Born in Lima Ohio Moved to Lander,Wyoming 1973 Graduated 1984 Joined US Army 1984 ETSed 1988 mo...More
  Shmoe, Joe S
  Shockley, Eric P — Parachute Rigger (Personnel Pack Platoon) in E Co., 782d MSB
  Shoemaker, Jeffrey M
  Shoemaker, John E — Berlin Occupation, Artillery OCS, Airborne School, Dominican Republic Crisis, Special Forces Extens...More
  Shoemaker, Norman
  Shook, Tommy J
  Shoopman, Ty — Joined the Army in 2004, as an airborne infantryman in the 82nd. Did Green to Gold, in order to comm...More
  Shoots, Steven K — Airborne, Infantry, Mortars. 2-187th(Panama 84-86), 5-502(Berlin 88-91). 82nd(2/325 86-88), 1st In...More
  Short, Christophe
  Shorter, Ronald A
  Shoup, Stefan
  Showers, Victor R — Began in the infantry - 1978 - 1981 then changed to field medic 1981 - 1987 when I was medically dis...More
  Shows Jr, Ivan h
  Shreffler, Andrew L. — US Army
  Shreve, Joe
  Shriek, Doug
  Shriner, Anthony
  Shrum, Charles T
  Shubat, Kenneth R — 82nd Airborne Division
  Shue, Rhonda
  Shuler, Tim W
  Shumaker, William
  Shutt, Robert
  Shvets, Sergey
  Sicard, Michael F — Entered Army in 1974-1977. Left to go to college and went back into the Army in 1980 and retired in ...More
  Sichev, Kirill
  Sickler, Lee A
  Siddiqui, Khayyam Z
  Siddiqui, Muhammad A
  Sides, John L
  Sidley, Maxwell — 82C
  Siegel, Scott
  Sifford, Eric E
  Sifuentes, Victor
  Sigler, Pete M. — Joined the service in 1972,Ft. Jackson SC, AIT-Ft Polk Lo.Airborne school-Ft Benning Ga.PDS-Ft Bragg...More
  Signa, Daniel — 1st Battalion ABN , 319th Field Artillery, 82nd Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, NC, Daniel Thomas Sign...More
  Signorella, Louis W
  Silber, Justin Ray
  Silook, Curtis R
  Silook, Curtis R — 92G1P
  Silva, Jason
  Silva, Mitch — Aco 2/505 82nd
  Silva, Orlando — HHC 27th 89-96, Ahus Tara 90, D-Storm/Shield attached to A/27th, and Uphold Democracy. 96-97 302d FS...More
  Silva, Sheila g — married to michael who served in the 82nd
  Silvano, Richard T
  Silves, Lamont L
  Silvestri, Richard K — Finance Support Unit
  Silvia, Nikki R — My boyfriend is in the army stationed at ft.bragg. he is airborne. but he is now in afgan/.i'm just ...More
  Silvis, Charles
  Simmons, Alberta J
  Simmons, Bonnie P
  Simmons, Bucky
  Simmons, Cecil M
  Simmons, Jackie D — Was with 618th NASTY as an 88m (TRANS!)Now residing in Texas.
  Simmons, Randolph L — Enlisted Service (E-1 - E-5) - Ft. Polk, LA. Completed Warrant Officer Flight School and assigned t...More
  Simmons, William L
  Simms, Brian T. — Enlisted: 2-4 & 1-4 In in Germany Officer: 1st Cav from 97 - 2000. Did a rotation in Bosnia, wa...More
  simms, melinda
  Simms, Victor
  simon, gerald
  Simon, Joe
  Simon, John — My Grandpa Served in WWII who was killed 3 Dec 1944 in Lima, France while he and 3 other men of the ...More
  Simon, Stephen R — Co Cmdr, Bn & Bde Staff Officer
  Simons, Jason P
  simonson, richard
  Simpson, Andrew
  Simpson, David
  Simpson, Homer
  Simpson, Kyle a
  Simpson, Matt C
  Simpson, Randy G — C-BTRY 2ndBN/321st F.A. 82nd Airborne Division
  Simpson, Richard A
  Simpson, Steve — Left the Army in Feb '78, ended up working in the fire protection sprinkler industry, 4yr apprentice...More
  simpson jr, aubrey
  Sims, Dusten J
  Sincoskie, Joshua A — I'm 21 years old, and I've been interested in a military career since age 15. I grew up in NC, and c...More
  Sineath, John E — Served as a Law Specialist with the Ninth CG District, Cleveland, OH. Continued with the CG Reserve...More
  Sineath, John E
  Singleton, John D
  Sinko, Kharissa L — I joined the Army in July of 2006 and shipped to basic in August 2006. After basic and AIT, I deploy...More
  Sinyard, Richard D — Live in North East Georgia, I just went into the Guard to finish up my 20.
  Sinyard, Richard D — ABH3 ,NAF Diego Garcia, VP-48, USS Carl Vinson. Got out and went in the Army 11B3P 2/325th AIR 82 Ai...More
  Siple, Thomas — Retired Army.
  Siple, Thomas W
  Sipp, Ferris H
  Sirignano, Christopher C — Assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division
  Siry, Brian — E-5 82nd Airborne 1986 to 1990 Charlie Company 4/325
  Sisson, Fallon
  Sitorus, Santos H
  Sizelove, Todd j — My name is private sizelove and i leave to basic training on 20/01/09 to Ft. Jackson, SC Can anyone ...More
  sizemore, ron
  Skaggs, Joshawa b
  Skaggs, Norman T
  Skewes, Mark — CSC 4/325 Vicenzia Italy 10th SFGA Ft. Devens Mass.
  Skinner, Jim A — Served with Bco 307th ENGR.from 4/69 to 8/71. I'm currently flying a corporate jet for an oil comp...More
  Skinner, John W
  Skogman, Robert
  Skoirupa, Norbert d
  Skonieczny, Leonard
  Skrodenis, Richard G
  Skuruepy, James — Kosovo 99 Argintina 01 Kosovo 02 Bosnia 03 Iraq 04
  Skye, Remy C — Upon receiving an email from an almost-postal user of, I decided to change my informati...More
  Slabach, Cletus
  Slabaugh, Jason M
  Slack, Sean
  Slanning, Nicholas H
  Slate, Thomas f — I was part of the 82nd back in 89-92 with the 3/505pir. Now I'm in the reserves back in N.Y. as dril...More
  Slater, Timothy
  Slayton, Johnnie
  Slemp, Mike
  Slemp, Mike — Scout Platoon
  Slevin, Thomas E — Sergeant First Class Slevin is a native of Randolph, Ohio. He entered the U.S. Army on 30 June 1982...More
  slezak, ernie
  Sloat, Charles M — Recently remarried with two children from previous marrage. I have recently enlisted in the Illinois...More
  Slonim, Barry J — Single 53 year old male. I was in the Army from 1975 to 1979. My first station was Fort Leonardwoo...More
  Sloop, Joseph h — 82nd airborne 325 and the 3rd
  Slover, Mark s
  Slusher, Benny F
  Slusher, Douglas T. — Retired 1sg, 3/319th, 89 - 90, 1/319th 90 - 93, D Btry, 319th 93 - 95, 3/319th 95 - 96, Just Cau...More
  Slutzky, Stuart I — 518th MID 3rd Brigade 82nd ABN DIV july 1968-Sept 1969 Phu Bai/Phu Loi Republic of Vietnam
  Sm, Nisk
  Small, Raynard
  Smallwood, Arvil E — Sp 5 Smallwood , HHC 588 Eng. Rocket City!! looking for anyone in this unit . tay ninh. e-mail
  Smead, Christopher C — I am commander of the 551st PIB (recreated) in the following WW2 living history organizations: WW2 H...More
  Smegal, Charles W
  Smen, Sitha — i am just a supporter of the military
  Smiley, Marvin
  Smirnova, Helena V
  Smit , Louis C
  Smith, Aaron B — Was honored to have served with and led troops in OIF V while being in the 1st of the 505th PIR
  Smith, Abbi R — Airborne Commo Rat
  Smith, Abc
  Smith, Anthony
  Smith, April L — I was a chaplain assistant from 1984-1992. I went into the reserve in 1995-1998.
  Smith, Arnell
  Smith, Barry G
  smith, barry
  Smith, Bob a — none, just enthuasist
  smith, brian
  Smith, Carl R — Joined the Louisiana ARNG in 2001 as 21W (51B) Carpentry & Masonry Specialist... Deployed to Bagram ...More
  Smith, Carl
  Smith, Christopher G
  Smith, Christopher
  Smith, Cliffton L — I was in B co. C co. and HHC over the time span of 8 years in 2/505. I had to medically reclass to ...More
  Smith, Clinton
  Smith, Clyde
  Smith, Daniel J — Joined the Army in 1979. 79-82, 307th Engr Batt, 82 ABD. Separated, joined the 855th MP (National ...More
  Smith, David — S3, 1/5th FA, 1968, Vietnam
  Smith, David L.
  Smith, Dennis
  Smith, Don — I was there at the named dates. Thought I would see what otehrs memories were like.
  Smith, Donald
  Smith, Donna
  Smith, Eddie D — Feb 68-Feb 69 RVN, 1/4 Cav & B Co. 2/34 Armor Aug 70-Aug 71 RVN, F Trp, 17th Cav. Jump School, N...More
  Smith, Edwin M — Just looking to see what's here- nickname "Smitty"
  Smith, Eric
  Smith, Eric D
  smith, everett
  Smith, Fred
  Smith, Garyl S
  Smith, George F. — 96R1p GSR with Cco 313th MI BN
  Smith, George D — A-co 2/75th Ranger Bn &#91;81-83&#93; B-co 1/120th Inf 30th Bde NCNG &#91;84-89&#93; E-Trp 1/17th c...More
  Smith, Gordon N — Served in the 509th, 503rd, 505th, 5th Group, and the Heard. Years in 66 to 73
  Smith, James
  Smith, James S — I was with Aco 1st 508th from 1983-1986 served in Grenada and spent 6 months in the Siani from 1-85 ...More
  Smith, James — Served with 1/505 1980 - 1983
  Smith, James
  Smith, Jason C
  Smith, Jeffery C
  Smith, Jeffrey E
  Smith, Jerry D — After my cousin SP/4 Philip Neely served with the 3rd Herd, Sky Soldiers in Vietnam 70-71. I join t...More
  Smith, Jerry D — I served with B Co. 2nd Bn (ABN) 8th Cav, 1st Cav Div from 1965 to 1966 in Vietnam. I served my 2...More
  Smith, Jerry D — Served with B Company 2nd BN (ABN) 8th Cav, 1st Cav Div in Viet Nam, 1965-1966, and with B Troop 1st...More
  Smith, Jerry Dale — Served on Active Duty+22 years U.S. Army. Military Police, Airborne Infantry, LRRP (Recondo), Pathfi...More
  Smith, Jim — served with D/4/503rd inf. 173rd airborne brigade 1968/1969. also with B/2/508th inf. 82nd abn divis...More
  Smith, Jimmie — Retired Infantry 1983-2003 served in the 9th ID, 2nd ID, 197th BDE, 193rd BDE, 101st ABN, 82nd ABN
  Smith, Joe
  Smith, John
  Smith, John T
  Smith, John
  Smith, John L
  Smith, John
  Smith, Jonathan K — I served with the 82nd ABN 3/73rd Armor Bn. D co. from 1993 to 1996. I am a 3rd generation paratroop...More
  Smith, Joshua T
  Smith, Joshua M
  Smith, June P — John A.W.Smith Spec-4 US55864380 82nd Airborne 307th 618th Engineers
  Smith, Kenneth
  Smith, Kristin D — Brother @ Ft. Campbell
  Smith, Kristopher
  Smith, Lance W — After my Infantry and Airborne training at Benning, my first duty station was with the 82nd Airborne...More
  Smith, Larry N — Enlisted as 11B1P in 89. Served with 1-505th PIR, 82nd Abn from 89-93. Joined 216th CBT ENG ARNG a...More
  Smith, Larry M
  Smith, Mark A
  Smith, Martin
  Smith, Marty
  Smith, Michael J
  Smith, Michael
  Smith, Michael A
  Smith, Mitchell a — I was a parachute rigger in E Co. 407th S&S Battallion Ft. Bragg N.C. I got out the Army in 1984. I ...More
  Smith, Patrick W
  Smith, Paul H
  Smith, Paul — 82nd Airborne 1959 - 1961 Verdun France 1961- 1964
  Smith, Preston S.
  Smith, Richard l
  Smith, Richard j
  Smith, Richard L
  Smith, Richard — Served with C company the best and only Airborne Armor in the free world at the time.
  Smith, Rick
  Smith, Rob s
  Smith, Robert L
  Smith, Robert c
  Smith, Robert R — Basic, AIT, B/4/2 Harmony Church, Ft. Benning, Ga. July- Oct 1982. C co., 2/508th Infantry, 82 Airbo...More
  Smith, Robert P
  Smith, Robin S
  Smith, Ronald
  Smith, Sally
  Smith, Scott D — Retired from Army 31Jan01 Vietnam Veteran served with: Company A, 3d Bn, 503d Infantry 173d Ai...More
  Smith, Scott H — Served with A/2/506 of the 101st for 2 weeks in 1967 till I volunteered for the 173d. Served with A/...More
  smith, sheryl
  Smith, Skyler t — i teach kids about avation, maby in my teachings i can in some way affect the life of a child that m...More
  Smith, Skyler T — i joined the army at 17 got injured in 2002 got out in 2004,now I own a business.
  Smith, Stacey l — i am in the united states military, been in for almost 2 years and plan to reenlist during deploymen...More
  Smith, Stanley L
  Smith, Stephen k
  Smith, Stephen D — 25 mile road marches with CPT Holt. If you were ever apart of one you know what I am talking abo...More
  Smith, Stewart g
  Smith, Terry L
  Smith, Thomas F — Special Forces tng grp 1967 - 1968 d/e co/3/503 b173rd abn 1968 -1969 hq co 82nd abn 1969 -197...More
  Smith, Thomas
  Smith, Timothy m
  Smith, Timothy
  Smith, Timothyj J
  Smith, Tony L — 2ND RANGER BN,82ND AIRBORNE DIV.2/505-3/505 -DIV HQ'S DRILL SGT FT.WOOD. GRENADA 83 GULF WAR 90-9...More
  Smith, Tony M — Supply Sergeant with 2 Bn Airborne 505th PIR
  Smith, Virgil V
  Smith, Walton Greg
  smith, will
  Smith, William P — I was in 2nd Plt C 3/73 from 86 to 89 when I left for the ROK I started on C20 then C24 I miss old D...More
  Smith, William G. — HHC Co. 505 PIR from Jan. 1957 until unit posted to Germany (1958?).
  Smith, William D — All The Way
  smith, woodie
  Smith Sr., Wade M — Served as 11B with HHC Scout Plt from June 67 until June 68 Spent Tet 68 on hill 865 10 , man patrol...More
  Smoe, Joe
  Smotherman, Allen Smotherman
  Smothers, Lynn
  Smyth, George
  Smythe, Ray
  Smythers, William R.
  Snead, Tiffany R
  Snell, Lou ss
  Snelling, David D — A TRP 1/17 AIR CAV PMOS 11D SMOS11B SCOUT SECT TOW SECT 74-76
  Snider, Greg F — Squad leader C Co. 1/508 PIR then we changed over to 3/505 PIR . Left Aug. 89 from C Co 3/505.
  Snodgrass, Arthur C
  Snopov, Alexander
  Snow, Matthew
  Snyder, Carl N
  Snyder, David E
  Snyder, Errol J — I am currently retired and working at the US Army SERE Course.
  Snyder, Errol J
  Snyder, Faith M — I am looking for my father Kenneth Dale Farmer. He was stationed in Fort Bragg NC in Sept 1966. If ...More
  Snyder, John — I was a M551A1 hull mechanic assigned to Delta Company from june 1995 until dec 1996, Currently stat...More
  Snyder, Steven R — A Co 1/501st PIR, C Co 1/505th PIR, Scout PLT J.S.A. Korea, B Co 1/507th PIR, B Co 1/145th AVN Regt,...More
  Sobiesczyk, Adam J — During my four years in B Co. 3/505th PIR, I participated in OEF and OIF as a rifleman, saw gunner, ...More
  Soblotne, Douglas
  Soderberg, Daniel R — 3-73 armor was a great time in my life I am pround to have served with all who was there alot of g...More
  Soderblom, Timothy
  Soh, Hee
  Sokolov, Alexandr N — good all
  Solar, Jerry — I served at Clinton AFB, Home of the Buckeye Wing, in Wilmington, OH between 1956 and 1959 with the ...More
  Soleymani, Mazyar
  Soli, Darryl
  Solla, Julio R — I served on active duty from July 1995-Sept1999 with the 82nd Airborne Brigade, I have 32 Jumps, an...More
  Sollmer, Robert
  Solms, William M
  Solomon, J
  Solomonson, Paul
  soria, ana — I am not currently involved in any military expirience, but i am eager to know and learn about it.Su...More
  Sorokin, Dmitri — 3q4twqtwefsdfffwerf
  Sosa, Stephen J
  Sosebee, Billy
  Soto, Cornelio A — Participated in Operation Desert Storm received Gold Star on Jump Wings for combat jump into Panama....More
  Soto, Emilio P
  Soto, Jose
  Soto, Nick L
  Soto, Raymond A
  Soto-Cruz, Julio C — Section Chief on C Btry 2nd Bn (Abn) 321st FA. Member from 1974 to 1978. TI of 335 Avn. Co. Ft Ril...More
  Sotomayor, Wilfredo
  Soucy, Steven — Basic Training at Ft Dixx, NJ ASA Training at Ft Devens, MA (05H20) assigned to 7th RRFS Thailand ...More
  Soules, Timmie l
  Sourn, John
  Sousa, Don j
  Southern Cherokee, Eastern Band — The flag a eleven (11) white stars in a circle in the blue field, representing the states in the Con...More
  Sowell, Rick L
  Soza, Mike
  Sp1d3r1, Sfc w — usmc 1981-1985 air force 1986 us army airborne 1986-1989 usmc 1989-1998 texas army national guar...More
  Spadaro, Jason M
  Spain, Ted — I was Provost Marshal of the best Division in our Army from 1996-1997, the 82nd Airborne Division, a...More
  Spain, Terry J — 1975-1996 - Except for a 3-year tour in Germany, my entire career was in the world's only Airborne A...More
  Spakes, William E. — I was 1/508-3/505 from summer of 83 till jan 87. Grenada and Sinai. CSC RECON/HHC/Aco. Then 2/505 fr...More
  Spallone, Robert
  Spallone Jr, Joseph — I was a 31v1p, radio repairman in the 82nd airborne, field artillery, I also completed recondo schoo...More
  Spangler, Jason
  Spanjaart, Wouter
  Sparling, Christy l
  Sparrow, James C
  Spatzer, Brian
  spaugh, mark — Grenada Veteran - A Company 307 Medical Batalion.
  Spaulding, Bret D
  Speak, dale
  Speakman, Harvey D
  Speakman, Robert E — Served 28 years with Army, served as Company First Sergeant (TOP ) with A Company 1/505th Airborne, ...More
  Spear, Christopher J
  spear, greg
  Spear, Steffan g — a member of the 82nd airborne divison &#91;2nd battalion 505th abn &#93; 1979-1982
  Spears, Jimmy D
  Spears, Robert — Capt. 1st-504th
  Spears, Robert d
  Spears, Robert D — Served with the 82nd in Charlie Rock-1/325th AIR as an RTO for almost four years... Broke my friggi...More
  Spee, Garry
  Spell, Ginny
  Spencer, Athena
  Spencer, Genova
  Spencer, John M — Joined the Military service, 1966, Basic at Fort Benning, Ga, AIT-Fort Dix, NJ, Airborne School- For...More
  Spencer, John M — Spent 22.5 years in the Infantry Airborne, Airborne assignments to the 508th Airborne, Fort Kobbe, C...More
  Spharler, John
  Spiegel Jr., Lloyd K — Also served with 329th ASA, Camp Casey ROK 77-78... Never caught with an invalid overnight
  Spilker, Joe P — prior 82nd Airborne/ 511th "spilK"
  Spitzer, Mark — Simple Bio really. Came in, went out almost. Made me an offer I couldn't refuse! and they weren't ...More
  Spivey, Carson G
  Splonskowski, Timothy J
  Spock, James a — I was with the 101st out of Ft. Campbell, I was a 11bravo bang bang
  Spoon, Tony E
  Spooner, Steve
  Spoor, Charles T — 11B2P. B co & C co 2/325th Airborne Infantry Regiment 1988-1992. Picture below is taken outside a...More
  Sporay, Ralph
  Sporgitas, John
  Spradley, Herman D — Engineer enlisted, Engineer Warrant Officer and Ordnance Corps Officer.
  Sprague, Jeffrey S — Paratrooper!
  Spratlin Jr., John E — Spent two tours in Vietnam with 173rd (C-319th) August 1967 - March 1969
  Spreckels, Curtis
  Spreckels, Curtis j
  Spriggs, Rick e — enlisted usa 1957;82nd Abn 58-60;Inf OCS 60-61;rvn 65=66 & 68-69; rtd ltc
  Springer, Daniel
  Sprowl, Richard E. — 2nd Avn Bn Maint NCO SSG E-6 Korea, 175th Avn Co Vietnam, 121 Avn Co Vietnam, HHC 2nd Braigade, 82n...More
  Sprowl, Richard E.
  Spurgeon Ii, Emmitt L
  Spyksma, Tina
  Squillini, Debra M — Married to CW3 Mike Squillini
  Squire, Duncan Ross
  Squires, Mike g — i like to fight for the old glory.
  St. Ange, Wilbert — I served with the 2/504, Aco Parachute Infantry Regiment, (1994-1997), Fort Bragg, NC, 2/58 Jungle W...More
  St. John, Christina D
  Stabler, Daniel J
  Stacey, Charles E — Served in the 503rd Airborne Infantry ater returning from Germany with the 11th Airborne Infantry. D...More
  Stack, Breck T
  Stack, Wallace f
  Stacy, John F
  Stadel, Gerhard J. — 12B1P- Airborne Combat Engineer- Sapper Leader Qualified- 27th ENGR BN- 307th ENGR BN/82nd ABN- ...More
  Stadnik, Roman
  Staggs, Elizabeth Lee — i do not have any military expericence i am just interested in helping and being there for
  Stahl, Michael T — i have been in the rhode island national guard for 4 years so far. i went to Ft. Benning for basic t...More
  Staiti, Anthony r
  Staley, Charles J — I grew up in the 82nd Airborne Division. I got there as a PFC and was there from Grenada, and Pana...More
  Staley, David K — Married over 30 years, 2 children, 1 college graduate, and 1 in college now. Spent 21 years serving ...More
  Stamper, Michael
  stanbery, richard
  Standish, David
  Stanfilll, Paul r — spent 9 1/2 years as a ground pounder, went to OCS in 1994 changed jobs to Signal. Married 5 chil...More
  Stanford, Hollis E — Korea & 2 Tour Vietnam Veteran Served with the 1/503rd, 11th Abn. & Gryrode to Germany in 1955 ...More
  Stanford, Hollis E — I served as an Enlisted man until 1967 and recieved my Warrant Officer Appointment July 18, 1967. ...More
  Stanford, Mike E
  Stanford , Jon
  Stanley, Richard
  Stanley, Timothy S
  Stanley, Wheeler J — july 1 1959 joined the Army went to Fort Campbell went to bac 65 Dec 59 Stayed at Campbell till Jan...More
  Stansfield, Jack — wife and I in freidberg and schweinfurt germany.daughter(lilli durbin)also there and in mannheim 3/7...More
  Stansfield, Randell G. — Deputy Chief of Staff, US Army Pacific; First Commander, 516th Personnel Services Battalion, 8th Per...More
  Stanton, Louis D — Medical Plt, HHC 1/504 PIR, Ft Bragg; Medical Plt, HHC 3/325 ABCT, Vicenza; ER, 45th Field Hospita...More
  Stanton- Lamb, Nadine — I joined the 177th LE unit, Air National Guard, Atlantic City, NJ in Sept. 1980. I did 4 yrs. there...More
  Staples, William F
  Star, Denis
  Stark, David P — Bad knees, can't hear, but I had a hell of a time.
  Stark, Glenn
  stark, victor
  Starliper, Jane L — Proud Mom of an 82nd Airborne Paratrooper and a Marine
  Starnes, Donald W — 1st / 17th Cav - Ft. Bragg, NC - 91B1P
  starnes, rex
  Statham, John
  Statia, Pete
  Statia, Pete
  Statia, Pete
  Statia, Pete A
  Station, Michael W
  Steel, Graham M — Probably Joining Army and going Ranger
  Steele, Rolland A — Joined Nov. 1967. Combat Engr.. Tours of duty Vietnum, Korea, and Germany.. Units 618th L E Engr., ...More
  Steele, William L — Forward Observer with C Btry 1/319 FA Supporting 2/505 PIR
  Steen, Joe N — B 2/504 Dec 1985- Jul 1988 504 PIR Air Nco Jul 1988- Jan 1990 C 2/504 Jan 1990- Mar 1993 Ops Nco 2/5...More
  Steeno, Matthew
  Steenrod, Edwin
  Steeves, Alison
  Stefanik, Ronald
  Stefanko, Mark J — U.S. Army 82 ABN. C-BTRY 1/320 FA From 1983 to 1986
  Stefanski, Regina
  Steffen, James E
  Stefula, John E.
  Stein, Bruce J
  Steiner, Louis — Married living in Louisville, Ky. Working for Ford Motor Co. as a skilled trades supervisor. Have ...More
  Steinfort, Dallas — My Airforce brothers are among some of the greatest people I have ever known.
  Steinke, Bill
  steinken, william
  Steinmeyer, Joseph A — 3rd 325
  stengrim, chris
  Stensland, Scott A
  Stensland, Scott A — Grenada Vet, an assistant Machine Gunner. Went to Panama (the School, not the Action)
  Stensland, Scott A
  Stenson, Jude C — HHC 1-36 INF 3rd AD Bco 3/504 1990-1992 USS Cowpens USS Mobile Bay HHC 1-185th IN HHC 1-69th IN
  Stepanek, David A
  Stephens, Anette
  Stephens, Bill — looking for any lads that came over in the 70's era and worked with 2 Para in ALDERSHOT,is there any...More
  Stephens, Brittany n
  stephens, david — ft bragg 1971 1974 weapons plt. 2nd 505 machine gunner rank E4
  Stephens, Denny
  Stephens, Jayson A
  Stephenson, David
  Stepovoy, Konstantyn
  Stetson, Richard B — Served with 1/508 and Co A, 82nd Support Bn, 3rd Bde Vietnam 68-69
  Steven, Hansen
  Stevens, Edward
  Stevens, Frank
  Stevens, Jason
  Stevens, Patrick b
  Stevens, Rees R
  Stevens, Shawn B — 97' Basic & AIT: A CO 2-54 INF, Fort Benning. 98' 3/505 PIR, 82nd ABN DIV, Fort Bragg. 99' Operati...More
  Stevens, Steven
  Stevenson, Brad
  Stevenson, Sammie — served with the 2/12 th cav a company as a radio operator,
  Stevenson, Scott O
  Stewart, Allen
  Stewart, Bruce Allen — Vietnam 1966, 1967 Btry A 2bn 17th Arty 1st Air Cavalry Division. 20 Months. Went to Vietnam Feb 12t...More
  stewart, delano
  Stewart, Erica
  stewart, jessica
  Stewart, Marshall D
  Stewart, Michael S — Served with A 1/325 82 ABN DIV (Ft. Bragg, N.C.) and Eco 51st INF (LRS) (ABN) 165th MI BN (TE) V Cor...More
  Stewart, Travis L — Served as a 75B1P from march 1995 until June 1997 @ 3-504th PIR in the US Army
  Stewart, William
  Stewart Iii, James — Married 34 years, 3 sons. 1 son is active duty Finance Army, 1 son is a Baptist Minister, 1 son live...More
  Stewart Jr, Roy B — Chapter 13'd out in 92 after Gulf War I. Addiction to Alcohol the cause of that happening. Married i...More
  Stichler, Kurt d
  Stickles, John
  Stidham, Ralph
  Stidham, William
  stiegler, henry
  Stier, Jerry E — Parachute Rigger, 82nd Airborne Division. At one time was 407th S & T Bat. Then 82nd QM (AES), For...More
  Stiers, Kenneth M — US Army 1977-1998; Units: 82d Airborne (Ft. Bragg), 78th Inf (TNG) Div USAR, (Camp Kilmer, NJ), 10t...More
  Stille, Russell a
  Stines, Nick — 1969-1995 Active Duty
  Stinnette, Tonya
  Stoakley, James a — Jump school-Dec 58 Ft.Bragg(assigned to E Co. 503rd 1st ABG while in jump school)..from Bragg to Mai...More
  Stocco, Gsry
  Stock, Janet
  Stockdale, Thomas
  Stoddard, Edwin C — 4/68th Armor from 1974 to 1978 319th Field Artillery 1992 to 1995
  Stoddard, Mark
  stoeckert, carl
  Stogner, Robert
  Stogner, Robert
  Stogsdill, Toby g
  Stokes, Cory A
  Stokes, John D
  Stolins, Leroy
  Stoll, Matthew t — i joined B co. 3/172 in feb of 2001. i had a great excperience there and hope to come back some day ...More
  Stoltey, Amanda
  Stoltey, Jesse L — Experienced Combat Airborne Infantryman
  Stone, Donald R
  Stone, James C
  Stone, Mark A — I got there in 86 when Skinny Hood was the 1sg.I left for good in94.Ican recall all the times with W...More
  Stone, Sherman S
  Stoner, Tommy E
  Stonerock, Robert
  Storer, Richard C — I was in 3rd Plt. Bco. 2/505 PIR 82nd Airborne from 1987-1990.
  Story, Mike — Stibger crewman in C battery 3/4 ADA from Aug '87 to May '91.
  Stott, Stephen A — I am a Chaplain Assistant Sergeant Major currently assigned as the Chief for enlisted proponency at ...More
  Stotz, George M — Service Army and Air Force (Vietnam Era). Retired Army. Gulf War - Rear Detachment Commander for 141...More
  Stout, Christina
  Stout, Scott D
  Stover, Jonathan Michael — Enlisting in the United States Marine Corps After High School
  Strachan, William
  Stracqualursi, Anthony
  Strada, Mike
  Strader, Charles l
  Strader, Jim
  Strader Sr., Charles L. — I was with the 173rd in 64-65 went to panama 65-66then the 82nd 1/325 inf.66went to viet man 67-68 b...More
  Strader Sr., Charles L — HQ CO. 325 INF DIV. & HQ&HQ 82nd DIV HQ.
  Strain, Raymond
  Straite, John M
  Straite, John M — Served with the White Falcons form 1979 to 1993
  Strange, Brad M — Being a Jumpmaster is like being a Virgin.................If you are NOT no one wants to here your e...More
  Strasburg, William F
  Straub, Jeremiah R — I have been in the 82nd for the past five years. I have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Will ...More
  Straub, Mike — Grunt, who made the mistake of sleeping in the defoliation chemical area, with my brother who since ...More
  Straub, Ray — I am retired and financially independent. I am a full-time daddy to my 15yo daughter and a part-tim...More
  Straughn, Anthony
  Strauser, Charles
  Straw, Jason L — I was a medic in Cco, 82nd FSB, 82nd Airborne Division from 1994 to 1999
  Straw, Jason L
  Strebel, Robert J
  Streeter, Curtis R.
  Strickfaden, Kirk A — Son of former Sailor John L. Strickfaden looking for buddies to find out more about his life before ...More
  Strickland, Jeff — A Co. 2/505th, 82nd Airborne Division '83-85
  Strickland, Kevin W
  Strickler, Douglas
  Strickler, George G
  Strine, Jay D — served with C Co 4/325th AIR
  Strom, Carl m — none
  Stroy, Mike
  Stuart, Edward
  Stuart, Matthew
  Stuckey, Keith A.
  Studebaker, Scott
  Stultz, Harold
  Stump, James
  Stumpf, Michele L
  Stumpf, Robert C
  Stupak, Andrey V
  Sturgess, Aaron Lee
  Sturgis, Alen
  Sturm, Paul J
  Stutz, Randall D — I served in breifly with the 82nd Airborne until it was discovered that I had broken my feet in Jum...More
  Stutzenburg Iii, Charles H — Alpha co.325th Inf. 1960-1963 ...More
  Suarez, Federico — hooah lead the way
  Suarez, Peter
  Sudarev, Igor OL
  Sugai, Ed W — CW5 with 38 years active service. Senior 948E7 in the US Army. Working as the USASOC LSE Commander...More
  Suits, Edward l
  Suitt, Thomas
  Sullivan, Bernard B — served in 319th from 1989-1993 my name is Sullivan, looking for all who served at that time
  Sullivan, Charles F
  sullivan, kevin k
  Sullivan, Michael r — when i volunteered to be a american paratrooper i learned more about real life and sacrifice than mo...More
  Sullivan, Michael P
  Sullivan, Michael P — I WAS WITH THE POL SEC OF D-TRP 117 CAV.
  Sullivan - Papenfus, Marjorie A. — I was married to Preston G. Sullivan and we were stationed in Ft. Bragg, NC. 2nd of the 319th.
  Sullo, Michael a
  Summerhill, William R
  Summers, Joseph A
  Sumner, Darryl
  Sumner, Mike T
  Sumrall, Edwin
  Sundberg, Eric D — I miss you all! The good the bad and the ugly! LET'S GO! - ALL THE WAY! - GERONIMO! - FOLLOW ME, ...More
  supple, william
  Suranie, Steven
  Surber, Ernie
  Suriaga, Earl D — Aco 3/325 82nd Abn, 583rd Ord Co Germany, Bco 3/502 101st Abn, Hco 4th Avn Regt 8th ID Germany, Bco ...More
  Surrett, Michael
  susick, nick
  Sutanto, Luke
  Sutariya, Pankaj n — I AM AN INDIAN ,
  Suthard, John — Hello, served with the 618th En Co, 307th En Bn, for over 15 years, am Master rated with over 105 ju...More
  Suthard, John m — Did three tours with the 618 EN CO (LE)(ABN), 307th EN BN from 1980 through 1998. was a 64C/88M, Mas...More
  Sutherland, Alexander G
  Sutherland, Tommi R
  Sutovsky, Vladimir I
  Sutton, Albert
  Sutton, Cash E — 82d ABN Div from 1987 to 1994, (1/10th SFG (A) 1994 to 1996, National Maintenance Training Center ...More
  Sutton, Cash E
  Sutton, James A — SFC Retired James A. Sutton, served with B co. 3rd plt. 1st Sqd. During Just Cause, Desert Shield /S...More
  Sutton, Jim — 3 Years with 2/505th PIR, now with 1/125th INF Michigan Nat'l Guard. Sinai mission 2004, Iraq 2005...More
  Sutton, Leslie a
  Sutton, Robert J
  Suzdak, Marcw
  Suzuki, Michael Y
  Swafford, Scottie L — Served 10 yaers jacked up now I live in a cave...Thanks Uncle Sam!
  Swaim, Donna f — Widow Vietnam Veteran Married 28 wonderful years to the love of my life until Mar9th 2003 when at 9...More
  Swain, Bill — with the 782nd maint. bn 1957
  Swain, William e
  Swain, Winnie
  Swalla, Scott
  Swan, Heather j
  Swan, Richard F
  Swann, Robert — British airborne the Parachute Regiment served along side the 82nd Airbone and 101st Airborne
  Swanson, Andrew N — I served with 3/73 from 90 to 95 in Charlie Co and then in HHT as the S-3 Air. deployed to Desert St...More
  Swanson, Dbob
  Swanson, Donald E — Enlisted Army paratrooper, Air Force Intelligence Officer, Debriefer/ Interrogator, Research and Ana...More
  Swanson, Eric — 82nd abn. from 83 to 88, attached Co. A 1/505th as 11B and 16S1P. battery D 3/4 ADA. senior parachu...More
  Swanson, Guy T
  Swanson, Neil J — Served with 3/319 (Doghouse) in Vicenza Italy from 89 to 91, then stationed at Ft. Bragg with Delta ...More
  Sweeney, Bernard R — Nine years as a warrant officer in the 82d ABN Division. Served in 307th FSB, 407th FSB, 782d MSB, ...More
  Sweeney, Christopher W
  Sweeney, Dennis F
  Sweeney, William E
  Sweet, Aaron M
  Swenie, Christian — vulcan gunner with A BTRY 3/3 ADA and A BTRY 2/5 ADA. TOW gunner with 4/325 and 3/325 AIR, 82d ABN D...More
  Swift, Barbara
  Switzer, Michael M — Served in 82nd straight out of Infantry OCS and Jump School from February-August, 1968, then on to...More
  Syed, Kamran SK
  Symonds, Richard — C Co. 1/325 AIR
  Szott, Casimir J

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