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  R, S
  R., Anabel
  Rabidou, Daniel
  Raby, Kenneth P — C Company 3rd plt
  Rachkis, Joseph
  Radbill, Andrew E — I currently live and work in Fort Lewis WA with my incredibly beautiful wife and dog. I have one of ...More
  Rado, Vince A
  Radtke, Wiilliam
  radu, walter
  raff, howard
  Rafoss, Kenneth — Basic, AIT & Jump School at Ft. Benning, GA, 2 yrs. in 3rd Plt. Co. A (ABN) 3/5th Inf. 193rd Inf. Bd...More
  Ragain, Robert L — Born in Cleveland, Ohio Attended MP OSUT at Ft. McClellan, AL Jump school at Ft. Benning, GA Ft. ...More
  Rahfeldt, David
  Rahmat, Mohammad A
  Rahnn, Thomas A — Two tours in Vietnam 4th Bn 173rd Abn Bde. 66-68. ETS 69 US Forest Service 71. 1976 Army C3/4 ADA(ab...More
  Rahvalov, Veaceslav
  Raibon, Glenn L — I'm a 35 year old black male. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. I'm stationed in Germany, but...More
  Raines, Troy L — Spent from 1987 to 1993 in the 82nd ABN DIV. Most of my time was spent working HHC 82nd ABN DIV G-2...More
  Rains, Glen
  Raisin, Kathy
  Raison, Sr., Donald
  Raji, Rajae
  Rall, Aaron M
  Ralston, Stephen — 1/505 PIR, 1/506 INF
  Ralston, Steven L — Operations NCO and 2nd Tenor Section Leader
  Ralston, Wally — US Army 1966 to 1974 HHC 2/505th, HHC 3/187th
  Ramakrishnan, Raman R
  Ramirez, Anthony a — loyal future soldier, airborne all the way. i love the army since i was little, around the 1st grade...More
  Ramirez, Craig
  Ramirez, Edgar A
  Ramirez, Fiacro H.
  Ramirez, John
  Ramirez, Nickolas
  Ramirez, Raul
  Ramirez, Richard B — The Men of the 82 Airborne, B co. 3/325 Cold War Army Airborne 1976-1979. Were denied the honor to d...More
  Ramirez, Richard
  Ramirez, Telesforo
  Ramirez, Tony
  Ramisch, Fritz
  Ramos, Elizabeth a — I worked on the 82nd Airborne Division as a civilian from 1981 to 1985.
  Ramos, Elvin r
  Ramos, Rafael — Command Sergeant Major (R), 3rd Battalion, 73rd, Armor, 82d Abn Div 1991-1997
  Ramos Sr., Patrick J — 82nd Airborne Division 307th Engineer BN. 1st.pltn. 1st.sqd.
  Ramp, Mark A — "Chargin' Charlie" Co. 2/508th Inf. 82nd Airborne Division
  Ramsay, Tom
  Ramsey, Jim n
  Ramsey, William E
  Ramseyer, Dean A — Enlisted 09/78. Co. B 1/505th ABN. A Trp 4/7th Cav. Co. C 4/8th Inf. ETS 04/85. Reenlisted 07/0...More
  Randall, Daniel T
  randall, stephen — Ft kobbie panama
  Randell, Walter
  Randolff, Jens — I am a student of God's Word and a lover of Christ, but I do not believe in religion, and here is wh...More
  Randolph, Darrell R
  Randy, Anderson
  Rankin, Keith A.
  ransford, brett a — I have no prior military experience, but look forward to July, '04 when I enlist as Infantry/Airborn...More
  Ranson, John
  Ranson, Katy — My brother was a member of 82nd Airborne and served for 4 years. He was one of the many that was in...More
  Ranson, La tonya
  Rapp, Albert
  Rasmus, Anthony R — September 1969 assigned to 459th, CACOC I believe was the designation. Camp McDermott. Unit disban...More
  Rasmussen, Ernest Perkins — 1sgt of Delta Co (Deathdealers) 1/5 Inf Camp Hovey, Korea. Any one out there that use to be in my c...More
  Rasmussen, Ernest Perkins — Joined Military Nov 71, basic Ft.Dix, AIT Ft. Jackson, Jump School. 1/325AIR 72 thru 78. Drill Sgt, ...More
  Rasmussen, Robert G.
  Rasool, William E — It's great to be retired! I retired from the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) as the Safety NCOI...More
  Ratcliff, Stephen C — was in Iraq 6 months ago and am now out for medical reasons.
  Ratliff, David A
  Ratliff, Kevin M — Considering Elistment
  Rau, Brian c
  Raudenbush, Paul R
  Rauscher, Gary
  Rawllins, Brandi E — Oldest daughter of a retired Marine, MSGT James Rawllins; hard core supporter of the boys and girls ...More
  Rawson, Riley — parachute rigger in 82nd qm aes company for three years
  Ray, Chadrick m
  Ray, Dennis
  Ray, Fred
  Ray, Jerry D — old trooper that is about as wide as he is tall.-----served with D/325 Bragg 59-60----E/504---ABG---...More
  Ray, Justin
  Ray, Tommie G — Jumped in all major European campaigns in WW2 (Normandy, Ardennes, Rhineland,Central Europe, Holland...More
  Raymond, David
  Raymond, David
  Raymond, Harold H — 82nd Airborne, Bravo Company, 2nd of the 325, 1st platoon
  Raymond, J T — C 3/508 Ft Kobbe
  Raymond, John R — served with the 2/75 Rgr, LRRP, Sniper, 1/508th PIR, 3/504 PIR, 1/501st PIR, and Drill Sgt
  Raynor, Adam
  Razo, Carlos R — Intelligence Analyst (35F) Communications Specialist(74C) 82nd Abn. Div. 313thMIB 3rd Bn 75th Inf. (...More
  Re, Matthew
  Reagan, Jason S — served two years with HHC 3/502nd PIR Ft Campell three years in Germany four years with B Co 3/325...More
  Reale, Michael A
  Reaman, Chris E — I was assigned to C CO from 2002 to 2003 and was in SSG Hellermans Squad.
  Reaman, Matt
  Reams, Orin — 16S Stinger Missle Operator, 29th ID (light) 11B Infantryman, 1/116th 29th ID (light) 11B Infantr...More
  Reaves, Charles
  Reaves, William Denny
  Reber, Randy
  rebol, richard
  Recindus, Ricardo
  Record, George
  Rector, Darryl
  Reddish, Matthew
  Redditt, Monte L — Was with CSC 1/508 in AT2. Participated in Operation Urgent Fury and MFO Sinia, Egypt
  Redmon, Dennis J — army(airborne)C co.2/325 abn inf. 389th (cbt hvy)engineers,commo chief.
  Redmond, Gregory J
  Redmond, Sean W
  Reed, Alejandro l
  Reed, Daniel j — Married to Kathleen Reed on 27 MAY 95, two beautiful girls 15, 8.
  Reed, Darla
  Reed, George
  Reed, John Dana — John Reed spec.4 Us Army 62B10 Heavy equiptment mechanic.
  Reed, Laura
  Reed, Paul — 11B4P, A Co 1/503d PIR, 173rd Airborne Brigade (Sep)
  Reed, Robert A — 11 Years, 5 deployments, with both the 2-325th AIR and the 1-508th PIR. almost 3 years and 1 deploym...More
  Reed, William James
  Reed, Willie L — I'm a Staff Sergeant 88M currently stationed in Fort Bragg. I was born in Poughkeepsie, NY and went...More
  Reedy, Jeff
  Reedy, Jeff
  reese, danny
  reese, george
  Reeves, Clifford E
  Refugio, Ian m — Airborne Infantryman 3-504th 82D ABN DIV Airborne Infantryman 1-508th ABCT SETAF Airborne Infantry...More
  Regalado, Alexander
  Regan, Curtis — Entered the Service in 1984 at the age of 23. About to retire after 24 years in the Infantry, the la...More
  Rehill, Paddy J
  reid, karl — medic hhc 1/505,sinai 1982,grenada,1983,82nd member1979-1986.jumpmaster
  Reid, Ronnie — B co. 2/508 Abn. Inf. 1982-1986
  Reid Jr, James T — Retired Army, spent 15 years 82nd, with 319th AFAR (2/321 and 1/319), 1 year with 101st, 320th FAR, ...More
  Reilly, Darren T — I served with C co. 4/325th from '90 until '94 dessert shield, storm, hurricane andrew relief. chang...More
  Reilly, Jay F — 1983-1986: COHORT III B/3/325 AIR & A/4/325 ABCT 1986-1987: HHC/4/325 AIR 1987-1988: B/3/35 I...More
  Reinsch, Patricia — I attended Basic at Ft. Jackson, Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA, AIT at Ft. Huachuca, an...More
  Reis, Pam
  Reis, Steven
  Reisinger, Jenny
  Rekus, Scott C
  Remmell, Jeff
  Rendleman, Ethan Alexandrr
  Renfroe, Steve
  Reno, Edward
  Rentas-Lugo, Fernando — Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
  Renter, Joseph
  Repine, Jonathan B
  Rettig, Jeff
  Rexrode, Chris — 1-504 86-90 91-93 1-508 90-91 1-501 93-96 DS trail 97-2000 2-325 2000-retirement Proud membe...More
  Reyes, Camilo — well i dont have any military experience but im having everything ready to join the army one of my d...More
  Reyes, David E — Served with the 25th Infantry Division between 1990 and 1993
  Reyes, Jose Javier — Join the military in 1995 and I am still going with it.
  Reyes, Michael
  Reyes, Tony
  Reyes, Tony
  Reyes, Walpidio
  Reyes-Soler, Victor R
  Reyna, Ismael L
  Reynolds, Brian c — i was in 3/4 ada fort bragg 82nd airborne and was part of the first package platoon from jan 83-mar ...More
  Reynolds, Burke — 1987-1988- Honduras 1988-1989- Panama Opeeration "JUST CAUSE" 1990-1991- Desert Shield, Desert Sto...More
  Reynolds, James
  Reynolds, John C.
  Reynolds, John — I am John Cornelius Reynolds, IV and my grandfather was Warrent Officer John Cornelius Reynolds, III...More
  Reynolds, Kenneth L
  Reynolds, Peter J
  Reynolds, Robert T
  Reynoso, Evans s
  Reynoso, Joel O — Army with the following units; (11B) 9th Infantry Division @ Fort Lewis WA, 2nd Infantry Division @ ...More
  Reynoso, Yolanda
  Rhadigan, Mandy M
  Rhett, Philip S — MEMBER OF 1ST BN 504 (PIR) Cco. 82D ABN DIV DEC 84 - JAN 90
  Rhoades, Candies F
  Rhoads, Michael R
  Rhoden, Michiko
  Rhodes, Carlos G — Born in Panama(Colon)served in Korea,Fort Hood,Virginia,Ft Bragg,Ft Lewis,Ft Wainwright,Ft Greely,Ft...More
  Rhodes, Kenneth L — Retired from service, served in Viet Nam from 02/67-02/68 with the 173rd Airborne Bde, 01/69-04/69 w...More
  Rhodes, Reggie
  Rhodes, Steve
  Rhyne, Dwight D
  Ricci, Robert
  Rice, Carole a — I am a military supporter have been for quite sometime nowI support navy service people on board the...More
  Rice, Fred
  Rice, Jeffery K.
  Rice, Jeffery K
  Rice, Robert T
  Rice, Robert
  Rice, William H
  Rich, James a — The JSA was my first military assignment and had no idea it even existed. I was honored to be select...More
  Rich, Patricia
  Richard, Joe r
  Richards, Duane
  Richards, Edward L — Born: McKeesport, Pa. Education: 12 years plus 3.5 years Enlisted: 22 Dec 1958 Basic Training: Co...More
  Richards, Edward L
  Richards, Jason P
  Richards, Jessica Isabel — At this time I need a job... I messed up my first year in college. I am planning to work for at lea...More
  Richards, Jonathan
  Richards, Lee W — I was with Bco 1st bat 325. wondering whats up with 3rd platoon guys.
  Richards, Patrick T — ..
  Richards Jr, Robert R — 82nd Airborne Military Police Company
  Richardson, Brian
  Richardson, Brian
  Richardson, Bryan D — Former 82nd Airborne Division 11B2V 1989-1993 Currently USMC KC-130 Pilot VMGR-152 Okinawa, J...More
  Richardson, David — Vietnam tour 1968-69
  Richardson, Gary l — I was in the republic of vietnam in 67/68 during tet . I was with bravo company 3/187 base camp phu...More
  Richardson, Jeanette l
  Richardson, Lee
  Richardson, Milton B
  Richardson, Ralph — Viet Nam 1967 to 1969 4th Infantry Dong hoi
  Richardson, Robert
  Richardson, Robert L — D Co 3/187, Viet Nam A Shau Valley, Hambugar Hill Operation
  Richardson, Todd T
  Richardson, Valerie — I was first a dependent while my father Wendell Richardson served as an Active Duty Enlisted Army me...More
  Richey, Darryl E
  Richman, George — FOB Warhorse
  Richou, Dirk J — Served in Vicenza from 1990-1992. CSC 3/325th Tow Missile Gunner. Dessert Sheild, Dessert Storm, O...More
  Richter, Frank A — I served in Vietnam with Alpha Co 1/508th from May 1969 until the 82nd went home at which time I was...More
  Ricketson, Jeremy J — I've been in for almosts 2 yrs now. Went to Iraq last oct got back in feb. Just waiting to go again.
  ricketson, stanley
  Ricks, Bill
  ricotta, mike
  Ridge, Michael c.
  Ridgway, Russell w — i entered the army on october 18, 1988 and completed OSUT and Airborne training at Ft Benning, GA My...More
  Rieben, Robert
  Riedel, Michael W — Entered Army in 1990. Served at Fort Ord, Fort Irwin, Hanau - Germany, and Fort Bragg. Currently a...More
  Rief, Joseph C — "What holds up a chicken's ass?...2 dirty, nasty LEGS!"" Airborne, all the way!!!
  Riehl, Frank
  Riehl, Michael
  Riehl, Vince f — 19-delta, forward scout, afghanistan, 2001-2002
  Rife, Joshua D — Deployed twice with HHC 3rd BDE, once to Kanadahar AF, and once to Fallujah IZ. Worked in the BDE S...More
  Riffle, Scottie R. — CIB, Ranger, Mstr Parachutist, HALO, J/M, Pathfinder, 3d Generation Infantry Interests: Aviat...More
  Riffle, Scottie K
  Riffle, Scottie K — A, D, HHC 2nd/325th AIR
  Riffle, Steven — Personnel Specialist
  Riggs, Terry — Served with 5 & 7th SFGs and 82nd Airborne Division during the 70s and early 80s. Also served with ...More
  Rightmer, Raymond A
  Rigsby, James M
  Riley, Bobbie J — I am a 29 yr. old female living in Virginia. I'm a good person, just ask me anything you'd like to k...More
  Riley, James A — I am a veteran of both the Air Force and the Army National Guard. I am currently on Border Patrol fo...More
  Rimel, Jeremy d
  Rinaldi, David
  Rindfusz, Edwin L
  Rinehart, Ryan
  Rinehart, Scott D — I was in the 1/509th B.C.T. Vicenza, Italy. 1978 to 1981. C co. 2 Plt.
  Rippetoe, Bill L
  Rishel, Robert W
  Risley, Maurice
  Risner, Austin B — none, future airbourne personel
  Risseeuw, Dean P — HHC, 3/82d Abn Div, Dec67-Apr68 1-505 Inf (Abn), 3/82 Apr68-Jan69 1-8 Cav, 1st Air Cav Div, Jan 69...More
  Ritchey, Scott D — C BTRY 333 FA Target Processing Specialist
  Ritchie, Marc
  Ritosa, Juliano J
  Rittenhouse, Harley C
  Ritter, Anthony
  Ritter, Sheila
  Ritz, James — Attached to HQ/PSC 75F Database Management.
  Rivera, David D.
  Rivera, Elvis — Served with 82nd from1979-1981. Mos11B1P2C First with 2/504 assigned to B Co. then HHC, 1st Bde. G...More
  Rivera, Elvis
  Rivera, Ernesto — 2000-2003 Lets go Blue Falcons, THE BEST SQUAD LEADER BACK IN THE DAY SSG RIVERA NOW MSG RIVERA AND...More
  Rivera, Gregory
  Rivera, John A — 1989-1992 Alpha Company 4/325 Just Cause and Desert Shield Desert Storm
  Rivera, Juan — I proudly serve with the 82nd Airborne Division 1990-1991/1st Army 253 Transportation Company I have...More
  Rivera, Luis A — Military fan / plan to sing up in two years
  Rivera, Neftali — Original from puerto rico. Serving in FT.Campbell,KY for 4 yrs . air assault... unit: A co.2/3...More
  Rivera, Pete
  Rivera, Raymond — I recently enlisted as an Airborne! Hope to excel in everything!
  Rivera, Ruben
  Rivera, Wilson J.
  Riviera, Jeannette
  Rizvi, Syed f — i like to kick ass
  Rizzo, Michael a
  Rizzo, Vincent T
  Roark, Michael
  Robb, Joshua C — HHC 82nd Airborne Division
  Robbins, Paul D
  Robbins, Sidney
  Robcke, Erwin d — 20 years active duty with 82d ABN, 307th EN, 27thEN, 1SFG Okinawa, 20thEN BDE, USREDCOM, Mac Dill AF...More
  Roberg, Jerry C — I was with the 321 field artilery in 1978-1979 C Battery. I was the Unit armorer. Top Sgt. Stanley w...More
  Roberson, Dexter — medic
  Roberson, James S
  Roberson, Jim — Only stayed with the 82nd 2 years,not near long enough. Was with Co. C 1/508 and loved every minute ...More
  Roberson, Patrick M
  Robert, Dan M — Married 21 year old. On a gun team in A co. 1/504 82nd Airborne Division. I'm an 11b1P.
  Roberts, Brandon m
  Roberts, Caleb Q
  Roberts, Darryl E
  Roberts, David
  Roberts, EuGene A
  Roberts, Geoff
  Roberts, James S. — "E" Company 2nd Airborne Battle Group, 504th Infantry Jan 60 - Jan63 "Hq" Company last 18 months. ...More
  Roberts, Jason L
  Roberts, Joyce M
  Roberts, Linda N
  Roberts, Lloyd W — Was with the 77th Secial Forces Grp. Abn. From 1957 to fall 58. Left to go to West Point Prep Scool ...More
  Roberts, Matthew D.
  Roberts, Ray D — Basic/AIT - Ft Polk, LA 1974-75; Served with 1PL, "B"CO, 1BN 75th INF REG (RANGER), Camp/Ft Stewart...More
  Roberts, Robert L — Three years infantry, two years special duty as a life gaurd and water safty instructor at Spring Va...More
  Robertson, Andrew
  Robertson, David a
  Robertson, David W
  Robertson, Mark A
  Robertson, Nancy E
  Robertson, Pete
  Robertson, Stephen — B Co. 2/325
  Robertsontoews, Annette R
  robeson, rosalena
  Robins, Mitchell A
  Robinson, Bethany J — I myself am not in the military however my brother in law Sgt Danny D. Robert is now serving with th...More
  Robinson, Brad
  Robinson, Carol A — My son, David Conekin, is a veteran of Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I am a Proud Army Mom!
  Robinson, Charles
  Robinson, Fabeion
  Robinson, Gene c
  Robinson, Jordan L — i am currently stationed at ft. bliss tx as a 31B (military police)
  Robinson, Kathy — about me, wow! i have been married to a Navy Chief for way too long, lol!! actually we are in an op...More
  Robinson, Marqueen
  Robinson, Michael w
  Robinson, Michael C — Stationed at B Co. 1/325 A.I.R. 1986-1990 Stationed at Scofield Barracks HI 1990-1991
  Robinson, Rhonda J — Packaging Specialist, material handling, transportation, and bid contracting
  Robinson, Robert J — AKA Jim Robinson, Rob or Robby, Tackleberry. Native of Asheville, NC a...More
  robinson, taylor joe
  Robinson, Wayne C
  Robledo, Joe .
  Robles, Cliff
  Robles, Cliff A
  Robles, Monica M — Originally from Queens, New York but I have lived in Brooklyn, a long time there as well. I stayed i...More
  Rocchino, Anthony
  Rocha, Cesar
  Rocha, Diana
  Roche Jr, Jack j — navy seabee
  Rock, Michael c
  Rockhold, Tony R — 2/6 2MAR DIV 2/8 2MAR DIV COMBAT CARGO CREW WITH GUNNY MAC. 546 Transpotation unit .2nd Plt. Just r...More
  Rocque, Dennis G — 82nd ABN DIV Company C 1st BN - 504 ABN INF 1977 - 1980 82nd ABN DIV Troop C 1st -17th ABN Air...More
  Rod, Noel
  Rodden, Frank
  Rodgers, Alex-Michael M — Served in US Army 1986 to 1992, experienced many things that made me the man I am today. Chaplains ...More
  Rodgers, Earl
  Rodgers, Gary W. — .
  Rodgers, Gary Wade
  Rodgers, Johnny
  Rodgers, Robert
  Rodiuc, Natalia — I very like dogs, music and ...
  Rodney, Brian
  Rodney, R — 36 Year old prior service active duty soldier who is deployed in Afghanistan.
  Rodney, Ryan V
  Rodrigue, Arij
  Rodriguez, Alfonso c
  Rodriguez, Ali B — I served with ALPHA company
  Rodriguez, Armando
  Rodriguez, Armando
  Rodriguez, C G — 82nd Signal Bn. Assault CP Combat Paratrooper - Operation Just Cause '89(combat jump), Operation Des...More
  Rodriguez, Carlos Jr
  Rodriguez, Chris
  rodriguez, daniela
  Rodriguez, Edgar
  Rodriguez, Eduardo
  Rodriguez, Fernando O
  Rodriguez, George
  Rodriguez, Hector A — Over the hill wit over 22 years in sevice.
  Rodriguez, Henry L — I join army in 1979 ets in 1992 and enlisted in USAR I was in a Drill Sgt unit and I was MOB 2003 to...More
  Rodriguez, Hjalmar
  Rodriguez, Israel
  Rodriguez, Jason
  Rodriguez, Joe W. — I served with the 82d from 1978-1981 with C-1-508 and B co. 1-325 AIR 2nd Plt and HQ plt from 198...More
  rodriguez, Jose
  Rodriguez, Jose
  Rodriguez, Juan P
  Rodriguez, Manny
  Rodriguez, Matthew
  Rodriguez, Miguel
  Rodriguez, Oscar L — 618th ENGINEER " NASTY"
  Rodriguez, Raymond A — born-1950,grad,wasco union high school,1968,enlisted us army,airborne infantry,aug,1968 //basic trng...More
  Rodriguez, Reinaldo
  Rodriguez, Roniel
  Rodriguez, Victor R
  Rodriguez, Yvette
  Rodriguez jr., Agapito — Puerto Rican, Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Family in Puerto Rico are from Ponce and Guayn...More
  Rodriguezpazo JR, Pedro A — Nickname "JR". Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Entered US Army on 14 July 1977 as PFC (11B), D Trp 2/1...More
  Rodriquez, Juan
  Rogers, Buck — Was assigned to B Co, 1st/504th PIR from Nov 87 to Jun 90 and to the Division G1 Plans & Ops Office ...More
  Rogers, Charles E. — Served 1947 to 1950 in 2/504 and Div HQ, 82nd Airborne.
  Rogers, Danny e
  Rogers, Dean M — I was in 3/505 PIR from Feb of '02 till Jun of '04, went from company to company. Served with 1/30 f...More
  rogers, don
  Rogers, Guy G
  Rogers, Jeremy
  Rogers, Melvin
  Rogers, Melvin J — Served with C co 1-508th PIR, Ft. Kobbe
  Rogers, Miriam I — Found out my biological dad - Martin N. Balletta was part of the 82nd (not 101st as i first thought)...More
  Rogers, Roger L — M-60 gunner with Bco 1/504 from 95-99.
  Rogers, Roger L — I was in the 1/504 B Co as a 60 gunner and team leader.
  Rogers, Rolando
  Rogers, Sacha L — I am currently inactive reserves untill I ship in June. MOS is 95B with airborne option. im statione...More
  Rogers, Terry J
  Rogers, Wilmer
  Rohrbaugh, Richard e
  Rojas, Stacy r
  Roland, Al c
  Roland, Jason R
  Rollhauser, Austin j
  Rollins, Michael A
  Rollins Sr, Roland S
  Roman, Damon t
  Roman, Damon t — I was in the 26th MEU and the 82nd Airborne Divison and am currently in the IRR. Some of the places...More
  Roman, Damon t
  Roman, Demin
  Roman, Ralph — I am looking for fellow comrades in arms, hoping to find them all in good health and good standing i...More
  Roman, Sara
  Romanenko, Mihail A
  Rombs, Ronald D
  Romero, Esteban D — Joined active duty Army in 99' as a 13b. Fort Sill was my first stop. Followed by Airborne School in...More
  Romero, Frankie
  Romero, Larry j
  Romero, Leo
  Romero, Marco A
  Romesberg, Bradley D — Graduated US Army flight training June of 1977 at Ft. Rucker Al. Then was assigned to Alpha co. 82A...More
  romine, brian — 3/505 PIR
  Romine, Scott W — I served in the Army for 21 years in various locations. I now continue to serve our country in the D...More
  Romines, Daniel
  Rondelli, Eric
  Roop, Tony — Was in D company 1st abn bg, 187 inf . 2nd platoon
  Root, John D
  Root, John D — Currently an Instructor for a local Community College
  Ros, James W — Weapons Plt, B Co., 2/325, May76 to Nov79. Back then, it only took 30 seconds to empty a C-130 and ...More
  Ros, Jim
  Rosa, Daniel — I am very experienced in field craft and i am an excellent marks man.
  Rosa, Luis A — Well right now im just 17 and am very hyped about joining the Army in a year, im so pumped up you wo...More
  rosado, paul
  Rosales, Rudy
  Rosario-Rodriguez, Ramon
  Rose, Chris
  Rose, Crane a
  Rose, Dale
  Rose, Jeremy D
  Rose, John A
  Rose, Lacey — I have none. Father was Army Brother was Navy.
  Rose, Michelle K — I am currently working full-time with emotionally/behaviorally challenged youth. I fit right in with...More
  Rose, Shaun D
  Rosen, Mark
  Rosenbaum, Harold
  Rosenberg, Emily
  Rosenberger, Charles
  Rosenblatt, Rick — Uncle to Michael D Amirault, 82nd AB, 82nd Signal Bn
  Rosenkrantz, Phil —
  Rosenthal, Mark A
  Rosetta, Raymond — Was active duty with 1/505 PIR 82nd ABN DIV.From June 2001-June 2004 Now serving in the NewMexicoNat...More
  Rosier, Ben
  Rosonet Jr., Ricardo A — Trained at Ranger Pond, Ft. Benning GA Follow Me Batallion. Injured in ITV accident Oct 1988. Servic...More
  Rosploch, Daniel Thomas — Born and raised in Saukville, WI. Worked at General Mitchel International Airport in Milwaukee unti...More
  Ross, Alan J — Platoon Leader with 1st Platoon C Company 326 Engineers. Deployeed to Vietnam with 2nd & 3rd Brigad...More
  Ross, Christopher M
  Ross, Darin
  Ross, Donald A — Personnel Speacilist 82nd Admin, Language school Monterrey CA Basic Ft. Leonard WD MO
  Ross, Gary
  Ross, John E — G Co, 505th frrom Feb 1953-1956 Commo Chief, Jump Master
  Ross, Lauren
  Ross, Mark
  Ross, William J — DD 85 was the drop of all time. Remember General Potter slamming into a Gamma goat?
  Rossi, Anthony J
  Rossi, K S — hubby is active duty deployed with hhc 2/504 pir
  Rost, Gary J — Joined the Army in 1971 in San Diego right out of high school. First duty station was Fort Bragg (8...More
  Roszkowiak, Chad j — Served in 82nd with 2/504 pir from 1993-1996. Assigned Charlie Company/Recon/HHC. Was at Green Ram...More
  Roth, Dean
  Roth, Vince
  Rothrock, Robert A
  Rott, Frederick S — At the present time, I'm assigned to the Institute for Defense Analyses IDA in Alexandria as the Joi...More
  Rouleau, Jerry
  Roupe, Lee
  Rouse, Eric E — 1st PLT C CO from 94-97. SERVING WITH A 4/73 CAV AS PSG IN AFGHANISTAN
  Roush, Jason s
  Roush sr, Terry L
  Roussel, Gregory
  Routon, John E — Retired United States Army ( 1986 ) Retired Sheriff Department ( 1998) Four children --Twelve Grandc...More
  Rowan, Gregory A — just joined
  Rowbottom, Mike — 81mm Mortars/4.2 inch 4years-- Dismounted Inf. in Mech enhanced reserve unit 7rs--Sniper Section Sg...More
  Rowe, Vincent — 1/325 82-85
  Rowell, William A
  Rowsey, Dana
  Royal, Mark
  Roybal, Ray
  royster, stephen
  Ruano, Rolando a
  Ruano, Rolando A — Served with 2nd and 3rd Platoon Bravo Co. 2/325th Regiment 82nd ABN Div. From 1979-1983 Weapons S...More
  Rubilar, Stella
  Rubincan, John e
  Rubincan, John E — Photographer w/45th PD
  Rubio, Jen
  Rubio, Ray
  Ruby, Angela
  Ruby, Dan L
  Ruch, Steve
  Rucker, Charles M
  Rucker, Jerry
  Rudd, Amanda N — I am not in the military, however I'm very supportive of my husband who is. He's an E-6, US Army Re...More
  rudd, roger
  Rude, Michael
  Rue, Kenneth
  Rueb, Chad
  Rueda De Leon, Jesus A
  Ruesch, Wilhelm
  Ruff, James I
  Ruff, Jeff r
  Ruff, Robert S — Born in North Carolina.Served in B/2nd/321st(ABN)FA. Was #1 man on 105 howitzer when I got to the 82...More
  Ruffin, Kristen L — I will do all in my power to help support my troops and the great men and women that serve our count...More
  Ruffin, Robert M
  Ruggiero, John W — served in 82nd during operation enduring freedom and operation iraqi freedom
  Ruggles, Daniel J — I was in the 1Battle Group 187abn inf. 1958-1961 Ft Bragg HQ&HQ Co, Medical Platoon..Combat Bob Est...More
  Ruggles, Daniel J — I was a Medic with the First BattleGroup 187th airborn Infrantry 82nd Airborn Div. Hq.&Hq.Co Medical...More
  Ruiz, Melissia r
  Ruiz, Miguel
  Ruiz, Regina M
  Ruiz, William
  Ruley, Dan — Entered service September 1973. Retired Janunary 1996. CSM/E-9
  Rumpeltin, Chuck
  Rumsey, Thomas j
  Rundle, Harold B — Served with the 82nd during Vietnam. Adm. Co.
  runyan, patrick
  Runyon, Lori S
  Rupp, Adrian L — Enlisted as a Private in 1985 Airborne Infantry. After jump school, joined the 82nd Airborne Div. th...More
  RUPPERT, henry
  Ruscigno, John
  Rush, Brandon S
  Rush, David W
  Rush, David W
  Rush, Jonathan Martin
  Rushing, Matt C
  Russell, Chounce
  Russell, Darin R
  Russell, David — Served with A Co. 4/325 from 1988-1995. Included Just Cause and Desert Shield/Storm. Started out in ...More
  Russell, Douglas E — I am an embedded software engineer which means I program the sort of computers you would find in oth...More
  Russell, Douglas
  Russell, Gary E — I served most of my career either as a Instructor /Maintenance Nco.
  Russell, Jeffrey T.
  Russell, John K — Tennessee Native and proud former Commander of HHC/1-327 IN (Headhunters), A/1-327 IN (ABU), and BTT...More
  Russell, Kevin
  Russell, Kevin — 1
  Russell, Patrick S — I am very proud to have served my country as a part of the 2nd Bn 325 Inf 82nd Abn Div 88-96 Airbor...More
  Russell, Patrick Steven — served with the 82nd Airborne Division 2/504 88-91
  Russell, Timothy m — Ex-airborne 11b, now an AF tech. in ohio
  Russia Inc, Kalex
  Russo, Alan M.
  Russo, Vincent
  Rutan111, Joseph E — 1962to1965 1964to1965 LRRP unit Airborne all the way. 1/503
  Rutherford, Preston
  Rutherford, Rowen — Army Nov'53 - Dec'60. Before assignment to Batry A , 38th Msl Bn, was assgn B Co 325th Abn Inf Reg...More
  Ruthven, Cotton — New Mexico Military Inst 1963 USMA 1967 82d Airborne 1968 1st Air Cav 1968-1969 Walter Reed H...More
  Rutledge, Calpernia
  Rutz, Phillip J — i deployed with B co 204th from nov 05 to nov 06 and still with them at ft carson co
  Ryan, Brendan
  Ryan, Capt D
  Ryan, Craig
  Ryan, Kenneth R
  Ryan, T
  Ryan, William M
  Ryder, Dave — 84B - Still Photographer HHC 1st Inf Div (Fwd) worked on staff of the 'Traveler' newspaper.

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