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  M, Chuck
  m, megan
  M60onyourass, Richard D
  Ma, Ch
  Maas, Jeff
  Mabelle, Michelle
  Mabry, George S — BT/AIT (Abn Inf) - Ft Gordon, GA, 1968 - Jump School 1968, 1/504th, 82d Abn Div.-1968-1969, 2/23 Inf...More
  Mabry, Roger J — 82nd Admin - AMB Branch - Analyst
  Mabson, Johnathan
  Mabson, Johnathan
  Maccorrio, Samuel m
  Maccuish, Don — Entered service as an LT in C/1/504 PIR, 82nd ABN DIV. Went to Vietnam as a platoon leader in B/3/50...More
  Macdonald, Andrew J
  Macdonald, John T
  Mace, Kelly
  Machado, Jason
  macintyre, donald
  Mackey, Javier a
  Macks, Andrew
  Macks, Andrew J.
  Macleod, John G
  Macnamara, Gary L — Born and raised in New York, Xavier HS 1962, Xavier University, Cinn. Ohio, 1965, Commissioned 2Lt I...More
  Macon, Mr D — 82ND AIRBORNE 1996-2005 63rd RRC 2004-2009
  Madad khil, Mustafa — I like to make army friendship
  Maddies, Stephen R — Currently seerving back in Iraq on my 2nd tour, due to rotate back to the U.S. in Aug. 2007
  Maddox, Krystal D
  Madison, Thomas R
  Madore, Mark
  Madore, Mark H — While serving in the Gulf war was assigned to 1st Infantry Division as 2d Armored Division (Fwd) in ...More
  Madrid, Tino
  Madrzykowski, Ty c
  maez, lee — airborne infentry medic
  Maffeolove70, Starr j
  MAFILLE, Steven
  Magby, Ron e
  Magdaleno, Curtis A — Love computers and new technology gadgets.
  Magee, Michael
  Maggard, Moses
  Maggio, Anthony
  Maggio, Jerry — Como Platoon Headquarters and Headquarters Battery 3rd Battalion (Vulcan/Redeye) 4th Air Defense ...More
  Magnan, William L — Team Leader B Co. 1st Plt.
  Magris, Jampiere
  Maguire, Dan
  Mahaffey, Jerami
  Mahan, Vickie L
  Mahaney, Larry J
  Mahar, Scott j
  Mahoney, Renee
  Mahoney, Scott
  Mailloux, Steve j
  Mains, Ian D — Back at Bragg as a WO1. If you want to know more, call me or e-mail and I'll t...More
  Maitre, Chris C
  Maize, Kris
  Majerus, Jessica
  Major, Richard K — Making it happen still.
  Maki, Chris R — C 3/4 ADAR
  Malcom, Mike s
  Maldonado, Carmelo
  Maldonado, Gilbert NM — 82nd I was assigned to A co. 2/325th 101st I was assigned to B co. 1/501st 8ID I was assigned to D c...More
  Maldonado, Gilbert — 1/13th Inf(m)
  Maldonado, Rodolfo
  Malik, Fahad
  Malik, Peter W. — Commander of the 90th Sustainment Brigade and Camp Pike, North Little Rock, AR. Married with three ...More
  Maling, Ed
  Malinowski, Brian
  Malinowski, Shawn M
  Mallach, Mark — I served in the 4.2 mortar platoon with CSC 1-504th from 86-87 and then when it redesignated to HHC ...More
  mallety, divid
  Malone, Robert DAN
  Maltbie, Richard W — Enlisted as a 67N10 in March of 1994. Basic Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina and AIT at Fort...More
  Man, Hotrod — Currently Retired after serving as anBrigade S-3 Sergeant Major, was a HHC 1SG, Infantry Company 1S...More
  Manasterli, Saad
  Manchester, Jeff
  Mancini, Matteo
  Mancini, Matteo — 45 bravo small arms repair
  Mangino, Robert L — Regular Army, Sept. 1962 to Sept. 1965. 82nd Airborn, stationed in Fort Bragg, NC, Unit 2/325 B comp...More
  Manley, Oliver K
  Manley, Zachary T — I am a cadet 2nd Lt in the army junior rotc progam at Darlington high school.
  Mann, Lonnie l — 82nd airborne 3/325 Bco,cohort,82-92
  Mann, Michael j
  Mann, Snoop
  Mann Jr., Robert F
  Manning, Dan l
  Mannweilwe, Deb
  Manuel, James f — I served with this unit three diferent times at the same Batery.I was a section chief. I also have a...More
  MANVILLE, Albert J — 3/4 ADA Medic
  Manville, Ron
  Maples, Larry A — C Co 1/505 P.I.R 1990-1993 1st Region ROTC HQ 1993-1994 RHHT 278 ACR TNARNG 1994-
  Mapp, Robert
  Marcel, Antoine P
  Marcel, Antoine P — "drive on" 2nd PLT in the 21 for sfc kieth o skinner best time of my life
  Marchant, Robert W. — I served with the 82d AG Co. as NCOIC of the Replacement Det. till 1986.
  Marderosian, Anthony
  Mariano, F — Ft. belvoir, VA 1990-1996; Ft. Stewart, GA 1996-1999; Fort Kobbe, Panama 1999-2000; Soto Cano, Hondu...More
  Mariano, Robert
  Mariano, Robert J — C and HHC 2/325 1988-1990
  Marie, Tina — I am a military wife, looking for a social life! Any other military wives out here? HELP! I'm marri...More
  Marino, Christoper P. — 2nd Sqd., 2nd Plt., B Co. 2/504 P.I.R.; Attached to Division G-3 (1994), Relcassed to 75E (1994); A ...More
  Marinus, Wiebe
  Maris, Rodney L — Served in the 319th FA, HSB, 1975-1978.
  Mark, Terry
  Markes, Josh
  Marklewitz, Patrice A.
  Markofski, Donald R
  Markova, Valentina
  Markowitz, Robert — Proudly served with A Troop, 1-17th Cavalry (Air) 82nd Airborne Division. Later served five years i...More
  Marks, Justin
  Markwell, Lee M
  Marlow, Darran Wade W — Jumpmaster, Gunner on a Sheridan Tank. Paratrooper all the way!
  Marquardt, SGT Richard S
  Marquez, Alfred S — I was a part of the 82nd Airborne Division Signal Company in 1946. My son Robert Marquez who is also...More
  Marquez, Debbie Lo
  Marquez, Isaiah — Afghanistan 2002 (82nd), Iraq 2005 (36 ID), 2007 and 2009 (1st Cav).
  Marquez, Robert R — 82nd Military Police Co, 2nd platoon. From: 1982 To: 1985 Currently with the Arizon...More
  marquis, steven
  Marrero, Edris H — Member of Troop E 17th Cav attached to the Herd from '66/'67. Lifetime member of the 173d Airborne B...More
  Marrero, Ramon M — SGT(P) Marrero, Was stationed @ Fort Bragg from 2001-2004, 249TH QM CO, 530TH S& BN, OEF I, K2, 2001...More
  Marrow, Bobby
  Marrufo, Thomas
  Mars, Paul E. — In the Nam 5/68 to6/69 with the 58th Signal Co.
  Marsden, Steve
  Marsh, Ron A — A signal Paratrooper in an Infantry BCT for 12 years
  marshall, dave
  marshall, detroy — I worked in several factories when I left the military. My last job was for over 19 years. I made pa...More
  Marshall, Larry R — 18E, 91E, 29S, 26Q, ODA 735
  Marshall, Nancy
  Marshall, Tony
  Marso, Don RAYMOND — C Company 3/325 Airborne infantry SGT Donald R. Marso
  Marthers, William T — Have to keep this brief: Joined the Army in April 1968. Basic at Ft Bragg, NC; AIT at FT. Knox, KY;...More
  Martin, Casey
  Martin, Charles A. — Armor/Cavalry, Infantry Scout (CSC 1/147 Inf), Military Police. Currently teaching Army JROTC.
  Martin, Gregory S
  Martin, James W
  Martin, John R — Looking for other Parachite Riggers.
  Martin, Kelly — Fiance in the Army - deployed to Afghanistan
  Martin, Kevin M — 1985-Military Entrance Ft. Jackson/Gordon/Benning/Bragg 1987-88 2nd ID (Rep. of Korea) 1989- Oper...More
  Martin, Mark — Co B, 1/508th Infantry, 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne
  Martin, Mark A — (1-17th Inf, Fort Ord, 84-87) (PERSCOM, 87-89) (Flight School 89-90) (2-9 Cav, 7th ID, 90-92) (1...More
  martin, matt
  Martin, Mitch
  Martin, Paul B
  Martin, Randall a
  Martin, Robert T — A Co 2/505Inf(Abn) 1971-1973, HHB 3/59th 1974-1976. Civilian occupation: Aircraft Structures Mech. H...More
  Martin, Samantha m
  Martin, Samuel — 134PQ8, 13F4H2S, Fire Support Sergeant
  Martin, Shaun P
  Martin, Steven C — Class 5 Section Sergent Delta Detachment, Forward Support 407th Supply & Support
  Martin, Tess
  Martin, William R — Rifleman C Company 1/12 Cav (Abn) 1st Cavalry Division Viet Nam Dec 1965 to Nov 1966 HQ&A Compa...More
  Martindale, John E — C Co. 3/73 AR Regt.
  Martineau, Robert S — enjoyed 4 years as an enlisted man with the Blue Falcons 3/325th ABCT in Vicenza Italy and earned ve...More
  Martinez, Allan R
  Martinez, Charles — Was in Co "C" 2/501 at Bragg from 1960 -61 Then I was in Mainz, Germany with Co "C" 505 till 1962 c...More
  Martinez, Donald E — On 20 June 2004, I deployed with 3-319 FAR, 82nd ABN DIV as a Company Fire Support Officer for the 1...More
  Martinez, Esteban — After my five qualifying jumps I received my trooper badge and became involved in division jumps and...More
  Martinez, Francisco — Operation Enduring Freedom 08 July 02 /23Jan03 hsb 1-319 afar. MOS 13RO1
  Martinez, German J — 10 Years of military active service.Serve in Vietnam with the L Co. 75th Rangers and 2nd 17th Air C...More
  Martinez, Gilbert
  Martinez, Jaime
  Martinez, Joe — My dad is SALVADOR MARTINEZ of the 82nd AIRBORNE WWII. If you were a friend of my dad I would like t...More
  Martinez, Jorge L — Having served with 748th MI (SA, TX), 747th & 470th MI (Panama), 525th, 519th & 313th MI (Bragg), 2d...More
  Martinez, Jose — Jose' Martinez...assigned to the 630th MP Detachment, "Landing Zone Betty" (Phan Thiet, Viet Nam...1...More
  Martinez, Louis G — Joined up during the Road Organization 101st Airborne
  Martinez, Marvelous L
  Martinez, Richard
  Martinez, Richard Henry
  Martinez, Robert Cadena — Was attached with the 82ND Airborne Division, White Falcons, Bravo Co. 2Bn/325th Airborne Infantry, ...More
  Martinez, Robert
  Martinez, Timothy
  Martinez, Wanda
  Martinez Jr., Rafael A. A
  Martinez Jr, Jose E — Served with HHC 1 /325 AIR from 92-94. Then served with HHC 1/5 inf. (MECH) Camp hovey, South Korea...More
  Martino, Henry
  Martinson, Marty W — Retired SFC 3/325 AIR, 82D ABN DIV. Ft. Bragg, NC 1981-1986 3/325 ABCT Vicenza, Italy 1986-1989 ...More
  Martos, Eugene
  Marvin, Kelly F.
  Mary, Christopher
  Maselow, Kevin S
  MASON, DAVID E — C CO, 407TH FSB, 2ND ABCT, 82ND ABN DIV. Ambulance Platoon, Treatment Platoon, HQ's Platoon Sergean...More
  Mason, David E. — 389th Military Intelligence Detachment (ABN)(SF), 11th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Bowman FLD,...More
  Mason, Dee
  Mason, Jefferson C
  Mason, Jerry
  Mason, Jimmy
  Massey, Charles C — Served with 82nd Aviation Company - The beginning of division aviation.
  Massey, Tom
  Massey, Warren e — 3rd Platoon, A Company, 1-505 PIR
  Massicitte, Dale B — Got out in Summer 1991. Got in and out of Amway business. Sold health insurance for awhile. Went ...More
  Massingill Jr., Howard L — 56th Sig Co Coltano, Italy 1983-1986; 1/505 PIR, 82d Abn 1986-87; Special Forces Qualification Cours...More
  Masss, Dj B — I was Born in Africa, I moved to the US in 2003, I attended high school in NYC, now im am Aviation C...More
  Masters, Steve — Father of a staff sgt in the 82nd and another son at Special Forces school
  Mastroianni, Joe
  maszatics, michael
  Matejka, David C — light weapons infantryman
  Mathes, George
  Mathews, Garland m
  Mathews, Rob M — 203 grenadier, rifleman, saw gunner, and AG~ Hooooah...........
  Mathewson, Brian
  Mathis, Matthew J
  Mathis, Matthew J
  Mathis, Tyler W — In ROTC trying to make Infantry. Doing my best.
  Matney, Jack — F Co 82nd Combat Aviation Bn
  Matos, Charles D
  Matos, Eduardo
  Matthew, Craig — 82ND AIRBORNE D CO 3/504TH INF DESERT STORM "STRIKE HOLD!!!!" 11H -101ST 4/187TH 1985-86/ 2ND AD (F...More
  Matthews, Garth E — I served in C. Co. and HHC, 1-505th PIR 82d Abn. Div. from June 1985 until June 1989. I was a line ...More
  Matthews, Garth
  Matthews, Kyle
  Matthieu, Ray
  Mattias, John A — Assigned to the 82nd since 2003.
  Matties, Curtis e
  Mattina, John C
  Mattingly, Bill
  Mattson, Michael E
  Mattson, Rich
  Mattson, Richard A — Of all I have ever done in my life. The greatest honor was serving with the finest soldiers on this...More
  Matty, Larry W — Enjoy Skydiving, Scuba diving, Rapelling, Ex-pro ice hockey player
  Matula, Robert
  Matveyev, Alexey
  Mauer, Meredith L
  Mauer, Richard C — 1-187 1988-1992; 1-501 1996-1999; 2-505 1999-Present
  Mauser, Matthew — My name is Matthew I go by Mat though. Enlisted in the Army as a 89D (EOD). Also in the 82nd Airborn...More
  Maverick Laquince, Lieutenant Colonel
  Maxwell, Richard W
  May, Atanette c
  May, Charles w — 3/325 abct italy
  May, Jefferey J — 82nd Airborne Signal 1996-1998
  May, Michael W — '88 to '91, 2d Platoon, A Co, 3/73d AR, 82d ABN '94 to '96, A Troop, 1/2d ACR '96 to '99, Med Hold...More
  May, Richard C — FEBO8--I was in the 82nd ABN DIV for 3 years and have been with the NC National Guard for 4 years. I...More
  May, Rob G — B co. 1/325 A.I.R. 1st plt. I served with some great soldiers and they became great friends, Paul ...More
  May, Shannon L
  Mayer, Carrie
  Mayernick, Carol
  Mayers, Michael F — 4 years Active Duty as an Airborne Infantryman. Most serivice inside of the 82nd Airborne Div. I w...More
  Mayhew, Robert J
  Mayle, Ronald C — was in the 82nd infantry in the dominican of republic, cant remember if it was the 1/504 but i was i...More
  Maynard, Steve Ray — Airborne Infantry,Dragon/Javelin Gunner..(old) MOS 11B1PC2 Sport Cars, Computers.. From KY
  Maynarich, Steve
  Maynes, Raymond
  Mays, David b
  Maytubby, Greg M
  Maytubby, Remone
  Maze, Henry
  Mazzella, Jason M
  Mc, Geo
  Mc Donough, Paul
  Mc Gowan, Houston — Married, two kids, retired 1995; enjoy music and sporting events
  Mc Nally, Chuck A — Served in Bn FDC 3/3rd FA 194th Armd Bde in early 1982 and later became the BN TR NCO until April 19...More
  McAdoo, Darryl — Entered active duty in 1984 with the 82d Abn Div; also served in Korea 3 different times, Fort Bragg...More
  Mcafee, Ashten
  Mcafee, Rickey W
  McAfoose, Don
  McAmis, Jay C — 71L4LE4LA/97E4P/75B4D ====== DMSM, MSM(1OLC), JSCM(2OLC), ARCOM(1OLC), JSAM, AAM(3OLC), GCMDL(7th A...More
  Mcandrews, Tom
  Mcaninch, Wilbur B
  Mcaroy, Tim D — military academy2-10 grade, 8-10 grade = civil air patrol, and 8-12 grade air force jrotc. after hig...More
  Mcarthur, Jackie
  Mcauley, Timothy T
  Mcavin, Geriah
  Mcavoy, Brian T — Photo @ Waal River, Nijmegen. D/101En MANG 94-96, A/181En MANG 96-98, B/307En 82AB 98-01, ...More
  Mcbane, Robert — Retired (Oct 04) SFC, U.S. Army.
  Mcbean, Aubrey V — I am an Active Reserve solider who is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in North Carolina and Atlan...More
  Mcbrayer, Carl B — Served with the 146th ATW (Cal. Air Nat. Guard)stationed at Van Nuys ANG Base, Van Nuys, CA ... Unit...More
  Mcbride, Randy
  McCabe, Virginia
  McCain, Dean K
  Mccain, Donald F — 325th, 1st ABG, Hq Company, Communication, Folrt Bragg, NC
  Mccain, Herman f — service with 612th QM (Airdelivery) 12th Support Brigade , Ft Bragg
  Mccain Jr, Herman F — 1941- Ft. Bragg, NC 1942 - 369th AAA Barber's Point ,Hawaii 1944 - 24th infantry Regiment-Saipa...More
  Mccallum, Brandon R
  Mccann, james
  mccann, kevin
  McCarroll, Cecil
  Mccarter, Tommy
  Mccarthy, Kerry
  Mccartney, Justin m
  Mccary, Ronny
  Mccaskill, Daniel
  Mccaskill, Daniel P
  McCaughan, Robert
  Mccauley, Kon
  Mccauley, Kristina A
  Mccauley, Steven A
  Mcclain, Buster
  Mcclain, Matt A — want to join 82nd airborne
  Mcclain, Roberta l
  Mcclellan, James p
  Mcclellan, Mike s — I was in A Company" Alpha Animals" in the 307th Med Bat from 80-83. I was a Medic but was in charge ...More
  Mcclelland, Joseph R
  Mcclelland, Terrance W — Who says retirement is good, I'm still bustin my butt...! But, all in all life is good. Always ...More
  McClintock, Elane
  Mcclinton, Roger E
  mccloskey, matt
  Mccloud Iv, Robert L — PMOS - 88M4P SMOS - 54B4P Current Duty Position - Truckmaster
  Mcclusky, James D
  mccollough, dan
  Mcconnell, Robert l
  McCormack, Richard — I was an Army spouse stationed at Ft Bragg
  Mccormick, Charles
  Mccormick, Charles j
  Mccormick, William E — Four years in the 82d, then on to the 278th. Cav Scout from day one. A Trp, 1/17 Cav 1986-1990
  Mccoy, Edward L — I consider myself one of the Smartest and most technically and tacticaly CBRN Soldiers in the entire...More
  Mccoy, Edward L — Joined the Chemical Corps in 1987. Served in the 82D ABN DIV from 1989 until 2001. Served as an OC a...More
  Mccoy, Mike
  Mccoy, Ron
  Mccoy, Timothy A — I'm simply a soldier who loves what he does, I've served with 82nd Abn 86-89, 3rd AD from 89-92, 35...More
  Mccracken, Rafe
  Mccrary, Mark R.
  Mccreary, Robert
  Mccree, Lindell e — Bco 1/325th Dco 782nd 703rd Maint BN 3ID 193rd SPT BN Ft. Clayton Panama
  Mccuan, William
  Mcculla, Anthony m
  Mccullough, Lee — 1st Platoon - D Co. 2/505th PIR HHC - 1/112th Cav Scout - RECON
  Mccullough, Lee G
  mccummings, jeffery
  McCurter, Jimmie
  mccusker, jim (mac)
  Mcdaniel, Billie R
  Mcdarmont, James D
  Mcdermott, Mike s — im all about the military
  Mcdonald, Charles E
  Mcdonald, Patrick
  Mcdonald, Richard J
  Mcdonald, Ronald E — Stationed at Vicenza with Delta Battery 3/325 ABCT. Deployed to Saudi for Operation Provide Comfort....More
  Mcdonald, Stephen K
  McDonald, formerly Geiger, Morgan T — Joined 1987, served with B/Co 3/505 PIR. Operations desert Shield and Storm. ETS 1991. Joined CA ...More
  Mcdonnell, Kevin D
  Mcdonough, Ed T
  Mcdougald, Zachary P — My intrest in the military started with my dad who is in the Air National Guard. My step-dad who s...More
  Mcdowell, Darrin r — I was assigned to HHC 3/504 PIR as a combat medic. I participated in Opperation Just Cause (Panama)...More
  Mcdowell, Steven A — I was in Delta Company , 1st 505th PIR From 1986-87. I was a TOW Gunner and & RTO in AT1. Staff Sgt....More
  Mcdowell, Thomas G
  Mcdowell, William
  Mcdowell , Robert A — Retired From US DOD in 1996. Active In Special Forces Association Chapter 64. Carlisle , PA Randall...More
  mcduffie, laquonta l
  Mceachern, Mark
  Mcelroy, Rex E
  Mcevoy, Daniel p
  Mcfadden, Anthony W
  Mcfadden, Daniel J
  Mcfadden, Daniel
  Mcfadden, Jodi A
  Mcfee, Daniel
  Mcfee, Wayne — Married 8 yrs, 33 yrs old, 3 children. Enjoy amatuer wrestling, football, baseball. Currently at F...More
  Mcgallion, James A.
  Mcgee, Christopher S
  McGee, Richard
  Mcgehee - Sikes, Tammy M
  Mcgervey, Kevin J
  Mcgillicuddy, Patrick
  Mcginley, Stephen
  Mcginley, Stephen M — Service: 82nd Airborne Division Alpha Battery 1/319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment. Ft. Bra...More
  Mcginnis, Lorie
  Mcgleish, Maureen
  Mcgovern, Jeff T — Was with the Battalion from Jan 1990-August 1992. The majority of the time with the recon platoon a...More
  Mcgovern, Michael P
  Mcgrath, Elizabeth
  Mcgrath, Linda A
  Mcgrath, Ron a — 82 nd.airborne 1965 to 1967
  Mcgraw, John — 325BG CO.A E4
  McGregor, Robert
  McGregor, Robert L
  Mcgruder, Angela D.
  Mcguff, Charles j — C Co 3rd PLT & HHC HQ PLT 3/325 AIR
  Mcguire, Craig F — 6252nd USAH, HHT 1st Sqdn(Air) 17th Cav-82nd Abn Div, B Co 240th Signal Bn, HHC 1st Bn 140th Avn ...More
  Mcguire , Philip O
  Mcilwain, James
  Mcintire, Leland A — I retired from Army in 1977, G.E. in1998, still married to Shirley. Living in Indiana in my home tow...More
  McIntosh, Craig
  Mcintosh, Robert D
  mckaughan, bryan
  Mckay, Dan
  Mckay, Donna K — I am proud to say that my husband just retired from the United States Marine Corp (31 July 03) after...More
  Mckay, Jeff — Both of my son's are in the 82nd Airborne. Oldest is in the 504th, the youngest is in the 325th.
  Mckean, Jason M — Airborne Infantry, E-4 1-325 a.i.r. A co 2nd Platoon, 3rd Squad.
  mckee, brandon IS — Great Uncle served in 507th Parachute Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division-wounded in Sicily and killed ...More
  Mckeen, Joseph R.
  Mckenzie, James H
  Mckenzie, Lesia b
  Mckenzie, Yvonne D
  Mckeown, Andrew P — 1975 B-3 -2, Ft Leonard Wood Basic Training. C-3-4, Ft. Leonard Wood AIT (51N20 Water Purification...More
  Mckinney, Ben
  McKinney, Bobby
  Mckinney, Dwight — I was with 51st LRRP's, attached to the 502th Inf.and the 326 Eng. of the 101st Airborne. I have bee...More
  Mckinney, Johnney — i have no experience on the battle feild, but i do plan on fighting for my country and my family as ...More
  Mckinnon, Amy C
  Mcknight, James W — 27.5 years Army service, enlisted, warrant, and commissioned. Retired 1997. Proud father of a Coa...More
  Mclain, Bill
  Mclamb, Jimmy D
  Mclaughlin, John M — 1/31st Mech. Infantry 2nd Inf Div - Camp Howze Feb 83 to 84 - 11B 2-504 Airborne (B co) March 84 to...More
  Mclaughlin, Thomas
  McLean, David — I served for three years as a paratrooper... in 3/505 pir d co. 2001 to 2004. I did a tour in Iraq a...More
  Mcleod, Ian S
  Mcleod, James W — Basic - Ft Jackson (D-4-1) '71 Basic Airborne - Ft Benning (49th Co) '71 3/29 th FA RVN 71-72...More
  Mcleod, Sean P — Came home in 96 to my first child on the way. Got hired by the local Police Department and worked t...More
  Mcleroy, Fred
  Mcloughlin, Eugene J — Served in the 82nd Airborne from 96-99
  Mclucas, John
  Mcmahan, Robert V
  Mcmann, Michael
  Mcmanus, George
  Mcmanus, James
  Mcmillan, Cliff J — 1979 to 81 HHC 4/68 Armor Scout Plt. - Senior Jumpmaster 81- 85 - Leg Land (Carson & Germany) 85 ...More
  Mcmillan, Henry C
  Mcmillan, John — 82nd airborne 52 jumps HHC 3rd Brigade Chapel activities specilist NCOIC at Division South Chapel, w...More
  Mcmonagle, Daniel P — Entered Active Duty 9/77; BCT @ Ft Knox (A, 19/4); 76Y school @ Ft. Lee; Jump School 2/78; Ft.Bragg ...More
  Mcmorran, Daniel m — B co. 4/325 , C co. 1/325, A co. 1/17th INF
  Mcmullen, Allan w — I served in the 82nd from 1961 to 1963
  Mcmurtree, Lonnie D
  Mcnair, Nadia
  McNally, Alexis M — Im a recently married 18 year old with her husband stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We live ...More
  Mcnamara, James
  Mcnearney, Loren D
  Mcneely, Gordon
  Mcneely Jr., Daniel V — I joined the army in 1987 and attended Infantry OSUT and Airborne. I served as an M901 ITV diver in...More
  McNellis, Frank
  Mcnerney, Michael D
  Mcnulty, Ken
  Mcnulty, Paula
  Mcnulty, Vern N
  Mcnurlin, Katie j
  Mcnutt, Michael l
  Mcpeak, John D
  Mcpeters, Timothy C — I have been active duty since sep 94. Started in the 82nd ABN DIV as a medic, reenlisted in 97 to b...More
  McPhail, Richard Owen
  Mcphaul, Linda — I am the daughter of a lifer in the Air Force,I was born In Weisbaten Germany and I have lived in De...More
  Mcphaul Sr., Connie n
  Mcpherson, Christopher C — forward observer in 82nd DIVARTY for three years military police in 2nd ID for one year
  Mcpherson, Lonnie W
  Mcpherson, Michael d
  Mcqueen Iii, Love
  MCQUITERY, KEVIN — 11b b/co 2/504 82nd airborne div
  McRae, Leon
  Mcrorie, Joseph K — I have served with: ............................................................... 82nd ABN. / 1-...More
  Mcshane, Ryan M
  mcswain, bill
  McSweeney, Stephen — 11b2p Oct 1982 to July 1986 Grahm-Rudmann budget cuts ETS'd early... Aco 1/508th
  Mctague, Kevin
  McVay, Steven Ray
  mcvicar, michael
  Mcwhirter, Brett
  Mead, Jeffrey A
  Mead, Kelly D — 11yrs, 9mo. 21days! From; Bragg to Benning / Stewart / Berlin / Saudi, Silopi and return. Not to...More
  Mead, Kelly D
  Meader, Roland A
  Meador, Hank N
  Meadors, Ken W
  Meadows, Dan
  Meadows, Julian — Member of Co.C, 2nd. 503rd. Airborne Infantry Okinawa. 1960/1962.
  Meagher, Ed — Was assigned to the 2nd AD in Garlstedt Germany. 2/50 then reflagged to 4/41
  Meairs, Christopher C
  Means, Barry
  Mears, Douglas E — 101st Abn 66-67; 2/509th Abn 67-70; 82nd Abn 70-71. 5th Arty Gp 77-80; 108th ADA Gp 81-84; 6th Air ...More
  Meaux, Stacy
  Mediavilla, Alfredo jr — was in mortar plt. with back 76,77 i am from puerto rico ,the towns is corozal right now ...More
  Medina, Andres — 1980 - 1983 (B Co, 82 Signal Bn) Ft. Bragg, NC 1983 - 1986 (B Btry, 3/4 ADA Bn) Ft. Bragg, NC 1986...More
  Medina, David A
  Medina, Hector H
  Medina, Jose
  Medina, Juan
  Mediterraneo, Mike
  Medrano, Ismael
  Medzyk, Ssg David — Volunteered for two tours of Iraq..OIF-2 & OIF-5. Next one, I'll have to be volunTOLD :D
  Meehan, Charles V — I enlisted in 1981as a 67N. Tours include 2nd Avn Bn (Korea, 82-83), HHC, 2nd Bde (Avn Plt), 101st ...More
  Meehan, Eileen
  Meeks, Anthony s
  Meeks, Joseph
  meglis, roy
  Meier, Francine
  Meier, Jack
  Mejia, Vanessa A
  Melchior, Scott J
  MELENDEZ, EDDIE — National Latino Officers Association US Department of Justice National Security Division National Jo...More
  Melgares, Thomas J.
  Melia, John
  Mellor, Thomas
  Melton, Kenneth W
  Melville, Yvette UF
  Melvin, George E — Airborne Infantry CO A 1st Battalion 504th Infantry Ft. Bragg, North Carolina 28307
  Melvin, John E — John C. VanOtegham, Technician 4th Grade Battery A, 163rd Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion Dec...More
  Memorial, National D-Day — Hello and welcome to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia. If you have never visited the...More
  Menchaca, Juan a. — I was in A co from 1970-1974, other NCOs were George Winsor, Sutherland, Pillar, Vidaurri, Stanly. I...More
  Menches, Sean
  Mendez, Joseph A — Army Ranger, air borne, infantry
  Mendez, Robert A — 6 months in the "Stan", and 7 in Iraq= years of misery and depression.
  Mendibles, Eric J — I am married with 1 daughter.
  Mendiola, Daniel C — 1971-1972Echo Recon 1st BN inf. 196 BDE 23rd Inf. Div. (Americal) Da Nanag Vietnam 1971-1972Echo ...More
  Mendiola, Jose o
  Mendiola Jr., Florencio — Viet Nam Veteran. From June 1969 to June 1970. Served with The Big Red One the first three months in...More
  Mendoza, Carlos
  Mendoza, Cristina
  Mendoza, Dalisia D — Former 82nd Abn Div Jumpmaster, Squad Leader and Instructor at the Military Police Basic Noncommissi...More
  Mendoza, Eric
  Mendoza, Gilbert — i have 23yr military reserve with 4yr active duty. have been recently deployed and now back for endu...More
  Mendoza, Roberto — I was a soldier of the National Air Force of my country but i am already retired
  Mendoza, Sergio J
  Menendez, Matt
  Menges, Ashley
  Menke, Megan
  Mensing, Aaron e — served with: 2/187 Aco 89-93 (JOTC/Persion Gulf) 3/325 HHC 93-96 (Bosnia) ...More
  Meomartino, Howard
  Mercado, Antonio
  Mercado, Nelson — Assigned to HHC 3/73 Armor from '89 to 92. Served in the Persian Gulf War. Re-assigned to HHC 82nd A...More
  Mercer, Alvin
  Mercer, David B
  Mercer, Justice E — Served in Afghanistan 7/2002-2/2003, currently deployed in Iraq with 1/505th
  Meredith, Lee
  Merkley, Kevin
  Merrill, James
  Merriman, Jean
  Merriweather, Darrell
  Mertens, Francis
  Merwin, Charles P
  Mesarina, Franco G
  Meshberg, Bruce J
  Messenger, Justin R
  Meszo, Steve — Tow Gunner/driver/Operations NCO for Delta Company 1/325 1990-1993. Spent 7 months in Saudi
  Meszo, Steven R — 1/325 A.I.R. Delta Co. Humvee Driver, TOW gunner and Ops NCO from 1990 - 1993. Got a tour of Saudi A...More
  Metz, Michael J.
  Metz, Robert L
  Metzener, Chris
  Metzler, Albert L — 82nd Parachute Maintance Company Heavy Drop Specialist 4th class from 1953-56
  Meunier, Gary E — What do you know about the mandated deregulation of electric and gas utilities? Residents in NY, TX...More
  Meyer, Andrew J — Class of 92' WHS. Sm college, farmer, trucker, artist, etc. USMC at 27 Platoon 3052 artist recruit...More
  Meyer, Braden A — In the 82nd FSB 505th PIR. JTF Katrina, JTF Rita so far OIF and OEF next summer.
  meyer, patrick
  Meyer, Robert C — I'm married w/3 children and living in Murfreesboro, Tn.
  Meyer, Scott
  meyer, steve SCOTT — b co. 2/505 pir, ranger tabbed, eib,e5,
  Meyer, Victor E
  Meyers, Bryce K
  Meyers, Douglas
  Meyers, Mathew S — 82nd Military Police Company
  Meyers , Eloise
  Mfemfemfe, Mfemfem
  mic, blindt
  Miceli, Stephen
  michael, garry
  Michael, Timothy A — Specialist 4, Army, 82nd airbornr. Infantryman skill 10, parachutist, Dragon Gunnery, Military Occup...More
  Michaels, Adam
  Michaels, Harry
  Michaels, Thomas F
  Michalsen, Rebecca
  Michel, Christopher P — Chris is the Founder of, the nation's largest military membership organization. Whi...More
  Michel, Christopher P — Chris is the Founder of, the nation's largest military membership organization. Whi...More
  Michelmore, Pete b — I was with C Co. 2/504th as the CO's RTO. Since leaving the Army, I've been a Roofing contractor in ...More
  Mickens, Charles William — Im not in the Military yet, but i want to talk to people that is in the military and know what they ...More
  Middleton, Francis D — I was assigned to numerous units. My first unit was 1/187 Airborne Battle Group, Two tours with the...More
  Midgley, Sean R — 4.5 years as a machine gunner and Operations NCO for the company in the 82d ABN DIV, A company 2/325...More
  Midkiff, Bear
  Miedema, Gregory P — Driver from 90-92 with 3rd PLT A CO 3/73 Armor. From 92-97 served as a 13R (radar operator) with MN...More
  Miedema, Gregory P — Active Duty 3 PLT A co 3/73rd Armor 1989-92 National Guard A Trp 1/194th Cav 1992-93 E-TAB ...More
  Mihalitsas, Vasilios — I am currently 20% disabled due to service connected knee pain. I used the GI Bill/Army College Fund...More
  Mikaele, Pauufi — I was assigned to 782nd from March 1990 to July 1996.
  Milankow, Terry R
  Mildenberger, Casey M
  Miles, Chad A — 1st Plt. A Co. 4/325 A.I.R 82nd Airborne (1991 - 1995), HHD S2 2/72 Armor 2nd Infantry Division (199...More
  Miles, Daniel — 18th Airborne Corp Engineer During the Gulf War
  Milewski, Patrick j
  Miley, Gary
  Milham, Joe A — Served in the 82nd at Bragg as a member of the 82nd ASB.
  Mill, Bill
  Millender, John D — Currently at Shaw AFB, SC
  Miller, Antonio
  Miller, Bill J — Was with the 2/502 Co.A 101st Abn. Div. 66 67, was a pointman and squad leader. I like to steelhead ...More
  Miller, Bob — FO TEAM C 1/508 abn inf. FO TEAM C 3/187 ABN INF . ...More
  miller, bob
  Miller, Cal (Hoot)
  Miller, Charles L — Served 23.5yrs. Medical Discharge. Employed by the State of North Carolina as a Veterans Employmen...More
  Miller, Daniel B — 3-73 Armor/82nd Abn Div 85-88 3/2 ACR 88-91 2-12 Cav/1st Cav Div 98-00 2nd ACR 00-02 Naval Postg...More
  Miller, Dave e
  Miller, David A — Class 57
  Miller, Donald W — HHC Commo 82nd Airborne 1/505th Infantry, Vietnam. Retired Fresno County, CA Govt. worker, retired p...More
  Miller, Ed
  Miller, Edward — 6 years w/ 82nd Abn Div (2-325 AIR & 1-319 AFAR) 4 years w/ 25th ID (3-7 FA & 2-11 FA) 3 years w/ ...More
  Miller, Gene
  Miller, Gerald-Janie — we were both in the Army: Berlin Brigade; 7th ID (Ord); 56th FA Bde (Pershing); 82d Abn and Figh...More
  Miller, Greg — Served in HHT, DS Platoon, Sgt Byron Walker's squad.
  Miller, Hap — Co D, 1st Bn, 29th Inf (Ft Benning, GA)
  Miller, Jack — Active duty as a Medic with C Co., 307th Med BN, 82nd Airborne Division. Was out of the military for...More
  Miller, James F — Joined the Army in 1985, Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC (Tank Hill) Airborne Training Fort Benn...More
  Miller, Jason
  Miller, Jay
  Miller, Jeff B — italy,iraq,turkey,sardina,germany,n.c.
  Miller, Jerry W
  Miller, Jim J — A co 2/504 PIR 82nd ABN 1st MST 2nd ACR
  Miller, Joe A — was with the 407th S&S BN Fort Bragg N.C. Starting 1978
  Miller, John Q — ***F/2/3/ACR: Tank Platoon Leader and Scout Platoon Leader, Gulf War I Veteran ***HHT/2/3/ACR: ...More
  Miller, Johnjames R — I am SPC Miller, Johnjames. I am a currently a 68W (Combat Medic) and a former 42A. I went to FT. Kn...More
  Miller, Jonathan
  Miller, Joseph t — HHCo-/1/503 S&T Plat. 82nd- Ft. Bragg N.C.
  Miller, Kathleen
  Miller, Ken A
  Miller, Ken D — Basic Training 1998
  Miller, Kevin c
  Miller, Kevin L — After Basic/AIT, I was sent to B Co. 1-506th at Camp Greaves in Korea. Upon my return to the states,...More
  Miller, Kinya T
  Miller, Lonnie L
  Miller, Lorin
  Miller, Mark A — I joined the Army in 76 and retired in 96 after various assignments. After I retired from the Army I...More
  Miller, Matt J
  Miller, Mike D — Had to retire early due to bad tree landing!! Air Force put my entire plane (C-141) in the trees (mi...More
  Miller, Mike
  Miller, Norman c
  Miller, Patrick
  Miller, Pearl — My grandpa Woots Chaffins was a Staff Sergeant for the 82nd Airboourne Division. He served from 194...More
  Miller, Philip
  Miller, Raymond D
  Miller, Robert j — none just STUDY of WW II air war ( ETO ) and of D-DAY UP TO OPERATION COBRA & band of brothers 8th...More
  Miller, Ruben P — Under the 3rd Brigade (Heavy) special troops battalion, A CO.
  Miller, Stanley
  Miller, Steve D
  Miller, Thomas L — Tow gunner with AT1 AND 2, CSC I/505. 1983- 1985 Grenada 1983 .Panama( jungle school) 1984
  Miller, Tracey l
  Miller, Walter — Jump school and 82 Division Artillery from 1959 to 1960. In Mainz, Germany with the 8th Airborne Di...More
  Miller, Whitney a — My husband was in 1/325 AIR and then at 507th Airborne school...and now is stuck in recruiter land.....More
  Miller, William j
  Miller , Arthur G — 1SG for A Co (Sharks0 C Co (Rock) and HSC SETAF (Griffins) from 1992-1996. Left Italy to FT Bliss, T...More
  Miller Jr, Paul W — Was a medic in the 1-504 PIR from 1998-2001 Served as a medic with the HHC 2/7 ADA Later se...More
  Milligan, Daniel L
  milligan, Fred
  Milligan, Jacob S
  Milliner, Bridget
  Million, Will
  Mills, Cory D — I am 16 and considering joining the army after high school.
  Mills, Frank D — 407th com.c
  Mills, John P — I soldiered with some of the finest Soldiers in the World! A and C BTRIES 1st Bn 102nd FA 26th Infa...More
  Mills, Roy T
  Milstead, Billy g — HSB 1/319th arty
  Milstead, Joey G
  Minella, David L — B-No Machine Gunner/Armorer/RTO. 82nd Div. Det. (Res) Ops. NCO. University of NC - Wilmington (BA's...More
  Miner, Jason m
  Miner, Steven
  Miner , Nicholas
  Minicozzi, Lillian
  Mininger, Ken — HHC, 1st Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment
  Mino, Ari — In basic training
  Minosky, Frank
  Mintz, Woodus E
  Miozzi, Lawrence R — A Battery 3/319th AFAR, Gun 2, Sgt. E-5
  Miracle, Terry
  Miron, Earl
  Misa, Kenneth
  Misa, Kenneth T
  Misener, Charles Arthur — Served with the 82nd from 1992-1996. Currently a career firefighter going on 11 years. Definetly m...More
  Miss, Been
  Mitchell, Aubrey D — retired from the us Army Reserves in 2007, done action in Kandarhar, Afghanistan and Baghdad, Iraq,a...More
  Mitchell, Eugene j
  Mitchell, Eugene j
  mitchell, glen
  Mitchell, Gordon B
  Mitchell, James j
  Mitchell, Jeannine L
  Mitchell, Joel K
  Mitchell, Nelson
  Mitchell, Ronald E — Ft Polk, La Basic B-4-1 65-66; Ft Polk, La AIT C-2_4 66; 283rd Avn Co Dom Rep 66; 82nd ABN Co...More
  Mitchell, Ronald — Assigned to 3rd Brigade 1/508 82nd Airborne Division 1968, and 1st Brigade 2/508 1970-73. I retired...More
  Mitchell, Scott a
  Mitchell, Stephen — Asigned to the Officer Personel Records Section from 1984 - 1988 As Senior Personel Records Special...More
  Mitchell, Thomas M
  Mitchell, Tim
  Mitchell Sr, Nelson l — I SERVED W/ B-TRP,1/17TH CAV. 82ND ABN DIV FROM FEB. 68-NOV.68,RVN,C-TRP. AT FT. BRAGG FROM 68-70
  Mitchem, Bobby O — 501st PIR 1957-1965 82nd Airborne Smokebomb hill Ft. Bragg,NC
  Mith, Bob S — bsdf
  Mittelsteadt, Dan
  Mize, Kevin L
  Mize, Tommy — Radio Teletype Operator with 82nd Airborne Div. Alpha Company 82nd Signal Bat
  Mizzles, Michael R — Served in U.S.N 1968-1974, in Viet Nam aboard Rescue Salvage vessel USS Grasp 1969-71 & with NAVSUPP...More
  Moak, Jake R
  moblel, kevin
  Mobley, Richard H
  Moctezuma Jr., Raymond
  Modic, Lawrence L
  Moe, Benjamin
  Moerike, James C. — vietnam era veteran 1st cav. division. this company next was bounty-reward by NVA after ashaw vall...More
  Moeser, Robert J
  Mojica, David
  Moland, Michiel W — 504th, 508th 82nd 17th Cav
  Molden, Steven f
  Mole, Willliam t
  Molohon, David
  Momsen, Natasha M
  Monaghan, Bill
  Monarez, Taryn
  Money, Shawn A — I was in C co 3/325. I then went to the scout platoon. I am now on recruiting duty in Chicago
  Monfort, Bob — Basic training at Ft. Lewis, Wash. AIT training at Ft. Leonardwood, MO. Jump school at Ft. Benning, ...More
  Monge, Ramon
  Monroe, T
  Montag, John
  Montague, William
  Montana, Dennis — served with the 1st 504th airborne infantry
  Montanez, Ed
  Montano, David — 82d fsb hq/a co. 97-99
  Monteiro, David J
  Montez, Rudy
  Montgomery, David
  Montgomery, David
  Montgomery, Freddie
  Montgomery, Micah
  Montgomery, Michael A
  Montgomery, Peter — Back surgery #4 and counting!
  Montgomery, Robert L — DOD GS11
  Monticello, Richard
  Monticello, Richard m
  Monticello, Richard M — Infantry School, B-258; Airborne School, 507th Delta ; Assigned to the 82nd Airborne (1-504) as an I...More
  Montilla, Melvin J — Active Duty D/2-504th PIR - 1990 - 1994
  Montoya, Matthew E
  Moon, Fred
  Moon, Love — i had no eny interests!!!!!!!
  Moon, Michael A
  Mooney, Benjamin R
  Mooney, Bill — I entered the army on 4/29/1969. I took basic at Ft. Benning Ga. AIT at Fort Benning Ga. Jump School...More
  Mooney, Kevin
  Mooney, Terry
  Mooore, Bill
  Moore, Aaron — Arrived at Cco 2/505 in April of 1993. Served as commanders RTO and then ran Cco commo shop until m...More
  Moore, Bernard L
  Moore, Billy
  Moore, Bob
  Moore, Brian L — Served with Charlie Company, 4/325th Airborne Infantry Regiment - Fort Bragg, NC (1986-1988). Also s...More
  Moore, Charles W — B Co 1/325 AIR, Red Falcons, M60 Team Leader , 2/82d AVN, Redhawks, Door Gunner
  Moore, Cindy
  Moore, Danny M
  Moore, David
  Moore, Gregory — Retired after 25 years in the Army. Airborne, Infantry, Engineer, Logistics. Bragg, Panama, Germany,...More
  Moore, James E — I am 16 I am an E-5 Sergent cadet in the South Hills High School JROTC. When i graduate college im j...More
  Moore, Jeff — Served first in Delta Battery, 4/325 in Vicenza as Commo Wire specialist. Transferred to Charlie Com...More
  moore, jeff
  Moore, Jerry E. — DAV, 82nd Paratrooper.
  Moore, John l — B co, 1st Bn 505th Inf(PIR)3rd Bde, 82nd Air Borne DIVISION,(R V N ). I was the Sgt that was acting ...More
  Moore, John l
  Moore, John S
  Moore, Joseph
  Moore, Joseph c — Scout Plt, 3rd Bn 502nd Inf Reg., 101 st Abn Div (AASLT), 1981-1987; B Co., 3rd Bn., 504th Parachute...More
  Moore, Michael s
  Moore, Michael B — 5th Squadron, 17th Davalry 1st Squadron (Air), 17th Cavalry DCSIM (5th Signal Command), USAEUR
  Moore, Patrick
  Moore, Percy A
  Moore, Peter M — Assigned to A co 501st ABC. UH-1 mechanic and crew chief
  Moore, Racheal
  Moore, Rhett — considering getting back in the guard in the near future
  Moore, Robert
  Moore, Russell — 525 MI Group, RVN
  Moore, Terry B
  Moore, Todd — good
  Moores, Leon E
  Morales, Alexis G — Master Sergeant Alexis G. Morales was born in Bronx, NY, December 18, 1960, and was raised in Guayam...More
  Morales, Gabriel — Forward Observer- C Btry 1-319th AFAR- A Co. 2-505th PIR
  Morales, T B
  Moran, Charles R. — Active military service with U.S. Army 1971-74 (C Co., 3rd Bn., 325th Abn. Inf.) and 1975-79 (Aero R...More
  Moran, Donna
  Moran, Kim
  moran, shaun
  Morant, Jerome Douglas
  Morasky, Thomas f
  Moravek, Albert C — Sent To Okinowa In 1960 With The 503 Inf.Combat Team. 3Rd platoon 1St sqd. Stationed At Marshinnato...More
  Moreau, Al
  Morehouse, Ralph D — Wire Systems Installer in the 82nd Signal Bn A co Scop platoon from 1/90 - 2/92. Some of the greate...More
  Moreno, Abel R — I Have dedicated all of my time to helping veterans through a national organization known as Vets4Ve...More
  Moreno, Carlos M — I served in 82nd ABN, 2/505, 2/325, 1/325. and 1/14INF in Hawaii. I participated in Operation Desert...More
  Moreno, Jim H
  Morenotrinidad, Jose L. — Came in the ARMY in September 25, 1997 In September 25, 1999 Graduate from AIRBORNE School in FT ...More
  Morg, Trup Mr
  Morgan, Billy
  Morgan, Bob — Went through Jump School June 1960,Was the First one in the Avionics,section. The work was then turn...More
  Morgan, Carl L — from 1984 to 1989 with 82nd airborne avition working with the cobra and ah-64s, 1 year in korea, fro...More
  Morgan, Danny R — Joined 65th MPs in July 02, then deployed to Iraq for 13 months with 65th MPs/4th PLT Bushmasters, t...More
  Morgan, David
  Morgan, Herman R
  Morgan, James M
  Morgan, Jeremy M — Truck driver 3-505 PIR HHC
  Morgan, John W — Infantry, Abn-Rgr. RVN 69-70: 6/31 Inf (9th ID); Ranger Instructor - MRC; 82d Abn Div: C/1/508 Inf;...More
  Morgan, Joseph — I joined the Army in June 2000, 12 days after graduating from high school. I went to basic at Fort B...More
  Morgan, Kelly E
  Morgan, Mark — I was in the 1/505, The 3/325, and the 2/504. I went to Grenada, Panama, and Saudi Arabia. I did a...More
  Morgan, Marty R — Served in Aco 1st 504 --3rd platoon
  Morgan, Patricia
  Morgan, Patrick j
  Morgan, Richard A — Sgt Aco Wildbunch of the DMZ Snag the flag
  Morgan, Shawn R
  Morgan, Stephen E
  Morgan , Dennis W
  Morgenstern, Kevin J
  Morin, Justin T
  Morin, Roland
  Morley, Logan Wright — See Interests and Activities.
  Morlock, Hal
  Morris, Benjamin G — 1968-Enlisted 1969-Commission 1970-Viet Nam 1971-SFQC 1972-Rifed 1973-Pathfinder 1974-Jumpmas...More
  Morris, Christopher E — None
  Morris, Christopher
  Morris, Cindy
  Morris, Dana — B Co. 3/504th PIR
  Morris, David — PV2 , Discharged Honorabel , aug 28 97, member of the SETAF Southern European Task Force, 3/325 abct...More
  Morris, Dewayne E
  Morris, Donald
  Morris, Eric T
  Morris, Eric
  Morris, Glenn
  Morris, Greg w — Served in the 82bd ABN 82nd Signal Battalion Aco assault cp.. Served in Gulf War, Hurrican andrew, W...More
  Morris, Jason
  Morris, John
  morris, josh
  Morris, Linda M
  Morris, M
  Morris, Michael
  Morris, Richard D — Res. 31M In CA 80-82/ Active 11B. Korea 1/23rd Inf. Tomahawks 1982-83/ Ft Lewis WA. Moterized Inf. T...More
  Morris, Rick w — IC3 USS SHENANDOAH AD-44 82-86
  Morris, Robert
  Morris, Robert
  Morrison, Alver E
  Morrison, Brandon A
  Morrison, Brandon
  Morrison, Earl — 2/75th RGR BN 1985-1988 HHB 9th INF DIVARTY 1988-1989 HHB 82nd ABN DIV DIVARTY 1989-1990 A 1/319t...More
  Morrison, Ellen
  Morrison, Eric J
  Morrison, Matthew jm
  Morrison-Craig, Ebony Lovelet
  Morse, Phillp
  Mortenson Jr., Robert S — After AIT (13A) in 1973 I served in A Btry, 2nd/321st, 82nd Abn Div. In Oct 1974 I went to OCS, For...More
  Morton, George — HHC 2nd Bn (ABN) 505th Inf. TUSA
  Morton, Michael S
  Morton, Stoney — C. Co. 1/505th PIR 3rd Plt Weapons
  Moscato, Robert P
  Moschner Jr., Gerald — Upon retirement from the service I went to work for the U.S. Postal Service. I have been there over ...More
  Moseley, Bill J — I served with the 82nd ('B' 2/505). After leaving the military I used my GI Bill to complete a BS B...More
  Moseng, Craig E — I served in the 82nd Airborne, HHC 1/325AIR Mortars from DEC 94-97.
  mosher, ken
  Mosher, Robert f. — Bad Tolz and Ft. Devens
  Mosley, Dean
  Moss, Cortnee F — im a military spouse waiting for my husband to get back from depoyment
  Moss, David g — Member of the 82nd Airborne from 84 to 86. 321st artillery unit. I am now 44yrs old and I am a licen...More
  Moss, John C
  Moss, Loretta C — My husband was in the USMC and was in the Gulf War. My younger brother was in the Navy, Army, India...More
  mossett, elly
  Mosso, Brent w — I love to kill all ya' bastards that wanna fuck with USA!!!!!!!!!!!! Army Huah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Mosuch, Kristen E — Umm..i just joined this thing so i could find a friend of mine.
  Mott, John C
  Mottola, Nick J. — Served with C co. engineers Grenada /Beirut (IN REMEMBRANCE OF THE 241 LOST TO A SUICIDE BOMBER AND...More
  Moya, Julie
  Moye, Marcus — I was an 11B from 89-93 in the 2/504 alpha company. I also was in the A Co. 1/505 from 95-96
  Moyer, John T
  Moyer Ii, Darrell E
  Moyle, Robert D
  Mucha, Ken L — 15 years w/ 82nd Abn Div Arty 1975-1986....3 Years with Recruiting Command (Montrose, Colorado) 198...More
  Muck, Donna
  Mueller, Andreas — Airborne Medical Maniacs, - FIDO - We called ourselves the "Maniacs", a great bunch (cohort plato...More
  Mueller, Robert
  Mueller, Stephen
  Muentnich, Pierre J
  Muhammad, Ahmad AR — Currently serving with 3/504 PIR-1 BDE-82 ABN DIV
  Muir, Jim
  Muir, Jim
  Mullen, Adam P
  Mullen, James
  Mullens, James Robert — 1/505th 3rd BGD 82nd ABN Vietnam Phuloi, Iron Triangle
  Mullett Sr., Robert E — 2yrs. 82nd. abn. div. 65-67. 2yrs. 8th. abn. div. 67-69. disabled 100% s.c. 2 discharges honorable. ...More
  Mullin, Jeffrey J — 1SG(Ret.) U.S. Army MP
  Mullins, Mike
  Mullis, Roy
  Mullis, Roy E — First served active duty enlisted with A Co, 2/505th Abn Infantry and later served in the in the 70t...More
  Mulvaney, Patrick D
  Mulvihill, Michael T — Parachute Rigger
  Mundis, Andrew
  Mundo, Martinjunior Castro — I used to be in the 313th MI BN, 82D ABN DIV- Ft.Bragg.
  Mundorff, Dru
  Mungin, Elbert — Joined in 1981 and retired 2002. Served in C co. 1/509 from Nov 81 to Dec 83, B co. 2/325 from Dec 8...More
  Mungin, Horace L — I completed the Basic Airborne Course on Sept. 23rd 1960. I was stationed at Fort Bragg from August ...More
  muniz colon, abimelec — hola mi nombre es abimelec soy boricua siempre me a gustado el army pero no se como entrar.
  Munoz, Julio E — Warrior!
  Munoz, Mary — none
  Munsey Jr., Harry R — Spent all of my career as a Military Policeman. I started my career with the 108th MP Company and s...More
  Munson, Allen J
  Munson, Richard J — I have spent most of my life around or in the Military. I grew up as an Air Force brat. I joined the...More
  Munyan, Monte J — 1996 Basic at Ft. Bliss, 91A at Ft. Sam Houston, Jump School at Benning, Arrived 82nd abn in April ...More
  Murphre, Billy
  Murphy, Brian — 82nd D 3/504th P.I.R. 1989-1992
  Murphy, David W — 11B1P with 2/504 P.I.R. Radio Telephone Operator, M-47 Dragon Gunner, Rifleman
  Murphy, Kristen
  Murphy, Larry M — Currnetly serving as a Cavalry Scout in 1-111th Infantry (M) Pa National Guard. Served on active dut...More
  Murphy, Mary A — No experience in the service except for,...Being a MOM who has a son in the 82nd,...Which to me this...More
  Murphy, Michael A — I served with C/1st/508/82nd Airborne Infantry from March 1968 to March 1969. I was in 1st squad of ...More
  Murphy, Patrick
  Murphy, Patrick — HHC 1/508th, Recon
  Murphy, Robert c — LRRP Co.(Abn), Germany,(1961-4),RM Commandos 1962, 1/501 (1964-5), 5th SFG RVN (65), 2/502 RVN (65-6...More
  Murphy, Sean C — Served In: 1st Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne, Berlin Brigade, TF 4/505 INF-MFO Currently s...More
  Murphy, Sean C
  Murphy, William E
  Murray, Alan — great
  Murray, Albert
  Murray, Bob
  Murray, James
  Murray, Jerry E
  Murray, Thomas B — I'm Thomas .B. Murray from Newberry, South Carolina
  Murray, Will
  Murrell, Walter L
  Murrietta, Frank Pancho J — I spent most of my time in Alpha Troop 1st Squadron 17th Cavalry, and some time in HHT (Headquarter ...More
  Murry, Brian
  Musco, Greg
  Mutaffis, Tom J — Primarily worked on computer systems. Cross-trained to communications at a later date.
  Muth, Stephan C — Member of 3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Bco. 3rd Bat, 505th PIR, 82nd ABN... Member of Recon Team 1, HHC ...More
  Myaard, Bruce
  Myers, Brandon B — Not in the military. Yet, but want to be as soon as I graduate.
  Myers, Clayton J — Served 82nd Airborne 1981 thru 1985 - B Co, HHC, A Co. 1/505th - Marine Corps Amphibious Course ...More
  Myers, Danny
  Myers, Doug
  Myers, James E — Living with my wife of 28 years near Ft. Lee Virginia. Currently working as a Sr ORSA for a defense...More
  Myers, Jeffrey D — Arrived at Bragg in April '85. Was assigned to HHC 1st Bde, as PLL Clerk. Then became Operations N...More
  Myers, Jim
  Myers, John W
  Myers, Thomas
  Myers Centeno, Doshia
  Myers Iii, Clayton J — Enlisted 1APR 81 ETS 1APR 4 Years 82nd Airborne Division 1st BN (AIRBORNE) 505th INFANTRY Sin...More
  Myers Jr, John S — Served with the 82nd Airborne Division my whole career. First unit was 1/508th in April 82. PCSed to...More
  Myers Jr, John S — HHC 1/508th-82-86 A Co. 3/325th ABCT-86-89 HHC 307th ENG-89-90 HQ 2nd BDE-90-91 B Co. 4/325th A...More
  Myers Jr, John Samuel
  Myers Jr., John S. — Served with the 82nd from 1982-1995. Medically discharged due to Gulf War Syndrome. Participated in ...More
  Myhan, Jay
  Myrick, Keith M — Special forces Vietnam
  Myrie, Melford
  Myrmel, Michael C — served with Bco 2/504th PIR for Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

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