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  H, Big Grunt a — 82nd airborne; 4/325 Bravo Company, 2nd ID; 1/5th (m) Infantry, 101st; 3/327 Charlie - Infantry ...More
  H, C
  H, Jon
  H, Susan
  H, T.
  Haak, John
  habisch, josh
  Hackett, Brian E — Spent 3 1/2 years in the 82nd Airborne; 2nd of the 505th PIR, Delta Company from 89 to 92. It was a...More
  Hackleman, Douglas K — 82nd from 1963 to 1966, served in Dominican Republic during insurrection and was with the 19th sfc N...More
  Hackler, Mikco
  Hackler, Thomas M — 20 year Plus, Retired 1SG 13Y50 2 tours Vietnam'' 11B 17 Years Infantry 11B,11C,11H, 11B4HL, Train...More
  Hadaway, Cass E — 1/504 Bco 2nd platoon 2nd squad. 91-92 Recon platoon.
  Haddad, Sam
  Hadden, Joe — Chaparral/Redeye Gunner/Squad Leader 1975 -1979 Redeye Section Leader (1-503 IN) 1980 - 1981 Redey...More
  Hadden, Mike E — @0 yrs (retired) Airborne Most of the time,, Got my Master Wings in 1968.. Served in These Units: 8...More
  haden, scott
  Haderer, Philip A — I am the son of Anthony J. Haderer, a WWII veteran, who died in July 1996. My father enlisted with t...More
  Hafer, Steven S
  Hagan, Mike J
  Hagar, John
  Hageman, Marianne
  Hagerman, Cynthia M
  Haggard, Donald — I'm energetic, fun, loving, loyal, passionate, caring, and I have a great sense of humor. I'm a "fly...More
  Haggard, Michael S
  Haggerty, Michael f
  Hagood, Lewis J — new to the site let me know how it is
  Hagwood, Troy r
  Hahn, David K — Horses, Hunting, HAM Radio, Computers
  Hahn, Debbie
  hairston, barry a — airborne infantry parachute rigger personnel management specialists
  Halash, Jeffery A — Cavalry Scout 1st Armored Division,1-1 CAV-B troop,1st Platoon-Ansbach Germany,Persian Gulf 1990-199...More
  Haley, Jeremy M — Served in 82d ABN, 307th EN BN, 2004-2006, Border Transition Team, S3, and BDE EN at Fort Eustis, VA
  Haley, Stephen T
  Halilaj, Arber
  Hall, Ashley
  Hall, Brad R
  Hall, Bradlee D
  Hall, Grover
  Hall, James L. — Platoon Sergeant of a 3-5 Platoon at Fort Hood Texas
  Hall, James — Born June 10th, 1970. 82nd abn div mar 1990 to sep 1995, 82nd PSC, 82nd PSB Charlie Co
  Hall, Jerry j — I spent most of my enlisted time in the infantry 2/325 AIR 82nd Airborne Division from 1988-1992 and...More
  Hall, Jerry
  Hall, Jerry L — I have been around for a number of years now as I have gone over 20 years of military service. As o...More
  Hall, Joseph E.
  Hall, Kenneth
  Hall, Kerry D — 1SG of "D" Troop. 1-17th Cav. 82nd Abn Div from March 1990- Feb of 1997. 18 Months as the "F" Troop...More
  Hall, Larry W
  Hall, Larry W
  Hall, Maya
  Hall, Robert b
  Hall, Russell B.
  Hall, W
  Hall, Wayne V — 1/504 PIR 85-89; HHC 2ID (PAO) 89-90; HHC XVIII Abn Corps 90-91; 49th PAD (Abn) 91-93; European Star...More
  Hall, Wesley
  Hall, William
  Hall , Bruce E
  Haller, Frederick B
  Halliday, Robert
  Hallinan, Jeff
  Halpin, John P — 1-6 INF in 1 AD in Baumholder, Germany
  Halsey, Raymond
  Halsey, Warren V. — 22 Retired Army Senior NCO; Career Military Policeman
  Ham, Bobby — BRANCH: US Army PMOS: 31k (Combat Signaler) ENTERED ACTIVE DUTY: 7 Jun 1988 Assignment History:...More
  Ham, Ian
  Hamel, Rainie — I was an Army wife for 5 years when I decided to join myself, as a Reservist. I'm so very proud of ...More
  Hamer, Michael A — Retired
  Hamilton, Anthony — I was attached to the FAST for 2nd 325 1986 to 1989
  Hamilton, Bruce W — 82nd Airborne Div. Alpha Co. 1/325 May 86-89'. Ft. Bragg, N.C. 2nd Brigade 34th Infantry Div. I...More
  Hamilton, Gerald E — Enlisted Army Airborne Jan 1956; basic at Ft Ord, CA; 82nd Airborne Div, Ft Bragg, NC; 1956-57 HQ/82...More
  Hamilton, Johnathan P
  Hamilton, Roy
  Hamilton, Will — Living the gravy life with a good woman.
  Hamler, Chrisitna — contract up in 2008
  Hamm, Roberta
  Hammer, David P
  Hammer, David — F Company, 782nd Maintenance Battalion (Simmons Army Airfield) Avionics Shop, 934th Maintenance S...More
  Hammer, Shaun — "Abn Class 23, Last and Best of 73." Then assigned to A Troop, 1/17th Cav, 82nd Abn. I got out, got...More
  Hammock, Randy J — Col back Hm PSU=Admin Just-Us Jobs tight in OR so I patrolled Hays Street for a couple yrs Low pay, ...More
  Hammond, Christopher l
  Hammond, Mark Anthony p — like most things i am nothing, i am currently an amatuer unix programmer and spend most of my time g...More
  Hammond, Richard C — Retired Army, Chaplain, renovating the old family HOMESTEAD in Maine
  Hampel, Brian — I did two tours with the all american MP Co. I was with 2nt plt for both tours. I am now stationed...More
  Hampton, David M — Op Just Cause, Panama, 60mm Ammo Bearer-Conducted airfield take down-Assaulted and occupied the Pana...More
  Hance, Joshua
  Hanchett, Richard P
  Hancock, Erin M
  Hancock, Jack E
  hand, erick
  Handrinos, John P
  Handschuh, Robert J — Served from 5/88 - 3/97. Jumped into Panama(Operation Just Cause), Spent 9mths is the worlds bigges...More
  Haner, Baron
  Hanes, Rob O
  Haney, Jere — Served with: B. Co. 394th. UH-1, Platoon, Nellingen, West Germany. 67N2P, UH-1 Mechanic. Also, wor...More
  Haney, Jim
  Haney, Jim
  Haney, Richard M — 3/504 PIR 2/504 PIR
  Hankinson, Brian T
  Hankinson, Kenneth
  Hanlen, John J — 2nd Plt Dco 2/504th PIR
  Hanley, Michael j — two yrs with Bco3/325 6 yrs with Bco 3/504
  Hanlon, David — vietnam
  Hanna, Andrew C
  Hanner, Ron
  Hanners, Phillip M — Picture showing Vanscouten,Keers, ME, Steve Johnson and Shaw (PUP)
  Hanners Aka Ga, Phillip
  Hanney, John s
  hanrahan, james michael — my family has lost two people who were great persons my dad and his brother not to war but from VA l...More
  Hansen, Brian L — Love jumping. Hook me up with some good ones if you've got any.
  Hansen, Michael f — was an E-5 with 82nd combat avition bn F-company
  Hansen, Niels — 3rd Armored Div, A/40th FA Dec 88-Aug 91 C/6-32 FA Aug 91-Dec 92 B/4-27 FA Dec 92-Jul 95 B...More
  Hanseth, Mike — 82 4/325 B Co 3rd herd 86-92 did a tour in Germany then back to bragg now stuck as a recruiter, wai...More
  Hansley, Jason B — I have lived in CA, FL, GA, MD, NC, NM, OH & SC. I have visited AL, AR, AZ, CO, IL, KS, KY, LA, MI, ...More
  Hansohn, Edward — NBC Spec/ Armor
  Hanson, Chris
  Hanson, Edward S
  Hanson, Paul
  happney, rodney
  Happnie, Gary j — Joined the US ARMY in 1973, first unit was A/2/504inf, Ft Bragg, NC reenlisted and changed MOS' as...More
  Happy, John
  Hara, Thomas
  Harbarger, Scott a — I was a 93b2pw5 (OH-58D) aerial observer with D troop, 1/17 Air cav
  Harbison, Michael D. — PROUD MEMBER OF REDEYE AND ASSOC. Business Degree from CSU Sacramento - 1985. Married in 1986, h...More
  Harbour, Dave p — I was in 3/325th A.B.C.T C co. (the rat bastards)88-90.then 4/325th B co. 2nd plt. 90-92 desert sh...More
  Hardee, Bry
  Hardin, Allen S — i a member 1/623fa abtry m110 howitzer gulf war vet
  Hardin, Roy L
  Harding, Joel K — 25 years in the Army, have served in Special Forces, Special Ops, Infantry Officer in Germany, Intel...More
  Hardman, John
  Hardy, David W — Joined the Army back in 1992, got out after 9 years. The worst time of my life was as a civilian. ...More
  Hardy, Paul W — lrsu trpr while on smoke bomb hill
  Hare, Susan
  Harjo, Charles — 7 years in 505th
  Harkenreader, Scott — Brigade Airborne Operations NCO
  Harker, Alan
  Harker, Alan D — I was assigned to Cco 1/325 AIR 82nd Airborne Div. Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer i...More
  harkins, lloyd
  Harkins, Vickie Lyn
  Harlow, Daryn G
  Harmon, Bruce A — A/5th Engineers 89-93 B/307th 82d Abn 93-99 120th Inf Bde San Antonio TX AC/RC
  Harmon, David l — I was a cook in the 2/504 82nd Airborne Infantry Division in the early 60's. Now I'm 63 years old an...More
  Harmon, Randy — I
  Harmon, Rick A
  Harney, Ryan
  Harnish, Arthur
  Harpenau, Kenneth
  Harper, Michael V
  Harr, Tim S. — Full Time Active Duty Army Soldier Current Assignment: Instructor/Writer, National Guard Bureau, P...More
  Harrell, Clark C
  Harrell, Gerald L — 82ND AIRBORNE DIVISION BATTERY B (105 MM) (AIRBORNE) 319TH ARTILLERY - Ft Bragg, NC 1955 - 1958 S...More
  Harrell, Stan E
  Harrell, Stanley E. — I joined the Army in June 1960, and attended BCT at Ft. Lenordwood, Mo. , and retired in November 19...More
  Harriman, Andrew S
  Harriman, James
  Harrington, David — 82nd airborne d Co. 1/508 1968-1969 Vietnam B Co. 2/30th 3d Inf. 1969-1970 Schweinfurt German...More
  Harrington, Dean J — I was in A co 2/4 Inf Scout platoon from Dec 79 till Sept 81, Had some great times. 81-85 HHC 4/68 a...More
  Harris, Daniel P
  Harris, Edmond — I was in the 3rd bat. 508th inf. airborne Charlie company from Feb. 1965 to Sept. 1966. I retired f...More
  Harris, Kellly
  Harris, Ken — 42nd Company, TAC NCO, Jump School. A 1/320th, 82nd Airborne, 74-77. Foward Observer to all brigad...More
  Harris, Mark D — Drafted 72-74Helicopter Crewchief 67Yankee B co. 82nd Avn. Bn., college after service 2 yrs-civil en...More
  Harris, Marvin
  Harris, Megan M — my boyfriend Jason just left for Iraq last week. this is my first time being with someone on deploym...More
  harris, michael — A 1/508th 3rd Brigade Viet Nam 2/68 to 7/68
  Harris, Nicole D
  Harris, Richard O
  Harris, Thomas N
  Harris, Thomas
  Harris, Tyler
  Harris, Walker A
  Harris Sr., Chris A — Wife left me after 22years 8months and 15 days for a man she meet Online on 28 Aug 2008. Then she le...More
  Harrison, Darryl e
  Harrison, Donald l
  Harrison, Donnice R
  Harrison, Fredrick G.
  Harrison, Gary D — I was in combat withHHC 307th Engineer Battalion in the 82nd Airborne. From 1990 to 1991. My name i...More
  Harrison, Jody
  Harrison, Keith J — Alpha Animals, 307th Medical Bn.
  Harrison, Ronnie f
  Harrison, Ronnie f — Ronnie F Harrison. I was with the 82nd from Feb.68 til Sept.69
  Harrison, Stacye
  Harriss, Robert — Since AUG 1987, I have served in CONUS, The Far East, & Europe. 8 duty stations, 13 Units, and 5 dep...More
  Harroway, Cyndia D — Anyone attend jump school Jan - Feb 1981? Send me an E: It took me a lit...More
  Harshman, James W — 47yr old military retiree. 22 yrs as a 98C, Radio Traffic Analyst. 105 military parachute jumps in...More
  Harskjold, Troy R
  Harskjold, Troy R — Without a doubt,"The Airborne Mafia" is alive and well. I know this as I return for the fourth time....More
  Hart, Craig s — I am now a LT. in prevention now for our CDF/Tuolumne County Fire Dept. My wife and son have left an...More
  Hart, Gerard J
  Hart, Stephen — While I was in the 82nd Airborne Division this was the Battalion I served in.
  Hart, Thomas
  Hartfield, Amber
  Harting, Brandon
  Hartley, William
  Hartman, Bryant E
  Hartman, Henry W
  Hartman, Kipp D
  Hartman, Peter G — I served 4 years as an 11B on active duty and 5 years in the Louisiana National Guard. I am now an ...More
  Hartmann, Terrance L
  Hartung, Hans-Juergen Julius Johann — After my trip to Vietnam 69/69, I came back to Fort Hood, TX. Re-enlisted and went to Germany, from...More
  Hartung, Howard
  Harty, William W. — I served with B, C, & D Companies, 1/504 PIR from 1989 to 1993, including deployments to Panama for ...More
  Harty, William W
  Harvey, David
  Harvey, Derrick D
  Harvey, Fallon B — My boyfriend is over in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne. I'm looking for someone to talk to about deploy...More
  harvey, michael
  Harvey, Paul C. — Soldier, Cop, Firearms Instructor
  Harvey, Raymon L — Wanting to get into the Military (ARMY) but hate that u have to take the ASVAB to get into something...More
  Harvey Jr, Christopher E — Enlisted 310506, Trained at Ft Sill, OK continued to Ft Benning for Jump School. Arrived 2/325 Nov06...More
  has, Jessica
  Hasbrouck, Tom
  Hasenauer, Paul F
  Hasibuan, Bachtiar
  Haskell, Lawrence
  Haskins, Jeremy
  Haskins, Karl G.
  Hasler, Carl C. — Served in the 3/504 PIR from November 1988 to April 1992. Served in Operations Desert Shield/Desert...More
  Hasper, Andrew S
  Hastings, Erik W — I have 9 years TIS, roughly 3 1/2 AD Army 4 1/2 Army NG and 1 Mobilized NG as part of Noble Eagle. R...More
  Hastings, John L — Was assigned to several Helicopter Ambulance units over 16 years. Started as a young Spec4 flight me...More
  Hastings, Vernon R.
  Hatch, George C — i was in the army for over 20 years i am looking for buddies who were with me in vieatman at the 3...More
  Hatcher, Tommie M — Served with 1/508 inf in Domincan Republic. 1965.
  Hatcher, Vickie K
  Hatfield, Danny
  Hatfield, John M
  Hatfield, Pete — B co 782nd maint Btn track secction
  Hatherill, Michael A
  Hatkoff, Scott D
  Hatley, Lee — Served in PAC, HHC 3-73rd Airborne Armor from 86-89. Attended graduate school. Currently working a...More
  Hatton, John — Enlisted Service: 27 July 1992-Present: US Army-Active Duty, 82nd ABN DIV, 2nd BN 319th Airborne Fie...More
  Hauck, Rod
  Hauoli, John E — Served 19 years active army. He participated in 2 major campaigns which includes Desert Storm. Opera...More
  Hauschildt, William F — joined the army 5-79, basic ft.knox ky. ait + jump school ft.benning ga. stationed at fort bragg nc....More
  Havard, Jesse Lynn — SSG Jesse L Havard graduated in 2004 from New Hope High School in Columbus, MS. During his senior ye...More
  Haven, Michael D — 1/505 A Company 3rd Brigade, Vietnam 3/504,HQ Company 4th Brigade,Ft. Bragg
  Hawes, Eric A — Happily married father of 3 angels, 2 little and a son that's now taller than me. As far as me, ...More
  Hawes, Greg E — 82 nd airborn 1996-1999
  Hawes, Gregory E
  Hawkins, Alice
  Hawkins, crystal
  Hawkins, Frank A. — I Served with the brigade from Aug 68 to Feb 70 at L.Z. North English S-1 & S-3
  Hawkins, Ruaaell C
  Hawkins, Russell
  Haworth, Charles
  Hawthorn, James P — I was with the 10th Gp from 68-70. I left Bad Toelz with the group in 68 and made the move to Ft Dev...More
  Hawthorne, Marc A — Desert Storm Veteran
  Hawthorne, Nick
  Hay, Fraser
  Hayball, Jerry — Joined Army in 1988, served with the 82nd Airborne out of Bragg. When I got off active duty joined a...More
  Hayball, Jerry
  Haycraft, Michael l
  Hayden, John
  Hayden, Mike — VET
  Hayes, Brett L
  Hayes, Brian P
  Hayes, Donald
  Hayes, Eric
  Hayes, Leanna L
  Hayes, Marisol
  Hayes, Roy M
  Hayes, William — The military made me a lean mean fighting machine
  Hayhurst, Jim R — 3 YEARS ACTIVE DUTY WITH B co 313th MI BN........1983---1986 REMBASS PLT.
  Hayne, Dennis — Served with the LRRP (later LRSD) 313th Military Intelligence and then with Alphatraz Company, 1/325...More
  Haynes, Aaron C — 11c3p, Served with C 1/504 PIR and C 3/505 PIR at Bragg, and I am currently serving with A 3/327 INF...More
  haynes, damien — im bout to join the us army after i take and pass my asvab on next thursday october 20th i cant wait...More
  Haynes, Debra
  Haynes, Jeff
  Haynes, Kelley E — My husband is an 11C who I met while he was stationed at Ft. Bragg, we then got "selected" for recru...More
  Haynes, Steven
  Haynie, Stanley
  Haywood, J
  Hayzlett, Robert L — 82d MP Co 1974-1981, C Btry 3/71 ADA1981-1982, 218th MP Co 1982-1984, 503d MP Bn 1984-1989, 42d ...More
  Hazen, Heather p
  Head, Frances
  Heald, Timothy
  Heald, Timothy J — Ex-Infantry Programmer Father
  Healey, Zachary G — Im an Army DEP who ships out Feb. 5th. Im really excited about it and I cant wait for Airborne Schoo...More
  Heaphy, Michael P — former 82nd Airborne 11B2P, 76Y, light weapons armorer former Guard and Relief Commander, Tomb of t...More
  Heard Jr, Grover
  Heasley, Mark a — 11B 11C Jumpmaster school EIB CIB
  Heath, David E — Some of the most memorable time's of my life , some very good time's and friends . AIRBORNE Co....More
  Heathman, B — I was a blue falcon 96-99
  Hebb, Daniel E
  Hebert, Chris E
  Hebert, Keith A — I served in 3/4 Air Defense Artillery. Vulcan gun Squad.
  Heck, Jessica
  Heckman, Lloyd W
  Heddles, Sharon M
  Heffernan, James
  Heffernan, Michael J — Airborne Medic. Jumping out of planes and saving lives.
  Heffner, Ron
  Heichel, Justin
  Heider, Andrew
  Heilig, Chad W — (HHB 3rd/1st FA) Bamberg, Germany 88-90 (HHB 1st/319th FA 82nd ABN) Ft. Bragg, NC 90-91 (attached ...More
  Heilskov, Jeremy — 82nd Airborne Division, D Co. 2/504 PIR
  Heinerich, John w
  Heines, Matthew D.
  Heinrich, Douglas J
  Heins, Todd A
  Heinzman, Robert — Commissioned as a 2LT, MI branch in 1974. Served in the 9th Missile Group and the 6/33 FA (Lance) o...More
  Heiser, Nicholas W — I am a sophmore in High School, and I've spent most of my life obsessed with the army. I am really ...More
  Heisserer, Raymond
  Heitert, Thomas G
  Heitz, Sean n
  Helkey, Jerry E
  Hellem, Robert
  Heller, Daniel M — C Company 2/508, (spent last year in HHC as S3 Air NCO - a miserable job I was forced into). "Colds...More
  Heller, Leo F
  Hellman, Kevin M
  Helm, Morgan E — Enlisted Jan 1981, assigned to 2nd BN, 508th Inf. 82nd ABN Div. Fort Bragg, NC MOS 11C1P
  Helms, Gregory — 82-84 CSC 1/504 Ft. Bragg 84-86 Ft. Kobbe Panama PCSed when only A Co. was airborne Transitioned ...More
  Helphinstine, Christopher T — class-a11-4amq-1221
  Heltman, Ryan C — delta co 3/505 pirserved under 1sgt Brian Olsen, Ssgt Kevin Fox, SFC Jurkovic, 2nd LT Brian McGarry
  Helton, Kim
  Helton, Ty — Specialized in Army on different Aeronautical platforms. Excelled in Management, PC and QA positions...More
  Hembree, Donald G — I have served with many units, D co. (Recon) 2/503inf (ABN) ,CSC (Recon) 1/51Inf, C co. 1/506inf, B ...More
  Hemp, Jeremy J
  Hemphill, Scott
  Hency, Summer M
  Henderson, Dick F
  Henderson, Jarred
  Henderson, Karl B — E-4-E-5 A Co, Sharks
  Henderson, Ken e — Kick ass buck sergeant
  Henderson, Mark A — Weapons SQD LDR, 3d PLT, A/2-504 PIR July 2002 to Aug 2003. Still Assigned, but attached to XVIII A...More
  Henderson, Paul Red
  Henderson, Robert
  Henderson, Robert — Was assigned to A co., 1stABG, 504Inf. the first week of July 1958. We rotated to Germany as a unit...More
  Hendley, Greg
  Hendley, Jeremy e
  Hendricks, Scott — Served w/ B Co as a Plt Ldr, then S3 Air for a while, then again w/ B Co as XO. I finished out my t...More
  Henkel, Charles D
  Henley, Grady — Married; live in Houston, Texas area. Work for a major oil company.
  Henn, Tanya
  Hennig, George R — 508th PIR, 1st Bat CO D 1945 Fort Benning, 1946 stationed in Frankfurt Germany during occupation ser...More
  Henning, Darrell
  Henry, Kenny
  HENRY, NICHOLAS CARL — Enlisted Jul 1964 Basic: Ft Dix NJ AIT: Ft Leonardwood Mo BAC: Ft Benning Ga 1st Un...More
  Henry, Nicholas C — Trained as Pioneer @ Ft Lennard Wood, Mo. jump school @ T Benning Assigned to 307 th Eng., 82 ...More
  Henry, Ray A — A. Co. 1/508 82nd Airborne Nam '68 -'69 married
  Henry, Russell C
  Henry , Philip
  henshoher, david — fort bragg 3 years and 18th abn aug 71 to sept 73 after veitnam 6a9 to 71 herd bde hgs commo and 2...More
  Hensley, Chuck
  Hensley, George
  Hensley, Paul J — Rotated between 327th battalions - was glider trooper
  Henson, Angela
  Henson, Jason M — 81mm Motars HHC 4/325 AIR. Persian Gulf, JRTC, JOTC and many other jumps throughout the US.
  Henson, Julia
  Henson, Paul
  Henson Cooper, Angela j
  Herbeck, Laura
  Herbert, Joe — I served from 90-95, 4 of which were with the 82nd Airborne
  Herbert, Joseph M — Mortar sqd leader for 4-325 PIR
  herd, steve
  herdliska, terrance lee — retired 1SG 2/508pir;3/160 mech inf;1/160 mech inf; ncoc instructor;mortar psg;bn ops sgt;line co ...More
  Herdliska, Terrance L — 2/508 abn inf bn 74-78 hhc 469th s&s bn 80-82 hhc 1/160 inf carng 82-85 hhc 3/160 inf carng 85-02
  Heritage, Roger
  Herko, Jeremy E — Denver Police officer by day...
  Herman, Brian d — headquarters trp. unit armorer, m60 gunner Desert Storm
  Herman, Stefan N
  Herman, Thomas F — B Troop 1/17 Cav 82nd ABN Div 70-73 7th Div NCO Acadamy 75-77 B Co 1/30 Inf 3rd Inf Div 77-79 Ar...More
  Hermance, Jeffrey a — I was an 82nd airborne division paratrooper and was with 7th group I was with 3/4adar with the 82nd...More
  HERMEY, AARON — C co 504th Infantry 1970 A Co 782 Maint Bn 1972-1975 HHC 307th Engr Bn 1975-1976 C Co 307th Engr ...More
  Hermey, Kevin — Just an old hippie looking for old friends.
  Hernandez, Alfred W — Born in Brooklyn, NY. 1949, Raised in Chicago, Il. attended Tuley (now Ricardo Clemente) High School...More
  Hernandez, Angela y — AAS Degree Paralegal Technology Fayetteville Technical Community College graduated 1987 BS Univ...More
  Hernandez, Berenice f
  Hernandez, Cesar
  Hernandez, Chico — Chico Hernandez-
  Hernandez, Cresencio v. — 1980-1982 1/15 Inf 3ID Germany, 1982-1983 2/1 CAV 2AD Ft Hood TX., 1983-1987 2/504 PIR 82ND ABN DIV,...More
  Hernandez, Daniel L
  Hernandez, Joseph a
  Hernandez, Mario R
  Hernandez, Rafael — Dont belong to any unit now,would like to get reenlisted again,I'm working on that now just would li...More
  Hernandez, Raul
  Hernandez, Robert — Enlisted in Aug. of 1995 and served with 2/325 82nd Airborne Division from 1996-1998. 1998-2001 was ...More
  Hernandez , Osmany e
  Herr, Guy E
  Herrand, David
  Herren, Don E — I served in company A 307th Eng as company clerk
  Herrera, Eric
  Herrera, Tony D
  Herrgott, Kim
  Herring, Anthony
  Herring, Michael A
  Herring, Nicholas a — dont have it dont need it if you want it just ask for it
  Herron, Jim
  Hersey, John
  Hertel Jr., John C — Was in the 307th Engineer Battalion, Headquarters Co., 82nd Airborne Division from 1976 to 1982 at F...More
  Hertig, Damon
  Hertz, Harry W
  Hess, Ed — 7/83 - Ft. Sill, OSUT - 82C 2/84 - Ft Benning, USA Airborne School 2/84-5/87 - Ft Bragg, 1/319FA, ...More
  Hess, Lizeth — Civilian, single mom in Florida, looking for friends, pen pals
  Hessert, George
  Hester, Troy A — Command Sergeant Major 2nd Combined Arms Battalion 137th Infantry Regiment
  Heston, James l
  Hetcel, Kyle J
  Hett, Ronald R
  Heuberger, Richard M
  Heuerman, Angela
  Heupel, Neal H — My Son was with 82nd Army Airborne when I signed, and I work for the State of Wyoming, as an archaeo...More
  Hewlett, Tyris
  Heyn, Michael f
  Heyward, Bryan — "The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself." A man who dares to waste ...More
  Hiatt, Stephen
  Hibbert-Frith, Kayon M
  Hibler, Jay W — S/Sgt. 1st/320th Field Arty Airborne Asst Gunner, Gunner, Section Chief, Supply Sgt MOS 13B, secon...More
  Hibst, David
  Hickerson, Arville L
  Hickerson, Calvin
  Hickerson, Calvin — I was assigned to Company C 1st 501st Battalion 101st Airborne Division Fort Campbell, Kentucky From...More
  Hickerson, Calvin
  Hickey, Robert H.
  Hickey, Scott
  Hickman, Jason
  Hickman, Robin R
  Hicks, Al — Cco. 2/325 2nd Platoon 1st Squad Alphia + Bravo FireTeam, Bravo Fire Team Leader USAMMCE 37th, 226t...More
  Hicks, Alexander J
  Hicks, Darrell
  Hicks, Delbert
  Hicks, Dennis M — AD 78-88 A Co 2/504th PIR USAR 92-Present 78th Div 1079th GSU 404th CA BN (ABN) Retired Reserv...More
  Hicks, Jason — 3 years 82nd airborne with 3/73 armor, 43 jumps, all the way airborne! 1 year Korea, 1 year Carson C...More
  Hicks, Jeff A — b co 1/325 infantry 80 - 82 3rd platoon. loooking for buddies who whee there too. I am now a Maste...More
  Hicks, John b
  Hicks, Michael W — I have been in the 82d all my military Carrer in the 82d signal battalion
  Hicks, On Behalf Of. Joseph B. — Joseph B. Hicks, joined the Army in February 1952, where he served his country proudly for 20 years....More
  Hicks II, Robert L — Master Parachute Rating, Combat Jump Operation "Just Cause", Operation "Desert Shield/Storm", ...More
  Hickson, Timothy C
  Hicok, Jeremy
  Hidalgo, Ronald O — I was born in Costa Rica, at age 14 we came to New Orleans, at 17 I joined the Army, Basic Training ...More
  Higgins, Curtis
  Higgins, D L — served with Bco from '89-'92 spent 8 months in the big sand box.Would like to hear from any other pa...More
  Higgins, Daniel I. — Waiting to ship off to basic. Going into Airborne Infantry. Ultimate goal of 1st SFOD-Delta.
  Higgins, Gregory D — Distingusted honor graduate airborne class 16 graduated 6 nov. 1975, fort bragg, nc dec,75 2/508th i...More
  Higgins, Jerry K — 1st 503rd D Company 1st 504 Combat Support SS10 US LRRP VII Corp
  Higgins, William D
  High Jr., William E.
  Highland, Theresa E
  Hildebrandt, Michael K — 1/505 82 AIRBORNE DIVISION 85-88
  Hilderbrand, Troy A — I have served in all three Infantry brigades of the 82nd Airborne Division. I have served with A Co....More
  Hildreth, Jason
  Hildreth, Richard d
  Hilker, Russell W — Hilker, Russell W. asleep in Jesus, Wed., Sept. 7, 2005. Family: Beloved husband of Karen Hilker (ne...More
  Hill, Aly e — most people knew me by the name of bill ,i was in a cohort unit and would like to get in contact wit...More
  Hill, Calvin
  Hill, Drake — Served with Co A and Co C/307th 1964-1967
  HIll, Floyd
  Hill, Leland M — Born Oakland CA, 012744, Entered US Army 012761.Pvt 1 thru CWO2. Served in Armored,Armored Cavalry...More
  Hill, Leslie L
  Hill, Meg
  Hill, Michael J — SERVED:3/74-7/92 82ND ABN 10YEARS JUMPMASTER
  Hill, Richard C
  Hill, Rick — I served with A Co 1st/39th Inf 8th Inf Div from 65-68, HQ Co 1st/63rd Armor 1st Inf Div from 68-69...More
  Hill, Shannon L — I can't believe how long ago it was.
  Hill, Steven L
  Hill, Thomas
  Hill, Trevor
  Hill, William T — Vietnam Vet C/105 82nd Abn 18th MP. Brigade- 92nd MP. Bn Co. C 87th Infantry Service 1967-1970
  Hillman, Richard
  Hillmann, Chris d
  Hiltibidal, Paul R — I am a husband to my wife Lindsey, a father to my daughters and a soldier for my country. Who could...More
  Hilton, Gareth R
  Hiltz, Richard — I went to Ft Knox for Basic, Ft Huachuca for AIT, Benning for Jump School...stationed at FT Bragg, B...More
  Hindle, Joe — teacher widowed 2 daughters ages 23 & 27
  Hines, Jamison R
  Hines, John
  Hines Jr., John C — BPED: Apr 66. Retired Oct 86..Basic and AIT at Ft Gordon, Ga. JS. Ft Benning, Ga. Fist Duty Asgn. ...More
  Hinkle, Barry L
  Hinkle, Matthew R — I grew up in Sacramento, CA. I went to Hiram Johnson High School, attended the JROTC program. I en...More
  Hipple, Kevin J — 13F3P, Fort Bragg, Nc and Schofeild Barracks, Hi
  Hirokawa, Jay
  Hiser, Mark D
  Histon, Stuart G
  Hitchcock, Timothy m
  Hitt, Gregory
  Hittle, Benjamin R
  Hobbs, David W
  Hobgood, Brad — Member of B C.O. 3/504 PIR recieved C.I.B when deployed to Panama in 1989.. Also a Gulf war vet..
  Hocker, Jim
  Hocker, Jim
  Hodge, Chris M — Infantry soldier Best time of my life !!!
  Hodge, David M — Served in the first Gulf War. I have since had many problems. I am 60% service connected. Any inform...More
  Hodge, David R
  Hodge, Paula Y
  Hodge, Timothy A
  Hodges, Dallas K — Born in Sedalia Mo. wound up in Oklahoma and graduated in 1985. Joined the Army in 1989. And serve...More
  Hoeltge, Ron — SSG, 11B30, 54E30, 4th and 8th Inf, 82nd ABN, 1st Cav (RVN), 5/19th SF (CO ANG)
  Hoey, Chris
  Hoffman, Arlan w
  Hoffman, Mary l
  Hoffmeister jr, John C — I served with HHC 1/504, 79-82, Bn NBC NCO E/504, 82-83. Co NBC NCO CSC 2/508 83-84. Co NBC N...More
  Hofmann, Stefany M
  Hofstedt, Lyndsey R
  Hogan, William H — A Company Commander, 1985-1986 Assistant S3, 1986-1987 Retired from US Central Command, 2003
  Hoger, Wayne
  Hogg, Paula
  Hogg, William F — A/2-54 Fort Benning, E-5/20 Camp Casey, E-1/8 Fort Carson, B-3/12SFG(A) Fort Lewis, C-3/12SFG(A) AFR...More
  Hogsett, Karl
  Holben, James
  Hold, Strike — 504 ABG
  Holdenrid, Jeff Holleywood
  Holder, Raymond J — Classified
  Holder, Russell
  Holder, William R
  Holderby, Shayne
  holen, jackie l — 82nd airborne wife
  Holifield, David O
  Holke, Jack
  Holland, Dennis L. — I am a 20 Year Retired veteran with 70% service connected Disability. I worked in about every type ...More
  Holland, Greg — SON OF TOM HOLLAND 8/1916 TO 11/2000
  Holland, Gregg
  Holland, Jessica S
  Holland, Richard W — Served in CSC 1ST/504 in both anti-tank platoons.
  Holland Jr, Thomas L
  Hollander, Harold
  Holle, Roger L — MoS's in order LOL...64C(88M), 31V(31U), 31C, 19K, and 54B
  Holliday, Jeff A — Aco 1/505 PIR 90-92 Aco 2/503 Inf ROK 88-90 Cco 2/60 Inf 87-88
  Hollingsworth Iv, James E — B co, 2nd BN, ODA 151 - 1997 - 1999 4/325 Scout Platoon - 1993 - 1996 ODA 2026 - 2003-2005
  Hollins, Wayne M — Retired in 1992. Drove truck for a while. Now an auctioneer.
  Holloway, Jeremy b — Cco.1/504P.I.R.
  Holman, Dusty
  Holman, James t — 82nd Signal A co. ACP Platoon. 1996-1999
  Holman, Tamesha
  Holmes, Chad A
  Holmes, Chris
  Holmes, Gordon R — Disabled Veteran Tow Missle Crewman Sniper Drill Instructor Military Police
  Holmes, Kris
  Holmes, Matthew F — C 3-504 PIR
  Holmes, Roy
  Holovacko, Jim — 92-94 G2, XVIII ABC 95 B CO, 532D MI BN 96-00 75TH RGR RGT 00-02 SOCPAC 03-04 319TH MI BN 04-05...More
  Holston, Bill W
  Holt, Carter L
  Holt, David K
  Holt, Kevin A — Adventure Training & Purse Snatching
  Holt, Zachary — FOX company 2/508
  Holtz, Darin R
  Holtzclaw, Terrie
  Honeck, Bruce m — 10 months camp kittyhawk.guard&tok I realy miss o`s snack bar. good kimchi mr. o & zero LOL. 82nd 2n...More
  Honey, Billy — I was in HHC Scout Platoon. LTC Elder was the BN Commander. The First Sgt was Braggs in HHC. We whe...More
  Honeycutt, Joe
  Hood, James E — Entered military service right after high school, graduated OCS at age 18 and attended college foll...More
  Hood, Tracy M — About Me: I love who I am and the knowledge I am able to pass on to my students on a daily basis. I ...More
  Hooker Jr, James E — 2d Bn 508th Inf (Abn) Ft. Bragg 73, Reassigned to E Co 504th PIR in Jun 77, thenin May 78 assigned t...More
  Hooks, Andrew J — 3rd Platoon A Co. 3/325 '83-'84 Operation Urgent Fury - Grenada Rifleman/AG/M-60 gunner C Co. 1/3...More
  Hooper, Brandie Jane — My unlce was in so I am joining this to find his battle buddies
  Hoosier, Peter H — Joined Army on 9/9/69 and retired as First Sergeant on 12/31/89. Served in 82d Airborne Division, 1...More
  Hooten, Billy M — For more information about my military experience, please vist
  Hooten, Mark — And folks - the AA in the name stands for Air Assualt - I was an Air Assault instructor, not Airborn...More
  Hoover, Dan R — I proudly served with the 130th L.E.G.S. Army National Guard, Walton KY, from 1977 to 1983. MOS- En...More
  Hoover, Edward L
  Hoover, Joseph L — I enlisted in the US Army at the age of 19 in 2001. Since then I have been stationed at Ft. Bragg (...More
  Hoover, Shane M
  Hopkins, Greg A — Got out in 1997 and enlisted in the U.S. Army.
  Hopkins, John w — served w/ hhc and c co 3/325 in iraq
  Hopkins, Michael — Served with 426 S&S Bn, 1/501st Inf, and 2/502 Inf Rgt at Ft. Campbell 1977-1978 and 1980-1984, stat...More
  Hopkins, Rick — Joined the Navy in 1986. Served with RNMCB 13 for 5 yrs. Transfered to Army Reserve in 1991. Ser...More
  Hopkins, Todd — Section Leader, Mortar Section HQ Platoon, C 4/325 A.I.R., 82nd ABN Division
  Hopkins, Tom — Georgia Tech ROTC '66-'70, ROTC Summer Camp 1969 Ft. Bragg, NC, Ft. Belvoir, VA 5EOBC '71, 18th Eng ...More
  Hopkins, William
  Hopp, Philip
  Hoppe, Michael — While in the 307th I served in Hondo, Panama, and Saudi/Iraq. Proud of the boys serving today
  Hopson, Randal
  Horan, Tim
  Horanic, Frederick s — 14th Chemical Detachment and Div Hq Chemical
  Horlick, Robert C — 82nd Airborne Division 1982-1985 - 307th Combat Engineers 82-83 A Co 1/325 (ALPHATRAZ) 1983-1985....More
  Horn, Clifford W — LEFTED A.CO 1st/325 and went to 1/5 cav at hood,went to 5/87 panama,back to hood,1/22 inf,then to 2/...More
  Horn, Travis L — Airborne Infantryman
  Horne, John L. — 30 Male, Married with 2 children. 11 yrs Active service. Previous SFC, working on the Blackhawk, c...More
  Horner, Ronald M — Member of 376th Airborne Field Artillery Battalion from 1947 to 1949.
  Hornikel, Gerald J
  Horning, Joseph M — My step-father, Carl Robert "BoB" Henton, was a member of the elite All American Division from 1943...More
  Horning, Neil
  Hornsby, Rory D — Units assigned: 119th Aviation Co/269th Av Bn/12th Av Grp - 78-79 F Co 82nd Av Bn/82nd Airborne Di...More
  Hornsby, Rory 'Daryl' D — Working as a Contractor for the Military. Like to talk to and see old friends. MOS's 35L, 35P, 35U,...More
  Horst, Amber A — Horse Trainer/Equestrian Instructor for "Pacific Gold Performance Horses".Self employed.........."...More
  Horst, Steve
  Horton, Sam — Gunner, Base Piece, Btry C, 2nd BN(ABN) 321st Field Artillery
  Hosaka, Takashi
  Hosay, James A — Joined in 1999 as a guitar player in the Army Band. Reclassed in 2003 as a medical equipment repaire...More
  Hosea, John M — I am assigned to Echo company 51st LRS ABN, After the 82nd this place is heaven, GOD bless the LRS A...More
  Hosea, Micheal j — im spc micheal j hosea inactive i was with b comp 2/504 during the 1st gulf war was with the 1244th ...More
  Hosey, John J — I served as a Company Fire Support Officer and A Btry Executive Officer from Jun 2000- Jul 2002.
  Hoskins, Johnny A — I joined the Army in July 1993 and went to basic training and Airborne school at Ft. Benning, GA. I...More
  Hosn, Julie n — Girlfriend of airborne soldier (now 1stAD), and a huge military enthusiast. I considered enlisting, ...More
  Hospedales, Michael s
  Houle, Gustav
  Houle, Mark P — 1996-current Vermont Air National Guard Medic
  Householder, Perry
  Hover, Ed J — I served with Bco 307th eng bn (cbt) (Abn) as cbt cont spc, Demo Sgt, 2nd Plt. 3rd squad. Asst sqd l...More
  Howard, Adam
  Howard, Billy
  Howard, Daniel — I'm looking for anyone from C Company, 2/505 from 1967 to 1969. 11B's from the 1st Platoon C-2/505....More
  Howard, Evelyn — Spouse to Henry P. Howard who talk so much about this gal.
  Howard, Greg M — I enjoyed my stay at Bragg, it is an experience I value greatly. I was a Cav Scout in the 82nd (3/73...More
  Howard, Jeff S — Served w/ B Co 1st Bn 75th Inf(RGR)(77-78), 3rd US Inf(The OldGuard)(78-81) and (93-96 as 1SG B Co),...More
  Howard, John
  Howard, Kevin
  Howard, Mark
  Howard, Michael P
  Howard, Regina
  Howard, William G
  Howe, James V
  Howell, Buddy — Proud Parent of two Spoiled Brats, Becky and Missy.
  howell, christopher eugene
  Howell, Daren J — Was a member of HHC 3rd Battalion 73rd Armor, 82nd Airborne Division, from Feb 84-Nov 86. Served a v...More
  Howell, Timothy w
  Howell, Wesley g
  Hower, Raymond D — I joined the U.S. Army in July of 1998. Did Infantry training (OSUT) with B co. 2/54 at Ft. Benning...More
  Hoy Jr, William e
  Hoyt, Steven
  Hrapovicky, Sergey S
  Hsu, Joseph j
  Hubbard, Bev J
  Hubbard, Clarence — From New York City now live in San Bernardino Ca . I did 18 years in AGR program before I Retired. H...More
  Hubbard, Jeff s
  Hubbell, Nathan — I was in A. Co, 1-325, 1st Plt, from '02-'04. Spent most of '03 in Iraq: As-Samawah; Habbaniyah; Fal...More
  Huber, Janette H.
  Huckson, John
  Huddleston, James
  Huddleston, Roy l
  Hudson, Daniel
  Hudson, David M — 2/75 RGR (briefly); A Company 2/187th (Moatengator), later reflagged 1/508 in Panama; A Company, 2/5...More
  hudson, rodney — Dco 1/505th pir
  Hudspeth, Stewart l.
  Huerta, Gabe C
  Huerta, Sammy R — While I was a part of the 82nd Airborne Division, I was in Alpha Battery 3rd Battallion 4th Air Defe...More
  huey, patrick m — served with A 2/325 between 1973 and 1977
  Huey, Patrick M
  Huff, David E
  Huff, James B
  Huff, Jim
  huff, stephen — Gen. Opp. Maent. and Repair. Night search and sease ope. for 20 nights ...More
  Huffman, Amy R — I am an Army wife to a 82nd Airborne Paratrooper & a mom of 2 beautiful children. He's the love of ...More
  Huffman, Joel 1
  Huggins, Chad r — I'm a son of a Ret. Colonel in the U.S. Army. Right now I'm a Cadet at U of Nebraska Lincoln And p...More
  Huggins, Eddie
  Hughes, Bryon
  Hughes, George Brian
  Hughes, Jerry m
  Hughes, Joseph
  Hughes, Kevin R — Assigned to the 101st Abn Div Ft. Campbell, KY and deployed to Honduras in 1983. PCS'ed to to Ft. Ko...More
  Hughes, Michael L
  Hughes, Michael
  Hughes, Patrick M — Retired Director of Defense Intelligence Agency; former J-2, JCS; former Director of Intelligence (J...More
  Hughes, Steve A
  Hughes, William
  Hughey, Allyson
  Huglen, Derek K
  Hukill, Christopher B
  Hulett, Floyd E
  Hull, Darren L — B 2/319 AFAR 82nd Abn Div,Jumpmaster,Desert Storm
  Hull, Scott A
  Hulst, Patrick v — I have always been interested in the Military. The US 82nd Airborne Division and the US 36th Tactica...More
  Hume, Jeff W — Was with C co. 307 from 80 to 82 then Berlin....
  humphrey, joseph
  Humphrey, Lori
  Hundley, Robert
  Hung, Kevin
  Hungerford, Jason
  Hunt, Alan j
  Hunt, Damon
  Hunt, Ethan — Serving the special forces from 1993 .....(Anti-terroism Team Operative) joined 82nd in '88... Wa...More
  Hunt, Jeffrey S. — Joined the 82nd Airborne in Jun. of 1989 and was assigned to A Co. 1/325th A.I.R. While on active ...More
  Hunt, Matthew A — I was with A co 3/505 P.I.R.
  Hunt, Stuart A — I was in the 504 of the 82nd at Fort Bragg in 1969 and went to the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam...More
  hunt, timothy
  Hunt , Deanna M — 25 year old female. 82nd FSB B co/ 94-96, 44th Medical BDE/96-97 and later changed my MOS to an Apac...More
  Hunt , Rodney k — special communication spec
  Hunter, Clarence
  Hunter, Conway J — Joined as an grunt OCT 1983; basic, Ft Benning; first duty station B 2/34th Inf Ft Stewart; second d...More
  Hunter, Johnathan A
  Hunter Jr., Roderick C — It was the best time of my life. Before I joined I had little concept of resposiblility, honesty, an...More
  Hupp, Dennis — Jun 65, Student Officer, IOBC 1-66, TSB, Ft Benning, GA Oct 65, Airborne School, TSB, Ft Benning, G...More
  Hupp, Dennis J — C/3/508: platoon leader HHC/3/508: support platoon leader HHC/3/508: OIC, Jumpmaster School B/1/5...More
  Hurley, James P
  Hurst, John
  Hurst, Michael R. — Retired from the US Army as a Special Forces Captain, with over twenty years of service. I have spe...More
  Hurt, Jack L — C Co 1 505 pir 82 airborne div c co 1 505 pir 8 inf div B Battery 5th 81 arty airborne 8 inf div ...More
  Hurtado, Manny
  Hurtado Jr, Eduardo
  Hussain, Zeeshan
  Hussey, Larry J
  Hutcheson, Ryan
  Hutchings, Chip
  Hutchings, Matt
  Hutchinson, Casey
  Hutchinson, Jim
  Hutchinson, Stefan e — 1976 1978 jet eng tech/flight line
  Hutchinson, Stefan e
  Hutchinson, Steven w
  Hutson, Cameron T
  Huxel, Scott B.
  Huxley, Andrew W — I was assigned to the 2/505 PIR. I was a member of the Scout Platoon.
  Huxley , Andrew W
  Hyde, Mark A
  hyde, Shawn
  Hyle, Benjamin
  Hylla, Joseph V

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