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  C, Jill — I am an Army Airborne Infantry wife of 9 1/2 years and mom to 3 great kids. We are currently station...More
  C, Mike R — A CO, 1-10 INF (MECH) 89 HHC, 1-508 PIR 90 A CO, 1-508 PIR 90-91 C CO, 3-504 PIR 91-92
  C, Nicole
  C, Tom W
  C, Victor j
  C, Von
  Cabacar, Raymond d
  Cabana, Carlos
  Cabanting, Kekoa
  Cade, Valerie
  Cadena, Ricardo — Detail to other units.
  Cadigan, Neil F — 82nd ABN.HDQ CO Division Recon Co(Sky Cav)
  Cady, Kane
  Caesar, Caesar 9
  Cagle, Homer L
  Cain, Charles w. — 6th FA 3d AD Germany, 10 Inf 1st BG. 79th Ord. Co Ft. Ord Calif, 3d Sq. 3d ACR Germany, 41st Inf. F...More
  Cain, James E
  Cain, James
  Caines, Richard
  Calderon, Greg A
  Caldwell, Cedric
  Caldwell, Debbie — Military Mom
  Caldwell, John
  Caldwell, Shana L
  Cales, Jonathan
  Calhoun, Albert Ray — HHC 1/504, 1965-1967 Dominican Republic/Ft Bragg, NC, HHC 1/505, 1967-1968 Viet Nam.
  Calhoun, James R — Former Air Cavalry Warrant Officer. Desert Shield/Storm veteran. Currently Business owner and entrep...More
  Calhoun, Lydia Jean
  Calhoun, William
  calkins, john
  calkins, john
  Callaghan, Daniel H
  Callaghan , Bill — Career in the US Army/Infantry-Highlights include multiple assignments to Korea, in the Army Rangers...More
  Callaghan , John W
  Callahan, Antony C
  Callahan, Jason M
  Callahan, Sean
  Callanta, Noel D — joined the service in 1985 and first duty is korea.likes all sport as long as is challenging.. like ...More
  Callender, Andrew
  Callicutt, James
  Calloway, Martin
  Calvert, J H — PMOS: 11B2P, SMOS: 71L2P: 1972 Ft Knox (BT), 1973 Ft Polk(AIT) and Ft Benning(Jump), 82nd Abn 1973...More
  Camacho, Jesus M — I was with C Co 2/504th PIR from 1992-1996.
  Cambell, Otis D — 1982-1983 Korea, 45th Trans. Co, Camp Humphreys. 83-85, B Co. 82nd CAB, Ft. Bragg. 86-88, 246th TAM...More
  Camden, Danny R
  Camp, Jared s
  Campbell, Adolph
  Campbell, Aeriel
  Campbell, Bruce J — I have a military career that includes both reserve and active military duty. I was active duty fro...More
  Campbell, Christopher
  Campbell, Christopher
  Campbell, George
  Campbell, Greg M — Served in Aco 3/505 from 1988-1992. Participated in Operation Just Cause and Operations Desert Shiel...More
  Campbell, Jacqueline D — I joined the military in June 1993, did Basic and AIT at Ft. Jackson, CS, and then Basic Airborne Sc...More
  Campbell, James r
  Campbell, James S
  Campbell, James M
  Campbell, James
  Campbell, Jeffrey D
  Campbell, Jonathan S
  Campbell, Mark
  Campbell, P
  Campbell, Rebecca E
  Campbell, Ronald M
  Campbell, Scott
  Campbell, Steve — Units include: D Co., 313th MI BN; S2, 4/325 AIR (Gold Falcons); and G2 Staff 82nd ABN DIV
  campbell, stuart
  Campos, Roland
  Canary-Guthary, Misty A
  Canavan, Joseph
  Cancel, Alexis
  Cannady, Jimmy
  Cannon, Eric R — Assigned Battalion Commo 1/505. Attached B co. 1/505 as the company commo chief
  Cantelmo, Kelcie
  Cantillo, Anthony
  Cantrell, Cooper
  Cantrell, Cooper — Commander A Trp 1 Oct. 2000 - Present
  Cantrell, Richard L — 18Z5VLAW9
  Capistrant, Richard
  Capito, Todd
  Capitoni, Jessica A
  Caplan, Emmanuel — 3rd 505th (Muldoons)
  Capo', Alberto
  Capps, Eddy — husband was a tank commander, then got recruiting duty..he is retired finally
  Capps, Eddy C — "b" co 3/73 armor & airborne tank commander
  Capps, Lance
  Capps, William D
  Capri, Dan
  Carabello, Jimmy
  Caracciolo, Alex
  Carballea, George — AH64 Pilot LAV-25 Security Officer Concealed Weapons Civil Service Finance and Accounting Profe...More
  Carbonel, Ralph B
  Carbray, Robert — C company 1st/504th
  Carby, Steven w — I'm a former PARATROOPER!!!!! No further explanation needed.
  Carchidi, Anthony J — Served in Korean War 8th Army w/ 1st Corps 51-'53' (159th FA Bn Btry "C, 51'-52'), -1st UN Counterof...More
  Card, James T — Units: D co 2/5 cav 1st Cav Div. 1997-2000 C co 2/504 PIR 82nd ABN 2000-2002 ...More
  Card, Shirley A
  Carder, Christopher P — Air National Guard currently drilling, Comm Flight at 123AW, Louisville, KY.
  Cardnell, Patrick l — I was stationed at Ft.Bragg with the 82nd for three years loved every minute of my time spent there.
  Carle, Matthew
  Carlin, Scott
  Carlisle, Morgan L — Proud dad and husband. It's great to be from Alabama, home of the Crimson Tide. Church on Sunday m...More
  Carlson, Charles T
  Carlson, Charles Thomas — Usually go by Tom, my middle name. Spent most of my 82nd time in 3rd Platoon of Aco 3/325 and then t...More
  Carlson, James G — Turned 21 in a fox hole in D Zone South Vietnam. wireman for C Battery 173rd 320th Art Bien Hoa.15 m...More
  Carlson, Peter
  Carlson, Samuel D — 24.5 years Regular Army, 3.5 years Guard. Enlisted '67. MOS's 11B, 11D, 97D, 97B. Direct commissi...More
  Carlson, Steven
  Carlson, William
  Carlyle, Paul VH — Gnr, D Co, 4/325 AIR Sqd Ldr, D Co, 4/325 AIR
  Carmichael, Ltc Charlie B — Now LTC (ret) Enlisted service as a Draftee- Sp4 and SGT Charles B. Carmichael ,CHARLES B.. LTC USA...More
  Carmon, Zebedee
  Carnell, David M — Former MSC Officer, served at Ft Bragg NC for 3 and 1/2 years as a Medical Platoon Leader in the 82d...More
  Carnell, Marshel V — I served with C co. from 2000-2006. Was deployed to Afghanistan, and Iraq with C co. Now back in Va ...More
  Carney, Christine
  Carney, Steven L
  Carnicom, Mike
  Carnicom, Mike
  Caron, Sherri
  Carpenter, Adam — CSC 4.2 3/325 83-84, C Co. Mortars 1/325 85-86
  Carpenter, Glen — I was a member of the HHC 313th ASA Bn.
  Carpenter, Harold T.
  Carpenter, Michael A — Served in Stutgart Germany from 1990 to 1991 with the 299th Fwd. Spt. Bn. (Big Red One) and transfer...More
  Carpenter, Michael J — I served from 75 to 96 in various units and assignment. I went to the Persian Gulf with 82d Divarty...More
  Carpenter, Michelle R
  Carpenter, Mindy
  Carpenter, Russell F.
  Carpenter, Thomas
  Carper, Laura R
  Carpio, Robert L — Served in Cambodia,Laos and Vietnam 59/60 Ranger Pathfinder, anyone out there that was there the sa...More
  Carr, Loren E
  Carr, Paul P
  Carr, Robert Samuel — I was borne in San Antonio, TX and raised in New Orleans, LA. I went into the Army on Jan. 17, 1967...More
  Carr, Timothy B — B 3/325 & HHC 3/325
  Carr, Trent
  Carrasquillo, Alex
  Carreto, Liza
  Carrico, Patricia S
  Carrillo, Benito
  Carroll, Barry
  Carroll, Dewey
  Carroll, Teron L — was assigned to HHC 3-325th ABCT in the S-3 section as a command driver from june 89-nov 91...then a...More
  Carrow, Mathew
  Carson, Christopher
  Carson, Katie — I am the proud mother of a sargent who shipped out today for Afghanistan
  Carson , Robert H
  Cartelz, Luis g
  Cartelz, Luis
  Carter, Brannon J
  Carter, Bryant — Deployment in Kosovo in '92, Time in Honduras, Ft. Sam Houston Cadre at TOS.
  Carter, Charles B — 2/508th HHC, FURY FROM THE SKY
  Carter, Corbin l
  Carter, David k
  Carter, Dennis — Served as a radio operator with HHC 1/325Inf. Bn.
  Carter, Gerald L
  Carter, Glenn S — Commo Chief C/2-504 PIR (The Rock), 42nd Eng. Co.,1-319 AFAR, Combat Jumpmaster (Operation Just Caus...More
  Carter, James W
  Carter, Jimmy
  Carter, Kevin L
  Carter, Marcia E
  Carter, Robert
  Carter, Ronald E
  Carter, Steve M
  Carter, Steven D — HHC 1/118th CAB 218th BCT
  Carter, William R — 1956 - 82nd Airborne; 1957 - 1958 11th Airborne; 1958 - 1959 24th Airborne Brigade (187th)
  Carter, William L
  Carter, William R — Joined the Army in Feb. '56. Basic at Fort Dix NJ; Advanced Infantry and Jump School at Fort Bragg, ...More
  Caruthers, Kenneth — Ken Caruthers ,born in Kansas 082667, Joined US Army 1984, KANG 137 INF- 2/34 INF, 24TH DIV, FSGA-1/...More
  Carvell Jr, Richard F
  Carver, Joseph R — My military experience was a wonderful one. I surely could have enlisted for a much longer time, bu...More
  Cary, Peter L
  Casados Jr., Leopoldo A — 3 yr member of hqs.Co. 82nd Sig. Bn.82nd Abn Div 1957-1960
  Casady, Lauren t — HSB 1/319 AFAR Opreations Desert Shield/Storm
  Casale, Albert j
  Casarez, Eddie
  Case, Aloysius G. — HIGH SPEED!
  Casey, J. robert
  Casey, Jane A
  Casey, John E. — Served in 3/325th 1989 - 1992 This was one of my best tours and I served with a great bunch of peop...More
  Casey, Michael s — I was in D Btry until I deployed to Afganistan with A Btry, and there I served until my ets. I live...More
  Casey, Russell
  Casey, Toney E
  Cash, Bradley
  Cash, James E.
  Cash, James E. — former 91-bravo stationed at Ft. Sam Houston and at Ft. Bragg
  Cashner, Craig D — 82d ABN 3 years B co 1-503rd Jan 2003 thru 2004
  Casnellie, Joe
  Cason, Darren K — Commo Chief Charlie Company3/505 Also worked in HQ Commo
  Cassel, Jerry
  Cassidy, Jonathan
  Casson, Rebekah L
  Casteel, Robert
  Castillano, Rohn J
  Castillo, Jesse
  Castillo, Jorge A
  Castner, Timothy A
  Castona, Bob
  Castro, Jose A — B Co. 1st Bn, 1st ITB, Airborne Training Bde Jump School,Ft Benning, Ga 1980 173 Airbone Bde Vicen...More
  Catalano, Antonio — It was jolly
  Catalano, John — "Charlie Rock" C. Co. 2/504 ABN INF. Hoah!
  Cathi, Joshua — im a ground infantry
  Catlow, Bill
  Catlow, Bill H
  Caton, John B — I served as an infantryman with Alpha Company 2/505 PIR from 1993 to 1996.
  Catterall, John
  Caudle, Donald j
  Caudle, Ronnie
  Causey, Caleb a
  causey, carlton
  Cavazos , Max — Athlectic, people oriented, 1SG, soldier family come first Military Intelligence/Infantry, skydiver ...More
  Caywood, Dan R — I was born 23 Dec 1933 and joined the Tenn National Guard in Sept 1947 at age 12 years old. I joined...More
  Cazee, Misty D — I am a Military wife and i also have friends in the 82nd & 1/30th
  Cc, Pat
  Cdxbv, Sdf Tgm
  Ceballos, David C — Currrently serving as the 1SG for D co 2-505 PIR
  Cecere, Albert
  Cecil, Charles
  Cedeno, L — 11B 21P 2C SF operations D
  Celec, Mark e
  Cendrowski, Katinna A
  Cengu, Bryant — I am a fun loving Christian man who takes each day as a gift from God. I'm a kind, thoughtful, since...More
  Cerna, John P
  Cesar, Mathew c
  Ceynar, Kevin R
  Cezayirli, Phillip
  Chadduck, Steve — 100% retired now. spend all my time helping to raise my nephew, ride motorcycles and basically just ...More
  Chadwick, Eric D
  Chakurda, Carol J
  chalmers, douglas
  Chamberlin, Connie
  Chambers, Mary
  Chamley, Daniel c — mortar battery 1/503 and 1/505 june 1962 graduate raider school class 10, nov. 1963 173rd abn 1964...More
  Champion, Gregory A
  Champlin, James W — I served 3 years in C Co, 3/325 ABCT in Vicenza, Italy from 89-92.
  Champlin, Jim
  chan, Daniel Isaiah — Out going ype of person. Going hrough tuff times. very fun and down to earth type of guy open minded
  Chan, Jonathan K
  Chandler, Gary
  Chandler, Johnny M
  Chando, Andrew — 4th Bn 2000-2001, Bde HQ 2001-2002
  Chang, Henry
  Chap, Park B
  Chapin, Stephen e
  Chapman, Cassidy L
  Chapman, Chad W
  Chapman, David T — Present, Port management NOLA, National Maritime Center Arlington VA-Engineering Exam writer for Mer...More
  Chapman, Mike
  Chapman, Pam K — I am looking for anyone who knew Stanley Guinyard who served in the 82 Airborne Division, 505th Infa...More
  Chapman, Tyrone — I served from 1987 to 1989. My MOS was 13E.
  Chappell, Jeffrey A — Joined Army in June 1989, stationed at Ft Bragg from 1989 to 1995 with Delta Co. 4/325 AIR. Partici...More
  Chappelle, Gail A
  Charette, Kenneth R
  Charles, Michael
  Charter, Chris J
  charuvastra, marcus — PTSD specialist fighting to restore the health of those who served the United States of America.
  Chase, Ray T.
  Chase, Richard B — Was deployed toNah Trang Veitnam and was attached to5thSpecial Forces .281stAviationgroup
  Chase, Ron — I was stationed at Ft. Bragg from Jan 2000-Nov 2004. I was with the 3-319 AFAR. I was in OEF for 8 a...More
  Chastain, Dwight
  Chatwood, Emory D — AGE 44 82ND ABN DIV 1982-1984CSC 1/508 AT II
  Chau, Hanh
  Chavez, David r — c co 4th med and S3
  Chavez, Gregory J. — I was with the 82nd Airborne Division 3/73 Armor Regiment stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC, Persian Gulf V...More
  Chavez, Manuel
  Chavez, Michael D — Charile Co. "Panthers" 5/87th 1990-91 Alpha/HHC Co 3/504th "Blue Devils" 91-94
  Chavez Jr, Joe
  Chavis, David E. — I got out of the 82ABN in Aug. of 1975. I was in the 1/505 HDQ Co. I was a Medic. If you know any me...More
  Cheatom, Ronald A
  Chee, The — Former computer programmer and network security specialist turned military operator. College @ age 1...More
  cheek, george
  Cheek, Ray M — served with d det 407th s&s bn abn 1974-1981,and 182d dmmc abn 1981-1985,82d airborne division.looki...More
  Cheek, Ray m
  Cheever, Ed E
  Chelvan, Richard D.
  Cheminais, Pat L
  Chen, Jlan
  Cheremisin, Mihail SR
  Chermak, Justin m — I'm 15 and I'm mad chill
  Cherry, Craig W
  Cherry, Raymond G
  Cherrywell, Christopher — XO, ODA 224
  Chesbrough, Michael
  Chesser, Brian H
  Chesser, Brian H — Served with the 1-505th IN, 82nd ABN (1980-1985); 3-9th IN, 7th ID(L) (1985-1990); USAREC (1990-1993...More
  Chester, Christopher S
  Chestnut, Johnny D — After the terrorist attacks on 9-11 I wanted to contribute to the war on terrorism and the defense o...More
  Chevere, Lenny Chevere
  Chewning, Valerie
  Chien, John — Just out of curiosity
  Child, David R — 30 yrs old, married to Maritza Child; son Joseph(8) and daugther Shaneen(5). Enjoy fishing and servi...More
  Childers, Aaron
  Childers, Aaron
  Childers, Dan
  Childers, William E
  Childs, Sherry H
  Chilson, Michael
  Chilton, Thomas
  Chinchilla, Gabe
  Chism, Jimmie w
  Chistyakov, Slava
  Choi, --- — Prior Service. US Army. D Company, 1/504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division.
  Chopper, Ernest J — I seved with Cco 2/504 from mar86 - june 86, Bco 3/504 from june 86- mar90, HHC recon plt 1/508 in P...More
  Choueri, Roy R — Logistics management. Innovative educator and adult professional trainer with combined military and ...More
  Christensen, Brian P — I started out enlisted (70-80). 11B4P. I went to Flight School from 79-80 and spent my last 10 yea...More
  Christensen, Matthew a
  Christensen, Travis
  Christian, E B — Graduate of West Point MA, 82nd Airborne Div.( Ranger ). Inter Service Change to: Naval Special ...More
  Christiansen, Eric D
  Christiansen, George
  Christianson, Mark T — I served in support of Operation Just Cause (1989 Panama Action) and served in country during Desert...More
  Christianto, Yohanes
  Christie, Adam E
  Christison, Carl — was with the 320th bombardment wing;medium(sac)march air force base ca.
  Christner, Jon E — Former member of A co. 782nd Maint Bn until 77 and then with HHC DISCOM from there on.
  Christopher, Dan r — b co 2-504pir strike it hold it hooah
  Christy, Joseph S
  Christy, William R — 3-73rd Armor 1985-1993 Ft Bragg(reclassed 75B); 550th Sig Daharan SA 1993-1994; 90th PSB Baumholde...More
  Chromek, James T — A/2-505th ABN INF, 3rd BDE, 82nd ABN Div (75-79), OCS Commission 82, AMC Surety Field Activity (84-8...More
  Chuba, Craig
  Chupka, Christopher J
  Church, Courtney
  Cieslik, Richard — 3rd Bn, 187th Inf (Abn),101st Abn Div 1964-65; 5th SF Gp Abn 1966-67; 1st SF Gp Abn 1968-69; 5th...More
  Ciotti, Lela
  Cisneros, Adam N
  Citro, Jeff
  Cizmar, Robert M
  Clack, Renato — Born and raised i from Los Angles join the army at 16 years after i got out of the army...More
  Clack, Renato
  Clague, Robert M — Weapons squad M60 gunner, 3rd plt Aco. 2/504 pir.
  Clare, Thomas — Vietnam 1968-1969
  Clarice, Stevens
  Clarida, John P
  Clark, Adam — BOLC II - Ft. Sill
  Clark, Bill
  Clark, Brian T
  Clark, Charles V — As a boy of 17, I went to Ft. Bragg scared out of my mind. I left 4 years and 2 conlflics later, (C...More
  Clark, Christopher G — This space for rent
  Clark, Danial
  Clark, David
  Clark, David W — Joined in 1990. Stationed at 165th MI BN, Darmstadt Germany. Stationed next at 3/505 PIR, 82nd ABN D...More
  Clark, David
  Clark, Don R
  Clark, Freddie
  Clark, Gary
  Clark, Gary e
  Clark, Harry
  Clark, Harry
  Clark, James
  Clark, Jason H — M240 Gunner, 3/504 PIR from 98-01
  Clark, Joshua P — Dang Doc! Screwed up a good career. 3/504 PIR
  Clark, Larry — Entered the Army as a Medic in the Reserves. Went Active in 1987 A co 1-505 PIR, 82nd 88-91 Scout...More
  Clark, Mel M
  Clark, Neil D
  Clark, Phillip D — 1979-1986 SSG. Medic/ Infantry 1/504, served w/ Hq. and charlie-company.
  Clark, Robert G — 86-87 3-505 PIR; 87-91 2-82 AVN (Bravo Cavemen-Desert Storm); 93-98 82 AVN BDE; Life Member 8...More
  Clark, Ryan W
  Clark, Ryan J
  Clark, Sarah
  Clark, Sarah
  Clark, Shawn
  Clark Sr., Scott T — I am SGT Clark, I am a Squad Leader in 1st Platoon. Currently serving with the 615th MP Company out ...More
  Clark Sr., Scott T — First entered into the Marine Corps in 1994 in the DEP. Became a tank crewman and was stationed in 2...More
  Clarke, Roger E — B Btry 1/319th AFAR, 82nd ABN DIV Ft. Bragg, NC 1996-1999 D Co 1/501st AVN, 1st AR DIV Hanau, ...More
  clarkson, dan — was in C co. 1/325 AIR from 93-94. E-4 60 gunner the entire 2 years. In 1st platoon
  Clarkson, James Mendenhall — HHC 1/505th 82nd Airborne June 1986-Jan 1989 301st MP/POW Camp Army Res. Sept1989-June-1995 F. Co....More
  Clarkson, James M — Hot, flys,scuds,p.o.w.'s,driving on the msr,driving the tour bus into kuwait,did i mention hot. what...More
  Clason, Robert p — Dco BSB suport company of the 5-73 Cav sqd
  Classified, Lieutenant Colonel — Served Laterally in Division Command S-2/S-3. Functions remain Classified. Awarded Lt. Colonel p...More
  Clayton, Shaun
  Clayton, Shawn R
  Clayton Jr, Paul D
  Cleaver, John J
  Cleland, Jeffery m — served in a co.407th s and t bn.from 88 to 92.had made some great buddies.hope to be able to chat ag...More
  clemens, james
  Clemens, Michael S — Graduate of 19D OSUT in NOV 1989 5-15 CAV. Desert Shield/Storm with the Scout PLT 3-41 IN, 2AD. 2n...More
  Clemens, Sandra
  Clements III, Marion Mike L
  Clemmensen, Henry
  Clemmons, Bobby l
  Clemmons, Robert L — Entered the service 08/67 thru D-13-4 Fort Knox. With less than a year in Bamberg, GA, 2nd/2nd volun...More
  Clemmons, Robert L.
  Clemons, Charles C
  Clemons Jr, David S
  clepper, william
  Clevenger, Jason R. — Served with B Co from 1990 to 1995, Then served in the PAC from 1995 to 1996.
  Clevenger, Michelle
  Clevenger, Michelle
  Clevenger, Shell
  Clewis, Randy
  Clift, Taylor E — Had a great time while in but got tired of hearing "Salam Malekim"!
  Cline, Rae
  Cline , Toby R. — 2nd PLT A Co. 2/505 PIR I met some good friends there and learned a lot about life in that time. I ...More
  Clinton, Johnny
  Clinton, Joseph
  Clive, Michael J — A Co 1st Plt 1st Squad Leader during OEF and OIF
  Cloer, Donald r — 3 years army 10-51 to 10-54, 319th abn fld artillery. motor sgt, "b" batt. 319th. switched to usaf i...More
  Clothier, Bruce C — Joined USCG June 1979. Transferred to US Army 1981 - 1984. 82d Airborne Division 3/4 Air Defense A...More
  cloud, david
  Cloud, Sheryl — I am the parent of a soldier in the 82nd Airborne.
  Clough, Matthew
  Clouse, John T
  Clowers, Randy
  Clowney, Jerome t — the snake
  Coan, Patrick C — A co 3/504 PIR Mortars
  Coates, Eric D — I was in 1st PLT, B co., 1/325 AIR from 2000-2003. I am currently finishing up my time for Uncle Sam...More
  Coats, James N
  Cobb, Jason R
  Cobler, Wendy m
  Cockrell, Steven R — I came into the unit in early Apr '91 just as the Division went home on leave after Sheild/Storm. I ...More
  Cockrill, Sean
  Coder, Marcus J — Unit Movement NCO
  coelho, Jonathas
  Coen, David A
  Coen, Timothy R — Long strange road: Fort Jackson- Basic 1988; Fort Gordon - AIT 1988; Ludwigsburg GE - B Co. 307th MI...More
  Coffelt, Harold L — C Co 528th SF Spt Bn 1988-1991
  Coffey-Simons, Paula
  Coffman, Wade E — I was with A/CO 1/325 AIR in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Would like to hear back from anybody ou...More
  Cogdell, Ray A
  Cogollo, Lester C — Master Blaster, 13 years in the 82d Airborne Division. Instructor-US Army Operations and Intelligen...More
  Coker, Gary J — Retired after 33 years of active duty service. Former Command Sergeant Major of the 4th Brigade 3r...More
  Colarusso, Carl
  Colberg, Craig — 20 years on status 11 with the division and 9 as a black hat at Ft. Benning
  Colbert, Jeffrey
  Colburn, Alex E
  Cole, Chris c — worked at division HQ
  Cole, Christopher
  Cole, Daniel C — Served with Co C 307th Engineer BN
  Cole, Dennis B — Served 82nd Airborne, Aco 3/504 PIR '86-'89, Army Reserve 388th Med Log, Kansas '94-'97. Looking ...More
  Cole, Douglas E
  Cole, James A
  Cole, Jim — 2nd plt, B 1/325 ABN Inf
  Cole, John
  Cole, Joseph E — I am happily Married and was in 313th MI BN 82nd Airborne Division from 1989-1993. My nickname was ...More
  Cole, Marion A — PFC Marion A. Cole, 91b, , worked with experimental team MUST hospital 1964 and 1966 just berfore 2...More
  Cole, Shawn
  Cole, William A. — Served in the USMC from 1981-88. Served in the US Army from 1988-94, 1999-2007. Served in the FLAR...More
  Coleman, Daniel
  Coleman, Donald — served as a cook with the division's 782nd maitainance battalion in the mid 1970's
  Coleman, Eddie
  Coleman, Eugene
  coleman, Jerry
  Coleman, Joey
  Coleman, Paul V
  Coleman, Rusty R — Served 82nd Signal Bn. Member Ben Vandervoort Chapter of the 82nd Abn Assoc.
  Coleman, Woody — 508th Parachute Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division.
  Colin, Nicholas J — Did 22 years! Loved every assignment I had! When I was 25 I was pulled from the Airborne and was sen...More
  Collazo, David
  Collen, R — Bco 1/5 Cav Dismount, BFV Driver/Teamleader Bco 1/504th PIR, OIF 1, OIF 4, Weapons squad leader
  colley, sue
  Collier, David L
  collier, john — retired after 30 years of honorable service to my country
  Collings, Tim R — Was with the 3/73 Armor Regiment, 82nd ABN from 3/88 to 12/90. Was with 1/509th from 1/91 to 6/94 a...More
  Collingwood, Jon — 1st 325 AIR HHC Scouts OIF 2003-2004
  Collins, Alan S — I loved my time in service. If I hadnt gotten hurt, I'd still be in the 1/504 kickin some ass. I m...More
  Collins, Allen S
  Collins, Charles w — Went into the service in 1977 as a 67Y (attack helicopter repairman)then in 1980 went to Ft Hauchuca...More
  Collins, Christopher — Loved the 1/504 82nd. Airborne Div. It was my home away from home.
  Collins, Flannery
  Collins, James J
  Collins, Jeff
  Collins, Mark w — army rotc 2nd lt western high school davie fl.00 to 03 raider team captin aug-nov 03 ship to ft.b...More
  Collins, Matt — Served in Scout Plt HHC 3/73 from 1991-1994
  Collins, Nathaniel — 3rd I.D. 3rd (ABC), 3rd Recon Co. at Geiblestadt Air Base. Served as one of the original members tha...More
  Collins, Peter S
  Collins, Robert — Joined July 4, 1985. Basic Ft. Jackson Oct. 85-Dec. AIT Ft. Gordon Jan. 1986- Mar. Served after j...More
  Collins, Ron B — Basic training and Field Wire Commmunications at Ft Polk,La 1965,Ft Benning,jump school,from there 1...More
  Collins, Roy L
  Collins, Sarah
  Collins, Stephen
  Collins, Ted W
  collister, matthew
  Colllier, Cory — I joined the Civil Air Patrol back in April of 2003, I've been active ever since and I'm currently c...More
  Colombini, Michael J — Was a 31v10 served six years, 82nd 3yrs 20th eng 3 yrs. Married 2 children
  Colon, Cosme R — Born in Puerto Rico. Served, as an enlisted, voluntarily for the VietNam War in 1961. Graduated from...More
  Colon, Osvaldo — I served with the 82d ABN DIVARTY as a 1SG and OPS SGM, during 1997 to 2003. I later served as Vampi...More
  Colon, Victor r — Live life to the fullest with my wife and 3 children always ready to defend my motherland
  Columna, Ramon
  Colvin, Randall G — 2nd PLT, A Co, 2/505 from 92-95 HQ CO (US), AMFL, Mannheim, GE from 95-00 HQ SEC, B Co, 1/23...More
  Combs, James E
  Combs, Lance
  Comeau, Patrick
  Como, Ignazio — serviced 2yrs at fort bragg, in a tank co 505 .. from june 1954 to 1955 nov,
  Compeau, Vincent R — Assigned to HHC 1-505.from 1981-1984. I was a Mechanic back then.
  Compher Sr, Keith — 4/23 Inf Ft. Lewis, 2/505 PIR Ft. Bragg
  Compliment, Margaux
  Compton, Jeffrey w
  Compton, Larry G — A Co 1st BN 508th Inf
  Comstock, Jim
  Conard, William R
  Condit, Edward
  Condon, Michael S — E-5 1/325 C Co 3rd Plt
  Condon, Petra Gabriele — I'm busy raising a tween. I am active in the school system and PTA. I love my gardens, hike, snowsh...More
  Cone, Jack l
  Conger, Horace
  Conklin, Alan w
  Conklin, Wayde — BRAVO 3/325
  Conley, Shaun P — A co 1/504th PIR 87-89. Recon Platoon HHC 1/504th 89-91. E-mail to
  Conlon, Hugh F
  Conlon, Hugh F — Combat Medic 91A then 91B assigned to 3-319 AFAR for 'Just Cause an Desert Shield / Storm. Re-al...More
  Conlon, Hugh
  Conlon, Hugh F — NPTT/SPTT Military Advisor BDE/DIV(OIF), OC-T (AC/RC) Sr. MED NCO SME (OIF/OEF), 249th GH (Caretaker...More
  Connell, Jeremiah s — Served as a mechanic for 3/4 ADA 82nd ABN DIV. Deployed to OEFII
  Connell, Joseph R — 15 years old loved the Army since I was 5yrs old got 3 more years till i get out of high school and ...More
  Connelly, John
  Connelly, Phillip A — Originally from Chicago,Illinois.
  Conner, Dennis L — Served in the 2/82 Aviation Battalion as a CW2 UH-60A/L Pilot . Had a lot of fun while putting up w...More
  Conner, Michael
  Connolly, John
  Connor, John P. — Served in the old Bco. at Chaffee until we switched to D Trp. Stayed 5 some years all the way to Pol...More
  Connors, Francis
  Connors, Richard
  Conover, John
  Conrad, Allen F
  Conrad, Marlin L
  Conrad, Tom
  Conrick, Jack — served with 118th spt bn maint section dec 84 to dec 88 lee barracks mainz germany
  Constantine, William L
  Contratto, Robert
  Contreras, Eddie — 13E
  Contreras, Miguel A — BCT E 1/19th 2nd Plt. 21Jul99-30Sep99 AIT A 2/80th 1st Plt. 01Oct99-31Dec99 ABN C/BCo 1/503rd 01Jan9...More
  Conway, Dan
  Conway, James J — Over 30 years service, 3 years active with the 82nd (501st & 504 ABGs). Remainder in the Reserves, 9...More
  Conway, Justin L
  Cook, Brandon Michael — My brother in law just joined and left for basic. I will be joining in a few months.
  Cook, Chris l — Last Unit A co 82nd Signal BN -In charge of 1st BDE Commo. Team
  Cook, Elizabeth
  Cook, Gregory
  Cook, James R
  Cook, James R — 82nd Airborne 3/505 PIR C co. 1st Platoon. 91-94. Rotated through Honduras in 92-93 with B co 3/505.
  Cook, Jerry
  Cook, Joey B
  Cook, John A — Enlisted 1976, went to infantry and jump school in Ft. Benning. Upon arrival at Ft. Bragg I was ass...More
  Cook, Larry — 1 CAB, 1ID 2 CAB, 2ID 4 BSTB, 4 BCT, 82d ABN
  Cook, Melissa
  Cook, Nicholas — HHC, 2-505 PIR. Now work for Progressive Insurance in Fort Myers
  Cook, Paul H
  Cook, Robert S
  Cook, Robert A
  Cook, Rod — Member of Charley company, 307th Engineer Batallion.
  Cook Rasool, William E — William E. Rasool was William E. Cook until 1975, I retired from the 7th Special Forces Group (Airbo...More
  Cooke, Andrew S
  Cool, Joseph E — Served with HHC 3/73 Scouts from 86-88.After Bragg, went to the JRTC in Arkansas, Had a blast there,...More
  Cooler, Shannon
  Cooley, Andrew e
  Cooley, George D
  Cooley, Joe
  coombs, jeff
  Coombs, Ronald j — Served in nam' 1/8 b co in 68-69
  Coon, Preston M — A c, 5-101 AVN TEAM PHOENIX
  Coon - Lutz, Karen
  Coonse, Amber
  Cooper, Earle J
  Cooper, Harlan — Platoon Leader, Company XO, 1st of 505th, 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne, 1969-70. MACV MAT 42 Commande...More
  Cooper, James
  Cooper, Jerry L
  Cooper, Joe
  Cooper, Marvin J — A Co 2/325 AIR Mortar section. PV1 thru E5(P)
  Cooper, Pamela S
  Cooper, Wiley L
  Coor, Anthony B
  Cope, Matthew D
  Copeland, Robert S — CO E 75 INF RANGER (ABN) 3/9TH INF DIV RVN 1969-1970 CO B 1/508 INF (ABN) 3RD BDE 82ND ABN DIV FT B...More
  Coram, Brian A — D/2-72 AR FSO, Cp. Casey, ROK (1998-1999); A/2-39 IN XO, Ft. Jackson, SC (1999-2000); E/2-39 IN XO/...More
  Corbin, Herb
  Corbitt, Dewayne — I am stationed in Camp Casey Korea with First Tank.
  Corcoran, Keith — 11B turned 25M (Multimedia Illustrator) with a CIB, Jump Wings and 82nd Combat Patch. <br><br> <ul...More
  Corcoran, Peter a
  Corder, Bruce W. — B co. & HHC 2nd Bn (ABN) 505th (INF).Weapons Plt. 81mm Mortarman.
  Cordier, Rick J
  Cordova, Freddy — 4 deployments to Iraq with the 82nd Airborne 2/325 Airborne Infantry
  Cordova, Maria E — I am 21 years old. I just got married to an army soldier that is currently deployed. I like to meet ...More
  Cords, Michael D — After the Army, I continued training in martial arts, and now teach.
  Corey, Art
  Corley, Rod L
  Cormier, Paul A
  Cormier, Richard E — HHC, 4th BCT, 10th MTN(L)
  Cornelius, Sean d
  Cornell, Jere A — Retired SGM with over 23 years service. 17 years at Ft Bragg jumping, and planning jumps. Units: 1...More
  Cornell, John L — Served in the 1/504th C Company and the 3rd Armor Div in Germany
  Cornett, Bill
  Cornett, Craig C — Cco307th 83-86 jumpmaster,urgent fury,SSG
  Cornett, Jon R — Served 25 1/2 years, almost all in Infantry assignments at troop level. (light, abn, aaslt) 5.5 yea...More
  Cornette, Rita
  Cornwall, Dan — Married, 3 children, 2 grandchildren Teacher, Industrial Arts, Applied Technology Associates Degre...More
  Cornwell, Billy C
  Coron, Gregory A — Bravo Battery 1/320, FDC
  Corprew, Spencer l — i was stationed at ft bragg 1st infantrydiv325battalion82ndairborne. went to grenada in october of 8...More
  Corraine, Morris
  Corraine, Morris
  Corral, Robert J
  Corrigan, Karen L — I served with the 307 Med Bn from 1989 to 1992. I served in Saudi Arabia . I now live in Arkansas an...More
  Corsale, Vincent
  Corsaut, Jay c
  Corscadden, Michael S
  Cortes, Edgardo — Assigned to Aco 82nd Sig Bn in 1983. Became a Jumpmaster in 1985
  Cortes, Edgardo Aka Eddie
  Cortes, Herman j
  Cortes, Magdaleno B — Served in the Domincan Republic campaign as a Medic with the 82nd Airborne, 584th Medical Company. ...More
  Cortes, Saul — old grunt/medic
  Cortes Aponte Jr., Carlos
  Cortez, Liz
  Cortez , John
  Cortina, Sam
  Corzine, Matt r
  Cosgrove, Michael
  cosme, rene
  Cosmo, Michael J — Hello, my name is Mike "Doc" Cosmo, I served with C/2/503 173d Airborne Brigade in Bong Son from Jul...More
  cossey, ralph
  Costa, Ronald
  Costas, Ch — Professor of Military Science Kent State, Youngstown State, and Mount Union
  Costello, Jared
  Costello, Patrick M
  Coston, Patrick d
  Cotsakos, Christos — 1967-1970 Sergeant E-5 MOS: P11B4P Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborn...More
  Cottle, Jeffrey — I join the Army in late 1977 my first unit was 3rd Armor Division 2nd of the 36th Infantry till 1980...More
  Cotton, Dennis J — Enjoyed the Army a great deal, I also miss it. I have been married for almost 31 years to my wonderf...More
  Cottrell, Kevin D. — 1st Enlistment: C Co 3/325 Inf Reg 82nd Abn Div. 2nd Enlistment: C Co 1/115th 29th Inf Div Re...More
  Cottrell, Seth
  Couch, David M — Assigned to the 82nd (admin) out of jump shool in 1964...through 1966. Then to Infantry OCS and Viet...More
  Couch, James
  Cougias, Dorian j — Entered E-1 in HHC 82nd Combat Aviation BN, moved to Air CAV a while later. Re-positioned as CAS wit...More
  Couick, Jeffrey
  Counselman, Gene
  Coursey, Tommy J
  Courtney, Adam r — I am a Steel Worker 3rd class (E-4) in the U.S. Navy and currently i am on my second deployment head...More
  Courtois, Stephen R
  Couto, Jason
  Covell, Charles
  Covey, Gary L — I served in 2nd Platoon, B Company 71-73 Jumpmaster Qualified & Jungle Expert
  Covillo, Sajon
  Covington, Tina
  Cowan, Scott
  Cowdrey, Robert B — I was the first Flight Medic to arrive to a new DUST-OFF unit in the new 3rd BN 82nd Combat Aviation...More
  Cowfer, Roy
  Cowin, Paul H
  Cowser, Jeffrey
  Cox, Aheen Z — Never was in the military. Just looking for a person I lost contact with in 2002
  Cox, Amber M
  Cox, Branch S — Hello All, You all where Great to bad the experiment didn't work (COHORTS). I look forward to heari...More
  Cox, Carson — 2-505 D-Co First Sergeant in Deset Storm and Sheild
  Cox, Gary L
  Cox, Joseph
  Cox, Leo — Was in Panama from 11/90-12/91. Was in 3rd platoon C co 5/87 Ft Davis. Then went to Ft Bragg in Jan ...More
  Cox, Michael W
  Cox, Michael S
  Cox, Phillip H.
  Cox, Roger A
  Coyle, Mona — Daughter of James Edmunds (ret '69) and Aunt of Jeremiah Minor (173d)
  Coyle, Thomas E — Also was a member of 2/502 strike brigade 101
  Crabbe, Tahnee L
  Crabtree, Charles Mark
  Crabtree, Edwin B — Served in 2/505 Inf, 82nd Airborne Div. as Medic while at Ft. Bragg, NC, 1968-70. Unit had just brou...More
  Crafton, Amy N
  Craghead, Michelle S — Wife of combat vet
  cragle, mark
  Cragle, Mark
  Craig, David W
  Craig, George J — I was in Aco from 86 to 91. I spent 3 years in Germany and returned to Ft. Bragg. I was in Cco as a ...More
  Craig, Harold l
  Craig, Keith S
  Craig, Marc A
  Craig, Stephen P.
  Craig, William S.
  Crail, Charles D — HHC 3/325 Scouts. Now in the reserves.
  Crain, John
  Crain, Justin LUCAS — Names justin crain, im 18, and leaving in march for basics in ft. bennet georgia. active duty
  Cramer, Dan T — Infantry in 2/505 and 2/325
  Cramer, Jack L
  Craven, Patrick
  Crawford, Adam — >1/501 ABN, HHC, 92-95 >2/505 PIR, A CO, 95-99
  Crawford, Allan L — ALLAN L. CRAWFORD HQ.& HQ. BATTERY DIV. ARTY, 82nd Abn. 1954 & 1955
  Crawford, Jesse l — 13bp serve as section cheif in 319 fa later as gunnery sgt chief of fiing battery in the 320th fa
  Crawford, Judy
  crawford, pat
  Crawford, Robert Chalmers — Sac...You got a problem with that? Nothing comes near. We offer you a olive branch, or the alternat...More
  Crawford, Scott
  Crawford, Steven
  Crawford, William
  Craycroft, Steve
  Credeur, Glenn — I was stationed at: Fort Bragg, NC with HHB Divarty 82nd AFAR from 1994 - 1997 ; Fort McClellan, AL...More
  Creel, Christine
  Cremisio, Richard D — Career Army, Married - 5 Children Com- YG 1980 ROTC Syracuse Univ. DMS/DMG, Major assignments: 82...More
  Crenshaw, William H
  Crespo, Luis A
  Crew, Victoria
  Crews, Derrick D — 3 years with the 82nd
  Crews, Gerald C. — Stationed at Ft. Bragg from Aug. 1975 to May 1978 in the 82nd Airborne Div. (C Co. 1/505 Inf). Spent...More
  Crews, Justin
  Crigler, Tommy — Living in N.W. Georgia
  Crilly Iv, James E.
  Crimando, Matthew t
  Crinen, Alex
  Crinklaw, Eileen m
  Crisp, Derrick
  Crispen, Michael
  Crispino, Gerry R — 1977 - 1980, A Co. 2/325th Abn Inf, Ft. Bragg. 7th MI Co., Ft. Ord, 650th MI Group, Region V. Curren...More
  Crissman, Kearney W — My nickname is "Cris". I served 4 years as an Infantry officer, and 26 years as a Combat ...More
  Criswell, Darrell — 2/505th vietnam 1969 3.2 mortars
  Croas, Paul R — Served in C co 3/73 Armor, from 1988 to 1992, with 2nd Platoon. Went to Panama and Iraq, enjoyed the...More
  Croce, Benjamin
  Crocker, Eddie D — Deployed
  Crockett, Dion
  Croghan Jr, William O — 24 Years in the Army
  Croka, William C
  Cronk, Carl A
  Cropo, Chad E — I served as a Team Ldr. in a rifle company in the 3/504 Parachutist Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne...More
  Crosby, Christy
  Crosby, John f
  Cross, John r
  Cross, Thierry
  Crosslin, Brad
  Crosslin, Brad
  Crosswhite, Steve W
  Crotty, Howard R — Short & sweet. Retired from Army in 1978, moved to Ft Worth,Tx. Worked a few short jobs trying to ...More
  Crouch, George A
  Crouch, Robert
  Crouse, Robert
  Crow, Carl h — drafted,5-28-68 ets 6-5-70
  Crow, Carl
  Crow, Joseph a — Machine Gunner in 1st brigade
  Crowder, Ormond L — 1st Platoon, Co "A" 2/504 from August 1960-April 1962. Ft. Bragg. Participated in Swift Strike ...More
  Crowe, Daniel E — My uncle died in the 82nd. in June 2002. He was a die hard soldier, and I want to find some of his ...More
  Crowell, Dave — Cdr, A/1/319 FA; Cdr, HHB DivArty; HSB 2/321 FA, FSO; HQ 82 Abn Div, G3 Opns; Cdr, C1/320 FA; S3, 1/...More
  Crowell, Dustin
  Crowley, Mary
  Crowley, Michael T — Pathfinder 11b1y, Special Forces 11b1s, cadet candidate USMAPS.
  Cruise, Laura
  Crum, Daryl
  Crump, Felicia L
  Crump, Robert W
  Crusha, Chuck
  Crutcher, Russell L
  Cruz, Estevan A — well im a 20 year old male American that hopes to join the U.S. Military. I want to follow in my fat...More
  Cruz, Noel A
  Cruz, Reina O
  Cuccuini, Stephen
  Cuento, Mike
  Cuff, Austin G
  cuff, joshua
  Culkin, Thomas T
  Culler, Casey J — I am married to a wonderful woman (Tonya) with one adorable daughter (Riley). I work as a law enforc...More
  Cummings, Chris — Pvt-Pfc in HHC 1/325, Batallion Mortars, 1986-1988. We were "That Damn Mortar Platoon". I got levi...More
  Cummings, Chris
  Cummings, Greg — Tomahawk Battlion PLT Ldr Airborne staff Aiborne Regiment Company Cdr
  Cummings, John M
  Cummings, Marvin W. — I joined the Army 1971 retired in 1991. After the military I went back to college and recieved my B....More
  Cumpston, Charles c
  Cuneo, David A — anyone from the original A Co. 4th bat "gold falcons" can e-mail me..especially if you know me.
  Cunio, David W
  Cunio, David W — 1970-1980 us army 07/1970-basic at ft. Ord Calif.(6wks) 09/1970 8wks AIT Ft Sam Huston tx 11/197...More
  Cunningham, Anthony — A-9-2: Basic TNG 1986 Dragon Co-Hearts (1986) 76Y Unit Supply School (1987) D-company: Airborne Sc...More
  Cunningham, Charles
  Cunningham, Erik E — I was in the 3/4 ADA, B Btry, Stinger Platoon
  Cunningham, Erik E
  Cunningham, Erik E — 16S1P '84-'87 3/4 ADA B Btry, Stinger Pltn, 2nd & 3rd Sqd. SSG Lucier Was Platoon Sgt.
  Cunningham, Erik E
  Cunningham, Erik E — 3/4 ADA B Co Stinger Platoon, 3rd Squad, 82 Div
  Cunningham, Ken P — Served in Fco 51st INF(LRS)ABN, From 08-93 to01-96.
  Cunningham, Kimberly
  Cunningham, Ronald l — 45k2P b troop-tank turret mechanic for b troop 1970-1973
  Cupid, Ellsworth c.
  Curbelo, Frank
  Curie, Thomas C
  Curiel, Frank
  Curren, Robert
  Currie, Len — hq/a 307 med bn 87-91, attatched to mfo sinai 89-91 2/505 pir, attatched to D 307 med with 505 pir...More
  Currier, Robert
  Curry, Johnny — HC-130 Flight Examiner Radio Operator 301 RQS, 39 RQS, 920 Rescue Grp Patrick AFB, FL Homestead A...More
  Curry, Richard H — radio operator
  Curry, Tom
  Curtis, Kelsey — Hello! My name is Kelsey, I recently moved to North Carolina in March to live with my husband who is...More
  Curtis, Mike — The dates on most assignments don't work properly, so... Assigned to "C" Co, 2nd Bn, 505th PIR, 82n...More
  Curtis, Mike — Divorced father of two boys ( 8 & 10). Was into healthcare for 23 years from medic, to paramedic to ...More
  Curtiss, Brant C
  curtiss, vince
  Cutcher, Richard P. — The 503rd Airborne Combat Team (with a little help from John Flint, Mike Woodruff, and myself) took ...More
  Cutillo, Edward
  Cutler, Elliott L. — C Co. 1/505 P.I.R.,Ft. Bragg,Nc.
  Cutlip, Bobby p
  cutter, jack
  cyr, cassie
  Czanowski, David — Paratrooper/Engineer for 5 years in the 82nd Airborne Div., 307th Engineer Bat., 618th Engineer Co. ...More
  Czopek, William D

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