82nd Airborne Division

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  C, Jill — I am an Army Airborne Infantry wife of 9 1/2 years and mom to 3 great kids. We are currently station...More
  C, Mike R — A CO, 1-10 INF (MECH) 89 HHC, 1-508 PIR 90 A CO, 1-508 PIR 90-91 C CO, 3-504 PIR 91-92
  C, Nicole
  C, Tom W
  C, Victor j
  C, Von
  Cabacar, Raymond d
  Cabana, Carlos
  Cabanting, Kekoa
  Cade, Valerie
  Cadena, Ricardo — Detail to other units.
  Cadigan, Neil F — 82nd ABN.HDQ CO Division Recon Co(Sky Cav)
  Cady, Kane
  Caesar, Caesar 9
  Cagle, Homer L
  Cain, Charles w. — 6th FA 3d AD Germany, 10 Inf 1st BG. 79th Ord. Co Ft. Ord Calif, 3d Sq. 3d ACR Germany, 41st Inf. F...More
  Cain, James
  Cain, James E
  Caines, Richard
  Calderon, Greg A
  Caldwell, Cedric
  Caldwell, Debbie — Military Mom
  Caldwell, John
  Caldwell, Shana L
  Cales, Jonathan
  Calhoun, Albert Ray — HHC 1/504, 1965-1967 Dominican Republic/Ft Bragg, NC, HHC 1/505, 1967-1968 Viet Nam.
  Calhoun, James R — Former Air Cavalry Warrant Officer. Desert Shield/Storm veteran. Currently Business owner and entrep...More
  Calhoun, Lydia Jean
  Calhoun, William
  calkins, john
  calkins, john
  Callaghan, Daniel H
  Callaghan , Bill — Career in the US Army/Infantry-Highlights include multiple assignments to Korea, in the Army Rangers...More
  Callaghan , John W
  Callahan, Antony C
  Callahan, Jason M
  Callahan, Sean
  Callanta, Noel D — joined the service in 1985 and first duty is korea.likes all sport as long as is challenging.. like ...More
  Callender, Andrew
  Callicutt, James
  Calloway, Martin
  Calvert, J H — PMOS: 11B2P, SMOS: 71L2P: 1972 Ft Knox (BT), 1973 Ft Polk(AIT) and Ft Benning(Jump), 82nd Abn 1973...More
  Camacho, Jesus M — I was with C Co 2/504th PIR from 1992-1996.
  Cambell, Otis D — 1982-1983 Korea, 45th Trans. Co, Camp Humphreys. 83-85, B Co. 82nd CAB, Ft. Bragg. 86-88, 246th TAM...More
  Camden, Danny R
  Camp, Jared s
  Campbell, Adolph
  Campbell, Aeriel
  Campbell, Bruce J — I have a military career that includes both reserve and active military duty. I was active duty fro...More
  Campbell, Christopher
  Campbell, Christopher
  Campbell, George
  Campbell, Greg M — Served in Aco 3/505 from 1988-1992. Participated in Operation Just Cause and Operations Desert Shiel...More
  Campbell, Jacqueline D — I joined the military in June 1993, did Basic and AIT at Ft. Jackson, CS, and then Basic Airborne Sc...More
  Campbell, James
  Campbell, James M
  Campbell, James r
  Campbell, James S
  Campbell, Jeffrey D
  Campbell, Jonathan S
  Campbell, Mark
  Campbell, P
  Campbell, Rebecca E
  Campbell, Ronald M
  Campbell, Scott
  Campbell, Steve — Units include: D Co., 313th MI BN; S2, 4/325 AIR (Gold Falcons); and G2 Staff 82nd ABN DIV
  campbell, stuart
  Campos, Roland
  Canary-Guthary, Misty A
  Canavan, Joseph
  Cancel, Alexis
  Cannady, Jimmy
  Cannon, Eric R — Assigned Battalion Commo 1/505. Attached B co. 1/505 as the company commo chief
  Cantelmo, Kelcie
  Cantillo, Anthony
  Cantrell, Cooper
  Cantrell, Cooper — Commander A Trp 1 Oct. 2000 - Present
  Cantrell, Richard L — 18Z5VLAW9
  Capistrant, Richard
  Capito, Todd
  Capitoni, Jessica A
  Caplan, Emmanuel — 3rd 505th (Muldoons)
  Capo', Alberto
  Capps, Eddy — husband was a tank commander, then got recruiting duty..he is retired finally
  Capps, Eddy C — "b" co 3/73 armor & airborne tank commander
  Capps, Lance
  Capps, William D
  Caracciolo, Alex
  Carballea, George — AH64 Pilot LAV-25 Security Officer Concealed Weapons Civil Service Finance and Accounting Profe...More
  Carbonel, Ralph B
  Carbray, Robert — C company 1st/504th
  Carby, Steven w — I'm a former PARATROOPER!!!!! No further explanation needed.
  Carchidi, Anthony J — Served in Korean War 8th Army w/ 1st Corps 51-'53' (159th FA Bn Btry "C, 51'-52'), -1st UN Counterof...More
  Card, James T — Units: D co 2/5 cav 1st Cav Div. 1997-2000 C co 2/504 PIR 82nd ABN 2000-2002 ...More
  Card, Shirley A
  Carder, Christopher P — Air National Guard currently drilling, Comm Flight at 123AW, Louisville, KY.
  Cardnell, Patrick l — I was stationed at Ft.Bragg with the 82nd for three years loved every minute of my time spent there.
  Carle, Matthew
  Carlin, Scott
  Carlisle, Morgan L — Proud dad and husband. It's great to be from Alabama, home of the Crimson Tide. Church on Sunday m...More
  Carlson, Charles Thomas — Usually go by Tom, my middle name. Spent most of my 82nd time in 3rd Platoon of Aco 3/325 and then t...More
  Carlson, Charles T
  Carlson, James G — Turned 21 in a fox hole in D Zone South Vietnam. wireman for C Battery 173rd 320th Art Bien Hoa.15 m...More
  Carlson, Peter
  Carlson, Samuel D — 24.5 years Regular Army, 3.5 years Guard. Enlisted '67. MOS's 11B, 11D, 97D, 97B. Direct commissi...More
  Carlson, Steven
  Carlson, William
  Carlyle, Paul VH — Gnr, D Co, 4/325 AIR Sqd Ldr, D Co, 4/325 AIR
  Carmichael, Ltc Charlie B — Now LTC (ret) Enlisted service as a Draftee- Sp4 and SGT Charles B. Carmichael ,CHARLES B.. LTC USA...More
  Carmon, Zebedee
  Carnell, David M — Former MSC Officer, served at Ft Bragg NC for 3 and 1/2 years as a Medical Platoon Leader in the 82d...More
  Carnell, Marshel V — I served with C co. from 2000-2006. Was deployed to Afghanistan, and Iraq with C co. Now back in Va ...More
  Carney, Christine
  Carney, Steven L
  Carnicom, Mike
  Carnicom, Mike
  Caron, Sherri
  Carpenter, Adam — CSC 4.2 3/325 83-84, C Co. Mortars 1/325 85-86
  Carpenter, Glen — I was a member of the HHC 313th ASA Bn.
  Carpenter, Harold T.
  Carpenter, Michael A — Served in Stutgart Germany from 1990 to 1991 with the 299th Fwd. Spt. Bn. (Big Red One) and transfer...More
  Carpenter, Michael J — I served from 75 to 96 in various units and assignment. I went to the Persian Gulf with 82d Divarty...More
  Carpenter, Michelle R
  Carpenter, Mindy
  Carpenter, Russell F.
  Carpenter, Thomas
  Carper, Laura R
  Carpio, Robert L — Served in Cambodia,Laos and Vietnam 59/60 Ranger Pathfinder, anyone out there that was there the sa...More
  Carr, Loren E
  Carr, Paul P
  Carr, Robert Samuel — I was borne in San Antonio, TX and raised in New Orleans, LA. I went into the Army on Jan. 17, 1967...More
  Carr, Timothy B — B 3/325 & HHC 3/325
  Carr, Trent
  Carrasquillo, Alex
  Carreto, Liza
  Carrico, Patricia S
  Carrillo, Benito
  Carroll, Barry
  Carroll, Dewey
  Carroll, Teron L — was assigned to HHC 3-325th ABCT in the S-3 section as a command driver from june 89-nov 91...then a...More
  Carrow, Mathew
  Carson, Christopher
  Carson, Katie — I am the proud mother of a sargent who shipped out today for Afghanistan
  Carson , Robert H
  Cartelz, Luis g
  Cartelz, Luis
  Carter, Brannon J
  Carter, Bryant — Deployment in Kosovo in '92, Time in Honduras, Ft. Sam Houston Cadre at TOS.
  Carter, Charles B — 2/508th HHC, FURY FROM THE SKY
  Carter, Corbin l
  Carter, David k
  Carter, Dennis — Served as a radio operator with HHC 1/325Inf. Bn.
  Carter, Gerald L
  Carter, Glenn S — Commo Chief C/2-504 PIR (The Rock), 42nd Eng. Co.,1-319 AFAR, Combat Jumpmaster (Operation Just Caus...More
  Carter, James W
  Carter, Jimmy
  Carter, Kevin L
  Carter, Marcia E
  Carter, Robert
  Carter, Ronald E
  Carter, Steve M
  Carter, Steven D — HHC 1/118th CAB 218th BCT
  Carter, William L
  Carter, William R — Joined the Army in Feb. '56. Basic at Fort Dix NJ; Advanced Infantry and Jump School at Fort Bragg, ...More
  Carter, William R — 1956 - 82nd Airborne; 1957 - 1958 11th Airborne; 1958 - 1959 24th Airborne Brigade (187th)
  Caruthers, Kenneth — Ken Caruthers ,born in Kansas 082667, Joined US Army 1984, KANG 137 INF- 2/34 INF, 24TH DIV, FSGA-1/...More
  Carvell Jr, Richard F
  Carver, Joseph R — My military experience was a wonderful one. I surely could have enlisted for a much longer time, bu...More
  Cary, Peter L
  Casados Jr., Leopoldo A — 3 yr member of hqs.Co. 82nd Sig. Bn.82nd Abn Div 1957-1960
  Casady, Lauren t — HSB 1/319 AFAR Opreations Desert Shield/Storm
  Casale, Albert j
  Casarez, Eddie
  Case, Aloysius G. — HIGH SPEED!
  Casey, J. robert
  Casey, Jane A
  Casey, John E. — Served in 3/325th 1989 - 1992 This was one of my best tours and I served with a great bunch of peop...More
  Casey, Michael s — I was in D Btry until I deployed to Afganistan with A Btry, and there I served until my ets. I live...More
  Casey, Russell
  Casey, Toney E
  Cash, Bradley
  Cash, James E.
  Cash, James E. — former 91-bravo stationed at Ft. Sam Houston and at Ft. Bragg
  Cashner, Craig D — 82d ABN 3 years B co 1-503rd Jan 2003 thru 2004
  Casnellie, Joe
  Cason, Darren K — Commo Chief Charlie Company3/505 Also worked in HQ Commo
  Cassel, Jerry
  Cassidy, Jonathan
  Casson, Rebekah L
  Casteel, Robert
  Castillano, Rohn J
  Castillo, Jesse
  Castillo, Jorge A
  Castner, Timothy A
  Castona, Bob
  Castro, Jose A — B Co. 1st Bn, 1st ITB, Airborne Training Bde Jump School,Ft Benning, Ga 1980 173 Airbone Bde Vicen...More
  Catalano, Antonio — It was jolly
  Catalano, John — "Charlie Rock" C. Co. 2/504 ABN INF. Hoah!
  Cathi, Joshua — im a ground infantry
  Catlow, Bill
  Catlow, Bill H
  Caton, John B — I served as an infantryman with Alpha Company 2/505 PIR from 1993 to 1996.
  Catterall, John
  Caudle, Donald j
  Caudle, Ronnie
  Causey, Caleb a
  causey, carlton
  Cavazos , Max — Athlectic, people oriented, 1SG, soldier family come first Military Intelligence/Infantry, skydiver ...More
  Caywood, Dan R — I was born 23 Dec 1933 and joined the Tenn National Guard in Sept 1947 at age 12 years old. I joined...More
  Cazee, Misty D — I am a Military wife and i also have friends in the 82nd & 1/30th
  Cc, Pat
  Cdxbv, Sdf Tgm
  Ceballos, David C — Currrently serving as the 1SG for D co 2-505 PIR
  Cecere, Albert
  Cecil, Charles
  Cedeno, L — 11B 21P 2C SF operations D
  Celec, Mark e
  Cendrowski, Katinna A
  Cengu, Bryant — I am a fun loving Christian man who takes each day as a gift from God. I'm a kind, thoughtful, since...More
  Cerna, John P
  Cesar, Mathew c
  Ceynar, Kevin R
  Cezayirli, Phillip
  Chadduck, Steve — 100% retired now. spend all my time helping to raise my nephew, ride motorcycles and basically just ...More
  Chadwick, Eric D
  Chakurda, Carol J
  chalmers, douglas
  Chamberlin, Connie
  Chambers, Mary
  Chamley, Daniel c — mortar battery 1/503 and 1/505 june 1962 graduate raider school class 10, nov. 1963 173rd abn 1964...More
  Champion, Gregory A
  Champlin, James W — I served 3 years in C Co, 3/325 ABCT in Vicenza, Italy from 89-92.
  Champlin, Jim
  chan, Daniel Isaiah — Out going ype of person. Going hrough tuff times. very fun and down to earth type of guy open minded
  Chan, Jonathan K
  Chandler, Gary
  Chandler, Johnny M
  Chando, Andrew — 4th Bn 2000-2001, Bde HQ 2001-2002
  Chang, Henry
  Chap, Park B
  Chapin, Stephen e
  Chapman, Cassidy L
  Chapman, Chad W
  Chapman, David T — Present, Port management NOLA, National Maritime Center Arlington VA-Engineering Exam writer for Mer...More
  Chapman, Mike
  Chappell, Jeffrey A — Joined Army in June 1989, stationed at Ft Bragg from 1989 to 1995 with Delta Co. 4/325 AIR. Partici...More
  Chappelle, Gail A
  Charette, Kenneth R
  Charles, Michael
  Charter, Chris J
  charuvastra, marcus — PTSD specialist fighting to restore the health of those who served the United States of America.
  Chase, Ray T.
  Chase, Richard B — Was deployed toNah Trang Veitnam and was attached to5thSpecial Forces .281stAviationgroup
  Chase, Ron — I was stationed at Ft. Bragg from Jan 2000-Nov 2004. I was with the 3-319 AFAR. I was in OEF for 8 a...More
  Chastain, Dwight
  Chatwood, Emory D — AGE 44 82ND ABN DIV 1982-1984CSC 1/508 AT II
  Chau, Hanh
  Chavez, David r — c co 4th med and S3
  Chavez, Gregory J. — I was with the 82nd Airborne Division 3/73 Armor Regiment stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC, Persian Gulf V...More
  Chavez, Manuel
  Chavez, Michael D — Charile Co. "Panthers" 5/87th 1990-91 Alpha/HHC Co 3/504th "Blue Devils" 91-94
  Chavez Jr, Joe
  Chavis, David E. — I got out of the 82ABN in Aug. of 1975. I was in the 1/505 HDQ Co. I was a Medic. If you know any me...More
  Cheatom, Ronald A
  Chee, The — Former computer programmer and network security specialist turned military operator. College @ age 1...More
  cheek, george
  Cheek, Ray M — served with d det 407th s&s bn abn 1974-1981,and 182d dmmc abn 1981-1985,82d airborne division.looki...More
  Cheek, Ray m
  Cheever, Ed E
  Chelvan, Richard D.
  Cheminais, Pat L
  Chen, Jlan
  Cheremisin, Mihail SR
  Chermak, Justin m — I'm 15 and I'm mad chill
  Cherry, Craig W
  Cherry, Raymond G
  Cherrywell, Christopher — XO, ODA 224
  Chesbrough, Michael
  Chesser, Brian H
  Chesser, Brian H — Served with the 1-505th IN, 82nd ABN (1980-1985); 3-9th IN, 7th ID(L) (1985-1990); USAREC (1990-1993...More
  Chester, Christopher S
  Chestnut, Johnny D — After the terrorist attacks on 9-11 I wanted to contribute to the war on terrorism and the defense o...More
  Chevere, Lenny Chevere
  Chewning, Valerie
  Chien, John — Just out of curiosity
  Child, David R — 30 yrs old, married to Maritza Child; son Joseph(8) and daugther Shaneen(5). Enjoy fishing and servi...More
  Childers, Aaron
  Childers, Aaron
  Childers, Dan
  Childers, William E
  Childs, Sherry H
  Chilson, Michael
  Chilton, Thomas
  Chinchilla, Gabe
  Chism, Jimmie w
  Chistyakov, Slava
  Choi, --- — Prior Service. US Army. D Company, 1/504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division.
  Chopper, Ernest J — I seved with Cco 2/504 from mar86 - june 86, Bco 3/504 from june 86- mar90, HHC recon plt 1/508 in P...More
  Choueri, Roy R — Logistics management. Innovative educator and adult professional trainer with combined military and ...More
  Christensen, Brian P — I started out enlisted (70-80). 11B4P. I went to Flight School from 79-80 and spent my last 10 yea...More
  Christensen, Matthew a
  Christensen, Travis
  Christian, E B — Graduate of West Point MA, 82nd Airborne Div.( Ranger ). Inter Service Change to: Naval Special ...More
  Christiansen, Eric D
  Christiansen, George
  Christianson, Mark T — I served in support of Operation Just Cause (1989 Panama Action) and served in country during Desert...More
  Christianto, Yohanes
  Christie, Adam E
  Christison, Carl — was with the 320th bombardment wing;medium(sac)march air force base ca.
  Christner, Jon E — Former member of A co. 782nd Maint Bn until 77 and then with HHC DISCOM from there on.
  Christopher, Dan r — b co 2-504pir strike it hold it hooah
  Christy, Joseph S
  Christy, William R — 3-73rd Armor 1985-1993 Ft Bragg(reclassed 75B); 550th Sig Daharan SA 1993-1994; 90th PSB Baumholde...More
  Chromek, James T — A/2-505th ABN INF, 3rd BDE, 82nd ABN Div (75-79), OCS Commission 82, AMC Surety Field Activity (84-8...More
  Chuba, Craig
  Chupka, Christopher J
  Church, Courtney
  Cieslik, Richard — 3rd Bn, 187th Inf (Abn),101st Abn Div 1964-65; 5th SF Gp Abn 1966-67; 1st SF Gp Abn 1968-69; 5th...More
  Ciotti, Lela
  Cisneros, Adam N
  Citro, Jeff
  Cizmar, Robert M
  Clack, Renato
  Clack, Renato — Born and raised i from Los Angles join the army at 16 years after i got out of the army...More
  Clague, Robert M — Weapons squad M60 gunner, 3rd plt Aco. 2/504 pir.
  Clare, Thomas — Vietnam 1968-1969
  Clarice, Stevens
  Clarida, John P
  Clark, Adam — BOLC II - Ft. Sill
  Clark, Bill
  Clark, Brian T
  Clark, Charles V — As a boy of 17, I went to Ft. Bragg scared out of my mind. I left 4 years and 2 conlflics later, (C...More
  Clark, Christopher G — This space for rent
  Clark, Danial
  Clark, David W — Joined in 1990. Stationed at 165th MI BN, Darmstadt Germany. Stationed next at 3/505 PIR, 82nd ABN D...More
  Clark, David
  Clark, David
  Clark, Don R
  Clark, Freddie
  Clark, Gary e
  Clark, Gary
  Clark, Harry
  Clark, Harry
  Clark, James
  Clark, Jason H — M240 Gunner, 3/504 PIR from 98-01
  Clark, Joshua P — Dang Doc! Screwed up a good career. 3/504 PIR
  Clark, Larry — Entered the Army as a Medic in the Reserves. Went Active in 1987 A co 1-505 PIR, 82nd 88-91 Scout...More
  Clark, Mel M
  Clark, Neil D
  Clark, Phillip D — 1979-1986 SSG. Medic/ Infantry 1/504, served w/ Hq. and charlie-company.
  Clark, Robert G — 86-87 3-505 PIR; 87-91 2-82 AVN (Bravo Cavemen-Desert Storm); 93-98 82 AVN BDE; Life Member 8...More
  Clark, Ryan J
  Clark, Ryan W
  Clark, Sarah
  Clark, Sarah
  Clark, Shawn
  Clark Sr., Scott T — First entered into the Marine Corps in 1994 in the DEP. Became a tank crewman and was stationed in 2...More
  Clark Sr., Scott T — I am SGT Clark, I am a Squad Leader in 1st Platoon. Currently serving with the 615th MP Company out ...More
  Clarke, Roger E — B Btry 1/319th AFAR, 82nd ABN DIV Ft. Bragg, NC 1996-1999 D Co 1/501st AVN, 1st AR DIV Hanau, ...More
  clarkson, dan — was in C co. 1/325 AIR from 93-94. E-4 60 gunner the entire 2 years. In 1st platoon
  Clarkson, James M — Hot, flys,scuds,p.o.w.'s,driving on the msr,driving the tour bus into kuwait,did i mention hot. what...More
  Clarkson, James Mendenhall — HHC 1/505th 82nd Airborne June 1986-Jan 1989 301st MP/POW Camp Army Res. Sept1989-June-1995 F. Co....More
  Clason, Robert p — Dco BSB suport company of the 5-73 Cav sqd
  Classified, Lieutenant Colonel — Served Laterally in Division Command S-2/S-3. Functions remain Classified. Awarded Lt. Colonel p...More
  Clayton, Shaun
  Clayton, Shawn R
  Clayton Jr, Paul D
  Cleaver, John J
  Cleland, Jeffery m — served in a co.407th s and t bn.from 88 to 92.had made some great buddies.hope to be able to chat ag...More
  clemens, james
  Clemens, Michael S — Graduate of 19D OSUT in NOV 1989 5-15 CAV. Desert Shield/Storm with the Scout PLT 3-41 IN, 2AD. 2n...More
  Clemens, Sandra
  Clements III, Marion Mike L
  Clemmensen, Henry
  Clemmons, Bobby l
  Clemmons, Robert L — Entered the service 08/67 thru D-13-4 Fort Knox. With less than a year in Bamberg, GA, 2nd/2nd volun...More
  Clemmons, Robert L.
  Clemons, Charles C
  Clemons Jr, David S
  clepper, william
  Clevenger, Jason R. — Served with B Co from 1990 to 1995, Then served in the PAC from 1995 to 1996.
  Clevenger, Michelle
  Clevenger, Michelle
  Clevenger, Shell
  Clewis, Randy
  Clift, Taylor E — Had a great time while in but got tired of hearing "Salam Malekim"!
  Cline, Rae
  Cline , Toby R. — 2nd PLT A Co. 2/505 PIR I met some good friends there and learned a lot about life in that time. I ...More
  Clinton, Johnny
  Clinton, Joseph
  Clive, Michael J — A Co 1st Plt 1st Squad Leader during OEF and OIF
  Cloer, Donald r — 3 years army 10-51 to 10-54, 319th abn fld artillery. motor sgt, "b" batt. 319th. switched to usaf i...More
  Clothier, Bruce C — Joined USCG June 1979. Transferred to US Army 1981 - 1984. 82d Airborne Division 3/4 Air Defense A...More
  cloud, david
  Cloud, Sheryl — I am the parent of a soldier in the 82nd Airborne.
  Clough, Matthew
  Clouse, John T
  Clowers, Randy
  Clowney, Jerome t — the snake
  Coan, Patrick C — A co 3/504 PIR Mortars
  Coates, Eric D — I was in 1st PLT, B co., 1/325 AIR from 2000-2003. I am currently finishing up my time for Uncle Sam...More
  Coats, James N
  Cobb, Jason R
  Cobler, Wendy m
  Cockrell, Steven R — I came into the unit in early Apr '91 just as the Division went home on leave after Sheild/Storm. I ...More
  Cockrill, Sean
  Coder, Marcus J — Unit Movement NCO
  coelho, Jonathas
  Coen, David A
  Coen, Timothy R — Long strange road: Fort Jackson- Basic 1988; Fort Gordon - AIT 1988; Ludwigsburg GE - B Co. 307th MI...More
  Coffelt, Harold L — C Co 528th SF Spt Bn 1988-1991
  Coffey-Simons, Paula
  Coffman, Wade E — I was with A/CO 1/325 AIR in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Would like to hear back from anybody ou...More
  Cogdell, Ray A
  Cogollo, Lester C — Master Blaster, 13 years in the 82d Airborne Division. Instructor-US Army Operations and Intelligen...More
  Coker, Gary J — Retired after 33 years of active duty service. Former Command Sergeant Major of the 4th Brigade 3r...More
  Colarusso, Carl
  Colberg, Craig — 20 years on status 11 with the division and 9 as a black hat at Ft. Benning
  Colbert, Jeffrey
  Colburn, Alex E
  Cole, Chris c — worked at division HQ
  Cole, Christopher
  Cole, Daniel C — Served with Co C 307th Engineer BN
  Cole, Dennis B — Served 82nd Airborne, Aco 3/504 PIR '86-'89, Army Reserve 388th Med Log, Kansas '94-'97. Looking ...More
  Cole, Douglas E
  Cole, James A
  Cole, Jim — 2nd plt, B 1/325 ABN Inf
  Cole, John
  Cole, Joseph E — I am happily Married and was in 313th MI BN 82nd Airborne Division from 1989-1993. My nickname was ...More
  Cole, Marion A — PFC Marion A. Cole, 91b, , worked with experimental team MUST hospital 1964 and 1966 just berfore 2...More
  Cole, Shawn
  Cole, William A. — Served in the USMC from 1981-88. Served in the US Army from 1988-94, 1999-2007. Served in the FLAR...More
  Coleman, Daniel
  Coleman, Donald — served as a cook with the division's 782nd maitainance battalion in the mid 1970's
  Coleman, Eddie
  Coleman, Eugene
  coleman, Jerry
  Coleman, Joey
  Coleman, Paul V
  Coleman, Rusty R — Served 82nd Signal Bn. Member Ben Vandervoort Chapter of the 82nd Abn Assoc.
  Coleman, Woody — 508th Parachute Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division.
  Colin, Nicholas J — Did 22 years! Loved every assignment I had! When I was 25 I was pulled from the Airborne and was sen...More
  Collazo, David
  Collen, R — Bco 1/5 Cav Dismount, BFV Driver/Teamleader Bco 1/504th PIR, OIF 1, OIF 4, Weapons squad leader
  colley, sue
  Collier, David L
  collier, john — retired after 30 years of honorable service to my country
  Collings, Tim R — Was with the 3/73 Armor Regiment, 82nd ABN from 3/88 to 12/90. Was with 1/509th from 1/91 to 6/94 a...More
  Collingwood, Jon — 1st 325 AIR HHC Scouts OIF 2003-2004
  Collins, Alan S — I loved my time in service. If I hadnt gotten hurt, I'd still be in the 1/504 kickin some ass. I m...More
  Collins, Allen S
  Collins, Charles w — Went into the service in 1977 as a 67Y (attack helicopter repairman)then in 1980 went to Ft Hauchuca...More
  Collins, Flannery
  Collins, James J
  Collins, Jeff
  Collins, Mark w — army rotc 2nd lt western high school davie fl.00 to 03 raider team captin aug-nov 03 ship to ft.b...More
  Collins, Matt — Served in Scout Plt HHC 3/73 from 1991-1994
  Collins, Nathaniel — 3rd I.D. 3rd (ABC), 3rd Recon Co. at Geiblestadt Air Base. Served as one of the original members tha...More
  Collins, Peter S
  Collins, Robert — Joined July 4, 1985. Basic Ft. Jackson Oct. 85-Dec. AIT Ft. Gordon Jan. 1986- Mar. Served after j...More
  Collins, Ron B — Basic training and Field Wire Commmunications at Ft Polk,La 1965,Ft Benning,jump school,from there 1...More
  Collins, Sarah
  Collins, Stephen
  Collins, Ted W
  collister, matthew
  Colllier, Cory — I joined the Civil Air Patrol back in April of 2003, I've been active ever since and I'm currently c...More
  Colombini, Michael J — Was a 31v10 served six years, 82nd 3yrs 20th eng 3 yrs. Married 2 children
  Colon, Cosme R — Born in Puerto Rico. Served, as an enlisted, voluntarily for the VietNam War in 1961. Graduated from...More
  Colon, Osvaldo — I served with the 82d ABN DIVARTY as a 1SG and OPS SGM, during 1997 to 2003. I later served as Vampi...More
  Colon, Victor r — Live life to the fullest with my wife and 3 children always ready to defend my motherland
  Columna, Ramon
  Colvin, Randall G — 2nd PLT, A Co, 2/505 from 92-95 HQ CO (US), AMFL, Mannheim, GE from 95-00 HQ SEC, B Co, 1/23...More
  Combs, James E
  Combs, Lance
  Comeau, Patrick
  Como, Ignazio — serviced 2yrs at fort bragg, in a tank co 505 .. from june 1954 to 1955 nov,
  Compeau, Vincent R — Assigned to HHC 1-505.from 1981-1984. I was a Mechanic back then.
  Compher Sr, Keith — 4/23 Inf Ft. Lewis, 2/505 PIR Ft. Bragg
  Compliment, Margaux
  Compton, Jeffrey w
  Compton, Larry G — A Co 1st BN 508th Inf
  Comstock, Jim
  Conard, William R
  Condit, Edward
  Condon, Michael S — E-5 1/325 C Co 3rd Plt
  Condon, Petra Gabriele — I'm busy raising a tween. I am active in the school system and PTA. I love my gardens, hike, snowsh...More
  Cone, Jack l
  Conger, Horace
  Conklin, Alan w
  Conklin, Wayde — BRAVO 3/325
  Conley, Shaun P — A co 1/504th PIR 87-89. Recon Platoon HHC 1/504th 89-91. E-mail to
  Conlon, Hugh F
  Conlon, Hugh F — Combat Medic 91A then 91B assigned to 3-319 AFAR for 'Just Cause an Desert Shield / Storm. Re-al...More
  Conlon, Hugh
  Conlon, Hugh F — NPTT/SPTT Military Advisor BDE/DIV(OIF), OC-T (AC/RC) Sr. MED NCO SME (OIF/OEF), 249th GH (Caretaker...More
  Connell, Jeremiah s — Served as a mechanic for 3/4 ADA 82nd ABN DIV. Deployed to OEFII
  Connell, Joseph R — 15 years old loved the Army since I was 5yrs old got 3 more years till i get out of high school and ...More
  Connelly, John
  Connelly, Phillip A — Originally from Chicago,Illinois.
  Conner, Dennis L — Served in the 2/82 Aviation Battalion as a CW2 UH-60A/L Pilot . Had a lot of fun while putting up w...More
  Conner, Michael
  Connolly, John
  Connor, John P. — Served in the old Bco. at Chaffee until we switched to D Trp. Stayed 5 some years all the way to Pol...More
  Connors, Francis
  Connors, Richard
  Conover, John
  Conrad, Allen F
  Conrad, Marlin L
  Conrad, Tom
  Conrick, Jack — served with 118th spt bn maint section dec 84 to dec 88 lee barracks mainz germany
  Constantine, William L
  Contratto, Robert
  Contreras, Eddie — 13E
  Contreras, Miguel A — BCT E 1/19th 2nd Plt. 21Jul99-30Sep99 AIT A 2/80th 1st Plt. 01Oct99-31Dec99 ABN C/BCo 1/503rd 01Jan9...More
  Conway, Dan
  Conway, James J — Over 30 years service, 3 years active with the 82nd (501st & 504 ABGs). Remainder in the Reserves, 9...More
  Conway, Justin L
  Cook, Brandon Michael — My brother in law just joined and left for basic. I will be joining in a few months.
  Cook, Chris l — Last Unit A co 82nd Signal BN -In charge of 1st BDE Commo. Team
  Cook, Elizabeth
  Cook, Gregory
  Cook, James R
  Cook, James R — 82nd Airborne 3/505 PIR C co. 1st Platoon. 91-94. Rotated through Honduras in 92-93 with B co 3/505.
  Cook, Jerry
  Cook, Joey B
  Cook, John A — Enlisted 1976, went to infantry and jump school in Ft. Benning. Upon arrival at Ft. Bragg I was ass...More
  Cook, Larry — 1 CAB, 1ID 2 CAB, 2ID 4 BSTB, 4 BCT, 82d ABN
  Cook, Melissa
  Cook, Nicholas — HHC, 2-505 PIR. Now work for Progressive Insurance in Fort Myers
  Cook, Paul H
  Cook, Robert S
  Cook, Robert A
  Cook, Rod — Member of Charley company, 307th Engineer Batallion.
  Cook Rasool, William E — William E. Rasool was William E. Cook until 1975, I retired from the 7th Special Forces Group (Airbo...More
  Cooke, Andrew S
  Cool, Joseph E — Served with HHC 3/73 Scouts from 86-88.After Bragg, went to the JRTC in Arkansas, Had a blast there,...More
  Cooler, Shannon
  Cooley, Andrew e
  Cooley, George D
  Cooley, Joe
  coombs, jeff
  Coombs, Ronald j — Served in nam' 1/8 b co in 68-69
  Coon, Preston M — A c, 5-101 AVN TEAM PHOENIX
  Coon - Lutz, Karen
  Coonse, Amber
  Cooper, Earle J
  Cooper, Harlan — Platoon Leader, Company XO, 1st of 505th, 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne, 1969-70. MACV MAT 42 Commande...More
  Cooper, James
  Cooper, Jerry L
  Cooper, Joe
  Cooper, Marvin J — A Co 2/325 AIR Mortar section. PV1 thru E5(P)
  Cooper, Pamela S
  Cooper, Wiley L
  Coor, Anthony B
  Cope, Matthew D
  Copeland, Robert S — CO E 75 INF RANGER (ABN) 3/9TH INF DIV RVN 1969-1970 CO B 1/508 INF (ABN) 3RD BDE 82ND ABN DIV FT B...More
  Coram, Brian A — D/2-72 AR FSO, Cp. Casey, ROK (1998-1999); A/2-39 IN XO, Ft. Jackson, SC (1999-2000); E/2-39 IN XO/...More
  Corbin, Herb
  Corbitt, Dewayne — I am stationed in Camp Casey Korea with First Tank.
  Corcoran, Keith — 11B turned 25M (Multimedia Illustrator) with a CIB, Jump Wings and 82nd Combat Patch. <br><br> <ul...More
  Corcoran, Peter a
  Cordier, Rick J
  Cordova, Freddy — 4 deployments to Iraq with the 82nd Airborne 2/325 Airborne Infantry
  Cordova, Maria E — I am 21 years old. I just got married to an army soldier that is currently deployed. I like to meet ...More
  Cords, Michael D — After the Army, I continued training in martial arts, and now teach.
  Corley, Rod L
  Cormier, Paul A
  Cormier, Richard E — HHC, 4th BCT, 10th MTN(L)
  Cornelius, Sean d
  Cornell, Jere A — Retired SGM with over 23 years service. 17 years at Ft Bragg jumping, and planning jumps. Units: 1...More
  Cornell, John L — Served in the 1/504th C Company and the 3rd Armor Div in Germany
  Cornett, Bill
  Cornett, Craig C — Cco307th 83-86 jumpmaster,urgent fury,SSG
  Cornett, Jon R — Served 25 1/2 years, almost all in Infantry assignments at troop level. (light, abn, aaslt) 5.5 yea...More
  Cornette, Rita
  Cornwall, Dan — Married, 3 children, 2 grandchildren Teacher, Industrial Arts, Applied Technology Associates Degre...More
  Cornwell, Billy C
  Coron, Gregory A — Bravo Battery 1/320, FDC
  Corprew, Spencer l — i was stationed at ft bragg 1st infantrydiv325battalion82ndairborne. went to grenada in october of 8...More
  Corraine, Morris
  Corraine, Morris
  Corral, Robert J
  Corrigan, Karen L — I served with the 307 Med Bn from 1989 to 1992. I served in Saudi Arabia . I now live in Arkansas an...More
  Corsale, Vincent
  Corsaut, Jay c
  Corscadden, Michael S
  Cortes, Edgardo — Assigned to Aco 82nd Sig Bn in 1983. Became a Jumpmaster in 1985
  Cortes, Edgardo Aka Eddie
  Cortes, Herman j
  Cortes, Magdaleno B — Served in the Domincan Republic campaign as a Medic with the 82nd Airborne, 584th Medical Company. ...More
  Cortes, Saul — old grunt/medic
  Cortes Aponte Jr., Carlos
  Cortez, Liz
  Cortez , John
  Cortina, Sam
  Corzine, Matt r
  Cosgrove, Michael
  cosme, rene
  Cosmo, Michael J — Hello, my name is Mike "Doc" Cosmo, I served with C/2/503 173d Airborne Brigade in Bong Son from Jul...More
  cossey, ralph
  Costa, Ronald
  Costas, Ch — Professor of Military Science Kent State, Youngstown State, and Mount Union
  Costello, Jared
  Costello, Patrick M
  Coston, Patrick d
  Cotsakos, Christos — 1967-1970 Sergeant E-5 MOS: P11B4P Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborn...More
  Cottle, Jeffrey — I join the Army in late 1977 my first unit was 3rd Armor Division 2nd of the 36th Infantry till 1980...More
  Cotton, Dennis J — Enjoyed the Army a great deal, I also miss it. I have been married for almost 31 years to my wonderf...More
  Cottrell, Kevin D. — 1st Enlistment: C Co 3/325 Inf Reg 82nd Abn Div. 2nd Enlistment: C Co 1/115th 29th Inf Div Re...More
  Cottrell, Seth
  Couch, David M — Assigned to the 82nd (admin) out of jump shool in 1964...through 1966. Then to Infantry OCS and Viet...More
  Couch, James
  Cougias, Dorian j — Entered E-1 in HHC 82nd Combat Aviation BN, moved to Air CAV a while later. Re-positioned as CAS wit...More
  Couick, Jeffrey
  Counselman, Gene
  Coursey, Tommy J
  Courtney, Adam r — I am a Steel Worker 3rd class (E-4) in the U.S. Navy and currently i am on my second deployment head...More
  Courtois, Stephen R
  Couto, Jason
  Covell, Charles
  Covey, Gary L — I served in 2nd Platoon, B Company 71-73 Jumpmaster Qualified & Jungle Expert
  Covillo, Sajon
  Covington, Tina
  Cowan, Scott
  Cowdrey, Robert B — I was the first Flight Medic to arrive to a new DUST-OFF unit in the new 3rd BN 82nd Combat Aviation...More
  Cowfer, Roy
  Cowin, Paul H
  Cowser, Jeffrey
  Cox, Aheen Z — Never was in the military. Just looking for a person I lost contact with in 2002
  Cox, Amber M
  Cox, Branch S — Hello All, You all where Great to bad the experiment didn't work (COHORTS). I look forward to heari...More
  Cox, Carson — 2-505 D-Co First Sergeant in Deset Storm and Sheild
  Cox, Gary L
  Cox, Joseph
  Cox, Leo — Was in Panama from 11/90-12/91. Was in 3rd platoon C co 5/87 Ft Davis. Then went to Ft Bragg in Jan ...More
  Cox, Michael W
  Cox, Michael S
  Cox, Phillip H.
  Cox, Roger A
  Coyle, Mona — Daughter of James Edmunds (ret '69) and Aunt of Jeremiah Minor (173d)
  Coyle, Thomas E — Also was a member of 2/502 strike brigade 101
  Crabbe, Tahnee L
  Crabtree, Charles Mark
  Crabtree, Edwin B — Served in 2/505 Inf, 82nd Airborne Div. as Medic while at Ft. Bragg, NC, 1968-70. Unit had just brou...More
  Crafton, Amy N
  Craghead, Michelle S — Wife of combat vet
  cragle, mark
  Cragle, Mark
  Craig, David W
  Craig, George J — I was in Aco from 86 to 91. I spent 3 years in Germany and returned to Ft. Bragg. I was in Cco as a ...More
  Craig, Harold l
  Craig, Keith S
  Craig, Marc A
  Craig, Stephen P.
  Craig, William S.
  Crail, Charles D — HHC 3/325 Scouts. Now in the reserves.
  Crain, John
  Crain, Justin LUCAS — Names justin crain, im 18, and leaving in march for basics in ft. bennet georgia. active duty
  Cramer, Dan T — Infantry in 2/505 and 2/325
  Cramer, Jack L
  Craven, Patrick
  Crawford, Adam — >1/501 ABN, HHC, 92-95 >2/505 PIR, A CO, 95-99
  Crawford, Allan L — ALLAN L. CRAWFORD HQ.& HQ. BATTERY DIV. ARTY, 82nd Abn. 1954 & 1955
  Crawford, Jesse l — 13bp serve as section cheif in 319 fa later as gunnery sgt chief of fiing battery in the 320th fa
  Crawford, Judy
  crawford, pat
  Crawford, Scott
  Crawford, Steven
  Crawford, William
  Craycroft, Steve
  Credeur, Glenn — I was stationed at: Fort Bragg, NC with HHB Divarty 82nd AFAR from 1994 - 1997 ; Fort McClellan, AL...More
  Creel, Christine
  Cremisio, Richard D — Career Army, Married - 5 Children Com- YG 1980 ROTC Syracuse Univ. DMS/DMG, Major assignments: 82...More
  Crenshaw, William H
  Crespo, Luis A
  Crew, Victoria
  Crews, Derrick D — 3 years with the 82nd
  Crews, Gerald C. — Stationed at Ft. Bragg from Aug. 1975 to May 1978 in the 82nd Airborne Div. (C Co. 1/505 Inf). Spent...More
  Crews, Justin
  Crigler, Tommy — Living in N.W. Georgia
  Crilly Iv, James E.
  Crimando, Matthew t
  Crinen, Alex
  Crinklaw, Eileen m
  Crisp, Derrick
  Crispen, Michael
  Crispino, Gerry R — 1977 - 1980, A Co. 2/325th Abn Inf, Ft. Bragg. 7th MI Co., Ft. Ord, 650th MI Group, Region V. Curren...More
  Crissman, Kearney W — My nickname is "Cris". I served 4 years as an Infantry officer, and 26 years as a Combat ...More
  Criswell, Darrell — 2/505th vietnam 1969 3.2 mortars
  Croas, Paul R — Served in C co 3/73 Armor, from 1988 to 1992, with 2nd Platoon. Went to Panama and Iraq, enjoyed the...More
  Croce, Benjamin
  Crocker, Eddie D — Deployed
  Crockett, Dion
  Croghan Jr, William O — 24 Years in the Army
  Croka, William C
  Cronk, Carl A
  Cropo, Chad E — I served as a Team Ldr. in a rifle company in the 3/504 Parachutist Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne...More
  Crosby, Christy
  Crosby, John f
  Cross, John r
  Cross, Thierry
  Crosslin, Brad
  Crosslin, Brad
  Crosswhite, Steve W
  Crotty, Howard R — Short & sweet. Retired from Army in 1978, moved to Ft Worth,Tx. Worked a few short jobs trying to ...More
  Crouch, George A
  Crouch, Robert
  Crouse, Robert
  Crow, Carl h — drafted,5-28-68 ets 6-5-70
  Crow, Carl
  Crow, Joseph a — Machine Gunner in 1st brigade
  Crowder, Ormond L — 1st Platoon, Co "A" 2/504 from August 1960-April 1962. Ft. Bragg. Participated in Swift Strike ...More
  Crowe, Daniel E — My uncle died in the 82nd. in June 2002. He was a die hard soldier, and I want to find some of his ...More
  Crowell, Dave — Cdr, A/1/319 FA; Cdr, HHB DivArty; HSB 2/321 FA, FSO; HQ 82 Abn Div, G3 Opns; Cdr, C1/320 FA; S3, 1/...More
  Crowell, Dustin
  Crowley, Mary
  Crowley, Michael T — Pathfinder 11b1y, Special Forces 11b1s, cadet candidate USMAPS.
  Cruise, Laura
  Crum, Daryl
  Crump, Felicia L
  Crump, Robert W
  Crusha, Chuck
  Crutcher, Russell L
  Cruz, Estevan A — well im a 20 year old male American that hopes to join the U.S. Military. I want to follow in my fat...More
  Cruz, Noel A
  Cruz, Reina O
  Cuccuini, Stephen
  Cuento, Mike
  Cuff, Austin G
  cuff, joshua
  Culkin, Thomas T
  Culler, Casey J — I am married to a wonderful woman (Tonya) with one adorable daughter (Riley). I work as a law enforc...More
  Cummings, Chris — Pvt-Pfc in HHC 1/325, Batallion Mortars, 1986-1988. We were "That Damn Mortar Platoon". I got levi...More
  Cummings, Chris
  Cummings, Greg — Tomahawk Battlion PLT Ldr Airborne staff Aiborne Regiment Company Cdr
  Cummings, John M
  Cummings, Marvin W. — I joined the Army 1971 retired in 1991. After the military I went back to college and recieved my B....More
  Cumpston, Charles c
  Cuneo, David A — anyone from the original A Co. 4th bat "gold falcons" can e-mail me..especially if you know me.
  Cunio, David W
  Cunio, David W — 1970-1980 us army 07/1970-basic at ft. Ord Calif.(6wks) 09/1970 8wks AIT Ft Sam Huston tx 11/197...More
  Cunningham, Anthony — A-9-2: Basic TNG 1986 Dragon Co-Hearts (1986) 76Y Unit Supply School (1987) D-company: Airborne Sc...More
  Cunningham, Charles
  Cunningham, Erik E — I was in the 3/4 ADA, B Btry, Stinger Platoon
  Cunningham, Erik E
  Cunningham, Erik E — 16S1P '84-'87 3/4 ADA B Btry, Stinger Pltn, 2nd & 3rd Sqd. SSG Lucier Was Platoon Sgt.
  Cunningham, Erik E
  Cunningham, Erik E — 3/4 ADA B Co Stinger Platoon, 3rd Squad, 82 Div
  Cunningham, Ken P — Served in Fco 51st INF(LRS)ABN, From 08-93 to01-96.
  Cunningham, Kimberly
  Cunningham, Ronald l — 45k2P b troop-tank turret mechanic for b troop 1970-1973
  Cupid, Ellsworth c.
  Curbelo, Frank
  Curie, Thomas C
  Curiel, Frank
  Curren, Robert
  Currie, Len — hq/a 307 med bn 87-91, attatched to mfo sinai 89-91 2/505 pir, attatched to D 307 med with 505 pir...More
  Currier, Robert
  Curry, Johnny — HC-130 Flight Examiner Radio Operator 301 RQS, 39 RQS, 920 Rescue Grp Patrick AFB, FL Homestead A...More
  Curry, Richard H — radio operator
  Curry, Tom
  Curtis, Kelsey — Hello! My name is Kelsey, I recently moved to North Carolina in March to live with my husband who is...More
  Curtis, Mike — The dates on most assignments don't work properly, so... Assigned to "C" Co, 2nd Bn, 505th PIR, 82n...More
  Curtis, Mike — Divorced father of two boys ( 8 & 10). Was into healthcare for 23 years from medic, to paramedic to ...More
  Curtiss, Brant C
  curtiss, vince
  Cutcher, Richard P. — The 503rd Airborne Combat Team (with a little help from John Flint, Mike Woodruff, and myself) took ...More
  Cutillo, Edward
  Cutler, Elliott L. — C Co. 1/505 P.I.R.,Ft. Bragg,Nc.
  Cutlip, Bobby p
  cutter, jack
  cyr, cassie
  Czanowski, David — Paratrooper/Engineer for 5 years in the 82nd Airborne Div., 307th Engineer Bat., 618th Engineer Co. ...More
  Czopek, William D

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