82nd Airborne Division

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  B, D
  B, David E
  B, Jason W
  B, Ken j
  B, Lindsey
  B, Mundel
  B, S G
  B., Moore
  Baack, John
  Baas, John
  Babbitt, Michael — Actor, writer, director
  Baca, Frank
  Baca, Kenneth
  Bachelor, Mike
  Backus, Wayne A
  Bacon, Joshua
  Bacon, Rich
  Bader, Dan
  Bader, Rudy
  Baer, Andrew B — I was out of active duty for 13 years but I just joined an airborne reserve unit. I had to give up o...More
  Bailey, Curtis E
  Bailey, Elizabeth — I am a young army wife. My husband Nick and I got married a few months ago.
  Bailey, Jeffrey
  Bailey, Matt — C Co, 27th Eng Bn, Ft Bragg, NC 1996-1999 63J; 4th Chemical Co., 2ID, Korea 1999-2000 63J; HQ/A ...More
  Bailey, Matthew C — 92-95 B Co 2/325, Recon Plt 2/325, Ranger class 11-93, was with the falcons from Private to Sargent....More
  Bailey, Russell N — Southeast Asia Foreign Area Officer Married w/ 2 year old boy Enjoy SCUBA, Rugby, Biking, Hiking...More
  Bailey, Scott
  Bailey, Timothy Dean
  Bailey, William H — Basic training at Ft Sill Oklahoma November 1995. Served in A Btry 2-319th AFAR, 82nd Airborne Div 1...More
  Bailey, William
  Baillie, Jake
  Bain, Seavy A
  Baine, Brian
  Bair, K — supporter of 118th mpco
  Baird, John — Basic and AIT at Ft. Hood. Jump School then 618th Bragg. 11'62 combat ready troops transfered to 84t...More
  Baker, Bruce
  Baker, Diana L — My son was with the 82nd, recieved an honorable discharge for injury, daughter in law just re-enlist...More
  Baker, Eric
  Baker, Gary — 82nd airborne div rigger 1951-54
  Baker, Jacob G — 82nd Airborne Div. w/ C Btry 1/320 FA from 1981 to 1984 operation Urgent Fury 1983, A Btry 5/8th F...More
  Baker, Keith A.
  Baker, Oneil P — Law Enforcement Professional (ex-grunt)
  Baker, Randy N
  Balatico, Mac T — Human Resources Program Analyst
  Balazs, Eryn M
  Balboa, Homero
  Balderaz, Araceli
  Balderrama, Arturo
  Baldwin, David J — Jump School at Bragg with E Co of the 504. Then to Germany to B Co of the 187 Inf 11th AD. Leban...More
  Baldwin, William F — I am a sophmore in high school and i am on the wrestling team. My father's uncle, Col. Dan Bald...More
  Ball, Bill — A 2/504 3rd Platoon 86-89. --- C 2/504 2nd Platoon 2nd squad gunny119@gmail.c...More
  Ball, Lloyd G — Not a whole lot to say. Prior service, Army Airborne. Made Sergeant b4 getting out in 2002. I now am...More
  Ball, Mary
  Ball, Phillip B
  Ball, Vernon D — Spent most of my time in Fort Bragg, I was with the 20th Engr Unit there and then 82nd MP's
  Ballard, Donna
  Ballou, Frederick
  Balloumi, Khaled
  Baloch, Abid 1a
  Banas, Robert
  Banda, Jose
  Bandukevich, Sasha
  Bane, Kevin
  Banks, Edward WALTER — June63/Dec.64.B/2nd./325th inf.Swift Strike III Blood Wings,Ft.Benning Ga.,AIT Ft Polk,La.Basic Tng...More
  Banks, Gerald
  Banks--Tamanaha, Reuben
  Bannantine, Theodore
  Banning Jr., Edward C — Entered at Ft. Leonardwood 1994 Seperted 242nd Combat engineer Btl. 2002
  Barajas-Varela, Hector — SPC Barajas PAD Division
  Baran, Brian Dennis — 3-73 Cav
  Barba, David A — I was in Bravo Co, 3rd Platoon during my stay in Vincenza from late 89- early 92. For those of you ...More
  Barbee, Frank J
  Barber, Bob — Airborne trooper while in the 82nd I went from E-1 to E-5. Never got to be a jumpmaster because it ...More
  Barber, Donnie R — Retired from the Military in 1999 but have been living overseas since 2003 Been stationed in German...More
  Barber, Drew — Bco 2/325 AIR 89-92 HQco AMF(L) 93-96 HQ/Aco 1/509 PIR 96-97
  Barbour, Donald E — HQ & B Btry 1/77 FA 1981-1983, C 1/8 Cav 1987-1990
  Barbour, James W
  Bare, James — Paratrooper,and Infantry
  Bare, Shari
  Bare, Timothy
  Barger, Christopher
  Bargy, William
  Barkdull, Tee — MS-1(SW)(AW)(ABN)
  Barkdull, Tee
  Barker, Bruce L — B2/325 11C, B/313th MI 17M & 17K 1980 - 1983 Enlisted MONG Aug 83 OCS MONG 1986 1987 PLT LDR 1138...More
  Barker, David L
  Barker, Province L
  Barker, Sam R
  Barlieb, David
  Barlow, Daniel
  Barnard, Donald D
  Barnard, Donald D — I was a Master Parachutist in the Military: 8th Infantry "B" Med (1969-1971); 359 Trans Co. RVN (19...More
  Barnes, Bobby — HHC 3/505 PIR 82nd ABN DIV 81mm Mortar. Just Cause 89-90 Desert Storm 90-91
  Barnes, Chuck
  barnes, henaro
  Barnes, Jason C
  Barnes, Stephen
  Barnes, Thomas — Damage Control
  Barnett, Bill
  Barnett, Clint — CGS Operator
  Barnett, Latoya
  Barnett, Robert W — I enterd the Army in 1982 and had 2 tours in Germany 1 in Korea. I was at Ft Bragg NC, Ft Campbell K...More
  Barnett, William
  Baron, Ari S — I served in Iraq during Operation Enduring Freedom. I was squad leader and led convoys through the I...More
  baronian, james
  Barr, Pat
  Barr, Patrick j — D-DET 407TH S&S BN 64C BACK IN ENGLAND
  Barr, Randolph
  Barragan, Frank
  Barrett, Edward e
  Barrett, Jason A — Was in Afganistan for 8 months in 2003. Currently in Iraq.
  Barrett, Jim
  Barrett, Natalie m
  Barrett Jr, Thomas V — SP4 Tom Barrett- 11H (Tow Gunner) in Echo 504th attached to the 2/508th CSC company-3rd Platoon. ...More
  Barrett-Stevens, Joyce A — joined at 17 @ft jackson,c company18btn 2d bct bde,we were the first company of women to train with ...More
  Barriteau, Michael
  Barron, John
  Barron, Russell E
  Barrow, Jennifer — military girlfriend
  Barrus, Gracie
  barry, doug
  Barry, Patrick T — Served with the 82nd Airborne, 307th Engineers (Combat). Deployed with 3rd Brigade to Vietnam 12 Fe...More
  Barstow, Joseph E
  Barth, Ernest C — Entered the Army 1969 in Chicago Basic at Ft Leonard Wood, MO Airborne Infantry AIT at Ft Gordon, ...More
  Bartholow, Sidney D
  Bartlett, Ed — Charlie and Bravo Companies, Desert Shield/Storm
  Bartlett, Edward l — WPNS Squad 2nd Plt Bco 3/505
  Bartlett, Gary A — Joined the service in 1972. MOS 94b, food service specilast. Assigned to HHC 307th Engr. Bn. Ft. Bra...More
  Bartlett, Robert T
  Barto, Edward D — married, have 2 sons (jesse-23,jake-15) work as a maintenance tech at a retirement community. wife's...More
  Barton, Andrew C — Was with 1st of the 319th AFAR during Desert Storm and a bit after then transfered to HHC 3rd/73rd A...More
  Barton, Brent
  Bartram, Ron
  Basham, Jerry R — 4/325 & 2/325 Mortarman Vicenza & Bragg 142d MP Co Team Leader, Desk SGT, AWOL APP NCOIC & Town Pat...More
  Bass, Bryan
  Bass, David
  Bass, James
  Basson, Nico G — I was a member of 12 SA infantry Battalion, Equistrian company. My father was a paratrooper with the...More
  Bast, John P
  Bastirmaci, Kubilay — i love airoplanes,war machines.everyweek i go to the airport and see the plane...
  Batchelor, Danny E
  Batchelor, Laura J
  Bateman, Jack
  Bateman, Lawrence
  Bates, David E — Delta CO 1/508-3/505 Ft. Bragg, NC from '86 to '88
  Bates, David E
  Bates, James
  Bates, Jim
  Bates, Matthew J — I am an Anti-Armor Section Leader in the 82nd Abn. Div. I have also served with the 1-501st PIR in A...More
  Bates, Trent — entered the army from MS. basic @ Ft Dix, AIT @ Ft Lee; 1st duty assignment was 4/20 mech Panama, ...More
  Bates, Trent
  Battiato, Russell A — 82nd Airborne, LRSD, Co B 2nd Bn, SFC Training NCO, 11B,13F,18C
  Battle, Darnell — hey my name is Darnell Battle and I'm up here to try to get some advice for joining the army. and i...More
  Battle, Derrick
  Battle, Nick
  Battle 3, Willie E
  Battle 3, Willie E
  Batton, Randy W
  Batts, Tracy
  Baucham, Rob
  Baucom, Walter P — I was an 88Mike from 88-94.During my time at Ft.Bragg,NC i deployed to Jordan for Operation Bright S...More
  Bauer, Dustin M — part of Bco 3-505 PIR, got to unit on Oct. 11, 2001. been to Afghanistan and Iraq. got out feb, 200...More
  Bauer, Lawrence
  Bauer, Paul A — Retired 1SG - HHC and C Co1/501 (ABN); Security Station Manager at Anchorage airport; elected offic...More
  Baughman, George
  Baum, Richard L — I served from 1989 through 1998 with the Blue Devils.I was the NBC/NCO for ALPHA CO.,DELTA CO. and ...More
  Bauman, Kirby L — I was a support squad leader with Co. E. I was discharged to enlist in the Regular Army. I served wi...More
  Bauman, Michael r — Military service 1984-88 : With the Scouts at camp howze ,Korea DMZ 4mths, ROK Ranger, 82nd airborne...More
  bautista, julio
  Baxter, Darryl
  Baxter, William L
  Baydo, Randall C
  Baydo, Randall C — I was with the 4th Bn 7th Inf 3rd Bde 3ID in 1990-91 we went to Iraq with the 1st Armored Div. Looki...More
  Bayle, Christopher R
  Bayle, Sarah
  Bayles, Celia
  Bayless, Paul R
  Bayne, David B
  Beagle Jr., Clayton A
  Bean, Dennis
  Bean, Robert N — Served as the unit Armorer for HHC 82nd Abn Div. Currently working in the 106th Trans Bn.
  Beard, Scott M — HUMINT
  Beard, Shawn
  Beasley, Robert
  Beattie, Jim
  Beattie, Rodney F — Served with the 82nd ABN and 101 Abn paratrooper, infantry an ADA. Currently President(and Founder)...More
  Beaty, Paul
  Beauclair, Vincent E — After leaving the Army drove truck for about two years. America is a gorgeous country . After ...More
  Beaver, Jeffrey
  Beaver, Robert D
  Beavers, John
  Bechtel, Jon
  Bechtol, Nathaniel E
  Beck, Jeff
  Becker, Don — 1-505 PIR, 82 ABN (85-87) -- 1-48/4-18 IN, 3AD (87-90) -- 4-41 IN, 2AD (90-90) -- 1-5 CAV, 1CD...More
  Becker, Ed
  Becker, Edward W — Army Reservre- 1957-59...1st/325/82nd-1959-60.....2/503-1960-62
  Becker, Gregory — served with 3/505 from sep68 to mar69 in commo plt.
  Becker, Herebrt
  Becker, John t
  Becker, Phil
  Bedy, Andrew i
  Beebe, Christopher
  Beecher, Caryn
  Beeman, Ken W — From boy to man
  Beeman, Thomas m
  Beerman, James e
  Beets, Lin — Born and raised in Military. Basic training Ft Knox Ky 1959. Advanced training for MOS Ft Gordon Ga ...More
  Begg, Frederick W.
  Beggs, Richard G — Served HHC-1st-508-INFANTRY 1970-1973 motor pool
  Behnke, Larry
  Beith, Alan r
  Belanger, George J
  Belanger, Kevin m
  Belew, Keith
  Bell, Bobby — Communication Chief 1/504 1982-1985 Brigade Communication Chief 1985-1986 First Sergeant A Company...More
  Bell, Chip
  bell, dedric
  Bell, Kevin — Great!!!
  Bell, Nathaniel E — was in bravo co. from 1990 to 1993
  Bell, Robert
  Bell, Scott J — married to Brenda for 1 1/2 years..Have a son and daughter that are 8 and 10 respectively..Looking f...More
  Bell, Stan
  Bellamy, John D — Retired from Army with 24 years of active service Served in Korea , Vietnam ,Europe, Alaska
  Belmarsh, Adam
  Belmore, Gary
  Belocerkovez, Dmitry
  Belsha, Joseph
  Beltran , Martin
  Benamati, B.
  Benavides, Robert
  Benavidez, Tony — 11b4P, 22 months
  Bendall, John
  Bender, Christopher L
  Bender, John F — 82nd Airborne Division
  Bender, Roland
  Bender, Toni L
  Bendtsen, Harry G — Served with the following units: Army Material Command, USAATC(Arctic Test Center), Ft. Greely, AK. ...More
  Benitez, Alberto
  Benjamin, Damien M
  Benjamin, Fortunato Benjie:
  Benjamin, Sfc Ret P E — Enlisted in the Army March 1974. A graduate of BCT, Fort Jackson, SC. AIT, Fort Polk, LA. BLC, PN...More
  Bennett, Bonnie — Army Wife and loving it.
  Bennett, Dennis
  Bennett, James
  Bennett, James
  Bennett, Larry D — I was assigned to the 82nd MP Co. Deployed to Grenada in Oct. 1983 with the 2nd Plt. 82nd MP Co.
  Bennett, Steven q
  Bennett, Terry A
  Bennett, Tom
  Bennett, Tom
  Bennett, Tony — 11B2P w/C/2/325--SFC Rudy Wicker was the Plt. Sgt. entire time (1975-1978)
  Bennett, Wendy
  Bennett, William
  Bennett Iii, Jack H
  Bennish, Frank
  Benoit, Mary — none
  Benson, Brian C — Former bugbitten, sniper too long in South America. Got million dollar wounds and don't like civili...More
  Benson, Carl L
  Benson, John
  Benson, John w
  Benson, Michael A — Mortarman Paratrooper Lightfighter Pathfinder Recruiter Observer Controller Platoon Serg...More
  Bercedoni, Lmoctezuma
  Berg, Janine — My husband Joshua Berg was a member of the B Co 1/325 AIR Fort Bragg NC.
  Bergeron, Glenn
  Bergeron, Glenn
  bergeron, matthew
  Bergjans, Francis J
  bergman, david
  Bergman, William K — Enlisted 1961, 1st Inf Div: 2d Battle Gp/8th Inf; West Point 1966, volunteered for 173d Abn Bde,Vie...More
  Bergseng, S
  Bergseng, Steve M — Camp Evans, Company B, Dong Ha, Quang Tri. Operations: Dewey canyon II, Lom Som 719, ??? (TBI)
  Berinobbis, Brian b
  Berkheiser, William H
  Berkman, Pete
  Berlage, Rhett
  Bermeo, Fabricio
  Bernard, Jason A
  Bernardi Sr., Rick — Chief Moderator {Sekar} verified my DD-214 & DD2586 what about YOU !
  Berner, Terry — Unit CBR NCO, Gunner, Forward Observer for 320th FA, Crew Chief 321 FA
  Bernhard, George L
  Bernhard, Henke
  Bernier, Joshua h — am currently a SSG in the US Army Active. have served for over 8 years as a 11B and as an 11C, have ...More
  Bernstrom, Andrew — Whats' up FiSTer's? AIRBORNE Andrew
  Berrigan, Donald
  Berry, Brian B — Started my career in the 82d. Spent most of my time in 3/505 scout platoon. Did 18 months as a pre-R...More
  Berry, Ed
  Berry, Jonathan berry T
  Berry, Michael P — Active military 1982 to 1986. Basic and jump school at Ft. Benning. Spent the rest of my time in B C...More
  Berry, Mike n
  Berry, Mike
  Berry, Robert W — Was the 1SG for Alpha company 27th MSB, Fort Hood TX from 1995 - 1999.
  Berry, William G. — Rifle Platoon Leader - C Co. 1-508 PIR, 82d Airborne Division; Scout Platoon Leader - HHC, 1-508 PIR...More
  Bert, Douglas A — 2-504 PIR
  Bertoglio, Elizabeth K — My military experience is that of a mother who wonders if her son is safe no matter where he deploys...More
  Besaw, Brian M
  Bess, Jerry l
  Bess, Jerry
  Bess, Mark R — 82 MP company 1981-1984, Reforger 1982, Operation Urgent Fury, island Nation of Greneda, 1983.
  Best, Winton J
  Betancourt, Jonathan E
  Bethanis, Arthur
  Bethea, Andre D
  Bethea Iv, William T
  Betram, Obetta Chinwendu — I am a young african man of 32years.Am the second son and born of the family of eight.I am dark in c...More
  Betrosian, Richard d — 27D5PC5. 13 yrs at Bragg, and now returned to Bragg after a 6yr tour in Germany
  Betts, Kimberly U — Toughest mouse you'll ever meet :)
  Betzer, Dean S — Retired Military
  Bevil, Gene
  Bevil, Henry — Entered military after high school graduation. Trained in a critical Quartermaster skill. Attended...More
  Bevis, Tony D
  Bewley, Brian A — Member of the greatest unit in the army
  Beyer, James L
  Bezdetko, Edward N
  Bhame, David L
  Biancaniello, Luciano
  Bibeau, David A — HS grad 1972 Joined Army as PhotoJournalist assigned Psychological Operations Okinawa, Japan, Taipai...More
  Bible, Darrell W
  Bice, Sr, Richard LEE
  Bickford, Ricky
  Bickford, Todd A — ..
  bickram, ann
  Bidwell, Carey L
  Bieker, Donald L
  Bieker, Donald — 1/17th Air Cavalry 82nd Airborne Division "All The Way"
  Bielefeld, William
  Biello, Dominic T
  Bigda, Robert W
  Bigman, Jon E.
  Bikov, Anton
  Bilal, Muhammad — Regular Army early 1980's. PL NYARNG late 1980's. Regular Army continious until 20-year retirement 2...More
  Billie, Richard L — Service years: 1946,1947' T/5 325th Glider Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division
  Billie, Richard L
  Bills, Kala M — Married in!!
  Bilodeau, Jerry F — I was in the 82nd 1963-65 joined theNG 1983 was in on and off till 1996 then went Army Reserve in 97...More
  bima, eliyas
  Binder, Shelley n — My son, 20, is in the 82nd airborne 3/4 ADAR. left for iraq mid august and returned safely Late Mar...More
  Bingaman, Tom E — Sheridan system mechanic with A co. 3/73rd Armor(Abn) 82nd Airborne Div. from 1985-1986.
  Bini, Aurora
  Biotchaloot, Lisa
  Bird, Robert j
  Birdsong, Lannie
  Birdsong, Terrence — i was with the c company 320th field artillery unit.
  Birkes, Darrell
  Bishir, Cat E
  bishop, carl
  Bishop, Jason d
  Bishop, Matthew P — C Co. 3-325 from Jan 01 to Oct 02, HHC 325 Oct 02 to Nov 04. D 3-325 from Nov 04 to Jan 06 (reflagge...More
  bisso, ed
  Bissonnette, Henry
  Blaauw, Bernard R — nice guy Retired from IBTtry to stay active and out my wifes way make my own beer reload my own a...More
  Black, Brandon m
  Black, David — I was an AH-1F Cobra Mechanic with Company D. 82nd CAB from 86-88. Then I went on to crew BlackHawks...More
  Black, David — Served with Delta Co. 1st. Bn(ATK) 82nd Avn. Bde. from 86-88. Was a UH-60 mechanic. From 88-90 serve...More
  Black, Derrick
  Black, James — USAF Combat Weather Observer (AIRBORNE)
  Black, John W. — Formerly the 104th Infantry Division (aka The Timberwolves), the 104th Division (Leader Readiness).
  Black, Mickey — retired 1992, after Gulf War, Served with 82d ABN DIV, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Del...More
  Black Jr., Floyd L.
  Blackburn, Victor — Platoon leader in Co. "C", 2/70th Armor, 24th Infantry Div. S2 in HHC, 4/68th Armor, 82nd Airborne ...More
  Blackerby, Morris Red Y. — Served with C/1/503rd Infantry, 173rd Airborne Brigade 11B HHC/A Co 2nd Bn/325 Inf Rg...More
  Blackert, Bill
  Blackford, Lawrence J
  Blacklock, Brian — 44 years old. I live in Vermont. My youngest son is currently at Ft. Bragg, NC. 82nd Airborne
  Blackshear, Marvin
  Blackshire, Derek O — C Co 2/325 AIR 82nd 2nd Brigade 5/20 Inf Regiment Sykes 2nd ID B Co 2/325 AIR 82nd 146th Signa...More
  Blackwell, Charles m
  Blackwell, Donald L — Served 20 years and 5 months of active duty - my units are listed below. Then worked three years as ...More
  Blackwell, Henry
  Blah, Blah
  Blaha, Albert J
  Blahahhablah, Blahblah C — Blah...
  Blair, Donald
  Blair, Douglas — I was in the last Basic Training group at FT. Ord Jan. 1976. Then the first Advance Training group a...More
  Blair, Harold S — I was a medic asigned to the ACP for HHC 82nd Airborne from 1997-2001
  Blair, Robert
  Blake, Harry
  Blake, Jack
  Blakesley, Hollis o
  Blanchard, Hugh V — Enlisted service 1972-1976 as 98G Russian Voice Intercept Operator Commissioned Service 1978-1995 a...More
  Blanchard, Turner C
  Blanco, Reynaldo A
  Bland, Thomas
  Blandino, James — Served with C co. 2/508 82nd Airborne. Rank E-5, Squad leader 2nd squad 3rd platoon. Served from 198...More
  Blank, Blank
  Blank, Blank A
  Blanke, Roy C — - Joined the Army in August of '79. - Was an Airborne Surveyor in S-3 of HHC. - Help build 4 airfi...More
  Blankenship, Charles A — Aco. 1/506 2nd Platoon 2nd Infantry Div. E 1/17th LRST 82nd airborne
  Blankenship, Doye L — 19 delta with A-troop 1/17 cav. from 95 to 97.
  Blankenship, Jim
  Blankenship, Tim
  Blanton, Michael O — Was with "A" company, 2nd of the 505th. Seperated on July 1973.
  Blasczienski, Gary M
  Blatt, Lawrence e — 11c, CIB, EIB, Jungle Warfare School, Multinational Force & Observers Sinai Peninsula , 1st Unit Dep...More
  Blaxton, Kevin — Marine Corps Reserve - 1992 to 1993; Regular Army - 1995 to 2000; Army Reserve - 2000 to 2004
  Bleak, Dallas L
  Bledsoe, Donald F
  Blinger, Betsey
  Blissenbach, Paul K
  Block, Mark S
  Blodgett, Jason m — I served with Cco 1/325 and 2/325 from 98 to 01.I took a year off and joined the NG Unit Cco 3/172nd...More
  Bloedel, James F. — I was stationed with the 2/87th in Germany in 1985,and was reassigned to the5/8th in 1987 or so. my ...More
  Bloom, Guy A — I moved from Aco1/506 at Liberty Bell in '90 to the 5/20th just before we went Warrior base to assum...More
  Bloom, Robert M — Stationed in Vicenza, Italy with the 3/325th ABCT 82nd Division from 1987 till 1991. Deployed to the...More
  Bloom, William j. — retired wife of 15 yrs 18 grandkids
  Bloomfield, Justin l
  Blose Johnson, Michelle L — HHC Division, 89/90 and 782nd Maintenance Battalion S-4 90-93
  Bloss, Richard Edward — Colonel Bloss has served as a rifle plt ldr, xo, and ops officer in the 7th Infantry Division. He h...More
  Bloss, Richard E
  Blount, Rodney P
  Blow, Death
  Blue, David C — none
  Blue, David C
  Blue, David C
  blue, herb
  Blue, Raider L
  Blum jr, Robert L
  Blume, Carolyn
  Blystone, James P
  Blystone, Katie R — My boyfriend is 2/325 AIR and is currently in Kuwait
  Boardman, Nancy
  Boatwright, Pearley
  Bobbings, Keil ja
  Bobbitt, Karen
  Bodine, Keith M
  Boen, Taylor K
  Boettcher, Pat
  Bogdashova, Alla
  Boggan, Robert — Served in Recon Platoon HHC 1st Bn. 509th Abn. Mech Inf. 8th ID also served in Troop B 1/17th Cav. 8...More
  Boggs, Jimmy
  Boggs, John
  Bogle, Kyle B — medic with 1/325 A.I.R. 82nd airborne
  Boisclair, Mark A — Currently slaving as an Army Recruiter. SCUBA, NR-EMT, AIRBORNE, RANGER, AIR ASSAULT
  Bolbot, Svetlana — interesting web-design
  Boldenko, Ludmila V
  Boler, John S — Served 10 years Active Duty (Bragg, Germany, Pentagon) then North Carolina National Guard (Bragg, Bo...More
  Boliou-jacobus, Jill
  Bologna, Dan
  Bolton, Judy
  Bolton, Taylor
  Bolvin, Dal
  Bonano, Felix A — CSC 2/505inf 77-78/ E505inf 78-81, 2nd inf div 81-82, 82nd Finance 82-86, 59th FSC 86-96
  Bond, Carroll
  Bond, Francis B — Was one of 575 men who surivived a pentrating brain in VietNam on Fathers Day 1968.Was put on TDRL b...More
  Bond, Jeffery J
  Bond, Meghan N — Does anyone know Jakob linden in is currently in Afghanisain
  Bond, Michael D — 1970-1973, vietnam, 1970-1971 [cavalry] Ft. Carson colo. 1971-1973 [firefighter]
  Bone, Josh M
  Bone, Ralph F — Served with the 82d and the 2bn 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment as a forward observer for the batt...More
  bone, ralph f — I served in the 82d from 1989 to 1992 and participated in Operations ' Just Cause " and " Desert She...More
  Bongiovanni, Daniel c — orange flight grad in dec'86..onto Hueys w/ Dragon Flight out of k-16 in Hanau airfield fo...More
  Bonner, Ralph
  Bonner, Robie D — Entered the Army in 1978. Attended Basic and AIT at Ft. McClellan, Al. Served with the 25th Infant...More
  Bonomini, Shane M
  Bontrager, Brian D — My father served in 82nd Airborne Parachute Maintenance Company at Ft. Bragg from 12/45 to 11/46. S...More
  Boone, Jason —
  Boosalis, Nick R — 6 ft 195lb darkhair w/ gray, beard and in good shape
  Booth, Michael A
  Boothby, Dave
  Boozer, Dustin R
  Boquist, James b
  Borawski, Joseph V — 307th Med Bn CO A, stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC. 1970-71. Would love to make contact with my buddies.
  Borbon, Daniel J — 1999-2003 ft. bragg n.c. 82nd ABN DIV 2003- present ft. irwin ca
  Borchard, Dan — 91s assigned to h.q. worked in the Division Surgeons office went to the gulf with charlie company an...More
  Borges, Jimmie
  Borjon, Juan
  Borjon, Juan
  Borklund, Eric R
  Borland, Dave j
  Born, David w
  Borowski, Reuben J
  Borrelli, Michael
  Borsberry, Amber
  Borsky, Joe
  Borys, Richard J
  Borzilleri, Madeline
  Bosley, Joseph S
  Boso 2, Douglas S — Paratrooper with 1/508 PIR
  bost, larry
  Bostic, Donata R
  Bostic, Robert L — 82nd Airborne - 1978 to 1982 CSC 2/508th - TOW Platoon. CSC 1/504th - TOW Platoon. JOTC - Panama...More
  boston, jae
  Both, William
  Bottoms, James M — Served with the 82nd from 1988 to 1993----Desert Storm----313th MI Bn and HHC, 82nd (G-2).
  Botz, James E — Former commanding officer of Charlie Company (Charlie Leads the Way, Sir!), 2d Battalion, 68th Armor...More
  Bou, Eric
  Boudreau, Richard
  Boudreaux, Derek J — Desert Storm Veteran
  Boulden, Kevin a — I served in the 82nd with Aco. 1/504 PIR from 1992-1995. After a few years break in service, I enlis...More
  Bouliane, Richard R — 173RD ABN/DAK TO VIET NAM 67/69 D-CO/4TH BATTALION/503RD INF.173 AIRBORNE BRIGADE 70/72 ...More
  Bourgeois, John-Paul M — I served in the 82nd Airborne Infantry Paratroopers. 1-504 B Co
  Bourne, Fred A — B Co. 2/504 PIR Division LRRP Platoon USAABNSOTBD
  Bourne, Jason W
  Bova, Jami R — Currently at HQ USEUCOM -- Stuttgart, Germany.
  Bowders, James Arthur — 24 Years Active Duty, to Retirement and now working at International Logistics Systems, INC. as a Te...More
  Bowen, Gary
  Bowen, Jeremy
  Bowen, Jeremy A — 2/19 SFG(A) Former: B.Co. 1/505 PIR Student Morehead State U. Biology/Chemisty (Pre-Med.)
  Bowen, Marcus F — I was 54B(NBC) Dco. 313th MI BN 11-H DCo 2/504th PIR
  Bowen, Michael k
  Bowen, Willaim
  Bowers, Bobby
  Bowers, Horace
  Bowie, Alvin — Also 173rd Airborne 1965-1966. Okinawa and Vietnam.
  Bowie, John R — SGM Jim Fickling, C/2/5th SFG(A) tagged me with Nanook while we were in Alaska the winter of '82 be...More
  Bowie, John R — Pathfinder Plt, 82d AVN Bn, 1975; Scout Plt, CSC, 2d/325th from 75 to 78; hq, 35th sig bde, 18th A...More
  Bowie, John r — europe 1966-69 USAR 1969-1972 82d ABN 1974-1978 18th Corps 1978-79 8th ID europe 1979-1981 2d/5...More
  Bowling, Garet
  Bowling, Garet — served with 101st during my first tour in vietnam .82nd my second tour.
  Bowman, Cary D
  Bowman, Devin J — Going to the University of Wyoming
  Bowman, Eric M
  Bowman, Larry
  Bowman, Ricky
  Bowman, Sylvester
  Bowskill, Argene
  Boyce, Illiad A
  Boyd, Fred
  Boyd, James w
  Boyd, Ken — Born in New Mexico, raised in Michigan.
  Boyd, Roland
  Boyd, Ronald O — First Sergeant (11B5MHP) United States Army Retired
  Boyd, Ronald O — From Oviedo, Florida. Joined the military in August 1968. Basic at Ft Benning, AIT in Ft. Jackson. A...More
  Boyd, Steve D — 2505
  Boydston, R (Tony) Anthony — Bravo 2/325 3rd Herd Rifleman 3-1975 to 5-1975 Bravo 2/325 HQ Commo Section CO RTO 5-1975 to 1-1977...More
  Boyer, J C — I first landed there in 1986 Co A 3rd Plt then in 1987 came back to HHC 3/73 Scout Plt were i was ti...More
  Boyer, John S
  Boyette, John p
  Boykin, Dante W — Regulator 7
  Boykin, Larry
  boylan, michael
  Boyt, Hugh
  Bozeman, James M — In 82 by God's grace I joined the US Army & earned a commission. I served 4 yrs as an Infantry Offic...More
  Bozkurt, Alex
  Brace, Gilbert E — Later
  Brackin, Cheryl M
  Bradford, Jeremy M. — Joined the Army to "BE ALL THAT I COULD BE!"
  Bradford, Ricky W.
  Bradham, Douglas e
  Bradley, Carl R
  Bradley, Eddie
  Bradley, James
  Bradley, Ryan — I worked in N53 for most of my time in Cco
  Bradley, Stephen S — 1st SFG Okinawa, RVN. 36th Med Clr Co, 44th Med Bd. Cdr, A/307th Med Bn Grenada. S-3, 307th Med B...More
  Bradley , John C — I spent from 1969 to 1981 in the 17th Cav. I was then back to the 17th Cav from 1984 to 1986. I was ...More
  Bradshaw, E.J. —
  Bradshaw, Jonathan H — Well a new profile, have not changed this in years so here it goes... I stayed active for 3 years an...More
  Bradshaw, Steven
  Brady, Heather
  Bragg, Dale
  Bragg, William
  Brain, Megan
  Braly, Robert
  Brammeier, William
  Branch, Damond E — SERVED WITH HSB, AND C BTRY 1/319 AFAR
  Branch, Travis K — 2/325th and 4/325th Vicenza Italy,Grenada,spent time in Panama and Costa Rica
  Brand, Melissa
  Brandt, David j — I was in bravo company in the 1-504. I was in 2nd platoon. we were in Saudia Arabia and Panama.
  Brandt, Jonathan
  Brandt Rone, Michael P
  Brannon, Michael O — Served in the 82nd in the early 80's, NBC NCO IC for Alpha Co. 1st of the 505th. I've done alot of t...More
  Branom, Loc
  Branson, Martin L — I went to jump school in '69 and then was sent the 82nd Airborne Div. My orders came down for Viet N...More
  Brasky, Bill J
  Brassell Jr, Robert James — 09/14/2002 ad infinitum; SOLE, PRO BONO Administrator of the Robert James Brassell Estate doing busi...More
  Brassfield, Dean R — Fort Ord basic training 8-68, Fort Rucker 10-68-08-68, Camp Evans Bravo Co 158th 8-69-2-70, Alpha Co...More
  Brassine, Cory D — i was in 1st battalion 325 airborne infantry regiment in charlie company. I spent a year in iraq and...More
  Braswell, Torrance r — I am leaving soon for the airborne heaven again.
  Bratton, Michael P — Served with 2nd plt A company 3/73 Armor From 1990 to 1992 as a 19D was a DVR and LDR on A-21 my nic...More
  Brauer, Vaughn d
  Braun, David A
  Brautigam, Joseph
  Bravo, Biggrunt W
  Brawn, Garnet
  Bray, Dennis W
  Bray, James T — I Served with The 82nd airborne C co 2/505 PIR. I did a 6th month tour in kosovo as an 11C
  Bray, Nancy
  Brea, Hector j — A co 1/15 Inf Ft Benning 96-99 C Co 2/113 Inf Woodbridge 99-03 B Co 404th CA Bn Ft Dix 04-Present
  Breaux, Allen c — B-troop, 1/17 Cavalry, 82nd Abn. Two tours in the Republic of Viet Nam. Recon Infantry and Armor ...More
  Breaux, Kevin G
  Breazeale, Frank W
  Breckenridge, Jason M — I enlisted in the Army on December 16 of 2000. Im in the Delayed Entry Program as an E-2 (soon to b...More
  Breeding, Stewart
  Bregovi, Chris S — Retired US Army
  Brehmer, Todd R — I was assigned to D co 4/325 AIR from '88-'92.
  Brenfleck, Brien
  Brennan, Barry
  Brennan Jr., Barry F
  Brewer, Carl
  Brewer, Patrick W — 1/508th Inf. Airborne Battalion Combat Team, Vicenza, Italy. Red Devils "Fury From The Sky". ...More
  Brewer, Rodney L — E-1-3 BCT FT DIX, NJ, 1975-76. A-1-3 AIT, FT POLK,LA 1976. C-3/5 INF,193D INF BDE, FT KOBBE,PANAMA...More
  Brewer, Roy G
  Brewer Jr., G H — Wife to Brandon A. Wahl Guessing on the years. He was Desert Storm 319th AFAR
  Brewster, Timothy
  Breymeyer, Mark w
  Briales, Michael a
  Briar, Robert F
  Brice, Lucy C — 70th Division, Army Reserve / After active duty with the 82nd Airborne Division.
  Brick, Mike G
  Brickhouse, Frank J — I was in the 1/505 from 1974 to 1992 mess hall
  Bridges, Robert e — served from dec 84 to march 90
  Bridgewater, Erle S.
  Brie, Kalie
  Briggs, Latrina — Sister of brother in the military in NC
  Briggs, Randall N — Rifle and mortar platoon leader. Air cavalry platoon commander and squadron S2
  Briggs, Ryan M — I finished my 4 years in the Army serving at Ft. Bragg, NC and Camp Casey Korea.
  Brigman, John m
  Brignano, Buck
  Brinton, Kimber L
  Brisco, Daniel F
  Briseno, Mike a — one jump chump operation just cause Dec 20, 1989 A co. 307th eng bn task force 1/504 Operation De...More
  Brister, Steven
  Bristol, Christi L
  Britton, Robert S
  Broadnax, Edward W
  Broadstreet, Steven L
  Broberg, Todd
  Broccolo, Robert H
  Brock, Christie
  Brock, Joseph c
  Brock, Matthew Scott — got out in 1992. married for 15 years, have a 13 year old son. been in the oilfield biz for 11 years...More
  Brock, Richard L
  Broden, Gary L — MP Dog handler with the 4th MP Co., Ft. Carson.
  Broderick, William T
  Brogdon, James T — Served in the US Air Force for 11 years and 10 years in the US Army in various intelligence roles. ...More
  Brongo, John C
  Brooks, Angie
  Brooks, Bradley D
  Brooks, Bradley d
  Brooks, Heather
  Brooks, James R — Retired US Army
  Brooks, Steve R — None. Looking for nephew Joseph Brooks, E-5
  Brooks, Tommy J
  Brooks, Tommy J — 1ST PLATOON, ACO 3/504 PIR. Left Army to join South Carolina Highway Patrol.
  Brooks, Tracy
  Broom, William E. — 1. I truly enjoy deployments, field training events, and being under "high pressure/high stress" sit...More
  Broome, Don
  brophy, matt
  Brosch, Philip C
  Broschinski, Karl A
  Broudy, Kenneth A
  Brouwers, Antoine — I am a collector of military stuff of WWII and also a re-enactor of British, US and German army and ...More
  Brown, Anthony c
  Brown, April M
  Brown, Ashley n
  Brown, Brad — delta co 1/504 at-4
  Brown, Chris — 1st Bn, 320th Artillery 2nd Bn, 319th Artillery 1st Bn, 39th Field Artillery (Airborne) 108th Div...More
  Brown, Danny Joe — 12 years of active duty service, 2 years with the 3rd C.A.B., went to sfs and accepted into the 75th...More
  Brown, Derek — 1st Platoon, B Co. 2/504 from January 1987-June 1990.
  Brown, Donta
  Brown, Douglas — Served in 1/508, 3/505, 82nd Aviation Battalion, 82nd MP CO., Last duty assignment was Division Prov...More
  Brown, Gerry l
  Brown, Gladstone M — Work in TV Div as a Master Control Operator, Studio Ops as TD, AD, and Director as so served in Bosn...More
  Brown, Gordon H — Was assigned to Co "B" 782nd Maint Bn, 1960-1963, small arms repairman and then automotive supply. ...More
  Brown, Gregory F.
  Brown, Herschel l
  Brown, Hollis R
  Brown, Ian — 11C, 1st Brigade, 2/504P.I.R.
  Brown, Jeffrey S — 1989 OSUT B 1/19, Airborne School B 1/507 - HHC 1/504 PIR 82nd ABN '89 to '93 - 1 real jump on 2...More
  Brown, Jerry
  Brown, Jessica
  Brown, Jim C — N/A
  Brown, Jim H — 2nd Platoon and HQ Platoon (Company Clerk), Co C, 2d Bn, 505th Inf (Abn)
  Brown, Jimmie — C 2/505
  Brown, John
  Brown, Joseph G — Artillery Forward Observer, member of C Btry 2/19th Arty attached to A Co. 2/8th Cav 1st Abn Brigade...More
  Brown, Joseph — Bravo Battery 1/320th FA, then our unit became Bravo Battery 2/319th FA.
  Brown, Julius R — I was active duty from 9 May 61 to 30 Sep 81. Three trips to Vietnam. Was assigned to: Co D Spt Bn,...More
  Brown, Ken Or Kenny
  Brown, Larry — DAMC82d aviation, 67T
  Brown, Lutu Peni III Pritchard Pritchard — Born in the State of Washington, live and raised in the Territory: American Samoa, lived and school...More
  Brown, Melanie D — My dad was a medic. He was killed in Vietnam in 1966 as part of the 5th SF. He also belonged to 1s...More
  Brown, Michael j
  Brown, Mike
  Brown, Olin m — div wire sgt,82nd signal. wire sgt.613 fld artl. 54artillaryGp.and ???
  Brown, Richard L — Former 82nd Airborne Div Paratrooper HHC 1/325 AIR Motorpool from 92-94 Illinois/Wisconsin Nation...More
  brown, richard
  Brown, Ricky G
  Brown, Robert
  Brown, Robert D — was in 21st chemical company also boxed @156 lbs. lost in championship in 82 from d.c
  Brown, Robert L.
  Brown, Robert Allen — After my Army retirement in October, 1990 I took a break from work for awhile. In June, 1991 I began...More
  Brown, Robert A
  Brown, Roger D
  Brown, Steven T — Veteran@82nd Airborne Division 407 S&S BN. Fort Bragg,NC 1976-1979
  Brown, Thomas M
  Brown, Tim And Gina — Tim Brown - CPL, HHC 1/504 PIR, 82D ABN DIV. Gina Brown - SP4, HHC 46TH SPT GP, 1ST COSCOM. Afte...More
  Brown, Timothy
  brown, todd
  Brown, Wesley
  Brown, Wilfred D — Basic at FT. Bliss, AIT at FT. ORD, and Jump School in FT. Benning, and a tour in Vietnam in 1968-1...More
  Brown, Woods — Commanding Officer of USS MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL Married to Lois with three children Caty Jane - 7...More
  Brown , Timothy
  Browning, Michael R — Stationed in Vicenza,Italy with Aco 4/325 and Ft.Bragg,N.C from 1985 to 1987.
  Browning, Steve — Married 21 years two children, .Employed in Law Enforcement. Competitve pistol and high power rifl...More
  Broz, Adam J — 3 years in 2/319th AFAR Ft. Bragg NC 13B
  Bruce, Albert E
  Bruce, Jon W — Served in HHT 1/17th Cav, Nov '78-Mar '81 as section 91C.
  Bruce, Jon W
  Bruggeman, Matthew J
  Bruha, Johnny
  Brumback, Susan
  Brumit, Gary F — CSC 2nd 508th Abn Inf, 4 duece Platoon
  Brundrett, Christopher
  brunette, jeremy
  Bruno, Benjamin
  Bruno, John I.
  Bruno, Tom
  Brusewitz, Gregory W — I wish I had stayed longer!!!!
  Brusewitz , Gregory W
  Brushwood, William H — 11th Abn Div (89th AFA Bn, P/F Plt, 188th AIR, Abn School Instructor) Ft. Campbell, Ky, Augsburg, Ge...More
  Brutout, Randy N — Former paratrooper looking for others whom I met along the journey, or anyone who served this great ...More
  Bryan, Jodie
  bryan, mike
  Bryant, James J
  Bryant, Jeffrey
  Bryant, Martin T
  Bryner...Moore, Jerry E — Now a DAV, member of American Legion and VFW. Served with 82nd ABN, 2/508th Abn Inf. Recon all the W...More
  Bryson, Christopher T
  Brzezinski, Mark A — My assignments include: Army Research Lab, 1st Special Warfare Training Group, United States Army Sp...More
  Bubier, Harvey E — I started out in the in the 307th engineer battallion 82nd airborne division ft. bragg, nc.I reenlis...More
  Buchanan, Armon G.
  Buchanan, Clifford E
  Buchanan, Frank R — Started with the 2/508th, they changed to 3/504th. Served a stint in 44th Med (261st , HHC 55th) the...More
  Buchanan, Scott S
  Buchholz, Brenda H
  Buck, Jimmy A — B 3/325 84-85, Ft Bragg NC A 4/325 85-86, Vicenza Italy B 3/325 86-87, Vicenza Italy 11B1P E-4
  Buckingham Sr., Jimmy L. — First six months, tank driver for Capt. Peter B. Marion. Next 6-9 months at Battalion Headquarters w...More
  Buckler, Michael K — Co. A 2/325, 2nd Platoon 1980 -1983 Operation Urgent Fury
  Buckman III, Albert D — I served with all of these unit at one time.
  Buczkowski, Daniel N
  budwell, david
  Bue, William
  Buffkin, Kevin j — I served in the 2/319th AFAR from 1995-1998. I was in C until i got hurt and then transferred to HQ ...More
  Bugg, Craig T — I am a Police officer with the Blytheville Police Depatment in Arkansas.
  Buggen, Sly B
  Buggs, Denise E
  Bujnicki, Gary
  Bulavin, Maxim — interested in airforce, F22
  Bull, Lana — short and sweet... but i miss it :(
  Bullard, John H
  Bullock, Chuck T
  Bullock, Chuck T
  Bullock, Jeffery L
  Bullock Jr, Horace J
  Bump, Almyr
  Bunch, Darren E
  Bunch, William R — served in viet nam 68-69 b troop 1/17 cav 82nd Airborn
  Bundren, Heather
  Bunn, Michele — My father was with the 325th Glider unit in Operation Market Garden.
  bunner, john P
  Bunner, Scott W
  Bunner, Scott W — 11C3P with CSC & A Co. 2/505, 1978 to 1982. Was a Wolfhound from '82 to '85. Back to Bragg then of...More
  Bunton, Antoine — Born: Glendale, California June 9th 1976. Childhood: Pasadena, California. Teenager: Saginaw, Mic...More
  Bunton, Joan
  Burack, James A — served in 307th Med. Bn from January 1975 to Janurary 1990, where i left to go to 525 MI. Bde. durin...More
  Burany, Jason
  Burch, James
  Burch, Michael A
  Burch, William W — Former Recon Marine, Airborne Ranger.
  Burcham Jr., John R. — I was in Aco 2/504 P.I.R. from 91-92
  Burchard, Ashley N
  Burchill, Dean J — Joined US Army 1975, Basic Ft. Knox KY, Jump School Ft. Benning GA, Rigger School Ft. Lee VA, Spent ...More
  Burd, Tommy
  Burdick, Michael C
  Burelison, Amanda E — wife of soldier
  Burelison, Ryan E — I am in A. co. 2-504 PIR. I got here in late September of this year.
  Burge, Charles J
  Burgess, Adam
  Burgess, Justine
  Burgett -Trobaugh, Tracy J — After Desert Shield/Storm, I went Active Duty from 1991 - 1993. I remained in reserve/IRR status unt...More
  Burgher, John D
  Burgos, Bruto
  Burgos, James
  Burk, Roland
  Burke, Mike
  Burkett, Brett — For the past 21 years, I have been a police officer with the San Diego (CA) Police Dept. I am curre...More
  Burkett, Jason
  Burkett, Rob
  Burkhardt, Robert A — Division Arm. Tech
  Burkholder, Tracy A — Started in JSTARS back in 1995 in Melbourne, FL Currently work for Northrop Grumman at Robins AFB, ...More
  Burks, Howard W
  Burks, Leon
  Burky, Airborne
  Burlachenko, Alexander
  burlaka, mike
  Burley, Steve — 3rd Bde, 82nd Abn Vietnam May 68-May69
  Burley, Steve — I was drafted in dec 67, trained as an infantry men, sent to vietnam in may 68. The 82nd abn div sel...More
  Burn, Timothy A
  Burnette, Shannon M
  Burney, Adrian d
  Burney, Adrian d
  Burns, Michael j — Theres really nothing to tell. I serve my country.
  Burns, Ramona
  Burnside, Samantha
  Burnside, Samantha
  Burnside, Shane
  Burrell, John P — 307th80-84 ,1st En Fwd 84-87, Drill Sgt Flw 2/10 87-89 Spent some time with the Army Shooting team w...More
  Burriss, Brad
  Burroughs, Ashley
  Burroughs, Gary W
  Burroughs, Jonathan M
  Burroughs, Mary E
  Burroughs, Paul B
  Burrus Jr., Ron — Boot Camp,1977 Delta 5/1 Ft.Jackson S.C. Jump School,1978 Ft. Benning Ga. Amphibious Assault Tra...More
  Burt, Christian A — active duty, currently in aviation
  Burton, Weldon
  Burwell, Clayton m — B company 782nd MSB 82nd Airborne Division 63 bravo light wheel mechanic
  Busby, George T — married spouse, Shirley, 3 children Kelly, Carson, Andrew. Active duty from 15Jun73 to 15Jun77, MOS ...More
  Busby, Ronald W
  Buscema, Sam J
  Buschhardt, Michael W
  Bush, John
  Bushaw, Chris a — 4 years 3rd ranger batt 4 years 2-325 AIR
  Bushaw, James
  Bushinski, Stephen
  Busse, Harry J — Non-military background. Law enforcement officer for 22 years. Current assignment operations lieuten...More
  Bussiere, ashley
  Bussius, Robert L — 94-98 25th Infantry Division A co 3/21, C co 5/14, C co 2/5 INF 98-01 82nd Airborne Division A c...More
  Butchbaker, Arthur M — Combat Medic, Medical Spec.
  Butcher, Andrew S — Battalion Senior Medic for 2/75th RGR
  Butcher, Andrew S
  Butcher, Brandon l — goin airborne infantry july 07 i am curently a DEP my dad was in the military for 8 years got out f...More
  Butcher, James — 505 Black Panther Santo Domingo A Co. 2nd 505 Butcher
  Butenschoen, Chad r — Awesome
  Butkow, Alan L
  Butler, Frank D — gulf war vet. serving with alpha co. 3/504th P.I.R. staied with the unit until ets
  Butler, Jackie — Im very out going and love to talk to people and making friends. Lived in SpringLake all my life. Kn...More
  Butler, Lonnie r — corpsman in 82 med co
  Butler, Mark — I had some of the most life changing times in that unit. some friends i will never forget..Top Spain...More
  Butler, William C. — Assigned to HHC 3/505 PIR in 1990, left in 1992 on a medical...went to a "Leg" group in the 18th ABC...More
  Butterworth, Andy — Working on a motivational speaking career after losing my leg in Iraq in 04 and retiring in 05
  Butts, Raymond e
  Butts, Thomas
  Bye, Jeff
  Byerley, David
  Byers, Garland R — I was born, I breath, and one day I'll die. But I will always continue to try!
  Byers, Jeff A. — I was in the 82nd Airborne Division from 1991 to 1994.
  Byers, Zachery d
  Byrd, Mark — Jump School - 1983---- AIT/Ft Lee/Ft. Belvior---- 530th Maint. Co, 194 Armor Brigade@ Fort Knox, K...More
  Byrd, William b — 307th Med Bn 1984-1985 1/325 AIR 1985-1987 47th FSB 1987-1990 3/504 PIR 1990-1995 SOMED 1995-199...More
  Byrne, Francis — 325th 2nd btn hdqtrs
  Byrne, Mark — Entered '78, 78-82 2/7th SFG(A), 83-87, 78th Div(Tng), 87-89 C Co(TOG),89-91 E Co. (Honor Guard),USA...More
  Byrnes, Kevin Miller

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