25th infantry division

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  Valdez, Brian A
  Valdez, Patrick D
  Valdez Jr, louis jose
  Valenti, William
  Valgren Jr, Gordon
  Valkos, Richard W
  Valteau, Anthony E.
  Van Cook, Peter
  Van Wyck, Joseph A — 1970-1992 Active Duty 1972 Vietnam 1973-1977 C Battery 1st Battalion 8th Artillery 25th Infantry Di...More
  Vance, Daniel J
  Vandenberg, Robert L — Cco 3/75th Rangers 1988-1990... Aco 1/18th, 197th Infantry Brigade Ft. Benning 1990-1992... Cco 1/...More
  Vanhoose, Arlin J — I served with Cco. 1/27 first platoon with my friends from basic Bco 4/36 from Fort Benning Harmony ...More
  vanhoy, charles
  Vann, Justin G.
  Vannoy, Dewayne A
  Vanwhy, Fred
  Vanwhy, Fred
  Vaquero, Chelsea S — I am married to my best friend who is currently on a 1 year deployment in Iraq with the 5-1 Cav. out...More
  Varellie, John A — Served from 2/64 thru 4/76 in Alaska, Korea, Vietnam and stateside assignments
  Varellie, John A — Tank Platoon Sgt of H Company
  varner, mel — a co 2/12 1968-69 pershing, trang bang cuchi currently retired from Concordia University C.O.O. w...More
  Varouh, Michael
  Vassallo, Clifford
  Vassey, Thurman
  Vaughn, Bone a
  Vaughn, James — 25th Infantry Division Headquarters Company Honolulu, HI SP/4 1965-1967 Served in Vietnam
  Vazquez, Emilio — 1996-1997 Ft Sill OK 15th Transportation Co. & CSM Driver 47th Bn. 1998-2001 15th Trans. Co 181st T...More
  Vazquez, Jose E
  Veach, Allan
  Vecera, Jose Victor
  Vehlhaber, Don
  Velasco, Francisco
  Velez, Ruben
  Venckus, Lee
  Vendrell, Candido — Test Administrator Serves as a member of the Office of Personnel Management Testing Program. Disa...More
  Vera, Jose F F — Infanrty Veitnam 1966-1967, LRRPs Aug. 8, 1967 to Dec. 10, 1967 - D troop 3d sqdn 4th Cav. 25th Infa...More
  Verdoorn, Gregory L
  Verner, Robert G — Vietnam, 1970-1971, HHC Reconnaissance Platoon, Plt Sgt and Acting Plt Leader. -- -- 54th Mili...More
  Vernon, Robert D — Served in the US ARMY from the years of 1980 - 1983. I was stationed first in Fort Riley Kansas and ...More
  Verzone, Thomas G — A former Officer, but no Gentleman. A good friend and a bad -------. Fathered two sons and has a n...More
  Vickers, Raymond
  Vieregge, Timothy S
  Vigil, Ruben T
  Vilarino, Daniel J
  Villarreal, Eric D — Bco 3rd platoon 1/25th Inf.
  Villarreal, Marco
  Villarreal, Rodolfo
  Villegas, Joe
  Vineyard, Noey
  Vinson, Greg
  Vires, Larry
  vital, fidel
  Vite, Ignacio
  Vogel, Carl L — Combat Engineer Instructor MOS 12B3(h)
  Vogel, Shaun P
  Vogt, Harold W
  Vollendorf, Greg
  Volmer, Charles E — Co C 1/501st Inf, 101st Abn Div, Nov 72 - May 74; A 1/51st Inf, 1 Armor Div Bamberg Germany, Jun 74 ...More
  Volner, Gurvis D — 11 years of proud service!
  Volpe, Art
  Voorhees, Nathan J
  Voorhies, Mike
  Vrbas, Jerald L.

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