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  Saad, James E — I was a member of the 372nd RRC attached to the 25th Infantry Division at Cu Chi in 1969 and 1970. ...More
  Sabo, Anthony
  Sacco, John
  Sadler, Arthur M
  Saffell, Brett A — I was an FSO for A/1-27 IN, an FDO and XO for B/2-11 FA, and the Bn FDO. Am currently in the NG in ...More
  Saftchick, Alan m — Suffer from severe P.T.S.D., Widowed, one male child, had a drug problem when I returned- Felt like ...More
  Sager Jr, William F — Headquarters Company, Schofield Barracks. 63-65. Supported Crypto equipment, comm. center. TDY to S...More
  Sagle, Thomas
  sagle, thomas — Fox Battery 7th Field Arttillery
  Salamanca, Ronald J — CO B 1/19 Th INF 1975-1978. I was a RTO and later ran the commo shop. Would like to hear from anyone...More
  Salas, Melan P.
  saldana, leonard
  Salyers, Thomas
  sam, kelly
  Sammons, John
  Sample, Vernell L
  Sanchez, John L — I would like to Salute Mech and Butch. We were the Company Recon Team. Proud American Enliste...More
  Sanchez, Luis F. — served in us army 1966 till 1968,vietnam,66-67,C.R.I.P.2/27 Inf. ,25 div.,6 th. Cav. Ft. Meade, 1972...More
  Sanchez, Richard — APC driver C company 33rd trans 2 1/2 ton GMC driver A company 33rd trans SP-4
  Sanchez, Richard — BAR man first Tour and Motorpool 2nd tour. 50 cal Willys. Member of a group called Chowhounds. From...More
  Sanchez, Tom w
  Sanchez, Victor
  Sanchez, William
  Sanders, Chance R
  Sanders, Jerry W — SERVED IN 1/17 AIR CAV FROM 1971 UNTIL 1976 -1978 118TH AVIATION BN HAWAII 1976-1979 1/17 AIR CAV 19...More
  Sanders, John
  Sanders, Michael S — served in the army from 1985-89, Spent my time in A1/62ADA, MOS-16R (Vulcan 20mm)
  Sanderson, Michael W
  Sandhoff, Don R — Enlisted in Aug 72. Basic at Ft Knox AIT at Ft Jackson Jan 73- Sep 76 Schofield Bks CSC 1/5 INF 25 I...More
  Sandmeier, Joshua D — performed Powertrain repairs on OH58D Kiowa's in Hawaii. 3/4Cav D Trp.
  Sandoval, Chris — Assinged to 95th Chemical Co. from 2002-2003 while assigned to the 95th CM Co. I worked in the decon...More
  Sandoval, Rudy
  Sanford, Kenneth W
  Sanford, Levi M
  Sang fung, Ernest
  Sanna, Kali L
  Sannicks, Karl L
  Santana, Manny I — I served in the Armed Forces from DEC 81 to DEC 2002 at which time i retired and moved to South Flor...More
  Santana, Noel F
  Santiago Jr., Norberto
  Santiago-Lopez, Emilio — Retired s/sgt E-6 Served in Korea 19th Inf. Bn. 1959-1960. The Rock of Chikamauga, 4th missile comm...More
  Santistevan, Felix — Served in Vietnam from April 15 1968 - 1969. Co. C 2/12 inf. 25th Div.
  Santos, Paul J
  Santos, Paul J
  Santos, Paul J
  Santos, Robert — shiped out with the div. in jan. 1966 from schofield barracks ended up at cu chi. live in thorndike ...More
  Sappah, Joseph
  Saragian, Mark K.
  Sarver, Mark
  Saucier, Robert S — Served in various infantry roles to include but not limited to: Recce RTO Recce Team Leader Sniper T...More
  Sauers, Gene
  Saul, Charles T — My daughter has loged me onto this site trying to find some of my buddy's. I was in 2/22, 25th infa...More
  Saunders, James L — Platoon Ldr, 1/39th Infantry; Platoon Ldr 2 Plt, 8th MP Co (ABN) 8th ID; Company Cdr, 9th MP Co, 9th...More
  Saunders, Laurence m
  Saunders, Rick — Army 95B--1991-1996. Deployed for Operation GTMO-1992, Operation Uphold Democracy-1994. Deployed to ...More
  Saunders, Wayne
  Savage, Jim
  Savage, Tyrone
  Savoy, Delilah
  Sawyer, John D — I an an attorney in the private practice of law in suburban Washington, DC and also practice veteran...More
  Sayers, Ronnie
  Scaccia, James
  Scarlavai, Richard
  Scarlavai, Tara
  Schaefer, Harold — Served with the 2Bn/27th Inf, 25th ID from 9/66 - 5/67. Wounded by "friendly fire". I am currently t...More
  Schantz, Matt — Came to Hawaii, May of 2007
  Scheibner, Matt
  Schenk, Dr. B
  Schierloh, George
  Schild, Bruce t
  Schlaak, John R — Served as machine gunner, 1st platoon, Alpha Company, 3rd Bat/22nd Inf, 25th Inf Div. 11/1967-WIA 09...More
  Schlenkert, James P
  Schmidt, Carl D
  Schmitt, Larry M — Departed for Basic Training in June of 1975, was assigned to 15 units in 24 years of service, was pr...More
  Schneider, David
  Schneider, Laura
  Schneider, Steven P — Served in Hawaii and Vietnam before getting discharged at Ft. Lewis, WA in 1967. Re-entering the U....More
  Schnitzer, Martin
  Schoenleber, Walter — Basic Training Fort Knox Finance School, Fort Benjamin Harrison Headquarters Company, 25th Inf. D...More
  Schoenrock, Derek
  Schofield, Roger — Living in Wheatland, working shift work at a Power Plant, for the past 27 years. Looking forward to ...More
  Schofield, Roger d
  schortemeyer, alan shorty
  Schram, Daniel R
  Schram, David P.
  Schram, David P
  Schroeder, Ian P
  Schroeder , Tom B — Champion Coaching staff for the Walter Reed Warriors. I retired to the West Coast into Washington S...More
  Schubert, Danielle
  Schuldt, Terry
  Schuler, Robert
  Schultz, John F — Served 27 years.
  Schulz, Jason M — Although I have held one staff position or another since I have been here, nothing beats hanging out...More
  Schwaller, Thomas
  Schwarting, Zach — Served with A 4/22nd Inf as 11B from 94-95. Then transfered to B 1/21st Inf till my ETS in 96. Jo...More
  Schwartz, Larry
  Schwartz, Robert
  Schwartz Sr, Dean L — SERVED 12/60-11/62 25TH INF. GOLDEN DRAGONS
  Schweinhagen, Alan K
  Schwendinger, Josef E — Served in Korea w/ 2nd. Inf., 2nd MASH unit from Apr '68 -Sept '68 as Radio Operator. Served in S. V...More
  Schwering, Raymond B
  Schwering, Raymond B
  Schwertner, David P
  Schwindt, Bill — over 2000 guys found who served in 3rd/22nd Inf in Vietnam. Contact me for more info at c322locate@...More
  Scott, Edward E.
  Scott, Shaun Abiff — 88M, medically retired.
  Scott Jr., Edgar L.
  Scruggs, Melissa D
  Scurek, Steven R — Spent a grand total of 8 years in. I am living in SW Florida and I am a local Police Officer since ...More
  Scurek, Steven R — joined the national gaurd in 1994, went active duty in 1998 and was stationed at schofield bks. in B...More
  Seabourn, Franci L — I'm from oklahoma. I have moved a lot, and i'm enlisting in the national gaurd. if you have any ques...More
  Seals, James c — was with C trp sept 74- dec 75
  Seaman, Gary — carried the war machine to the troops in iraq worked the merchant marine ready reserve fleet, im 52 ...More
  Seaman Jr., Steven r
  searcy, billy
  Sedgwick, William
  Seeley, Donald — Army from 1981-1989 Ft. Sill for basic training as a 82C 193rd Inf B-Btry 22fa Ft. Kobbe Panama H...More
  Sehr, Thomas
  Seid, Guy A.
  Seiderman, Guy
  Self, David E
  Self, David K — I was a 91B10 and GMO instructor for CMSD, Combat Medical Specialty Division at Fort Sam from 1987-1...More
  Selke, Pamela r — 2 years active duty, schofield barracks E QUAD, HI 725th Maintance Co. 9 years Army National Guard...More
  Sellers, Richard
  Senkarik, John P — Currently Serving Infantry Sergeant, just got back fromBaqubah, Iraq Stryker Brigade Veteran, 1-25 S...More
  Senkbile, Ryan D
  Senkbile, Ryan D
  senter, perry wayne
  Seroka, Don
  Serrano, Armando
  Setters, Wendell G — Graduated NKU in 1981. Graduated USASMA in 1991. Recently completed certification for educator.
  Settingsgaard, David J
  Seward, Dave — On 100% disability, wounds, asthma, A-Fib. PTSD & COPD but the good Lord has kept me alive so he sti...More
  Sexton, Tim
  Sha, Kay
  Shaffer, Paul W
  Shaffer, Richard W — Web Site Location: Drop by and read my book. "In Hell with Dragons"
  Shark, Jesus L
  Sharon, William — Served 2 tours with the Co A, 793rd in Erlangen Detachment. July 1958- Jan 1961, Aug 63 to Jul 66 I ...More
  Sharp, Christopher A — I am 33 yrs. old stationed in Schofield Barracks, HI. Currently I am serving a 12 month tour in Iraq...More
  Sharp, Larry K
  Sharp, William A — 4th Armd Div; 3rd Inf Div; MACV, 25th Inf Div.
  Shaw, Beau B
  Shaw, Eric
  Shaw, Jim C. — D company 2/12th Inf., 25th Inf. Div and B Btty 3/18th Arty Americal Div
  Shaw, Joe L — Served in Vietnam 1st Infantry Division -1967-1968 Served as 25th Infantry Aviation Brigade Chemica...More
  Shea, Bruce
  Shearer, Paul S
  Shearer, Steve
  Shedlosky, Andrew F — After leaving the nuclear power industry, I have been working as a self-employed handyman.
  Sheets, James
  Sheets, Tommy d — my name is tommy in the army my friends called me ted. i am looking for anyone from bravo 2/11f.a. ...More
  Sheetz, John R — Enlisted Army Aug 56 served Germany57-61, Honor grad 6th ArmyNCO Academy Ft Ord, Korea 63-64 Blue La...More
  Shelley, Dennis
  Shelley, Raymond C.
  Shelton, Jim — served 1yr with A btry 2/9 arty 4th Infantry Division, gunner and section chief, supported mostly 1/...More
  Shelton, Ronald L — Enlisted June 1975 as 64c (truck driver) Frt.Dix Basic and A.I.T. Arrived at Schofield Brks. HHC 1/...More
  Shepard, Gary A
  Shepherd, Daryl
  Shepherd, Jerry — My uncle (Robert Orville Shepherd) 25th infantry(Ho Chi Minh Trail) 1966-1967 He did come home.Aliv...More
  Shepherd, Rob
  Sheplar, Robert G
  Sheridan, John T
  Sherle, Todd A
  Sherman, Michael R
  Sherman, Robert R — Basic / Airborne School at Ft benning Ga. 1983. 1984-1985 Germany, Aco. 2/6 Inf. 1986-1987 Ft Brag...More
  Shi, Ye C — I have the Combat Infantry Badge, Airborne and Air Assault Wings
  Shiers, Thaddous o — veteran a btry 21st arty veteran d btry 13th fa 8" towed and sp from feb 1961 to july 1964 schofie...More
  shillingburg, rodney
  Shine, Patrick
  Shiner, Gregory R
  Shipley, Thomas S
  Shipman, Michael J — Assigned to HHC 3/22 commo platoon Dec 1986 to June 1989. Joined the 209th FA NYANG as a communicat...More
  Shipman, W R — 11B (CIB, PH) w/Co A, 1/35 Inf, 3d Bde... atch'd TF Oregon/Americal, during Operation Wallowa, medev...More
  Shipp, Brandon D — I was a machine gunner and javelin gunner for the now defunct 2nd Battalion 5th Infantry Regiment. I...More
  shipwash, mike
  Shirey, Kevin L
  Shook, Tommy J
  Shorkey, John E — Inf. SSG RVN Army 70-71 1/5 Mech. Inf., Co. A, 25th Inf. Div. - Combat vet, Attorney/CPA - don't be...More
  Shugert, Bill
  Shultz, Wayne
  Shumate, Jimmy T. — Sr. Instuctor, Operations NCOIC,
  Shuskey, Jonathan L
  Sidwell, Corby — I am Married with 2 sons 12 and 6
  Siegle, Scott
  Sigman, Edward B
  Signorile, Heather E — I'm a retired Army Wife of 3. I'm a CNA. Last location Schofield Barracks Honolulu Hawaii what a bea...More
  silecchia, anthony — infantry 7/8/1969 to 7/8/1970 vietnam
  silva, alfonso
  Silva Jr., Alfonso — 05BA1 .A BTRY 1/7 ADA, HQ 4/1ADA BIGGS AAF 80-83. A BTRY 2/71 ADA ,KIMPO. ROK,CAMP BRAY 79-80. HQ 1/...More
  Silvers, Jack
  Silverthorne, David
  Simmons, Ramanda
  Simmons Endicott, Vanessa — Mother of Pvt. Ryan VanDyke
  simms, brandy r
  Simms, Okey
  Simon, Daniel O — Group Property Book Officer
  Simon, Stephen R — Co Cmdr, Bn & Bde Staff Officer
  Simonsen, Eric P — Retired U.S. Army currently serving as a Department of the Army Civilian at Ft Bragg, NC.
  Sims, John
  singer, danny
  Singleton, Henry
  Sinner, Ron L — A 5/21 saw two cohorts cycles go through the doors of the Battalion. Met alot of great men, had alo...More
  Sipe, Steven
  Sisil, Timothy D
  Sisk, Keith A
  Sisson, Greg — I was the Brigade S6 when the 173rd was in Vicenza, Italy and left shortly after reflagging the Brig...More
  Sivley, Andrew B. — My first unit was 1/5 IN, 1/25th SBCT. I deployed to OIF with that unit in '04-'05. Currently I ser...More
  Sivret, John R
  Skaggs, Norman T
  Skaja, David R
  Skinner, Charles S — As Armor officer and Army aviator commanded armed helicopter assault and LRRP teams in Vietnam
  Skipper, Judd M
  Skoglund, Kevin
  Skourn, John
  Slavens, Larry D.
  Sloan, Robert L
  Sluck, Robert G — I was in Hq. co. communications section in schofield barracks hawaii.
  Small, Adam R — Was assigned to 25th ID(L) from 10/2000 through 9/2005. Ranks: 2LT to CPT. Units: 1st BN/27th Inf;...More
  Smart, Curtis
  Smiddy, William A — 25th ID INF/ HHC 45th STB
  Smith, Aaron
  Smith, Andrew
  Smith, Carl R — Joined the Louisiana ARNG in 2001 as 21W (51B) Carpentry & Masonry Specialist... Deployed to Bagram ...More
  Smith, Cathy
  Smith, Charles m
  Smith, Charles A — I enlisted in May 31 1988 and it has been a real blast. I hope I can last another 20 years. This fir...More
  Smith, Charles
  Smith, Dan R
  Smith, Dean
  Smith, Don
  Smith, Douglas W.
  Smith, E
  Smith, Edward K — worked out of Cu Chi, Dou Tang, & Tay Nihn 1967-1968
  Smith, Edward
  Smith, Eric M — Osut -> Airborne -> 25th ID
  smith, gary
  Smith, Gary
  Smith, George F — CO, Co A, 1st Bn (Airmobile), 5th Cav 1969-70 CO, 2nd Bn (Mech), 34th Inf, 1980-83 CO, 2nd Bde, 2n...More
  Smith, J. Scott
  Smith, Jeff d — 11B grunt Hawaii,86-90,Team leader,Ft Benning,Oahu HI,Thailand,Guam,Australia,Fiji,Ft Lewis,Big Isla...More
  Smith, Jermaine C
  Smith, Jerry D — After my cousin SP/4 Philip Neely served with the 3rd Herd, Sky Soldiers in Vietnam 70-71. I join t...More
  Smith, Jerry Dale — Served on Active Duty+22 years U.S. Army. Military Police, Airborne Infantry, LRRP (Recondo), Pathfi...More
  Smith, Jimmie L — I joined the Army in 1975 and served in the 1st ID, 25th ID, 101st ID, and the Old Guard. I retired...More
  Smith, John H — Assigned to B Company, 2nd Bn, 14th Inf, in Hawaii and was on shotgun to Vietnam in late 1965. Went ...More
  Smith, John — veitnam B Troop 3/4 cav
  Smith, Joseph P — Active Army Aug 66 Ft. Jackson, 67-69 Berlin Birgade, 69-70 D Co. 2nd 27th 25th Div. Viet Nam, 70-71...More
  Smith, Joseph P
  Smith, Kendall A — Counter Mortar Radar Specialist on Fire Support Base Patton II. I was with the 1/8th Artillery 25th...More
  Smith, Kenn — Basic at Fort Benning GA AIT at Polk then back to Benning for Infantry Academy. Served in Nam in 68...More
  Smith, Kenneth Clay
  Smith, Len
  Smith, Mark A
  Smith, Mark A
  Smith, Melvin T — I was borne in Wiesbaden, Germany, Joined the US Army in 1993. I have been assigned to 225th FSB-S...More
  Smith, Michael J
  Smith, Michael A
  Smith, Ray C
  Smith, Richard
  Smith, Robert J — 11B with 25th ID, 99-02 Currently MP in the Reserves, and attending Police Academy in CO.
  Smith, Robert
  Smith, Tim
  Smith, Tim
  Smith, Travis A — S-1 NCO
  Smith, Vernon
  Smith , David C — With the 23rd inf, 4th Balt, company B. This unit was ih the field 95% of the time we were there. ...More
  Smith (smitty), Burvin T
  Smith Sr., Wade M — Served as 11B with HHC Scout Plt from June 67 until June 68 Spent Tet 68 on hill 865 10 , man patrol...More
  Smothers, Russell.Dennis D — Finally retired and now live on the river & mountain property I purchased to escape the city life. S...More
  Smythe, Ray
  Snake, Jake
  Snell, Dallas D — I Did Basic at Ft Dix NJ in 1970. >Combat Development Experimental Command Fort Ord Calif. >...More
  Snell, Russell a — I was a member of Company B 1st Bn 14th Infantry 3rd Brg Task Force 25th Infantry Division Pleiku, S...More
  Snively, Allen C
  Snively, Allen C
  Snyder, Donald D — 125th Signal Battalion 1966-1967
  Snyder, Errol J — I am currently retired and working at the US Army SERE Course.
  Snyder, John — I was a M551A1 hull mechanic assigned to Delta Company from june 1995 until dec 1996, Currently stat...More
  Snyder, Kurt
  Snyder, Robert R
  Sodosky, Jerry S
  Soika, Tony M — A Co. 225th Forward Support Battalion
  Soles, Dana A
  Solheim, Barbara
  Solis, Thomas J
  Sollers, Donald Lee
  Solomon, J
  Solomon, John K — Interested in corresponding with veterans that knew my father, Samuel K. Solomon.
  Sonntag, Doc — Served active Army for 5 years with 2/35 INF in the 25th IDL in Hawaii. Spent 1 tour in Afghanistan ...More
  Sorensen, Daniel — I was attached to B Co., 25th Med., 25th Inf. My job was a cook & i served from May-1977 to Dec.-197...More
  Sorensen, Daniel
  Sorensen-Kindt, Casey J — 503d MP Co, 3rd Armd Div(Frankfurt, Germany)May1989-1991 Deployed to Desert Shield/Desert Storm Se...More
  Soriano, Marvin
  Sorrentini, Hector E. — I had 3 tours in Vietnam, Dominican Rep Invasion, Grenada. DSC Recipient. Professions Eng and now ...More
  Soto, Gil
  Soto, Gil
  Southworth, James
  Sowell, Donald D
  Sowinski, William J — Field Radio Mechanic. OUT Processing.
  Space, David
  spado, orlando
  Spare, Jeffrey W — 1968-1969 VN 1st Wolfhounds
  Sparks, Steven
  Spaulding, Rick — HHB 2nd 11th FA 13F HHB 4th 5th FA
  Speegle, Gary r
  Speegle, Randolph
  Speer, James R — I was in HHQ 3/13 but had friends in HHQ DIV arty
  Spencer Jr., Stephen W — 25 years now and still going,too many places to list .recruiter/Future Soldier Manager for the reser...More
  Spera, Tony — My father, Ted Spera, was a staff sargeant in this unit during world war II.
  Speyer, Lee A — No military experience - - - I have been trying for many years to find additional information about ...More
  Spicer, Jerry
  Spidahl, Gordon L
  Spinks, John C — Served CSC Co. 1/35th TOW Platoon. 11B MOS/11H service. Honorably Discharged.
  Spivey, Carson G
  Spor, Richard J — Retired Chief Prosthetic Service @ VAMC Phila. & Wilm. DE Grandfather. Pistol Shooter, Fisher, Cam...More
  Sprague, George A — Was assigned to the 503d in Frankfurt, Germany. Truely one of the best units I served in.
  Sprague, James G — 4th BN 9th INF Co. D June 67 - June 68
  Sprecher, Nicholas E
  Springstead, Wallace s — I did 6years regular army time 17 years in the california national guard. .i'retired and still like ...More
  Spurkosky, Lauren
  Spurling Sr., Daniel V —
  St, B — Been in the AF since 1998. Went to TACP training out of Basic and been with it ever since.
  Stachelski, Joe
  Stack, Richard E. — Served in both the "HQ" & "B" Batteries for the 2nd Rocket Howitzer Battalion, 21st Artillery compos...More
  Stacker, Ronald
  Stafford, Michael L — 1988-90 E Troop 1/12 Cavalry Ft. Knox, Kentucky 1990-92 A Troop 5-9 Cavalry 25th Infantry Schofie...More
  Staley, Charles J — I grew up in the 82nd Airborne Division. I got there as a PFC and was there from Grenada, and Pana...More
  Stallcup, Gary
  Stamper, Michael
  Stamps, Richard N — Supply Clerk, CSC, 1st Bn, 27th INF Wolfhounds Supply Sgt, HHC, 1st Bn, 27th INF Wolfhounds,(S-4)
  Stanley, David L — Served in VN with 1/14th Inf. 3rd Bd 25th, then 3rd Bd 4th Inf Div. from June 67-68. From Nam went t...More
  Stapleton, Ed
  Stark, Dennis
  starkey, wilbert
  Stathakos, Stavros
  Statham, Stacy — Retired Dec 95 from 224th MI Bn flying RC-12s. UH-1 pilot from 81-92. Drill Sgt and MP before that. ...More
  Stauder, Christopher
  Stearns, David a.
  Steele, James
  Steele, Jeff
  Steenberge, Daniel
  Steiger, James D — 3rd generation aviation, 2 tours of duty RVN Feb67-Feb68, and Nov68-Nov69, worked in naval aviation ...More
  Stein, Scott
  Stein, Tom
  Stempien, Leonard
  Stepanski, Michael H — Served in Viet Nam from April 68 to April 69. I was in D Co 65th Engineer Bn in Dau Tieng. I am n...More
  Stephens, Kenneth E — Dr. Kenneth Stephens is a retired military (Army) First Sergeant. He served twenty-years in Army Avi...More
  Stephens, Larry
  Stephens, Larry
  Stephens, Robert M — Presently assigned to 25ID(L)&USArmyHawaii w/rank of Ph.D. Pers/Mob Officer
  Stephens, Robert M — Entered US Army in 1964. Served in various units and commands until retirement in 1991. Reentered US...More
  Stevens, Johnny J
  Stevens, Johnny J
  Stevens, Joseph
  Stevens, Robert M — Served in Vietnam 2 tours. 1965-66 and 1967. Served with the Central Registry Detachment, 135th, 519...More
  Stevenson, Dwayne R — Pastor, Galilee Baptist Church, Kenedy, TX US Army, Retired
  Stevenson, Jason m — I was in the 1/27 INF,HHC mortars...i had met alot of good friends ,also i grew up alot while servin...More
  Stewart, Bill
  Stewart, Charles A
  Stewart, Donald J — I was a member of A co.1/21st 25th Infantry Division 1981-84. Then I went to 24th Infantry Division.
  Stewart, Jerry e
  Stewart, Kc
  Stewart, Mike
  Stewart, Susan A — Came in as a medic in 1986. I spent the majority of my career in field support units...which meant a...More
  Stickley, Gary l
  Still, Rickey L
  Stillwell, Dan L — Life member of the wolfhounds, was in Cu Chi 65-67
  Stine, Kent
  Stinsman, George
  Stock, Brian A — UH-1H Helicopter mechanic.1980-1989 AH-1F Attack Pilot. 1989-1995 UH-60 Pilot. 1995-2001
  Stoddard, Darryl B
  Stoltz, Richard
  Stone, Alan B.
  Stone, Martin
  Stoppelmoor, John l
  Stout, Don M — Served with the 2/22, 25th Division during the Tet Offensive of 1968. Two Purple Hearts and Bronze ...More
  Stovicek, Donald R
  strahle, david
  Straub, Edward L — 1962-64 Ft Knox, APG, Ft Benning 1965 25th ID, Hi 1966 RVN, 1967 Ft Polk, Ft Hood,1968 Korea, !970 F...More
  Straughan, Robert — 8th AF DO, 1976-79 45th Air Div DO, 1974-76 97th Bomb Wg DO, CV & CC, 1973-74 AF Advisory Tm 6, C...More
  Strickland, Kevin W
  Struck, Tom
  Stubblefield, Lisa — 7.5 years as a Military Intelligence Analyst
  Sturgell, Melvin
  Sturgeon, Jimmy D — USArmy 05/68-05/70 USNavy 08/75-08/83 DOD 09/75-06/03
  Suits, Ed
  Sulaica, Luis — deployment
  Sullivan, Anthony W — 1-27 Infantry
  Sullivan, Donald J — Lawyer-disabled
  Sullivan, Harold F — Served with the 1/5th infantry.
  Sullivan, John
  Sullivan, John C
  Sullivan, Kevin T
  Sullivan, Michael P
  Sullivan, Mike j
  Sullivan, Ray
  Sullivan, Vince
  Sult, James
  Surrette, Paul — 3 years active 1/21 Inf B Company Iserved 26 years in Reserves&Guards
  Susser, Sherri D
  Sutariya, Pankaj n — I AM AN INDIAN ,
  Sutton, John C — Assigned to the 716th MP Bn in Saigon during the TET offensive (1968). With the 25th Military Polic...More
  Suydam, Allen W — Infantry. Vietnam 7/68--7/69 25th Div. FSB Pershing. Bravo Co.
  swafford, tommy
  Swagger, Everett O — Married to Cecilia Woods of Yale, Ok. since 1976. Enjoy fishing and watching movies. I have two gra...More
  Swan, Ethel
  Swanson, Fredrik L — 4 children - Nikki - Jenni - Joe - Alex Wife - Cand...More
  Swanson, James Robert — trying to find some old buddies
  Swanson, James r — II am looking to get in touch with former 5/9 cav members who served between 1991 and 1994
  Swarthout, Michael E — A Co. 2-54 Inf. C Co. 1-507 PIR. C Co. 3-21 Inf. C Co. 5-14 Inf. C Co. 2-5 Inf. HHC 2-27 Inf. TF 31 ...More
  Swartz, Richard L.
  Swartz, Steve — served with 2/27 wolfhounds 1/68-8/68 as a combat medic 2nd platoon C co.
  Sweat, John H — Served with the Army for about five years. When I got out I came home, hired on as a police officer...More
  Sweeney, Aaron J
  Sweeney, Joe
  Sweeney, Suzanne
  Sweisford, Raymond C — Landed in Vung Tau with the 1st BN (MECH) 5th Inf., 25th Inf. Div. Disembarked from troop ship and ...More
  Sweitzer, Judd R
  Swerda, Chris S — I served all of my military time, active duty, in C co., 1/14th Inf., 25th ID (L)
  Swift, William
  Swisher, Thomas L — C Co. 2nd Batt. 27th Inf. Reg. Combat Team--Wolfhounds. Married, 3 sons and 3 grandchildren. Hunting...More
  Sykes, Samuel b — HHC 3rd brigade
  Symank, Douglas R — Retired live in Houston, Tx, . Served in 1st Cav Div (1973-1976), 61st Maint Co, Camp Kyle, Korea ...More
  Szczyglinski, Henry
  Szurgot, John
  szyman, mark

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