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  M, Dwight S
  M, Thomas L — I served for over 10 years with various combat arms units, I was stationed in Germany;Ft Hood,Tx.;...More
  Mabe, Jonathan C
  Macdonald, Richard A
  Macdonald, Thomas
  Mace, Billy G — Retired, and raising cattle in my spare time. Everyone knows me by Gerald.
  Mace, Robert j
  Maceachen, Ian M — Served in 2nd Platoon (Wardogs), Bravo Company, 1-14 Inf from 10/96-06/99. Served in HHC, 1-14 Inf ...More
  Maceachen, Ian M — Arrived 25th ID in Oct of 96, assigned to 2nd PLT, B Co, 1-14th INF. Served with 2nd PLT until late...More
  Macfadden, David L — AD USA 24 years
  Macgill, Bob
  Machay, Beverly J
  Machuca, Elvis M — --Scoutts Out! ARMT DAWG-- US ARMY 25IDL, 25TH AVN RGMT was a great expereince. ...Being part of th...More
  Macias, Salvador A — Since moving on from the the 3/21. I have had the greatest moment 7 yrs ago when my Daughter Breanna...More
  Macinness, Robert
  Mack, Cliff
  Mack, Gary A — CSC 1/327TH AT PLT. FT CAMPBELL 78-80. CSC 1/35TH AT PLT. SCHOFIELD BKS. 80-81. B 1/18TH WPNS PLT, D...More
  Mack, Kevyn
  Macmillan, James G — Veterinary Corps officer, medical research activities
  Macpherson, Mark R — Supported Operations in the Field
  Macqueen, Douglas M — 11B10 dragon gunner, SAW gunner, unit armorer now in the NY ARNG 204 Eng. Bn. as unit armorer. My ...More
  Madden, Joshua A — * Joined the Army on 13 April 2001 * Attended Basic at Ft. Jackson, SC * Attended AIT at Ft. Huach...More
  madden, t
  Maddock, Jay A — Blond - 6'4" - 240 lbs. - and good looking
  Madrid, Roger R
  Maglio, James V — 108th INTC Boston 62-64; 66-68; 513th INTC, Stuggart 64-65; 525/519th MI RVN 65-66, 701st MI Ft. B...More
  Magner, Richard W
  Magnussen, Kari — Currently stationed at Schofield Barracks 25th ID 3rd Brigade.
  Magruder, Roberto 19 — free
  Mahan, Phil
  Mahoney, Luke E — I was a member of 1/27 In company A and then switched to become a Gimlet in 1/21 company B to goto e...More
  Mailloux, Greg
  Main, Deric P
  Mains, Ian D — Back at Bragg as a WO1. If you want to know more, call me or e-mail and I'll t...More
  Major, Peter W — Quality Control for Det 1, HHC and F Troop
  Majors, David
  Makin, Albert — C Company Track Driver.
  Malaguti, James W
  Malawey, Christine
  Maldonado, Angel
  Mallard, Michael e — army brat father lifer ww11 korea myself 5yr 3yr v.n 67-70.dav.51yrs old five children ,4 grand ch...More
  Mallard Jr, Frank J — served with 1st batalion 14th infantry A company of the 3rd brigade task force of the 25th infantry ...More
  Mallett, Jessie — AMMO SP 55Z
  Mallory, Jordan
  Mallory, Mike M
  Malloy, Andrew D. — 1/5 Mech. Bn.; 25th MP Company; and 25th Repl Det. 1968 & 1969, in Viet Nam ; Co. A, 3/32nd Bn. 7th...More
  Malloy, Matthew P — Combat Medic 91B20 HHC 5th BN 14th INF 25th ID 88 to 92.
  Malone, Jim
  Malone, Martin E
  Mandel, John — WWII - 88th airborne -fight the storm... is there anyone else left but me? my home email is johnn...More
  Maney, Richard
  Mangum, Ron
  Manley, Leo P.
  Manley, Patricia C
  Mann, George
  Manning, Howard — B Co, 4th Bn, 9th Infantry (Manchu). I was with the unit in Alaska, moved to Hawaii and then to Cu ...More
  Manns, Joseph E
  Manor , Jim
  Manoudakis, Kathy
  Manry, Russell B
  manry, russell
  Mansfield, Clayton H — 147th CBCS ANGS San Diego Ca. Oct 1999-Present
  Mansfield, Daniel w — 3 years in the guard, 4 years at fort campbell, 4 years at scholfield, 1 year in afghanistan with 2-...More
  Mantrom, Lou
  Manzanares, Frank A
  Marabello, Frank
  Maravillas, Dr. Anthony R — Professor of History, with special interest in pre-WW II US Army in the Philippines Department, and ...More
  Marcellus, James
  March, Tony
  Marcinkowski, Garrett
  Marcus, Frederick
  Marek, Edward
  Mares, Coco John
  Margherio, Richard — World War II 112th regiment Charlie company
  Mariano, Timothy P — <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="
  Marion, Anna
  Marks, Robert
  Marler, Jeffery
  Marlin, Thomas
  Maroto, Jose
  Marquardt, Daniel P — Nickname Marq I served with B Co. 2/12 25th ID from October 68- December 69. I ets'd on December1...More
  Marquez, Hector M
  Marquez, Juan
  Marrick, Matt
  Marshall, Joseph H — Drove 35 Tank in 3rd platoon A Troop from Feb 68 until May 6, 1968 when we were hit by RPG in villag...More
  Marshall, Tyler d — 1plt bco 3/21
  Martell, Mark
  Marthers, William T — Have to keep this brief: Joined the Army in April 1968. Basic at Ft Bragg, NC; AIT at FT. Knox, KY;...More
  Martin, Alfred C
  Martin, George (Tom)
  martin, john
  Martin, John D
  Martin, Kevin
  Martin, Mark A — (1-17th Inf, Fort Ord, 84-87) (PERSCOM, 87-89) (Flight School 89-90) (2-9 Cav, 7th ID, 90-92) (1...More
  Martin, Randall a
  Martin, Richard D — 11H10
  Martin, William
  Martindale, Harold L
  Martinek Jr, Frank B
  Martinez, Daniel J — I was in Hawaii from 93-96. 1st BN 21st INF. I was also in Germany from 97-2000, in AMF(L)
  martinez, juan
  martinez, steven
  Martinez, Victor M — 25th admin co. cuchi/ vietnam 1966-67
  Martinique, Raymond U
  Mash, Henry
  Mason, Hoyt H — Served with 3rd Brigade,HHC,1/35 Infantry,25th Infantry Division
  Mason, Joseph LK
  Mason, Rodney J. — inducted Los Angeles, January 30, 1969 Basic Training, AIT--Ft. Ord 2nd Bn, 14th Inf, 25th Div, RV...More
  Mason, Stephanie
  Mason II, Gary
  Massey, Harold H — M-60 Gunner then Sgt E5 squad leader Delta Co 2/14th Infantry
  Massey, John
  masters, anthony — 3yrs in 82nd. 12yrs WVARNG
  Maston, Johnnie R — Served with the 1/187 INF. during Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm. Served as a Scout (RECON) i...More
  Mata, Gerardo..Jerry
  Matascastillo, Hector R. — Married as of June 2001. After 10 years of active service decided to get out and try new things. T...More
  Matheson, Scott — I enlisted at the age of 20 for the college money and ended up serving for my country. I regret that...More
  Mathison, William C — Forward observer and Battery XO in Vietnam
  Matney, Doug
  Matrafailo, George
  Matson, Alan G — Served with Scout platoon (OH-58's) of B Troop, under that miserable SOB, Sgt. Ojeda (OJ). Visited ...More
  Mattera, Paul
  Matteson, Mike A. — Medic. 3/4 Cav. 1969, "D" Troop
  Matthews, Jim B
  Matthews, Mike
  matthews, tyrone
  May, Bernard l — I am currently apart of the "transformation" brigade also known as Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Our...More
  May, Bryan
  May, Cedric
  Mayberry, Rachel L — My husband is scheduled to be in Schofield barracks from 2002 until 2007 and he is currently deploye...More
  Mayer, Robert A — Retired Aug 1993
  Mayes, L
  Mayes, Mike — Worked with ppr5 and outher unit in f.s.b. and in bush
  Mayhorn, April
  Mayo, Cynthia B
  Mayo, Jeffrey t
  Maze, Luther b — I am not in the military, a very close friend of mine was in the 3rd and 22nd 25 infintry division l...More
  Mc Ardle, Vincent K. — Platoon Sergeant, 172nd Support Battalion, Ft Richardson,AK Platoon Sergeant, 1st Battalion, 18th I...More
  Mc Crossin, James P
  Mc Dulin, James — 1/8 FA Service Battery under Cpt. Carlos Vinals. Become XO Driver for Major Bruce Brandt. Air Assa...More
  Mc Guire, John J — HHC. 46th Engr. Bn. Ft. Rucker, AL.. 1st. Avn. Bde. 60th Assault. Hel. Co. Ninh Hoa, RVN.. 9th Inf. ...More
  Mc Intyre, Dan
  Mcabee, Keith A
  McAllister, Willie — Jackson, Mississippi 25th Infantry Company C 1967-1968 Would like to locate my buddies from the V...More
  Mcbean, Aubrey V — I am an Active Reserve solider who is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in North Carolina and Atlan...More
  Mcbride, Brandon M
  mccaffery, gene — I was with the 1/27 Wolfhounds as an infantry platoon leader , Adjutant and Rifle company commander
  Mccain, Gary L. — I was born in Compton California, But I have lived most of my life in Ohio I took basic at ft. Ca...More
  Mccain Jr, Herman F — 1941- Ft. Bragg, NC 1942 - 369th AAA Barber's Point ,Hawaii 1944 - 24th infantry Regiment-Saipa...More
  mccallister, darin
  McCann, Jeffery
  McCarl, Carol
  Mccarthy, Brian J — Served with the Service Battery, 3rd Battalion 13th Field Artillery, 25 Infantry Division from 1973 ...More
  McCarty, Mark — Enlisted as 11B in 1976. Stationed at Schofield with A 1/19 from 1977 - 1980. Took part in deploym...More
  Mccaskey, Robert V — Cannoneer. Cannoneer/Assembler. Tng NCO w/ Btry C, 1/8th FA; (Aircraft Electrician/Allied Shop Super...More
  Mccauley, John B
  Mcclain, John J — Retired Army Veteran of 21 year, MOS. 96B40/74B40 1998-2001 SLD, US Delegation to NATO 1996-1998 ...More
  Mcclelland, Gerry L — First Sergeant Gerry L. McClellands duty positions consist of Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic, Shop For...More
  Mcclellen, Gordon
  Mccliggott, James D
  Mccloskey, William
  Mccloud, Virgil
  Mcclung, William P — OH-58A/C and AH-1F Maintenance Test Pilot.
  Mcclure, Doug J
  McClure, Tonna
  Mcclurg, Wendell
  Mccoin, Franklin D — Mortar Battery 2/503 Okinawa
  Mccollum, Nick — joined d trp around jan feb 67 transferred from 25th s+t battalion was wounded in some dumbass rubb...More
  Mcconnaghy, Alex j
  Mcconnell, Gerald E — C co 1/21
  Mcconnell, Grady m
  Mcconnell - Sanfilippo, Diane S — widow of 1st Lt. William E. McConnell - Airborne Ranger, tact officer OCS School, Ft. Benning, Georg...More
  Mccormick, David E — 11C10 with a Battalion no longer active 1/21st Infantary Battalion (Gimlets) C Quad, my company was ...More
  Mccoy, Denise
  Mccully, Joel Chad — Infantry member, with additional time in S-2 and Scout units. Schofield Bks, HI with trips to Korea...More
  McCurdy, Elizabeth
  McCusker, Daniel
  Mcdaniel, G Patrick — Served with BN Mortars, HHC 4/17 IN, 7th ID(L), 1987-1991; Served with B & D co's, 2/327th IN, 101s...More
  Mcdaniel, Patrick
  Mcdaniel, Scotty L
  Mcdermott, Jim w — HQ&S&T Co (Prov) 3rd brigade 25th infantry Division Pleiku Vietnam 12 /65-1/67 In hawaii with bo...More
  Mcdermott, Ryan P — Retired
  Mcdiffett, James h
  McDill, Ed — Hi to all of you guys who know me and where I'm at presently, love u guys. Don't contact me, out o...More
  Mcdoal, Gregory S
  Mcdonald, Jerry g
  Mcdonald, Roger W
  Mcdonald, Stephen
  Mcdonough, Denis — I was born in NYC . Was Drafed in the Army on 8/15/66. Was wounded on 4/26/67 in the Boi Loi woods o...More
  Mcdorman, Kendra M
  Mcdowell, Ian s — served as a sniper team leader with 3/21 infantry, 25th infantry div in iraq 2004-2005
  Mcdowell, Richard
  Mcdowell, Timothy A. — AKC Wolfhound 80-84, 3/9th MFO, 9th Reg Just Cause, 2/9th 90-92
  Mcfadden, Gary L — I was a Stinger door gunner with 116th AHC in Cu Chi from August '67 to Jan 22 '68 when I took an AK...More
  Mcfadden, Michael
  Mcfarlane, James M.
  Mcgee, Jimmie H — 14 Years Experience
  Mcgee, Patrick — I serverd with Charlie Company 1st Bn 21st Infantry of the 25th infantry from 1991 to 1994. I then s...More
  Mcgervey, Kevin J
  Mcgettigan, Michael P
  Mcghee, Mark J — Enlisted Field Artillery Crewman and Crew Chief w/A Battery, 2nd BN, 11th Field Artillery, 25th Infa...More
  Mcgill, Eldee
  Mcgill, Keith B. — Served with A Co & HHC 3/22Inf
  Mcginley, George A — E-4 Always a golden dragon C.Co. 1/14 spent 3/12 years as a golden dragon had alot of great times d...More
  Mcginnis, Joe
  Mcginty, Chris
  Mcgowan , Robert
  McGowen, Justin
  mcgrath, ryan
  Mcgraw, Kevin M — Army Dependent 1961-1981 Born: Vicenza, Italy Posts Resided: Ft. Bragg; Ft. Rucker; Ft. Monmouth; ...More
  Mcgregor, Daniel P — PV2/PFC/SPC/SN/TC3/TC2/IT2/IT1/ITC/ISM2
  Mcguire, John T
  McGunigale, Gary L
  Mchenry, Patrick — 7/11 arty HQ btry april to oct 1966 I was in fdc section for B btry my name is pat (mac) mchenry. m...More
  Mcintosh, Joshua A
  Mcintyre, Dave
  Mckan, James — Worked in G-4 Div Support Command 1975-76--- 1976-1977 worked 725th Maintenace Batallion--- 1977-1...More
  Mckeever, Robert L — I served at Cu Chi with A Company during Tet. Afterwards it was Tay Ninh, Hobo Woods, the Iron Trian...More
  Mckenney, Christina L — 25 Infantry Div (L) HHC DISCOM
  Mckenny, Terry
  Mckinney, James
  Mckinney, Leslie
  Mckniff, Joan
  Mcknight, James P
  Mcknight Jr., James P
  Mckoy, Joe L — Joined military in 1997 to present.
  Mclean, James — Just a 25U that thinks he's a 74B with the Hooah of an 11B.
  Mclendon, Mike S — Charlie Troop 1/10 Cav, Ft Carson, Colorado, Schofield Barracks Hawaii 2 tours 1/35 Cacti, Ft Bennin...More
  Mcmahan, Robert V
  McMahen, David
  Mcmahon, James
  Mcmaster, Daniel — Army Infantry from 92-98 then switched to EOD from 98-02. ETS'd to attend college full time, starte...More
  Mcmillan, Ed
  Mcmillen, Joe
  mcmullin, robert
  Mcmunn, William — How company machine gun platoon, 25th DIV.,35th REG.,Korea 1953
  Mcnealy, Lawrence A — Combat Support CoRadar section
  McNeely, Kevin
  McNeil, Patrick L — I attended basic at Ft. Benning in April 1982. I was selected to be a Drill Corporal for the next c...More
  Mcnulty, Peter J
  Mcnulty, Steve
  Mcpeak, Dennis R — Was with HHC 3/63 Armor (4.2 mortar platoon) 07 1971 to 12/1971 transferred back to Vietnam.
  Mcphaul, Timothy A — Charlie Battery 7/8 Battalion 25th Infantry Division (Light) Schofield Barracks, HI
  Mcpherson, Bryan T
  Mcqueen, John D — Wheeled Vehicle Operator, POL Section.
  Mcroberts, Alisha
  Mcrorie, Joseph K — I have served with: ............................................................... 82nd ABN. / 1-...More
  mcveigh, wayne — Demolition, and engineer work, also Ambulance driver for 65th engineers
  Mcvicar, Michael — I served in 4th R.T.B. (H.H.C.-- "Merrills Marauders") before moving on to 25th I.D. (2nd Brigade) w...More
  Mcwhite, Kimberly
  meade, michael
  Meaders, Roland K
  Meadows, Curtis l — current ssg for 1st 246 f.a. 1bn fist sgt i was a dragon gunner in c co. 3/21inf then i went to...More
  Meadows, Curtis L
  Meadows, Maynard C — Served with 4th Bn 5th Air Defense Charlie Battery
  Measner, Jim
  Medina, Elfido
  Medley, Andrew D. — Army Active duty May 1987 to May 1991. Short time at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana and two plus yea...More
  Medrano Jr., Jesus M — 25th transport and supply co. b. med truck. cu chi
  Meighen, Donald
  Meis, Emil F — Commander, 1st Medical Group 1997-1999 Commander, 325th Forward Support Battalion 91-93 Commander,...More
  Melli, Richard L
  Mellon, Sean
  Mendez, Joseph A — Army Ranger, air borne, infantry
  Mendez-Velazquez, Felipe
  Mennenga, Lynn A — Served 2 years at Schofield Base in Hawaii in the 25th division, infantry
  menz, ronald
  Menzie, Landis E
  Meoak, John R — I served with Co C 2nd 34th, we were attached to the 101st Airborne in I Corp. We drove the first Am...More
  Mercer, Stephen
  Merchant, Debra J
  Meredith, Kenneth w — Aco 7-101, Dco 7-101 GSAB
  Meredith, Lee
  Merrell, Ray — I serviced all the IBM equipment at the 25 Inf Div HQ. They where located in the 4 trailors parked ...More
  Merrill, Vernon
  Merritt, John
  Merrow, Earl
  Merry, Robert
  Merryfield, Clarence E — retired tracto trailer driver .drover over the road 8years then hauled jet fuel and fuel oil in Wis....More
  Merryman, Gary
  Merson, Ronald E
  Mertel, Kenneth D
  Messer, John T — Infantry scout and Kiowa Warrior crew chief.
  Metzenberg, Mike
  Mewes, Christian m
  Meyer, Joshua S
  Meyer, William
  Meyerholz, John M — Food service
  Meyers, Lewis
  Meyers, Steve l
  Mhoon, Matthew e
  Michael, Anthony D
  Mickunas, Matthew J
  Middleton, Rick
  Miglioranzi, Michael h
  Miguel, Alexander — Company B, 35th inf regiment BAR man, 1950 thru 1951
  Mikelis, Jimmy e
  Mikesell, Glenn M
  Milano, Joseph E
  Miller, Charles L — Served 23.5yrs. Medical Discharge. Employed by the State of North Carolina as a Veterans Employmen...More
  Miller, Dan
  Miller, David
  Miller, David A
  Miller, Donald R
  Miller, Edward — 6 years w/ 82nd Abn Div (2-325 AIR & 1-319 AFAR) 4 years w/ 25th ID (3-7 FA & 2-11 FA) 3 years w/ ...More
  Miller, Fred
  Miller, Glenn E — Married 37 years to Barbara A. Miller. Have 3 grown children - Stephen 36, Michelle 34, and Lisa 32...More
  Miller, Glenn — 125th Signal Battalion - Com. Center Specialist Wounded in April 1968 - rocket attack on base camp....More
  Miller, James R — U.S. Peace Corps 1966-1968 U.S. Army 1969 -1970
  Miller, Jeffrey L
  Miller, Jerrid l
  Miller, Jessica
  Miller, Jim
  Miller, John — Information Systems Technician
  Miller, John a
  Miller, Kathleen
  Miller, Larry f
  Miller, Laura
  Miller, Louis R — KOREA
  Miller, Melvin — PSNCO for the 1/36 Mechanized Infantry Battalion PAC Supervisor for the 1/19th Infantry Battali...More
  Miller, Michael
  Miller, Michael C — I went to the 1st/19th for basic training. After basic I went to C co. 1st/14th Inf for my duty stat...More
  miller, michelle
  Miller, Qadry — Newcomer.
  Miller, Ralph
  Miller, Randy E
  miller, richard edward — vietnam 1968 1969
  Miller, Rick
  Miller, Roy
  Miller, Scott C
  Miller, Steve d
  Milliam, Reynaldo
  Million, Will
  Mills, John P — I soldiered with some of the finest Soldiers in the World! A and C BTRIES 1st Bn 102nd FA 26th Infa...More
  Millsap, Zachary J
  Mines, Stephen D — Retired from Furniture manufacturing. Woodturner & Artist Boating & Flying enthusiast Professiona...More
  Mintz, Woodus E
  Mitchell, Daniel R
  Mitchell, Dwane
  Mitchell, Edward E — Served in many positions in Maintenance and Logistics. Some of my most rewarding positions were as: ...More
  Mitchell, Jimmy R.
  Mitchell, John
  Mitchell, Ronald — Assigned to 3rd Brigade 1/508 82nd Airborne Division 1968, and 1st Brigade 2/508 1970-73. I retired...More
  Mitchell, Steve
  Mitchell, Tim — Served in HHC 3/21 in 81mm Mortars/Unit Armorer rfom 1990-1993.
  Mitchell, Tony R
  Mitchell, Tony
  Mitchem, Timothy L
  Mixell, Daniel
  Mizak, David
  Mizrahi, Victor
  Molin, Dean K — 14th Regt. Tank Company, 1st Platoon 25th Inf Division 1951-52 21 years Minnesota National Guard ...More
  molt, wayne
  Monaghan, Gerard J — AG Officer Basic (Ft. Ben Harrison) 1967 AG Officer Advanced (correspondence) 1971
  Monahan, Charles
  monahan, frank
  Monahan, William
  Moncrieff, Vaughn m
  Monday, George a
  Monette, Tara L — Boot camp: Ft. Jackson, SC. AIT: Ft. Gordon, GA. Stationed to HHC 2nd Bde in 9/94. Was first female ...More
  Monk, James R — went in the army in june 1968 and went to vietnam in march 1968 with the 1st. brigade 1st. batillion...More
  montanari, bill — Infantryman 3rd Platoon D Company 2/14 Infantry Brigade 25th Infantry Division
  Montemurro, Chris
  Moody, Anthony — Currently serving as Detachment S-1 with Detachment 3, 865th Combat Support Hospital, 8th MED BDE in...More
  Moody, Kile M — I recently got out of AIT, got married and was stationed in Hawaii. I just found out a week ago that...More
  Mooney, John — Served with the 554th Engineer Battalion from Feb. 1966 until Nov. 1967. Went over on the Walker. Wa...More
  Mooney jr., James P — I served a tour in Viet Nam in Co. D, 65th Engr Bn, 3rd Bde, 25th Inf Div. Company D operated out of...More
  Moor, Edwin l
  Moore, Andy
  Moore, Buck
  Moore, Cardell A
  Moore, Charles
  Moore, Daniel
  Moore, Edward V
  moore, gerald
  moore, gerald
  Moore, Jerry L
  Moore, Michelle D
  Moore, Phillip k
  Moore, Robert — I was in Charlie Company 1-14th Inf Golden Dragons. C-Quad. Reclassed to Signal Corp. Was station...More
  Moore, Ronald — Navy, two tours Nam, then 20 yrs Reserve. Now classed as disabled vet (Agent Orange) after having to...More
  Moore, Steve A
  Moore, Thom — Commander, A Btry 3-7FA June 1997-Sept 1998 Co FSO D Co 1st Bn 8th Cav Gulf War
  Morales, Adolfo
  Morales, Francisco A
  Morales, John
  Morales, Paul
  Moralez, Armando P
  Moran, Jose R — SFC Retired U.S.Army Infantry. Served 22+ yrs with 3 Combat Tours in OIF 1, OIF 2 & OIF 5. Injured m...More
  Moreira, Sergio B
  Moreland, Joseph
  Moreno, Carlos M — I served in 82nd ABN, 2/505, 2/325, 1/325. and 1/14INF in Hawaii. I participated in Operation Desert...More
  Moreno, Henry A. — Currently Stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA Returned from 2nd OIF/OEF Tour, been deployed most of my mil...More
  Moreno, Marcus
  Morey, Steve L. — I was with the Fco. 50th Inf. LRP, 25th Inf. Div. Cu Chi, RVN in 68. Then I was in the 3/4 Cav. 25th...More
  Morey, Steve L. — I was in F company, 50th Inf. LRP, 25th Inf. Cu Chi, RVN, 68 Then I went to C-Troop 3/4 Cav....More
  Morgan, Bill — Was in RVN 12/66 to 12/67...was with HHC 1st Bn 69th Armor Bn-4 months in base camp,then 8 months in...More
  Morgan, Bryan K — He is currently assigned to HHC as the Chief Movements Supervisor in 13th SC (E) at Fort Hood, TX.
  Morgan, Daryll G
  Morgan, Edward
  Morgan, James J — Drafted March 66-Feb.68 Basic: Ft. Benning Ga. A.I.T. Ft. Polk La.jump school Ft. Benning Ga.Sept 19...More
  Morgan, Max W — Hey, My name is Max, I am 20 years old.. almost 21. I just got out of the army not to long ago, a...More
  Morgan, Richard
  Morgan, William S — Enlisted 26 Sept 1968 Retired 30 Dec 1988 68-69 633rd Engr Co. LE Korea 69-70 CEDAC Ft. Ord Ca...More
  Morgillo, Mike
  Morgridge, Ralph L
  Morneault, Joseph R — served company b 1st.35th. (1964)(1965) schofield 25th.division
  Morris, Bob
  Morris, David R — VIETNAM 70/71 CO C 2/12 & CO D 3/22 25th INFANTRY DIVISION
  Morris, Eric
  Morris, Eric T
  Morris, H. Lynn — Arty. Liaison NCO 2/9th Arty to the 1/35th Inf. 10/66-6/67 Arty. Liaison to MACV team Mo Duc Dist...More
  Morris, Richard D — Res. 31M In CA 80-82/ Active 11B. Korea 1/23rd Inf. Tomahawks 1982-83/ Ft Lewis WA. Moterized Inf. T...More
  Morris Jr, Charles m — married to bette;5 children-3 boys;2 girls;6 grnd children;chatham county ,ga sheriffs dept;civilian...More
  Morrison, Bill
  Morrison, Earl — 2/75th RGR BN 1985-1988 HHB 9th INF DIVARTY 1988-1989 HHB 82nd ABN DIV DIVARTY 1989-1990 A 1/319t...More
  Morrison, Stewart M — S4, S3, ADSO
  Morrison, Theia
  Morrow, Keith e — Ret from Army after 20 years. Stationed mostly in Airborne, Light Inf or Ranger duties. Also O...More
  Morter, Josh B — I'm at Palmer Chiropractic College currently one year from graduation. I'll head back to Tennessee ...More
  Mortimer, Charles B
  Morton, Jessica — Part of the 58th Military Police Co
  Moser, John T — Field Artillery officer; Active Duty 1964-1989; 1st Inf Div 1967-68 in Vietnam. Cdr A/8-6FA & LNO w...More
  Moses, David
  Mott, John C
  Mountain, Darel p — 10 MARCH 1985- RECRUIT JUN 1985 - OCTOBER 1986 - FORT CARSON NOVEMBER 1986 - JUNE 1989 - PANAM...More
  Mowry, William
  Moyle, Robert D
  Mrkvicka, Bill
  Mucha, Ken L — 15 years w/ 82nd Abn Div Arty 1975-1986....3 Years with Recruiting Command (Montrose, Colorado) 198...More
  Mudgett, Justin
  Mudrich, Dan S
  Muehlheim, William E
  Mueller, Randy
  Mullen, Darrell C — I am a Professional Manager in various Human Services areas. I have worked in the Juvenile Services...More
  Mullen, John — Medic, HHC/C company, Feb 67 to July 67, Capt. Trammel. Remember Bob Hope Xmas 67 and medic who had...More
  Mullins, Donnie — 172nd Stryker Brigade. Deployed to Iraq, Aug, 05. Wounded 19, Nov, 05. Medically retired.
  Mullins, Maria
  Mullis, Roy E — First served active duty enlisted with A Co, 2/505th Abn Infantry and later served in the in the 70t...More
  Mullis, Roy
  Munhall, Kenny W
  munoz, Roy
  Murdock, Greg
  Murphy, Franklin
  Murphy, Harry
  Murphy, James E.
  Murphy, Kevin — I ve been in the Army and Reserves on and off since 1986 and have been to Korea,Philippines, statio...More
  Murphy, Maura
  Murphy, Timothy
  Murray, Bob
  Murray, T W — 1967-68, Topo Computing student/instructor, USAES Ft Belvoir, VA. 1968-70, Topo Computer/Chief Comp...More
  Murrell, Monica
  Musco, Kenneth
  Mussche, Jeremy w
  Mustain, Mitchell S.
  Myers, James M
  Myers, Michael
  Myers, Ronald
  Myers, Stephen
  Mylott Jr, Walter R — U.S.Army Finance

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