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  Waddill, Joe R
  Wade, James R
  Wagner, Davie L
  Wagner, Justin R
  Wagner, Kurt E — 1-22 IN BN, B Co. OIF1 2003-2004
  Wagner, Michael — F Co, 4th Eng in Wiesbaden. Track Mech, wondering what ever happened to everyone. You still out ther...More
  Wahl, Herman A. — I live with my wife and two sons,we race harness horses.
  Wahn, Betty
  Wahn, Jae S — Directorate of Evaluation and Standards (DES) Standardization Instructor: UH-60A/L/M, HH-60L/M, LUH-...More
  Wailuna, Kupuna
  Walden, Martin
  Walker, Alex — 1/28th Black Lions in Vietnam as squad leader 1969-1970, A Co. 1/4 inf 3rd Inf Div. in Aschaffenburg...More
  Walker, Bill — Served with Co B 4th S&T Battilion 4th Infantry Division from 10/67-09/68. I drove a Deuce and a Hal...More
  Walker, Billy J
  Walker, Christopher J
  Walker, Christopher J
  WALKER, ERIC — Husband was C Company 4th Infantry 3/12 in Vietnam 67 and 68 I Corps He died of AO Cancer in 2002
  Walker, Frederick
  Walker, Gregory B — Chaplain (MAJ) Gregory B. Walker was commissioned 2LT in Reserves JAN 1991. Joined Active Duty, J...More
  Walker, Ken — I work full time with the Texas Army National Guard.
  Walker, Kristen — I am the proud of wife of PFC Michael Walker. We have been in the army for almost a year now and ar...More
  Walker, Loy D — SERVED IN ARMY, 1952-1955, GELNHAUSEN, GERMANY ,53&54
  Walker, Renee
  Walker, Robert
  Walker, Sheri — Husband in Vietnam 67 & 68 C Company 4th Infantry Div, 3/12 Died 12/2002 AO Cancer
  walker, tim
  Walker, Walter M
  Wall, Jason M
  Wallace, Allan R
  Wallace, Craig S — Chaparral Instructor 1981-1985
  Wallace, James
  Wallin, David
  Walsh, David
  Walsh, Greg
  Walsh, Kevin J.
  Walter, Dwight D
  Walters, Jackie o
  Walters, Ray
  Walton, Edward J
  Walton, Jake E — 1977@FLW Basic Training C, Co 10th EN Bn Germany =77-80 A,Co 4th En Bn Ft Carson =80-81 HHC 10th ...More
  Wamer, Andrew
  Wanserske, Darrell — just a grunt
  Ward, Bob
  Ward, Brian C — HHC 1-67 Armor, Mortar Platoon "No Slack"; changed from 2AD to 4ID in 1996 (change of colors)
  Ward, Bryan J
  Ward, Richard J — Retired, married, one son
  Ward, Shawn
  Ware, Alvin K
  Ware, Alvin k — woW I have been in the ivy div for 4 years now have served with them in Iraq and am still with them...More
  Ware, Deborah — In January 1979, I was assigned to the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, HHC, 4th Inf Div (M) Defe...More
  Warf, John
  Warnement, Albert O.
  Warner, Evrod C
  Warner, William J — I am the proud son of a Vietnam veteran. This profile is to reflect upon HIS service to this countr...More
  Warnick, Paul R — Drafted in February 1971. Basic and AIT at Ford Ord, CA. (11B/C) Assigned to 4th Infantry divsion ...More
  WARREN, JAMES — 4-1-70th armor
  Warren, Odis l — odis Warren Plieku & Ankie C co 4th eng bat.
  Warrick, Michael G
  Warriner, Ken W
  Washington, Edward L — From 1988 to 1992 I was active duty in various units at Fort Polk, LA. I have lost track with all o...More
  Washington, Rodney J
  Wassenaar, Wayne — 704th maintenance battalion, 4th infantry division,vietnam, may 1970 to dec 1970,
  Wassom, Mark
  Watchous, Ted
  Waters, Barry
  waters, bruce
  Watkins, William E — Pleiku to Dak To: WIA - Hill 1338 - Nov. 1967: Recon (LRRP), HHC 3/12 4th Infantry- Inlisted Sep...More
  Watson, David P — Sgt E-5. Cati Blue 2/35
  Watson, Howard t
  Watters, Doyle — Home of record Trumann, Arkansas. Presently living in DuPont, Washington with my wife Paula. Retir...More
  Watts, Larry — born 12-31-50 hazard KY, grew up Franklin Ohio, joined army 1969 , assigned to 4th Inf Div . Pleiku...More
  watts, robin l
  Watts, Thurston d
  Weaver, John J — Disabled Heavy Truck and Equipment Mechanic last employed by RSPC at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Th...More
  Weaver, John J — Joined US Army in Nov 1974, began active duty May 1975 through May 1978, Reserves again until May 19...More
  Weaver, John J — I was in the Army from May 1975 until May 1978. I was a radio teletypewritter operator with HHC 6th ...More
  Weaver, John J — I went into the Army right out of High School. I did BCT at Ft Ord Ca. AIT at Ft Gordan Ga. for Radi...More
  Weaver jr, Clinton Edward — Army National guard Specialist ROTC Butler County Community College I work at Harbor freight tools ...More
  Webb, Jeff
  Webb, Lawrence — Infantry 8 years Artillery 12 years Military Retiree Disabled
  Webb, Rafael L
  Webb, Rodrick J — Currently serving as an AGR Soldier in Los Angeles, CA. Instructor qualified & certified with 3 MOSs...More
  Weber, Robert M
  Weber, Steven D — 19e with 4/69 from 1985-87 19e with 3/68 from 1987-89
  Webster, Brian S — i have been in the millitary for 18 months 9 of those months were spent in baquba iraq. with 1st p...More
  Webster, Edwin Q
  Weddington, Lowell G — Served in Co B. 1st Bn, 14th Inf at Pleiku 1969-1970
  Wedemeyer, Daren L
  Weedman, Jillian a — well ive had a rough life but im trying to make it better... i have dark brown hair and bluish green...More
  Weekley, James — 20 year Armor Veteran
  Wegener, Bill
  Weier, Nathan W — Currently serving on the WI Army National Guard AGR force as the Army AGR Staffer at Joint Force Hea...More
  Weigel, Joseph — First 2-years as a 13H with the 1/3 ADA Battalion DADE Office. Final year as a 71M with the Armored ...More
  Weiland, Marcus H
  Weintraub, Barry
  Weisel, Christiana E — I am out of the army now, and a dependant living in Germany.
  Weishaar, Delbert L — Former Platoon Sergeant for 1st Plt; Co A 164th Engineer Battalion (Mech), Engineer Brigade, 34th ID...More
  Weisman, Harry M
  Weisner, Eric V — HHC Scout Platoon
  Weiss, Cory L
  Welborn, Ashton M — I got married to John on August 27,2005, he is stationed at Fort Hood but is currently serving in Ir...More
  Welch, Roy A
  Welch, Tom
  Weldon, Shane a — Marne Dogs,Bad kissengen2/41FA--Bravo 3/29FA Ft.Carson
  Weller, Scott A
  Wellmon, Jimmie W — I entered active duty in 1985. 2-33 AR, 3AD Kirchgoens (1985-1986), 3-32 AR, 1 CAV Ft. Hood (1986-1...More
  Wells, Bob
  Wells, James
  Wells, Justin — i am a sniper with the 1/68 armor.
  Wells, Shirley
  Welter, Michael K — A TRP 1-10 CAV TANKER
  Wenger, Thomas
  Wentz, Steven R
  Werley, Rob
  Wersinger, William
  Wertz, Bill
  wessel, jason
  West, Christopher C — It was a great time that I had in the division. The only thing was that we spent a lot of time in t...More
  West, Diane
  West, L
  West, Mark
  West, Sven P — Transportation/logistics specialist & .50 cal. gunner in 1058th Trans. Co. (Gun Truck Company), 180t...More
  West, William e
  Westbrook, James
  Westerlund, Richard
  Weston, Thomas G
  Whalen, Chuck — 4th Inf Div HHC DIV Chemical Chemical Staff Specialist 54E20 Snoopy "People Sniffer Operator" 1968
  Whalen, Francis J — Served in A Co 4TH Engr Bn 4TH ID from '93 to '96. Worked in the 14th District of the Philadelphia P...More
  Whalen, Frank — Served in A Co. 4th Engineer Battalion from 93-96. Currently a member of the Philadelphia Police SWA...More
  Whaley, Michael
  Wheatcraft, Arthur M — Retired , svc.connectedPTSD,live in southern Delaware,Bornagain Christian, married with 3 daughters...More
  Wheeler, Ronald C. — SGT RON WHEELER 1/22 INF CO A 4TH INF DIV 1968 1969 HHC1/22 CO C 1/22 MOST OF MY TIME WAS ...More
  Whelchel, Raymond Gene E — Delta Co., 1/12th, 4th Infantry Division. 8/69 - 8/70. Central Highlands. I was from New Mexico at t...More
  whistle, amy
  White, Brian C — C 6/80 FA 4/83 to 11/85; SVC Btry 5/15 FA 11/85 to 11/86; C 1/29 FA 4/87 to 4/89; B 3/29 FA 4/89 to ...More
  White, Bryden R
  White, Colin D
  White, David L
  White, Don
  White, Dorsey
  White, Glenna
  White, James P
  White, Jim
  white, john — Supply Clerk
  White, Robert P — HHC 1/5 2 I.D 92A10 Camp Hovey, Korea HQ 48th FSB Ft.Hood, Texas HQ 204th MSB Ft.Hood, Texas
  White, Robert L
  White, Wayne
  White, Wendall
  White, Wendell — chopper gunner tansanut Infantry with 4th division
  White , Martin
  White , Brian O — Served in Bandit Company until I made E5 and then went to (what was then Crusaders) and finally ende...More
  Whiteaker, Clarence J — 2 tour vietnam vet C Battery 5th Batallion 16th Field Artillery 4th Infantry Division
  Whitehead, Louis R — Currently Disabled.In the picture ;Iam on your left-any of you guys out there-write me,alright. ...More
  Whitehurst, Dan — 24 years active army (1980-1984) 4th ID- 1/12 IN, 1/11 IN (1984-1987) 8th ID-2/28 IN, 3/8 IN (1...More
  Whitehurst, Daniel D — First Duty Assignment Nov 1980-Mar 1984 Assigned to A C0 1/12
  Whitesell, Holly
  Whitman, Thomas H
  Whitman, Thomas H.
  Whitt, Dennis S — Served RVN as Platoon Leader, XO, etc.
  Wiater, Silas — Maintenance Officer for 7 yrs. Served in 2ID at Camp Casey, 4ID Ft. Carson, 1ID FT. Riley
  Wickline, Jon
  Wideman, William j
  Wieboldt, Timothy A — 4th MP Company 1982-1984, 1-14th Infantry 1984-1985, 1-7 Cav 1985-1986, 11th ACR 1987-1990, 1-8 Cav ...More
  Wiedrick, Daniel
  Wiedrick, Daniel L
  Wiegert, Larry
  Wiegert, Larry M — ..
  Wieser, Christopher P — Basic Training Ft. Benning 1995; 2AD Dco 1/41 2nd Plt. 95-96; 4ID Dco 2/8 Inf 2nd Plt. 96; 4ID HHC 2...More
  Wilcox, John G
  Wilcox, Larry A
  Wilcox, Lisa D — MESD 131
  Wilcoxon, David Lee — I have 3 sons; Joe, Jimmy and Michael.
  Wilczynski, David
  Wilhite, David M
  Wilkerson, Gary
  Wilkie, Amy J — Charlie Company, 82nd Chemical BN - Ft. McClellan...... Alpha Co. 17th Sig Bn - Kitzingen, Germany....More
  wilkins, robert
  Wilkinson, Gary R — Served in Kitzingen Germany 1st Med Tank Bn. 68th Armor 3rd Inf Div. Delta Co 1st Platoon 1959-60 S...More
  Wilkinson, Rebecca L
  Wilkinson, Tricia A — Administration Company-training and operations
  Wilks, Henry — USMA 1984 Infantry
  Willard, Steven E
  Willars, Albert — It was a pleasure serving with Charlie Company
  Willbrandt, Joyce
  Willey, Ronald
  Williams, Adrian
  Williams, Alexander — i just got this unit
  Williams, Amari L
  Williams, Bill — Platoon leader 4th Engineer Battalion,Kontum Province RVN. Attached to 1/35,2/8 infantry in ground o...More
  Williams, Bruce d — infantry Aco 1/12 inf
  Williams, Cecil
  Williams, Charles J
  Williams, Danial c
  Williams, Eric
  Williams, Ethelmay J — Worked as a 63H in 1st platoon maintenance support.
  Williams, Gerald
  Williams, Gerry L — I served in Viet Nam in Company B, 1st Bn, 12th Inf., Fourth Div. from June, '69 through June,'70. ...More
  Williams, James F
  Williams, Jennifer R — active duty wife
  Williams, Jennifer
  Williams, Kenneth C — Battalion Medic.
  Williams, Luke M — Going to basic in June
  williams, Maurice
  Williams, Melvin L — i was born in San Bernadino, CA on NOV. 25 1987. i lived there until i was 7 then me and my family m...More
  Williams, Michael P
  Williams, Nicholas C
  Williams, Patti
  williams, roger j — 4th infanty div 3/12 bravo co scout central highland
  Williams, Ronald E — Served in Vietnam C company 1st 8th, Dakto, pleiku, etc.
  Williams, Thomas
  Williams, Thomas
  Williams, Troy D — 19D Cavalry Scout, Bradleys
  Williams, William a
  Williams Jr. Aka Dragonsun, Julius Aka Jabiya
  Williamson, April — My husband served with 4/42 artillery A Battery. His name is James (Jim) Williamson. Hoping to find ...More
  Williamson, Budd — I was part of the 4th Div. advance party to the Central Highlands in 66. I was in B trp. 1/10 Cav ...More
  Williamson, Glade L
  Williamson, Jared k
  Willilams, Robin D
  Willing, Michael J — Transferred from 8th ID for Desert Storm. E Company 123rd Support Battallion.
  Willingham, Gregory J
  Willis, Bobby W — I was the plt mg gunner in 1-6th in Illeshiem, Germany. Then the bn s-2 577 driver in 1-8th in Color...More
  Willis, Bobby w — I served in Aco 1-6th , back in 1986 to 1988. Then with HQ 1-8 1988-1989 Still a "nightfighter" at ...More
  Willis, Craig L — Was stationed with 5th at Fort Devens 1962/1963 B co.
  Willis, Michael A — Emergency Room
  Willis, Stephen C — Work for RailTemps on and off part of the year. Otherwise, pull a 35 foot 5th wheel camper with a 99...More
  Willoughby, Michael
  Willoughby, Thomas — I served In Nam from 9-69 til Feb 5th 1970 When I was wounded at Happy Valley When Fire Base Hard T...More
  Wills Sr., Walter R
  Willson, Wes W — Followed orders.
  Wilms, David
  Wilson, Anthony b — joining unit
  Wilson, Charles — 25 yrs. tx. d.o.t
  Wilson, Chuck — Regular Army March-May 1971, Ft Leonardwood, Basic Training, with Checko June- Sept. 1971 Ft Belvo...More
  Wilson, Donald
  Wilson, Douglas M
  Wilson, Eric L — I was with the 3rd Infantry Division when it was in Germany.
  Wilson, Eric L
  Wilson, Jerry — I was in D co 1/12th Inf in Vietnam as a medic 1969-70. Valley Forge GH 1971. A co 1/28th 1972-73 Ft...More
  Wilson, Joel
  Wilson, John
  Wilson, Mat
  Wilson, Paul
  Wilson, Philip
  wilson, royce
  Wilson, Sheldon
  Wilson, Steven N — Ft. McClellan Aug 82 - Dec 82 Basic/AIT Ft. Carson, CO Jan 83 Jan 84 4th ID Baumholder W. Germ...More
  Wilson, Steven N
  Windham, Tracy m
  Windham, Tracy m
  Wingfield sr., Joseph L
  Wingo, Dorcey
  Winning, Ron
  Winstead, Joseph
  Wise, K W — Deployed in support of OIF/OEF (Kuwait/Iraq/Afghanistan) 03-04 and again for OIF (Iraq) 06
  Wise, Winfrey L
  Wislon, Clay
  Witt, Richard MICHAEL — I enlisted in the U.S.Army August 1973. First Job was Unit Armorer/Supply Clerk. First assignment, ...More
  Wold, Guy
  Wolfenbarger, Larry
  Wolford Iii, Gilbert R
  Wolsey, Peter J
  Wolter, Jason
  Womack, Gerald
  wood, alan
  Wood, Charles D — Co B 4th S&T Bn 4th Infantry Division May67 MAY 68 240th Quartermaster Bn Qui Nhon Vietnam Feb 7...More
  Wood, Douglas R
  Wood, Jeffery B — Served with B-2-6 in 81-82 2nd to none.
  Wood, John
  Wood, Kenneth R
  Wood Jr, Richard ROLAND — 20th Eng Bde 1971,Vihnlong Viet Nam ETS Spec 5 Dec.1971. 51st signal Bde at Camp Red Cloud ROK 1975 ...More
  Woodmansee, Mike L
  Woods, Nic
  Woods, Ralph e
  Woodward, Woody w
  Woolfolk, Charles IRVIN
  Woolfolk, Charles I — HHC, 7TH TRANS GROUP, 1OOTH TC, 497TH ENG - 1984-86; HHC, 5TH ID - 1990-92; HHC, CAC - 1992-1994; ...More
  Wooten, Earl
  Workman, Bren K.
  Workman, Trevor
  Worthington, M. Wayne
  Wowra, Daniel M
  wqhite, marion
  Wright, Arthur F
  Wright, Fred J
  Wright, Gerald — Retired in 2001 after working 30 years for the Navy Environmental Health Center as BUMED's leading C...More
  Wright, Jerry
  Wright, John W — I was in Vietnam march 20, 1967 to March 19, 1968.I would love to hear from any of you,but especiall...More
  Wright, Peter LP — PeterL.P.Wright Pvt.-2. B-Battery 215 FA Bn. I went in for 8 months, then went RA for Three years. I...More
  Wright, Stephen W — 18 years and counting. Master Gunner Tanker Loud Mouth etc
  Wright, Steven P — July 2004 YES I am still searching for "Fellow DRAFTEEs" that served w/ the Battery A, 2/321st Art...More
  Wright, Timothy
  Wright, Timothy a
  Wright, Wayne S
  Wright-Banker, Susan
  Wulff, Ron — 3rd Platoon "B" Co 2/8 Inf. (Mech) 4th Div. Born and Raised in Rural South Dakota. Yes your right ...More, Battlefield Collection Inc — Battlefield Collection? Authentic Military Sportswear is the nation?s premier military inspired spor...More
  Wyrostek, Thomas J.
  Wyrwich, Dave
  Wytko, Jim

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