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  S, B J
  S, E T
  S, N R
  S., David
  Sabasteanski, Robert
  Sabol, William W. — I was inducted June 5, 1969 in Pittsburgh, Pa. and had basic and AIT at Ft. Jackson, SC. Arrived in...More
  Saccocio, Fred
  Sachs, Marcus H
  Sack, Larry G — I was with A CO. 1-66AR 4th Infantry Division, Fort Hood, TX. I was with 2nd PLT, A CO, 1-77AR, 1st...More
  Sadalski, Martin
  Sadler, Tripper L
  Saenz, Jesse
  Sager, Kelli
  Sainsbury, Marcus j
  Sais, John Carrillo
  Saiz, Phillip R.
  Salamone, Timothy G
  Salay, Cheryl
  Salay, Jessica
  Salazar, Jorge H. — I joined in 1976. Did basic at Ft. Leanardwood and A.I.T at Ft. Benning. Served with 1/8th, 1/51st a...More
  Salberg, Emory — Inspectpr General Office 86-87, Tank Commander 3/12 CAV and 4/8 CAv, Brigade Training NCO; UW-Milwa...More
  Salinas, Jesus
  Salle, Herb D.
  Salomone, Nicholls T — severed in germany@texas as a medic in hhc 4/41 inf hell on wheels paton old unit had a great time s...More
  Salvante, Kat
  Salvato, Daniel J — Began my military career at 17 in the Army Reserves. Switched to Navy Reserves later on. Now going b...More
  Salyers, Jack M
  Salyers, Steven — C Co 52nd ENG BN 50th Ord Co 4th Inf Div HHC 2X (ADE), HHC 2nd ENG BN HHC 307th EN BN (CBT)(ABN) ...More
  Salzman, John P — Currently a truck driver. Played a bit of Ping Pong.
  Sammond, Art
  Sams, Gale N. — 1st sqd. C troop 10 th calvary.tank c12 , july 69 to july 70. Pleiku , Ankhe,The centrail highlands ...More
  San Miguel, Joe — Was a jet engine mechanic on Marines only F-14 squadron, plane captain for 2 yrs with VMFA-451- Bice...More
  Sanchez, Dennis J
  Sanchez, Eugene
  Sanchez, Jose M — Currently Serving
  Sanchez, Oscar
  Sanchez, Phillip
  Sanders, Tia M — Enlisted in U.S. Army for 10 yrs from 1982-1992. Stationed at Ft Carson, Garlstadt Germany, and Ft ...More
  Sanders, Timothy
  Sandlin, Matthew H
  sandoval, robert
  Sands, James — 704th Maintence Bn Pleiku 48th Trans Bn Bien Hoa 7/17th Air Cav Pleiku SP BN Fort Sill HQ Camp Edwar...More
  Sands, Jay — HQ Troop 7/17 Air Cav Pleiku VietNam 704th Maint Bn Pleiku 48th Trans Bn Bien Wa SP Battery Fort ...More
  Sanhueza, Carlos A — Stationed in Pirmasens, Ge with the 546th Maint. Co. from Mar '91 til Jun '93, PCSd with the unit to...More
  Santa Cruz, Candelario — 4 YRS IN THE MARINE CORPS, FIELD ARTILLERY 0844,1977-1981 16 YRS IN THE ARMY, INFANTRY, 2D RANGER B...More
  Santagate, Paul J
  Santiago, Angel
  Santiago, Arthur
  santiago, johnny
  Santiago, Lionel A — Served In Eco 1stBN/12th Infantry regiment from Nov 90-91.
  Santino, Ron
  Santmire, Mike
  Santos, Jannette N — Company A, 4th Forward Support Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Hood, Texas
  Santos, Peter j
  Santos, Rafael A — Service as follows: 1974 - 1976 RPC Ansbach, GE 1976 - 1984 MEDDAC, Ft Carson, CO 1984 -...More
  Sargent, Dwain R — I was with (I believe) 124th Signal plaku also w/ the 53rd
  Sargent, Kelly E — ETS in Sep 2000. Now live in Texas with my wife and kids. I am a Criminal Investigator with the Uni...More
  Sass, Ryan R
  Sasse, Scott A.
  Satterwhite, Patrick A
  Sattler, Herbert
  Saunders, Ivan L
  Saunders, William c
  Savage, Gregory
  Savage, Zolen s
  Savedra, Roger
  Sawyer, Thomas
  Sayenga, Keir E
  Scafiddi, John J
  Scammell, Greg J — Drafted in '68, Nam, Pleiku & An Khe '69-'70
  Scanlon, Brian C
  Scerbo, Joseph P
  Schaefer, George k
  Schaefer, Walter L — I was assinged to 4th ID, 43rd Support Group, 68th Trans Battalion, 183rd Maint CO as a heavy wheele...More
  Scharpenberg, Michael
  Schaub, Eric
  Scheck, Fredric
  Scheidt, Jim H
  Schiefelbein, Julie
  Schiltz, Ted L — Retired out of the Navy at Andrews AFB as a jet engine mechanic, test cell operator and QA rep. Sta...More
  Schmidt, Ed — I served in A Company, 2nd of the 8th Mechanized from June 1970 until about August on APC 33: 3rd. s...More
  Schmidt, Kirk — I enlisted in the Army at 24 years old as a wheeled mechanic. Completed training and then got statio...More
  Schmidt, Richard — Notre Dame High school Notre Dame University Tulane Medical School US Army DugwayUtah 4th...More
  Schmitt Jr, Fred R — served with 1/35th inf. in motor pool 1968, transfered to Hq& Serv. Batt. 5/16th arty late 68 to Apr...More
  Schneider, Paul
  Schoeneck, David — I was drafted into the US Army in December 1968, took basic training at Ft. Campbell, KY, and was aw...More
  Schooler, Terry
  Schoonhoven, Jack
  Schouten, Bryan — Not much to say here but currently getting a divorce and now living in Washington state. Trying to r...More
  Schreider , Jules
  Schroeder, Charles K
  Schroeder, Joshua L — MCRD San Diego, Delta Company 1019; ITB Camp Pendleton, Bravo Company 1st Platoon; Marine Barracks W...More
  Schuessler, Philip L — Brand new Private
  Schug, Danielle
  Schultz, Lori
  Schulze, Brad a
  Schuyler, William E — XO of C Co. when deployed to Vietnam in 1966. Returned again to command E Co. in 1969. Remember CHT...More
  Schwallie, Joseph
  Schwartz, Dan
  Schwarze, Vern H — Was in Vietnam on August 68 to September 69, was with 1/35th infantry divison co D. Am interested in...More
  Scoggins, John
  Scoggins, John
  Scott, Art P — Joined in 1991, basic at Ft. Jackson as a 09W (basically Warrant Officer Candidate) which thoroughly...More
  Scott, Ken D — Most of my in-country service occured at AnKhe in Firebase Action. My wife, Shirley, and I have one...More
  Scott, Michael P
  Scott, Russell H
  Scout, Recon
  Scroggs, Randall Ga Rebel
  Scrudders, Bill
  Scully, Tom
  Seagal, Joseph
  seaman, daniel
  Seaton, Carl R — Spent 20 Years in the Army Fort Bragg 1981-1984 1/325th INF ABN Neu Ulm, GE 4/5th FA 1984-1986 Fo...More
  Seawell, Corey P
  Sedillo, John e
  Seeser, Bill B — I was assigned to C co.1BN. 26th Inf, 1st Div in Nov62- Jul65 . I was in SFC Watson's Plat. for 2 1...More
  Segerstedt, Stephen
  Sehr, Thomas
  Seitz, Dan N — I'm from the Mid Hudson Valley of New York State. I did Basic & AIT from Sept. '86 - Mar. '87 @ Ft....More
  Selby, Mike S
  Self, Jack — Self employed--Retired
  Sellers, Jim — i was an infantryman in d co. 1/22 and a lrrp for 3 months i was in central highlands near pleiku an...More
  Sellers, Jim
  Selvage, Stephen M — 249th MP Det
  Senkus, Gary
  Senour, Edward
  Serra, Chris
  Setiawan, Andi
  Severino, Angelo A
  Sewell, Jordan S — 42A currently @ Ft. Hood, Iraq
  Sewell, Richard A — I was in C Company 3rd platoon on C33. SSG Mitchell was my TC. If anyone in C co. sees me, email m...More
  Seymore, Rick
  sha, Rebecca — I'm a wife of a soldier
  Shadoan, Elbert L — I was an FO for the 4.2 mortars in 1968 and was in the Chu-moor battle April of that year. Ist. bt...More
  Shafer, Christopher D
  Shafer, Leonard (len) — I TRP3/11ACR-BadHrsfld,GER80-83 PVE1-SGE5CSC1/12INF4thID Ft. CarsonE CO1/12INF4thIDFt.Carson,83-84SG...More
  Shaffer, Bill
  Shaffer, Jarom PB — drafted in the U.S. Army 1971, Vietnam, two tours Korea, one in Japan, stationed in Alaska, Utah, C...More
  Shaffer, Paul W
  Shamp, Randal W
  Shanklin, Ernest
  Shanks, Charles W
  Shanks, Michael D
  Shannon, Michael
  Sharon, Joanie
  Sharpe, Randall S
  Shatto, Joseph m
  Shaul, Cliford
  shaver, clifford G
  Shaw, C.V. C — U.S. Army 1968-1970. Served in Republic of Vietnam 1969-1970. Squad Leader infantry. Bronze Star Me...More
  Shaw, Carol
  Shay, Renee
  Shea, Steven L. — Currently located at Ft Jackson, SC G1 of the Division from Jul 2002 - Jun 2004 S1 of the 3rd ...More
  Sheckler, Earl
  Sheinman, Harold — Harold Sheinman served honerably in 3 campaigns during 1967 -68 in Vietnam.Mr Sheinman recieved nume...More
  Shelest, Michael D — Served with 2nd ID, 2-17FA from March of 2002 untill March of 2003. Was restationed to 3-16FA, 4th I...More
  Shell, Lawrence
  Shelley, Andrew B
  Shenko, Joseph J — I served as an E-6 in HHC Recon (mech) 8th Inf 4th Div in Central Highlands from Dec 68 to Dec 69 Pl...More
  Shepherd, Bridgett I
  Shepherd, Edward L
  Shepherd, Lenard Lavon
  Shepherd, Scott
  Shepherd, Sean M
  Sheppard, Gregory
  Sherick, Mark S — member of aero rifle platoon I corp from phu bai to quang tri to the laotian border.
  Sherrill, Robert
  Sherry, Martin A
  Shewbart, Gary
  Shields, Mark F — After the Army I got an MBA at the University of Virginia and spent the next 15 years in strategy co...More
  Shields Jr., Leonard j
  Shifflett, Jimmy F — with B troop 2nd recon squadron 8th Calvary 4th Infantry divsion between 1960 and 1962. Placed on Al...More
  Shigley, Scott R
  Shilout, Steven
  Shimanek, Steven A — Desert Storm vet, married, kids grown and gone, dealing with PTSD, TBI, IBS, chronic fatigue, and fi...More
  Shipman, Melvin E
  Shipman, W R — 11B (CIB, PH) w/Co A, 1/35 Inf, 3d Bde... atch'd TF Oregon/Americal, during Operation Wallowa, medev...More
  Shirk, Jeff
  Shockley, Walter K — Served in Mannheim in Hqs, and Headquarters company
  Shope, Michael K
  Showalter, Michael D — I servered in Vietnam with Co. C 3rd Bn. 8th Inf. 4th Inf. Division from july 69 to july 70 . I am m...More
  Shrader, Larry
  Shrader, Larry
  Shropshire, Larry d
  Shubert, Richard W — I was a clerk in HHC, 3/28, joining when we were still at Fr. Riley in 1976. I helped with the trans...More
  Shulaw, Richard B — Personal Actions Sp 198th PSC Ludwigsburg and Nelligen Germany
  Shulaw, Rick B — Worked in personnel actions at Ludwigsburg & Nelligen. 198th PSC
  Shultz, Michael T
  Shumake, Max
  Shuster, Lori J
  Sias, Lucien — SGM Retired, U.S.Army Customs Supervisory Inspector, GS-12 Ret. Retired after 43 years federal ...More
  Siau, Dennis
  Siau, Dennis R. — I served with C-1-8 vietnam ,from sept. 66 to sept. 67 I was a squade leader with 1st plt.
  Sibley, Tom
  Siceloff, Nathan
  Sick, Colin R
  Sicklesteel, Donald E
  Siegel, Danney
  Siemion, John E
  Silva, Ambrosio — Former runner, now due to an injury only work out at a local gym. Like to read about WWII. After 30...More
  Silva, Stanley — Stan Silva- NCOC School 33/69 - Airborne class June 69 -42nd Co. 11B4P Vietnam- Oct 69 -June 70- Sc...More
  Silveira, Jim M
  Silverthorn, Jr, Robert S — DMG 1970, Dickinson College, PA, 2LT MI, detailed Armor; Grad MIOBC, MIOAC, AOBC, AOAC, C&GSC, USAW...More
  Simmonds, Larry J — Served with D Co, 3/12, 4th Infantry Oct 68-Mar 69. Wounded in combat in March, '69. Served with ...More
  Simmons, Ian K — B Btry 2/20 FA
  Simmons, Jamie L — Joined Army in 1996 as a 19D, 1st unit was 1-9 IN, 2 ID. Spent 6 1/2 yrs in 1-8 IN, 3rd BCT, 4 ID. S...More
  Simmons, Sandra E — Researching for US Army PH Vet James Bynon 4th Infantry Division, Co A 3rd Bat, 12th Infantry May ...More
  Simon, John — My Grandpa Served in WWII who was killed 3 Dec 1944 in Lima, France while he and 3 other men of the ...More
  Simonek, John
  Simons, Chris — \ U.S. Army Infantry (Enlisted): /// C-1/10 INF, 4th ID(M), Ft. Carson, CO; B-3/12 INF, 8th ID(M...More
  Simons, Tiffany B — Went to GW2 (Iraq) with 4ID as an arabic linguist. Best unit I ever had the pleasure of serving in!
  Simonson, Anthony
  Simonson, Larry
  Simonson, Lawrence b — Assigned to the 85th,worked in the OR and orthopedics, joined the 55th when unit moved North. Retire...More
  simpkins, charles
  Simpson, Brandon
  Simpson, Robert F
  Sims, Neil D — Member: 1st Bn. 18th Inf. Member: 1st Bn. 8th Inf. Member : 1st Bn 23rd Inf. Member: 1st Bn. 30th In...More
  Sims, Robert l — co.c 1/22inf.div vietnam 1966/67
  Sinden, Andrew
  Singh, Jacqueline A — I'm a civilian contractor now, working downrange in Iraq. It's all in a day's work.
  Singh, Jacqueline — Was out of 3rd Brigade, Fort Carson, CO
  Singleton, Delbert L — I was in Charlie Co. 1/12th, 4th Division in Vietnam during 1969-0970.
  Singley, Tasha R
  Sinkular, Ken A
  Sires, Cesar A
  Sisseck, John L
  Sistler, Tye
  Sitze, Billy
  Sizemore, Maddog — I worked with Weaver in the commo dept. in HHC 6th/32 Armor. I was a Radio Repairman. Enjoyed 2 refo...More
  Sizemore, Tami R — My husband is active duty, he used to be in 4th ID E company 167. We PCS'ed to Ft.Lewis Washington i...More
  Skaggs, Roy W — TDY from 4th ID while at DakTo October through November 1967.
  Skakun, Anastasia
  Skeen, Virgil
  Skelton, Robert D — Served in D Company 5/77 Armor in Mannheim, Germany. My first assignment as an armor crewman. Se...More
  Skislak, Gerald e — I was in bco 8th inf apr 1969-apr1970 located mostly in anke pass pleiku manyang pass. m60 and then ...More
  Skwira, Edward
  Slack, Brian R
  Slamy, Mqdad
  Slawenski, Kenneth
  Slazo, Lena
  Slicton, Wayne R — Served with 1st/501st Infantry, 101st ABN Div in Vietnam from Sep 68-69. Mos 11B. Served with 3rd/7...More
  Sloan, Jim — i went to desert storm with this unit
  Sloan, Jonathan P — USMA 1993-1997 EOBC 1997-1998 A Co, 299th EN 1998-1999 HHC, 299th EN 1999 HHC, 1st BDE, 4ID 1999...More
  Sloan, Nathan
  slone, adam — I deploy with an aviation brigade this winter.
  smaby, james
  Small, David
  Smiley, Alan A
  Smiley Jr, Thomas
  Smith, Amber a — 24 years old. blonde hair gray eyes 5'6'' 140lb
  Smith, Andrew
  Smith, Angela S — I made E-6 in January 2007. I am stationed at Fort Gordon. I got married on the 21st of December. It...More
  Smith, Barbara
  Smith, Brian
  Smith, Bridget M — To know me is to love me
  Smith, Chanan
  Smith, Christopher J
  Smith, Christopher a
  Smith, Craig M
  Smith, Craig
  Smith, Craig M
  Smith, Dan N — My son PFC Christopher Smith is currently serving with the 4th Infantry in Iraq
  Smith, Dan Smitty
  Smith, David S
  Smith, Don
  Smith, Eric J — Married. 2 kids. Retired Infantryman. Anyone that served in the following units at the times indicat...More
  Smith, Jacob b
  Smith, Jason
  Smith, Jeremy A
  Smith, Jim D — grunt
  Smith, Jimmy
  Smith, Jimmy
  Smith, John K — Started out at Ft. Carson Co, 2/8th Inf from 1972 to 1974. Went to Korea, 8th Army, Camp Mosier, 56...More
  Smith, John
  Smith, John a
  Smith, Joseph
  Smith, Josepth Tilmer
  Smith, Kenneth F
  Smith, Mark A
  Smith, Mark a
  Smith, Melvin T — I was borne in Wiesbaden, Germany, Joined the US Army in 1993. I have been assigned to 225th FSB-S...More
  Smith, Michael S
  Smith, Michael
  Smith, Race E
  Smith, Randall J
  Smith, Ray — Served at Ft. Carson: A/6/32 --4th Infantry Division (mech) and in Friedberg, Germany: A/3/32 -- ...More
  smith, rick
  Smith, Robb D — I live in Colorado with my wife and 2 boys and 1 daughter, I like golf, fishing, camping, watching t...More
  Smith, Terrence R
  Smith, Thomas K — I was platoon leader 2/B/2/8(M), from August 1969 until January 1970, and then in the S-2 shop of 2d...More
  Smith, Tommy L
  Smith, Walter R — Stationed at Camp Bearcat outside Long Bihn. Job duties were mortar crew member 4.2 and FO.
  Smith Lea, Belinda D — Basic Training Nov 1975, WAC, Fort Jackson, South Carolina Unit Clerk, USMCA Darmstadt, FRG 1975...More
  Smith Sr., Wade M — Served as 11B with HHC Scout Plt from June 67 until June 68 Spent Tet 68 on hill 865 10 , man patrol...More
  smock, steven
  Smolka, Herbert
  Sneed, Michelle E — A Mom who loves to go and watch her son play in the 4th ID band. To support all military bands and s...More
  Snowden, Jack M — My first tour was with the 3/6th Cav at Fort Hood Texas. My MOS was 67R, now 15R. Worked in D Troo...More
  Snyder, Aubrey M. — I am Christian and I enjoy coin collecting as well as science fiction movies, I also enjoy listening...More
  Snyder, Dale
  Snyder, Dwayne A — I was in the Marine Corps 1973-1978- Boot @ San Diego, Aberdeen "73" G 3/12 3rd Mar. Div.(Okinawa) 1...More
  Snyder, Steve — Enlisted 1979 - Tank Crewman, A Co 6-32 AR, Fort Carson - 1980-81 -- Tank Plt Ldr, C Co HOBOS 3-69 ...More
  Sodomin, Anna C — ask...
  Sogamoso, Raul
  Soliz Jr., Zaragoza
  Sollender, George
  Sollender 11, george
  Soloe, Lewis — Will never forget that D_ _ _ loud speaker.
  Solorio, George
  Somers, Mitch — drafted 6/3/1966,basic training ft.dix, ATI ft belvoir,va. ft.huachuca,az,vietnam 67-68 4th inf. Co...More
  Song-Ames, Lotus Raven — Served in HHC, G3, 4th Inf Div (M) from 1995-1999 and from 2004-2005. Last nane changed a few times...More
  Sorenson, Quinn
  Sotallaro, Joseph P — MAINT. PLT Grim Reaper, 2/3 ACR in OIF III (2005-2006). got back, and in sept of 2006 i became part ...More
  Soto, Jose J. — Joined in 1991. Transfer to NG in 1994. Separated in 1997. Joined the other Team Green, the U.S. ...More
  Soule, Robert M — 21 year veteran, maintenance tech.
  Southwick, Paul
  Sowell, Rick L
  Spann, Thomas
  Sparks, Daniel J — Traditional Anglican priest and U.S. Army chaplain.
  Sparks, Len — Squad Leader B Co. 2/18 Inf. Blew out a knee then went to HHC and work in the S3 Shop as the Tasking...More
  Spataro, Louis — Radio team Cheff
  Spaunhorst, Eric W
  Spear, John P
  Spears, John A
  Speece, Katherine
  Spencer, Charles L
  Spencer, Joe c
  Spencer, Phil E
  Spencer, Stephen N
  Spencer, Wayne A — i was in 1-4 avn from oct 2000 to july 2002. Now i am with the 289th trans in phx.
  Spidel, Karl D
  Spiegler, Robert
  Spindler, Arthur — Assigned to B Co 1-66 in September 1993. Assignments with B company Bandits was Training NCO and ev...More
  Spindler, Arthur H — Moved to Fort Hood as part of the BRAC move from Fort Polk, LA. Initially assigned as Training NCO ...More
  Spivey, Byron D
  Spivey, Charles L
  Spoonmore, Douglas m
  Spradlin, David R
  Sprenkle, Vicki L
  Sprinkle, Lee
  Spurgin, Jesse F. F — We transformed the 2nd Armor devision " Hell on Wheels " into the 4th ID to create force 21.
  Spyhalski, Paul
  Spyridon, Mark
  St. Hilaire, Junior M
  St.Romain, Jerome j — was platoon leader in 3/12 delta company in 1970 4th infantry div. Was Platoon leader and XO in D...More
  Stabnau, G
  Stafford, Keith
  Staker, Casey r
  Stalcup, James
  Stalker, James — I was a 31B20 ( Field radio Repair ) But OJT into 31J20 ( Teletype Repair ) due to a shortage of 31J...More
  stallings, james
  Stallings, Ryan m — I was a 2F051 Refueler in the Air Force. However I recently switched over to the Army and now I am a...More
  Stallman, Don R — 4th MP Company '77-'80. '80-'84 Policeman for city of Westport WA. '84-present Boeing Security Puge...More
  Stamback, Everett
  stamp, tehnika
  Standeven, Mike
  Stanek, Doug L — Recon Sgt. on Forward Observer team. I was with D Company 1/22 Inf. 4 th Infantry Division. My artil...More
  Stanger, James
  stanickyj, peter
  Stanley, David L — Served in VN with 1/14th Inf. 3rd Bd 25th, then 3rd Bd 4th Inf Div. from June 67-68. From Nam went t...More
  Stanley, Reginald A — My first duty station Ft Carson with the 4th ID, G5, from 84-88, I PCS'd to Germany assigned to 200t...More
  Stansfield, Gerald D
  Stanton, Kevin
  Stanton, Lisa D
  Stanton, Tim
  Stapler, Hubert
  Staples, Jessica — My brother is in the ARMY and his division is 4th Infantry Division. He just went ti Iraq on Novembe...More
  Stapley, Heath
  Stark, John M
  Stark, Robert J — I am the son of Specialist E-4 Robert J. Stark "Bob". My father served in company B, 1st Bn, 12th In...More
  Starken, Austin t
  Starkey, Patrick
  Starley, James
  Starns, Dana A
  Starrett, Gary
  Staszak, Frank D — 1953-1974. Retired Army. I was Psg.E-7, Wpns Plt, Co A, 2/8, 4th Inf Div. Cpt Sprout was CO. Depar...More
  Stauber, Al
  Steddum, Jim — Legal Administrator with Army Judge Advocate General's Corps.
  Steed II, Stephen F — HHC 4th Infantry Brigade CO's driver
  Steedly, Homer — I went over in Aug 68 as a platoon leader in B/1/8 and became CO of D/1/8 in Oct 69 during my second...More
  Steele, Curtis
  Steele, Raymond L — Raised in the military, Father was a lifer in the Air Force, I enlisted in the Army, during the Sout...More
  Steele, Rick
  Stehlik, Richard n — Since being in the Army, I have remarried and adopted a baby girl (now almost 18 years old). I have ...More
  Steinbrink, Scott C
  Steinke, Leo
  Stemple, Jonathon
  Stenson, Lyle — Age 49. Served 75-79 at Ft. Carson, CO and Coleman Barracks. Mannheim, Germany. Residing in So. Wisc...More
  Stenzel, Jason K — Entered service July 89, Stationed Ft. Riley B Co 4-37th AR 1st ID. Deployed Operations Desert Storm...More
  Stephens, Kenneth E — Dr. Kenneth Stephens is a retired military (Army) First Sergeant. He served twenty-years in Army Avi...More
  Stephens, Monte
  Stephenson, James L
  Stephenson, Wayne D
  Stepp, Luther G
  Sterling, Johnny
  Stermer, Thomas — Matt Holewa, Fort Carson, 1988...Lots of great times. Hometown Michigan! Catch up with you later!
  Steudtel, S
  Stevens, Robert S
  Stevens, Robert M — Served in Vietnam 2 tours. 1965-66 and 1967. Served with the Central Registry Detachment, 135th, 519...More
  Stevens, Ronald
  Stevenson, Adam
  Stevenson, Ed E — I was with A 1/10 Cav. Fort Carson Colo. from `72 -`75. I was an 11D20. I drove M-114s, M-151 A1 & A...More
  Stewart, James E — 6 1/2 years active duty. 1 year California National Guard Served in Baumholder, Germany and FT. C...More
  Stewart, Lowell G — KYNGUS 1953-1956; Active Duty 1956 - 1977 Retired as CW3, RA MOS 711AO, Distinguished Graduate USAAG...More
  Stewart, Marshall D
  Stewart, Ronald Carlton
  Stewart, Tedroes
  Stewart, Willis Arnold — I am now fully retired and am at home most every day. I worked as a professional in Industry for 36...More
  Sticht, Eric j — i was in the army from 1992to1995 in the us infantry didnt do anything spectacular but am planning a...More
  Stidham, Anthony
  Stiern, Dennis P
  Stiffler, James w
  Stiffler, James w
  Stine, Michael — B Co DSTB
  Stinson, Marvin O — 1-8-e recon 11/67 3/68 hensel air field 3/68/5/68
  Stinson, Shawna
  Stitch-Keyser, Gail
  Stivers, Lawrence r — MOS 19D10E9 from 86-91 with A-3/12 CAV, A-4/12 CAV, A-3/1 CAV, & Scout Platoon-HHC 3/123 AR. MOS 91...More
  Stockwell, Ronald W — Grew up around the Baldwin and Big Rapids, Michigan area. Joined the Army Sept 11th 1962. Basic an...More
  Stoddard, Darryl B
  Stoddard, Robert R — I AM 58 YRS OLD. DIVORCED (3 TIMES.)
  Stokes, Claudious
  Stokke, Robert J. — 4th Medical Bn, Division Medical Supply Officer 4th Inf Div, Vietnam 1966-1967. Retired LTC in 1995...More
  Stolt, David R — I served as a medic with the 4th Infantry Division Artillery from 66 to 67 in the central highlands ...More
  Stone, Bernie
  stone, lexi
  Stoner, Charles l — my unit was 1/10calvary
  Storey, Tammy
  storms, kristine
  Stott, Ralph
  Stout, Russ
  Stover, Steven P — Married to Renee Diane since March 29, 1986 and together we have four children: Ryan, Lauren, Emma a...More
  Stowe, Dan — Basic at Ft Sill OK, AIT at Ft Gordon GA (31M), I was in 124 SIG BN at Ft Carson CO from 89-92. Sta...More
  Stoy, Andy
  Stranz, Mike — Served with HHC 2d Bde, 4th ID Feb 1967 to August 1967; 4th Admin Co, August 1967 to Feb 1968
  Stratman, Lupe
  Stratton, Harold W — "Harry" 'A' Co., 2nd Bn, 35th Inf. spent time west of Ban Me Thuot, & North & West of Pleiku as I re...More
  Straub, Robert J
  Street, Samuel S
  Strickfaden, Kirk A — Son of former Sailor John L. Strickfaden looking for buddies to find out more about his life before ...More
  strickland, robert
  Strnisha, Max
  Strohl, Gregory n
  Strohman, Matt
  Stromberg, Earl
  Strong, Webb H
  Struble, Jason k — Camp Casey Korea 2-9 Inf, MANCHU Fort Carson 1-8 Inf Now married w/2 kids boy and girl. I do com...More
  Struffolino, Vincent A
  Struffolino, Vincent A — Assigned to A troop 1/3rd ACR 3rd plt tank section
  Struzinski, Scott — Married, 4 Children, Contractor, Living In CT. Love Boating, Skiing, Snowmobiling and hanging out a...More
  Stubbs, James — I was the stinger Plt Sgt. for Combat Btry 1/5 ADA, during the GULF WAR I meet SGT MICHELLE MAL...More
  Stucki, Adam C — A Co "Gators" 3/67 AR 3rd Plt "3rd Herd" A32 loader Feb '03 - Aug '03 A32 driver Aug '03 - Aug '...More
  Stukey, Jeff — Deployed with the RSTA to OIF
  Stupek, Richard A — On the computer almost all day.
  Stutzman, Dannie L — S3/S4
  Stutzman, Robert E
  Subic, Daniel J
  Sulik, Ed
  Sullivan, Barry
  Sullivan, Con — my brother served in viet nam 1969/70
  Sullivan, Ed
  Sullivan, Leonard P
  Sullivan, Marty — Retired Computer emailing, chatting etc.
  Sullivan, Ronald — Trooper
  sult, ron — pleiku-dak to-kontum-an khe area
  Sulton, Allen
  sulvinski, walter
  Summers, Cleophus l
  Summers, Levi Keith — I served during the Vietnam and Cold War era. I was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ft. Carson, Ft. Lewi...More
  Supek, Stephen M — Retired after 20 years of service. MOS 31W40. Now a Grandpa.
  sustaita, jerry
  sutherland, donald
  Sutherland, James L
  Sutton, Dennis W
  Sutton, Mark
  Swalinkavich, Ken
  Swan, Richard L — 1058 "GTC" Operation Iraqi Freedom April 03- April 04 FLB SYCAMORE, TIKRIT , IRAQ FOB Speicher,...More
  Swaney, Robert
  Swanson, Brent K
  Swanson, Brent
  Swanson, Donald E — Enlisted Army paratrooper, Air Force Intelligence Officer, Debriefer/ Interrogator, Research and Ana...More
  Swanson, Timothy G — I served with the following units: 2/22 Inf. Wiesbaden (FRG) 1/10th Cav Ft. Carson 1/7th Inf Ash...More
  Swayne, Nick D
  Sweeney, Robert
  Sweet, Paul
  Sweger, Andy E — I did basic training at Ft. Knox, Alpha Company, 2/81. Did my tour of 3 years at Ft. Hood, Tx, 4th ...More
  swett, james
  Swett, Thomas
  Swift, Tom
  sykes, wayne
  Symank, Douglas R — Retired live in Houston, Tx, . Served in 1st Cav Div (1973-1976), 61st Maint Co, Camp Kyle, Korea ...More
  Symons, Thomas J
  Szentes, Jonathan
  Szuggar, Wally — i deployed to vietnam in 1966 with HQ.CO. of the 4th infantry division advance party my MOS. was 94...More
  Szumowski, Steve

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