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  M, B A — Bravo Troop 1/10th Cav Scout Platoon HHC 2/77 Armor
  M, B A — 15 yrs 9mo chapt 61 retired RVNx2 Camp Hunter Liggett Gerx1 Ft Lewis Ft Bragg,Ft Ord, Ft Carson,Ft...More
  M, Betsy
  M, Jason — Branched Field Artillery. Graduated from Hofstra University in NY and was commissioned as a Second L...More
  M, Josh
  M, Kristen L — Proud Army Infantry wife, and Mom of 3, getting through our 1st Deployment. 2.5 months to go!
  MacDonald, Robert
  Macdonald, Scott N
  Macedo, Daniel J — Active duty from 1972 to 1982. Reserve/National Guard active/inactive service until retirement in 1...More
  Macedo, John M
  Macfadden, David L — AD USA 24 years
  Mack, Austin W
  Mack, Gary A — CSC 1/327TH AT PLT. FT CAMPBELL 78-80. CSC 1/35TH AT PLT. SCHOFIELD BKS. 80-81. B 1/18TH WPNS PLT, D...More
  Mackay, Peter
  Mackin, James F — Have been serving for two years. Currently deployed to Iraq.
  Macnamara, George R
  Maddox, Christopher L
  Madsen, Daryl
  Magan, Edward J — B Company, 4th INF, 3rd Division in Bamberg, Germany, before deployment to Germany was in Fort Benni...More
  Magee, Edrick
  Magnuson, Chad — entered army (drafted) 8-17-67. honorable discharge 8-16-69 MOS: 11B40 Sgt E-5 4th Infantry Divi...More
  Mahan, Charles R — was assigned to 1/8 in Jan 1966. was assigned to C-1-8 Mar 66 and stayed there til Aug 67.
  Mahon, Michael B — B Co 1BN 22INF 1BDE
  Mahoney, Harold
  Mahoney, Mark L — Served in 1/11th Inf, 1/22nd Inf, and 2/8 Inf during my three years with 4th ID. I was at Hohenfels,...More
  Maison, Allen
  Malcolm, Greg
  Maley, Terry M
  malfara, michael
  Malinowski, Shawn M
  Mallett, William J. — Retired 1994. Currently a Police Officer at the Columbus State University, Columbus, Ga. Married t...More
  Mallory, Harry J — Trp C, 2/10 Air Cav, Ft Ord Ca Co C, 2d Bn, 4th Inf, 56th BDE. Heilbronn GE HHC, 4th Inf Div. Ft C...More
  Malone, Paul J — Married and have two wondeful boys.
  Malvarose, Alice B
  Malwitz, Douglas D — Attended Basic Training and Infantry AIT at Fort Benning, Georgia beginning in June 1990. After AIT...More
  Mamelka, Pete
  Mancha, Roel — 1/66AR 2AD, FT HOOD, TX Mortar PLT 3/141 INF, 1CAV, San Benito, TX 3/141 INF, 4ID, FT. HOOD, TX 3...More
  Mandarino, James f
  Mandarino, Jim F — Served as company clerk with the 24th HHC Served as a records clerk with the 4th Admin Co
  Manderfeld, Bill
  Manfred, Kenneth
  Maniaci, Bill — Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Grew up: St. Louis, Missouri Education: U of MO; U of HI; U of Louisvil...More
  Mankin, Rayburn
  Mann, Kwabene
  Manning, Jerry
  Manning, Lewis R — Basic-Fort Dix,NJ Cook/Baker School-Fort Meade,MD Stationed with 42nd FA Bn,4th Division,Gelnh...More
  Manry, Russell B
  Mantei, Dustin
  Mantei, Kelly
  Manzo, Mike
  Maples, Joe T — I was assigned to A Trp 1/10 Cav in 1966 and went to Vietnam with the Brigade (4th Inf Div...More
  Maples, Vergil
  Marasco, N.Paul
  Marchese, Linda
  Marcks, Raymond
  Marek, Troy
  Mares, D. — Military family and life. Support all friends and family regardless of branch, rank, and location. "...More
  Markase, Frank — I took AIT, BUT and AUT at Ft. Lewis, WA. 1966. Deployed in June 1966 on the USS Walker for Pleiku. ...More
  Markham, Frank B — Retired aviator (Major), July 1988. Currently an associate professor of business at Mesa State Colle...More
  Markovits, Richard L. — Sgt.E5 company C 4th Engineer Batallion Ft Lewis Washington
  Markowitz, David A — I was in Bravo Co. 2/68 Armor (1988 - 1990), Delta Co. 2/77 Armor (1991).
  Marks, Joshua A — Was Navy AE1, now Army SSG. Advice...Stay Navy.
  Markstein, Jayne
  Marlow, Sm
  Marotta, Andrew — Vietnam, Republic of... Central Highlands...
  Marquez, Sandy — Proud wife of Drill Sgt. Marquez!
  Marr, Thomas
  Marshall, Art
  marshall, christopher.n.marshall — brittney beck
  marshall, gregory
  Marshall, Kent
  Martin, Dale — Viet Nam 4th Infantry- 1st Armored Cav. Plieku,Dak To, Bien Hat. wounded May 18,1969 Tank Driver
  Martin, Danny
  Martin, Donald J
  Martin, Gregory L — I've served 8 years in the U.S. Army. I served 6 years in D Co 204th, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Ho...More
  Martin, James l — i was with the 1st/14th infantry, 4th div. in nam. i remember the dragon and my fire base was called...More
  Martin, John R — Went to basic training at Ft. Knox,Ky.with D-5C-1. After boot camp went over seas to Schwabach Germa...More
  Martin, Paul
  Martin, Peter D. — units I served in: B trp 4/7 CAV camp garry owen korea B co 3/67 AR ft hood texas D co 1/4 INF ho...More
  Martin, Randall a
  Martin, Richard C — Stationed in UK (1989-1992) with the 48th TFW at RAF Lakenheath as a member of what became the 7048t...More
  Martin, Terry L — Served With 5/16th artillery B battery from 2/4/68 to 2/4/69. Job title was gunner, ammo SGT.
  Martin, Werner — Just an island maan who wants to be with his brothers wherever they are. Discharged and missin my ...More
  Martinez, Angel
  Martinez, Arturo — currently platoon sergeant for a forward logistics element platoon
  Martinez, David
  Martinez, David
  Martinez, Dean
  Martinez, Dennis R — Join California National Guard Dec 1974,Basic Feb75 B-19-5 Ft Knox Ky, AIT A-3-1 Ft Knox Ky, Joined ...More
  Martinez, Dennis R
  Martinez, Hector
  Martinez, Michael P
  Martinez, Oly
  Martinez, Roberto I — i was in 588th engineers, i love this unit specially the ERT (engineer recon trop), salutes to the n...More
  Martinez, Roberto
  Martino, Jay
  Martyn Jr., Clayton E — US Army Active 10-10-89-04-17-97 Desert Shield/Storm 5/3 ADA-8th ID attached to 3rd Armor Div 3...More
  Martyn Jr., Clayton E.
  Maselow, Kevin S
  Masisak Jr., Joseph
  Mason, Patrick W
  Mason, Timothy — Attached to 4th infrantry Div.(Mech) FT. Carson, Colo. Was a specialist 4,in Co.A 124TH Signal.
  Massingill, Beverly
  Masters, Charles K
  Mathias, D c
  Mathis, Greg
  Mathis, Robert A
  Matos Arroyo, Jose Antonio
  matthews, darrell — hhc-b troop
  Matthews, Patrick L
  Matthews, Robert
  Matthews, Steve
  Maurer, Kyle P
  May, Ben L — Served in the 4th Mechanized Infantry Division.
  May, David
  May, John D
  may, joseph
  May, Michael j
  May, William w
  Mayberry, Keith E
  Mayernick, Carol
  Mayfield, Joseph A — I was born by the river, in a little tent and lawd like the river, I've been runnin' ever since.
  Mayfield, Noel — In country 1968/1969 Pleiku Vietnam with the 4th Infantry Division, 1st Battalion 12 Infantry Regime...More
  Maymi, Felipe
  maynard, george
  Maynard, Lloyd M — Took basic at Ft Dix, AIT at Ft Benjamin Harrison Then stationed at Ft Carson HHB 1/20 FA Re-enliste...More
  Mayo, William L
  Mayol, N
  Mazza, Linda
  Mazzatto, Joe — C co 24th Sig Bn 3/82-1/84 Spent my "youth" @ Camp Swampy HHC 440 Sig Bn 01/84-09/84 D co 440 Sig...More
  Mc Cracken, Timothy W — I began my military career in the Army Artillery at age 17. I was in the 2nd, 4th, and 101st. I move...More
  Mc Quillen, Edwin t — served with company f 12th infantry regiment in wildflecken and gelhausen germany1951 to 1954 se...More
  Mcafee, Sean S — After my Army service (1980 - 1986) I worked with the Navy for 9 years as a civillian contractor (co...More
  Mcandrews, Tom
  Mcateer Iv, Harry F. — 11B A/1/8 May 67 to March 68
  Mcavoy, Mark C — 1973-74 Sig Plt Ldr, 3rd Bde/4th ID; 1974-76 Div Radio Off, 124th Sig/4th ID; 1976-77 Plt Ldr, 4th B...More
  Mcbean, Aubrey V — I am an Active Reserve solider who is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in North Carolina and Atlan...More
  Mcbride, James R — US Army Infantry
  Mcbride, Tim J — Former Scout and later Zippo with the 2/8 Infantry, 4th ID in Vietnam 69-70. Department of Idaho we...More
  Mccabe, Bruce — I severed in vietnam 1967 to1968 when I first got to vietnam I was with the 1/12 inf then about 1/2...More
  McCafferty, Mikel — Retired from 31 years in the Glass Container Manufacturing industry and traveled around the world wh...More
  Mccall, Charles d
  Mccall, Jerry
  McCallister, Ryan
  Mccammon, Lloyd
  McCardle, Mike
  Mccarthy, Bennett D — 1SG (Ret)
  McCarty, Mark — Enlisted as 11B in 1976. Stationed at Schofield with A 1/19 from 1977 - 1980. Took part in deploym...More
  mccauley, joe
  Mccauley, Thomas m — worked with the 64th fsb in the recovery section
  McCausland, Mark — I was with B Troop 1/10 Cav from Mar 1969 to May 1969. Started out on the grunt track and ended up ...More
  Mcclain, John J — Retired Army Veteran of 21 year, MOS. 96B40/74B40 1998-2001 SLD, US Delegation to NATO 1996-1998 ...More
  Mcclelland, Willard M
  Mcclenic, Tara M — My husband's unit is B Co. 2-8 IN 4th ID
  Mcclinton, Jared T
  Mccloud Iv, Robert L — PMOS - 88M4P SMOS - 54B4P Current Duty Position - Truckmaster
  Mcclung, Michelle L
  Mccomas, Eric w — was a forward observer (fister) Everyone called me big MAC!
  Mccombie, Paul
  Mcconnell, Tad T — Retired 88M40, Transportation/Operations/Training NCO. Obtained a BS in Criminal Justice Administrat...More
  Mcconnell, Terrence L — I served with the 4th Division Artillery from 66 to 67 in Vietnam, at Camp Enari. Radio Section 05C...More
  Mccord, Timothy L
  Mccormack, Ken — Married,before Vietnam, and, somehow, still to the same Lady. Two sons, Professional Auctioneer livi...More
  Mccoy, Patrick A — Tank Commander 3rd Platoon B Troop 2/1 Cav 4th Inf Div Viet Nam 1969
  Mccoy, Ray D
  Mccracken, Frank D — Fort Dix Basic Training D52 United States Army Intelligence School 525 MI Group 4th MID 4th Infa...More
  Mccrane, John e
  Mccrory, Scotty E
  Mccue, Donald r — b/3/12th viet nam
  Mccullar, Samantha J
  Mcdaniel, Mark C
  Mcdarmont, James D
  Mcdavid, Robert L
  Mcdermott, Ralph R — I was with B co. 1/8 4th Div. from end of may 68 to sept 68 then was grunt in C co. 1/8, 3rd plt ...More
  Mcdonald, Jay
  Mcdonald, Roland
  Mcelyea, Kenneth
  Mcewan, Lance H — US Army for 20 years. I've been stationed in Italy, Ft. Carson, Wiesbaden, Germany, Ft Campbell, Ro...More
  Mcewen, Dean
  Mcfadden, Shawn A — Was an aircraft refuel handler with HHC 2-3 Aviation Regiment, and later transfered to HHC 3-3 Aviat...More
  Mcfarlan, Joseph C — Just a Soldier/Father/husband trying to make a difference.
  mcfarland, james
  Mcfarling, Jonathan B
  Mcfee Jr., Douglas T — A Co. 34th Sig Bn.- Ludwigsburgh Germany 1/81 to 7/82 (E1-E4). HHB 4th DIVARTY Ft. Carson CO - Jul...More
  McGarvey, Daniel
  Mcgee, Jason P
  Mcgee, Matt
  Mcgee, Matthew J — Chapel Activities Specialist from Jul 79 - Jul 83 with HHC, 2d Bde, 1st ID, Ft Riley, HHC, 1st Bde, ...More
  McGiboney, Allen
  Mcginnis, Ricky L
  Mcgovern, Charles j — Was with c. co.2/8th inf.fromAug. - Nov. 1970 in An Khe.I was a rifleman. I am currently serving in ...More
  Mcgovern, Timothy P
  mcgowan, arthur
  mcgowan, arthur
  Mcgowan, Robert w
  Mchugh, Theodore T
  McInteer, Eric M — As you can plainly see, I am a horse's ass.
  Mcintosh, David M — US Army, 4th Inf Div, 1966-1968; US Army Depot, Cam Ranh, l968; Idaho Army National Guard, 1976-19...More
  Mcintyre, Daniel — 104th MI Motor Pool
  Mckasson, Patrick E
  Mckay, David G
  Mckee, Brett A — Alpha Troop 15th Cav. Alpha Co. 1/72nd Armor Delta Co. 3/68th Armor
  Mckee, Charles L — Sgn to HHC/Co A 1/8 INFas Scout Section Sgt at FLW in Aug 65. Deployed to RVN as part of the "boat ...More
  McKim, Robert D — Joined MO National Guard in 1992. Completed BCT NOV 1992 at Ft. Jackson, SC. AIT was at Ft. Lee, V...More
  Mckinney, Carlos L
  Mckinsey, Michael p
  Mckinzie, Johnny m — started out plt.334 , 13th mt. grunt with twenty seventh marines,hotel and foxtrot co.thentr...More
  Mckune, Clyde V — Clerk in Hq 4th Inf Div
  Mclaughlin, John R — C Co 3/67 AR 2nd AD, redesignated in 95 to 4thID(94-97). Mco and Ltrp 3/3 ACR Ft Carson, Co (97-01)....More
  Mclaughlin, Richard E — Radio Mechanic. Inf Squad Leader. Wire Team Chief.
  Mclaurin, Ray — Was in HHT S-4 and S-2
  Mcleish, Nathan — trained as a 62B in Fort Leonardwood, MO Premanent station was Fort Hood, TX Assigned to 204th FS...More
  Mclendon, Mike S — Charlie Troop 1/10 Cav, Ft Carson, Colorado, Schofield Barracks Hawaii 2 tours 1/35 Cacti, Ft Bennin...More
  Mclinden, Christopher M
  Mcmahan, Robert V
  Mcmickens, Latoya
  Mcmillan, Gary N — I served with A co. 1/22 inf 4th Inf Div as a rifleman from may 1969-April 1970 I deployed to Afg...More
  Mcmullen, Theodore P
  Mcnealy, Lawrence A — Combat Support CoRadar section
  Mcnellis, Don — Bco. 124th SIG. Bn. 2nd.Plt.
  Mcnew, Robert P — Regular Army 1982-1985 1st Bn 12th Inf. 4th Div. National Gaurd 1985-1988
  Mcpeak, Dennis R — Was with HHC 3/63 Armor (4.2 mortar platoon) 07 1971 to 12/1971 transferred back to Vietnam.
  Mcquay, Michael H
  Mcquitty, John T — Enlisted (Inf) Sep 1966 - Fort Ord, BCT - C/4/1, AIT - D/2/3///Ft Sill, OCS, Class 31-67///Ft Ord, B...More
  Mcvay, Paul
  McVicker Jr, Walter W
  McWhorter, Joshua
  Mead, Vince h
  Meade, Kelly
  Meade, Raymond
  Meadows, Holly A — I have a son that I'd like to keep in touch with
  Meadows, Jemal J
  Meadows, Jerry
  Meadows, Jerry
  Meadows, Joseph S — Prior Service Army 13B10, 11B10, Air Assault, A-R Qualified Prior Service U.S. Naval Re...More
  Mease, Michael w
  Meaux, Kevin J
  Mecca, Jim
  Medberry, Victor
  Medford, Benny M
  Media, Simon
  Medina, Alise
  Medina, Andres
  Medors, Ed
  Meehan, John — Prior Enlisted, Medical Field, Now Ordnance Officer.
  Meeker, Dell Ray D
  Meeks, Joe
  Meidl, Tina L
  Melendez, Victor J — serve in Viet-Nam in 1969 di not finish got wounded,lost left eye,got medical discharge in 1970.
  Meller, Joseph W
  Meloche, Ryan J
  Meloy, Neal
  Melton, Bob — navy dependent, my father was stationed in Iceland from july 1973 to july 1975.
  Melton, Robert
  Memorial, National D-Day — Hello and welcome to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia. If you have never visited the...More
  Mendez, Richard
  Mendez-Velazquez, Felipe
  Mendiola Jr., Florencio — Viet Nam Veteran. From June 1969 to June 1970. Served with The Big Red One the first three months in...More
  Mengini, Michael — 91 B 20 Medical Specialist Squad Medic for HHC 3D Bn 12th inf 4th inf div USARV Viet Nam 1969-1970...More
  Mercado, Luis D
  Merced, Frank J — Served in the US Army from 1972 - 1993. Units assigned to: 3/6 FA, 6/37 FA (three times), 1/27 FA, 1...More
  Merillat, Brian P — Proud 7 year U.S. Army veteran. Served as a mechanic, 63T, at Ft. Clayton Panama, Ft. Carson Colorad...More
  Meriwether, Walter — Viet Nam: 192 AHC, 69-70; 201st CAC, 72-73 1st Cav; 227th Avn & 228th Avn 4th Brigade 4th ID;
  Merkel, Jordan
  Merrell, Mike g
  Merrill, Kenneth
  Merritt, John
  Mesa, Jose
  MESA, Mark
  Mescha, Danny F — Worked in Awards & Decorations and in Casualties in Pleiku Vietnam from March 1967 to March 1968 dur...More
  Messer, Douglas
  metcalfe, robert
  Metz, Rick
  Meyen, Lance
  Meyer, Douglas
  Meyer, James w — I am Prior service US ARMY. was an E5 when I got out . stationed in Germany, Colorado, Alaska and Ke...More
  Meyer, Jason J
  Meyer, Jason J
  Meyer, John — Served with HHC 1st Bde, 10th Mtn Scouts 1-22 Inf, C Company 1-22 Inf Div Recon CSC 1/4 inf Scou...More
  Meyer, Lisa R
  Meyer, Michael — {2/8th infantry april 1985 to oct. 1986 bulldog lounge ft. carson co.} {3/38 inf. Echo company...More
  Meyer, Stephen — 4th Bde, 4th Inf Div (M), Wiesbaden Air Base, Germany. Platoon leader in C/2-22 Inf, XO/CO of Bde H...More
  Meyers , Michael A
  michaud, donald
  Michel, Brian — Basic and A.I.T Ft benning nov83-feb84. 2/36 Inf. Kirch-gons 84-86. 4/68 armor Ft Carson 86. 2/8 Inf...More
  Michel, Brian P
  Michel, Christopher P — Chris is the Founder of, the nation's largest military membership organization. Whi...More
  Michel, Christopher P — Chris is the Founder of, the nation's largest military membership organization. Whi...More
  Michnowski, Joseph P — Served in vietnam 1969 Co.A,2d Bn (Mechinize),8th Infrantry,4th div. came in from pleiku, but spent ...More
  Middleton, Bill M
  Middleton, Rick
  Middleton, William
  Migliozzi, Tom M — 2/69: Ft Benning GA, M60 tank Mechanic/ M88 Recovery Specialist. 32nd ADA- Germany, HQ VIP, Comma...More
  Migot, Charles e
  Mikus, Jeremy J
  Milam, George V
  Milback, Frank W — Vietnam June '69 to July '70, in 10 Cavalry, 4th Infantry Division, especially A Troop. Pleiku Cent...More
  Milburn, Jana d
  Miler, Kerry J — Know me, then you know already.
  Miles, Byron
  Miles, Kevin M
  Milks, Thomas W — 4 42 ARTY JUNE 67 TO JAN 69
  Milks, Thomas w
  Milks, Thomas W
  Miller, Bernadette L — Joined the Army in 1975 as a Radio Teletype Operator. Reenlisted in 1978 to change my MOS to 91G (Be...More
  Miller, Daniel
  Miller, Daniel
  Miller, Dennis K — Was with Co. C, 2/8th inf. 4th division (July1967 to Nov.1967. Short time, but alot of action then. ...More
  Miller, Don — Retired in 91, worked as a Pediatric nurse for several years. Moving on, was hired by DRS Technologi...More
  Miller, Gene — Viet Nam Vet with Bronze Star with V, CMB, College graduate and retired Stock Broker and Finacial Ad...More
  Miller, Jennifer
  Miller, Jerome
  Miller, John a
  Miller, Johnny C
  Miller, Kurtys
  Miller, Lewis G — Dec 1967-Dec 1968 With B Co 2/8 4th Inf. Div. In 4th platoon #53 track (The Worst Yet) and 1st Plato...More
  Miller, Michele H
  Miller, Raymond
  Miller, Roger E — Major, US Army Reserve
  Miller, Scott
  Miller, Shawn C
  Miller, Steve M — I was an E-4p when I ETS. My m.o.s. was 63B10H8 Light Wheel Mechanic/Recovery specalist. I spent 2 1...More
  Miller, Tracey l
  Miller, Ward M — Medic 335 Armor 1st Armor Bamberg Germany 1982-1984 4th Aviation Ft. Carson, CO 1984-1986 ...More
  Millington, Ronald O
  Millirons, Emitt Tex E — I was at Ankhe, Dak To, and Pleiku. I was known as Tex. I would like to hear from some of the g...More
  Mills, Brandy
  Mills, Charles
  Mills, Tim b
  Miltenberger, Dan — Entered Active duty 1977, spent 23 years, 4 months and 2 days after that. Stationed at Aberdeen PG,...More
  Milton, Mercury
  Mims, Rodney l
  Mingin, Geoffrey T
  Minor, Jonathan W
  Minton, Katie L — My uncle is in the 4th Infantry Division presently in Iraq and his son, my cousin, was on the USS Ni...More
  Miranda, Elvis M
  Miranda, Joe
  Miranda, Ron — G3 Plans
  Misch, Max B
  Mitchell, David L
  Mitchell, Edward E — Served in many positions in Maintenance and Logistics. Some of my most rewarding positions were as: ...More
  Mitchell, John W — Air Force brat who enlisted into the Army. Went to Artillery Officer Candidate School (Hall of Fame...More
  mitchell, morris
  Mitchell, Pat — company D 3rd battilion 8th infantry 4th infantry dibision. 11B20
  Mitchell, Tom
  Mitchell, Walter
  Mitchem, Timothy L
  Moats, Ricky
  Mock, Jeremiah J — HHB 3/29th FA (Oct 97-Jun 99) B Trp 9th Cavalry BRT (Jun 99-Nov 01) D Btry 319th AFAR (Dec 01-Jun ...More
  Mock, Rodney — 4th Platoon, Company A, 3/12 4th Inf Div from Aug 19, 1967 - Mar 20, 1968. Transferred to Company B...More
  Moericke, David J — A Co. 704th DSB, (Gator Nation) 2001 - 2004
  Moeschler, John — Retired
  Moffat, Randy L
  Moffitt, Ronald L — served in 3rd/12 4th infantry division echo co with both recon and 4-deuce mortars. also a short ti...More
  Mohon, Wes D — Assigned to 4ID straight from OSUT. Arrived at Ft. Hood in Feb 02. Assigned to 1-67 Armor and depl...More
  Mohr, Donald
  Molands, Michael
  Molano, Marc J — Im alive.
  Molina, Antonio s — retired staff sergent from the army. two boys recently divorced. just taking my life one minute at a...More
  Molina, Viviana — Well, my husband is in active duty with the 4th ID getting ready for his first deployment and will b...More
  Mon, Kenny
  Moncure, Henry T — Two time OIF vet (including OIF I) with tours in Korea, Honduras and Ft Hood doing jobs from Company...More
  Moneypenny, Robert L — Served with E. Co. 4th. eng/4th Inf. 1968-1969 Pleiku AVLB
  Monfort, Bob — Basic training at Ft. Lewis, Wash. AIT training at Ft. Leonardwood, MO. Jump school at Ft. Benning, ...More
  Monroe, Samettia
  Monroe, Samettia M — I was in the first Gulf War
  Monrreal, Jose Francisco — Sgt. E-5 Small Arms Repair (45B)
  Montague, Ronald A — Basic - Fort Benning 1/1968 - 3/1968 AIT - Fort Knox 3/1968 - 5/1968 L Troop 3/3 ACR 6/1968 - 5/19...More
  Montemayor, Martin O — 1/8th Infantry, HHC Company, Central Highlands, RVN CO C 2/34 ARMOR, Ft. Carson, CO
  Montez, Michael — I served in Korea July 1996- July 1997. Ft. Hood, TX 4ID 1-66 AR August 1997- February 2001. Ft. ...More
  Montgomery, Charlie — Enlisted E-1 - E4 in the 330th MP Bn later became 450th MP CO (Combat Support) USAR Sheffield, Alaba...More
  Montgomery, Harold
  Montgomery, James — I was with Cco 4th Engineer Battlion, 3rd BCT, 4th Infantry Division
  Montour, William
  Montoya, Damien M — I am curently serving in the 4th ID, 3-67thAR/CAB, A co. (m), in iraq "hounds of hell", ivy soldier ...More
  Moody, Edward L — I served with B Company 1/12th from September 1966 to September of 1967. My first CO was Cpt. Case,t...More
  Moomey, Mike
  Moon, Autumn
  Moon, Earl
  Moon, Richard C — 22 yrs active duty; 2 yrs Infantry; 3 yrs Calibration; 17 years Military Intelligence. CSM Ret. ...More
  Moon, Robert — Was with D Company.Can not find 3/12th any where.Have they been deactivated?
  Moon, Robert
  Mooney, Jerry R — Served 22 years combination Army and Navy. retired in 1982
  Moore, Daniel L
  Moore, Dee T
  Moore, Derek D — Bravo Company 124th Signal Battalion
  Moore, Donald W
  Moore, Edward
  Moore, James W
  Moore, Jerry W — My father server with H company, 1st Batt. 8th Inf Reg, 4th Inf duriong WWII. He was in the landing...More
  Moore, Kent
  Moore, Lacey — I served with 1/14 bravo company 1st squad in1969-1970 I was at the ambush at Chu PA I was squad lea...More
  Moore, Mary
  Moore, Michael W — MOS 31V: Basic and AIT at Ft. Sill. 4/61 ADA redesignated 1/3 ADA at Ft. Carson then 5/8 Inf Lee Ba...More
  Moore, Richard M — Armor crewman for 26 completing my enlistment as a 1SG
  Moore, Robert
  Moore, Robert T — A Co 1/72nd Armor C co 1/70th Armor, A co 2/77 Armor, A 2/68th Armor C 4/68th Armor, 4th Bde 91...More
  Moore, Robert C — CO of B Co 1st Bn 8th Inf during Feb - Jun 1968
  Moore, Stanley M
  Moore, Tj
  Moorhouse, Amanda L — The man you see in my profile picture is my daddy he served 20years AF B52 Gunner In Loving Memory ...More
  Moorman, Lawrence Wayne — Served in Vietnam, 4th Infantry Division 2nd 22nd from 12/1966 thru 12/1967
  Mootz, Eugene D — Deployed with the 3rd Brigade from Ft Lewis to Vietnam
  Mora, Shaun m
  Moraco, Sam
  Morales, Alex — Assigned to 1/22 IN BN from 1/00-06/04, Deployed to Iraq in support of OIF for 12 months. Reassigne...More
  Morales, Doroteo
  Morales, Doroteo
  Morales, Eduviques — Served with 4th MP CO at Dragon Mountain Base in the Central Highlands from July 1966 to August 1967...More
  Morales, Irv L — SP/5, Irv Morales UH1D crewchief, 67-68 Pleiku ,Co A, 4th Avn Bn, 4th Inf Div . Im looking for pic...More
  Morales, Richard — Retired with an Honorable Discharge from the United States Army after twenty-two years of active ser...More
  Moranski, David
  Morelli, Peter
  Morgan, Bill — Was in RVN 12/66 to 12/67...was with HHC 1st Bn 69th Armor Bn-4 months in base camp,then 8 months in...More
  Morgan, Dale S — Deployed to Iraq on April 6, 2003 Wounded in Taji, Iraq on February 18, 2004 Medically Discharged ...More
  Morgan, Daniel R
  Morgan, Herbert O — LTC US Army Retired.
  Morgan, Marshall L — Served in 1994-1998 with the 1st & 2nd Brigade ReconTroop also with the 1/66 Amor Battalion 4th Infi...More
  Morgan, Ronald E.
  Moritz, Kieth — Served in the 4th Army Band and "morale" boosting Folkgroup with a group of great guys and musician...More
  Morrell, Cliff J
  Morris, David L — I was a radar repairer in the 5th main support Bn.(Formerly and later the 709th Maint. Bn.) at Ft. L...More
  Morris, Gary A — Tank retriver operator (M-88) for B troop 1-10 Cav at An Khe 1970-71 Served on LZ Shuller and LZ A...More
  Morris, Joseph A
  Morris, Kraig
  Morris, Laurie A. — Maiden Name was Davis
  Morris, Richard
  Morrison, David B
  Morrison, David Todd
  Morrison, Luke E — Cavalry Scout, A Troop 1/10 CAV Deployed to Iraq in OIF 1 from March 03 to March 04
  Morrison, Matthew jm
  Morrison, Michael A — I was in A Co. 2/32 Armor from 11/82 until 5/86. What a wild ride it was! I was in the 4th Infantry ...More
  Morrison, Zechariah J — 366 day's in iraq 2nd bde RECON trp 4id
  Morrison Aka Dale H Stoudt, Bill — csc/4thbn/40th armor fort carson colorado, recon. scout ,got to love the 113...More
  Morrissey, Thomas W — Fire Support NCO (Co, Bn, & Regt); Observer/Controller Trainer; Bn Operations Sergeant; Batter...More
  Morrongiello, Joseph
  Morrow, Gary W — VietNam 69-70, 4th Infantry
  Morse, Caleb S
  Mortell, Dennis — 704th Maint. Batt. Ft. Carson, Colorado 1975-1978
  Mortensen, John
  Morton, Anthony J. — 1968-69 4Th. Infantry Division/ 2/8 Inf. Mechanized 4.2 Motar Platoon
  Morvee, William
  Mosher, Joshua
  Moss, Curtis
  Mostar, Gini a
  Mott, Melissa
  Motter, Robert A — I was in Lima Co Wpns Plt 0341 section
  Mountain, Darel p — 10 MARCH 1985- RECRUIT JUN 1985 - OCTOBER 1986 - FORT CARSON NOVEMBER 1986 - JUNE 1989 - PANAM...More
  Mouser, Thomas
  Mouton, Donzell
  Moyer, Jacob
  Mrokowski, Dennis R
  Mrozik, Don
  Mueller, Peter J
  Mueller, Peter J.
  Muhammad, Ahmad AR — Currently serving with 3/504 PIR-1 BDE-82 ABN DIV
  Muilenburg, Michael R — Currently a Drill Sergeant at Fort Knox Ky teaching Civilians to become 19D's
  Muir, Gene — Service in Viet Nam 1968-69 Attached to the 4th. Infantry Division at Camp Enari north of Pleiku sp...More
  Mulkey, Chad J
  Mullen, Bob
  Mullins, Bill
  Mullins, Gerald
  Mullins, John
  Mullins, Roger T — OIF deployed to iraq wtih B Trp 1-10 CAV 4th platoon platoon leaders tank as a driver then a gunner
  Mulnix, Martin L — Hey all, I started in Nov 89 in the reserves in the 6th ID in Cedar rapids Ia, on Nov 27 90 I went ...More
  Muncy, Melissa
  Munk, Nicholas S — Served in the Army from 1987 to 2000. Infantry the whole time. Hoowah!!
  Munoz, Robert E — Ft. Carson Ft. Eustis SHAPE, Belgium
  Munson, Douglas G — CO A 4th Engineer Battalion, 4th Infantry Division 1966-1967 PLIEKU KONTUM DAKTO PLEI MIE TUY HOA IA...More
  Muntz, Ken
  Murphey, Patrick R
  Murphy, Harry R — C co. 2nd ENG. BN. 2ND ID. from 86 to 87.B co 1/10 INF.BN. 4ID FT Carson,CO. from 87 to 89. 484th C&...More
  Murphy, James
  Murphy, Robert
  Murray, John
  Murray, Patrick J
  Murrietta, Oscar
  Musick, Phyllis E — I am the mother of a soldier in HHC 4th ID stationed out of Ft Carson COLORADO, and HHT 3 ACR statio...More
  Musser, Robert B — I was a medic in the 4th medical Battalion
  Myers, Andrew V — 2 years at Fort Carson, Colorado B Company 1 -12th Infantry.
  Myers, Conner R — There are two accounts listed for me! This is the correct and current account! Dates of Service; ...More
  myers, David w
  Myers, Fred m — Arrived in Vietnam in January 1968, during the Tet Offensive. Was assigned to Company A., 4th Inf. D...More
  Myers, Greg
  Myers, Larry A — Career Soldier. Served in the Infantry, Aviation, Administration and Personnel. Retired as a Serge...More
  myers, ralph D

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