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  D, C — 37F2P. LEO.
  D'ambrosio, Robert
  D'E, William T — Worked in PIO for Divison newspaper, Ivy Leaf. Also worked on staff as an aide to General Stone wher...More
  Dabeck, Lawrence M — 1-66 Armor, 4ID 2000-2002 1-10 CAV, 4ID, 2002-2004, OIF 1 4-11 FA, 172 SBCT 2004-2006, OIF 3 2-8 FA,...More
  Daehn, Maria — "Bless those on land and sea and air Who fight for freedom here and there Send special blessings f...More
  Dahl, Erik D
  Daigle, Raymond
  Daley, Anthony
  Daley, Edmund J — 4th Inf Div 124th Sig Bn, Co. C, Worked Signal Hill, and up on Dragon Mtn. 1/3/69--1/1/70. Came ba...More
  Dalziel, Jeffrey
  Dang, Loc
  Dang Sr, Ramon M
  daniels, earl
  Daniels, George
  Daniels, George T. — Veit Nam vet, looking for friends, in 1/12inf. when colors were sent home. also looking for ncoa cla...More
  Daniels, Hubert
  Daniels, Jessica
  Daniels, Joshua — d 2/254 basic/infantry school hhc 1/67 ar 4th id 11c
  Daniels, Pat m — served with 1/502nd 101st arbrne in vietnam in phu bai at camp evans and with 4th inf div at camp ra...More
  Daniels, Walter
  Daniels, William
  Darden, Tina — I am the proud daughter of a Vietnam Vet. I am here trying to help my dad find some buddies from Nam
  Darden-King, Carisa A
  Darling, Jesse
  Daszewski, Jeff
  Daugherty, Milton (Mike)
  Daughtry, Jerry
  Daumiller, Robert L — Retired attorney
  Davenport, Don
  davidson, bill
  Davidson, Charles e — i was in csc. 1/12 driving & firing new tow section anti-tank went to germany with whole battalion 7...More
  Davidson, Chuck F.
  Davidson, Clemmie E
  Davidson, Tom
  Davila, George
  Davis, Anthony j
  Davis, Ash A
  Davis, Ashley M
  Davis, Bryan W — Still Writing It - Few More Years To Go
  Davis, David L — Basic at Ft. Benning Oct.-Dec. 66. A.I.T. at Ft. Ord Dec.-Feb. 66. Ft. Benning, class...More
  Davis, Donald J — E Company 4th Aviation Regiment, 4 Aviation Brigade, Ft Carson, CO
  Davis, Eric R
  Davis, Gaylord
  davis, geoffrey
  Davis, John(Jack)
  Davis, Lakeisha
  Davis, Lance X
  Davis, Lashawn A
  Davis, Paul L
  Davis, Randall
  Davis, Robert M — supply clerk at ft. riley 1977-78 supply in hawaii 1978-79,, military intell ft carson 1984-86,
  Davis, Sean — EPLRS section and squad leader. Service in Iraq.
  Davis, Shawn C — I'm in Mn. a single dad who enjoys a variety of things from sports, music, movies, nature among othe...More
  Davis, Thomas R
  Davis, Van
  Davison, Donald D
  Dawson, Jeff
  Dawson, Larry — I served with the 4th MP Company 4th Infranty Division at Pleiku from October 1968 until November 25...More
  De Fabio, Louis or Luke
  De Koning, Olaf
  De Lauro, Frank
  De Los Reyes, Arturo V
  De Ment, Ronald W
  De Pew, Terry L — USAF:1971-75. US ARMY SIGCORP 1978-82. USAR: 1991-PRESENT (365 ECB (H), SCRANTON. TROOP C 9TH CAVAL...More
  Dean, Aaron R.
  Dean, Gregory T — Born in Alliance Ohio. now living in Kentucky M1A1 Master Gunners School May 1995
  Dean, Herb A — I was drafted in September 66 and did basic at Ft Bliss, AIT at Ft Sill and stationed at Ft Benning....More
  Deans, Kendall L
  Deaton, Kate
  Deblanc, Katyuscka C
  Deboer, Nathan
  Deborde, Bryce
  Deborde, Bryce A — 4th and 8th Infantry Divisions
  Decker, Gregory J — I served first in Korea with the 2nd Inf. Div. on the DMZ in the first part of 1968. Then I was tra...More
  Decuzzi, Joseph T. — Army '69-'71. Panama Jungle training-Jungle Expert-ultimate assign. Viet Nam. Nam-10/69-10/70-Rif...More
  Degon, Ronald
  Dehkhoda, Erik — Had a good time, did a little traveling, learned a few languages, can't complain. Those days at Cars...More
  Dekle, Donald G — Served in A btry, 4/3 FA. Veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm when VII Corp was deployed...More
  Del, Noel C — OIF 1, OIF 04-06, Law Enforcement Mission on Ft Hood, TX.
  Del Valle-Echevarria, Maritza
  Delaney, Mark
  Delano Jr, Charles W
  Delarouge, Robert E
  Delgado, Robert J — Served with the 2nd Battalion 20th Field Artillery (MLRS) from 2000 to 2004 currently serving with ...More
  Delgado, Robert j
  Dell, Vincent B
  Dellapenta, Emilio (Buddy)
  Dellinger, Larry W — Did my basic and AIT @ Ft.Benning in July of 1985. Born and raised in Hickory,NC. Served in 4th infa...More
  Delpilar, Samuel
  Demitchell, Vic J — Proudly served 1Bn 35th Inf 4th Div Dec 67 - Dec 68
  Dempsey, Earl
  Denkhaus, Henry
  Dennig, John — Served with A Co, 4th Div Avn from Nov 68 to Nov 69. Was shot down just south of Kontum on Mar 22nd ...More
  Dennis, Maria E — Spouse of a scout
  Dente, Paul
  Dentremont, Gary A
  Depew, Doug — I was in Heilbronn C 2/4INF (tower rat) from 86-88 and Ft. Carson B 1/8 from 88-90 and I was recalle...More
  Deppe, John A
  Derenzy, Todd J — Back living in my hometown of Central Lake, Michigan. Living on 35 acres in our dream home with my ...More
  derry, patricia
  Desbiens, Dennis Dez A
  Desir, Edzer
  Deskin, Ralph
  Desormeau, John L — In Vietnam with the 2/12 Inf Jan 67-Jun67 then 25th Div MATs Jun67- Jan 68 Back in Nam Jun69 with 2...More
  Detjen, Kenneth
  Deusa, Michael G
  Dever, Larry L. — Co.B, 1st Bn. 12th Inf. 4th Inf. Div. (3-1) (Chieftains) USARPAC
  Devereaux, Thomas J — Just enlisted into the 913
  Devoe, Cleo
  Devors, Richard
  Dewees, Alison W — We just got posted at Fort Hood
  Dewitt, Brett
  Dewitt, Brett l — 19D10P4 in 1st platoon till 1980 then put in HQ platoon till ETS.
  Deyoung, Marie E — Army Chaplain. Former AG officer. OCS class 5-83. Presently a minister. Author. My most rece...More
  Deyoung, Ted — Retired WO was Motor Sgt at that time spent 3 straight years with Co C looking for Henry W. Little ...More
  Dial, Michael J
  Dias Sr, Frank J — Served as an NCO in the Berlin Brigade, 6th Infantry Regiments during the Vietnam War Era. 11B attac...More
  Diaz, Cesar
  Diaz, Daniel
  Diaz, Erick — 1976- FT. KNOX, KY A-3-1, 1977- FT. BLISS, TX F Trp & H Co 2/3 ACR, 1979-AYERS KASERNE...More
  Dibble, James R — As a wise old 18 year-old, I served with Company C, 2/8th Infantry (Mechanized) from May 1970 thru M...More
  Dibler, David
  Dickens, Brandon
  Dickerson, Conrad Frank
  Dickerson, James a
  Dickert, John
  Dickson, Richard E — Recurring stage 4 colon cancer survivor. Completed extensive chemotherapy 2012 and 2015. Retired Arm...More
  dierkhising, daniel
  Dietrich, David P — AIT at Ft. Gordon - Dial/Manual Central office repair (36H) 39 weeks of fun stuff.
  Dilger, James B
  Dillard, Ricardo
  Dimmett, Rw
  Dimock, Brian K — I was stationed with HHC 2/8 Infantry from 1988 - 1990. Then went to HHC 2/35 Armor after 2/8 disban...More
  Dingfelder, George
  Dingfield, Leslie O — I was in the ARMY in 1967-69 and I was in, B Co. 2nd of the 35th, 4th infantry division. In Vietnam...More
  Dishroon, Andy C — i have none. i'm a military supporter and a family member of a active duty soldier.
  Dison, Ronald E
  Dixon, Gregory
  Dixon, Gregory S — Loved being a Scout in the military. Some of my greatest memories are from the military. Things th...More
  Dixon, Iva
  Do, Tri C — Enlistment Date 04-23-1998.MOS 12-B Ranger Qualified.Basic Training-Fort Leonardwood MO.AIT-Fort Leo...More
  Dodd, Raymond
  Dodd, Robert E — J-3 Ops/Watch chief during Operation Provide Hope, Somalia
  Dodson, Gregory G — I served with:B Co. 1/8 Inf., HHC 3rd Bat. 4th I.D., D Co. 5/20 Inf., Co. G 143 Rangers Looking t...More
  Doerfler, Chris E
  Doft, Aaron L — USMCJROTC Cibola HS 1997-1999. USAJROTC New Mexico Military Institute HS 1999-2001 West Point 2001...More
  Dolan, Jim — Leader of Aerial Surveillance Drone Unit, Aerial Surveillance Platoon, 4th Aviation Company, 4th ...More
  Dolin, Todd R
  Dolin, Todd R
  Domingo, Arturo P — Hq Co 327th Abn Battle Grp Hq Co Spt Cmd Security NCO ADA Plt Sgt 1SG
  Domingo, Arturo P — US Army Retired 1st Sgt E8 Parachutis Senior Jumper Tours in Veit Nam 1967-69&1971-72
  Dominguez, James f — served with 4th infantry viet nam central highlands 1967 1968, artillery
  Donahey, Ron L — Was a platoon medic for A-co. 2/8th on original tour 1966-1967. Our platoon was the first to receive...More
  Donez, R — F Co. 4th Engr. Bn. Wiesbaden Air Base 1977-1979 USA reserves to 1982 (briefly attached to The 98th ...More
  Donez, R. — F Co. 4th Engr. Bn. Wiesbaden Air Base 1977-1979 USA reserves to 1982 (briefly attached to The 98th...More
  Donnellon, Brianne M — I was at Ft Carson from May 2000-Oct 2003 in the 64th FSB. OEF, OIF
  Doolan, Sean
  Dooley, Shane P
  Doolittle, Michael D — A Company, 3 Bn 22 Inf, 3rd Brigade 4th Infantry Hq Co. 2Bn. 12th Inf, 3rd Brigade, 4th Inf later ...More
  Dopson, Steven
  Doria, Roderick C — Animal House 1/10 CAV. 2ND PLT. "WHITE 4" aka A24.
  Dorman, William C.
  Dorr, Michelle
  Dorsey, Marvin E — Marvin E. Dorsey Basic at Ft. Benning Ga., FtCarson Colorado, Mainz Germany. Ended up with forstbit...More
  Doty, Gary c
  Doubleday Sr, John e
  Dougherty, Gavin Doc
  Douglas, Edward
  Douglas, Frank g — desert storm/sheild
  Douglas, Jack
  Douthit, Jerry w
  Dovel, Jason A — HHC 1/66 AR BN Mortar Platoon.
  Dover, Mike — served with B company,2/8, 4th Inf Div 1966/67 Staff Sergeant Squad leader then Platoon Sergeant. re...More
  Dovers, Arty l
  Dow, Greg A — Kosovo (Rapid Guardian), Hoenfels (twice in two months), Iraq (16months). 97E/B FTX Cadre at the sc...More
  Dowdell, John M.
  Dowell, Samuel b — 1986 to 1987, then 1989 to 1991
  Dowling, Duncan B
  Downey, Harold
  Downey, Steven
  Doyle, Brian R
  Doyle, Ivan R — Fmr military intelligence analyst Studying politics and economics
  Doyle, Jonathan B — I joined the Army in Jan 1980 as a Combat Engineer MOS 12B. I attended Basic Combat Training (BCT) a...More
  Doyle, Mike T — served with c co. 2nd. 8th. (mech) 4th.div. from october 1969 to october 1970 first as rifleman and ...More
  Dozard, Corey A
  Drahn, Darrell
  Drain, Jim
  Drakeley, Douglas A
  Draughan, Terry L
  Dreith, Brian
  Drengsen, Charissa
  Drew, Fred
  Dreyer, Randy J. — US ARMY Entered Active Duty: 04/1975 MOS: 63H, Automotive Mechanic Duty Locations: Ft.LeonardWoo...More
  Drish, Matthew — Joines reserves at 17 graduated high school and then joined active duty 3/66 armor 4th Infantry divi...More
  Drumm, Anthony
  Drysdale, Armon A — AFROTC Cadet 4th Class @ AFROTC Det. 010 The Univ of Alabama.
  Du Breuil, Danny M — Served in HHT Redeye section. Awarded Gold medal 1977 Iron Horse Week High Team w/SP4 Larry Crane. H...More
  Dubich, Jake — Served in RSVN with the 3rd Battalion, 4th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division out of Plieku from July'...More
  Duca, Sean M
  Duda-Kunicki, Carol R. — My dad just passed away and he left behind so many medals of honor ...he wouldn't ever talk about it...More
  Duffey, Cliff r
  Duffey, David W — I was in the 72nd engineer co. 197th Inf. Bgd. And later on in the 3rd AD 23rd Engineer Bn D co. Aft...More
  Dufour, Casey
  Dufrane, Jeffrey W — Entered Army at Ft Jackson SC in Feb 1976. Appointed to W01 in Nov 1985 Assigned as the MAIT team...More
  Duhachek, Sebastian
  Dulka, A — Served in Vietnam from 1969 - 1970 near Pleiku; Served under General Weloch III. I then served in Wo...More
  Duncan, Enroy — Well i have been a soldier for the past three years in Jamaica an it has been good so far.
  duncan, frank
  Duncan, James G. — I enjoyed my military experience and was proud to serve my country in the Vietnam war as a front-lin...More
  Dunehoo, Steve — Co. E 1/14th 4th Infantry Division Vietnam 1970.
  Dunehoo, Steven R — (1) NCO Candidate, 80th Co. The Cand. Bde. USAIS, Ft. Benning, GA., Class 7-70 11C40, Jan 1970 to Ap...More
  Dunham, James
  Dunham-Bailey, Carrie M
  dunker, robert
  Dunphy, Tom
  Duperon, Luis A
  Duperon, Luis
  duplant, richard
  Duran, Lisa R
  Durivage, Paul M
  Durrett Sr., Ricky L. — Joined the Service in 1974 and conducted Basic and AIT at Ft. Knox, KY... Stationed at Fort Carson,...More
  Dustin, Kenneth F
  Dutcher, Justin l
  Duval, Roy W. — 17C Forward Observer, 95B Military Police, 95C Military Corrections, 11B
  Duvall, Ed
  Dvorak, Christi A
  Dwyer, Michael R
  dye, mark a
  Dyer, Floyd M
  Dyer, Francis R — I was stationed at Camp Howze ,122nd Sig. Bn. CO. A , supply clerk, ( Driver ) and driver for the 1s...More
  Dyers, James
  Dykstra, Ron J — I am an Army of One ;) Active Duty 82-88 National Guard 88-01 Army Reserve 01-Present

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