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  D, C — 37F2P. LEO.
  D'ambrosio, Robert
  D'E, William T — Worked in PIO for Divison newspaper, Ivy Leaf. Also worked on staff as an aide to General Stone wher...More
  Dabeck, Lawrence M — 1-66 Armor, 4ID 2000-2002 1-10 CAV, 4ID, 2002-2004, OIF 1 4-11 FA, 172 SBCT 2004-2006, OIF 3 2-8 FA,...More
  Daehn, Maria — "Bless those on land and sea and air Who fight for freedom here and there Send special blessings f...More
  Dahl, Erik D
  Daigle, Raymond
  Daley, Anthony
  Daley, Edmund J — 4th Inf Div 124th Sig Bn, Co. C, Worked Signal Hill, and up on Dragon Mtn. 1/3/69--1/1/70. Came ba...More
  Dalziel, Jeffrey
  Dang, Loc
  Dang Sr, Ramon M
  daniels, earl
  Daniels, George
  Daniels, George T. — Veit Nam vet, looking for friends, in 1/12inf. when colors were sent home. also looking for ncoa cla...More
  Daniels, Hubert
  Daniels, Jessica
  Daniels, Joshua — d 2/254 basic/infantry school hhc 1/67 ar 4th id 11c
  Daniels, Pat m — served with 1/502nd 101st arbrne in vietnam in phu bai at camp evans and with 4th inf div at camp ra...More
  Daniels, Walter
  Daniels, William
  Darden, Tina — I am the proud daughter of a Vietnam Vet. I am here trying to help my dad find some buddies from Nam
  Darden-King, Carisa A
  Darling, Jesse
  Daszewski, Jeff
  Daugherty, Milton (Mike)
  Daughtry, Jerry
  Daumiller, Robert L — Retired attorney
  Davenport, Don
  davidson, bill
  Davidson, Charles e — i was in csc. 1/12 driving & firing new tow section anti-tank went to germany with whole battalion 7...More
  Davidson, Chuck F.
  Davidson, Clemmie E
  Davidson, Tom
  Davila, George
  Davis, Anthony j
  Davis, Ash A
  Davis, Ashley M
  Davis, Bryan W — Still Writing It - Few More Years To Go
  Davis, David L — Basic at Ft. Benning Oct.-Dec. 66. A.I.T. at Ft. Ord Dec.-Feb. 66. Ft. Benning, class...More
  Davis, Donald J — E Company 4th Aviation Regiment, 4 Aviation Brigade, Ft Carson, CO
  Davis, Eric R
  Davis, Gaylord
  davis, geoffrey
  Davis, John(Jack)
  Davis, Lakeisha
  Davis, Lance X
  Davis, Lashawn A
  Davis, Paul L
  Davis, Randall
  Davis, Robert M — supply clerk at ft. riley 1977-78 supply in hawaii 1978-79,, military intell ft carson 1984-86,
  Davis, Sean — EPLRS section and squad leader. Service in Iraq.
  Davis, Shawn C — I'm in Mn. a single dad who enjoys a variety of things from sports, music, movies, nature among othe...More
  Davis, Thomas R
  Davis, Van
  Davison, Donald D
  Dawson, Jeff
  Dawson, Larry — I served with the 4th MP Company 4th Infranty Division at Pleiku from October 1968 until November 25...More
  Day, Timothy W — Scout Platoon 1st Bn 8th Infantry Regiment
  De Fabio, Louis or Luke
  De Koning, Olaf
  De Lauro, Frank
  De Los Reyes, Arturo V
  De Ment, Ronald W
  De Pew, Terry L — USAF:1971-75. US ARMY SIGCORP 1978-82. USAR: 1991-PRESENT (365 ECB (H), SCRANTON. TROOP C 9TH CAVAL...More
  Dean, Aaron R.
  Dean, Gregory T — Born in Alliance Ohio. now living in Kentucky M1A1 Master Gunners School May 1995
  Dean, Herb A — I was drafted in September 66 and did basic at Ft Bliss, AIT at Ft Sill and stationed at Ft Benning....More
  Deans, Kendall L
  Deaton, Kate
  Deblanc, Katyuscka C
  Deboer, Nathan
  Deborde, Bryce
  Deborde, Bryce A — 4th and 8th Infantry Divisions
  Decker, Gregory J — I served first in Korea with the 2nd Inf. Div. on the DMZ in the first part of 1968. Then I was tra...More
  Decuzzi, Joseph T. — Army '69-'71. Panama Jungle training-Jungle Expert-ultimate assign. Viet Nam. Nam-10/69-10/70-Rif...More
  Degon, Ronald
  Dehkhoda, Erik — Had a good time, did a little traveling, learned a few languages, can't complain. Those days at Cars...More
  Dekle, Donald G — Served in A btry, 4/3 FA. Veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm when VII Corp was deployed...More
  Del, Noel C — OIF 1, OIF 04-06, Law Enforcement Mission on Ft Hood, TX.
  Del Valle-Echevarria, Maritza
  Delaney, Mark
  Delano Jr, Charles W
  Delarouge, Robert E
  Delgado, Robert J — Served with the 2nd Battalion 20th Field Artillery (MLRS) from 2000 to 2004 currently serving with ...More
  Delgado, Robert j
  Dell, Vincent B
  Dellapenta, Emilio (Buddy)
  Dellinger, Larry W — Did my basic and AIT @ Ft.Benning in July of 1985. Born and raised in Hickory,NC. Served in 4th infa...More
  Delpilar, Samuel
  Demitchell, Vic J — Proudly served 1Bn 35th Inf 4th Div Dec 67 - Dec 68
  Dempsey, Earl
  Denkhaus, Henry
  Dennig, John — Served with A Co, 4th Div Avn from Nov 68 to Nov 69. Was shot down just south of Kontum on Mar 22nd ...More
  Dennis, Maria E — Spouse of a scout
  Dente, Paul
  Dentremont, Gary A
  Depew, Doug — I was in Heilbronn C 2/4INF (tower rat) from 86-88 and Ft. Carson B 1/8 from 88-90 and I was recalle...More
  Deppe, John A
  Derenzy, Todd J — Back living in my hometown of Central Lake, Michigan. Living on 35 acres in our dream home with my ...More
  derry, patricia
  Desbiens, Dennis Dez A
  Desir, Edzer
  Deskin, Ralph
  Desormeau, John L — In Vietnam with the 2/12 Inf Jan 67-Jun67 then 25th Div MATs Jun67- Jan 68 Back in Nam Jun69 with 2...More
  Detjen, Kenneth
  Deusa, Michael G
  Dever, Larry L. — Co.B, 1st Bn. 12th Inf. 4th Inf. Div. (3-1) (Chieftains) USARPAC
  Devereaux, Thomas J — Just enlisted into the 913
  Devoe, Cleo
  Devors, Richard
  Dewees, Alison W — We just got posted at Fort Hood
  Dewitt, Brett
  Dewitt, Brett l — 19D10P4 in 1st platoon till 1980 then put in HQ platoon till ETS.
  Deyoung, Marie E — Army Chaplain. Former AG officer. OCS class 5-83. Presently a minister. Author. My most rece...More
  Deyoung, Ted — Retired WO was Motor Sgt at that time spent 3 straight years with Co C looking for Henry W. Little ...More
  Dial, Michael J
  Dias Sr, Frank J — Served as an NCO in the Berlin Brigade, 6th Infantry Regiments during the Vietnam War Era. 11B attac...More
  Diaz, Cesar
  Diaz, Daniel
  Diaz, Erick — 1976- FT. KNOX, KY A-3-1, 1977- FT. BLISS, TX F Trp & H Co 2/3 ACR, 1979-AYERS KASERNE...More
  Dibble, James R — As a wise old 18 year-old, I served with Company C, 2/8th Infantry (Mechanized) from May 1970 thru M...More
  Dibler, David
  Dickens, Brandon
  Dickerson, Conrad Frank
  Dickerson, James a
  Dickert, John
  Dickson, Richard E — Recurring stage 4 colon cancer survivor. Completed extensive chemotherapy 2012 and 2015. Retired Arm...More
  dierkhising, daniel
  Dietrich, David P — AIT at Ft. Gordon - Dial/Manual Central office repair (36H) 39 weeks of fun stuff.
  Dilger, James B
  Dillard, Ricardo
  Dimmett, Rw
  Dimock, Brian K — I was stationed with HHC 2/8 Infantry from 1988 - 1990. Then went to HHC 2/35 Armor after 2/8 disban...More
  Dingfelder, George
  Dingfield, Leslie O — I was in the ARMY in 1967-69 and I was in, B Co. 2nd of the 35th, 4th infantry division. In Vietnam...More
  DiSanto, James R
  Dishroon, Andy C — i have none. i'm a military supporter and a family member of a active duty soldier.
  Dison, Ronald E
  Dixon, Gregory
  Dixon, Gregory S — Loved being a Scout in the military. Some of my greatest memories are from the military. Things th...More
  Dixon, Iva
  Do, Tri C — Enlistment Date 04-23-1998.MOS 12-B Ranger Qualified.Basic Training-Fort Leonardwood MO.AIT-Fort Leo...More
  Dodd, Raymond
  Dodd, Robert E — J-3 Ops/Watch chief during Operation Provide Hope, Somalia
  Dodson, Gregory G — I served with:B Co. 1/8 Inf., HHC 3rd Bat. 4th I.D., D Co. 5/20 Inf., Co. G 143 Rangers Looking t...More
  Doerfler, Chris E
  Doft, Aaron L — USMCJROTC Cibola HS 1997-1999. USAJROTC New Mexico Military Institute HS 1999-2001 West Point 2001...More
  Dolan, Jim — Leader of Aerial Surveillance Drone Unit, Aerial Surveillance Platoon, 4th Aviation Company, 4th ...More
  Dolin, Todd R
  Dolin, Todd R
  Domingo, Arturo P — Hq Co 327th Abn Battle Grp Hq Co Spt Cmd Security NCO ADA Plt Sgt 1SG
  Domingo, Arturo P — US Army Retired 1st Sgt E8 Parachutis Senior Jumper Tours in Veit Nam 1967-69&1971-72
  Dominguez, James f — served with 4th infantry viet nam central highlands 1967 1968, artillery
  Donahey, Ron L — Was a platoon medic for A-co. 2/8th on original tour 1966-1967. Our platoon was the first to receive...More
  Donez, R — F Co. 4th Engr. Bn. Wiesbaden Air Base 1977-1979 USA reserves to 1982 (briefly attached to The 98th ...More
  Donez, R. — F Co. 4th Engr. Bn. Wiesbaden Air Base 1977-1979 USA reserves to 1982 (briefly attached to The 98th...More
  Donnellon, Brianne M — I was at Ft Carson from May 2000-Oct 2003 in the 64th FSB. OEF, OIF
  Doolan, Sean
  Dooley, Shane P
  Doolittle, Michael D — A Company, 3 Bn 22 Inf, 3rd Brigade 4th Infantry Hq Co. 2Bn. 12th Inf, 3rd Brigade, 4th Inf later ...More
  Dopson, Steven
  Doria, Roderick C — Animal House 1/10 CAV. 2ND PLT. "WHITE 4" aka A24.
  Dorman, William C.
  Dorr, Michelle
  Dorsey, Marvin E — Marvin E. Dorsey Basic at Ft. Benning Ga., FtCarson Colorado, Mainz Germany. Ended up with forstbit...More
  Doty, Gary c
  Doubleday Sr, John e
  Dougherty, Gavin Doc
  Douglas, Edward
  Douglas, Frank g — desert storm/sheild
  Douglas, Jack
  Douthit, Jerry w
  Dovel, Jason A — HHC 1/66 AR BN Mortar Platoon.
  Dover, Mike — served with B company,2/8, 4th Inf Div 1966/67 Staff Sergeant Squad leader then Platoon Sergeant. re...More
  Dovers, Arty l
  Dow, Greg A — Kosovo (Rapid Guardian), Hoenfels (twice in two months), Iraq (16months). 97E/B FTX Cadre at the sc...More
  Dowdell, John M.
  Dowell, Samuel b — 1986 to 1987, then 1989 to 1991
  Dowling, Duncan B
  Downey, Harold
  Downey, Steven
  Doyle, Brian R
  Doyle, Ivan R — Fmr military intelligence analyst Studying politics and economics
  Doyle, Jonathan B — I joined the Army in Jan 1980 as a Combat Engineer MOS 12B. I attended Basic Combat Training (BCT) a...More
  Doyle, Mike T — served with c co. 2nd. 8th. (mech) 4th.div. from october 1969 to october 1970 first as rifleman and ...More
  Dozard, Corey A
  Drahn, Darrell
  Drain, Jim
  Drakeley, Douglas A
  Draughan, Terry L
  Dreith, Brian
  Drengsen, Charissa
  Drew, Fred
  Dreyer, Randy J. — US ARMY Entered Active Duty: 04/1975 MOS: 63H, Automotive Mechanic Duty Locations: Ft.LeonardWoo...More
  Drish, Matthew — Joines reserves at 17 graduated high school and then joined active duty 3/66 armor 4th Infantry divi...More
  Drumm, Anthony
  Drysdale, Armon A — AFROTC Cadet 4th Class @ AFROTC Det. 010 The Univ of Alabama.
  Du Breuil, Danny M — Served in HHT Redeye section. Awarded Gold medal 1977 Iron Horse Week High Team w/SP4 Larry Crane. H...More
  Dubich, Jake — Served in RSVN with the 3rd Battalion, 4th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division out of Plieku from July'...More
  Duca, Sean M
  Duda-Kunicki, Carol R. — My dad just passed away and he left behind so many medals of honor ...he wouldn't ever talk about it...More
  Duffey, Cliff r
  Duffey, David W — I was in the 72nd engineer co. 197th Inf. Bgd. And later on in the 3rd AD 23rd Engineer Bn D co. Aft...More
  Dufour, Casey
  Dufrane, Jeffrey W — Entered Army at Ft Jackson SC in Feb 1976. Appointed to W01 in Nov 1985 Assigned as the MAIT team...More
  Duhachek, Sebastian
  Dulka, A — Served in Vietnam from 1969 - 1970 near Pleiku; Served under General Weloch III. I then served in Wo...More
  Duncan, Enroy — Well i have been a soldier for the past three years in Jamaica an it has been good so far.
  duncan, frank
  Duncan, James G. — I enjoyed my military experience and was proud to serve my country in the Vietnam war as a front-lin...More
  Dunehoo, Steve — Co. E 1/14th 4th Infantry Division Vietnam 1970.
  Dunehoo, Steven R — (1) NCO Candidate, 80th Co. The Cand. Bde. USAIS, Ft. Benning, GA., Class 7-70 11C40, Jan 1970 to Ap...More
  Dunham, James
  Dunham-Bailey, Carrie M
  dunker, robert
  Dunphy, Tom
  Duperon, Luis A
  Duperon, Luis
  duplant, richard
  Duran, Lisa R
  Durivage, Paul M
  Durrett Sr., Ricky L. — Joined the Service in 1974 and conducted Basic and AIT at Ft. Knox, KY... Stationed at Fort Carson,...More
  Dustin, Kenneth F
  Dutcher, Justin l
  Duval, Roy W. — 17C Forward Observer, 95B Military Police, 95C Military Corrections, 11B
  Duvall, Ed
  Dvorak, Christi A
  Dwyer, Michael R
  dye, mark a
  Dyer, Floyd M
  Dyer, Francis R — I was stationed at Camp Howze ,122nd Sig. Bn. CO. A , supply clerk, ( Driver ) and driver for the 1s...More
  Dyers, James
  Dykstra, Ron J — I am an Army of One ;) Active Duty 82-88 National Guard 88-01 Army Reserve 01-Present

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