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  s, G — Confidential
  S, J J — OIF veteran, 11B. line dog in the 32nd ID, was attached to the 278th RCT for OIF. then attached to 1...More
  S, J L
  S, Mark
  S, W — ex-recon. former op-for: was taught a wide variety of skills and involved in a number of training pr...More
  S., Alfred
  S., Jiri
  S., Sonia — I am the wife of a man who is in the Army currently in Baghdad, Iraq he's in the 3rd Infantry Unit ....More
  Sachs, Howard
  Sachs, Marcus H
  Sackville, James N
  Sadler, Gordon B
  Sadler, Gordon B
  Saewert, Willis
  Sage, Marsha
  Sahar, Liron
  Salinas, Fidencio Bruce
  Salinas, Fidencio A — Was assigned to B. Co. 3/41st Inf (Mech), at Ft. Hood. TX 2nd AD, also D Co. 1/64 AR 3rd ID, D Co. 1...More
  Salinas, Fidencio Bruce A — As a Veteran of the U.S. Army been assigned to Germany, Korea, ft. Devens, Ft. Hood, Tx. My DIV are:...More
  Salminen, Dick
  Salmons, Michael R — stationed at Ft. Stewart GA . tour in kuwait (operation desert thunder)
  Salvatierra Ii, Tony J — Was in 1/6 Infantry in Vilseck, Germany, later the 2/2 Infantry 10th Mtn Division, 2/87 Infantry ...More
  Salvo, Joann
  Sampietro, Rebecca L
  Sample, Paul J — US Army 11/80-11/84, 11B... B/6/1 (Inf OSUT)... 42nd Company (BAC)... B/1/508th Abn Inf, 82nd Abn D...More
  Samter, Theodore A — Motor Seargent HHC, 6th/40Th Armor
  Samuel, Ben
  Samuels, Shawn — I was medically retired in 2002. Currently married with 3 kids living outside of Fort Stewart.
  San Nicolas, Patrick J
  Sanchez, Jose R — Joined the Il National guard in 1988,transfer to the Army Reserve in 1991 got out in 1996.Came back ...More
  Sandlin, Matthew H
  Sandoval, Harold J — While on Active Duty from 1998-2001 I was a 19K Armor Crewman. I then joined the LAARNG in support o...More
  Sands, Rex A — Det D, 1st MIBARS Nov 68 - Nov 69, 667th MI Det in Ak, Advisor to MACV teams 3 Hua and 155 in Quang ...More
  Santa Cruz, Neal
  Santana, Manny I — I served in the Armed Forces from DEC 81 to DEC 2002 at which time i retired and moved to South Flor...More
  Santiago, Carlos M
  Santiago, Miguel
  Santore, James O
  Sapp, Gregory E — I am a disabled U.S. ARMY Veteran with eight years of active duty service as a Logistics Specialist....More
  Saren, Jeffrey — Delta Company 3/7 infantry was disbanded in 1999 and the remaining soldiers were transfered to Charl...More
  Sargent, Mark s — supply and transportation,tdy schweinfurt, company in wurzburg germany Finance specialist at Pres...More
  Satterfield, Terry
  Saundry Jr, Richard W — I've been in MS since 89, CA was getting too expensive. I've been married twice; my 2nd wife Donna a...More
  Sauri, Lester
  Savage, Charles M. — Hating life in the ALOC!
  Savage, Charles M
  Savage, Jed B. — I was with 1/64 Armor (Harvey) from Nov. 78 until May 81. I was then with 1/73 at Ft. Irwin From Ju...More
  Savage, Zolen s
  Savitz, Harold D
  Savoy, Kris
  Sawyer, Ernest w — in 3 years field artillery
  Sawyer, Noel R — Prior service USMC with H&SCo, 2dTkBn, 2dMarDiv from 88-92 with deployment to Desert Shield/Desert S...More
  Sayer, Bret — Served as a 63Hm5 with the 602nd maintenance company Fort Hood TX and with B company 1st Foward Supp...More
  Saylor, Barry
  Scales, Craig A — i served in Kitzigen,Germany CoB 1st/15th Audy Murphy platoon. i cannot remember whether it was 1st...More
  scannell, bill
  Scarborough, Charles
  Scarbrow, Lazlow
  Schafer, Brian P — Basic Training @ Ft. Benning, GA from 1990-1991 Assigned to B Co 1/6 Inf, 3rd ID in Vilseck, Germ...More
  Scheuch, Kris M
  Schieber, Robert
  Schimpf, Edward J — Assigned to C Battery, 3/76 FA, from 1972 to 1974. Initially designated to commo squad for approxim...More
  Schipper, Justin L — Born in Seattle, WA. Moved to Michigan when I was four. Joined the Army at 17 and now I am in colleg...More
  Schirtzinger, Sara
  Schlehuber, Matthew C — I have been in the Army since 21MAY98. I have deployed to Albania during Operation Allied Force, som...More
  Schlenkert, James P
  Schliep, Scott E — Retired Major 1976-1078 Phy Scty Officer/Plt Ldr, B-3/71 ADA, Nike Hercules Missile battery, GrossS...More
  Schlom, Gary — I was stationed in Aschaffenburg E co 1/7 3rd ID. I was 11HE9 tow gunner on a M901.
  Schlotterer, Michael j
  Schmidt, Eric
  Schmidt, Jim e — ABN 11H, 11B, 95B40. USAEUR / USAFE GLO 1980 1983 FOL III NORTHAG
  Schmitt, Michael T
  Schneider, George T
  Schneider, Jeff m
  Schneider, Kurt A — Mortarman
  Schoenbach, Frank — 399th Army Band-Fort Leonard Wood 1974-1976, 1980-1986, 3d Infantry Division Band 1977-1980..ETS'd 1...More
  Schofield, Daniel
  Schondebare, Michael S
  Schramm, Albert
  Schrank, Ben J
  Schreiber, Ryan j
  Schroyer, Don
  Schuler, Dave — I was a 63E, M1 Abrams tank mechanic. I was stationed in 3ID 3-64 Armor, Conn Barracks, Schweinfu...More
  schuler, randall
  Schulke, David R. —
  Schultz, Levi R
  Schultz, Mitchel B
  Schultz, Nick J — Arrived in Worms Jan 1966. 1st Platoon. Trf to Hq Plt as company clerk. Moved from Worms to Baumh...More
  Schumacher, Bill
  Schumacher, Craig A — Was with Aco. 8/101 avn. regt. during the gulf war. I was a 68J10 "armament dog" on AH-1s. Went by ...More
  Schumacher, Kevin
  Schwartz, Martin
  Schweizer, James C.
  Schwieger, Herb — 2/70 Armor, Erlangen GE 2/64 Armor, Schweinfurt GE
  Schwindler, Paul H — I served with CSC 2/30 Scouts and was the Co. Commander (Cpt. Julia) driver from 1982-1983, Then wen...More
  Schwindler, Paul
  Scott, Amber — I joined the army may 13, 2003 for active duty. I joined as Amber Romel and then was married later t...More
  Scott, Belva — was knowned by Missy (Ashby) joined army in 1976 discharged 1978 married 1978, divorced 1991 2 ki...More
  Scott, Crystal N — Father was in this unit...
  Scott, Gordon — served in the 1/10 located in Schweinfurt, Germany. Looking for old friends.
  Scott, James
  Scott, James H — I was the adjutant's admin clerk for Battalion Headquarters for 5th Battalion, 41st Field Artillery ...More
  Scott, James C.
  Scott, Katlyn — Trying to find friends of my dad. His name was Darell Leigh Burris. He was stationed in Germany and ...More
  Scott, Leanna M — I am 5 feet 2 inches tall, brown skin, desired short hair, hazel eyes. I was station at Fort Benning...More
  Scott, Marvin — I entered the Army in June 1963 after basic at Ft. Knox and ait at Ft. Gordon.I spent time in German...More
  Scott, Marvin E — HQ/HQ 1ST BN/7TH INF.3RD INF.DIV.63-65."C" CO. 2/23 INF. 2ND INF.DIV.[KOREA]66.FT.BENNING,GA...More
  Scott, Stuart R
  Scovel, Michael T
  Scroggins, Edward A
  Scruggs, Solomon N
  Seals, Travis D — Currently serving with the 1/10 field artillery. Took part in Operations Iraqi Freedom 1 and 3.
  Searles, George
  Sears, Donald D
  Seay, James L — National Guard member who is attached to the 3rd ID pending Iraqi deployment.
  Sebzda, Jack
  See, David E
  Seidell, Brett J
  Seiderman, Guy
  Seiderman, Guy
  Seidl, Kevin — I served as Platoon Leader in B CO 1-37 Armor 1987. B CO XO 1988. Support Platoon Leader HHC 1-37 Ar...More
  Seim, Robert
  Self, M M — Proud wife of an Active Duty Soldier. Conisdering joining the military family myself. I'm currently ...More
  Self, Michelle M
  Seligman, Scott — RATT went by nickname Slick Friends list, Roomates, : Rodney Walker ...More
  Sellars Jr., Carl W — 42 y/o DAV served in GaARNG for 5yrs.with HHC 2/121st (M) INF 48th BDE 24ID. Then I was stationed w...More
  Sellers, Dwayne
  Sellitto, Kevin A — I am currently serving in Baghdad, Iraq with the 4-64 Armour 3 ID. Proud American soldier. I have...More
  Sellner, Ronald P. — Fort Dix, NJ. B/43 Feb-Apr 1976 Fort Sam Houston TX. Medical Training - MOS 91B10 Apr-June 19...More
  Semmens, Carrie
  Senecal, Kevin
  Senese, Alvin C
  Senter, Kevin M
  Senter, Kevin M — fought with the mighty 3rd Infantry Division with C 1-7 IN while stationed in Aschaffenburg, W. Germ...More
  Servantes, Michael — Staff Sergeant USAR, Retired Logistics NCO 92A30.
  Sessions, Anthony
  Sevcik, Joseph
  Severance, Mark
  Sevick, Frank J — Joined the Army 10/61 and remained until 04/70. Served 1st Battle. Gp, 15th Inf., Company B, 3rd In...More
  Sevigny, Erik
  Sevilla, Charles l — retired, employed at cerritos college.
  Sewell, Michael — 1998-2003 OIF Jan.2003- July 2003
  Sewell Iii, Stephen
  Sexton, Tammy S
  Shaffer, David W — I grew up as an Army Brat for 18 years, then I joined the Army, when I got in it felt like I was bac...More
  Shank, Robert d — used to be 1st of the dime then went to b battery 5/41 schweinfurt germany b battery 1/84 ft. lewis...More
  Shanks, Ralph — father fought with this div. trying to locate his buddies. served in italy france and africa
  shannon, fred — gary owen ctrp 3/7cav schweinfurt germany 75-77
  Shannon, Shawn — 1st bn 7th inf reg-medical specialist
  Sharp, Daniel e — basic training & ait
  Sharp, Dwain C — I joined the military at the age of 17. I joined the Texas National Gaurd (49th Armored Division, Cc...More
  Sharp, Larry K
  Sharp, Roger
  Sharpe, Alexander M — Platoon Leader / Asst. S-4 2-7 IN, 24th ID / 3 ID 1994 - 1996; Company Executive Officer 1-503 IN, 2...More
  Sharpe, Danny L
  Shatunoff, Antony
  Shaw, Robert P
  Shawlinski, Robin — Fort Eustis, VA 1990-1992 USARSO, Panama 1992-1995 Fort Benning, 3rd/3rd ID 1995-1998
  Shea, Thomas
  Shearer, Clarence
  Sheedy, Aaron T
  Sheets, Timothy E — infantry, europe a co 4/1 inf 12th group SF (A) 85th div,9th ID
  Shegog, Christopher E — been in the service since OCT. 1990 went to BT in FT. LEANORDWOOD,MO. AND AIT. DUTY STATIONS: GERM...More
  Sheldon, Leslie E — 541st Eng., 549th Eng. Battlion, 5th Corps, 76-79, "MOTENGATORS", Schwetzingen FRG., Mobile Assault...More
  Shelton, Charles
  Shelton, Clay R — An arduous journey with no recognition for effort or loyalty. No recognition for sacrifices or for ...More
  Shelton, Donald
  Shelton, James A — Basic and Advance Inf. Fort Ord, Camp Kaiser with the 2nd and 3rd Co.D in 1962-1963 , Fort Hood wit...More
  Shelton, Les V — Stationed Giebelstadt 1985-1987. Was tech supply sergeant and production control NCO. Assigned to ...More
  Shepard, Carl
  Shepard, Makita
  Shepard, Tiesha k
  Sheperd, Charles K — I went through basic at Ft. Benning in 1989 and graduated as an 11H. After basic I was stationed in...More
  Shepherd, Sean M
  Sheppard, Bret
  Shereyk, Adam A
  Sherren, Colleen M — I have a beautiful little girl, Alisha, I am recently divorced and living in Springfield VA
  Shi, Ye C — I have the Combat Infantry Badge, Airborne and Air Assault Wings
  Shibley, Larry j
  Shields, Daniel B — Served with HHC 1/503rd IN Camp Casey Korea (93-94); HHC 2/325 AIR Ft Bragg NC (94-97); HHC 3/4 ADAR...More
  Shields, James
  Shields, Johnny w
  Shillcutt, Donald
  Shiller, Kevin J — D/1-37 AR - Platoon Leader and Company XO HHC/1-64 AR - S3 Air and Battalion Unit Movement Officer ...More
  Shilling, Ssg
  Shirley, Darryl L — 1984-1986 US ARMY Reserves; 1987-1990 GERMANY-8TH ID; 1991-1996 FT. STEWART-24ID/3RD ID; 1997-2...More
  Shockley, Walter K — Served in Mannheim in Hqs, and Headquarters company
  Shoemake, Derrick W. — I served 22 yrs in the armor field. I made the 99 MSG promotion list. I soon retired after this acc...More
  Shoopman, Denny K — Enter Army in June 1961, Retired June 1988 as Command Sergeant Major. Served in Aviation units, two...More
  Shope, David L — Was in the CSC 3/6th and CSC 5/502 mortar plt from 1984-84.Am currently security guard for REI DC in...More
  Showers Jr, James J
  Shrader, Basil
  Shriner, James E — 6/1983-6/1985 ~ SILENT DEATH!!!!! 3RD INFINTRY DIVISION. CHARLIE CO. 2/64 ARMOR-CONN BARRACKS, SCHWE...More
  Shuff, Dean — Basic Training Ft Leonard Wood, MO. AIT Ft Knox, KY. C Btry 3/7 ADA Bamberg, GE. C Co. 5/32 Armor Ft...More
  Shulda, Edward J — Served in US Army From 11/62- 5/69 and then from 8/71-6/85 served in the 3rd Inf Div Marne Scouts (...More
  Shumiloff, Peter
  Sibley, Jessie E — I was in HHC 1st Brig 3rd Inf Div. from Nov 1971 to Dec 1974. I worked in the motor pool as a 63F20...More
  Sicks, Harold
  Sideleau, Dave
  Sieger, Joshua
  Siler, Daniel L
  Sillman, Frank a — Inf team Leader, Infantry Squad leader, INF Section Sgt, Bradley Master Gunner, Bradley Master Gunne...More
  Silva, John w — Joined the Army in 1995. Kosovo and Iraq war veteran. Married with two children.
  Silver, David
  Silvers, Jonathan B — Marine Corps Recurit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina 3rd BN, "I" Co., PLT 3073 summer 2000. Sc...More
  Silvey, Jeff
  Simmons, James D — Sgt James D Simmons, HHC 4/7th Inf Germany/Desert Storm 86-92
  Simmons, Timothy — Aco, some of the best years of my life!!! Cock of da Rock!!!
  Simms, Okey M — Simms Okey M SFC/PLT>SGT E-7 Retired
  Simon, Douglas J — I served in 3/67 ADA from 1984 thru 1987 Charlie Battry 3rd platoon 2nd sqaud. I now live in Joplin,...More
  Simon, Hans-juergen
  Simone, Scott — Russian 98G stationed with A Company, 103rd MI in Wuerzburg, Germany from 1987-1989 where I frequent...More
  Simonsen, Eric P — Retired U.S. Army currently serving as a Department of the Army Civilian at Ft Bragg, NC.
  Simpson, Berg E
  Simpson, James J
  Simpson, Richard C
  Simpson, Ronald W — I was a member of the 590th PSC (which fell under the 125th ARCOM) in Louisville, Kentucky from June...More
  Sims, Donna
  Sims, Jeffrey a
  Sims, Michael
  Sims, Michael
  Sims, Neil D — Member: 1st Bn. 18th Inf. Member: 1st Bn. 8th Inf. Member : 1st Bn 23rd Inf. Member: 1st Bn. 30th In...More
  Sindar, James — i enlisted in 1974 spent 3 years at wsmr new mexico . reenlisted went to germany 1977 to 1980 was in...More
  sindar, james
  Singleton, David A
  Sinke, Tony — 19D10; 3-64AR - 3rd ID; Schweinfurt, FRG; 1987-1989;
  Sinn, Fred
  Sinwelski, David P — infantryman
  Sitter, Jeremy
  Skaggs, John C — Drafted June 21st, 1972, 71H30, Personel Records Specialist Leighton Barracks, Wurzburg, Germany 72-...More
  Skakun, Anastasia
  Skelton, James
  Skelton, Mitch — My name is Mitch Skelton and I was assigned to the 1st 15th Infantry at Harvey Barracks in Kitzengen...More
  Skiles, Christopher
  Skinner, Robert R — During my time in the Army I've been involved with Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm, Operation ...More
  Skinner, Robert E
  Skinner, Robert R — Recently retired from Active duty and currently working as a Deputy Sheriff for Arapahoe County Sher...More
  Skur, Joe t
  Slamin, Bruce John — Joined Army in '78. Transferred from Combat Arms to MI in 1982. German/Russsian linguist '83-91 in G...More
  Slate, Dax A
  Slaughter, Chandrea
  Sloboda, Kiel H
  Slocumb Jr, Raymond C — Asof March 2010 I have joined the GEORGIA STATE DEFENCE FORCE. I am assigned to 911 supcom and I ...More
  Sluder, Larry M
  Smallwood, Darrell
  Smith, Adam — My unit was C co 2/69 Armor and then HHC 2/69 Armor when I PCSd back from Korea
  Smith, Andre D — Ft Benning Sand Hill B co 1/7 Infantry Aschaffenburg, W.Germany PCT Southern Germany Desert Storm...More
  Smith, Anthony J
  Smith, Bill
  Smith, Blake L
  Smith, Brad
  Smith, Brandy
  Smith, Bridget M — To know me is to love me
  Smith, Craig C
  Smith, Daniel D
  Smith, Dave
  Smith, David S
  Smith, David E — Served with 4-66AR ,3rd ID ,Germany ,D co. Served with 1-67AR , 2nd AD ,Ft. Hood,Tx, C co.
  Smith, Earl C — Enlisted 6 years on active duty (1st Bde, 9ID; HHB 210th FA Bde during Desert Storm; 40th En Bn, 1AD...More
  Smith, Edward j
  smith, edward
  Smith, George F — CO, Co A, 1st Bn (Airmobile), 5th Cav 1969-70 CO, 2nd Bn (Mech), 34th Inf, 1980-83 CO, 2nd Bde, 2n...More
  smith, greg
  Smith, Hank
  Smith, Harold
  Smith, James
  Smith, Jean S
  Smith, Jeffery M
  Smith, John
  Smith, Karl D — Dtrp 2/1 cav 2 AD
  Smith, Leah D
  Smith, Lee E
  Smith, Lisa
  Smith, Lorne
  Smith, Mark A
  Smith, Mark a
  Smith, Matt J — GSE Platoon Leader in D company, 703rd Main Support Battalion. Active duty 3JAN01. 2 NTC rotations...More
  Smith, Michael
  Smith, Michael — US ARMY 1998-2000 2003-2004 PA National Guard 2000-2003 Operation Desert Fox (Kuwait) Germany
  Smith, Nathan E
  Smith, Pam — Just an ordinary woman in an ordinary town, trying to an extraordinary thanks needed!
  Smith, Paris J
  smith, paris
  Smith, Patrick K — Jonesville,SC
  Smith, Richard — During the years with3ID I was in DIVARTY at Leighton BRKS in Wuerzburg Germany I worked in the moto...More
  Smith, Richard L
  Smith, Rick
  Smith, Rickie
  Smith, Rosalynn
  Smith, Roy D
  Smith, Roy D
  Smith, Sarah
  Smith, Scott J — Just looking for some old friends... Seeing if they are still around
  Smith, Scott L — Joined Army In '87, out of AIT and Airborne school by '88 and ETS'd '92. Did Basic/ AIT @ Ft. Bennin...More
  Smith, Stephen J
  Smith, Thomas M
  Smith, Thomas W — I worked in Army food service until retiring after 20 years of service, I returned to Ohio then aft...More
  Smith, Wilbur
  Smith, William J — I was a soildermedic in C co. 307th. My name is William J Smith, I was a Sargent/E-5, I went to Airb...More
  Smith, Zakary M
  Smith , Eric E
  Smothers, Michael R — Worked in the 82charlie field and was stationed in West Germany from 1978 till 1981. This work inclu...More
  Smothers, Russell.Dennis D — Finally retired and now live on the river & mountain property I purchased to escape the city life. S...More
  Smrekar, Bill
  Snead Ii, Kenneth F
  Snell, Nakia
  Snipes, Christopher E — I joined the Army at 32 because I was tired of sitting by and not doing my part for this great count...More
  Snow, Arthur F — HHC and Alpha Company 2-64 Armor.
  Snow, Robert M
  Snowden, Norwood — Born on a farm near Savannah Mo, Graduated Univ of Mo, BS Engineering, served as commander of the C...More
  Snyder, Brian L — 55th Signal Company NBC NCO
  Snyder, Fred H — 2nd AD / 3rd ID changeover in 1995 at Ft Hood, Texas
  Snyder, Jim N
  Snyder, Michael L
  Snyder, Stephen — Retired after 20+ years of service. Served with: A and HQ 6-32 Armor, Ft. Carson; C 3-69, Asc...More
  Snyder, Steve — Enlisted 1979 - Tank Crewman, A Co 6-32 AR, Fort Carson - 1980-81 -- Tank Plt Ldr, C Co HOBOS 3-69 ...More
  Soderquist, Ronnie W — 10-year veteran of Army. Served 8 years in Europe.
  Solano, Carmel
  Solarino jr., Kenneth J — Cav leads the way! Scouts Out!!
  Sommers, Ron — my step son was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer and is so far doing good on his chemo trea...More
  Sorbie, Andrew — C-company 2/15 Infantry-schweinfurt germany
  Sorrell, Michael
  Soto, Angel E
  Soto, Rafael — From: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Favorite Sport: Tae Kwon Do, Boxing Last Unit : HHC 1/34 AR Fort R...More
  Sottile, James Joe F — Cannon Crewman for Charlie Battery. SSG Collins was my gun chief. With 2/41 FA at Daley Barracks in...More
  Soucy, Robb
  Souders, Lori
  Sousa, Edward
  south, mark
  south, mark
  Soward, Robert M
  Soward, Robert M — Served with the 1/15th "Can Do" Battalion in Schweinfurt Germany. Deployed to the 1st Gulf War with...More
  Soward Sr., Robert M — OPFOR - Ft. Irwin, CA
  Sowden, Kenneth A — I was temporarily assigned to the 2nd Bn, 7th Inf. in "66", Aschaffenburg, Ger. while the tanks (M-6...More
  Space, Paul
  Spalding, Dave A — Stationed in Germany on active duty 1982-1990 as 11B, 12B, 12C, 12F, 19D, 54C with mainly 23rd Engr ...More
  Spanburg, David R — Enlisted in 1973 and was assigned to the 1/7th Inf, 3rd Inf. Div, Ashaffensburg, Germany as an 11B. ...More
  spangler, dreama
  Sparks, Joseph M — Served in Bco 5-73 Armor/ 1/10 Cavalry 194th armored brigade, Fort Knox, KY Jan, 1986 to August 19...More
  Speakman, Harvey D
  Speakman, Robert E — Served 28 years with Army, served as Company First Sergeant (TOP ) with A Company 1/505th Airborne, ...More
  Spears, John A
  Spears, Ricky G — Served with A Co then D co 2/9 from MAY00-JUL01 at Cp Casey
  Spears, Robert
  Spears, Thomas
  Speckman, Sammie R — I was in A CO. 10th EN from Aug 88-Aug 90, PCS'ed to 72nd EN CO. 197th INF BDE and went to Desert Sh...More
  Speegle, Gary r
  Speegle, Randolph
  Speener, James A — I spent most of my duty time working on the tank, and most of my off time, I was either in town maki...More
  Speer, Eugene D. — I was a SP5 in the 3rd AG Co from Jan 72 until Jun 73. Would like to hear from any others in 3rd I...More
  Speer, Mike e
  Spencer, Alex
  Spencer, Jason L — I'm a 25 yr old Combat Engineer stationed at Ft. Stewart GA. I served 15 months in Ramadi, Iraq fro...More
  Sperow, Donald
  Spier, Rick
  Spier, Rick l — Retired medic 1SG last duty station C Company, 172nd SB, Ft. Wainwright, AK. Other assignments inclu...More
  Spooner, Edward c
  Spoors, Sean L
  Sporay, Ralph
  Spradlin, Donald b — 4-64 armor aschaffenburg,germany,medical section 9th general dispensary aschaffenburg HHS 194th Ar...More
  Spratt, John P — Support Platoon, HHT 3/4 Cav Conn Barracks Schweinfurt, Germany
  Sprawling, Timothy E — I began my career in the Arkansas National Guard. I enlisted in the Army in 1985. My duty stations h...More
  Spray, Loren JD
  Sprayberry, Victor a.
  Sproul, Daniel H — Orion Internation - National Customer Service Manager Placing former military into civilian jobs. ...More
  Sprouse, Billy L — Ft. Benning, Ft. Bragg Germany, Operation Just Cause, Afghanistan 11B 3rd ID
  Spurlock, J W — 1-75 Rangers 88-89, 3-7 Infantry 89-93, 1-11 Aviation 93-97, PL 2-69 Armor 97-00, Commander B / 2-34...More
  Stach, Michael R — USMC 0311 1996-2000 USMCR 0311 2001-2006 USA 11B 2006-
  Stachewicz, Dennis — Served in Desert Storm with the 3rd ACR and completed two overseas tours with the 3ID in Schweinfurt...More
  Stackhouse, Russell j — I joined the military in 1976 served 161/2 years , i have been a drillsgt,ops sgt, asst bde ops sgt,...More
  Stadolnik, Peter J — Vietnam era veteran
  Stafki, Joseph — Medic with the 3rd Medical Bat. Company B North Aftica, Sicily, Italy, Anzio, Southern France. 4 ...More
  Stahl, William G — I am now a civilian but I served in the 2/4 Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division, Hq & Hq Co. Assault Gun...More
  Stahlhut, Kenneth ALLEN — I was a military policeman in white sands from 1985-1986. My dad was there as a MP in the 1960's. I ...More
  Stakes, Richard S — Heavy Weapons Infantry (11C) at Ft. Polk (81mm Mortar). Schweinfurt, C 2/30 from 1 Apr. 71 to 1 Ma...More
  Staley, David K — Married over 30 years, 2 children, 1 college graduate, and 1 in college now. Spent 21 years serving ...More
  Staley, William D
  Stallings, Steven — Active duty US Army 69-93 E-1 to CW3 Medic, Lab Tech, Physician Assistant 67th evac Pleiku 9th ID...More
  Stallone, Frank
  stallworh, connell
  Stambersky, Shannon — Currently a student at the Naval Postgraduate School in California. I completed deployments to Iraq ...More
  Stanfill, Paul — March or Die 526th Heavy TROPO Power Pac 6 DISCOM SIGO
  Stansbury, Bevan C
  Stanton, Patrick S — CSM Patrick S. Stanton
  Staples, Anthony D — I'm Medically Retired now. When I first joined the service, I trained to be a teletypewriter-repai...More
  Stark, Barry G — I was with Bravo Battery 3rd Bn 76th FA 3rd Infantry Division (Rock of the Marne) from November 1963...More
  Stark, Ted
  Starks, Jasmin
  Stauss, Brian A — Was in the Scout Platoon, 2/30 Infantry, Ledward Barracks in Schwienfurt, Germany. email at aldent...More
  Stauter, William D — 22 yr SFC who has been from Ft Knox , Ft Polk, Germany, Ft Hood a couple times, Recruiting, Ft Ord a...More
  Stavis, Bryan — I serve with B co 1-185 CAB inf
  Steach, Patricia
  Steade, Roderick H — Aug 84 - Dec 84 B Co.; 12th Mp Bn Ft McClellan, AL; Dec 84 - Jul 86 HHC 2AD(FWD) Garlstedt, FRG; Ju...More
  Stearns Jr, Robert L — F.I.S.T. 13 foxtrot
  Steele, Craig H — B Company 3rd Support Battalion, 3/64 SST, Schweinfurt, Germany; B Comapny 118th Support Battalion, ...More
  Steele, Curtis
  Steele, Michael — 1st Platoon,3rd Squad Asst. Squad leader
  Steele, Phillip L — B Co./1/15/3rd Inf Div 1973-1976 Wursburg Germany. Audie Murphy Company. 4th platoon (weapons platoo...More
  Steele jr., Roosevelt — RA / 1960-1963 basic / fort dix NJ. trained as turret artilery repairman at Aberdeen Proving g...More
  Steffler, Cory T
  Steinbach, Martin A
  Steiner, James J — Battalion QA/QC---(AKA DEADLINE DARREL) Battalion Service BABENHAUSEN, GERMANY
  steinhoff, joey
  Stenzel, Jason K — Entered service July 89, Stationed Ft. Riley B Co 4-37th AR 1st ID. Deployed Operations Desert Storm...More
  Stephens, Robert M — Entered US Army in 1964. Served in various units and commands until retirement in 1991. Reentered US...More
  Stephens, Robert M — Presently assigned to 25ID(L)&USArmyHawaii w/rank of Ph.D. Pers/Mob Officer
  Stephens, Sherman — CIB
  Stephens, Trinnon M
  Stephens Ii, Terry W
  Stevens, Jared P — 1993-1996 1-118IN (M) ARNG in Charleston, SC. 1996-2003 3-15IN (M) 3d ID 2002- Chatham Co., GA She...More
  Stevens, Jeremy A — My Grandfather was on the shannon during korea
  Stevens, Richard A — I was stationed with the 5-52 at Ft Stewart GA from 1983-84; until I got orders sending me to Harvey...More
  Stevens, Seth m
  Stewart, Adam w
  stewart, danny
  stewart, danny
  Stewart, Jason
  Stewart, Jerry e
  Stewart, Michael V
  Stewart, Wayne A
  Stewart, Wd — Joined the Army in 86. Basic trng at Ft. Knox Ky. Medic training at Ft. Sam Houston. Served in Germa...More
  Stickney, Robert
  Stickney, Robert
  Stietzel, Albert W — Tech Editor at Lakehurst NJ Naval Air Station.
  Stillie, David E
  Stillings Jr, Ronald — Born in Riverside, NJ surronded by streams and rivers. The love of transportation ( playing in the d...More
  Stock, Brian A — UH-1H Helicopter mechanic.1980-1989 AH-1F Attack Pilot. 1989-1995 UH-60 Pilot. 1995-2001
  Stokes, James f — 2 years active duty.37th div.
  Stokes, Layne
  Stokes, Michael P — 19K with ACo.2/64 Armor, Schweinfurt, Germany. Was a tank driver within HHC and 1st Plt. Served as t...More
  Stolley, Oliver
  Stollsteimer, Edward J
  Stone, Chris
  Stone, John W — Enlisted Aug 1990. A Co. 1/69 AR, 3rd ID, Kitzingen, Germany '90-'91; C 2/34 AR, 1st ID, Fort Rile...More
  Stone, Manny
  Stoneking , Donnie L
  Storm, Mason — MOS 11b- INFANTRY
  Stotts, Gregory m — Sp5 Gregory M. Stotts . Jan. 69 to Dec. 1971. I served with B troop 3rd of 17th Air Cav. 1st. Avia...More
  Stowers, Phillip
  Strachn, Tracy d
  Strachn, Tracy D — any members of Charlie Company, from G.W. 1, please contact me, would like to know how every one is ...More
  Strange, John
  Stratman, Lynn A
  Strausbaugh, Charles E — Retired Air Force Master Sergeant. Forward Air Controller (AFSC 27550/1C4x1). 2045 Comm Gp, Andrew...More
  Strayhorn, Mark A — Headquarters Company: 3rd ID 1/7 INF Aschafenberg: And Now after 15 years off, I have enlisted in th...More
  Street, Rodney — Just under 2 years at Fort Bragg, NC served with B Btry 1/39 FA (ABN). ETS'd to Kitzengin Germany No...More
  Streeter, John E
  Strehlke, Eric C
  Strenke, Don
  Strickland, James
  Strickland, Kelly
  Strickland, Patrick
  Strickland Jr., Danny R — JUst got out of the Army and move my family back to tennessee.
  Strickler, Chris — Arrived in A-Burg, Germany on a cold November Day - assigned to Delta 3/69 (D23). Unit changed color...More
  Stringham, J.s.
  Strobel, Mark a
  Strode, Charles e
  Stroehlein, Erik
  Strongman, Adam R
  Stroup, Glenn — AG Officer 27 years; 3rd Inf Div, 61st Artillery Group; Ag School; 513th INTC Gp, Grad School, Data ...More
  Struck, Tom
  Struffolino, Vincent A — Assigned to A troop 1/3rd ACR 3rd plt tank section
  Struffolino, Vincent A
  Strunk, Michael — College Vet looking for a job. Any takers?
  Stukes, Patricia A — Prior Army. Stationed in Germany 1984-986. Hindenburg Kasern 123rd Signal Battalion. 36c. How'd ...More
  Stumpf, Michele L
  Styx, Paul — I was stationed in GERMANY with the 3rd inf.div.
  Subastian, Scott
  Subers, Jim
  Sudac, Rick
  Summers, Kelly — I was with B-10-E Outlaws in Bad Kissingen and Schweinfurt.
  Sumpter, Robert
  Sunday, Sean — From the School of the Hard Knocks. Graduated from SGM Bob Gallegher's Academy on Feb 20, 2003 in t...More
  Sutherland, Delton A
  Sutton, John — Plank owner of 110th Militar Intelligence Battalion
  Sutton, John — Short version: US Army Enlisted 1981 - 1984 Korean Linguist ROTC Scholarship 1984 - 1987 USC Mil...More
  Sutton, Robert
  Svoboda Phd, William l — Veteran of the Gulf War and over 20 years of active duty service. Recevied a Doctorate in Philosophy...More
  Swain, Craig A
  Swaney, Anthony m
  Swanger, Larry A — I was a member of D Co. 4/7th Inf. Regiment 3rd Infantry Division when it was stationed in Aschaffen...More
  Swank Ii, William J
  Swanson, Timothy G — I served with the following units: 2/22 Inf. Wiesbaden (FRG) 1/10th Cav Ft. Carson 1/7th Inf Ash...More
  Sweda, Tara L — I'm an extremely proud Army wife!!!! My husband and I have been married for 15 years and met while w...More
  Sweeney, John F
  Sweeney, Larry Benjamin — I am CPL Sweeney. I am 25 Years old and served in the Army for 4 years. I returned from a 15 month t...More
  Sweeney, Robert
  Sweet, Joe TM — Served in the military from National Gaurd to Active Army to Reserve to Active Reserve to now Vetera...More
  Sweitzer, Judd R
  Swenie, Christian — vulcan gunner with A BTRY 3/3 ADA and A BTRY 2/5 ADA. TOW gunner with 4/325 and 3/325 AIR, 82d ABN D...More
  Swiger, Howard R — Served in Germany,Korea,Viet Nam, ROTC Instructor.,Recruiter Currently Building Services Manager a...More
  Swistara, Lloyd T
  Switalski, Michael
  Swords, Trevor
  Szewczyk , Krzysztof J

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