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  H, J A
  H, Lee M — I joined the army in April of 99. From there it was off to Korea, followed by a few years at Ft Huac...More
  H, S — A Co. 1/36th 1AD In Talafar(Tel Afar) Iraq until January 07.
  H, S R — Enlisted in 2000, BCT at Benning, Sand Hill(1/50). First duty station- 1AD 1/36 Infantry. Then trans...More
  H, W W — Joined in 2000 as 11b. First duty station was Friedburg with the 1AD until 2002 when I was transferr...More
  Haagensen, Ken
  Haas, R W
  Haase, Samantha A — Brother is in Scout Platoon, 4-64 Armor Regiment, Second Brigade
  Hackler, Thomas M — 20 year Plus, Retired 1SG 13Y50 2 tours Vietnam'' 11B 17 Years Infantry 11B,11C,11H, 11B4HL, Train...More
  Hackwith, David — 3rd Infantry Div Band
  Hadden, Mike E — @0 yrs (retired) Airborne Most of the time,, Got my Master Wings in 1968.. Served in These Units: 8...More
  Hadley, Jay J — I entered the delayed entry program in Oct 86, went to Basic Jan 87. Did Basic at Ft Dix, NJ. Comp...More
  Hager, Larry D. — During my 20.6 years in the Army I served and a 19D, Calvary Scout for 6 years. I reclassed to 25D,...More
  Hager, Larry D — I seved in Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom. Retired Army as of June...More
  Hahn, Bradley
  Haigh, James A. — Mechanic in SVC Battery 1/10 F.A.1981-1984, Mechanic in 4th Training Birgade, Ft. Lenardwood 1984-19...More
  hair, kenneth
  Hair III, William C
  hale, brent
  Hale, Bryan S
  Hale, Daniel J — Was a Medic in C Co 3RD FSB, Conn Barracks, Schweinfurt, West Germany. Then, Bn Aid Station NCOIC an...More
  Halford, Curtis C
  Halford, Kevin
  Hall, Donald
  Hall, Adam G
  Hall, Barry E — Served in the following units: HHC, 16th ENGR BN, B CO 16th(C)(M), ENGR BN-West Germany, HQ CO USAG-...More
  Hall, James L. — Platoon Sergeant of a 3-5 Platoon at Fort Hood Texas
  Hall, John
  Hall, Micah F — I enlisted in the Army in the DEP prgram in July of 2000, i shipped to Ft Knox KY for Tanker OSUT in...More
  Hall, Michael
  Hall, Scott d
  Hall, Stefanie — my maiden name was Hertlein
  Hall, Theresa A — I am a new Army wife.My husband Is currently at fort benning georgia for his BCT he will be done wi...More
  Hallauer, Evan d — I've been in the army for 1 year this month, and I'm currently assigned to 4-64 armor BN in the 3rd ...More
  Hallman, David — Retired in Oct 2002!!! Currently living in Venice, Florida with my wife Danielle and my daughter All...More
  Hallum, Mitch G
  Hallum, Mitch
  Haltom, Randall
  Hamby, Billy W — Joined the Army as a small arms repairer (45B) in 1989. Did tour in Germany 89-92with Bco 3rd FSB. R...More
  Hamilton, Alexander j — OIF 3 and 5
  Hamilton, David S — Lived a fairly interesting life, but haven't fulfilled my goals yet except building a house for myse...More
  Hamilton, Deanna L
  Hamilton, Rylie J
  Hamlin, Samuel T — operation desert fox, Bosnia sfor8, oif
  Hamm, Jason W — Served proudly with HHC medics "Robodoc" 1999 TO 2004
  Hamm, Jayci
  Hammell, Jackie
  Hammersky, David A — B Co 2/32 Armor
  Hammill, Charles C — After leaving Army I went back to Florida worked in phosphate mining again, and later as network en...More
  Hammond, Tyrone
  Hammonds, Eric — field artillary
  Hammons, Jack b — My name is Spc. Jack HammonsI was stationed at Kitizgen, Germany with E.Co 10th. engineers.
  Hammontree, Marvin
  Hamouz, Michael G — "C" company 1-37 armor, from 1990 to 1992. Operation Desert Shield/Storm from 12/90 to 6/91 Lookin...More
  Hampton, Billy
  Hampton, Irene
  Hampton, Ray L — Enlist in the KY National Guard Co C, 2BN, 123rd Armor 1969 - 1985. Left unit after Commanding for 2...More
  Handel, Counterfire.Radar M — Ft. Stewart, GA 3RD ID A BTRY 1/39th Field Artillery (MLRS)(TAB). Section chief on a Q-36 attached...More
  Haney, Donald A — I was in the Army from September 1990 to September 1993. I was enlisted and served at a 19D Cavalry...More
  Haney, Justin D
  Haney, Terry A
  Haney Iii, Donald A — Was in HHT 3/4 Cav in Schweinfurt, Germany from January 91 until I ETS in September of 93'. I am no...More
  Hanify, Doug — From Belle Fourche, SD, Assigned to A Co. 1st BN 30th IN 75-76, SP/4 MOS 11B, Infantry & Acquisit...More
  Hanks, Mike l — BCT Fort Dix, NJ nov-jan 89-90. C-1-26 Inf 3d BT bde. AIT Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md from jan 90...More
  Hannah, Charles W — Spent 10 1/2 years in Armor 19KH30, 4 years ar Ft Knox KY with 2/6 cav & 1/12 Cav, 3 years at Conn ...More
  Hannan, David M — Deployed with th 256th BCT to Iraq
  Hanscom, Warren A — MOS 63C20, SP/5, Stationed in Aschaffenburg, Germany 1966-1968, HHC, 1st. Bn., 7th. Infantry Cottonb...More
  Hansen, James C
  Hansen, Steve g
  Hanson, Jamie
  Hanson, John
  Hanson , Debbie L — I'm a blinded Navy Veteran who happens to be happily married to an Army Aviation recent Veteran. We...More
  hardesty, shirley
  Hardin, Darrell
  Hardy, Mark
  Hargis, Glenn S — Assignedto Bravo Company 4/7 (After it was redesignated from 1/4 Infantry(Warriors)Infantry 3rd ID ...More
  Hargis, Glenn S — Basic training Ft. Benning Ga., A 2/54 Inf. 11M school. Assigned to B 4/7 Infantry, 3rd Brigade, 3ID...More
  Hargrove, Ronald — looking for anyone who served in c-company 3/41,ironhorse during desert storm
  Harjo, Brian K
  Harlan, Chris
  harlow, john
  Harlow, Neal P — Littleton,Massachusetts 1971 to 1993 FT Jackson January 1993 to March 1993 FT Gordon March 1993 to A...More
  harm, john
  Harm, John A — Served in the 3rd battalion 64th armored from june 64 to jan 1967 as a tank crewman mostley a drive...More
  Harmon, Jeff W — I entered the Army in 1977 and was stationed @Ft. Jackson for basic. I went to Ft. Mc Clellan( excus...More
  Harmon, Jessica
  Harmon, Jody a — Active duty 1989 to 1994. After basic and 19K AIT, spent entire time as illustrator for ARMOR maga...More
  Harmon, Robert B — OK, quick history... Enlisted '92, toured Korea '93 to '94 with 61st Maint Co at Camp Kyle. In '94...More
  Harol, Paul
  Harold, James
  Harp, Leroy H — I was in C Co. 1/30 from 62-65. Stationed in Schweinfurt and was a radio mech.
  Harpe, Joe
  Harper, Kenneth W — Retired CWO3, served in Viet Nam 70-71, Germany twice, Korea once, Fort Campbell, Fort Stewart and F...More
  Harper, Mitchell V — I went to Desert Storm with B Co. 4/7 Inf. 3rd Bde.
  Harper, Thomas W — BASIC 1973-DELTA 5/3 FORT DIX NJ MOS 36K20 AIT FORT DIX NJ 1973-75 FORT HOOD TEXAS 1ST CAV DIV 1/8-2...More
  HARPER, THOMAS W — I Enlisted active military service in 1973 .My Basic Training unit was Delta 5/3 @ Fort Dix N.J . I ...More
  Harralson, Philip G
  Harrell, Kenneth L — 556th Transportation Company Long Binh, Vietnam 3rd Infantry Division Schweinfurt, Germany
  Harrell, Matthew D
  Harrell, Ron
  Harrington, Garry
  Harrington, James J — 2nd ID 1/38 FA, Camp Stanly 1976-1977 and 1978-1979 3rd ID 2/41 FA Bad Kissigen FRG 1981-1984
  Harris, Benjamin J
  harris, billy
  Harris, Christopher S
  Harris, Keith A
  Harris, Michael — Well I'm 29 years old soon to be 20/10 in Jan. I live in Raeford, NC with my wife who is in the mili...More
  Harris, Michelle
  Harris, Patrick J — Spent time as 1-4 IN till changeing to 4-7 IN. Got out and called up for Desert Storm for 3rd ID. 1/...More
  Harris, Patrick J
  Harris, Tania L — After being honorably discharged, Jason and I returned to MN to go to college. I completed my BA in ...More
  Harris, Verdell C — I was a medical specialist stationed at 1/87th Infantry at Fort Drum, NY. I was also a Medical Supe...More
  Harris Sr., Chris A — Wife left me after 22years 8months and 15 days for a man she meet Online on 28 Aug 2008. Then she le...More
  Harrison, Chris D
  Harrison, Chris D — Spec. 1992-1997 (11m) Korea, 5/20, 2 I.D. (93-94) Ft. Carson, 1/12 4 I.D. (94-95) Ft. ...More
  Harrison, David
  harrison, james harry
  Harrison, Stephen B — Attached to Delta Co. 1/141 Inf.
  Harriss, Jeff
  Harriss, Rolf — For 5 Years (2003-Feb 2009)I Have served our troops through the "TrainingSupportCenter", As New cont...More
  Harriston, Henry
  Harrod, David W — Just a soldier
  Harrod, James
  Harsley, Gary
  Hart, Frank C — Retired Tanker, M60 , M1A1
  Hart, Gregory P — Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry Division, Erlangen Germany from January 1991, to November...More
  Hart, Travis
  Hartford, Jennifer
  Hartford, Nathaniel A — Joined the Army in November 2001. Stationed at Ray Barracks in Germany, A 1/36 INF. Was there from...More
  hartje, sidney
  Hartz, Gregory M — JOTC 1987 French Commando 1986
  Harvey, Gary w — I served with 2-7 Infantry, 3ID (M) while in Iraq between MAR 03 - AUG 03
  Harvey, Gary
  harwell, james — jeep,truck,track driver.hq.and a battery.
  Hasie, John
  Hass, David L — From Pennsylvania. Former MP and transitioned to Air Defense. My assignments were 3rd MP Company 3rd...More
  Hass, Michael B — I was a member of HHC 1/30 Infantry. I was a member of the Scout Platoon, and was the driver for our...More
  Hass, William O — Currently I am one of two warranty/service techs for Barrett Firearms.
  Hastings, Jeff
  Hatch, Richard O
  Hatfield, Paul
  Hatley, Brian L
  Hatmaker, Chris a — cold war,desert shield/storm.bradley driver,dismount infantryman.
  Hauck, Rick — Would love to get in touch with some old friends.
  Haug, Eric J — 1993-1994 A Co., 1/19 Inf, Fort Benning, Georgia 1994-1995 B Co., 3/12 Inf, Baumholder, Germ...More
  Hauret, Victor H — served in the 7th inf. 3rd battalion from 1951 thru 1952 in korea.
  Hauser, Charlotte — B Company 703d Maintenance Battalion, 3d Infantry Division, Kitzingen, Germany October1980-October19...More
  Hauser, Gary P — Airborne, Infantry, Supply /Unit Armorer,Infantryman, Military Policeman,Sentry Dog Handler,Drill ...More
  Hawkins, Herman
  Hawkins, Tracy M
  Hayes, John T — Member of the logistics staff that helped form the 199th Infantry Brigade (Motorized) at Fort Lewis,...More
  Hayes, Terry
  Hayes, Tim — Retired US Army/ sergeant first class E-7currently attending school full time and working at the Vet...More
  Hayne, Dennis — Served with the LRRP (later LRSD) 313th Military Intelligence and then with Alphatraz Company, 1/325...More
  Haynes, Anthony D — Was in POL unit of Aco, 703rd Spt Btln. Wurzburg, Germany. Then, Aco 2/158 Avn Btln, Ft Carson, CO....More
  Haynes, Anthony D — Am a Gulf War Veteran, out of service since 1992. Married 13 years and am living in beautiful Color...More
  Haynes, Nichelle — My name is SSG Haynes, Nichelle. I am now in the Army reserves. I have served in the Regular Army fo...More
  Hazel, Jeffrey J
  Hazelton, Andrew p
  Hazelton, Andrew p
  Hazzard, Dan
  Head, Elizabeth h — My son is with the 3rd ID and is currently stationed in Iraq.
  Healy, Shawn B
  Heard, Charles W — Served as a cannon crewmember in 1CAV from 89-93. Reenlisted for Chaplain Assistant. Been assigned...More
  Heath, Gary L — i was a member of th 3rd combat aviation from 1976 to 1979. I was stationed in Germany durning this ...More
  Heath, Paul C
  Heaton, B
  Hebert, Donald P. — I did my basic at Fort Gordon, GA I trained for Stock Control and Accounting at Ft Lee, VA I was i...More
  Hebert, Tony M
  Heck, Earl
  Heckard, Kevin L
  heckathorn, william
  Hecker, Michael
  Hedrick, John V
  Heidenescher, Jack L — I have served my country as a Surveyor, Terrain Analyst, Terrain Analysis Technician, and as a Comma...More
  Heim, Dennis A — Retired as the 1ST Cavalry Division Master Gunner. Designed and built PEGASUS Range in Saudi Arabia ...More
  Heinrich, Edwin
  Heist, Teresa M — 3rd Infantry Division (Mech) 1999-2001 Photojournalist for "The Frontline" newspaper Fort Stewart, G...More
  Hejza, David Michael
  Helgeson, Corey J
  Heller, Daniel M — C Company 2/508, (spent last year in HHC as S3 Air NCO - a miserable job I was forced into). "Colds...More
  Heller, Richard W
  Helpfromher, Sarah — I once lived on an Army installation in Baumholder, Germany. I thought it was a lot of fun to live i...More
  Hem, Paul M — Svc Btry 1/76 FA 1975-1976, C 1/76FA 1976, B 1/76 FA 1977-78 Cdr B 4/20th FA USAR, Cdr B 3/42 FA ...More
  Hemphill, Luke
  Henderickson, Babs
  Henderson, Danny R — My MOS's were 11E10 Armor Crewman,67N10 Helecopter Maint.(Huey's & Kiowa's),76A10 Tech Supply Specia...More
  Henderson, David J
  Henderson, Dwight D — I was DivArty Digital Master Gunner for two years now work FireSim at Gleason Research Associates.
  Henderson, John
  Henderson, John
  Henderson, Roy
  Hendley, Mary C
  Hendricks, Garrick R — My father served with Able Company
  Hendrickson, Paul — 3/7 Cav Swienfurt Germany 1967-1970
  Hendrix, Stanley A — enlisted nov 23 1963 to feb 17 1970, Germany 1964 to 1966, vietnam 1968 with the 25th Inf. div. at ...More
  Heninger, Michael — OIF I: 2003 OIF II: 2004-2005
  Henke, Jason A — I was stationed at Fort Benning GA with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Inf Div. My Battalio...More
  Henne, Jesse A
  Hennessy, Austin R
  Henry, Bill
  Henry, David W — Joined in '86 then stationed in Geiblestadt from '87-'89. PCS to Ft. Hood in '89 and stayed until ...More
  Henry, Michael — Vulcan Repair Tech. Gieblestatd, Kitzigen Germany
  Henry, Sheila C
  Henry, Steven D
  Henry-Sims, Tera R — I've been married for six (6) years & have been bless with three (3) beautiful angels. I'm a stay @ ...More
  Hensley, Jeff L — us army. 3rd infantry division kitizgen gerrmany. USMAPS Fort Monmouth, NJ.
  Hensley, John
  Henson, Ronald
  Herb, Smith
  Herbert, Herbert
  Herkner, Steven L
  Herman, Thomas F — B Troop 1/17 Cav 82nd ABN Div 70-73 7th Div NCO Acadamy 75-77 B Co 1/30 Inf 3rd Inf Div 77-79 Ar...More
  Hernandez, Chuy
  Hernandez, Ernesto J — I was the company command for the 557th MP company from May 2004 to November 2005
  Hernandez, Juan C
  Hernandez, Pedro J — 3rd Inf Division 1/4 Infantry Aschaffenburg Germany 1979-1982 1st 2nd Inf Ft. Riley Kansas 1983...More
  Hernandez, Rene — M1 ABRAMS TANKER 1983-1986 - KITZINGEN,GERMANY D. CO. 1/64 ARMOR / 1986-1988 - ...More
  Hernandez Jr., Vidal S. — I service from 1976-1979 3RD Infantry.13 coscom 1979-1980 Ft Hood Texas/ 1980-1983 Weibaden Germay/1...More
  Herrera, Curt — I wouldn't trade it for anything. I served on Active Duty from January 1991 to August 1998. I was a ...More
  Herrera, Emanuel M
  Herrera, Silvia M — Retired with 20 years of service. Graduated in 2008 with an MBA. Work as the III Corps and Fort Ho...More
  Herrington, Mark A — Stationed at Fort Stewart from February 2001 to February 2004. Served in HHC, Aco, & Cco 3-15 Infan...More
  Herron, Greg
  Herron, Greg
  Hertig, Michael P — 1-30 Infatry Erlangen, Germany 1991-1993 1-30 Infantry FT Benning, Ga 1996-2001 1-15 Infantry FT B...More
  Hess, Adam — commisioned into the active army with 3ID. assigned to 2nd PLT 10th En BN as the Platoon Leader for...More
  Hess, Charles
  Hester, Joseph M
  Hester, Randall w
  Hester, Troy A — Command Sergeant Major 2nd Combined Arms Battalion 137th Infantry Regiment
  Hetcel, Kyle J
  Heustis, Philip G — Many years of BDU's
  Hewett, Huey — Problem solver, active in retirement years, Adjuct Professorship at local four-year University, love...More
  Hickey, Armond
  Hicks, Alexander J
  Hicks, Anna — Hi everyone I was a medic at 121 hospital in Korea then I moved all over in Korea attached to diffre...More
  Hicks, David E — This picture taken at Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) after the 3ID took it over Apr 03.
  Hicks, Jon
  Higbee, William m — I was in Germany Aug.1961 thru Feb 1964 in Kitzigen and Bamberg with the 703rd Ord.Bn and the 1/15th
  Higgins, David — Combat Support Co. 1st Bat. 30th Inf. 3rd INFANTRY DIVISION LEDWARD BARRACKS Schweinfurt Germany
  Higgins, Dennis — 2/37th FA, Ft. Sill OK 79-80, HHC 3rd Inf Wurzburg West Germany (BRD) 80-82, 507th Air Ambulance Ft ...More
  Higgins, Sean
  Higgitt, PJ
  High, Jeff
  Hightower, Jeff B — Enlisted jun 1982, West Germany 82 - 84, Fort Hood Tx, 84 - 87, Married Temple Tx 1986, Recruiting G...More
  Higley, Joseph D — I enlisted in CT. Army Nat. Guard 1991 (HHC 1-169 INF) 26th ID. I then went active duty 1994, 24th ...More
  Hild, Greg
  Hill, Blake A. — Was stationed in Nurnberg @ Sud Kasern (Merrell Barracks) from 1988-2002 and worked for Col. Holder ...More
  Hill, Chuck C — 1st Special Forces Group,(Recon),1971-1971, Vietnam,,4th ID, Mech Inf. Fort Carson, Colo 1971-1972, ...More
  Hill, Doug A — I was in 1st Armored Division, Ft.Lewis, Delta C. 4/8 Infantry, Bradley Mechanized company, 2nd Inf....More
  Hill, Douglas A — I was in the 4/8th when they came from Germany and landed at Ft. Lewis.
  Hill, Douglas
  Hill, Edward — Was stationed in Aschaffenburg, Germany at Graves in Combat Support Company attached to Alpha Co.
  Hill, Edward W — Served as an FO with A battery in support of C company, 65th Inf Reg, 3rd Inf Div. Also served wit...More
  Hill, John W — I joined the armyin 1998,went to bascic and ait at FT.Benning,GA my first duty station was Ft.carson...More
  Hill, Lisa
  Hill, Richard R — 25 years of service started with the Marine Corps and retired out of the Army.
  Hill, Samuel l
  Hill, Thomas C
  Hill, Trevor
  Hillbish, Daniel P — Born 29 Sept 1979 Entered army Feb 2001 2 tours in Iraq: 2003-2004, 2005-2006 Enlisted national g...More
  Hillwig, John F
  Hilton, Janet
  Hilton, Ronnie D. — Ordnance Corps 63W10
  Hilty, Andrew N.
  Himes Jr., Dave — Served as a 45B - Small Arms Repairman in B Co., 703rd Maintenance Batallion, 3rd Inf. Div in Kitzig...More
  Hinderliter, Robert S — Basic Training @ Fort Knox, KY 1981 * AIT Fort Gordon, GA. 1981-82 Distinguished Graduate. 31M10 M...More
  Hines, George
  Hines, George t — Field Ambulance Charlie co.3rd med bn. I would like to contact any one from the Ambulance platoon ...More
  Hines, Lakesha y — attached by 92nd engineers. i was a 62E.
  Hinkley, Dawn m
  hinton, cherish
  Hitter, George O. — 19E, 19 K, 19D, 11B, 31B 1984, 2-6 Cav Ft. Knox 1985-1987, 3-32 Armor Freidburg, Germany 1987-19...More
  Hix, Ray M — 1SG Ray M. Hix US Army retired I served with Delta co, 2nd bn, 16th inf Vietnam from dec 67 to ...More
  Hizer, Howard L — 11B3G, 95BV5
  ho-tong, christiaan — have none, but i want to learn more so that i can join
  Hobbs, Joseph F
  Hobelmann, Larry L
  Hobson, Cody v — I am a volenter firefighter with the Sparta Rural Fire Dept. Last summer 2004 I broke my right leg ...More
  Hockings, Maria W
  Hockings, Phillip L
  Hodder, Kenneth a — i served 4 yrs in active army in asschaffenberg germany with the 4 7th infantry part of 3rd ID went ...More
  Hodge Jr., John P — 2LT Forwrd Observer assigned to C Btry, 2/39th at Ledward Barracks, Schweinfurt from 1975-1977. Schw...More
  Hodges, Michael O
  Hoeppner, Dustin L
  Hoff, Alan
  Hoffman, Eric S — Served 22 years as a scout and infantryman. Spent most of my career with units stationed in Germany...More
  Hoffmann, Donald A
  Hofford, Michael
  Holden, Robert
  Holder, Stuart L
  Hole, Elmer E — Retired Correction Officer, farmer, woodworker, married, five children Resided at same address for ...More
  Holland, Bill — I served from September 28th 1976 till March 2, 1984. I was injured November 7th 1978 in Germany rip...More
  Holland, Dennis L. — I am a 20 Year Retired veteran with 70% service connected Disability. I worked in about every type ...More
  Holland, Kenneth I — I started my military career at Ft Drum in 1/7 Fa as HHD supply specialist. Changed MOS to Ammo and ...More
  Hollaway, Erik c
  Hollon, Gay
  Holloway, Steven
  Holmes, Christopher M — I left A.I.T. at Ft. Bliss, Tx. and was stationed at Ft. Benning Ga. I was deployed with the 3rd of ...More
  Holmes, Mark
  Holmes, Michael A — Active Duty Army Recruiter for the past 10 years
  Holmes, Richard D — Driver
  Holody, Rebecca A — Army Wife. Married to an E-5 SGT. 63B with 3 children. 2 girls and 1 boy. Like spending time with...More
  Holstine, Joseph — .11 years service 7 active 3rd ID 1/4 INF Warrior BN 1/7INF Cotton Bailer BN 3rd Recon: 101st Delt...More
  Holston, Bill W
  Holt, Ashley M — hey I'm ashley! I got a tanker homie... and he's currently deployed. I'm so proud of you babe! Keep ...More
  Holt, Carter L
  holtzhauer, rob
  Honaker.Jr., Richard R — I joined the Army in 1977 ,I was in 2/39th FA. Dec77-Jul80 I was in the mess section . I then went t...More
  Honderich, Robert
  Hooge, Russell E
  Hooper Iii, Otis e — stationed at ft Stewart just got back from Iraq part of 3ID push to Iraq 396th trans co 87th csb
  Hope Sr, Larry D
  hopkins, ashley
  Hopkins, Michael — Served with 426 S&S Bn, 1/501st Inf, and 2/502 Inf Rgt at Ft. Campbell 1977-1978 and 1980-1984, stat...More
  Horn, James
  Horn, Richard W — 11 Bravo - Follow Me! C11 for Infantry School. My first duty assignment was Delta Company, 2/30 ...More
  Horne, Chuck
  Horne, Robert W — US Army Special Forces wanabe, then found out there was no money in it ouch. Went from building cla...More
  Horsley, Justin
  Horton, Andrew
  Horton, Ashley — I am the grandaughter of Robert L Horton PFC, 3rd Infantry Division, 30th Infantry Battalion.
  Horton, Bob — assigned able co. 7th inf. regt. 1953 rifleman served one year.
  Horton, Bryan M
  Horvath, John
  Horvath, Kenneth S — scout platoon, 2nd bn-6th infantry erlangen, germany 107th Cav, 150th inf
  Hosler, Charles
  Houck, Glenn
  Hough, Thomas C
  Houk, Jacqie L
  House, Golden M — I got my commissioned through Diyatalawa acadamy. I have served North and East from 1978 up tp 1987
  Houser, Rex Saint John
  Houseweart, Jason R — Littel man turned Big, grew up in a town that was too small for him, decided to go onto a bigger and...More
  Houston, Warren
  Houston-Biswell, Renee C — Loving Wife and Mother, and always a soldier, because they never die....just fade away.
  Howard, Jack C
  Howard, James
  Howard, John
  Howard, Lance — I was assigned to HHC 1/5 Cav. I worked in the PAC Office the SIDPERS Clerk. Unit Service date:Jan...More
  Howard, Odis M
  Howard, Walt — 3 S&T Bn, 3 Sup Com, 3ID
  Howard, Walter S — I was the first Distinguish Graduate from HHC, 3rd Supply & Transport Bn. The 3rd Inf Div CO, MG Sc...More
  Howe, Ken — C 1/18th Inf - 197th Inf BDE
  Howe, Mitch
  Howe, Steve — 91B for 6 years, 51M / 21M for the rest.
  Howell, Jennifer M
  Howell, Mike
  Howell, Pat — Maiden name was Noffsinger. Stationed at Aschaffenburg Germany from 1987 to 1989. Now married 13 yea...More
  Howell, Rodger
  Howell, William
  Howton, James A — I was born and raised in Colorado. I joined the Army on Apr 22 1968 and ETS in Nov 1971. I enjoy the...More
  Hretz, John
  Hrusovsky, Richard
  Hubbard, David D — HHC Medical Platoon Proud Ironknight!
  Hubbard, Kevin D — Attended Infantry basic training at Fort Benning, Ga in 1993. Assigned to 5/20 Mechanized Infantry R...More
  Hubbard, Wayne d — served in ww2 went through southern africa then to sicily southern end of the bulge
  Hubbell, Dana M — The proud wife of SSG Darren P Hubbell. He gave his life for our country June 20, 2007, Iraq. To sa...More
  Hubbell, Darren P — I was at C co. 2/9 INF Fort Ord from 1986-1989 The Mighty Duece 2nd plt.. PCS to Fort Benning...K...More
  Hubbs, Francis J
  hubenette, glenn
  Huber, John — Basic training Fort Knox Kentucky 14 June 1983-Oct 1983. M-60A1'S 3/11th ACR Bad Hersfeld German...More
  Hubred, Kim R — 226th maint. Co, 214th FA 82-84,Fort Sill, OK, 1st FSB track vehicle mechanic-inspector, 3rd Inf Di...More
  Hudak, Michael j
  Huddleston, Ronald
  Hudson, Bradley
  Hudson, James F — Self employed as employee benefits consultant. Married 42 years with a daughter 30 and son 36 with ...More
  Hudson, Scott E
  Huff, William
  Huffman, Corey D — I was an armor crewman (19k) in HHC & C Companies, 1/37 Armor in Vilseck, Germany from February 1994...More
  Huffman, Kelly L
  Huffman.Stephens, Melissa a — joined army on 1980 basic at ft. leonardwood. ait at ft huchuca. wurzburg germany in 103rd mi bn. ba...More
  Hufschmidt, Steven a — 55B 11M b co 3rd Bn, 12th Inf. battalion Schools NCO
  Hughes, Gary D — HHC Supply room
  Hughes, Nick M — In Basic Training at Fort Ord for 16 weeks. "C" Company then Heavy Mortor Company of the 63rd Infamt...More
  Hughes, Robert N — tanker
  Hughes, Robert
  Hughes, Robert
  Hughes, Russ
  Hughes Jr., Vincent
  Hugie, Kelly A
  Hulgan, Michael g
  Hull, James c
  Hull, Runako
  Hulme, David — US Army Aviation Officer (CPT) 1995-2003. Currently Real Estate Manager for Walt Disney Co.
  Humphries, Michelle L
  Hunt, Daniel J
  Hunt, Matthew G
  Hunter, Alan L — BCT-Ft. Ord, CA. AIT- 36k10, Ft.Ord,CA 502nd ASA Gp. 1977-College,USAR 414 MP Co. (POWP) Jan78-A...More
  Hunter, Kenneth G — MOS 63E (M1 Tank Systems Mechanic) Desert Shield/Storm Dec 90 - May 91 with A-Team 2/34 Ar
  Hurd, Jeffrey M — combat medic, third inf div, btn Commander's driver
  Hurst, Brad b
  Hurst, James
  Hutchinson, Thomas E
  Hutschenreuter, Bill — I was a 45T Turret mech when we first got the bradly.I got out in 1989. I now race for teammenar...More
  huttonsr., dennis
  Hvolbeck, Richard C
  Hyatt, Dennis
  Hyde, Robert W — I was the 3rd platoon leader in A 1/64 Armor and the Executive Officer in B 1/64 Armor stationed at ...More
  Hyde Jr, Richard D — Served U.S.Armed Forces 1965 -1996, Vietnam Veteran 1968-1969. Medical Discharged "Partial 1975" ...More
  Hyland, David — Bravo 701st MSB Company Maintenance. 1996-1999 HSB 2/41 FA 1990-1991 HSB 5/41 FA 1991-1992

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