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  S, Anthony
  S, J L
  S , J R
  Sachs, Brent
  Sadowski, Anthony J — 14 years OMG the end is near!!!
  Saenz, Oscar
  Saindon, William
  Salazar, Celedonio
  Saletta, James
  Salinas, Fidencio Bruce A — As a Veteran of the U.S. Army been assigned to Germany, Korea, ft. Devens, Ft. Hood, Tx. My DIV are:...More
  Salisbury, Charlie — Left High School,1967, was in Korea, 2nd Inf. Div., then went to Vietnam, was with 6/31st, 9th Inf.,...More
  Sallee, Jeffrey
  Salvagni, Nathan
  Salyer, Jeremy d — Anyone from 5-77 Armor , Mannheim Germany 1992-1994 or 1-32 Armor Ft.lewis, Washington 1994-1996 em...More
  Salyers, Steven — C Co 52nd ENG BN 50th Ord Co 4th Inf Div HHC 2X (ADE), HHC 2nd ENG BN HHC 307th EN BN (CBT)(ABN) ...More
  Sampite, Christopher
  sampson, floyd a
  Sams, Tim
  Sanchez, Erick J
  Sanchez, Jose M — Currently Serving
  Sanchez, Michael J
  Sanchez, Oscar
  Sanchez, Ted — Just trying to connect with old army friends from basic training at fort Jackson from October 93 to ...More
  Sandefur, Brice — Served in Iraq with 2nd ID 1-23 3rd Brigade in the 06-07 tour
  Sanderlin, Kevin O
  Sanders, Diane — Retired 6/89,now school teacher,2sons,1-22,1-9.
  Sanders, Kevin — Worked as a 63 T Bradley Systems Mechanic
  Sandifar, Christopher W
  Sandoval, Harold J — While on Active Duty from 1998-2001 I was a 19K Armor Crewman. I then joined the LAARNG in support o...More
  Sands, Melvin D
  Sandy, Lonnie — 1949-1969 - US Army - Military Police, Criminal Investigations and Physical Security. STATE SIDE:...More
  Sanhueza, Carlos A — Stationed in Pirmasens, Ge with the 546th Maint. Co. from Mar '91 til Jun '93, PCSd with the unit to...More
  Santabalbina, Capt. Enrique J — Airborne and Special forces member
  Santarsiere, Frederick
  Santiago, Arthur
  Santiago, Franki
  Santiago, Peter P — I was assigned to the 2nd infantry division Military Police company 4th platoon at Cp Pelham under t...More
  Santua, Joseph A
  Sardo, Christopher
  Sargent, John — Served 1st 15Th Field Artillery - 2nd Inf Div - South Korea - 1976-77. Served 1st Inf Div - 1977-...More
  Sargent, Kelly E — ETS in Sep 2000. Now live in Texas with my wife and kids. I am a Criminal Investigator with the Uni...More
  Sarla, Tim — i did 20years in the infantry and the best unit there is and was would be 1-9inf (straight leg) out ...More
  Sarsok, Joseph A — 1st Unit: 102nd MI Bn, Camp Essayons, Korea 2nd Unit: 741st MI Bn, Fort Meade, MD 3rd Unit: 743rd ...More
  Sarvello, Anthony J — Born in Michigan, joined the US Army right after high school. Was a 71L and later added the F5 (Pos...More
  Satcher, Mike L — Served with 1-9 Infantry, 2ID in Ramadi, Anbar Province, Iraq in 2004-2005. Was injured in a Mortar ...More
  Saucier, Robert S — Served in various infantry roles to include but not limited to: Recce RTO Recce Team Leader Sniper T...More
  Saucier, Robert S — RANGERS LEAD THE WAY! --SCOUTS OUT Went to Basic at Ft. Benning on 20June-7Aug98 C Co 1/19, the...More
  Sauers, Ron — support platoon 1/5 inf, Camp Howze
  saulsbury, al
  Sawyer, Rob D
  Sayler, Collin
  Sayre, Scott
  scalone, edward
  Scatigna, Vincent M
  Schadewald, Paul T — Assigned to 1st Battallion 31st Field Artillery South Korea in 1974 then 1st Bn 78th FA as battery c...More
  Schaeffer, Martin K — served as a FIST in 1-9, 2-9, 3-9 and 4-9 FIST with the fomidable MANCHU Regt from 1983-1992. Opera...More
  Schartz, Joe — I spent about 4 years in 1st Truck with the fabulous M915's. Our Company Headquarters were at Willia...More
  Scheirman, Paul R — Was a 13F Plt Foward Observer in the 101st than became a COLT Team Cheif in Germany and Ft.Lewis. 1...More
  Schexnider, Melody M
  Schiltz, Jeff
  schindler, michael
  Schliewe, Andrew
  Schlotzhauer, Dennis
  Schmerer, Hal
  Schmidt, Brian J — Basic Training & AIT... B-8-2 Harmony Church, Ft. Benning, GA 1/82-4/82, Drill Instructor- SSG Nor...More
  Schmidt, Doug W
  Schmitt, Chris G — I took basic trainning at FT Knok, my first duty station was Ft. Benning GA 2/69 Armor then spent th...More
  Schmitt, Larry M — Departed for Basic Training in June of 1975, was assigned to 15 units in 24 years of service, was pr...More
  Schmitz, Gale
  Schneck, Patrick R
  Schneider, John E — I was active duty for 3 years as an ADA officer. Iwas stationed at Fort Bliss and in Korea. I then...More
  Schneider, Kurt A — Mortarman
  Schoenfeldt, Richard P — Squad leader who lead patrols in the Korean DMZ ACTA/IMJIN Scout
  Schoenfeldt, Richard P — I served in Korea from Feb 68-April 69. with A Co. 2nd Bn 23rd Inf (m), 2nd Inf Div. Imjin Scout. ...More
  Schofield, Roger — Living in Wheatland, working shift work at a Power Plant, for the past 27 years. Looking forward to ...More
  Schofield, Roger d
  schommer, william
  Schooley, Sean C — I served with D co 1/72nd Armor (First Tank) up on the HILL at Camp Casey.
  Schooley, Sean C
  Schooley- Witter- Longacre, Lena D
  Schoonbeck, Jeffery A — Joined U.S. Army in 1972 and retired as a CSM on 28 Feb 1994
  Schouten, Bryan — Not much to say here but currently getting a divorce and now living in Washington state. Trying to r...More
  Schreckengost, Jim
  Schroader, Alexander
  Schroder, Anthony J
  Schroeder, Mark A
  Schroeder, Peter r
  Schroer, Michael R — Retired Army Warrant Officer after 22 years of active duty. Currently working as the Command Securi...More
  Schrubb, Daniel E — Combat Photographer, Motion Media. 43 years old, prior Army Infantry and Army Reserve. Over 21 y...More
  Schrum, Frank J — Duquesne University, Webster College, College of Lake County, former County Sheriff, certified Secur...More
  Schuelke, Korey
  Schuessler, Philip L — Brand new Private
  Schultz, Bill C — B Co From 78-79 then 82-84 2nd Engr Bn 79-82 A Co.
  Schultz, William C
  Schulz, Christopher J
  Schumacher, Brandon S
  Schumacher, Jason s
  Schuppert, Steven
  Schwab, John S
  Schwan, Frank f
  Schwanke, Donald L — 20 Years, active US Army from 1956 to 1976 continuous. Enlisted E1-E7 ten years, Warrant Officer W1...More
  Schwartz, Margaret
  Schwartz, Martin
  schweikert, fred
  Schwender, Phillip A
  Scoop, Poop
  Scotland, Allington M
  Scott, Coron M
  Scott, David H — Married for 23 years .Have 3 Teenage kids 1 boy 18 .1 daughter 21.1 daughter 14.
  Scott, Jamal — Went to Basic at fort knox on July 22nd, 2008-October 2nd, 2008. Went to AIT at Aberdeen Proving Gro...More
  Scott, Joshua D
  Scott, Kenneth W
  Scott, Marvin — I entered the Army in June 1963 after basic at Ft. Knox and ait at Ft. Gordon.I spent time in German...More
  Scott, Marvin E — HQ/HQ 1ST BN/7TH INF.3RD INF.DIV.63-65."C" CO. 2/23 INF. 2ND INF.DIV.[KOREA]66.FT.BENNING,GA...More
  Scott, Molly K
  Scott, Petula d
  Scott Jr., Edgar L.
  Scott-Bey, John — 2nd of the 2nd infantry/ Recon
  Scout, Recon
  Scout, Recon
  Seal, Marion w — I am one of several who went to the Belgium Congo, and I am looking for others. I was there from Fal...More
  Sealy, George w
  Sebastian, Daniel j
  Seck, Manny
  Seeley, David P
  Seeley, Ron
  Seely, Frank G
  Seidler, Drew
  Seifert, Allen
  selby, luther
  Self, Wadeus E
  Sellars, David e
  Selnes, Chris T — Radio Teletype/Radio Operator
  semler, eric
  Senkarik, John P — Currently Serving Infantry Sergeant, just got back fromBaqubah, Iraq Stryker Brigade Veteran, 1-25 S...More
  Senn, Chris
  Sennett, Demming C — Charlie Rock, Cp Greaves, ROK 2nd PLT Hands down one of the best group of MEN I ever served with.. ...More
  Sennett, Demming
  Sennett, Demming C — Charlie Company 1/506th Cp. Greaves ROK
  Serrano, Wilson — My military service started on march 26 1979 at Fort Dix NJ. basic training, fort lee va. for AIT. 7...More
  Sessions, Ricky G
  Sevelin, Gary B
  Sevilla, Charles l — retired, employed at cerritos college.
  Sevilla, Charles — 2nd S&T BN. B COMPANY, 2ND INF. DIV.
  Sexton, Stephen G — Chaplain Stephen Sexton, from Florala, Alabama. Married, 2 children,2 Grandchildren, Republican
  Seymore, Ronald W.
  Shackelton, Jeff — Basic training at Ft. Benning GA. B co. 4/36th Inf.- Ft. Campbell KY. 101st Airborne (Air Assault) ...More
  Shadbolt, Dave — I was with the 2nd Divison at Ft. Lewis taking my military training at North Fort
  Shadle, Irvin E
  Shaffer, Jarom PB — drafted in the U.S. Army 1971, Vietnam, two tours Korea, one in Japan, stationed in Alaska, Utah, C...More
  Shaffer, Lewis N — Basic/AIT - Ft Polk, LA 1974-1975 A Trp, 1/4 Cav, 1ID - Ft Riley, KS 1975-76 HHC, 1/31 (M) Inf, ...More
  Shakir, Yahya ZI
  Shamblin, Ronald e. — Retired 1 April 2000, 33yrs and 6mos, Currently work at Fort Lee, VA as a civilian contractor.
  Shanks, Charles W
  Shanks, Stephen R.
  Shannon, James
  Shannon-Reasoner, Barry s — I served in 5/20 inf scout plt hhc 2nd inf div korea 1994-1995. And in the 7th cav in ft hood texas
  Shannon-Reasoner, Barry S
  Sharp, Christopher J — What's up guys? I'm now in my home town in South Florida. I hope everyone and all my friends I met a...More
  Sharp, Richard W
  Sharpe, Alexander M — Platoon Leader / Asst. S-4 2-7 IN, 24th ID / 3 ID 1994 - 1996; Company Executive Officer 1-503 IN, 2...More
  Sharpe, Don — Served with Co A 2/9 ID DMZ Korea
  Sharpe, Kenneth W
  Sharpe, Winstead G
  Shaw, David
  Shaw, Joe L — Served in Vietnam 1st Infantry Division -1967-1968 Served as 25th Infantry Aviation Brigade Chemica...More
  Shaw, Kevin
  Shea, Brad — Served with the 2nd MP Company from 80-81, 82-83 & 86-87. After the Army I worked for LAPD.
  Shearouse, Julian — US Army Reired, MSG E-8, 25+ years active duty. Korea, Vietnam, and Germany. HHC 93 Sig BN.; C Co 53...More
  Sheedy, Aaron T
  Sheehan, Richie o — Army Enginner traingFtLenoardWood 2ndEnginners Camp Castle Korea Jan 76 Feb77 Ft Polk La 7th Engi...More
  Sheehy, Robert J — I am interested in having contact with anyone from 194th glider infantry regiment 17th airborne divi...More
  Shelby, Troy G — Infantry was with Alpha Co 5/20 inf ft lewis prior to its change from 1st ID to 2nd ID when it was s...More
  Sheldon, William J — Spent 2 tours with the 3rd Armd. Div. BOTH of them at Drake in Frankfurt Dec.59-Apr.62 & Oct.64-Oc...More
  Shelest, Michael D — Served with 2nd ID, 2-17FA from March of 2002 untill March of 2003. Was restationed to 3-16FA, 4th I...More
  Shelley, Andrew B
  Shelley, Coleman L — Current Assignment: 743d MI Bn, Buckley AFB, Aurora, CO
  Shelski, Stanley J
  Shelton, Kenny — 2001-2002 D BTRY, 5-5ADA, 2nd Infantry Divison; 2002-2004 B BTRY, 3-4ADAR, 82nd Airborne Division; 1...More
  Shelton, Robert L
  Shelton, Roland T
  Shepard, Angela SV — army mp wife
  Shepard, Charles E
  Shereyk, Adam A
  Sherman, Larry — I deployed with the first MLRS Battery to Korea in 1984 at Camp Essyons.
  Sheron, David A — Just finished a great 20 plus year career in 2003. Dont miss the BS, but miss being a soldier. All t...More
  Sheron, David A — Retired from the 101st Airborne Division
  Shields, Daniel B — Served with HHC 1/503rd IN Camp Casey Korea (93-94); HHC 2/325 AIR Ft Bragg NC (94-97); HHC 3/4 ADAR...More
  Shields, J A — Company Commander, 2nd S&T BN
  Shields, Jeffery A — BBA UNT
  Shields, Rodney E — I retired in1996 and residing in San Diego, California.
  Shifflette, Jim — Entered the Army in 1956 and went to Germany to the 11th ABN Div in Augsburg. Stayed in for 27 years...More
  Shigwedha, Heskiel
  Shin, Ji hye
  shippy, mark
  Shires, Brent R — After my military service, I worked in law enforcement in the state of Nevada after 23 yrs. Now I li...More
  Shirley, Don
  Shiver, Matthew
  Shivler Jr., William K
  Shoaf, Robert W — Retired US Army Bandmaster/Pianist
  Shoemaker, David
  Shore, Bill
  Shore, Richard B
  Short, Gregory A — The legend/Life /of B-co crime fam"
  Short, Michael A
  Shoulders, Gary
  Showers, Victor R — Began in the infantry - 1978 - 1981 then changed to field medic 1981 - 1987 when I was medically dis...More
  Shroder, Missy
  Shumaker, Benjamin A
  Shuman, Peter — I served from Dec 1978 - Jun 1996. I did 2 tours in Korea. 1980 -1981, 1/31 Inf. (mech) Camp Howze, ...More
  Sicard, Michael F — Entered Army in 1974-1977. Left to go to college and went back into the Army in 1980 and retired in ...More
  Sickels, Jon M
  Sickels, Jon.Bo M
  Siebold, Shawn R — With 2ID in Korea, and 1st Cav at Ft. Hood
  Siegmund, Kevin — Retired as the 1SG of the Joint Security Directorate (FWD) US CENTCOM. Active Duty: 1984-2005
  Siembab, Frederick — 1981 D Co. 3rd Batt 1st Tng Brgd 1982 A Co. 1/10th Inf 1983 B Co. 1/23rd Inf
  Siemienowicz, Aaron J
  Sigman, Brent E
  Sill, Sam S
  Sillman, Frank a — Inf team Leader, Infantry Squad leader, INF Section Sgt, Bradley Master Gunner, Bradley Master Gunne...More
  Silva, Orlando — HHC 27th 89-96, Ahus Tara 90, D-Storm/Shield attached to A/27th, and Uphold Democracy. 96-97 302d FS...More
  silveira, joshua
  Simily, Kenn E — Enlisted '67; Ft. Ord, basic & AIT O5C. On to Benning for Infantry 11F, Jump, then got lucky and we...More
  Simms, Brian T. — Enlisted: 2-4 & 1-4 In in Germany Officer: 1st Cav from 97 - 2000. Did a rotation in Bosnia, wa...More
  Simms, Victor
  Simon, Michael — Served as FSO for D/3-502 IN, B/2-502 IN from 92-93 Served as Btry FDO & XO for C/1-320 FA 94-95 S...More
  Simonds, Edward
  Simons, John G
  Simpson, James J
  Simpson, Raymond a
  Sims, Forrest L
  Sims, Michael — <p> I am currently working in the chaplaincy in Mosul, Iraq. </P> <p> Listen to my music: http:/...More
  Sims, Neil D — Member: 1st Bn. 18th Inf. Member: 1st Bn. 8th Inf. Member : 1st Bn 23rd Inf. Member: 1st Bn. 30th In...More
  Sims, Reggie
  Sims Jr., Ronald r — Korea dmz, a-troop 4th squadron 7th cav 2nd inf div 1976-77 camp gary owen. radar site #11- D co. 2n...More
  Sin, Steve S — An Army officer stationed in Seoul, Korea, who enjoys the sport of fencing and tries to live everyda...More
  Singleton, Henry
  singley, phillip
  Sinnema, Michael J
  Sisil, Timothy D
  Sisseck, John L
  Siters, Robert W
  Sixtoes, William J — Military life gave me courage to follow through with ideas.
  Sixtyseven, Phantom
  Skaja, Brent D
  Skakun, Anastasia
  Skinner, Dennis
  Skinner, Erick Y — I am a local boy from wailua which is on a the island of Kauai in Hawaii. I join to serve my coutnr...More
  Skinner, Liberty — Camp Casey,2nd MP 5th Platoon, 1996-1997
  Slemmer, Adam — I am a Veteran, currently going to school on the VA's Chapter 31 program to become a teacher.
  Slinkard, Timothy
  Sloan, Jim — i went to desert storm with this unit
  Slocum, John — I was with Charlie Company from 1988 to 1990. I Deployed to Panama and Honduras. Then I left Bragg...More
  Slone, Marvin — I was born In Sturgis Mi when my father worked there we moved back to Ky where I grew until the age...More
  Slusser, Eddie A — 1 tour in korea may 2002- aug 2003
  Small, Raynard
  Smalls.Parish.Webb, Kim D.
  Smart, Robert E
  Smartt, James r
  Smedley Jr, James C — Assigned MEDDAC FT McClellan, AL 1975-1978. Camp Casey Korea HHC 2nd Inf Div. 1978-1979. FT McClella...More
  Smiley, James C — I graduated from Mt. Carmel in San Diego Ca. in 1991. Now in the Military since 1991; I am a Former ...More
  Smith, Alfred
  Smith, Anthony — Currently a Drill Sergeant on Sand Hill, Ft. Benning, GA.
  Smith, Brian
  Smith, Bridget M — To know me is to love me
  Smith, C J — Forced out on 100% combat-related in 1984. Hooked up with DOD for a few years, then consulted for th...More
  smith, cheryl
  Smith, Christopher
  Smith, Clarence — Born in Garyville Louisiana, Graduated from Fifth Ward High School, moved to SanFrancisco, Californi...More
  Smith, Dan R
  Smith, Danny K
  Smith, Darin
  Smith, Donald E
  Smith, Donald — Served with HHC Discom from June 72 to July 73 as Legal Clerk reviewing drug cases and typing Articl...More
  Smith, Douglas L
  Smith, Eli M
  Smith, Eric J — Married. 2 kids. Retired Infantryman. Anyone that served in the following units at the times indicat...More
  Smith, Ernest C — Korean war with the 9th Regt. 2nd battlion, Company F"
  Smith, Frank C
  Smith, Gregory E — Basic Training at Fort Ord, CA. 1961. AIT at Fort Collins, CO., 1962. B Btry 7th Bn 17th Arty at For...More
  Smith, Harvey
  Smith, Heath
  Smith, James F
  Smith, James C — Started in Wa. Guard in E Trp, 303rd Cav from 1991 to 1992, Then went into active duty and served i...More
  Smith, Jeffrey W
  Smith, Jermaine C
  Smith, Jerry D — After my cousin SP/4 Philip Neely served with the 3rd Herd, Sky Soldiers in Vietnam 70-71. I join t...More
  Smith, Jerry Dale — Served on Active Duty+22 years U.S. Army. Military Police, Airborne Infantry, LRRP (Recondo), Pathfi...More
  Smith, Jewell
  Smith, Joe — 13b10 also pac office
  Smith, John
  Smith, Keith — I have over 28 years service (Active and Reserve) prior to retiring in 2005. Before leavign active ...More
  Smith, Kieonn d — 3rd brigade c 5-5 ada/ a 5-5 ada camp casey korea
  Smith, Lakeisha
  Smith, Mark A
  Smith, Mark — Basic training D 4/3 at Ft. Leonard Wood. AIT 63B also there. Went to Germany stationed in Bamberg ...More
  Smith, Martin C. — 8 years Army total, United States Army Reserve, United States Army, California Army National Guard 1...More
  Smith, Matthew T — Was with 5/5 twice in Korea and once at Ft. Lewis
  Smith, Michael
  Smith, Michael A — I served in A-Co 50th Sig (1982); D 6/52 ADA (1983-1984); three tours in 67th Sig (1984-1986, 1987-1...More
  Smith, Michael A — Went to MCRD Parris Island, SC 2nd Bn H co. Left there went to MCT at Camp Gieger, then MOS at Camp...More
  Smith, Michael S — I was in 2-18 inf (M) (S)Echo Co .. 2nd platoon ...I was a tow gunner .. M-901 driver was there at 1...More
  Smith, Mike — From Denver, CO., Seen five different countries, 20+ states and I wish I could travel more
  Smith, Minnis (Smitty) L
  Smith, Paris
  Smith, Patrick K — Jonesville,SC
  Smith, Robert S — Basic @ Ft.Ord - 11/71-1/72 AIT 16 Romeo @ Ft.Bliss - 1/72-3/72 Duty assignment 2/61 ADA Camp Case...More
  Smith, Robert E — Retired US Army, Military Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Intelligence in Counter-Terrorism, Pho...More
  Smith, Robert J — WWII 2nd division, 23rd regiment, co. M, 3rd battalion email : or kirbyfrien...More
  Smith, Robert A — After leaving Ft. McClellan, Al. I was stationed at Camp Howze, Korea then in Grafenwoehr, Ge. Aftte...More
  Smith, Robert L — Retired Technology Instructor, D.O.D., Korean Veteran with 1st Cavalry Division, DMZ Police, Fort Be...More
  Smith, Ronnie — pulling patrols on the dmz in korea.
  Smith, S. R — 11b40p.. Airborne GRUNT..As good as it Gets !
  Smith, Shannon M
  Smith, Sonny
  Smith, Stephen J
  Smith, Tamara J
  Smith, Terri p
  Smith, Thomas T.
  Smith, Victor d
  Smith, Walter
  Smith, William F — U.S.ARMY Active duty from June 1986 thru November 1996. POL (1st term) and Maintenance (2nd Term). 2...More
  Smith, William — assigned to the CSC 1st of the 73rd armor battlion 2nd infantry division, Korea
  Smith 111, William E. — basic C-18-5 FT Knox KY 1Nov74-JAN74 AIT at FT HUACHUA AZ 17k20 MOS 2 years with CSC 1st bn 7th C...More
  Smith Sr., Wade M — Served as 11B with HHC Scout Plt from June 67 until June 68 Spent Tet 68 on hill 865 10 , man patrol...More
  Smolinske, Thad A. — Served four and a half years as an Infantry soldier. Served in Desert Shield/Storm with the 101st Ai...More
  smothers, john
  Smyczek, Thomas d — I'mam stationed at camp edwards korea with the 82nd engineers as a 63w mechanic.I would like to than...More
  Smyth, John T
  Snead Ii, Kenneth F
  Snelgrove, Malcolm S
  Snell, Dallas D — I Did Basic at Ft Dix NJ in 1970. >Combat Development Experimental Command Fort Ord Calif. >...More
  Snider, Kennard
  Snoeberger, Roscoe
  Snoeberger, Troy
  Snow, Jeff
  Snow jr., Robert E — PAC Office Clerk 75B/ Field Artillery 13B/Stationed in Ft. Sill, OK/Korea(camp Stanley and Camp Case...More
  Snowberger, David
  Snuffle, Charlie H — Comissioned RA Dec. 1973 TC/INF. BA/BS Southeastern La. Univ. 1973; MA U.S. Naval War College, 377th...More
  Snuggs, George
  snyder, chris — Chris Snyder - enjoyed my year in Korea, made alot of friends that i would like to reconnect with. L...More
  Snyder, James l — served as military policeman from 1966 to 67 in ascom depot,67-69 armed forces police boston, 69-70 ...More
  Snyder, Michael L — 1976-1986 Infantry, Berlin Brigade, 1st AD, 7th ID, 2nd ID, 1986-1998 USA Rctg Cmd, 6th Rctg...More
  Snyder, Stephen — Retired after 20+ years of service. Served with: A and HQ 6-32 Armor, Ft. Carson; C 3-69, Asc...More
  Snyder, Steve — Enlisted 1979 - Tank Crewman, A Co 6-32 AR, Fort Carson - 1980-81 -- Tank Plt Ldr, C Co HOBOS 3-69 ...More
  Soberanes, Jose
  Soberanes, Jose A
  Sobieski, Nick J
  Soderberg, Daniel M — 6-80 FA, Fort Ord 1982 1984 Active Duty 1-15 FA, Camp Stanley 1984 1985 Active Duty 3-21 FA, Fort ...More
  Sogomonyan, Adam P
  Soh, Hee
  Sojka, John h
  Solberg, James
  Soli, George A. — Various assignments in Armor and Cavalry. Retired 1992 at Ft Lewis and currently reside near Tacoma...More
  Soloe, Lewis — Will never forget that D_ _ _ loud speaker.
  Solorzano, Luis — 24 years in the US Army. Most of it was in the US. Cavalry, including: 2nd Armored Cavalry (FRG), 5t...More
  Somarriba, Fernando — B CO 54TH SIG BN, 3RD SIG BDE A CO 122 SIG BN, 2ND INF DIV HHC 44TH SIG BN, 7TH SIG BDE 5TH SIG C...More
  Sons, Daryl D
  Sorensen, Melvin J
  Sorrentino, Jerry
  Sotelo, Cesario — 620 supply co 79-80 ft carson ,D co 44th eng camp indian korea 80-81, A btry 1/7th ADA ft bliss tx...More
  Sotero, Jose A
  Sotero, Jose
  Sotero Pomales, Jose A
  Soteropoulos, Paul
  Soto, Emilio P
  Soto, Israel
  Soto, Manuel
  Soto Sr, Mario L
  Soto-Solano, Alex — Member of C co. 1st Bn. 503rd (The Rock) Which then came to be C co. 5th Bn. 187th Inf. Reg. (R...More
  Sotomayor, Federico — Serve on the DMZ with 2nd engineer bn bravo company work on Oulett, Collier, and four papa one, Well...More
  Sotomayor, Federico
  Southern, Phillip K
  Spahn, Mark a — 3/7/78 - 6/22/78 fort knox / fort benning 7/12/78- 7/11/79 camp hovey S Korea 8/9/1979 - 3/7/81 ft...More
  Spain, Mary A — Instructor 2nd Inf NBC School, wrote NBC Newsletter. Ops Sgt, HHC, G3, I Corps, Ft. Lewis 1985, wro...More
  Sparenberg, Stephen j — 3rd bgrigade 2nd infantry division fort lewis washington
  Sparks, Daniel J — Traditional Anglican priest and U.S. Army chaplain.
  Sparks, Joseph M — Served in Bco 5-73 Armor/ 1/10 Cavalry 194th armored brigade, Fort Knox, KY Jan, 1986 to August 19...More
  Sparks, Len — Squad Leader B Co. 2/18 Inf. Blew out a knee then went to HHC and work in the S3 Shop as the Tasking...More
  Spas, Ted
  Spates, Jack — I was a mechanic in service battery I was in Batalion Maint I was the wrecker operator when I went t...More
  Spaunhorst, Eric W
  Speakman, Charles p
  Speakman, Robert E — Served 28 years with Army, served as Company First Sergeant (TOP ) with A Company 1/505th Airborne, ...More
  Spears, Danny
  Spears, Ricky G — Served with A Co then D co 2/9 from MAY00-JUL01 at Cp Casey
  Spencer, Craig m
  Spencer, Marion D — Served in CO B, 106 Engineers, 31st Infantry Div in the National Guard from 1948. Activated Jan 195...More
  Spencer, Patrick F. — Units: *C Co 1st Bde, Ft. Ord, CA Basic Tng. 1959 *A Co,122nd Sig Bn, 2nd Inf. Div,Ft. Benning, GA...More
  Speroni, Kevin
  Spess, David J
  Spicer, Patrick W — I served my country with great honor! I worked hard, played hard, had trials and tribulations, and ...More
  Spiegel Jr., Lloyd K — Also served with 329th ASA, Camp Casey ROK 77-78... Never caught with an invalid overnight
  Spiers, Jess T
  Spivey, Charles L
  Sporay, Ralph
  Sport Formerly Wood, Kara L — Born and raised in Iowa. Graduated High School in 1997 and left for the Army a month later. Served...More
  Sprader, Lawrence George — Assigned to D Trp, 3/5th Air Cav and C Trp, 3/17th Air Cav, attached to 1st Aviation Brigade at Vinh...More
  Sprader, Lawrence G — Retired SFC, JAGC Branch, Served in Vietnam 68-71; Married 21 years, two sons, Christopher and Lawre...More
  Spradlin, Ron
  Sprague, Matthew
  Sprecher, James l — Born: Fairfax, Va Education: Graduated W.T. Woodson High School----1988 Basic Training at Ft. K...More
  Springstroh, Adam M — I served in the MCO office, on CP Casey, as a part of HHC DISCOM until it shut down in June of 2005....More
  Sprinkle, Johnny L — Served as a AH-1F Crewchief in Cavalry units to include the 1st Infantry Divison, 2nd Infantry Divis...More
  Sprott, Rd
  Sprowl, Richard E. — 2nd Avn Bn Maint NCO SSG E-6 Korea, 175th Avn Co Vietnam, 121 Avn Co Vietnam, HHC 2nd Braigade, 82n...More
  Spyridon, Mark
  St Clair, Russell J — I had a ball over there
  St. Cyr, Adam M
  St. Hilaire, Junior M
  St.John, Michael A
  Stacey, James F — Korea 1 YR/ RVN 3 YRS/ Germany 4 YRS/ NORAD 4 YR/ Fort Benning,Bragg,McArthur,Holabird, Huach...More
  Stack, Kathleen
  Stack - Buxton, Kathleen R — Basic Training - Fort Jackson, SC 1980-1981 AIT - Ft Ben Harrison, IN 1981 2nd Infantry Divsion Su...More
  Stadtmueller, Michael T
  Stafford, Daniel E
  Stage, Eddie J
  Stahlman, Carl A — Born-'71, Enlisted-'90, Comm'd-'97, IMA-'02, currently Captain (03-E), promo to Major-Spring of '06....More
  Staley, Christine
  Staley, David K — Married over 30 years, 2 children, 1 college graduate, and 1 in college now. Spent 21 years serving ...More
  Stallard, Anthony L — Basic/Fort Leonard Wood Missourri 1981, AIT 31V/Fort Sill Ok1982, HOW Btry 1/3rd ACR Ft Bliss, Tx 19...More
  Stanbery, Clyde R — Served in the 502nd Replacement Detachment form 72-73: 3/3rd FA-84-86: 2AD DIVARTY- 86-88: HHC 3/66 ...More
  Stanford, Larry C
  Stanickowsky, Joseph P
  Stanley, Jennifer — Enlisted in the National Guard. 81st Combat Brigade, 181st BSB. Delta Co. 63B! Went to ft. Jac...More
  Stannard, Todd D
  Staples, Shawn R
  Starnes, Mica d
  Starnes, William M
  Starns, Dana A
  Starr, Terry
  Starrett, George
  stasiulaitis, darrell
  Stead Sr, David L — I was born in Cortland, New York in 1967. I graduated from Binghamton High School in Binghamton, New...More
  Stearns, Brian E — Basic Sand Hill 1993, Ft. Campbell, KY until 95, then DMZ of Korea till late 96
  Steele, Hope L — I joined the Army in Aug 1995. I spent 1 year (Jan- Dec 96) in Korea at Camp Red Cloud in HHC 2ID, G...More
  Steele, John R
  Steffler, Cory T
  Stein, Glenn M — From South Carolina. 62E, Aco 5th, served at NTC , Pinion Canyon DesertStorm/Shield 46th eng Fort ...More
  Steiner, James J — Battalion QA/QC---(AKA DEADLINE DARREL) Battalion Service BABENHAUSEN, GERMANY
  Stemsrud, Allen — OSUT at Ft. Benning A/1-19 1988 Ft. Ord 1988-1990 Operation Just Cause Dec 1989 Camp Howze Ko. 19...More
  Stender, Michael
  Stenzel, Jason K — Entered service July 89, Stationed Ft. Riley B Co 4-37th AR 1st ID. Deployed Operations Desert Storm...More
  Stephens, John D — I have been active duty Air Force from 2000-2006, spent 2 1/2 years as a civilian. I entered the Arm...More
  Stephens, Joseph — Served with the Merchant Marine in 1990-91 during Desert Shield/Desert Storm and in OIF 2004-05 in R...More
  Stephens, Kenneth E — Dr. Kenneth Stephens is a retired military (Army) First Sergeant. He served twenty-years in Army Avi...More
  Stepp, K A
  Sterling, Kevin
  Stern, Sammy s
  Sterner, Chilly — 1983-1985: 9th ID, 4th Bat/23rd Inf Reg./"C" Co. (Ft. Lewis, WA) 1985-1986: 2nd ID, 1rst Ba...More
  Stevens, David L — 1977 US Army Military Police School 1977-1978 US Army Aviation School 1978-1980 9th Infantry Divis...More
  Steward, Troy — I served in active duty from 1987-1996, since then I have been a member of the Alaska National Guard...More
  Steward, William T — I served in active duty from 1987-1996, since then I have been a member of the Alaska National Guard...More
  Stewart, Andres C — 1/31 CSC Camp Casey Korea 76-77 4/12 Cav Fort Polk, La 77-79 Scouts Out
  Stewart, Erica M — Spouse of an army veteran in O.I.F. Have relocated to the Charlotte area. Would be more than happy...More
  Stewart, Marshall D
  Stickel, Charles E
  Stidam, Ronnie
  Stidmon, Michael
  Stiefel, Thomas
  stiefel, thomas
  Stiegler, Donald E — served in HHC 1st Bn 9th inf 2nd division, in Korea 1969-70. Served at Camp Custer and Camp Dodge, ...More
  Stinchfield, Chris — Served 1 yr tour at Camp Greaves
  Stinchfield, Christopher E — Served 1 year in So. Korea at Camp Greaves, from 1987-88. Was in Charlie Comapany 1st platoon 1/50...More
  Stinger, Damon A — 18 YR Combat Army Veteran from Columbus, OH. Joined the Army in 1987 as a 13B. Duty assignments incl...More
  Stitt, Glenn J — I was in Fort Benning, Ga. back in 1990. Was supposed to go to Korea. Never did. Now, 12 years la...More
  Stitt, Robert
  Stjohn, Kenneth G — Graduated High school 1974,Joined the Army in 1975 Basic training Ft Dix NJ. AIT Ft Rucker Al. Stat...More
  Stoakley, James a — Jump school-Dec 58 Ft.Bragg(assigned to E Co. 503rd 1st ABG while in jump school)..from Bragg to Mai...More
  Stock, Brian A — UH-1H Helicopter mechanic.1980-1989 AH-1F Attack Pilot. 1989-1995 UH-60 Pilot. 1995-2001
  Stockwell, Ronald W — Grew up around the Baldwin and Big Rapids, Michigan area. Joined the Army Sept 11th 1962. Basic an...More
  Stokes, Leontina C.
  Stolzenberger, Ralph d — served in army from 1948 to 1952 basic at ft knox guam-1949/1950 korea-1950-1951 akron,ohio t...More
  Stone, Bernie
  Stone, David J — Native New Yorker currently living in Utah. Served initially in the Utah Army National Guard in com...More
  Stone, Mark A — I got there in 86 when Skinny Hood was the 1sg.I left for good in94.Ican recall all the times with W...More
  Stone, Nevelo
  Stone, Phillip — 19th SFG(A) 2001 - 2004: Activated for Opn Enduring Freedom Dec 2001 - Jun 2003. Attached to 5th SF...More
  Stonebraker, Dean E
  Stookey, Frank Thomas
  Storck, Nathan J. — IN PL and CO XO: 1/5 IN ROK, 88-90 IN CO XO, TOW PL, TOW CO XO: 2/187 IN 101st, 90-92 CO CDR: 108...More
  Storm, Eric M
  Storozuk, Jon E
  Storts, Bryan M — Spent eight good years in the Army, got out and came back to hometown. Now I am supporting the troo...More
  Story, Dennis W. — Retired 1 Jan 1994 from Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Currently Married to Wanda L. Story and ...More
  Story, Leslie A
  Stout, Richard
  Stout, Robert E. — 568th Trans/H123 AVN. UH-1 mechanic and CE.
  Stout, Ron
  Stovall, Thomas A
  Strack, John
  Stracke, Russell
  Strader, Jim
  Stradley, Scott
  Stradley, Scott
  Strait, Joseph — I am a 15 year veteran of the US Army. I am joining this group because my father was a Firemen 2nd C...More
  Strait, Joseph J
  Straley, Hollie L — I was stationed at Fort Benning, GA for my first five years where I was deployed to Desert Storm in ...More
  Strange, Westley a
  Strasburg, Joshua M
  Straub, Robert J
  Strawser, Jamie R
  Strayhorn, Jerome — SSG US Army, C,Co 2/32 AR SGT C 3/32 AR SGT C 1/61 INF SPC C 1/31 INF
  Strebe, James G — I was a Stinger Missle Crew Chief. 6th ACCB 6th CAV HHT 1/38 INF 2nd INF DIV Camp Hovey Korea. My...More
  Streich, Tiffany a — my grandpa, Corporal Walter Streich served in the 2nd infantry division in WWII. He was the first g...More
  Streiff, Philip Jay — Stationed at Camp Casey & Camp Edwards
  Strickland, William E — 1971-1972 D5/1 FT. JACKSON, S.C.,1972-1974 4/69 & 2/69 ARMOR, FT. BENNING, GA.197 INF. BDE.), 1974-1...More
  Stringer, Dustin G
  Strong, Debbie A — Single widdowed female
  Strong, Henry
  Strong, Travis MacCody — I joined the Army back in 1997. My first unit was 1/508th in Italy. I was there from 1997-2000. I re...More
  Stroud, John R — Married 32 years. Dicharged 1991. 91C School Fort Bragg, NC. Served 2nd Cbt Engineers Camp Castle 19...More
  Stroud, John — I was stationed Moncrief Army Hospital from 1975 to 1976 and 1983 to 1985.
  Struble, Jason k — Camp Casey Korea 2-9 Inf, MANCHU Fort Carson 1-8 Inf Now married w/2 kids boy and girl. I do com...More
  Struck, Tom
  Struffolino, Frank
  Struffolino, Vincent A — Assigned to A troop 1/3rd ACR 3rd plt tank section
  Struffolino, Vincent A
  Stuart, Christopher L — Grow up hard, family sucked, mother disowned me, father disowned me, drothers tryed to kill me, my l...More
  Stubbs, James — I was the stinger Plt Sgt. for Combat Btry 1/5 ADA, during the GULF WAR I meet SGT MICHELLE MAL...More
  Stuckey, Christopher R
  Stuckey, Debby A — I can be found on Facebook also.
  Stuekerjuergen, John
  Sturges, Peter — military police
  Suggs, Ricky R — Been there, done that. You name it and I'm sure I've done it or been close enough to have seen it do...More
  Sullivan, Barry
  Sullivan, Francis B — Served in FT. Benning from Dec 1961 thru July 1963. Anti-Tank.
  Sullivan, Larry J
  Sullivan, Malik — B co 122nd signal 1st Plt 2nd Cbt Support Hospital
  Sullivan, Roy L — 1986 I went To Ft Dix NJ for Basic AIT @Ft Gordon E-5-1.Permanent Duty at C142 Sign Bn Ft Hood Texa...More
  Sumner, Ricky
  Supek, Stephen M — Retired after 20 years of service. MOS 31W40. Now a Grandpa.
  Surber, Stanley A — Basic Ft.Benning1965,AIT Ft.Ord 1966 ,C Co.3/23 Inf Korea 1966-67,HHC 4/54 Inf 1967-67,A Co.6/32 Arm...More
  Suter, Donald
  Sutter, Bradley P
  Sutter, Jeff
  Sutton, Albert w
  Sutton, Gregory A — 82-C.Field Artillery Surveyor
  Sutton, Joe B
  Sutton, Kevin — went in in 1986 spent 8 1/2 years in service
  Sutton, Michelle
  Sutton, Ron — I was with HHC, 1st Bn, 67th Armor, 2nd Armored Div, Ft Hood, from Aug. 64 to June 65, Mortar plt....More
  Sutton, Sandra J — I was in the active army for 10+ years, joined NG and started college degree, deployed to Iraq 2006,...More
  Swain, Craig A
  Swan, Charles C
  Swan, Stephen M
  Swann, Brian M. — -US.ARMY, 91B-40, SSG-E-6. -1966-1972. Medical NCO. -US.ARMY, 011A, CW4, MC. -1976-1997, Army PA...More
  Swann, Michael
  Swanson, Darrell
  Swanson, Kevin t — Soldiered 73~76 married twice (oops) 77~85 Soldiered 86~03
  Sweat, Richard H
  Sweeney, Larry — Line man
  Sweeney, Robert
  Sweet, Steven D — learned then lived
  Sweet, Theodore J — (1990-91) SGM, 1/15TH INFANTRY, USAIS, FT BENNING, GA
  Swenie, Christian — vulcan gunner with A BTRY 3/3 ADA and A BTRY 2/5 ADA. TOW gunner with 4/325 and 3/325 AIR, 82d ABN D...More
  Swenson, Randy L — 146th ASA Co Korea / 609th Trans Co. Hunter AAF Ga. / Civilian / 2-37 FA Ft. Sill, Ok / 1-40 FA Germ...More
  Swing, Joe M — 1981-1982: 101st Airborne Division, A Btry 2/31st FA; 1982-1983: 2nd Infantry Division, HHB a...More
  Swofford, Ricky E
  Symank, Douglas R — Retired live in Houston, Tx, . Served in 1st Cav Div (1973-1976), 61st Maint Co, Camp Kyle, Korea ...More

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