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  M, Amanda Hope
  Maas, Andrew T — I was a "Gold Bar" recruiter for six months for Central Missouri State University from Dec 01 to Jun...More
  Maas, Jeff
  Mabry, George S — BT/AIT (Abn Inf) - Ft Gordon, GA, 1968 - Jump School 1968, 1/504th, 82d Abn Div.-1968-1969, 2/23 Inf...More
  Mabry, Jason A
  Macadam, J.
  Macdonald, John
  Macedo, Daniel J — Active duty from 1972 to 1982. Reserve/National Guard active/inactive service until retirement in 1...More
  Macfadden, David L — AD USA 24 years
  Machulski, Joe A
  Macias, Enrique — 1/506 currahee!
  Mack, Austin W
  Mack, L.B.
  MacKenzie, John
  Mackey, John J — 2/9 Cav Ft. Stewart, GA 1979-1981 1/72 Armor CSC Camp Casey, Korea 1981-1982 1/10 Cav Ft. Car...More
  Mackinnon, Monica L — Served on active duty for 14 years as a combat medic. Has several unit affliations. Presently, liv...More
  Macleod, Wesley
  Macmann, Scott
  Maddies, Stephen R — Currently seerving back in Iraq on my 2nd tour, due to rotate back to the U.S. in Aug. 2007
  Madding , Allyn l — camp hovey 1bn 24tnf co.C rock of the marn
  Maddox, Jesse b
  Madron, Mike D — 5/5 ADA at Ft. Lewis from 1997 to 2000.
  Madsen, Daryl
  Magana, Cynthia t
  Magdaleno, Fernando B — 19DELTA Cav.Scout BasicTraining:Ft.Knox 1979/ 79-80Camp Gary Owens A troop 2nd ID. Korea/ 80-82 F...More
  Maglalang, Art B — Currently living near Sacramento, CA as a System Administrator. I've got a wonderful wife, a son (2...More
  Magruder, Jay W
  Magruder, Jay W
  Magruder, Roberto 19 — free
  Maguire, Richard L — 20 Years NBC You all called me BUGS!!!
  Mahlum, Buddy L
  Mahon, Sean G — Army from 1980-92, served in Germany, Korea, Ft Lewis Wa, Ft Meade Md and other places. Infantry un...More
  mahon, sean
  Mahoney, Brett
  Mahony, Patrick A
  Maidment, Edward A — Tank crew member in B Co. 1/12th Cav, Fort Hood Texas. Tank Gunner in D Co. 2/72 Armor, Camp Casey,...More
  Maile, Chris
  Mainland, Mark
  Majors, David
  Malcolm , Thomas H
  Maldonado, Daniel — Command & General Staff College Graduate AG Officer Advanced Company Commanders Course Postal Op...More
  Maldonado, Nelson
  Maldonado Sr., Thomas
  Malloy, Andrew D. — 1/5 Mech. Bn.; 25th MP Company; and 25th Repl Det. 1968 & 1969, in Viet Nam ; Co. A, 3/32nd Bn. 7th...More
  Malone, Ernest W
  Malone, Thomas R — Blue Lancer Valley...HHC 1st Brigade motor pool...Davy Crockett....Generators
  Man, Hotrod — Currently Retired after serving as anBrigade S-3 Sergeant Major, was a HHC 1SG, Infantry Company 1S...More
  Manalang, Gerry M — I recently retired after twenty one years of Army service. I served in 1-5 CAV during my last five y...More
  MANALOTO, arvin — Served as a scout with HHC 2/72 Armor Battalion from 1986 to 1987.
  Manavi, Ruhollah A — I love my wife, I love my kid, and I love the Army
  Maness, Darrin G
  Mangler, Derrick L — Served 3 years. Went through basic at Ft. Knox KY. Stationed at Ft. Lewis WA. If you are wondering w...More
  Mankel, Roxy
  Mann, James
  Manor , Jim
  Manship, William
  Mantrom, Lou
  Marcelain, John G — I was station at Camp Stanley Jan 84 to June 84. Camp Casey June 84 to Jan 86. 2ID Military Police. ...More
  Marcelain, John G — 9 yrs Army Military Police. 1984-1986 at 2nd MP co. ( 4th Plt & 2nd PLt)
  Marin, Marco A — Served as Fire Support Officer with 2nd Division Artillery's 1st Battalion, 38th Field Artillery at ...More
  Marini, Michael f — on active duty from 1978-1982 hht 4th 7th cav from 79-80. korea was quite an experience. changed my ...More
  Marion, Amanda H — very reliant 22 y/o female who joined the service in 2002. I am a PFC and my MOS is 91W10 (combat m...More
  Marion, Richard B — I've been a member of Charlie Company, 2/102 Armor the entire time I've been in the National Guard, ...More
  Markoff, Michael S
  Marks, Michael J — 3rd Brigade, 2ID. SBCT. OIF 2003-2004
  Marnon, Don J
  Marquez, Orlando
  Marquis, Kim C
  Marquis, Kim C
  Marrs, Douglas B — Served 1988-1992. 15 months in Korea in 2ID during the first Gulf War
  Marsh, Thomas S — I joined in 1966. In January of 1967 I was in Korea. I was in BLV and then north of the Injum. I was...More
  Marsh, Thomas
  Marshall, Charlie — Team leader and Squad Leader in infantry units - Light Infantry and Mechanized Infantry units.
  Martell, Maximino
  Marti, Deano J — I was born and raised in Garrett, IN. I currently live in Bloomington, IN. I was in the army for 6...More
  Martin, Charles E — Served with the 3/18 Artillery Pleiku Vietnam with 1st Cavalry 1965-66. Stateside Ft. Lewis Washingt...More
  Martin, Craig J
  Martin, James R — Tgt Acq Plt Ldr, FO & FIST chief, 3rd Bn 3rd FA 194th Armd Bde Ft Knox, KY. 1976-1978. C Btry XO & ...More
  Martin, James D — HHC 2/9 Camp Greaves 2/76 to 3/77 Worked in the motor pool
  Martin, Mark A — 80-80 Ft. Stewart Ga. 2/21 81-83 2ID 1/31 Brovo Co 83-84 FT Steward 5/32 HHC and 2nd Bgd 84-85 Ge...More
  Martin, Peter D. — units I served in: B trp 4/7 CAV camp garry owen korea B co 3/67 AR ft hood texas D co 1/4 INF ho...More
  Martin, Randall a
  Martin, Shane D
  Martin, William A — army brat ,army, school ,work, sc army national guard, work.
  Martin, William
  Martin, York — Spent a year at camp Hovey near Tokori village in 1977-78. Was with the 1/38th combat support, Tow G...More
  Martinez, Andrew L — BT on Fort Sill, Ok on 2005; my first duty station on Fort Lewis, WA 2005 to 2009; ...
  Martinez, Angel R
  Martinez, Arturo — currently platoon sergeant for a forward logistics element platoon
  Martinez, Dennis R
  Martinez, Dennis R — Join California National Guard Dec 1974,Basic Feb75 B-19-5 Ft Knox Ky, AIT A-3-1 Ft Knox Ky, Joined ...More
  Martinez, Joe
  Martinez, Jose A — combat infantry in iraq 2 tours
  Martinez, Mark A — Born Los Angles California. Lived in Tx most of my life entered in to military in 1986, first duty s...More
  Martinez, Michael J — Joined the Army in April of 1980, spent the next 24 years in the Army or in the Army National Guard....More
  Martinez, Reuben V — Been there done it, got the shirt, wore it, tore it, now it's a rag.
  Martinez, Richard
  Martinez, Sergio R — 2nd Arrowhead Brig. Task Force Olympia. OIF Dec. 2003- Feb. 2005
  Martinezcruz, Wilfredo
  Martini, Robert A
  Mason, Bob — ETSed in 76. Lived in Michigan until 1999. Now in NC working in the Two-Way radio industry. Single...More
  Mason, Mike — Joined US Army when I was 17 years old, retired at 38. Transitioned well back into civilian life uti...More
  Massey, Kyle K
  Matejkowski, Krzysztof
  Matejkowski, Krzysztof
  Matheny, William E — I was attached to the 3rd/23rd Inf.from 2nd Divarty as a Radar Repair Tech from Dec 66 to Juk 68. W...More
  Mathis, Matthew J
  Mathis, Matthew J
  Mathis, Michael
  Matos, Robert
  Mattaliano, Paul — was with the 2nd division in france belgium an germany
  Matteson, Robert C — I served from 1982-1986. I attended OSUT at Fort Benning,GA, Jungle Warfare School at Fort Sherman P...More
  Matthews, John — G1 Sergeant Major
  Matthews, John
  Matthews, Patrick L
  Matthews, Paul A — Served in Korea in1971 and 1972 131 Inf. on the DMZ C co and scouts. Went to Fort Bragg in 1973-197...More
  Matthysse, Daniel L
  Mauk, Richard J
  Maull, Derick
  May, Dean C — 22 yrs in army aviation, stationed in Germany, Ft Ord, CA, Ft Campbell, Ky, Camp stanely Korea and s...More
  May, Earl S
  May, Michaela l. — Registered Nurse in Bloomington Indiana. Three wonderful children
  May, Shayne
  Mayfield, Joseph A — I was born by the river, in a little tent and lawd like the river, I've been runnin' ever since.
  Mayhew, Kevin J
  Maynard, Robert
  Mayne, Sterling K — /> 1st ID, 1/4 Cav, HHC -- S4 (US); /> 1st ID, 1/4 Cav, D Trp -- Aviation, Scout Platoon Cmdr (US...More
  Mayo, Gary
  mayotte, john
  Mazak, Julieann
  Mc Clung, Donald
  Mc Cracken, Timothy W — I began my military career in the Army Artillery at age 17. I was in the 2nd, 4th, and 101st. I move...More
  Mc Eachern, Charles G
  Mc Gough, Max k — I was stationed at Ledward Barracks,Schweinfurt,Germany,Delta....Company,2nd Battle Group,38Infantry...More
  Mc Govern, Dan
  Mcadams, James A — served 1 year with 1st./23rd. 2nd Infantry Korea
  McAfee, Terry
  Mcallister, Thomas
  mcbay, tom
  Mcbean, Aubrey V — I am an Active Reserve solider who is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in North Carolina and Atlan...More
  Mcbride, Bill
  Mccain Jr., Melvin
  Mccallister, Doyle E
  Mccann, Brian J
  Mccann, David
  Mccardle, Gerald w
  Mccarns, Charles J
  Mccarthy, Mike
  Mccarthy, Skye R
  Mccaughey, Richard I — [Ranger Company 73 -74(E3 - E4); Ranger Department 74 - 75(E4 - E5) Ft Benning, Ga]; [US...More
  Mccauley, Henry f.
  Mccauley, John M
  Mccauley, Mark — I was a 96R stationed at Ft. Davis in Panama.
  Mccauley, Mark r — 7 years active duty. 2yr. with 2ID, 2yr. with 9ID, and 1 1/2yrs. the Big Red One. Also did 1 yr. in ...More
  Mccauley, Roger W
  Mcclara, Thomas G — I was in the 1st Cavalry Division in Korea in 1965. The Division was re-designted to the 2nd Infantr...More
  Mcclaren, Sam L — 1968-89, ret MSG/1SG. Married, 1 child, 2 dogs. Retired from KY VA 2001. Live near Ft Campbell, KY, ...More
  McClimans Jr, David G
  Mcclinton, Joe — B4/9th INF A3/9 INF A5/20 INF 1394th DCU (Reserve Unit)
  Mcclung, Glenn — active from 1976 to 1997, Retired, now working for WorldCom
  Mcclure, Doug J
  Mccomas, Eric w — was a forward observer (fister) Everyone called me big MAC!
  Mcconathy, James E. — Chemical Corps
  Mcconaughey, Eric — 1-66 ar Delta co
  Mcconnell, Terry l — Met my wife and two daughters were born during my tour in Korea.
  Mccormic, Jonathan M
  McCoskey, William L — 1993-95 Tank Platoon Leader, Support Platoon Leader, 2-33 Armor, 194th Sep. Armored Bde 1995-96 Su...More
  Mccoy, Ben S
  Mccoy, Edward L — I consider myself one of the Smartest and most technically and tacticaly CBRN Soldiers in the entire...More
  Mccoy, Scott
  Mccoy, Timothy A — I'm simply a soldier who loves what he does, I've served with 82nd Abn 86-89, 3rd AD from 89-92, 35...More
  Mccray, Robert A
  Mccready, Melizza I
  Mccreight, Gene g — Ft. Lewis, Washington Camp Casey, Korea
  Mccullough, Dennis J
  Mccullough, Michael S
  Mcdaniels, Sherry
  Mcdonald, Mike — was in korea from 2003-2004 and then went to iraq in 2004-2005, was part of the 1-503rd air assult. ...More
  Mcdonald, William
  McDonald II, James E — I spent two and half years in the infantry all that time was spent with the U. S. Army Honor Guard ...More
  Mcdonnell, Janet
  Mcdonnell, Michael D — US Army germany,viet nam,concord, NH, belguim, germany, ft ord, ca. Born clinton, IA 27 Sep 50, liv...More
  Mcdonnell, Michael T
  Mcdougle, Dexter
  Mcdowell, Bobby L — I was 2nd platoon Co-B 1/38 at Camp Hovey Korea. I spent alot of time in To-Ko-Ri & Tong Dung Chun...More
  McDowell, Shane K — OPSEC
  Mcdowell , Robert A — Retired From US DOD in 1996. Active In Special Forces Association Chapter 64. Carlisle , PA Randall...More
  Mcelhone, Joseph s — 11c, 93-95hhc,95-96, 2nd tank korea,96-97 hhc. all 11c got out e-5, went to national gaurd ran a mor...More
  Mcfall, John R. — Retired from the Army in 2000 after 21 years of service. Served as a First Sergeant for B Company a...More
  McFall, Randy F — Plt 3005 at Paris Island in 79. Basic (D-4-1) and 71L AIT (E-14-4) at Ft Jackson in 81-82. 69th Or...More
  Mcfarlan, Joseph C — Just a Soldier/Father/husband trying to make a difference.
  Mcfarling, Jonathan B
  Mcgarrah, Jeremiah — AH-64D Longbow Apache Phase Team
  Mcgee, Leon
  Mcgeorge, Casey J
  Mcgettigan, Michael P
  Mcgill, Roger — 24 FSB Ft Stewart
  Mcginnis, Ricky L
  McGloine, Thomas
  McGlynn, John Wesley
  McGlynn Sr, John Wesley — Enlisted in the delayed entry for 11 months and 22 days, got out of the army after 13 yrs, 3 months,...More
  McGowan, Brad
  Mcgrattan, Patrick
  Mcgraw, Ladd
  McGrew, Bennie — Assigned to C Co 122d Maint., Ray Barracks FRG
  McGuire, Lloyd
  Mcguire Sr, Mark A — Was station with Bco from 85-86 at Ft Hood,Tx..
  Mchugh, Theodore T
  Mcintosh, Duane — infanrty airborne 1st 509th and 1st 506th infantry airassault
  Mckee, Brett A — Alpha Troop 15th Cav. Alpha Co. 1/72nd Armor Delta Co. 3/68th Armor
  Mckenney, Dwayne A — DOD Civilian, Medically Retired
  Mckenzie, Ryan
  Mckewen, Fred
  Mcknight, James W — 27.5 years Army service, enlisted, warrant, and commissioned. Retired 1997. Proud father of a Coa...More
  Mclaughlin, Fitzpatrick
  Mclaughlin, John M — 1/31st Mech. Infantry 2nd Inf Div - Camp Howze Feb 83 to 84 - 11B 2-504 Airborne (B co) March 84 to...More
  Mclaughlin, Mike — Foward Observer: I served at Camp Greaves supporting C co. 1/9th inf. & Camp Howze supporting B co. ...More
  Mclaughlin, Richard E — Leading Radioman RM1(SS). Civilian contractor (ASC) at TRITRAFAC, Bangor. Trucking dispatcher
  Mclaughlin, Richard E — Radio Mechanic. Inf Squad Leader. Wire Team Chief.
  Mcleod, Lindell — Served in Co B 2ndBn 23rd Inf 2nd Inf Div Eight Army. Stationed in Korea between May 16,1968 and Ju...More
  Mcloud, James
  Mcloud, James E.
  McMahon, Bill — 2nd Admin Co. - Finance Camp Casey Aug. 1971 - May 1972
  Mcmanigal, Michael — USMA Class of 1983, 101 ABN DIV, 1984-87 (1-503, 5-187, 101 PFDR) Instructor, U.S. Army Ranger Cou...More
  Mcmanus, Curtis R
  Mcmaster, Daniel — Army Infantry from 92-98 then switched to EOD from 98-02. ETS'd to attend college full time, starte...More
  Mcmillan, Henry C
  Mcmillen, Howard L
  Mcmillen, Howard L — 5/17 air cav camp mobile / camp gary owens
  Mcmullen, Brian s — Medic/Supply Sgt
  Mcmullen, John
  Mcmunn, William
  Mcnair, Quinton m
  Mcneal, Scott
  Mcnealy, Lawrence A — Combat Support CoRadar section
  Mcnease, Warren
  Mcneely Jr., Daniel V — I joined the army in 1987 and attended Infantry OSUT and Airborne. I served as an M901 ITV diver in...More
  Mcnees, Wesley S — 1st ID - Served with the 977th MP Bn (MP Patrolman) and the A Co. (LE) USAG (Military Police Investi...More
  Mcpherson, Christopher C — forward observer in 82nd DIVARTY for three years military police in 2nd ID for one year
  Mcpherson, Mack — retired in 1996, 22.5 years active duty. Served in MOS 11D-11E-16P-16S-16Z. Units served in 11th ACR...More
  Mcquade, Daniel T
  Mcrae, William J
  Mead, Larry — Assigned to 2nd Inf Div. 1975-1976. And, Fort Ord California, 1976-1977.
  Meadows, Dale W — I was assigned to HHC, 1st Bn 9th Infantry from November 1979 to March 1981. Since my ETS I have l...More
  Meadows, Maynard C — Served with 4th Bn 5th Air Defense Charlie Battery
  Meagher, Ed — Was assigned to the 2nd AD in Garlstedt Germany. 2/50 then reflagged to 4/41
  Meagher, Sammy
  Mears, David — I lasted until NOV 2nd of 2005 and that put me in Active for 8 years and 6 months. I got injured in...More
  Mease, Michael w
  Medina, Anthony M. — First Active Duty station, Camp Casey
  Medina, Fermin R
  Medina, Roberto — Joined military in 1989 and still enjoying it... only have 2yrs left until I can retire; thinking ab...More
  Medrano, Jose L
  Meehan, Charles V — I enlisted in 1981as a 67N. Tours include 2nd Avn Bn (Korea, 82-83), HHC, 2nd Bde (Avn Plt), 101st ...More
  Meeler, Robert W — Remote Construction Teams OIC
  Meizius, Ian S
  Mejias, Pfc Jorge L — From Puerto Rico
  Melendez, Tony — Served in the U.S. Army for 10 years as a 96H (Imagery Ground Station Opr). My last duty station wa...More
  mellott, trenton r — 4 years of army. tour to Iraq. infantryman
  Melville, John R — I grew up on a farm in Mottville Township Michigan and attended White Pigeon Community Schools. I j...More
  Melvin, Heath W
  Memorial, National D-Day — Hello and welcome to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia. If you have never visited the...More
  Mendenhall, Mike — I'm looking for people who may have known my father (Ray Mendenhall). He was in 2nd Inf Div Band an...More
  Mendez Jr., George H — Went to basic at Ft Benning in August of 1998. Served as 11H in D CO 2/327 INF 1999-2000. D CO 1/506...More
  Mendez Tirado, Jose m — 96R gsr, grad from huachuca in 3/1994, did one year in korea, 102nd mi from 1994/1995. did rest of t...More
  Mendiola, A.J.
  Mendoza, Dennis J
  Mendoza, Jose m
  Mendriski, David — I was a specialist in the 2nd AG Company of 2nd Infantry Division at Camp Casey, Korea in 1971 and 1...More
  Menke, Jesse D
  Merced, Frank J — Served in the US Army from 1972 - 1993. Units assigned to: 3/6 FA, 6/37 FA (three times), 1/27 FA, 1...More
  Meredith, Ricky L — My name is Rick Meredith. I was a 2nd LT. assigned to 1/38 in Sept/1974. I was initially assigned to...More
  Merkin, Harry
  Merrell, Teresa k
  Merrill, Kenneth
  Merritt, John
  Merritt, Layne B
  Merwin, David D — Chaparral & Redeye, Stringer Missile Crewmen, but most duties were in the Orderly room as Training N...More
  Messenger, Jon — I am currently serving as the Company Commander of B/86th CSH, which will cover from 24 May 2006 - N...More
  Messer, John T — Infantry scout and Kiowa Warrior crew chief.
  Messuri, Michael L
  metzelfeld, kurt
  Meyer, Gregory S
  Meyer, Sandy L — 2nd.inf,div.>>702 maint.comp.hdq.anda company.>>2nd.inf.div.amu(advanced marksmanship unit)sniper in...More
  Meyer, Sandy L.
  Meyer Jr, Samuel D — psu grad
  Meyers, Eddie M
  Meyers, Thomas M
  Meyers , Michael A
  Michael, Kenneth P — I was born in Santa Maria, CA in 1977. I joined the Army in 2003 and served 2nd ID for 3 years. I ...More
  Michaud Jr, Raymond j
  Michel, Ted — Served with: Bravo Co 1/75 Rangers, HHC 1/506 Inf. Camp Greaves, South Korea. HHC and Bravo Co 2...More
  Middleton, Glen P — Originally Field Artillery - branch transferred to Aviation after first assignment. Flew OH-58A/C, ...More
  Middleton, Wade H
  Migliozzi, Tom M — 2/69: Ft Benning GA, M60 tank Mechanic/ M88 Recovery Specialist. 32nd ADA- Germany, HQ VIP, Comma...More
  Miklasevich, James — Served from Nov 72-Nov 92. Instructed Vietnamese/Kuwaiti/Iranian students in T-37; several tours in...More
  Milan, William
  Milburn, Albert L
  Miles, Chad A — 1st Plt. A Co. 4/325 A.I.R 82nd Airborne (1991 - 1995), HHD S2 2/72 Armor 2nd Infantry Division (199...More
  Milhauser, Sean E — MSG, US Army
  Miller, Bill G. — An Infantry Officer, 87th Infantry Regiment in Germany and Fort Benning, GA. After attending flight ...More
  Miller, Bradley T — I served in several place throughout my stint in the army,702 MSB camp mobile korea,1st coscom in 54...More
  Miller, Charles
  Miller, Chris m
  Miller, Chuck — 101St AB - HHC Division - Desert Shield, Desert Storm - 101st Air. HHC, Commo Korea - 1992 - 1993...More
  Miller, Damon P — I joined in 03/1995 and went to Basic at FT. Knox KY, AIT at Edgewood and Aberdeen, MD for MOS 63W &...More
  Miller, David — I joined the Service in 2002 because I took September 11th personal! I graduated BMT in June 2003 a...More
  Miller, Don — Retired in 91, worked as a Pediatric nurse for several years. Moving on, was hired by DRS Technologi...More
  Miller, Earl F
  Miller, Francine R
  Miller, James creech
  Miller, Jason H — 2nd Infantry Division 1-503rd AASLT Charlie Co. 3rd PLT 2nd SQD Operation Iraqi Freedom II Comb...More
  Miller, Jeffrey S
  Miller, John — Information Systems Technician
  Miller, John T — Entered active duty in May of 1981. First duty assignments with 3rd BN 187th Infantry (Rakkassan), ...More
  Miller, John E
  Miller, John a
  Miller, John W — UH-60 Crewchief from 95- 2002. 95-96 A co 3/501st now C 52nd Camp Humphries Pyongtaek South Korea. ...More
  Miller, Johnny C
  Miller, Larry (Duece)
  Miller, Levi
  Miller, Lorin F — My experience was great very family supportive and relieable leadership
  Miller, Lorin f — Served & help setup the 602nd ASB. Served with C/2 AMC at camp stanley, korea
  Miller, Michele H
  Miller, Patrick M — In from 85-94, served 3 tours in 2nd ID. 258th MP Co in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Got out from 7th...More
  Miller, Paul
  Miller, Phillip E — Born in Sacramento,Ca. Graduated high school in Medford,Or in 1980. Immediately joined the Army at ...More
  Miller, Ramona
  Miller, Randy s
  miller, robert
  Miller, Scott M — I spent time with the 2nd MP Co, 2nd Inf. Div, 978th MP Co twice (84-87 and 91-94), 142nd MP Co and ...More
  Miller, Steve M — I was an E-4p when I ETS. My m.o.s. was 63B10H8 Light Wheel Mechanic/Recovery specalist. I spent 2 1...More
  Miller, Thomas M
  Miller, Thomas Watkins
  Miller, Todd S — I have served in the 2nd Battalion (M), 6th Infantry regiment. I was deployed in support of Operat...More
  Miller, Todd D — Was an Infantryman from 2006-2010, stationed at Fort Lewis. I have deployed to Afghanistan. Now im ...More
  Miller, Wes — Army Infantry veteran... Also Air National Guard Munitions/Missile Maintenance and Air Force Reserve...More
  Milligan, Susan e
  Millington, Peter L
  Mills, Amy L — My husband is currently with the 101st, 1-502 Delta Company in Iraq, coming home in a few weeks
  Mills, Christopher R — a recon scout
  Mills, Deane V
  Mills, John P — I soldiered with some of the finest Soldiers in the World! A and C BTRIES 1st Bn 102nd FA 26th Infa...More
  Millwee, Josh l
  Milton, Belinda
  Mimbs, Paul e — m60 gunner/rto/weopons spec
  Minard, Theodore F — I was wounded on or about , August 12, 1950 near Po Hang Dun and received my purple heart medal for ...More
  Minarik, Matt T
  Mingo, John P — About 12 1/2 yrs Active Army, now National Guard.
  Minor, Jonathan W
  Minue, Maritn j — A co. 1 st. 503 rd. ABG 82 nd ABN. 1959-62
  Miotto, Michael
  Miracle, Kevin — Currently stationed with HHT, 5th Sqdn, 15th Cavalry Regt out of Ft. Knox KY. Will be stationed a...More
  Mishkin, Robert — Platoon Sgt.-SFC Co. K 38th Inf. Regt. 2nd Infantry Div. Korea- 3/52-2/53
  Missman, Greg — D 4th PLT - 2/9 INF - 1BDE - 2ID - Korea
  Mitcham, Ronald d
  Mitchell, Eddie
  Mitchell, Heather
  Mitchell, Jason
  Mitchell, Ray
  Mitchell, Richard A — Army from 1982-1985, Coast Guard 1986-1995
  Mitchell, Scott — with 2nd ID 1/503 the rock from oct. 1990 to nov.1991 at camp howze
  Mitchell, Todd M — I was stationed with CSC 1/9 Inf in Korea in 1983 then stationed with 4/9th Inf at Ft Ord, CA 1984-1...More
  Mitchell, Walter R — MOS:95B Proudly served a total of eight years (three active and five active guard) as an mp. My act...More
  Mitchell, William C — 77 - 78 2nd Eng Bn Camp Castle 78 - 80 Co A 5th Eng Bn, Ft Leonard Wood 80 - 81 2nd Eng Bn (Radar ...More
  Mitchell, William C — Camp Castle HHC 2E, 77/78 Ft Leonard Wood, A Co 5th En Camp Castle HHC 2E, Radar Site Repair TM 80...More
  Mitchell. Sr, Charlie L
  Mitchelly, David W — I did 20 years, 1973 to 1993, 7 years as a 16R Vulcan Crewman, 6 years as a 67U/T Utillity Helicopte...More
  Mitchem, Timothy L
  Mizal, Michael E — Served with HHB 2 Bn/61 ADA, Camp Stanton and attached to A Battery 2 Bn/61 ADA as Battery medic, RC...More
  Modic, Lawrence L
  Moffett, Keith — Served with 2ND PLT A co 1/38 ROCK OF THE MARNE in Korea. Also served with 1st Plt Bco 2/7 Cav and...More
  Mofield, Dennis
  mohar, david
  Mohr, Kenneth E — served in various infantry divisions from 1979-1995
  Molano, Marc J — Im alive.
  Moldovan Sr., Jon V — Korea, Ft. Bliss, Ft. Eustis (HAAF), Ft. Hood (RGAAF), Stuttgart (SAAF) & Wiesbaden (WAB)Germany. RR...More
  Molina, Pete A
  Mollett, William R
  Monarque, Victor A — Served with C co 2-16 Inf (1st Inf Div) Ft Riley, Ks. Later redesignated 1-41 Inf (1st Armored Div)...More
  Moncada Jr, Rodolfo — senior military policeman/physical security inspector camp casey, korea howard e. o'brian c.o. s...More
  Monday, Michael A
  Monday, Scott
  Monday, Scott F — Mechanic with the 2/61 ADA based at R.C. #4 in SonyuRi from 1980-1981 Then at Fort Polk LA. till 198...More
  Moniz, Edward — looking for anyone who was 2/61st ada camp billy mosier was b btry maintence mar 78-79
  Monk, Roy G — Served in Korea from 02/26/68 to 08/15/69. Patrolled the DMZ June-November 1968 and Feb-May 1968 w/ ...More
  Monserez, Maurice L — I was a Artillery - Chief Surveyor (Survey Section)
  Montague, Matthew
  Montalvo, Jeffry
  Montanari Jr, Antonio A — Male...Caucasion...5'7"...I am a Screenwriter,Producer,Director, Researcher; in the field of Docume...More
  Montes Vela, Alex G — Was in B 1/41 FA during Desert Shield/Storm; once back, I drove for 1SG Shelby. I was also in the...More
  Monteverdi, Michael
  Montgomery, Erik — Spent three years in the Army 00-03. I have four beautiful children and a gorgeous fiance. Spend m...More
  Montgomery, Janine M
  Montgomery, Jimmie J — I served in the korea pennisula from 1982 to 1983.We served in the panmounjam area(right on the bord...More
  Montgomery, Nichole — Served over 5 years in the active Army. 98-99/HHC-MMC Discom, Camp Casey Korea-2ID 99-01 S&T Trp...More
  Montgomery, Peter
  Montgomery, Peter — Back surgery #4 and counting!
  Montgomery, Roger G — Served 22 yrs. US Army/USNR.> Gunner-Crew Chief-Flight Engineer (UH-1,CH-47), A-Cav Tanker (M-551),A...More
  Montgomery, William
  Moody, Alan e
  Moody, Dwight L
  Moore, Bobby E
  Moore, Cindy J
  Moore, Clyde — I was a scout with the 2nd inf. div. A troop 4th squadon 7th. cav. 1st plt
  Moore, David
  Moore, James W
  Moore, John C — Enlisted 1988-1992. German Voice Interceptor. Commissioned 1996 in Armor. Served in various armor ...More
  Moore, Justin J
  moore, kenneth
  Moore, Michael — Pt care speacialist medical platoon 1st Bn 23rd infantry Regiment form 1981 to 1982 awarded imjin s...More
  Moore, Michael B — 5th Squadron, 17th Davalry 1st Squadron (Air), 17th Cavalry DCSIM (5th Signal Command), USAEUR
  Moore, Michael W.
  Moore, Michael — HHC 1/23 Inf 2nd Bde imjin scout supported CSC Co 1/23
  Moore, Mike
  Moore, Richard E
  Moore, Robert P. — Stationed at Ft. Benning, Ga. from 9/62 to 5/65 2nd Inf. Div. 1/87th (Kelly Hill) 2/9th (Sa...More
  Moore, Robert T — A Co 1/72nd Armor C co 1/70th Armor, A co 2/77 Armor, A 2/68th Armor C 4/68th Armor, 4th Bde 91...More
  Moore, Stephen J
  Moore , Jeffrey K.
  Moore Jr., Hugh D — I served 2 and a half years active service, 1969-1972, overseas tour, Korea, 1969-1971 Orders for F...More
  Moore Sr., John W
  Mootry, Monty D — Class 12-95Delta 1/19FA "Mad Dogs" Ft. Sill, Oklahoma 25Sep95 to 17Sep96 Alpha 8/8th FA 2ID Camp C...More
  Moots, Jeffrey A — I was the S-3 Air Officer for two years following my return from Korea with 2-72 Armor
  Morales, Manuel E
  Morales, Paul a — Greetings:My name Paul Morales, on April 24,1967 I reported to C Co, !st Bn, 9Th inf,2nd Inf Div Cam...More
  Morales, Paul A
  Moran, Jason — Looking for any information about my grandfather John Douglas Moran. He was in the 23rd regiment. I ...More
  Moran, Jose R — SFC Retired U.S.Army Infantry. Served 22+ yrs with 3 Combat Tours in OIF 1, OIF 2 & OIF 5. Injured m...More
  Morcelo, Richard — I served 10 yrs at 101st bco 3/187,korea aco1/503,2ad dco 522mi lrsd,panama, and fort devens range c...More
  Moreno, Mike
  Morgan, Burl A — Served 2nd Inf Division, 122nd Signal Batt. Camp Casey, Korea 1980-1981 Served JCSE, MacDill AFB FL...More
  Morgan, Daryll G
  Morgan, Dennis M
  Morgan, Garry L — Member AMEDD Regiment (Charter Member), Assigned various Medical Units World Wide and CONUS. Special...More
  Morgan, John W — Infantry, Abn-Rgr. RVN 69-70: 6/31 Inf (9th ID); Ranger Instructor - MRC; 82d Abn Div: C/1/508 Inf;...More
  Morgan, John A — Born in Michigan Join US Army in Feb. 1984 . Honorable Discharged in Nov. 1997. Served in Korea and...More
  Morgan, Richard A — Sgt Aco Wildbunch of the DMZ Snag the flag
  Morgan, Ronald E.
  Morin, Roland
  Morlock, Justin R — I am an 11B detailed recruiter, currently assigned to the Newport Recruiting station, in Newport Ore...More
  Morningstar, Michael p — USMC CPL 1968-1976 US ARMY 1976-1991 RET. E-7, SFC
  Morrill, Kyle
  Morris, James
  Morris, John g
  Morris, Luke
  Morris, Randall e — A bat. 2/17 fa commo 2/377th FA
  Morris, Richard D — Res. 31M In CA 80-82/ Active 11B. Korea 1/23rd Inf. Tomahawks 1982-83/ Ft Lewis WA. Moterized Inf. T...More
  Morris, Todd — C troop 4/7 Air Cav Camp Stanley Korea 5th Transportation Battalion Aviation, 101st Aviation Battal...More
  Morris, Todd D — Radio Repairman, HHC 122nd Signal Batallion, Camp Casey Korea
  Morris , Tammy
  Morriseau, Dane S
  Morrison, Earle H
  Morrison, Matthew jm
  Morrissey, Thomas W — Fire Support NCO (Co, Bn, & Regt); Observer/Controller Trainer; Bn Operations Sergeant; Batter...More
  Morrow, Keith e — Ret from Army after 20 years. Stationed mostly in Airborne, Light Inf or Ranger duties. Also O...More
  Morse, Caleb S
  Mortensen, Andrew
  Morton, George — HHC 2nd Bn (ABN) 505th Inf. TUSA
  Mosco, Richard A
  Mosco, Richard
  Moses, Melvin — Retired US Army Taught MSL-1, MSL-2, and MSL-3 at Lander University.
  Mosher, Robert
  Mota, Gilberto
  Motte, Dustin T — 54B. Did a few years of Reserves time first, then went Active.
  Motyl, Richard
  Motyl, Richard — Married, father of three,golfer, raquetball player,project manager for Detroit Public Schools.
  Mowry, Joshua
  Moyle, Robert D
  Muhammad, Ahmad AR — Currently serving with 3/504 PIR-1 BDE-82 ABN DIV
  Muilenburg, Michael R — Currently a Drill Sergeant at Fort Knox Ky teaching Civilians to become 19D's
  Mukasa, Hudson — I joined the fredom movt in 1983 and managed to oust the bad govt by then in 1986. To date iam still...More
  Mulcahy, Joseph E
  Mulkey, Chad J
  Mullavey, Robert L — Joined in 1989 went to the Army Infantry Trng. Center. Stationed at Ft. Polk, La. - Camp Hovey, Kore...More
  Mullenax , Daniel J — i was first assigned to 1-506IN Korea from sept. 98- sept 99 i am now assigned to 2-22 In 10th Mount...More
  Mullin, Jeffrey J — 1SG(Ret.) U.S. Army MP
  Mullin, Jim
  Mullin, Teri — I'm searching for Samuel Thompson who was stationed in or near Seoul, Korea in or around the year 19...More
  Mullins, David — NCOIC, S-5 Field Office 1975-1976 & 1978-1979 also served with HHC 32nd Infantry 1972-1973 and A co....More
  Mullins, David
  Mumbauer, Joshua H
  Mumm, Chad e
  Munk, Nicholas S — Served in the Army from 1987 to 2000. Infantry the whole time. Hoowah!!
  Munn, Burton W — I'm retired now after 22 years and 7 months. I work as a Program Support Assistant (Suicide Preventi...More
  Munoz, Joseph A
  Munson, Hilding T. — Deputy Sheriff Sergeant: R.I. Division of Sheriffs, Deputy Marshal, R.I. State Marshals, Correctiona...More
  Muriel, Eduardo
  Muriel, Rodolfo
  Muriel, Rudy — Forward Observer (FIST) - Finest Infantry Soldier Today! Take That!
  Murphy, Bill A — Took Basic with D Co,1st BG 11th Inf on Kelly Hill Ft Benning Ga. That unit later changed to 3rd BG...More
  Murphy, Bill
  Murphy, Craig
  Murphy, David MICHAEL — I live in Barboursville, WV with my wife Ashley and are three children. Jackson, Kaileigh, and Laney...More
  Murphy, George — George Murphy, 5th Inf. Reg.
  Murphy, Harry R — C co. 2nd ENG. BN. 2ND ID. from 86 to 87.B co 1/10 INF.BN. 4ID FT Carson,CO. from 87 to 89. 484th C&...More
  Murphy, K.T. — served active 1978 to 1992 reserve till 2000, Served inunits A/1/501, HHC 1/501, 2/502, 1/327, par...More
  Murphy, Karin A
  Murphy, Keith — Founder Humans 4 People .org Served 8 years on Active Duty, 12 years+ Reserve, Owner:Murphy Boys...More
  Murphy, Larry M — Currnetly serving as a Cavalry Scout in 1-111th Infantry (M) Pa National Guard. Served on active dut...More
  Murphy, Michael
  Murphy, William W — Ft. Benning, GA 1963 CSM (RET) of 505th MI Group (USAR) Retired 22AUG02 with 32 years, 3 years ac...More
  Murphy, William E
  Murray, Robert M. — LTC assigned as IJC Joint Fires Chief, Kabul, Afghanistan. Formerly, Battalion Commander, 2-410th FA...More
  Murrell, Charles E — Ft Devens in 1973, USASAFS Korea 1973-1975, HHC 313th ASA Bn Ft Bragg 1975-76, USASAFS-K 1976 to 32...More
  Murton, Dennis m — Tanker: Driver, Loader, Gunner, Tank Commander, Platoon Sgt, Master Gunner, Drill Sgt. M60-M60A1,M6...More
  Muscio, Stephen
  Muse, Brady — Active duty (1961-1964), 122 Sig Bn 2nd ID, 501st Sig Bn 101st Airborne Div. NJARNG (1978-2000) HHC ...More
  Myers, Charles F — 26 years in the military. have been assigned to Germany (2 tours), Korea, Fort Ord, Ca, Fort Sill, ...More
  Myers, Dwayne
  Myers, Erik J
  Myers, James M
  Myers, Joseph D — 30 year Army career
  Myers, Maxwell J
  Myers, Ron K. — Worked in the motor pool. worked with the tanks and recon vehicles
  Myers, Samuel c — after 19 yrs in the army i am now working a great job for General Dynamics Land systems. married to ...More
  Myles, Calvin — fo for hhb
  Myturtle, Youis

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