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  Ca, Larry C.
  Cabanting, Kekoa P
  Cabral, Paul
  Cabrera, Guillermo — ft dix 9/82 - 1/83, ft gordon 1/83- 4/83 ft knox 4/83-3/84, camp hovey and warrior base DMZ (JSA) k...More
  Cadena, Ricardo — Detail to other units.
  Cagle, Robert D
  Cagle, Robert D — Married to a veteran for 27+ years. We have three children together. Our oldest son was an MP statio...More
  Cain, Calvin
  Cain, Donald C — Band
  Calabio, Jesse K — Joined the Army in February 1996 as a Mechanized Infantryman; Served in 1-16th IN and 1-9th IN befor...More
  Calderon, Joel C — 54Bravo Former NBC NCO for A Co. 1/64 Armor 2nd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division and HHC 1/506 INF 2n...More
  Caldwell, James D — MLRS Platoon Sergeant C 2/18 FA 98-2000 MLRS Platoon Sergeant C 6/37 FA (2ID) 00-2001 M...More
  Cale, Dwayne
  Calger, Shannon C
  Calhoun, S.
  Calhoun, Thomas J — Joined the U.S. Army in Fairbanks, Alaska for active duty, Now stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington.
  Calibuso, Allan C — PL in 1-503d (AASLT). Loved (and now miss) the camaraderie shared by all American forces over there...More
  Call, Larry R
  Callaghan , Bill — Career in the US Army/Infantry-Highlights include multiple assignments to Korea, in the Army Rangers...More
  Callaghan , John W
  Callahan, Wendy L — I have been in a short time but have been to three continents in less then six months after AIT.
  Callanta, Noel D — joined the service in 1985 and first duty is korea.likes all sport as long as is challenging.. like ...More
  Calloway, Brett D — Currently working overseas.
  Calvert, James
  Camacho, Jesse A — The military has always been a big part of my life. I was enlisted in the Army for 6 years. Afte...More
  Camacho, Jesse A
  Camarena, Lawrence L. — Spent tour in Bn S-1. Arrived March of '68 as a Pvt.and left in April '69 as Bn S-1 clerk as an SP5....More
  Cambell, Otis D — 1982-1983 Korea, 45th Trans. Co, Camp Humphreys. 83-85, B Co. 82nd CAB, Ft. Bragg. 86-88, 246th TAM...More
  Cameron, David W — BCT-Fort Ord, AIT-Fort Ord, Radio Oper/RATT Oper-4ID RVN, RATT Team Ch-Fort Riley, Comm Instructor-F...More
  Cameron, Jimmy
  Cameron, Rebecca A
  Campany, Robert A.
  Campbell, Brian S
  Campbell, Brian — From a small town south of Houston, who did a series of odd jobs while paying for my first few semes...More
  Campbell, Brian
  Campbell, Christopher K
  Campbell, Del — Btry FDO, XO, Bn S3 7th,16th FA Baumholder 1964-66; Battery Cdr, Battery A, 3d Bn, 6th FA Vietnam ...More
  Campbell, Elaine
  campbell, ray — a co. 1/68 armor
  Campbell, Russell D. — Served with the 11th ACR SEP 90 to DEC 93 in Fulda, Germany. Served w/ 5/101st AVN Regt ~ JAN 94 to...More
  Campos, William R
  Canada, Brian K
  Canedo Jr, Daniel H — Entered service in 1992. Basic/AIT 13F fire support specialist, Ft. Sill, OK. 1st AD, Coleman Barrac...More
  Canfield, John T — Enlisted Sep 1979 DEP Nov 1979 OSIUT Ft Knox, Ky ; Armor Assc, Award 2nd Inf Div. ROK Mar 1980 short...More
  Cannon, Peter W — Served as a 2nd Division Finance Officer at Camp Howze Korea in 1969 and 1970. Carried a back back t...More
  Canoles, Richard H — I went to Basic At FT. Bliss Texas in 1988. then went to AIT at FT SAM. in CONG. The I joined AD and...More
  Cantrell, Richard L — 18Z5VLAW9
  Canzolino, James M — Served from 1992-1996. 2nd I.D. 2-72 Ar. Bn. HHC Maint. (Korea) Dec.92-Dec.93 4th I.D. Fort Cars...More
  Caraballo, Edwin E — Worked as 25 ID ,G3 NCOIC, retired on 7/31/2005.
  Caramanica, David m
  Carballea, George — Special operations, security services, usnmcr lcdr, concealed weapons specialist, atfe liason, defen...More
  Carbaugh, Gregory R
  Carbone, Joseph J
  Carden, Nancy — S-4
  Cardenas, Jesse
  Carillion, Son
  Carl, Timothy
  Carle, Clay
  Carle, Matthew
  Carlin, Brett a
  Carlisle, Justin C
  Carmack, Jeffrey K — Stationed with B Company 7th Med Bn as the Dental Tech when awarded the EFMB 1977.
  Carman, Linwood W — Served in Korea, Camp Casey and Camp Hovey, with Civil Military Operations 90 -91. Also served with ...More
  Carmichael, Ltc Charlie B — Now LTC (ret) Enlisted service as a Draftee- Sp4 and SGT Charles B. Carmichael ,CHARLES B.. LTC USA...More
  Carmon, Zebedee
  Carn, Brian
  Carpenter, Danny l — I love the 101.
  Carpenter, Djuan M — Basic: 1983; FT Benning, GA Duty Stations: 1984-85; Berlin Brigade / '85-'87; Reserves in TN / '8...More
  Carpenter, Thomas
  Carr, Gregory m
  Carr, Gregory m
  Carr, Morris a
  Carra, Jeffrey B
  Carrasco, Fernando — Grad. of El Paso H.S. in 93". Found my self in the Army soon after. Korea to be exact from 94" to 95...More
  Carreon, Lawrence — Served on Active duty from 1984 -2004. Started out in the Air Defense Artillery as a Chaparral Crewm...More
  Carreras, Victor j — 1975-1976-A BTRY 6/37FA BN CAMP ESSAYONS KOREA 1976-1977 SVC BTRY 1/7TH FORT RILEY KANSAS
  Carrier, Paul D
  Carrion, Enrique — - Florida Department of Veterans Affairs Claims Examiner - Retired with 22 yrs active service - Ma...More
  Carroll, Brandon R
  Carroll, Charles P
  Carroll, Leslie
  Carroll, Paul
  Carroll, Robert
  Carson, Christopher
  Carson, Stephen
  Carswell, Eric H
  Carter, Boone — TIS 19 YRS, AD 15yrs. Elisted/completed Basis and AIT (Advance Individual Trainning)INFANTRY, Ft. B...More
  Carter, Charles
  Carter, Gary — Echo Company, 23d Infantry, 2d Infantry Division Fort Benning Georgia 6th Army NCO Academy, Drill...More
  Carter, George E
  Carter, Horace L
  Carter, James H — Military Instructor and Drill Sgt retiring in 1987 after 20 years honorable service that included tw...More
  Carter, Jerome — 49TH ORD CO, 82ND ENG BN (CSE), HHC 1/4 AV REG, HHC 706 MSB, A CO 46TH SPT BN, White House Comm Agen...More
  Carter, Kevin L
  Carter, Paul E — I was in C, TRP 1ST PLT DEC 1986-FEB 1992 and again with the Regiment in D,CO, A,TRP and G,TRP FROM ...More
  Carter, Phillip E
  Carter, Rodney O — Was assigned to "The Big Red One" in June of 1994. Served two years at Fort Riley, KS before headin...More
  Carter, Sean M
  Carter, Tonious R
  Carter, William L
  Carter , Rodney O — I am currently serving in 212th BDE Ft Sill OK. I am married with a 3 year old daughter. Served in...More
  Carvell, Rick F
  Case, Willie — worked in the motorpool and drove the towtruck hhc1/38 rock steady
  Casella, Anthony F — 3/502 INF 1988-1989 2 and 1/503 INF Recon 1989-1992 503 MP BN (108 MP, SRT, PMO) Deployed ...More
  Casey, Brian w — If you aint CAV... you aint SHIT!
  Casey, Stephen
  Casey, Stephen R
  Cash, Michael K
  Casillas, Joseph g — 11 1/2 years prior service. Got out for 12 years but now re-enlisted with a total of 15 years. Feels...More
  Castillo, Walter VITO
  Casto, Marcus R
  Caten, John K — Bradely gunnner in C Co 1-6 INF in Baumholder, GE, volunteered to go to Kosovo and was placed in Bri...More
  Cates, Kenneth D
  Catling, Harry a
  Caudill, Joseph D — Currently depolyed to Bosnia as part of OJF with HHC 1/109 INF (M). Entered the military 1990. Serv...More
  Cauthen, Blane T
  Caviness, William A — G.CO. 702nd 2 Inf. Eng.Shop Chief. 77to78 and 2/71ADA ,DSD Eng. Shop from 74/75
  Ceballos, Ana
  Cephas, John
  Ceravolo, Anthony F
  Chacon, Jeffrey M — I'm a recently unretired disabled Army veteran of 31 years, recalled to active duty to help with the...More
  Chalker, Dustin
  Chamberlain, Richard A — Served 26 years, 24of them as an Infantyman. Retired in 1998, served in Korea, Gremany, Desert Storm...More
  Chambers, Earl Scott — 1980-1983 2d Inf Div, 329ASA(SSC 102dMI BN) 1983-1984 Ft Monmouth, NJ 174th MI Group 1985-1987 Wur...More
  Chan, Jonathan K
  Chandler, David R — I am a 20 year veteran retired and working for the forest service. I was in the following units: 34...More
  Chaney, Alfred
  Chanley, William
  Chapeau, Jaime L — USA-C Co 702 MSB, 3rd PLT, 3rd Squad "the Rebel Boys." (1995-1997) USMC-OCC 169, C Co, 3rd PLT. (...More
  Chaplin, James
  Chapman, Hugh
  Chappell, Samuel L
  Chappelle, John — My grandfather served in the 2nd Infantry during WWII. I'm just curious to learn about grandad's un...More
  chapple, reginald
  Charleston, Charles E — Commissioned a 2LT, Inf. in 1982 from UF. Assigned to the Old Guard. Served as a Plt Ldr, XO, and As...More
  Charnoske, David
  Charo, Paul Montoya — Was a member of 2 S&T BN at Camp Moble assigned to 2nd Inf. Div. Providing Transportation support t...More
  Chase, Matthew P — Bco 4/30th Inf (Aug90 - Dec90) Dco 1/29th Inf Infantry School Ft Benning Ga(Jan90 - Jun92) HHc ...More
  Chastain, Charles d
  Chastain, Rick
  Chatlovsky, Chris M — OIF Veteran - 2003-2005 U.S. Army, Oregon Army National Guard
  Chavez, Joseph A — Christian Father of 7 wonderful Girls / Young Ladies and 1 Boy.
  Chavez, Nate s
  Cheatham, Danny m — Army .Infantry Worked in Brigade S/4
  Cheatham, Kevin W
  Cheek, Daniel R — Severed 4 years as a 19K (armored crew member) in the Army from 2000 to 2004. Completed OSUT Traini...More
  Cheek, Richard M — DMZ Feb 71 to Feb 72 Camp Liberty Bell Co A 2d Bn 23rd Inf and Co B 1/17th Inf Co B 1st Bn 502d Inf...More
  Cherry, Raymond G — Served in Korea from 1981- 1985 Camp Garry Owen, Again from 1986-1990 again Camp Garry Owen. Redesig...More
  Cheskey, Walter A — arrived oct 19 65 duty with hq hq 2/72 camp beard rotated home nov 24 66 spent alot of time in field...More
  Chester, Charles E — Received basic training at Fort Jackson SC., C31 on Tank Hill. From their went to Fort Gordon GA., ...More
  Chesterfield, Reginald R
  Chevarie, Michael J — Basic training at For Dix New Jersey beginning Feb 1990. Ait at Aberdeen prooving Grounds. Served ...More
  Chiaro, Ralph
  Childers, William E — Hello, I am William Childers, I am 20 years old, and I leave for Ft. Benning GA in October and I lat...More
  Childress, Joel S
  childs, jammie
  Childs, Michael b
  Choe, Tony
  Choi, Jiwoong — served as a KATUSA in HHC 1- 503D IN RGT (AASLT)
  Chretien, Richard
  Christ, Steven
  Christel, Russell M — Military Background: Fort Lewis, Washington 1989 - 1992 2/2 In...More
  Christenbury, Michael W
  Christensen, Brian P — I started out enlisted (70-80). 11B4P. I went to Flight School from 79-80 and spent my last 10 yea...More
  Christensen, Shayne
  Christy, Joseph S
  Churchill, Robert
  Cichra, Frank
  Cid, El W — Retired U.S. Army Infantry Officer. Medically Retired due to injuries incurred in the Army. Rifle...More
  Cilluffo, Gabriel U — 31U Signal Support Systems Specialist Units: 1998-2000: HSC 46th Eng Bn (c)(h)-Ft. Polk, LA 2000-2...More
  Cipiti, James R — Joined Army Jan 1989, first duty assignment, 4/6 INF FT.Polk LA (months later Operation Just Cause P...More
  Citrin, Wayne P.
  Ciudad, Chester M. — Just a couple of memorable phrases from the past: Redeye Section; Think War; If it flys, it dies; Go...More
  Clack, Renato
  Clancy, Liam — US Army Chemical Corps
  Clapp, Darryl — Btroop 4/7Air Cav Recon Platoon 2ID 4th ID 1/10 Cav Sgt. Force Recon Marine Sniper 1st Recon Battl...More
  clark, barry — 1st battalion 23 infantry regiment 2nd infantry division campcasey korea
  Clark, Casey — Spent 10 yrs in the Navy as an enlisted aircrewman and an avionics tech on the mighty DC-9 Skytrain ...More
  Clark, Derrick M — I served over 16 years in the Army. I was stationed in Germany, Korea & Saudi Arabia and various CO...More
  clark, ira
  Clark, Jerry
  Clark, Joseph
  Clark, Joshua A — HHB 2/17 FA 07-1996 to 07-1997 Camp Hovey, Korea; HHB 3-29 FA 07-1997 to 10-1998 Fort Carson, Colora...More
  Clark, Lamar
  Clark, Mandey C
  Clark, Paul A
  Clark, Shane m — i am currently in the army at korea. i am stationed with the 2Id. i am just waiting to get outta her...More
  Clark, Thomas J
  Clark, Tom — Just your average yutz tryin' to figure shit out before I go spinning into the abyss.
  Clark, Woody — 68= E-2-1 Ft Jackson, 69=D-11-4, F-11-4, 138th MPC, Ft. Gordon. 69= 142nd C-MPC S.Korea TDY 33rd/7...More
  Clarke, Ryan
  Clarner, Thomas E — Prop and rotor shop since the service, fooled around with college, married, had son, divorced and...More
  Claus, Jeffrey A
  Clawiter, Matthew J
  Clay, Gayln
  Clay, Shamar T
  Claypool, Michael
  Clayton, Christopher C — I'm 25 years old,currently at FT HOOD TX.
  Clayton, Danny S — served in 1rst Armored Division 2-29 FA in germany and then in 2nd Infantry Division 1-37 FA at ft.l...More
  Clayton, Susan
  Clayton Jr, Paul D
  Cleary, Stephen M — Navy Hospital Corpsman 1972-1976. USS Durham LKA 114, Operations; Frequent Winds and Eagle Pull 1...More
  Clements, Gerald
  Clemons, Charles Winford
  Cleveland, Randy
  clevenger, kenneth
  Clever, James E — Ft Lee Va with the 515th MP Company 03/78-05/79 Munich/Augsburg Germany w/226th & 29th AG Co- 07/79-...More
  Cline, James
  Clinton, Dave — USArmy 1973 to 1976 Korea, Camp Hovey 1974 to 1976 Nat. Guards 1983 to 1997 Retierd/Disabled
  Clouse, Ash C — I dont have any military expierence, but my boyfriend does. I'm new to the whole Army thing so just ...More
  Coan Jr., John V — Got out in 82 in 86 turned around and joined the Ga Natl Guard did time with the 158th MI BN(OV-1D) ...More
  Coates, David — Dec. "95" to Dec. "96" 2ID Camp Stanley F TAB 26th FA. "96" to "98" Ft. Sill OK 3rd Corp. ARTY
  Coates, David A
  Coats Sr., Dennis L — First Sergeant for Air Defense Artillery in Chaparral/Vulcan/Stinger, Nike-Hercules, and Patriot. ...More
  Cobb, Aaron A — I served with 1st COSCOM 89-93, HHC & ACo 1/5 Inf 93-94, and ACo. 1/12th Inf 94-95. I am a Lieutenan...More
  Cobble, Randall — was medical officer (PA) there from 91-93. Went to Desert Storm with the air defense unit there at ...More
  Cobeen, Darrell S
  Cobler, Lynnwood S
  Cobra, Smokin L — Korea 87-88: Tank Platoon Leader, Company Executive Officer; National Training Center 88-90: Tank Pl...More
  Cochrane, Beth J — I am currently living in Augusta Georgia, where I retired at Fort Gordon in 1994. My last name is n...More
  Coddington, Shirley M — I was stationed at Camp Casey, Korea in TDC during part of 1980. I left in late August , early Sep...More
  Cody, Jacob — Hello, I am Airman Cody. I am currently enlisted in the USAF. I support all military branches and un...More
  Cody, Richard — Born in Phoenix AZ, Graduated Dysart HS in 1992. Joined the Army in 1992, stationed in Mannheim, Ge...More
  Coe, Tony
  Coffey, Alex
  Coffey, Deborah
  Coffield, Towan
  Coffman, Pat — 19D-Cav Scout
  Cogswell, Andrew J — US Army 1/1992 - 6/1999 1/92 - 5/92: C Co, 795th MP Bn 6/92 - 6/93: 2nd MP Company, 2nd ID, Camp C...More
  Cohens, D
  Cohoon, Chris S. — 1-506th 2-12
  Colbert Jr., Forrest D — HHB 1st Bn (HJ) 31st FA, Camp Stanley, Korea
  Cole, James D — *1989 - Signal Corps *1992 - 97B Counterintelligence Special Agent. *1997 - Local police officer...More
  Coleman, Delmar D — Was in Battery C 38th Field Art./2nd Infantry Div but also temp. attached to Company L of the 38th i...More
  Coleman, Ellis
  Coleman, Genese T
  Coleman, Wayne A
  Coleman, William R — inf psg 11bhp5
  Coleman Jr, Ralph LOWELL — Cancer survivor, metastatic melanoma, 1998-2005, "Cancer free," 2005, 100% Disable Veteran, 2008
  Coles, John R — I severed with the following units. 2ND BN 44TH ADA KOREA,4TH 62ND ADA FT BLISS TX, 194TH ARMORED B...More
  Colin, Nicholas J — Did 22 years! Loved every assignment I had! When I was 25 I was pulled from the Airborne and was sen...More
  Colk, Mark
  Collet , Columbus j
  Collett, Maury
  Collier, Brian
  Collier, Kevin W — Attached to the 2/502 INF BN as a Mechanic. Completed Air Assualt School in Feb94. Attached to the 5...More
  Collins, Charles w — Went into the service in 1977 as a 67Y (attack helicopter repairman)then in 1980 went to Ft Hauchuca...More
  Collins, Clint j — Served as a section & squad leader with Delta Co, 1st Bat, 187Th INF in 1990-1991. Other units I di...More
  Collins, Clint J — Iwas honored to become a Infantryman in 1984.With Eight years of active duty time I served with seve...More
  Collins, Clint J — I know my dates look a little screwy, that comes from being a drifter;Born: District of Columbia,(Wa...More
  Collins, Darrell
  Collins, Harry E — Enlisted in US Army 1949.. 25th Inf Div (14th Inf Rgt) Korean War 1951/1952 11th Ab...More
  Collum, Scott — armor crewman ON M60A3, M1, M1A1,M1A2, MOBILE GUN SYSTEM
  Colman, Henry S — My MOS was a 96R (GSR) I was assigned to B Co. 102d MI BN(First to See on the DMZ) From Jan 88 to Ja...More
  Colman, Steven M
  Colon, Jose — Bacic training- 3rd Plt, Cco. 8th Bn, 2nd Bde. Ft Jackson, SC.
  Colon-Robles, Carlos A. — Co A 1/13 Inf,(M), Baumholder GY, 1972-1973 B 4/10 at Ft. Gulick until 1975 to A 4/10. 1976 CSC 1...More
  Colvin, Randall G — 2nd PLT, A Co, 2/505 from 92-95 HQ CO (US), AMFL, Mannheim, GE from 95-00 HQ SEC, B Co, 1/23...More
  Colwell, Mark R
  Combs, Tom
  Combs, Vandi
  Combs, William — I Have Started the following web site, check it out and sign Bill
  Comer, Edward L — Infantry officer/ Ranger School/ Airborne School/ Company commander, Berlin Brigade,Co.B 18th U.S...More
  Cometa, Stephen — 2nd Inf. HHB 2/17 FA. Redeye gunner , 1976-1977.
  Compton Sr, Charles Edward — USAF/USAFR 1972-1978 AFSC-43151C at Lackland,Sheppard,Craig AFB. USA/USAR 1979-1986 MOS's 68F20,100A...More
  Conard, William R
  Concepcion, Jose
  Conforti, Albert — I am a former Sargent in the U.S. Army. I was honarabley discharged in 2006.
  Conklin , Ruth A — Was a Cook for my primairy DNS, but moved around and did many different jobs while on active dudy. ...More
  Conlee, Dave — Army 98G4HLKP Korean from 1973 to 1993. Stationed at Field Station Korea from 75-76, 80-82, Fort Ord...More
  Conley, Nathaniel
  Conley, Ottis E — My father served in the Navy on the US WASP from 1943 to 1946 and in the Korean War in the Army fro...More
  Conn, Michael D — i was stationed in panama with the 5/87 inf. from 1984 to 1987 at ft. clayton panama, alpha company
  Connolly, Monique L
  Connor, Kris m
  Conrad, Aaron
  Conrad, Allen F
  Conrad, Michael R — 98J
  Conti, Richard j — worked in shop office as a 76c20 in camp kyle 61st maintenance co. det#1
  Contreras, John S — 1991-2001 COMMO 3 ID 2/15 INF Schweinfurt, Germany 1991-1995..... 3 ID with United Nations Camp Abl...More
  Cook, Don W
  Cook, Douglas L — 1/506 INFANTRY 1994 8/8 FA 1996
  Cook, Larry — 1 CAB, 1ID 2 CAB, 2ID 4 BSTB, 4 BCT, 82d ABN
  Cook Rasool, William E — William E. Rasool was William E. Cook until 1975, I retired from the 7th Special Forces Group (Airbo...More
  Cooley, Matthew S
  Coombe, Kevin S — Living the dream.
  Cooper, Jeremy C
  Cooper, Kendall — Served 30 years US Army in CONUS, Korea, Germany, Vietnam, and Japan. Retired as SGM (E9) at Ft Lew...More
  Cooper, Lorne
  Cooper, Mark A
  Cooper, Mark A
  Cooper, Tracy M — 16 Delta at Hohenfels, Germany with C 2/57 in 1984 until deactivation then with B 3/60 in 1985. 74D...More
  Cooper, Travis a
  Cope, Sean
  Copelin, Jeff
  Copley, Cecil W — U. S. Army RASP, Okinawa, Aug 58-Jan 60 ;US ARMY ELM, SHAPE, PARIS, FRANCE, JAN 61-JAN 64 HQ 2D INF...More
  Copley, Cecil W — Mr. Copley is a retired Army Warrant Officer who served as the Executive Administrative Officer at ...More
  Coram, Grover — Had 12 years of active duty. Four years were spent in R.O.K. 3 years on Camp Howze (1984-1985 & 1987...More
  Corbin, Greg R
  Corbitt, Dewayne — I am stationed in Camp Casey Korea with First Tank.
  Cordaro, Sean r — i have been in the army 8 yrs. i have been to korea, texas and i hate to say it but ft drum ny. i li...More
  Cordero, Robert — US Army: 10/1984-09/1991; BT - Ft. Jackson, SC (10/84-12/84); AIT MOS 26Q (31Q) - Ft. Gordon, GA, (...More
  Cordle, Joseph a
  Cordray, Kirk
  corey, stephen
  Corkern, Steven
  Cormier, Paul A
  Cornelius, Alphonso — 160th from 1984 or 85 to 1993, I then joined the active Army in 1993 as a recon scout. 2.5 years wi...More
  Cornell, Ronald G — Drafted in March 1966, boot camp in Ft. Gordon, GA. then AIT as Military Policeman at Ft. Gordon, GA...More
  Cornett, Jon R — Served 25 1/2 years, almost all in Infantry assignments at troop level. (light, abn, aaslt) 5.5 yea...More
  Cornett, Steven
  Corns, Johnnie H — Served 35 years as an infantryman, Special Forces, two tours in Vietnam, two tours in Korea, one tou...More
  Corns, Johnnie H — Joined 32nd Inf Battle Group as 2nd Lt at Camp Hovey, Korea, in March 1959. Plat Ldr, Co A and later...More
  Corona, Alfredo
  Corrigan, Daniel L — Reduce twenty years of the Army to 500 characters, yeah right. Anyway, I'm retired and I live in ...More
  Cortes Jr, Rogelio P
  Cortez 3rd., Moses
  Cossette, Louis J
  Costley, Kenn D
  Cote, Paul
  Cote, Richard A — OIF
  Cothern, Denny
  Cott, Travis H — Currently live in Branson, MO. I am now married with 3 children.
  Cott, Travis H
  Cottle, Jeffrey — I join the Army in late 1977 my first unit was 3rd Armor Division 2nd of the 36th Infantry till 1980...More
  Cotton, Bruce
  Cotton, Rodger A — Back in the day, I was in the Tac-Sat platoon A-122. Then I shipped off to Arizona, 11th Sig, 516th ...More
  Couch, Ronald F
  Coulter, Wayne W — Ohio Guard from 1980 to 1989 Active Duty Army 1989 to 2008 Retired 31 Aug 2008
  Coumarbatch, Ivan A
  Courser, Craig w — aircraft mechanic crewchief and TI , all aircraft, specifically UH-60 and OH-58D
  Cousins, Matt
  Coven, Kelsey
  Coverdale, David P
  Covert, Benjamin a
  Cowfer, Roy
  Cowherd, Leonard M — Basic TNG & AIT (INF) Ft Gordon 1964 HHC 1Bn 8th Cav 1 Cav Div, Korea, 1964-65 HHC 2Bn 23 Inf 2d...More
  Cowherd, Leonard M — Father of 2LT Leonard M. Cowherd III 1981-2004
  Cowman, Raymond C — MOS 63B21 Wheeled vehical Mech. 1969 to 1971 in Korea and Germany
  Coyle, Brant M
  Coyle Iii, Irvin C
  Crace, Jerry D — "Every man is my superior, in that I may learn from him" ......US ARMY 7 YEARS
  Craig, Biker a — served in 1st / 23rd inf 2nd Inf div, camp hovey, rok '74-75 1st 2nd inf 1st inf div '75-76 1s...More
  Craig, Charles E — Served with the 2nd Infantry Div. with 1/17th INf as a Medical Specialist assigned to Bravo Company....More
  Craig, Tom
  Crain, Rick
  Crane, Joe D D — Began military service January 1969 - 2LT; Armor Officer Basic Course - Ft. Knox, KY. Scout Platoo...More
  Cratty, Demian J — Driver, Loader, Gunner...CEV winning Top Gun Awards while stationed in Korea. Accomplished AVLB Driv...More
  Crawford, Michelle
  Crawley, Charles G — Retired in 2004 -- C/124 Sig Bn Platoon Ldr 1975-1977 Sig O 1/77 AR 1977 Sig O 2nd EN, 2nd ID 1978-1...More
  Crawley, Patrick
  Creed, Patrick w
  Creek, Don
  Creel, Brian
  Crespo, Jacky A — Joined in '04. Basic at Ft. Jackson, AIT at Ft. Lee. Got to go to Korea which was sweet. After that ...More
  Crespo, Luis A
  Crews, Paul M.
  Crigger, Erin
  Crisler, Lincoln E — I've been in the Army since Nov. 2000. I've been to Korea (2 ID) and Fort Hood, TX (1st CAV). I am c...More
  Crockett, Rashod d
  Crofford, Robert
  Cromartie, Keith M. — Former enlisted USMC Reserves and U.S. Army Retired LTC/05. 2ID, 3ID, 24ID, 75th Ranger Regiment ...More
  Crone, Charles r — Bravo Company 2nd Supply and Transportation BN
  Crone, James A — 19E10B8 Armor crewman, stationed with B Co 5/33 Ar Then it was redesignated D Trp 2/10 Cav, Then wa...More
  Cronin, Tom J — Retired Army Chief Warrant Officer 1966 - 1986.
  Crook, Dondra
  Cropp, Randy — Served in 3/19 24th Inv Div, Eco 3/18 8th Inf Div, HHC 1st Cav, HHC 15th PSB, HHC 2nd Inf Div, HHC 6...More
  Cross, Jerrad
  Cross, Larry J
  Cross, Rick — Assigned to HWB 1/3rd ACR before I was reassigned to HHB 1/15th FA Camp Casey Korea. King of Battle...More
  Cross, Thierry
  Crosslin, Brad
  Crottie, Pay M
  Crouch, Scott M
  Crow, Jason P
  Crozier, Kevin S — *1983-1986 D Trp 2/9 Cav Hunter Army Air Field (Scout - Blues Plt/1Sgt Driver) *1986-1987 B Trp 4/7...More
  Crue, Marshall L
  Cruickshanks, Frank W — SSG E-6 INF 1966 TO 1969 supply to 1982 B CO 2 bn 31 INF KOREA 7 INF DIV 340 supply company OKINA...More
  Crump, Dwayne s — Retired from US Army Infantry. S. Korea for 3 years 76-77, 79-80, 81-82. Hawaii 4 years. Drill Serge...More
  Crump, Dwayne S
  Crump, Dwayne — Retired US Army infantry in 1992, Divorced, Living in Hampton Va.Combat Veteran w/ Bronze Stare, CIB...More
  Cruz, Gerardo — I was with the 23rd Inf. of the 2nd INF. I was with them from 1961-64. After I was discharge return ...More
  Cruz, John P
  Cruz, Luis R
  Culver, Laird B — Christian, husband, father and friend serving in America's finest military arm, the United States Ar...More
  Cummings, Chris — Pvt-Pfc in HHC 1/325, Batallion Mortars, 1986-1988. We were "That Damn Mortar Platoon". I got levi...More
  Cummings, Greg — Tomahawk Battlion PLT Ldr Airborne staff Aiborne Regiment Company Cdr
  Cummings, Joe
  Cummings, Kenneth — If you know me, hit me up on the Lan Line.
  cummings, r. john
  Cummins, Larry
  Cunniff, Michael J — BAR rifleman Armored Personel Carrier Driver
  Cunningham, Edward J
  Cunningham, James F — I was with the 1/9 Inf. in the 2nd Infantry Div. in 1967 & 1968. I then went to the 2/9 Cav. with th...More
  Cunningham, Michael J — Served 1982 to 1985 Ft. Benning, GA Basic Korea 1yr Ft. Irwin, Ca 18 months
  Curatolo, C.
  Curless, Michael P — Wireless Communicattions
  Currie, Michael J — I am currently AGR with the Joint Forces Headquarters Logistics directorate for the Massachusetts Na...More
  Currier, Robert
  Curry, Dexter L
  Curry, Kelly L
  Curry, Nicholas
  Curtin, Tom — 20 years in the Infantry and 25 years in Real Estate. Married to Donna for 38 years. Sons John and...More
  Curtis, Richard F — I was stationed at Camp Casey in Korea as a Military Policeman.
  Curtis, Ryan
  Cuthbert, Pete W
  Cuthbertson, James V — My first assignment was 101st Abn Tng at Ft Jackson SC 1954 My retirement was from 101st Air Assaul...More
  Cutter, Denis B — My First tour was in Korea with "2nd Tank" 2-72 AR. I was in B co. That was 89-90. Next I was at ...More
  Cymerman, Martin D
  Czapiewski, Phillip R — 4 years active duty infantry 2 years inactive
  Czerniejewski, D.J. — After my ex-, staying alone with my cats!

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