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  W, R J
  W, Rio
  W, S
  Wacha, Arthur
  Wade, Brandi D
  Wade, Kyle — served in iraq..home now..enoys life..i support my family friends in all that they do
  Wade, Ronald
  Wagner, Frederic
  Wagner, Mark J — 5/87-5/89 B Co. 3/325 ABCT Vicenza, Italy 6/89-8/91 D Co. lrsd 101 MI Ft. Riley, KS (Desert shei...More
  Wagner, Robert
  Wagner, Thomas
  wagoner, raymond POPs
  Waguespack, Leonce A — Married w/ children. I am currently employeed as an Armed Nuclear Security LT/Supervisor at a nucle...More
  Wahl, Leonard t
  Wait, Vernie f — VERNIE F WAIT Retired in may 98 working for 3M 15 years. Served with co c 1st bn (mech) 28th inf. 1...More
  Waite, Richard — Vietnam 7/68 - 9/69 Quan Loi, Lai Khe, etc.
  Wakefield, Christie L
  Walbeck, Joseph L — Retired U.S. Army O-5... Signal and Acquisition Corps. Currently working as a Senior Acquisition Pro...More
  Walde, Valerie A — Proud Army Mom of Specialist Justin L. Walde of the 1st ID, 1/18 Vanguards. New to everything milit...More
  Walden, Michael D — Basic Ft. Ord, Ca. JUNE 1963, Fort Knox for AIT August 1963, Camp Kaiser Korea 7th Div Sept. 1963. F...More
  Waldman, Stuart — Served in the Scout Platoon for HHC 2/34 Armor until 1989.
  Walker, Al E
  Walker, Alexander W
  Walker, Charles
  Walker, Christopher J
  Walker, Christopher J
  Walker, Robert A
  Walker, Thomas R
  Walker, Wyatt
  Wall, Brian — I was in 2 6/8 AR in Baumholder Germany from 90-92 and in Fort Riley 3 3/7 AR from 92-94 looking for...More
  Wall, Chris
  Wallace, Billy — Served as a personnel clerk (PAC) in the 3/6 FA Fort Rilet, KS from 1981- 1982. And as a personnel c...More
  Wallace, James c — Tank systems mechanic
  Wallis, Ashley D — BCT/AIT @Ft. Jackson HHC Area I Garrison, Cp Red Cloud, Korea Feb03 - All of the below + NEO excerc...More
  Wallis, Donald R — Served: Jan. 1967 to Jan. 1968 - Vietnam; "C" Company 1st Bn / 26th Infantry , Ist Infantry Divisio...More
  Wallis, Steven A — Ist i9nf.div 16th infantry brigade long range recon ranger
  Walsh, Megan m
  Walter Iii, Charles J — worked at I.D.F as 95C,cross trained 95B while affilliated with 56th MPco. at Ft. Rich. Worked I.D.F...More
  Walters, Bill (BUTCH)
  Walters, Marcus N
  Waltman, Terry
  Walton, Alwyn A — Sep 67-Nov 67 BCT Ft Polk,La Dec 67-Nov 68 Ft Wolters,Tx/Ft Rucker,Al WOFT (TH-55A/OH-13T/UH-1A/B)...More
  Walton, Cleveland — disable viet nam veteran year served in nam jan 1966 to jan 1967 purple heart two bronze service sta...More
  Walton, Jason
  Ward, Basil a
  Ward, Charles
  Ward, Criss E — 266th Chemical Platoon
  Ward, Dennis
  Ward, Elizabeth A
  Ward, Gayle G
  Ward, Jim
  Ward, Joshua
  Ward, Karl T — With 1st ID HHC G-4 From 1964-1966. Looking FOR any FELLOW MEMBERS of my unit for the same period. T...More
  Ward, Kevin l
  Ward, Michael d
  Ward, Ronald d
  Ward, Tim — THEN: Was a 13F that never worked in the MOS. Became the Radar O'Reilly of the units I worked in t...More
  Ward Jr., Jack D — Served in Viet Nam from 6 January 1968 thru 7 January 1969, Headquarters Company 1/16. Went over as ...More
  Ware, Alvin K
  Waring, James M
  Warneka, Christopher L — served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm and while stationed in Gremany watched the wall come down, even...More
  Warner, Amanda
  Warner, Donald W — Donald W. Warner Colonel, United States Army Deputy Commander / Deputy Chief of Military History ...More
  Warner, Gene
  Warner, Michael J — Former squint with 1st Cav. Enjoy camping, fishing, metal detecting and star gazing.
  Warner, Richard R
  Warnke, Robin l
  Warren, Nick R — Range Control Radio/Switchboard Operator
  Warren Sr., Andrew J
  Warriner, Ken W
  Warring, Jody A
  Warthen, Homer L
  Washburn, Darrell — Viet Nam 68-69 1/16/Mechanized Infantry
  Washington, Eddie
  washington, john
  Wasserman, Jacob a
  Wasson, Chris — best unit i served with, second worst country(s.korea) i served in
  Waterbury, Michael
  Waters, Clyde P
  Waters, Joseph
  Watkins, Jeremy J — I I served proudly in the 4/37th Armor in Desert Storm...I made some great friend there.
  Watkins, John D
  watley, eric
  Watroba, Steve j
  Watson, John H — I served with HHC 2/18th 1st Infantry Div. in Vietnam. Weapons/Recon Plt. 1965-66. Looking for Sgt.R...More
  Watson, Melvin
  Watson, Michael
  Watson, Robert — HHC 2/2 Inf, Support Plt. Vilseck, Germany 97/01 HHC 1/29 Inf, Ft. Benning GA. -04 Bosnia, Kosov...More
  Watson, William — I was assigned to HHC/MMC DISCOM (PBO, Unit Supply and Arms Room), Ft. Riley, KS, and HHC 20TH ENGIN...More
  Watson, William R — Served in HHC/MMC DISCOM from 28MAR93 until 20SEP95. I met a lot of great people at Ft. Riley. Hey S...More
  Watts, Aaron M
  Watts, Allen L — I was with the 82AB 1/501 Infantry. Transfered to the First Infantry Div. with the 1/28,1/2, 2/2, 2...More
  Watts, Barry L — Join in Jacksonville, FL. 6/77 then to Fort Knox Ky. then to C 3/63 Armor, Germany from 10/77-8/79 ...More
  Watts, Kenneth C
  Waugh, Edward p
  Waugh, Rick — Born: Paris, KY BASD: 19850708 Served: Bamberg, FRG '85-87 ...More
  weathers, rick
  weaver, daniel
  Weaver, Pearlie R.
  Weaver, Robert R — Served in Kitzingen for 6 months before being attached to the 701st m.s.t. in Bamberg. I repaired co...More
  Weaver, Steve — Married w/3 children
  Weaverling, Kenneth
  Webb, Angela — married to Calvin. 1 son. Living in Ohio.
  Webb, Casey D
  Webb, Paul
  Webb, Rollin p — 10 years in the army,with tours in korea,france,germany and 3 tours in vietnam,base camped at ...More
  Webb, Roy
  Webber, Christopher — After several years within the service of the Army wondering what civilian life would be like, now i...More
  WEBER, JOHN T — 74-75 Alpha Co. Mech Rangers Panzer Kaserne
  Webre, Lawernce — hi was in 4th-6inf at fort polk,la and 3th-10inf.i was also in germany with 3th-41inf .and 2 aramer ...More
  Webster, Johnny W — Working on my Nursing Degree, got 1 class left before I can apply for the spring 2010 class!
  Weedman, Jillian a — well ive had a rough life but im trying to make it better... i have dark brown hair and bluish green...More
  Weekley, Joseph W — For 2 Years as Active Military was so Awsome, IRAQ Was Tough and hard but my ARMY UNIT and COMMAND S...More
  Weems, Troy l — Im currently in Iraq with A 701st and im having fun with it. its my first duty station.
  Weick, Knute K. — Current: BDE CSM, 2nd BDE, 86th TNG DIV, Ft. McCoy, WI Prior: 86th DIV CSM, 416th FEG CSM, 2/329th B...More
  Weick , Knute
  Weigand, Donald w
  Weigel, Beverly A
  Weiher, Edward L — Stationed in Germany 1958 - 1961. Motor Pool. 16th Infantry Rangers
  Weiland, Marcus H
  Weiland, Trevor A
  Weingartner, David M — Im currently in 10th mountian's infantry unit
  weisneck, robert r — 1961-1965 8th Div 82nd Airborne 1st Bat Basic training Ft. Knox, Kentucky old before colors came...More
  Welch, David — I was in B Btry 1/5 Fa for 4 years and miss that time of my life a great deal. I was in the FDC duri...More
  Welch, Mark A — Mos 63E , Served in Vilseck Germany from 94-97 under 1stSgt Funk as well as a few others.HHC 1/37 ch...More
  Welch, Steven
  Wells, Brian E
  Wells, Curtis A — Vietnam 2nd Bn 18th inf co B weapons platoon
  Wells, Luther WE
  Wells, Shirley
  Welsh, Richard M
  Welsh, Steven
  Weppelman, Robert R
  Weppelman, Robert R
  Werline, Lawrence F
  Werner, Gary J
  Werner, Gary
  Werner, Richard W
  Wertz, Tom
  West, Amanda
  West, Anthony — 1st and the 16th. 11 Hotel Echo Niner/I.T.V/ Mec CSC. Company/ Echo. Company Panzer/ Boelingen, S...More
  West, Cathy L
  West, Courtney E — hopeing to join
  West, David A
  west, Irvin J
  West, Joe H — I was stationed at Ft. Ord, California .Was stationed in Korea for a year. was stationed in Viet Nam...More
  West, John G — army
  West, Mark S — 4-12 Cav. at Ft. Polk 85-88. 1-72 Ar. 88-89 and then in 2-72 Ar. 89-90. We had M-60A3's then and any...More
  West, Steve — Hi, my name is Steve. my grand father was a mareen and Iam planning on joinning the U.S. military in...More
  Westbrook, Rhonda J — I was stationed at Ft. Riley Ks from 82-85. 83-85 I was assigned to HHC 1st AVN BN. I lived in E c...More
  Westby, Ernie T
  Westby, John
  Westby, Nathan A
  westerberg, leo
  Wetmore, Norman D
  Wetzler, Thomas E — Attached to Mike Plt., Delta Co. later, company medic. Would like to hear from former Mike and...More
  Whaley, David M
  Whaley, Kenneth L
  Whaley, Victor — HHC 2/67 AR, 2nd AD at Fort Hood. HHC 2/5 Cav at Fort Hood. HHC 2/69 AR, 197th at Ft....More
  Whayne, Jim
  Wheeler, Larry L — Retired U.S. Army First Sergeant, 11 Bang Bang. From 1977 to 1979 E-5 and E-6 and 1982 to 1985 E...More
  Wheeler, Michael a
  Wheeler, Mitchell — looking for anyone who was in my old unit in vietnam 1965/66 C.CO 1/18 Infantry 2D Brigade 1st Infa...More
  Wheeler, Patrick S — 2nd BN 5th FA FO 13F Started at Ft. Riley was part of an entire unit move to Neu Ulm Germany in 85 s...More
  Wheeler, Theodore F
  Whelihan, William P
  Whetstone, MacArthur
  Whitaker, James — Active Duty From 1985 to 1993 Units: 1 BDE 1st Inf Div Fort Riley 1/72nd Armor 2ID "1st Tank" Cam...More
  Whitcomb, Aaron
  White, Benjamin G — Troop XO, Troop Commander, Squadron XO
  White, Bradley
  White, Clay
  White, Colin D
  White, Daron J
  White, Debbie A
  White, Gale l
  White, George M
  White, James F
  White, Jeffrey S
  White, Jesse s — in vietnam in the years 68,69,70.looking for my brothers who severed with me in 3d brigade 82d airbo...More
  White, John — Went through Basic and AIT training in Fort Polk, LA (12/1974 - 05/1975) ** Stationed with Alpha...More
  White, Johnnie
  White, Lloyd
  White, Michael B
  White, Michael
  White, Patricia
  White, Richard
  White, Robert
  Whitehead, Barbie E
  Whitehead, Gerald D — I took Basic at Ft Chaffee, Ar May-July 55. I got to Ft Campbell, Ky in Oct 55. Went to Germany wit...More
  Whitehead, Mark A — Enjoying the married life.
  Whiteman, Bill
  Whitfield, Tom
  Whiting, Carlos G
  Whiting, Kenneth L.
  Whitley, Bruce A
  Whitley, Terry F — Military Police Officer, RA (detailed Armor); served on active duty 1972-1979 in the US and Germany....More
  Whitling, John — I was a medic in the 1st bn 28th inf 1st inf div from oct. 1965 t0 oct. 1966. our home base was Phou...More
  Whitman, Chad R
  Whitney, Brian M — Was with 1/7 fa and also with 4ID. Now I am assigned to Bco 1st Bn 7th SFG(A)
  Whitt, Jack
  Whitt, John a — my mos was 27E and I was station in korea germany ft riley and ft hood now live in huntsville area ...More
  Whitt, Ronald G — served with first Inf. 1968 vietnam co.A 2nd Bn 18th inf. mos 11C 40 F. O. 100% VA due to PTSD.
  Whittaker, Dan
  Whittaker, Robert
  Whitten, Ada L — I am Norman Whitten's cousin and Patrick L. Teal's ex-wife. We started dating early 1976 and marrie...More
  whitten, ronald
  Whittier, Richard J
  Whorf, Michael J — 5th Mech Inf Div Bravo 1-70 Armor Oct 91 to Nov 92. 2nd Armored Div Bravo 1/66 Armor Nov 92 to Jun ...More
  Wiater, Silas — Maintenance Officer for 7 yrs. Served in 2ID at Camp Casey, 4ID Ft. Carson, 1ID FT. Riley
  Wichgers, John A
  wickstrom, bruce — supplyspecialistwithdeltaco1/16mechaug68toaug69
  Wideman, Marvin R
  Wieboldt, Timothy A — 4th MP Company 1982-1984, 1-14th Infantry 1984-1985, 1-7 Cav 1985-1986, 11th ACR 1987-1990, 1-8 Cav ...More
  Wiener, Jason
  Wiggins, Robby L
  Wiggins, Samuel — Alpha Company 1st to the 2nd HQ Platoon Mechanic/ Motor Sgt
  Wike, Sean E
  Wilbur, Gary A — Served with ARMY 1976-1980, HHC 2ND BRIGADE, FT. RILEY, KS Chapel Activity Specialist at Custer Hi...More
  Wilburn, Harley E
  Wilcox, Charles L
  Wilcox, Edward M
  Wilcx, Tim
  Wilczek, Scott
  Wilde, Joseph M
  Wilder, George K. — 1st assigned to Co B, became a clerk in S-2, and eventually company clerk in Co A. LtCols Drury, Con...More
  Wilemon, Jimmy A — S-3 RTO; Bravo Troop Hq Plt RTO; 9-67 thru 6-68. RTT in 121 Sig Bn 2-67 to 9-67. RTT in 459 MI 11...More
  Wiles, Paul K
  Wiley, Travis S
  Wilkerson, Brian C
  Wilkerson, Cody J — Basic traning and AIT at Sandhill GA still in school going to attend the Citadel (noncom)
  Wilkerson, Randall D
  Wilkerson, Shawn — My father SFC John Wilkerson Ret. Pleiku,Vietnam Jul 66-Aug 67 was with B Co. 20th Engr. Bn and D C...More
  Wilkey, Danny R — stationed at Ft. Riley, KS 1998-2001 with 1-16th infantry division. Deployed to Bosnia in 1999 with ...More
  Wilkins, Luke
  Wilkins, Tanner
  Wilkinson, Chris E — i'm a young one....6 years service. did 4 years active, 2 years guard duty, and then back active as...More
  Wilkinson, Donald s
  Wilkinson, Robert l — i live in garland tx been retire now 15 year last duty station was koran with the 229 sig co as t...More
  Wilkinson, Robert
  Willard, Paul B — I have served as a Redeye Gunner, Team Chief, Chap crewman, Gunner, Squad Leader. Stinger Team Chief...More
  Willars, Albert — It was a pleasure serving with Charlie Company
  Willey, John L
  Williams, Akiesha J — I was in Fco-treatment platoon as well as the ambulance platoon
  Williams, Antwan d — spankin new
  Williams, Brice
  Williams, Claude
  Williams, Daniel P
  Williams, Daniel
  Williams, Douglas
  Williams, Gary G
  Williams, George R
  Williams, Henry V. — C,1/16th, 1st Infantry Division
  Williams, Henry V. — C Co. 1st/16th Inf. Wounded Nov. 1968 outside of Lai Kea. An electrician by trade, now working for ...More
  Williams, Jackie
  Williams, James H.
  williams, james
  Williams, Joe E
  Williams, Kyle A — Graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1991 as a Cadet Battalion commander.
  Williams, Laurence E — Retired command sergeant major, retired Savannah Police Department (GA) sergeant. Retired sergeant ...More
  Williams, Leonard M M — 3 years 9 mos in USAF as Jet Aircraft Mechanic 20 years Infantry Soldier 9th Inf Div Ft. Jackson ...More
  Williams, Mark A
  Williams, Mark s
  Williams, Matthew
  Williams, Michael F — I served with the 1st MP Company, 1st Infantry Division from 1965 to 1966. Was with the unit at Ft....More
  Williams, Mike d
  Williams, Moses — I was with HHC 1st Bn 28th Inf 1st Inf Div our base camp was in Phouc Vihn Viet Nam in 1966. In 198...More
  Williams, Nicholas
  Williams, Reggie M — Generator OP/Mechanic 52B10
  Williams, Robert M — I Served in 4/3 ADA Headquarters Battery from 1998-2001 as a Scout, deployed to kosovo, Macedonia.
  Williams, Robert
  Williams, Ron
  Williams, Terry L
  Williams, Wallace
  Williams, Westley F
  Williams, Westley F
  williamson, billy
  Williamson, Jessica
  Williamson, Lora L
  Williard, Richard M
  Willilams, Robin D
  Willimas, Robert
  Willingham, Alberto — I was an acting 1SG since I was a buck SGT, then became one and have since retired as such. Jerry, B...More
  Willingham, Gregory J
  Willis, David
  Willis, Jim
  Willis, Sonya K — Rather eclectic Intelligence Analyst
  Willmore, Thomas R — Chief Warrant Officer four, AH1 Helicopter Aviator, 11 years in Germany, 2ACR, 334TH Aviation, 503r...More
  Willoughby, Ollie D — father of a 1/26 soldier
  Wilson, April
  Wilson, Billy R — 54th QuarterMaster Company 89-91 Desert Shield/Desert Storm . Medic Assigned to HHC 1/52 "The Zoo" ...More
  Wilson, Charles V — I am an Active member of the Barbershop Harmony Society. I enjoy everyday waking up knowing that I ...More
  Wilson, Christopher J
  Wilson, Curtis L — Born in Richmond, TX. Lived in Rosenberg, Alvin, Ft. Stockton and Pecos, TX. Graduated Pecos High ...More
  Wilson, Dana Ray — 43 year old single Gulf War Veteran, w/ 9 yrs AA, 1.5 yrs IRR, 1.5 yrs NG (California) and 1 yr AR....More
  Wilson, David J — Where are all the heroes from 2-16????My name is David Wilson looking for any medics that served wit...More
  Wilson, David M — S-1 AND HHD COMMANDER 1977- 1978
  Wilson, Duane d
  Wilson, Fenton M — 2nd Bn 28th Inf Black Lions Lai Khe HHC 1967-68
  Wilson, George L — Military Police (31B5O) 1SG/E-8, HHC 1079th GSU, Ft. Dix, NJ , HHC (MP Platoon) 1st IDF, Goeppingen,...More
  Wilson, Jackson R
  Wilson, James
  Wilson, Jason K — Active Duty: July 1988-July 1991. Basic at Fort Knox, KY, July-Oct 1988. Stationed at Fort Riley, KS...More
  Wilson, Jason K — 4/37 Armor Bco and Aco Ft Riley KS 1988-1991. Basic/AIT @ Fort Knox July-Oct 1988.
  Wilson, Jerry — I was in D co 1/12th Inf in Vietnam as a medic 1969-70. Valley Forge GH 1971. A co 1/28th 1972-73 Ft...More
  Wilson, Leonard C — SERVED W/ 65th Ord.69th GSG Anchorage - 71st Ord CO 8th Mt BN Hanau(3 seperate tours) - 509th Maint ...More
  Wilson, Mark E — 1991-1994,Retired in Readiness Group Salt Lake City Utah, 1986-1991, 1st Inf Div. 2nd Bn 5th FA, N...More
  Wilson, Michael W — NCNG Member in the 30th ESB, 1/120th Inf(M), HHC Recon/Scout Plt deploying for OIF to be attached to...More
  Wilson, Rhonda L — Proud daughter of a WWII Silver Star, Purple Heart recipient, who served with Patton's Third Army, i...More
  Wilson, Scott E
  Wilson, Steve — VMI Class of 1968; VMI PMS 1993-1995
  Wilson, T.J. A — "T.J."
  Wilson, Tammy
  Wilson, Tony L — HHC 4/1 AVN FT. RILEY, KS
  Wilson, Walter
  Wiltrout, Dave g — 1st division 86-87
  Winfrey, Matthew — Medic
  Wingfield, Amy L — I am currently a Recruiter for the VaARNG. I was stationed at Ft Riley, Ks from 1992 until 1995 as ...More
  Winiesdorffer, Julie A.
  Wink, Angela
  Winkel, Brandon M — COMPLICATED
  Winkler, Don
  Winning, Ron
  Wioskowski, Barb
  Wipperman, Timothy E — Maj, Inf, Ret'd. in 1990. Served in 2nd Div 77-78, C 2/9, Camp Greaves (Wpns Plt Ldr, XO)
  Wirfs, Thomas a
  Wise, Donald — Artic Light
  Wise, Donald — F Co. 701st Maint Bn/// B Co. 205th Trans Bn 3rd Avim Bn,/// 2nd Staff And Faculty, Structual Repair...More
  Wise, Gary W — HHT 1-1 Cav Avum Platoon 1st Armored Division in Katterbach, Germany 0H-58 phase team. D Trp 1-4 C...More
  wise, herbert
  Wisnieski, Stephen — I was stationed at TCLSC in Worms. Actually did 2 tours there. 77-79, and 82-85. Basic Training a...More
  With Held, Name — VietNam 68-69-Laikhe First Inf. Div.Combat Eng. Army Ret.
  Witham, George
  Witmer, Daniel A — Born Aug 1961, enlisted US Army Aug 1979, got out Aug 82 and came back Jul 87 till I was medically r...More
  Witt-Ellis, Teresa L
  Wofford Jr, Targe — I entered into the Military Nov-24-1987.
  Wohlleber, Steve — Was attached to the 2nd Brigade OIF II having been at FOB O'Ryan
  Wojtalewicz, Philip — COL; USMA, Class of 1984 Company B3
  Wolf, George
  Wolfe, Ralph W
  Wolfe, William W
  Woltman, Richard
  Wood, Barry A
  Wood, David a
  Wood, Edward
  Wood, James W
  Wood, Kerver mr
  Wood, Shane M
  Wood Ii, James P — I was with Delta Battery 8 Bn / 6 th Arty, 8 inch Self Propelled during Vietnam. It was the longest ...More
  Woodard, Andrew J — My Grandfather served in the 1st Infantry Division 5th Field Artillery . His name is Corporal Mario...More
  Woodard, Diane c
  Woodard, John R
  Woodrum, Owen T — if you want to get in touch with me go to myspace and search for todd woodrum, and you can see what ...More
  Woods, Anthony L — I've just finished OUST Infantry training and I'm currently staioned in Germany.
  Woods, George J
  Woods, Janet L — Red Cross donut dolly in Korea and 1st Division Vietnam 1966-67 w/maiden name Small/currently workin...More
  Woods, Jim — Currently Retired and working as an instructor. Last assignment was as an ETT in Aghanistan. Last A...More
  Woodward, Audley J
  Woodward, Eleisha A — Served from 1996 to 1999 in Schweinfurt, Germany with HHD 299th FSB. I was a 92G. I was married at t...More
  Woodyard, Jonathan D — My Blog:
  Wooley, Wesley — Son of CSM Wesley Wooley - Vietnam 1966-1970
  Woolwine, Robert
  Wooster, Gene
  Wooton, Mike
  Workman, Bren K.
  Workman, Trevor
  Worley, Craig
  Worley, Seward C — Former Marine and a former airborne soldier.
  Woyansky, John G — PL for 2/B/1-20 Inf/11thBDE, 23rd Div from Jun 71 to Sept 71 then went to DaNang, 196th. Assigned as...More
  Wright, Dennis
  Wright, Gary B
  Wright, Jason
  Wright, Joshua
  Wright, Kevin p — Served in U.S.Marines from Jan. 1976 to Jan. 1979. I was in amtraks K-Bay Hawaii. I I served in ...More
  Wright, Matthew
  Wright, Michael G — United States Navy USS Dallas 1986-1992 13F 1/156 FA NYARNG 1993-2003 FSNCO/FSO 2/108th INF 2 BCT ...More
  Wright, Randy D
  Wright, Timothy
  Wrzesinski, Shawn A — My wife Aimee, and sons Jozef and Troy came to Ft.Campbell, KY in 2000 after I joined the Army. I s...More
  Wu, Shuo, Battlefield Collection Inc — Battlefield Collection? Authentic Military Sportswear is the nation?s premier military inspired spor...More
  Wyatt, Arnold A
  Wyatt, Michael J — Basic Training: B Co. 10th Battalion, Ft. McLellan 1982, 2nd MP Company Camp Pelham, Korea 1983-1984...More
  Wyatt, Michael J
  Wykretowicz, Stanley M
  Wyns, Michael S
  Wyrick, Herb R

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