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  M, J M
  M, Jerry L — Special Weapon "Tacticle Nuclear" Section Chief
  Maas, Peter R — 19 K, M1 Tanker with A Co 2/34 AR Gulf War Desert Storm/Shield veteran
  Mace, James M — Served in the Air Force from 1993 to 1996. Switched over to the Army where I served on M1A1 tanks un...More
  Macgirvin, Amy A
  Machulski, Joe A
  Mack, Elijah B
  Mack, Gary A — CSC 1/327TH AT PLT. FT CAMPBELL 78-80. CSC 1/35TH AT PLT. SCHOFIELD BKS. 80-81. B 1/18TH WPNS PLT, D...More
  mack, george p
  Macomber, Vickie
  Macon, Richard e
  Macpherson, Mark R — Supported Operations in the Field
  Macy, John
  Madison, Thomas R
  Madore, Mark
  Madore, Mark H — While serving in the Gulf war was assigned to 1st Infantry Division as 2d Armored Division (Fwd) in ...More
  Madry, Curley l — Join the miliary in Sept 1977 basic Training at Fort Knox AIT Sam Houston TX, 1977-1978, Hunt...More
  Magahan, David g — Combat Engineer need I say More.. 1st Engineer Bn 1990-1992 again 2003-2005 For both Wars Die H...More
  Magahan, David G
  Maggio, Michael A
  Magtibay, Michael I
  Mahan, June
  Mahon, Richard T
  Mahoney, Kevin B — Member of 1st Inf Div. B Co. 3/63 Armor from SEP73-MAR77
  Mahoney, Maurice
  Mahurin, Dannie D — I Worked in FIRE DIRECTION CONTROL FROM 1972 To 1975 . I was in a gun section at went in to fire di...More
  Mainer, Everett
  Mainwaring, Earl — My son is currently serving with Charlie Co., 2/2 in the 1st Inf. Div.
  Maiorano, Tony — Ft. Dix NJ for basic in '72, Ft. Sill, OK for AIT. Arrived at Neu Ulm at Wiley Barracks in Jan. '73....More
  maixner, leslie (short round)
  Majewski, Frank J — BCO.1ST.S&T BN.
  Maki, Albert w — was with the 187th and it was my home away from home--C first sargent's name was strickland.
  Maldonado, Ivan — I was in the 1/4 Cav stationed in Ft Riley Ks and also with the 1/5 cav in Budgen germany Basic trai...More
  Maldonado, Rafael e
  Malen, Jon A — Jon Malen I was with co b 1/2 july 67 to july 68
  Malik, Harris H — I'm in the U.S. Army and I'm loving every moment of it! That's all I got to say. :)
  Mallory, Steve
  Malone, Ed
  Malone, Ralph
  Mancias Jr, Librado — squad ldr 1st Platoon (USS Gordon) 1965- 1966 Vietnam and B/1/26 Inf Bn 1961 - 1966 Ft Riley Ks
  Mancuso, Frank
  Maness, Kenneth j. — I was in vietnam with 1/26inf. 1st. inf. div. 2-6-67 to 3-22-68 sec. tour c battery 1/21 FA. 1ST....More
  Manka, William — not much to say. Travel light freeze at night hoowa. Wolfhound. call we can B.S. about Past army tr...More
  Manke, Joanie
  Mann, James Edwin — I was stationed in Germany for 15+ years and assigned to Fulda for 9 of those years which was my fav...More
  Mann, Larry
  Mann, Samantha
  Mann, Samantha
  Manning, David J — Anyone wishing to contact me can e-mail me at: .I worked in the motor pool as a ...More
  Manning, Michael — BCT: Ft. Benning, AIT: Ft. Hauchuca, USACC 1969-70, Marine Maintenance Activity Vietnam, Det 1. 1970...More
  Mannion, Gareth A — I am living in Massachusetts, Seperated with one son age 8. I am a Video producer with five Music Vi...More
  Manuel, Gary L
  Marchetti, David
  Marchisio, Jeffery
  Marcouillier, Jason
  Mares, D. — Military family and life. Support all friends and family regardless of branch, rank, and location. "...More
  Margheim, Marion
  Markoff, Michael S
  Markovetz, Robert F — Enlisted in SDARNG 3 May 1983, Commissioned 27 May 1986, Currently am a LTC and Director of Reserve ...More
  Markunas, Mark S — Born & raised in Boston, MA. Graduated from Arizona State University in '94. Previously resided in...More
  Marlo, Thomas J — Hello, My fiirst tour in nam would take me to the 520th Personnel Service Center Bien Hoa, then tra...More
  Marlow Jr, Michael D — OSUT@McClellan>66 MP CO>570 MP CO>410 MP CO>401 MP CO/GITMO/Grand Turk Island-JTF 160>A CO LE-Riley>...More
  Maronge, Chad
  Marquez, Orlando
  Marret, Taylor
  Marroquin, Francisco
  Marrs, Douglas B — Served 1988-1992. 15 months in Korea in 2ID during the first Gulf War
  Marsh, Rick
  Marshall, Glenn O
  Marshall, John R — NMARNG 1988-1989: 200th ADA (-) (SMP) (NMMI); COARNG 1989-1994: D Co, 5/19 SFG(A), Deployed to Alask...More
  Martin, Aaron
  Martin, Christopher S — 1AD HHC 1/35 AR; Erlangen, W. Germany (Ferris Barracks) - 1ID (Mech) HHC 3/37 AR; Ft. Riley, Kansas ...More
  Martin, Craig J
  Martin, Duane N — Norwich University grad. 1967 served in vietnam from 1969 to 1970 US Army/ 1st Cav div. FO served ...More
  Martin, Lavon
  Martin, Michael R
  Martin, Randall a
  Martin, Richard B
  Martin, Robert — i was in HHC 1st 16th infantry at panzer kaserne from 1973 to 1975
  martin, thomas
  Martin, William — 121st Signal battalion 1972-1975
  Martin, William R.
  Martinez, Albert
  Martinez, Carlos A — Airborne Combat infantry commando retired, Fed Law enforcement retired!!
  Martinez, Christopher r
  martinez, marien
  Martinez, Matthew
  Martinez, Ricardo — enlisting in the army . recruit just looking for some kind of support.
  Martinez Sr, Robert
  Marts, Ronald W
  Marvel, James W
  Masaga, Mitai — Im honor to give my best on any basic work. Im a strong person with a great personality. I love to s...More
  Masker, Terry
  Maslow, Am
  Mason, David E. — 389th Military Intelligence Detachment (ABN)(SF), 11th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Bowman FLD,...More
  Mason, James — I come from a military family and consider myself a military enthusiast, with great pride and thanks...More
  Mason, Larry m — medic, 16 Engr. aid station. June - Nov., 1968, ft. hood 1st inf.div - 1968 Vietnam Co A. 2/18 ma...More
  Mason, Patrick W
  Mason, Patrick W — I'm a former member of B Company 1st Engr. Bn. and D Company 701st Maintnace Bn. Located at the Iro...More
  Massari, John L
  Massender, Dean j — served in bravo company as tank mechanic
  Massey, Michael Yates
  Massey , Tim — served with 2/8 cav 1st cav div. from 1982-1984 then went to Germany and was with 4/16th infantry Re...More
  Massie, William
  Masters, Billy T
  Mata, Richard
  Matheny, Billy R. — Joined the AF right out of HS for a four year stint, then tried the Army for six years, then to the ...More
  Mathewson Jr, Oscar A — I was stationed at Dco. 2/16th Infantry Batallion Ft. Riley Kansas from 1989-1992. I later moved to ...More
  Mathias, Lynn
  Mathis, Matthew J
  Mathis, Matthew J
  Mathis, Tyler W — In ROTC trying to make Infantry. Doing my best.
  Mattek, Anthony C
  Matthews, John E — GRAY WOLF
  Matthews, Melvin D — Medic serving with 2/18 Infantry Battalion. I was assigned to HHC but attached to Companys B and D....More
  Matthews, Michael
  Matthews, Sam — My given name is John W. Matthews. Retired 1992. Commanded: A/2-16 Inf in 1968 and B/2-2 Inf in May...More
  Mattie, Thomas J. — Bravo Company, Big Red One, 2nd Infantry, 28th Division Vietnam, 1968, Outposts Rita, Junction City,...More
  Maul, David — Looking for any one who went over on the USS Gorden, in July of 65 took 16 days. I was attach to B...More
  Maull, Derick
  Maulsby, Chad r
  Maurich, Chris
  Maxey, Terrance L
  Maxwell, Stephen p — delta co. 2/3/66th AR Reg. 86-91
  May, Robert — Retired LTC from the ARMY after 20 years of service, in 2002. I the was called back to Active Duty ...More
  Mayhan, David l — stationed at camp howze with 1st /31st inf worked in dcc as a fuel jocky.1975 to 77 .earned my injim...More
  Mayhew, Kevin J
  Maynard, Erin l
  Maynard, Greg
  Mayne, Anthony R
  Mayne, Sterling K — /> 1st ID, 1/4 Cav, HHC -- S4 (US); /> 1st ID, 1/4 Cav, D Trp -- Aviation, Scout Platoon Cmdr (US...More
  Mayne, Winfield
  Mays, Shasta u
  Mazur, Scott E — After 24 years active duty I am giving the civilian life a go again. 1 month retired now and so far...More
  Mc Ardle, Vincent K. — Platoon Sergeant, 172nd Support Battalion, Ft Richardson,AK Platoon Sergeant, 1st Battalion, 18th I...More
  Mc Clung, Danny K — Tac/Sat MW Operator-26Q(79-82), Legal Clerk-71D(83-84), Health Physics Specialist-91X(85-97), Prev. ...More
  Mc Cormick, Joan — i was attached to the 1 st. administration company of the 1 st. inf.division william b. hannel
  Mc Daniel, Jimmy — SVC. Btry, 6/14th Arty. Apl 1963- 64 at Ft Sill, Ok. B Btry 2/39th arty. 3rd I D Schweinfurt Germa...More
  Mc Fee, Daniel J — 1966 - Basic and AIT Ft. Ord Ca. H-1-1 1966, 67, 68 - Ray Barracks, Friedberg Germany 1st /36 Inf A...More
  Mc Guire Record Geeting, Sherrie E — Been a pretty wild ride...
  Mc Kee, James L — US ARMY 1967-1969 VIETNAM 1968-69 CHICAGO POLICE OFFICER 1977-2004 NOW RETIRED
  Mcadams, James A — served 1 year with 1st./23rd. 2nd Infantry Korea
  McAdoo, Darryl — Entered active duty in 1984 with the 82d Abn Div; also served in Korea 3 different times, Fort Bragg...More
  Mcadoo, Morris
  Mcallister, Thomas
  Mcbain, Hugh P
  Mcbane, Robert — Retired (Oct 04) SFC, U.S. Army.
  Mcbean, Aubrey V — I am an Active Reserve solider who is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in North Carolina and Atlan...More
  Mcbride, Harold
  Mcbride, Jonathan C
  McBride, Patrick
  Mcbride, Steven W
  Mccain ii, Johnnie L. — I was on HQ 66 as the Driver from 1983-1985 1/32 Ar Friedberg Germany I was the driver on HQ66 8...More
  Mccain Jr., Melvin
  Mccall, Donnie W
  Mccall, Mickey
  Mccallister, Charles R
  Mccallister, Doyle E
  McCallister, Norman
  Mccammon, John R
  Mccarns, Charles J
  Mccarty, Cory N
  McCarty, Mark — Enlisted as 11B in 1976. Stationed at Schofield with A 1/19 from 1977 - 1980. Took part in deploym...More
  Mccauley, Jessica l — spouse: active duty in iraq Mena
  Mccauley, Mark — I was a 96R stationed at Ft. Davis in Panama.
  Mcclaskey, Jeff D
  Mcclelland, Isolda C — I am married with four children, I amm currently working with children and families, I have just ear...More
  Mcclelland, Kyle M
  Mccleskey, Clifford
  Mcclinton, Ian t
  Mcclinton, Jared T
  Mccloskey, Brian
  Mcclung, William P — OH-58A/C and AH-1F Maintenance Test Pilot.
  Mcclure, John — Medic for 1-18IN BN, Operation Iraqi Freedom II and Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08
  Mcclure, Philip M — I entered in 1977 in armor and stayed active duty until 1984 and then went into Okla national guard ...More
  Mcclusky, Ronny j
  Mccollum, Roger D — I went to Viet Nam in Feb. 1968 and left in April 1969. I had a nickname of Charile Brown. I was wi...More
  Mccorcle, Jeff L
  Mccormick iii, William J.
  Mccourry, Frank J
  Mccourtney, Jeffery S — I've served almost 17 years on active duty, ranging from 11B (Infantryman); 45K (Armament Systems Re...More
  Mccowan, Joey D — Member of B 2/16 Infantry COHORT & A 4/16 Infantry Training Group, Ft Knox, Ky B 1/39 Infantry K...More
  Mccowan, Joey D — Joined the Army in AUG 1981 in TN. After OSUT 1st COHORT Unit at FT. Benning, I went to the BIG RED ...More
  Mccoy, Christopher K
  Mccoy, Clyde f — Served with both B & C Co. 1/26 Infantry
  Mccoy, John — I took basic training at Harmony Church on Ft. Benning. Then sent to Ft. Ord for A.I.T., then back ...More
  Mccoy, Mike
  Mccoy, Roberta R
  Mccoy, Roberta
  Mccrae, Brian D — I joined the Army back in 1986 where I was stationed at FT. Riley KS. I was in 1/63 Armor for about...More
  Mccray, Carrie
  Mccreight, Gene g — HOOAH I'm infantry all the way mounted or dismounted. I been in alot of good units that have...More
  Mccrimmon, Marylena
  Mccroskey, Jeff — I was stationed at Ft. Riley with the 1st. MP CO and then moved to the 977th MP CO to deploy to Hond...More
  McDaniel, David
  Mcdaniel, James E — Jan 1967-Jan 1968 D Co. 1st Engr. Bn, 1st Inf Div. 2nd Plt Plt Ldr Lt Tim Pool, Plt Sgt SFC Th...More
  Mcdaniel, Lacy a
  Mcdermott, Ed MJ
  McDonald, Rocky E
  Mcdonald, Wilbert
  Mcdonough, Sean M — Began my service at Ft. Knox, Kentucky in 1996. Graduated US Armor school. Assigned to 2/63rd Armor ...More
  Mcdowell, Aaron — C Co 1/4 Cav, 4th BCT
  mcdowell, anthony
  Mcdowell, Teddy
  Mcdowell, Teddy
  Mcelroy, Ed
  Mceuen, William k — 1 tour in kuwait, 2 ntc rotations, 2 tours in iraq (6mos, 4mos) and 3 months in afganistan as well. ...More
  Mcewan, Lance H — US Army for 20 years. I've been stationed in Italy, Ft. Carson, Wiesbaden, Germany, Ft Campbell, Ro...More
  Mcfall Sr., Larry E.
  Mcfarland, Felisa
  Mcfarland, James F — heavy vehicle driver stationed in Germany during Vietnam conflict
  Mcfarlin, Clare
  McFee, Daniel J — Basic - Ft Ord, Ca. Germany - A/1st 36th Inf. 3rd Armord Div. Vietnam - B/2nd 16th Inf. 1st Inf. Div...More
  Mcgee, Jason P
  Mcgee, Matthew J — Chapel Activities Specialist from Jul 79 - Jul 83 with HHC, 2d Bde, 1st ID, Ft Riley, HHC, 1st Bde, ...More
  Mcgee, Matthew J
  Mcgee, Matthew
  Mcghee, John P — (76-82) 1st Aerospace Comm Group, Offutt AFB, Ne./ 30456- Space Comm. Equip. Op/ Tech./ AFSATCOM...More
  McGilberry, Seth
  Mcginley, Terrill — My Name is Terry McGinley 77-83 with the 593rd Supply & Service Co. Kaiserslautern, W. Germany Moto...More
  McGoldrick, Bill — E Company Recon
  Mcgraw, John P — Desert Sheild Desert Storm Operation Garden Plot Operation Iraqi Freedom 3 Operation Iraqi Freed...More
  Mcgregor, Michael S
  McGrew, Stephen
  Mcinnish, Gary r
  Mcintosh, Hershell
  Mcinvale, Joseph
  McJimsey, Gary — 1) US Army 1966 - 1969. 2) BCT Fort Ord, A Co/3rd Plt/3rd Bat/2nd Training Brigade, Feb 1966 - April...More
  Mckee, Robert L
  Mckenzie, Gary — entered the Army 1963 served until 2004. 1968-69 Co C 1 Bn 26th Inf ! Inf Div. Viet Nam, where I ...More
  Mckinley, Jeremy M
  Mckinney, Rich — 1979 - 1980 -- Combat Engineer, MO NG 1980 - 1992 -- Chemical Corps, Active Duty Ft Riley G...More
  Mckinney, Seab
  Mckinniss, Charles r — Korean war I&R platoon, Vietnam special forces married 1954 5 children 22 grandchildren 4 great...More
  Mckinniss, Charles r
  Mcknight, Donnell E — Big Red One Delta Co. Ft. Riley Kansas
  Mcknight, Donnell E
  Mcknight, Jonathan E
  Mclamb, Keith O.
  Mclamb, Keith O — Company Supply Clerk: Delta Co,1st/16th(mech) Lai Khe,S. Vietnam
  Mclane, Melissa
  Mclane, Phillip J.
  Mclean, Carla
  McLoughlin, William J — Retired from active duty in 1996. Afterwards, earned a degree in education and taught high school fo...More
  Mcmahon, David
  Mcmann, Dwayne — United States Customs and Border Protection Officer
  Mcmasters, Virgil E — Echo Co. 1971 1973. Transportation of the Floating bridge.
  Mcmillan, Joerun R
  Mcmillen Sr., Billy
  Mcmillion, Mervin D
  Mcmullen, Kenneth E — U.S.M.C. 1976-82 NHARNG 1988-2009
  Mcmullen, Larry M. — I was assigned to the 1st Inf Div upon orders to Viet Nam. I served as a squad leader. The 1st Inf...More
  Mcmunn, William
  Mcmurray, Thomas H. — Served 11 years with BRO, currently work as Safety and Environmental Compliance Inspector at the hom...More
  Mcnabb, Bob
  Mcnabb, Wallace W — PANZER KASERNE 73-76AND78-81 WITH 4/73 ARMOR HHC, A ,C 3RD ACR E Trp 2 SQD 81-82 24ID B 2/70 AR ...More
  Mcnair, Quinton m
  Mcnamara, John
  Mcnees, Wesley S — 1st ID - Served with the 977th MP Bn (MP Patrolman) and the A Co. (LE) USAG (Military Police Investi...More
  McNeil, Randall J
  Mcnew, M. Colleen
  Mcpherson, Allen o
  McPherson, Terry
  Mcquade, Daniel T
  Mcrae, Robert C
  Mcwatty, David T
  Mcwilliams, Jasohn A
  Meacham, Daniel — Company NBC NCO
  Meadows, Matthew D
  Meadows, Richard E — Born in Detroit, Michigan. Moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1962 for father's health. Joined th...More
  Means, Robert D — !st Infantry Division, 1st Engineer Battlion, Viet Nam, 1967 - 1968
  Mears, David — I lasted until NOV 2nd of 2005 and that put me in Active for 8 years and 6 months. I got injured in...More
  Mears, Shelly j
  Mease, Michael w
  Medina, Maria
  Medina, Roberto — Joined military in 1989 and still enjoying it... only have 2yrs left until I can retire; thinking ab...More
  Medley, David G.
  Medzyk, Ssg David — Volunteered for two tours of Iraq..OIF-2 & OIF-5. Next one, I'll have to be volunTOLD :D
  Meeks, Douglas C — School teacher, Retired finance SGM from the 220th FG and 153rd FB. Associated with the 469th and pr...More
  Meiler, Steffen
  Meinen, Lloyd
  mejia, fidel
  Melchor, Albert
  Mello, Christopher J — Was a 16R10 C Btry 2/67 ADA 2nd Platoon 1987-1988 Fort Riley, KS
  Mello Jr., John E — Served as a crewchief, flight platoon sergeant, first sergeant and finally a brigade QC supervisor. ...More
  Mellon, Brody
  Melugin, Mike
  Melvin, Breitner
  Member, Dis — 11A96B6Z - Commissioned in 1985 as an O-1 and served in Heidelberg. Received a degree in Economics a...More
  Memorial, National D-Day — Hello and welcome to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia. If you have never visited the...More
  Mendez, Elisa M — When you work hard for what you want, there's no excuse why you shouldn't have it.
  Mendez-Velazquez, Felipe
  Mendiola Jr., Florencio — Viet Nam Veteran. From June 1969 to June 1970. Served with The Big Red One the first three months in...More
  Mendoza, Eduardo — SGT.Mendoza Eduardo service in the HHB 1bn 7art Fort Rally, Kansas from 1973-1974 serviced in Vietn...More
  Mendoza, Eduardo — Was in Forthood texas in 1971 head quarter and head quarter first brigade
  Mendoza, Eric
  Mendoza, Roselia
  Menser, Michael W
  Menzies, Mark
  Mer, Char
  Mercado, Samuel A — want to join the army nation guard.
  Merced, Frank J — Served in the US Army from 1972 - 1993. Units assigned to: 3/6 FA, 6/37 FA (three times), 1/27 FA, 1...More
  Merced, Ruben — 1968-69 lai khe,da nang,c-an viet nam. Scuad leader pointman My Bess Friend was a Real Hero Dene...More
  Mercer, Dennis J
  Meredith, Derek W — Stationed at Rose Barracks, Vilseck, GE. Member of C Co 1-63 AR. Go Comanche!
  Mergele, Matthew
  Merrell, Mike g
  Merrill, Kenneth
  Merritt, John
  Merritt, Keith L
  Merwin, David D — Chaparral & Redeye, Stringer Missile Crewmen, but most duties were in the Orderly room as Training N...More
  Messer, John T — Infantry scout and Kiowa Warrior crew chief.
  Metaywis, Hank — Participated in the Kosovo Campaign of 1999-2000 with 1-63 AR (Vilseck-FRG) and 1990-1996 with 3-37 ...More
  Metcalf, Charles A
  metcalf, lauren
  Metcalfe, Jamie R
  Metker, O.W.
  Meyer, Frank J.
  Meyer Millican, Michelle
  Meyers, Roy J
  Michaels, Joshua
  Michaels, Joshua A
  Michaelsen, Kurt
  Michaud, Fiona
  Michaud Jr, Raymond j
  Micheal, Matthew — I was the very last person attached to HHB 3/60 prior to deactivation. After, I was sent by "mistake...More
  Michel, Christopher P — Chris is the Founder of, the nation's largest military membership organization. Whi...More
  Michel, Christopher P — Chris is the Founder of, the nation's largest military membership organization. Whi...More
  michel, mandy
  Michels, Alan
  Michels, Raymond W — ARMY: PFC Medic (91B20) B-Co, 1st Med Bn, Fort Riley, Ks. (78-79). Expert Field Medical Badge. Only ...More
  Mickel, Church
  Mickey, Robert
  Mickler, Frank T
  Middleton, Glen P — Originally Field Artillery - branch transferred to Aviation after first assignment. Flew OH-58A/C, ...More
  Migawa, William (Bill)
  Miglianti, Henry E — enlisted oct 76 in Army reserve... transfered to Dco 204 en BN NYARNG... commissioned 1979 at Ft B...More
  Mihalko, Ron R — Retired as a First Sergeant and stayed here in Germany, been here a total of 26 years so far now. Bo...More
  Mike, Jonathan
  Mikell, Leroy V — Hello my name is SSG Mikell U.S. ARMY Retired . was watching the history chanel one evening and saw...More
  Milan, William
  Milanin, Sasha MR — Army - Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Miley, Jason D — HHC 4/12 Inf., Mortar Platoon, 1991-1992 Baumholder Germany HHC 1/16 Inf., Mortar Platoon, 1992-1...More
  Miller, Barry
  Miller, Dan
  Miller, Dawna
  Miller, Deborah M — Married 5 years ago in Feb of 2009.
  Miller, Donald
  Miller, Earl G
  Miller, Earl F
  Miller, Frederick W — Retired MSGT HHC 1st Brigade. PhoucVinhh & QuanLoi. 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron
  Miller, Gerald E — 3/36 INF & 5/5 CAV
  Miller, James a — husband and father of three
  Miller, Jeffrey S
  Miller, Jerry
  Miller, John
  Miller, John A
  Miller, John
  Miller, John T — Entered active duty in May of 1981. First duty assignments with 3rd BN 187th Infantry (Rakkassan), ...More
  Miller, Julia E — I have 3 sons, the oldest is a tanker based in Schweinfurt, Germany. I am part Scot, of Clan McGreg...More
  Miller, Karen
  Miller, Kevin
  Miller, Larry
  Miller, Lloyd E
  Miller, Michael K — Trp G, 2/278th ACR 1977-1980, 1st Bn. 63rd Armor 1980-1982, Trp K 3/2 ACR 1982-1984, Trp G, 2/278th ...More
  Miller, Mike
  Miller, Mike D — Had to retire early due to bad tree landing!! Air Force put my entire plane (C-141) in the trees (mi...More
  Miller, Neal l — I was stationed first in Vilseck, Germany in October 1998-2003 with 2nd Battalion 63rd Armor regimen...More
  Miller, Neal
  Miller, Phillip E — Born in Sacramento,Ca. Graduated high school in Medford,Or in 1980. Immediately joined the Army at ...More
  Miller, Robert(Mike)
  Miller, Roderick E — Served in Vietnam 1968-1970 1st Inf Div HHSB 2/33 Arty Lai Khe, Di An, Ben Cat, An Loc
  Miller, Stephen
  Miller Jr, David G — U.S. Army Signal Corps Officer 1970-1997. Served in company command and staff positions in 121 Sign...More
  Miller Jr., Curtis E
  Millington, Peter L
  Millis, Robert B — Stinger Platoon(16S) B Co. 2/3 ADA 1st ID 1989-1991 Reclassified to 91P Radiologic Tech Statio...More
  Milloy, Albert
  Mills, Darell D — 1982 (OUT) Ft Knox, Ky. (19E). Stationed Ft Riley, Ka (Big Red One) 83-86 Aco/HHC 4th Bn 63rd/37th A...More
  Mills, Hugh L. — Scout platoon leader in 1/4 Cav in 69, Darkhorse 16. Tank company commander of B 2/64 Armor in 1970...More
  Mills, Sarah L — Right now, I am a 18 yr old Female...Wanting to Join the military. I have been inspired by my cousin...More
  Minehan, John T — Served 91-93 7th ID 94-97 3rd ID, then 1st ID Germany I have been a FORD Tech since 2002. Married ...More
  Miner, Douglas C — Basic and AIT Ft Dix, NJ, OCS Ft Benning,, GA. Mechanized training Ft Hood, TX, Jungle school,Panam...More
  Minton, Burton T
  Miranda, Albert
  Miranda, Jose R — Ft. Bliss TX Served as PLL Clerk HHB 3-43 during 88-89, 516th Maint Co. from 89-90 and C Battery 3...More
  Miranda , Jose R
  Mireles, Ed
  Miss, Joycep
  Mitchell, D. H.
  Mitchell, Danny
  Mitchell, Edward E — Served in many positions in Maintenance and Logistics. Some of my most rewarding positions were as: ...More
  Mitchell, Heather T
  Mitchell, Jamaal J
  Mitchell, James S — 399th Army Band, FLW, MO '89-'92/ 298th Army Band, Berlin, GE '92-'94/ 3rd & 1st Inf Div Bands, Bamb...More
  Mitchell, Jeuan M — 31st Combat Support Hospital Information Mangement Divsion (S-6) 121st Signal Battaliion/ 1st ...More
  Mitchell, Kevin P
  Mitchell, Philip
  Mitchell, Shane
  Mitchell, Shayla M
  Mitchell, Sylvia
  Mitchell, Terry W — Servered with 701st 1st INF. DIV. in Desert Sheild/Storm.
  Mitchuson, Erik J
  Mitnick, Neal i
  Mock, Will M
  Moeder, Ellen
  Moerike, James C. — vietnam era veteran 1st cav. division. this company next was bounty-reward by NVA after ashaw vall...More
  Moffitt, Levi — I spent my entire enlistment, besides Basic at Ft. Benning, in D Co 2/2 Inf. stationed in Vilseck, G...More
  Mogilefsky, Scott — 69th sig co.
  Mohler, Melissa
  Mokler, Mike C.
  Molinari, Frank
  Molis Jr, Joseph R
  Monaghan, Thomas W
  Monarque, Victor A — Served with C co 2-16 Inf (1st Inf Div) Ft Riley, Ks. Later redesignated 1-41 Inf (1st Armored Div)...More
  Monast, Whitney b
  Monk, James R — went in the army in june 1968 and went to vietnam in march 1968 with the 1st. brigade 1st. batillion...More
  Monroe, Victor l — Served at Ft. Riley, Ks.
  Montellano, Mark
  Montes, Lino A
  Montgomery, David H — Insurance Adjuster father of 2 Daughters
  Montgomery, Roger d — service battery 4/5 fa fort riley ks desert storm FAITHFUL AND TRUE....DUTY FIRST
  Moody, Dwight L
  Moody, Lavernee
  Moon, Richard C — 22 yrs active duty; 2 yrs Infantry; 3 yrs Calibration; 17 years Military Intelligence. CSM Ret. ...More
  Mooney, Patrick F — "C" Battery 2/33 from 3/66 to 3/67.....
  Mooney, Patrick
  Moor, Donald J
  Moore, Brian D — 4/37 Armor (extinct) D Co, 3 1/2 years at Ft Riley, also assigned to HHC 2nd Bde for a short time
  Moore, Calli j
  Moore, Edward
  Moore, Gary
  Moore, Gary
  Moore, Grant J. — Medical retired after 12 years. Married living in Texas. I presently own my own business and chang...More
  Moore, Jerry L — 8th ID 2/68 ar scouts 1st ar 3-2atb 2nd ar 1/54inf scouts 1st ID 1st sqn 4th cav S-3
  Moore, Johnny C — Rifleman/RTO in D Co, 1st Bn, 28th Inf. Rgmt, BRO 68-69. 220th RAC, 1969. 10th Avn Bn, 71-75, 106th ...More
  Moore, Larry
  Moore, Michael b
  Moore, Michelle D
  Moore, Paul J
  Moore, Richard M — Armor crewman for 26 completing my enlistment as a 1SG
  Moore, Rick
  Moore, Rick
  Moore, Rick L
  Moore, Ricky l — 8 years of Army service-94-bravo. I am single parent, 2 kids, Son-16 &daughter-15.My son lives with...More
  Moore, Samuel E
  Moore, Stefanie N — I am a SSgt in the USAF, I've been stationed at Luke AFB, Incirlik AB and am currently stationed at ...More
  Moore, William R
  Moore, Willie Earl
  Moore , Jeffrey K.
  Moose, Jacob L.
  Morales, Herbert — I joined the US Army 1968 did my basic training in Fort Gordon Ga. Wheeled vehicle school in Fort D...More
  Moran, Anson — I was an Armor crew man at Ft. Riley, KS in the 1st. Props to the active duty.
  Moreau, Marlene
  Moreland, Sandi
  Morell, Ted A — 11C10, 20, 13F, CDAAC Clerk, 54E10, 20, 54E3T, Bn. Staff NBC NCO 2/21 Field Artillery, Photojournali...More
  Moreno, Phillip J — California Army Nationa Guard (SSG), U.S. Air Force (MSgt), U.S. Army (CW2)
  Morgan, Daryll G
  Morgan, Dave r
  Morgan, Herbert O — LTC US Army Retired.
  Morgan, Richard A — Sgt Aco Wildbunch of the DMZ Snag the flag
  Morgan, Ronald H — HHB, 1/10th Arty, 3rd Inf Div, Schweinfurt, West Germany, '66-'67 1st Inf Div Arty HHB, AO: Hwy 13 ...More
  Morgan, Thomas P — Served in 1/16th Inf 1st Inf Div- 1969
  Morgan, Wanda E — Roscoe "Doc" Morgan is my father. He was in D Troop 1/4 Cav, callsign "Darkhorse." I am trying to ...More
  Morgan Jr., Sherman L
  Morin, Jack w — Drafted 11/67. Served in Viet Nam, 1st Division Admin Company 4/68 - 6/69. Honorable Discharge.
  Morley, Dennis L — Retired
  Morning Owl, Edwin Thomas
  Morningstar, Harold
  Morrell, Cliff J
  Morris, Chuck — Tour of Duty 1976-1996 8ID - 2/81 FA Strassburg, FRG 197th Inf Bde - Ft Benning, GA 7th ATC (5th ...More
  Morris, David a — basic training cohort benning georgia to riley ks. alapha outlaws 2/16 inf 1982- 1985. 1st plt
  Morris, James
  Morris, Jason M — C-CO 1-77 AR BN!
  Morris, Jim L — Own a Electronic Security Co. Married 17yrs.55 years old. Three Kids, Four Grandkids. Like to rid...More
  Morris, Kenny l — 1st Infantry Div (83-86), 3rd Armored Div (86-90), 4/10 Infantry (90-91), 2/75th Rangers (90-92), 3/...More
  Morris, Ricky W — 3 yrs U.S.Army 66-69 RVN 67-68 1st Inf Div 2nd bn 18th Inf HHC (COMMO PLT) Retired after 35 yrs with...More
  Morrison, Jared S
  Morrison, Matthew jm
  Morrison, Michael l
  Morrissey, Joseph T
  Morrissey, Thomas W — Fire Support NCO (Co, Bn, & Regt); Observer/Controller Trainer; Bn Operations Sergeant; Batter...More
  Morrow, Dale E — 98G2LRu: A Company; 101st MI Bn Ft Riley, KS
  Morrow, Richard T — Served with The Big Red One in viet Nam 1968 till 1970
  Morrow, Travis L — currently a medium size business owner specializing in marketing for Fortune 500 companies current ...More
  Morse, Zandle M
  Morstatter, Arthur D — I WAS WITH THE 24TH S&T HQ COMPANY FROM 1968 TO 1971 AT FT. RILEY,KS. I WAS WITH THE 24 IN AUGSBURG,...More
  Morton, Blair J
  Morton, Michael
  Moseley, Joseph P
  Moser, John T — Field Artillery officer; Active Duty 1964-1989; 1st Inf Div 1967-68 in Vietnam. Cdr A/8-6FA & LNO w...More
  Moses, Douglas R — Light Weapons Infantry (196th LIB); Personnel Management Specialist (1st Inf Div, Augsburg, German...More
  Mosley, Howard — was in supply headquaters com at fort riley ks 72-74 transfer to B troop 1/4 cav
  Mosley, Howard — served in A troop 1st Sqdn 4th Cav 1st Inf Div proud member of the Big Red 1
  Mosley, Robert K
  Mosman, John
  Moss, Helen — Veteran and Parent
  Motley, Joseph L
  Moulton, Gary
  Moulton, Wayne — retiring January 2007
  Mounts, Lynda R — Basic Training: Jan 1980 - Mar 1980, C33, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO AIT: Apr 1980 - May 1981, DLIFLC, ...More
  Mowrer, Duane E
  Moy 3rd., Charles E — Squad Leader on a 106 mm Recoiless Rifle Crew Retired Aerospace/Defense Worker
  Moyer Ii, Darrell E
  Mude, Abdi F — I have experience from military which took from computer and experience from civil war which I staye...More
  Mulcahy, William
  Mulkern, John j — like the name says I help the Chaplain in the Maine Army National Guard. I get him to anywhere, at ...More
  Muller, Jon L
  Mullinix, Michelle D
  Mullins, James V — MOS 13B Served with A Battery 1/7th FA 1st ID, Ft Riley, KS 1974 thru 1977
  Mullins, Robert — 8th of the 6th artillery group, 1st infantry division 155 howser self propelled
  Mullins, Steve L — Was active duty from 1986-1994, with 1st ID, IN Germany, 9th ID at FT LEWIS, WA, 24TH ID FT.STEWART,...More
  Mullins Jr, Jerry L — Graduated high school from Osterholtz American High 1982. Was the 1st Inf Div NCOIC of Special Weapo...More
  Muma, Doug
  muncie, burt a
  Muncy, James
  Muniz, Donaciano
  Muniz, Rick — Born 1941; Enlisted 1960; Commissioned 1967; Retired 1982
  Munn, Robert
  Munoz, Jheison
  Munsey, Robert B — UPDATE; I am retire as 31 July 08. I am now living in Mo, just across the river from Ft Leavenworth,...More
  Muntean, Joshua
  Murady, Shanna
  Murawski, Charles — I was with C-Troop 2nd Plt 1/4 Cav. April 67 to April 68. Would like to hear from anyone from than t...More
  Murguia, Frank A — If you're here about my statement of charges, I'll never sign it, NEVER!!! You can pry that money fr...More
  Murphy, Christopher R — Spent 3 years on active with the U.S Army's 1st Infantry Division, 3rd Brigade, 2-63 Armor Battalion...More
  Murphy, James
  Murphy, Joseph L
  Murphy, Joseph M — Delta btry 8/6 ARTY Nov 68-Nov69 gun#one,LAI KHE ... woods,waters,davis,frenchie,pisano,sgt.gray,bob...More
  Murphy, Richard H. — Took Basic Training in this unit. 8th Inf Div. 1953 Ft. Jackson, S.C. 28th Reg
  Murphy, Richard — B34th Engr. BN (CBT HVY) Fort Riley Kansas, Nov 79 - Nov 81. 23rd Engr Co. ( CBT HVY) Fort Richards...More
  Murphy, Sean C — Served In: 1st Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne, Berlin Brigade, TF 4/505 INF-MFO Currently s...More
  Murphy, Terence M — Tanker - 4/37 Armor
  Murphy, Thomas j — served with c/2/28inf 1/1965-11/1966
  Murphy, Thomas J — b/2/28/inf
  Murray, Daniel W
  Murray, Michael A — OSUT with E 5/15 CAV, 07/10 2004. Served with Task Force 2/72 AR from 2004 till the end of the provi...More
  Murray, Rodney A
  Murry, Greg — B-3-158 IN AZARNG 1963, B-1-3 USA Ft Ord, 1963-64, A-2-54 IN, 4AD USA 1965-66, A-1-16 IN,1ID U...More
  Murry, Greg — 27 Years-U.S. Army Cold War Vietnam Drug War Afghanistan
  Murzycki, Louie
  Muscato, Anthony
  Muse, Vincent
  Music, T.R.
  Musick, D — Member
  Muzik, Michael r
  Mwangi, Muiruri — I was in the Big Red One stationed in fort riley, kansas. my mos was that of an armored crewman on t...More
  Myers, Chester J
  Myers, David A — Basic Ft. McClellen Jan., 83-Apr.,83 AIT Ft. Rucker Apr.,83-Jul.,83 E Co., 1st. Aviation Bn., ...More
  Myers, Gary — 1984-1985 HHT 3-5 Air Cav POL 9th Inf. Div. 1985-1988 A Co 299th Sup. BN POL 1st Inf. Div. forward
  Myers, James M
  Myers, Nickolette J
  Myers, Patrick — loved it.....wish i could go back in time.......
  Myers, Samuel c — after 19 yrs in the army i am now working a great job for General Dynamics Land systems. married to ...More
  Myrick, James c

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