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  B, B M — Was in the ARMY out of high school(BIG RED ONE) for two years as a 91B. Went to WVU, and got a B.A. ...More
  B, J
  B, Tom
  Baardsen, Richard B
  Babatunde, Ebrima — My name is ebrima babatunde (raheem) and i am from the Gambia. I come from an extended family. My fa...More
  Babb, Lawrence H
  Bacak, Paul J — Dec 1975 Basic C-18-5 at Fort Knox. AIT at Fort Polk E-4-1, Served first in DCo 1/501 IN then B Co...More
  Backscheider, Thomas A — Tom was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in August 1937. He entered the U. S. Air Force in 1957, serving i...More
  Bacon, Don — Join Army in 1964, Korea 65-66, Vietnam 66-67, Korea 67. Discharge from Army Oct 67, join Air Force ...More
  Bacon, Jason b
  Bad Warrior, Jayme — Married, one son, expecting going to college at Haskell
  Badyrka, Mark
  Baer, Patricia A. — Joined in 1976, maiden name MURPHY, first married name WALKER, currrently using second married name ...More
  Bailey, Aaron E
  Bailey, Cindy l — MY SOLDIER (SON) returned home safely,in March of "05". He enlisted in the reserves,, to be able to ...More
  Bailey, Clifton J — I worked for 20 years at Va Hospital in Newington
  Bailey, Earl P
  Bailey, Earl
  Bailey, Lonnie
  Bailey, Mark A. — PFC stationed in bmberg germany, 1st Infantry Division, 1-33FA headed to iraq in febuary
  Bailey, Matthew R — Stationed with the 1st ID 3 times, from 1987 until I retired in 2006
  Bailey, Matthew
  Bailey, Michael L — serving as a medic for HHB 1-76 FA
  Bailey, William
  Bain, Andrew
  Bair, Terry K — Served wuth 1st Infantry Division from Dec 1977 to Jul 1983.
  Baker, Mark S
  Baker, Patrick A — I was born in Bozeman, Montana. Have lived in Turkey, Italy. My Father was in the Army so we moved ...More
  Baker, Tonnie c — Had a dog names short timmer And a monkey who liked to eat ciggaretts. Sargent Baker...When I die I'...More
  Balach, Matthew R
  Balch, Tony — Served as TOW Gunner at Panzer Kaserne. Served additionally in the 3392 USAR School as a Basic and...More
  Baldwin, Aaron
  Baldwin, Byron K — was drafted in 1969 went to nam in aug 69. served with Bco 2/2 mech 1st inf div till march 70 then w...More
  Baldwin, Charles P
  Baldwin, Christopher L
  Baldwin, Lee G — Admin/Driver
  Bales, Jeffery
  Bales, Larry A — RETIRED 1SG RADAR OP1 Work thru my church colleting furnure for homeless vets in the Battle Creek...More
  Balgas sr, Dennis J — I have join the US Army in Sept. 1973, got out in Jun. 1990. Was a US Military Service School Instru...More
  Balgord, Thomas j — Spent 2 years with D Co. 2/2 Inf. Deployed to Bosnia with them in 1997, was on brcko bridge with the...More
  Ball, Claire
  Ball, David
  Ball, Jason A — From Lawrence, MA now living in Potsdam, NY. Jr. Vice-Commander, Roy D. Graves VFW Post 1194 Potsda...More
  Ball, Raymond E
  Ballard, Joseph W
  Ballard, Samantha I
  Ballard Ii, Russel W
  Ballou, Rchel
  Banares, Jose G
  Bane, Kevin
  Banfield, Thomas (Jack)
  Banks, Alonzo
  Banks, David N
  Banks, Randy — Active army Oct. 5th 1961-Oct 4th 1963. Basic Ft. Leonard Wood, AIT Ft Ord, Assigned to The 1st Infa...More
  Bannon, William H
  Baonga, Ya-Itshaka — DPTMS Div. Chemical Specialist during the first Golf War
  Baranzyk, Stephen T — Stephen is program manager, FMTV Stewart and Stevenson, Sealy, TX Wife Sheila, Realtor with Keller...More
  Barbato, Frank
  Barber, Brendan K
  Barber, Tim L
  barbour, joe
  Bard, Terry J.
  Bardwell, Cynthia
  Bardzik, Bobbie
  Barger, Branden L
  Barger, Rich M — HHC 2nd BDE 1st ID TF 1-77 AR BN (Steel Tigers) 1st ID TF 1-26 IN BN (Blue Spaders) 1st ID ...More
  Barham, Earnest
  Barker, Andy P — 05/98-01/00: NC National Guard 5-113th Field Artillery 01/2000-08/2000: NC National Guard 1-119th...More
  Barker, John C — In country Dec 65- Dec 66 Grunt w/C218 1st Div
  Barlows, Gerald w — Married 33 years, divorced Jan,2001. 3 kids, Christian 35, Casey 32 and Nathan 25. Worked in family...More
  Barnes, James W — I was stationed at Ft Riley Ks,B co 121 Sig.Bn. from 1989 to 1993
  barnes, jerome
  Barnes, Michael A — 36K Wire Dawg, Comsec Custodian. Married, 4 Children, 2 Grandchildren. Would like contact with old ...More
  Barnes, Regena L — I am out-going, spontaneous and athletic.
  Barnes, Roger B
  Barnes, Weldon
  Barnesbarnes, Christopher A
  Barnett, David
  Barnett, Patrick K — Hi, I was in the army active duty from 1989-1995. I seperated after 6 years due to health reasons. I...More
  Barnett, Roger L — served in the army 1988-1991 (infantry charlie co 2/16) desert storm
  Barnett, Steven T. — Born in 1964, Born Again Christian since 1978, Married since 1984, 2 daughters, retiring in 2008
  Barnett, Zeus — I am not an active Military member. I am a huge Military backer and supporter. I Have worked in L...More
  Barragan , Hugo A
  barrand, steven
  Barrett, Anthony C
  barrett, MITCHELL
  Barrett, William E — I served in the United States Army for 12 years and some change. I had a very unique career. Fort ...More
  Barrientez, Frank M
  Barrigar, Lloyd
  Barrigar, Lloyd L — 1990-1992 D Co. 4th Bn 7th INF 1992-1994 C Co 1st Bn 16Th INF 2001-2005 D Co 2nd Bn 108th INF 20...More
  Barrow, Charles J
  Barrow, Charles J
  Barth, Steven P — Served with the 1st INF DIV. FT. Riley, KS. 1st Squadron, 1st calvary, 1st regiment, of Dragoons
  Bartlett, John E
  Bartley, James B
  Barto, Charles
  Barton, Bill
  Barton, Bobby E
  Barton, Michael Frederick — I was stationed in the Scout Platoon for HHC 2/34 AR. Then in March 2000 I went to South Korea. In...More
  Barton, Paul W — C BTRY 4/5 FA 2nd Plt FDC. C BTRY 2/29 FA, Baumholder, 2nd Plt FDC. Training NCO. C BTRY 1/37, Fort...More
  Bartow, Drew
  Barwick, Johnny b
  Basco, Maria
  Basinger, Gareth
  Basner, Robert L — Duty from July 69 to July 70. Currently Treasurer of "Steel Tigers 1/77 Armor Association" Go to w...More
  Basom, Gary E — I am still currently in the Mississippi National Guard assigned to the 155th Separate Armored Briga...More
  Bassett, Kenneth
  Bassett, Robert M
  Bastien, Peterson
  Baston, William
  Batchelor, Sam
  Bateman, Joyce M
  Bates, Conald w — river patrol assist 1/16 & 1/18 in and around siagon harbor triburatorys. building bridges. hdq. pat...More
  Bates, Gery
  Bates, James A — HHC 1/31, 2nd Inf. Div 4.2" Camp Liberty Bell , Korea- Oct - Nov 71 B Co 1/32, 2nd Inf. Div Camp Cas...More
  Bates, Kevin — Executive Officer: Bravo Company
  Bates, William — Served for 4 years total with my duty stations equally divided between 1st Maintance Battalion 586th...More
  Battle, Jr., Phillip
  Baucum, William E — I was stationed at Ft.Riley from 95' to 96' with Delta 2/16.Dismount on B.F.V.
  Bauder, Stan a
  Bauer, Johann
  Bauer, Robert L — Nebraska Air Guard 73-74 Lackland AFB Tx 73-74 HHC 1/31 Ft. Sill Ok 74-75 B Co 4/20 Inf Ft. Caly...More
  Bauerle, Robert
  Baughman JR, Jacob L LeRoy — 19D 19E 19K 96R 96U/35K/15W7D1K I Trp, 3/163d ACR, TXARNG, 85-87 D Co, 2-112 AR, TXARNG, 87-8...More
  Baumann, John E
  Baxter, Glen T
  Baxter, Michael L. — U.S. Army, Dessert Shield/Storm Ft Riley, KS 1/5 FA, Germany 5/41 FA , 1/2 ACR, HWB, D co, 1/2 ACR H...More
  Bea, Dianne
  Beach, Cecil
  Bean, Dave
  Beard, Christopher J — MSG, USA, ABN, RGR, INF
  Beardsley, Kurt
  Beasley, Sonja
  Beasley, Terry — I was with the 86TH CSH- deployed to Kosova and Iraq, re-enlisted went to Schweinfurt Germany HHC 1/...More
  Beatty, John C
  Beaudion, Jeffrey D — I enlisted in the spring of 1990 putting me into the DEP. Shipped out to Ft. Benninng, Georgia that ...More
  Beausoleil, Dana K — Military 26+ yrs. ORHA/OCPA (Baghdad 2003 invasion GS-15/COL). Civ: DoD/DISA IT Combat Warfighter ...More
  Beaver, James R — I describe my self at this URL: (, and many of it's other links. I'm OK...More
  Beaver, James R — I served with the 1St. Infantry Division, 11th AAD @ Ft. Benning, GA. & First Cavalry Division at A...More
  Beaver, Jason — Entered active service at the onset GW1. Served about 7 of 9 years in Germany under both the 1st and...More
  Beaver, Robert L — Retired US Army in 1987, two tours in vietnam, 1st in NhaTrang with 14th Trans Bn HHC motor sgt, 2nd...More
  Beck, William T
  Beckman, Lisa
  Beech, James R
  Beecher, Jim
  Beihl, Andrew J
  Beissert, William A
  Beitzel Iii, Frank e — c/1/2 1st inf. div rvn weapons and 3rd platoon
  Belcik, Nathan — I Have no Military Expierience,but I am really fascinated by the military.It orginization is really ...More
  Belger, Terell J
  Bell, Carla — 63B, wheel mechanic in the motor pool
  Bell, Cecil
  Bell, Corey R
  Bell, George
  Bell, Jacob a
  Bell, Jim — Served as PLD- 3/A/1-64 AR and XO B/1-64 AR "Bandit 5" from 84-87 Served as Company Commander C...More
  Bell, Omari K
  Bell, Rodney T — MP, 558th MP Co, Kreigsfeld (Northpoint), Germany MP, 1st Plt, 59th MP Co, Worms, Germany Mech Inf...More
  Bell, Stephen D. — I have retired. Moved back home and am now working for the Sheriff's Department as a Detention Offi...More
  Bell, Wanda
  Bellamy, Dale W — Training:Basic-Ft Jackson SC, AIT-Ft Lee VA(MOS 77F), ASI-Ft Leonardwood Mo./WTC White Sands NM, Abe...More
  Beller, James — C Company 1SG HH Company 1SG
  Bellville, Robert L
  bendt, larry
  Benge, Craig 46
  Benge, Jack M. — *Bct: A-19-5. Ft Knox 1972. *AIT. F.A. 13B10, Ft Sill, OK. *NCOES: 13B FT Sill, OK. *B Btry, 1s...More
  Benge, Rob e — i was a 11b then moved to hq and became the batt. co. jeep driver
  Benis, Pig — served with eco 51st LRS in iraq as task force phantom.
  Bennett, Bob — Assigned: 132nd Avn. Co. (ASH) HAAF, GA,84-85, A Co. 299th Support Bn. 85-87, USAEPG Ft. Huachuca 87...More
  Bennett, George D — CO. HHC&Band Support Command
  Bennett, Jeff
  Bennett, John
  bennett, john — chaplainsasst 68th artillery stpaul mn p71m20. on orders for vietnam mar66. chaplains asst hq co 1st...More
  Bennett, Mike R — Desert Storm Veteran of Fco 1st Avn served in HHB 41st FA Brigade 87-89
  Benney, Jarod — Was in alpha company did kosovo 99 to 00.
  Benoit, June
  Bensel, James B — 8th bn 6 th artillery, 1 inf div, vietnam
  Benson, Andrew
  Benson, David J — Admin with the Big Red One located in Di-an l968-1970......Friends called me Airborne.
  Benson, Don — Army- 5th Field Artillery- 1944-1945-Europe Air Force- 485th Comm. Sqd.- South Ruislip England.- 19...More
  Benson, Maurice J — Joined The Army in 1987, Boot Camp at Fort Dix N.J , Primary MOS 44E10 AIT at Aberdeen, Provi...More
  Benson, Timothy
  Benson, Wilmer K — I served 10 years on active duty (1960-1970) and 21 years in the Maryland Army National Guard (1970-...More
  Bentch, Christopher M — Looking for Kenneth Holshouser from Blue Springs, MO
  Bentivolio, Phillip — 19D10D3 SCOUTS OUT!
  Bentley, Caitlin
  Benway, Charles R — HS: Ft. Pierce, FL - 1979 BS: USMA (West Point) - 1983 USA: 1983-1991; USAR-1996 (Captain) Financ...More
  Berg, Terry E
  Bergamino, Joseph
  Berkhoudt, Rene C
  Berkland, Paul — I was a Patriot missile crew member (16T) for nearly eight years. I am now a combat medic in the Bi...More
  Bernabel, Carlos
  Bernabel, Carlos E
  Berner, Alan G. — Served in So. Vietnam with the 1stBN,5thArty,[attach to 1stBn,2ndInf as an Arty RTO my last four...More
  Berry, Aaron
  Berry, David R — E Co. !st Engr. Bat. !st Inf. Div. from 1984 to 1986. Sgt. E-5 814th Engr. Co. 559th Engr. Bat. ...More
  Berry, James A — Served with A Co. 2/28th Infantry. (Black Lions) Lai Khe, Viet Nam.
  Berry, Jason
  Berry, Matthew — Grew up in TX. Joined the army in '99 as an engineer and was with the 1st ID in Germany where I went...More
  Berry 3rd, Benjamin
  Besaw, Greg W — ----HHC 2nd "Dagger" BDE, 1st ID, Schweinfurt Germany, '96-'03 **Eagle Base, Bosnia Feb-April 1997...More
  Betenbough, Ronald W — I was in the Army for 9 yrs. I was in B co. 101st Spt Bn for four years. I worked on the 2/34 MST. ...More
  Bethea, John T — I am a Vietnam veteran that served in the Big Red One from 1966 to 1967. I was in the 1st. of the 26...More
  Bettis, John
  Bey, Doug R — Major Army Medical Corps. Two years active duty. First year Fort Knox in charge of inpatient unit Ir...More
  Beyer, Gilbert
  Bialoncik, Brian P — Korea 552nd Singnal Battalion Dec 1988 until Dec 1989. Camp Casey and Camp Red Cloud. Ft. Riley, K...More
  Bickel, Blair M
  Bickford, Todd A — ..
  Biddle, Jeremy W — Ido things, I say things, blah blah blah....
  Bidwell, Douglas E
  Bidwell, Jerry R — As member of the 3/35 we became the top gun plt in 7th army As a trooper of B Trp 3rd Sq 8th Cav 8t...More
  Bieberitz, Richard D.
  Bien, Dennis j — Served as RTO for FO in Charlie Co. 1/2 Inf. The Black Scarf Battalion. C.O> was Capt. Sykes, can't ...More
  Bien, Dennis
  Bienvenu, Nina
  Bierman, Jeff
  Bigham, Marvin D — A military brat from the Navy/ Marines, I decided to GO ARMY! Spent my active years at Ft.Riley (1st...More
  Bighia, David P — Platoon Leader Class 2,4-7 1985 Company Executive Officer (Supply Company) 1985
  Biglefthand, Raphael r — I went to basic in Ft Benning, Ga and then from there went to Germany and having been on 2 deploymen...More
  Bilal, Karim — I joined the Army in '95 as a cavalry scout; BT @ Ft. Knox, KY. 1st unit was 3rd ID, 1/6 Infantry in...More
  Bilderback, Brad J — Served in 2-63 AR, 3d BDE, 1ID in Vilseck, Germany. I was involved with one rotation to the Balkans...More
  Billings, Zac
  Billington, Terrence
  Bilodeau, Gilbert L. — Enlistment 09/76. Basic Ft. Leonardwood MO. To 12th Engr. Bn. Dexheim Germany. 78 PCS Ft Riley KS....More
  Bingaman, Tom E — Sheridan system mechanic with A co. 3/73rd Armor(Abn) 82nd Airborne Div. from 1985-1986.
  Binkoski, Victor
  Birchell, Brian C — D 2/16 Infantry Regiment FT. Riley, KS June 83- August 84 ----------- D 4/16 Infantry Regiment...More
  Bischoff, Arthur
  Bish, Geary a
  Bishop, Brenson P — 1981 1st ID (Big Red One) COHORT Plt Ldr.C/4-63 AR, XO, S-4, 4-37 AR, 1985 5th ID (Red Devils) S-...More
  Bishop, Brenson P — Armor Officer - Platoon leader and 3 Company commands in Armor and Infantry - from 1981-89. Commande...More
  Bishop, Danny C
  Bishop, James L
  Bishop, Sandra T
  Biskup, Michael — My father fought in Tunisia during 1943, where he recieved the Silver Star. Company H, 26th Infantry...More
  Bispham, Brian f
  Bitzer, Scott
  Biurns, Bill — Co. B, 502nd Air Mobile, 1971-72 Vietnam
  Bivens, Edward J — I served as a medic with the 4th, was tdy with the 1st cav, 173rd while in vietnam from 1967-1968
  Bivins, Jerry W — 16 JAN 1968 HHC 1st Inf Div... 5 MAR 1968 Co F 52d Inf 1st Inf Div... 6 APR 1968 Co B 1/2 1st Inf ...More
  Bixler, Logan R — 2 combat deployments as a mechanized infantryman with 1-41 Infantry. 1 deployment as a light infantr...More
  Bjork, Daniel o
  Bjornsson, Bjorn S
  Bjornstad, Norman L — I was a rifleman with the 1st battlion, 2nd infantry, First Infantry Division, Feb 1967 - Feb 1968....More
  Black, Gary w — Enducted at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.Feb.24th,1966. had AIT after basic/ Communications- wireman Deploy...More
  Black, William R
  Blackburn, Thomas
  Blackwell, Donald L — Served 20 years and 5 months of active duty - my units are listed below. Then worked three years as ...More
  Blackwell, Pamela — Dad served 1/4th cav '68 TC ... KIA ... looking for others in A troop especially 3rd platoon 2-19-...More
  Blackwell II, Jimmie L — Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. January-March 1982 and had excellent DI's SSG Swenson and S...More
  Blake, Don E — Rank: E-9 Service: Army 1954-1979 Status: Retired Self Description: Chief of Firing Battery of A ...More
  Blake, Robin G — US Army Bandsman from 1974 to 1983 US Army Bandmaster from 1983 to 1987
  Blanchard, Barry — I was real happy with my experiance in Germany
  Blanchard, Jerry R — Drafted during Viet Nam era. Served in Ft. Wainwright, Alaska in the 171st Inf Brg. !/15. Had early ...More
  Blanchard, William
  Blanchette, Joseph D.
  Blank, Jeff p — i ws part of 2/41st FA from 1986-1991. was a hemtt driver.also deployed to desert storm with this un...More
  Blank, Michael
  Blank, Rainbow
  Blankenship, David McElroy — Germany 68 -71 {mechanized/Inf.} USAEUR 'Battalion, S-3 Oper. Clrk. topsecret Clr. S-1, Crypto, et ...More
  Blankenship, George W. — 60-61 121 Sig Bn Ft Riley, KS; 61-63 304th Sig Bn Korea; 63-67 Ft Gordon, GA; 67-67 Ft Huachuca, ...More
  Blankenship, Lewis — Assigned to Company A, 67th Armor. In Viet Nam with A Troop, Ist Squadron, 4th, Cav
  Blanton, Jamie L
  Blanton, Tony — Joined in August 1976. Took Basic Training at Fort Jackson SC., AIT at Redstone Arsenal, AL. for TO...More
  Blaxton, Kevin — Marine Corps Reserve - 1992 to 1993; Regular Army - 1995 to 2000; Army Reserve - 2000 to 2004
  Blaylock, Ernest — Served in the 2-33 FA Golden Lions in Ulm, FRG as enlisted and officer. Also served in Goppingen at...More
  Bledden, Emily r
  bledsoe, chester
  Bledsoe, Johnny r
  Bleimeyer, Larry K — US Army, Feb. 1971- Nov.1973 Army Nat. Guard, Nov.1973-Nov.1974 Dept. of Defense, Aug.1974-Jan.200...More
  Blissenbach, Paul K
  Bloemer, Steven R — Left the service, went into heavy construction. Now own my own residential construction company. ...More
  Blomquist, David W
  Bloom, Glenn L — 07/2001 - Present Hermiston Oregon 05/1992 - 07/2001 Nuernberg Germany .
  Bloom , Alan M — Squad Leader on OP Alpha, Fulda Gap, 511th MI Compnay, 11th ACR, Training and Operations NCO, Plato...More
  Blow, Joe
  Blum, Ron G
  Blum, Ronald
  Blum, Tiffany d
  blumke, ben
  Boatright, Harlan
  Bock, Kevin — B Btry 6/37 FA MLRS Desert Storm
  Bockman, Jon
  Bockman, Jon-Paul M — Bradley School, Combat Lifesaver Course, MPRC Bradley Gunnery Top Gun, NTC Ft. Irwin, Iraq Combat Du...More
  Bodapati, Radhika M — supporting, and understanding
  Boddie, Gerald s
  Boeckman, Tina
  Boehm, Daniel — March - June 1973 BCT - H41, 3rd Platoon, Fort Ord, CA. 1973 AIT - Ft. Lenardwood MO. Active Dut...More
  Boehnke, Norm
  Boelman, Heather A — My husband is in 173rd he is part of 1-91 Cav here in Schweinfurt, Germany. I have been married to ...More
  Boerma, Douglas M — HHC 4/64th Armor 3ID Aschaffenburg Germany 1981-1982 HHC 2/5TH Cavalry, 1st Cav, Ft. Hood Tx. 19...More
  Boersen, Harry
  Boesen, Gordon K — First Sergeant....etc UAV, HHC, B Co, D Co, E Co, and G Co
  Bogolia, Mitch
  Bohan, Michael T — D co 1/18th 1967-1968 "Buffalo"
  Bohannan, Gary M — C Btry, 3/6 FA 1st Infantry Division Artillery Surveyor REFORGER 1975 HH&SB 1/37 FA Ft Richar...More
  Bohm, Billy F
  Bohn, James
  Boisse, Robert AH
  Bolduc, Nelson
  Bolke, Kevin G — Born 5 July 197 Commision 24 May 1995 Active Duty 5 Jan 1998 2nd ACR Jan 98 - Feb 2000 1st ID De...More
  Bolke, Kevin G
  Bond, Marian — My brother David C Jasper 1st Inf. 2/28 Black Lions Big Red 1 was KIA at Binh Duong -- Fire Support...More
  Bond, Nathan M
  Bonneau, Joseph
  Bonner, Johnny B — 1ST INFANTRY DIV (VIETNAM 65-67) 2nd Bn 28th INf (BLACK LIONS) KOREA 69-70, 71-72, 74-75, AND 84-85...More
  Bonuelos, Justin
  Booher, Rodger W
  Books, William D
  Booth, Garner D — I was stationed 1984 THRU FEB 1988 at Fliegerhorst Kaserne. NCIOC for the 503rd Aviation Battalion ...More
  Booth, James M — writer / webmentor Team Leader at All Black Lions and blood relative...More
  Borchelt, Craig C
  Borden, Phillip
  Bordner, David C
  Boren, Danney
  Borene, Richard
  Borger, Shawn Do
  Borngesser, Bob — 5th Batt. (M) 60th Infantry, 9th Inf. Div.and 1st Batt. (M) 16th Infantry, 1st Inf. Div COM...More
  Boronkas, James F
  Boronkas, James
  Borthwick, William R — Basic Training Ft Dix April-June 1971 Company A-3-2 Military Police AIT and 140th MP CO Ft Gordon...More
  borys, james
  Boss, Joe s
  Bossen, Ron — Trained in Ft. Knox KY and NAS Corpus Christi TX; served in Boeblingen, Germany at Panzer Kaserne, 1...More
  Bostic, Jason o
  Bostic jr, Guy
  Botha, Warren
  Bourdeau, Terry
  Bourg, Michael e
  Bourne, Roy L — Prior B Co Commander, Battalion S3 and XO, OIF Deployment with 1/150th AR BN, 30th Brigade 1st Infan...More
  Bowen, Floyd Eugene — 1st admin. co., 1st inf. div Dian
  Bower, Richard C — 1st BN 16th Inf. went to Vietnam with Division
  bowers, al
  Bowers, Dennis d
  Bowles, Dustin L
  Bowling, Amy G
  Bowman, David L
  Bowman, Vernon
  Bowser, Anna J — My husband has a 1 year deployment to Iraq, Motor Sergeant Rating for 6 months.
  Bowser, Ronald
  Box, Christopher M — Was with F Co. from Dec 1993 until unit deactivation and brigade departure for Germany. Followed up ...More
  Boy, James
  Boyd, James S — 77F was my MOS. My first duty station was Camp Eschborn< Germany, 4-90 thru 10-91. Had some great ti...More
  Boyer, Michael — 24 years served with Army National Guard. 2 yrs in Rhode Island, 20 yrs in NY, 2 years and still se...More
  Boyett, Christopher
  Boyette, Steven L
  Boyles, Richard D
  Braddock, Michael L.
  Bradford, Leonard L
  Bradford, Scott T
  Bradley, Brian A
  Bradt, Kevin M
  Brady, Glenn
  Bragg, Harold A
  Bragg, Richard
  Brakeville, Donald — Graduated La Tech Univ. Served with 527th Eng, 588th Eng at Ft. Polk, and OD S/S; 515th Trans Co, G...More
  Brancazio, Bob
  Branch, Roderick — Basic Training in Ft Knox as tanker. Late 1985, Reported to Ft Riley, Jan 1986. Worked in S-1 as mai...More
  Brandt, Brian A
  Brandt, Forrest G — Commissioned, 2LT, TC, through ROTC, Ohio State University, 1967. Spent first year at Ft.Eustis and ...More
  Brandt, Randolph
  Brandt, Randy L — Served as Battalion Chaplain for 1/8th IN 94-96, Fort Carson, CO Served as BDE Chaplain for 3rd BDE...More
  Brandt, Randy L — US Army Chaplain (17th Signal BN 1991-93; 1-8 IN BN, 4ID 1994-96; 3rd BDE 4ID 1996-97; MEDCOM 1997-9...More
  Branford, Don C
  Branford, Don c — C Co 6 Inf.Div 6th Engr.1946-1947 A Troop 22-24th Constabulary Sqdn.1948-1952 31stMP Co.31st Inf.D...More
  Branford, Don C — Retired Military Retired from Coca Cola worked as Deputy for the county Like golf and shooting W...More
  Branford Sfc Ret Usa, Don C — Past District Commander of the American Legion Past Post Commander of VFW Past County Council Chap...More
  Brannon, Bob D — I arrived at Ft. Knox on Aug 1981 s to become a M60A1 Tanker. I had entered into the COHART program ...More
  Branstetter, Mason J — E5 completed Ft Benning OCS, Airborne, Ranger & Pathfinder. Served with: 1/17 Cav,82 Div; Co E, 3/50...More
  Brantley, Chris M
  Brantley, David A — Married with three children. Currently working as an IT Manager. Enjoy baseball, hockey, working w...More
  Brantley, Wiry
  Brasfield, Joel
  Brasili, Samuel
  Brassard, Ken J
  Brassfield, David K — Medic:Joined 196th LIB 11/67,assigned to 8th Spt Bn, requested 3/21 In.Bn. Joined Recon 12/67 then a...More
  Brassow, Louis h — married 8kids working as towmotor mech served as driver on 113a1 on thunder road
  Bratton, Patrick
  Brauchle, Martin R — Company and Battalion Training NCO, Operations and Platoon Sergeant. Stationed at McNair Kaserne in...More
  Bravo, Bruce E — Served with "Charlie" Co. 701st Maint. left Active duty, joined Reserves. Enlisted again as a 95B we...More
  Bray, Ron K — Served in HHC 2/34 in the Mortar Platoon. Left Army to attend college and graduated from Western KY ...More
  Brazell, James L.
  Brazelton, Walter L — With the 1st INF DIV and the 1st MP Co. Goeppingen, Gy. 1972 through 1977Walter L. Brazelton's ema...More
  Breakey, Daniel A — A Troop 1/4 Cav to work in the boots. Off to Neu Ulm Germany to protect the Pershing Sites.
  Breckenridge, Jason M — I enlisted in the Army on December 16 of 2000. Im in the Delayed Entry Program as an E-2 (soon to b...More
  Breece, Jeremy R
  Breeden, Velvet R
  Breedlove, Denia — I was also know by "Begay" as well. I am now residing in NM, land of entrapment. :) And attending...More
  Breen, Jeffrey A
  Breier, Terry — in veitnam on may 1968 and ets 1969 served with the hhb div arty and 2nd 2nd mech
  Breland, Robert B
  Bremer, David
  Brender, Arnold J — Combat Flight Surgeon- FOB Spiecher 2004-5; Med Evac Flight Surgeon 2-135TH GSAB, Balad 2006; ...More
  Breneman, Steven H
  Brennan, Dean — I was stationed in Neu Ulm Germany and Ft. Riley Kansas with C Battery 4th Batallion, 5th Field Arti...More
  Brenner, Tommy — Co. E 1st Eng. Bat rivermissions on Dong Nai bridge replacement resupply missions
  Brennum, Gregory A
  Brerwer, Jerry Ray
  Bretel, Debra
  brett, dewey
  Brevard, Keith r — I'm retired!!!!
  Brewer, Rodney L — E-1-3 BCT FT DIX, NJ, 1975-76. A-1-3 AIT, FT POLK,LA 1976. C-3/5 INF,193D INF BDE, FT KOBBE,PANAMA...More
  Brewer, Willard T — Enlisted in Army June 1961 BCT in C-12-4 Fort Knox Shipped out in August 1961 to Fort Riley 1st MTB ...More
  Brey, Charles
  Briar, Robert F
  Briceland, Michael J — Rear Area HQ G-3
  Brick, Russell — Stationed at Panzer Kaserne, Chargin Charlie, 1st of the 16th
  Bricker, Ronaldd
  Bridge, Peter G
  Bridges, Dave J — Living in Columbus, OH since Oct of 94. Telecommunications Specialist with at&t. Handle normal and...More
  Bridges, Michael G — Married (Elena) since 1992 Three Boys (Ian,Cameron & Graham) Assignments Combat Engineer (SPC) ...More
  Bridgewater, Andrew
  Bridgford, Robert — Served with unit at Fort Riley, 83-86, and at Neu Ulm, 86-91, and commanded the battalion at Fort Si...More
  Briggs, Ray — I served with Charlie Company 2nd Battalion 108th Infantry NYARNG from 1993-2005. I was a Squad Lead...More
  Brightsen, John R — I am currently stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. I have acquired 4 MOS's and looking forward to retirin...More
  Briley, Pete — I am married with four children. I am a disabled veteran.
  Brill, Michael — Platoon Leader 1/63rd Armor, 1st Brigade
  Bringle, Herman
  Brink, Stuart
  Brinkerhoff, Ricky
  Brisbane, Pierre S
  Britt, Jim b — mant. mech 1ST med battn. hq company
  Britton, Tony
  Broadbent, Donald H
  Broadley, Bob
  Brockley, Bill E — I joined the Army 30 Aug 89 and got out after honorably serving for 4 years on 30 Aug 93. I was stat...More
  Brockway, Mark D — Retied from the US Army in 1987 with 26 years of service. Retired as SGM E-9.
  Brodrick, Paul w
  Bronner, Pete J — I served with the 1st Infantry Divisioin - 2nd Bat. 2nd Inf. A - Company. As a medic I was adminis...More
  Bronner, Pete J — I was a medic with A company 2/2 1966-67. Obviously attached to HQ as a medic. Sgt. Cambell was in...More
  Brookends, Zerel S.
  Brookins, Charles S
  Brookover, Michael D. — I was with the 4 /63 Armor the 1st Infantry Division.
  Brooks, Curtis L
  Brooks, Eugene — I was in the 1st Engr. Bn. on Thunder Road NDP Thunder 6 for almost all of my tour in country. I had...More
  Brooks, Noel R
  Broome, Darrell L. — 1968-1970 first time 1980-1998 2nd time Viet Nam 1968-1970 Desert Storm/Desert shied 1991
  Brophy, Bob — I was with Co. A 793rd Military Police Bn. From 1973 to 1976 Fuerth FRG. my Plt. Sgt. was SFC Billy...More
  Brostoski, Robert J.
  Brothers, Lawrence
  Brottlund, Ronald — During the time frame of 95-97 I was affiliated with 3/101 Aviation Brigade. I was a Aviation Opera...More
  Brouwer, David J
  Brower, Sue
  Brown, Alissa I
  Brown, Alvin R
  Brown, Antonio L — Life In the Army: 1988-1989: 366th Chemical Co, 1989-1991: 21st Chemical Co, 1991-1993: C Co 1/32...More
  Brown, Benjamin Iii P.
  Brown, Beverly D
  Brown, Bill
  Brown, Bill
  Brown, Brandon
  Brown, Caitlin
  Brown, Claude A — I joined the military in July 1964, Los Angeles CA. Received my basic training in Fort Polk, LA., a...More
  Brown, Dave — I spent my first 2 yrs at Ft. Stewart Ga with C 5/52, then went to the ROK with D Btry 2/61 at Camp ...More
  Brown, Dominque D
  Brown, Duane A — instructor at the patrolling range
  Brown, Gerald W — Was in 503rd Aviation Company at Fleigerhorst Casern near Frankfort from 1958-1960-recalled in 1961 ...More
  Brown, Henry F — Served in Vietnam with 701 Maintenance Bn
  Brown, James — was a mechanic with c-co and also with hhc 2-34 . was with hhc 2-34 during dessert storm . my e-mai...More
  Brown, John T — born & raised Camden, SC 1949-68 USMC 1968-70 US Army 1970-90 (Retired SFC) Fl. Dept of Correcti...More
  Brown, John M.
  Brown, John L — Basic Ft Polk 1963. 91E Ft Sam Houston Tx Jan- Mar 1964. B Co 7th Med Bn Korea May 1964-65. Ft. Sil...More
  Brown, Johnnie T
  Brown, Karl R — work hard and play hard-and always ARMY
  Brown, Kory
  Brown, Lacy L — served with the 3BCT in baqubah, iraq in OIF2. served with the Archangels of 101MI BN out of Wurzbur...More
  Brown, Lamond
  Brown, Lutu Peni III Pritchard Pritchard — Born in the State of Washington, live and raised in the Territory: American Samoa, lived and school...More
  Brown, Martin
  Brown, Michael A — Assigned to 4th BN 37th Armour, C Co Operation Desert Storm 1991
  Brown, Michael
  Brown, Robert D
  Brown, Ron T
  Brown, Tim
  Brown Jr, Jerome
  Brown Jr, Robert Vance V — Father Of 4 kids and 2 Grand kids.
  Brown Jr., William W
  Brown Sr, Joe D — Was in vietnam in 1968 with CSC 1/28 INF. I was on the 106 recoiless rifle and ground surveillance r...More
  Brownell, Glenn
  Browning, Donald P — I am a local truckdriver and the proud dad of four kids ages-23-18-15-13. I just bought my first hou...More
  Brozyna, Steve — 2/2 Mech Inf, 1st Inf Div, Vietnam 2/23 Mech Inf, 2nd Inf Div, Korea S2, Hqs, 1st Armored Div, Ger...More
  Bruce, Albert E
  Bruce, Melissa
  Bruce, Scott S — Computer Programmer who spent 9 years. Spent 4 years in the 24th ID at Fort Stewart, Ga. Spent the...More
  Bruffett, Bearl
  Brumley Jr, Flurr N
  Brummitt, Robert w
  Brunet, Rene J
  Brunkow, Derrick V — Was in Demon company until the restructure where we became Commache company. Currently recovering...More
  Bruno, Lennie L — 28 years, served with Big Red One from 1980 to 1986. Served at Fort Riley and in Germany. Mostly w...More
  Brunton, Richard
  Brustowicz, Raymond
  Bruzzese, Cristine —
  Bryan, Robyn — served in the 25 infantry 1970
  Bryant, James — Assigned as a Maintenance Tech @ Panzer Kaserne - E Co 701st Mt. Co. Boeblingen Germany 76-79; B/C 7...More
  Bryant, Michael D
  Bryant, Milton L — First Sergeant HHC 5/16 Inf 1st Inf Div RECON TEAM LEADER E CO 1/11 INF (RECON) Gun Truck 23 S&T, G...More
  Bryant, Roland A
  Bryn, Michael D
  Bubenhofer, Alexander .. — 1st Inf. Div. 87-90. I was a tanker at Riley and Panzer in M1s and M1-A1s. Called for active duty in...More
  Bucci, Larry
  Buchan, Howard
  Buchanan, Antonio
  Buchanan, John E — Infantry and Quartermaster Officer Military Historian with Bachelors in World War II History and Ma...More
  Buchanan, John t
  Buck, Spencer M — SFC Buck is currently working Military Intelligence.
  Buckingham, Thomas D — I was in Viet Nam from 1965 to 1967. I was in the 59th Field Service Unit Direct Support. I would l...More
  Buckles, David
  Buckley, William R
  Buckman III, Albert D — I served with all of these unit at one time.
  Bucksath, Mark A — Retired. 1/31 Inf - Sqd Ldr 1/2 Inf - Sqd Ldr 2/75 Rangers - Sqd Ldr and PLT SGT HHC 9th ID - O...More
  Buderacki, George N
  Buechler, Jeffrey A — 20 years Infantry soldier: Served in following units; Light Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, Air mobil...More
  buehn, jeremy r — 3-19 inf baumholder 3-12 inf baumholder
  Bugg, Raymond
  Bui, Du
  Bullard, James D. J. — 91C in 1st Med Bn 1st Inf Div Forward, Goepingen, Germany, 1977-1980. Institute of Surgical Research...More
  Bullis, Michael R — 3-5 PLT MEMBER 1-229 AVN BN FT BRAGG, S-4 MEMBER 2-6 ADA FT BLISS , AMMO SECTION 30 BGD, 230 SPT BTN...More
  Bumann, Richard L
  Bumbalough, Ronald H
  Bunt, Michael H
  Burcalow, James M
  Burden, Donald d
  Burdette, Robert
  Burdette, Steven M — Well after getting out I have worked in a steel fabercation shop, truck driver, and constructiuon. ...More
  Burdick, Colleen
  Burdick, Ken
  Burdick, Michael C
  Burdsall, Ellwood S
  Burford, Doug d
  Burgan, Fred
  Burgeson, William U — I was the track mechanic in SSC and A co.
  Burgess, Adam L — Happily Married to one Brandy M. Burgess with a beautiful little girl, Lauren Mckenzie Burgess, who ...More
  Burgess, Michael J — ARMY -- BCT at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. AIT at Fort Lee, VA. Served with B Company 1st Battalion, 26...More
  Burgess, Norman J — Served as a sniper in Vietnam 1969 to 1970. A Co.1/16th. Mech., 1st. Div.,A Trp. 1/10 Cav. 4th. Div....More
  Burget, Clark
  Burgin, Summer L
  Burgraf, Robert
  Burhans, Mike
  Burke, Ed J — Hatchet Force Commander
  Burke, James — grenada 1983, HONDURAS JAN -JULY 1984
  Burke, James P — Accomplishments: Awarded Bronze Star for Meritorious Service in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom....More
  burke, kevin
  Burke, Scott L — 19K20 M1A1 Armor Crewman 152D Kiowa Warrior Pilot
  Burleson, John F
  Burnes, Michael DUANE — I'm a born again christian and a conserative. Currently I am 100% disabled through the Veterans Adm...More
  Burnett, Christopher L — Chris Burnett is a professional musician, composer, arranger, and woodwind instructor who returned t...More
  Burnett, Scott h — this was a great time of change in my life!!
  Burns, D Michael — 1st Pathfinders, 1st Div, Phu Loi, RVN August 1968 thru February 1969. 187th Pathfinders January 19...More
  Burns, Dennis R
  Burns, Greg
  Burns, Patrick
  Burns, Rodney
  burnside, joshua
  Burris, Jason c
  Burris, Robert J
  Burroughs, Gary W
  Burt, Alex D
  Burton, John a — Joined army in 1989 and went to basic in Ft Benning, Ga. MOS is 11M. From there I was stationed at C...More
  Burts, Ricky F
  Busatto, Charles W — I served in Schweinfurt, Germany. I got out just right before the september 11th tragedy.
  Busching, Dick
  Bush, Keith w
  Busler, James N
  Buss, Lynn P. — Oct 87 - Dec 87 Ft. Dix (Basic) Jan 88 - Jun 88 Ft. Devens (AIT) Jun 88 - Jun 89 Korea 332 MI BN...More
  Bussell, Tyler W
  Buszkiewicz, Larry — Drafted July 1970. Field Artillery Cannoneer & Fire Direction Center in Vietnam from Jan 1971 with B...More
  Butler, Amy C — My family has a bit of military background, and I am in ROTC at school. I'm a senior at MacArthur h...More
  Butler, Amy
  Butler, Billy C — 1st Battle Group 26th Infantry 60-63 30 years active duty, retired 1990.
  Butler, Darrell W — Retired Army Officer, Logistics Corps, seven years enlisted (AC), five years enlisted (RC), 15 years...More
  Butler, Frank
  Butler, Reginald W
  Butler, Richard B — I was given 100% Service Connected Disability Dec-2008 Please help with unit information! I was in....More
  Butler, William J
  Butts, Roger F — I was a field artillerty crewman and a FIST Team member with Charlie Company 2-27FA Third Armored Di...More
  Butts, Steve L — Retired and currently working as a Licensed Community Association Manager for a gated community in C...More
  Buzzetta, James M — I was Physical Security and IG inspector for the Div. I was then Station Commander of Phu Loi when...More
  Byas, Curtis — 19 Killo Tanker M
  Byington, Christopher L
  Byington, Michael S.
  Byrd, Ernest L — Was with the artillery in Nam 1st Tour with the First Inf Div-- Second Tour was with the 1st Cav Art...More
  Byrnes, Katie

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