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O'Connell, John P

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  Baker, Clay — It was on honor to serve my country!
  baldridge, danny
  Barnes, Steve
  Barnes Lcpl, Lawrence W — motorcycle enthusiast. Stationed at MCRD San Diego 1975 to Nov 1979. Recruit Training Regiment. W...More
  Barrera, Henry
  Bartlett, Chris — Enlisted in October of 1993. Recruited to HMX-1 Presidential Helicopter Squadron from Military Poli...More
  Bastien, James M — Marine Recruit Echo Company, 2nd Bn, MCRD San Diego, and one of the last to use the pits next to the...More
  Baughman, Lonnie F — Marine Corp 1973-1976 Okinawa 1973-74 - Kelo Btry 4/12, Lima Btry 4/12, Camp Lejeune 1974-1976 Delt...More
  Bayley, Jerry L. — Force Troops Camp Lejeune
  Beard, Raymond L — Was a member of COMM Co. Wire Plt. Was the Battalion and COMM Co. Guide.
  Beatty, Chris
  Behncke, Lupe S
  Bell, Ronnie L — Currently a Letter Carrier with USPS in San Diego. Enlisted in 1973 and transferred to the FMCR in ...More
  Bell, Thomas
  Benjamin Sr., Gregory R — DECM Tech, MOS 6628 Rockwell Northrop NASA CIA
  Bennett, Robert J — Joined this unit when it was in Ft Worth, TX
  Benson, Randy L — MOS2542 Classified Military Communications. 3 years military communications experience @30 years...More
  Benson, Randy L — MOS2542 - MCRD San Diego - boot followed by MOS School Classified Comunications Man - Iwakuni J...More
  Berndt, John V — Platoon 1133 at MCRD San Diego from September 21, 1970 until December 2, 1970. I'd like to hear fro...More
  Blackman, Daniel L — T58, T64 mechanic. Test Cell operator and production control.
  Blank, Blank — bootcamp platoon 13A - August 1965 -December 1965
  Block, John J — Served M.C.R.D. San Diego H&S Bn,1981-1983 3RD FSSG OKINAWA 1983-1984, USS INCHON 1986.
  Bonds Jr, Melvin A — Joined the USMC in 1969. Retired from the Corps in 1986 after 22 years of service. Also served in US...More
  Boullt, Craig — I was born in Reno, Nv. and moved to Calif. when I was 6 weeks old so I spent my entire life in Cali...More
  Boutte, Dwight J
  Bowermaster, William O. — Joined Oct 2 1973 retired 31 Aug 1998. Drill Instructor from 81-83 "C" Co. 1st RTBN MCRD San Diego a...More
  Bowers, Steven W — PLT 1064
  Bowlen, Ryan A — I signed over my butt to the Corps and went to Basic Training in July of 2001 with the intent of goi...More
  Boyles, Robert J — USMC Recruit Depot Platoon 3086 August 1985 Graduated Series Honorman November 1985 Attended MCCE...More
  Brass, John J
  Breque, Dany R — To Long
  Bridges, Steven
  Bright, John c — ~PLT 1111, 'D' CO, 1ST BN, MCRD SAN DIEGO, CA DEC '88 ~1ST MAW, MCAS FUTENMA, OKINAWA-88-89 ~MARIN...More
  Brown, Allen
  Brown, Stephen
  Bruce, Bob
  Buck, Charles F. — Retired in '87 with a disability.
  Budd, Gary m — Plt 324 MCRD SD Feb 67...3 tours in Vietnam 1st Mar Div 11th Marines Arty Fire Direction Center Regi...More
  Bunch Ii, Gary D
  Burgess, Jason — I was stationed with the 9th Communications Battalion and then with the 31st MEU in Okinawa, Japan
  Burke, Michael Fx — Junior, Senior, and Chief Drill Instructor, 3rd Bn RTR
  Burrow, Dave
  Busk, Sky B. — Went to MCAS Futenma, 1st MAW, Okinawa (1988). Then to Camp Pendleton with Battalion Supply, H&S Co...More
  Byrnes, Edward A. — 0100 Clerical Wrote orders for recruits at MCRD San Diego

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