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  Haas, James
  Hacker, Terry M — 8 years in the Corps. Went from high school dropout to attorney at law (although not practicing in ...More
  Hadley, Jere D — Served in U.S.M.C Active 1966-1969,1969-1972 USMCR Served U.S. Army 1972-1992 (USMC- got off acti...More
  Hagerman, Jim
  Hand, Walter — I was a cook in the o mess and baker went to the clutch platoon for awhile then finished at the e me...More
  Harchar, Mike
  Hardie, Robert F — SSgt USMC 1963-1974 - 5931 SP6 USACC 1974-1977 - 26V20
  Hardy, Ronnie J
  Hargrove, Ken — 21 months at Red Beach
  Harig, Richard
  Harrigan, Jim
  Harris, Ron — Served in the Marines from '64-'72. Okinawa in 67 and Vietnam in 68-69 with 1st Force Logisitics Sup...More
  Hart, Arthur r
  Hartge, John
  Hartke, Dean S — Camp Books, Red Beach, DaNang-1970-1971 Ground Radio Repair (2841) TRC75's 4th echelon shop. The C...More
  Haugh, Vic — 3 years in USMC 1968 - 1971 Sup Co Sup Bat 1st FSR / FLC Viet Nam 1969 -1970
  Hawes, Robert D — USMC 1965-1971 USAF 1971-1992
  Hawkins, Johnnie
  Heggins, Bennie
  Heltsley, John
  Henderson, David a
  Hendrix Sr, John C
  Hennessey, John
  Henry, Andrew K.
  Hernandez, Benjy
  Herrick, Albert — Small arms repair Danang Veitnam
  Herrity jr, Bernard T.(Tommy)
  Hess, Chuck E — Served in Viet Nam in Maint. Bn, 1st FSR/FLC near Da Nang in 1970/1971. Retrained into Aviation. Ser...More
  Hess, Chuck
  Highhouse, Fred f
  Hightower, Terry — Looking for Former, Retired, Active Duty, Reserve and all others who have served in or with the Unit...More
  Higson, Jerry Leroy — Signed up 4/23/58 17yrs 23 days old PISC Got out 1968 USMC SSGT.
  Hilinski, Anthony
  Hilton, Thomas
  Hoffman, Tim
  Hoffman, Tim — USMC Vietnam 1970 / 71 Quang nam I was in hootch 730 Drove a wrecker across from motor pool
  Hofmann, Richard e — h&s company, supply battalion, guarded ammo dumps asp1 and asp2, pulled alot of base security, made ...More
  Hogan, John
  Hogan, John W — left 5 amtrc bn camp pendleton and arrived viet nam sept 67..sent rewharehousing program at red beac...More
  Hogan, John W
  Hohenegger, Martin W — looking for guys from my area of Viet Nam 67-68 H & S Co. Maint. Bn. Motor Pool 1st. FSR/FLC, MOS 3...More
  Holden, Hunt J — Left for boot camp 9/4/68 & started 9/16/68 at San Diego Plt 3076 K Co 3rd RT Bn. Graduated 11/12/68...More
  Holstead, Bjorn
  Holtby, Jimmie
  Holts sister, Cpl Mark
  Hoppel, Allan W
  Hoppel, Allan W — Mabs 12 Mag 12
  Horton, Robert
  House, Stephen
  House, Stephen
  Howe, Dave
  Howell, Robert
  Howell, Ron
  Huckeby, Victor F — Stationed in a compound near a village we called "Dog Patch". One day a group of Marines from Shore...More
  Hudson, Brent
  Huff, Raymond D — I'm married with four grown children & three grandchildren. I've been a cross country Truck Driver...More
  Hurley, Lyle G — I was "Rabbit" then- Lyle G. Hurley, of Dayton, Ohio. Trk Co, 1st FSR, 67-68... Red Beach, Dong Ha...More
  Huskey, Dwight E — Served with 1st FSR/FLC from June 1969 to June 1970, Truck Company, Heavy division as a 50 cal. mach...More
  Hyatt, Luther

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