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Monaccio, John K.

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  M, Jackie — 569th US Forces Police Squadron at Vogelweh AB, Germany. Balad, Iraq 07-08 Currently in Minot.
  M, M J. — Law Enforcement
  Mackey, Thomas W — I have a web site that is dedicated to Air Police/Security Police and Security Forces. I have been c...More
  Madril, James L — Joined in 81 and been assigned to the 435 SPS Rhein Main AB, 341 MSS Malmstrom AFB, 8 SPS Kunsan AB ...More
  Majors, Jeremy B
  Maltby, Matthew T — Currently assigned to the 48th SFS at RAF Lakenheath UK from Feb 2003-Feb 2007
  Manning, David — USAF 1973-1993 Security Police 1988-1991 BMTS Instructor 1991-1993 Security Police Academy Instru...More
  Marshall, Kenneth M
  Martin, Eric D
  Martin, Issac
  Martin, Kevin — hey guys looking for friends from any cs unit or even the armory ssgt soltez put me i line a time or...More
  Martin, Ronnie D
  Martin Jr, Paul A — Stationed Nellis AFB 01-94 thru 08-97 TDY Prince Sultan AB 11-96 thru 2-97
  Marushia Sr, Michael T — IMA/Reservist with the 1 SFS, Jan 1998 until retirement in Feb 2005. Assistant Flight Chief for Bra...More
  Mascolo, John D — I was a K-9 Handler for the Air Force and am now a Military Training Instructor. I have been in 16 ...More
  Maston, Michael L — USAF Security Forces from 1981-2001 4th Security Police Sq 81-85 1st Security Police Sq 85-92 3...More
  Mathews, John
  Mathis, John H — Retired USAF Security Forces MSgt. Basic and LE Tech School 1977-78, LacklandAFB, Ellsworth AFB, 78-...More
  Maxwell, Cody J — I'm in the 822SFS; 820 SFG (Air Force Light Infantry)
  May, Daniel e — 4 Years acitve duty as a 5811, USMC Military Police, MCBH Kaneohe Bay HI, Cross Trained to Security ...More
  May, Dwayne M
  Maynard, Paul
  Mays, Matthew C
  Mcafee, Eddie C — Eddie C. McAfee, SMSgt, USAF, Retired Security Police 1962-1965 81 APS, RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge,...More
  Mccaffrey, Stephen E — I am a 27 y/o New York City Environmental Protection Officer. In 1992, I served 3 months in the US A...More
  Mccall, Tracy — Active duty AF 1987-1991 3707 BMTS 18th SPS (LE) Kadena AB 3320 Corrections and Rehabilitation Sq...More
  Mccarter, Lawrence J — Active Duty from 1966 to 1974, 1st Assignment was 351st Combat Defense Squadron, (SAC) as an Air Pol...More
  Mccluer, Charles D — K-9 Handler Nellis 79-82,Osan 82-83.Lackland 83-84 Handled Heinkin and Big at Osan
  Mccord, John P — ROTELO, EMT-B, Controller, NCOIC Security Operations Systems, LE Patrol Leader, Desk Sergeant
  Mccormick, Kevin M — Served in the greatest Air Force in the world. In the two best professions, Security Police and Fir...More
  Mccormick, Sean M — I have a wonderful 18 month old daughter. NO OTHER GIRL IN THIS WORLD CAN REPLACE HER!!! I am inga...More
  Mccullough, Damon K — I did 5 years in Grand Forks AFB as Missile Cop, thenwent to Korea for a year and taught Air Base De...More
  Mcdowell, John W — 19 years Air Force. Honor Grad from the Security Police Academy in 1986. Currently working at Head...More
  Mcdowell, Johnny O — I was the senior Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) USAFR assigned to the 833rd SPS 1989-92 as ...More
  Mchone, Jackie D
  Mckean, Johnathon A — Currently a member of the 66th SFS located at Hanscom AFB, MA.
  Mckinley, Joe
  Mclaurin, Nakia J — I enlisted in Aug of 2000, i was in the 320th training squadron, then i went on to the Security Forc...More
  Mcnamara, Tom
  Mcvey , Tim (tk) — Air Force Security Police. Active duty 1978-1983 Wurtsmith AFB Michigan "SAC" 379th Security Poli...More
  Meade, Kerry L.
  Meadow, Thomas
  Meece, Greg W — I served at BAFB from Nov '84 to Mar '88 We provided security for our B-52 bombers and the weapons ...More
  Meehan, Frank P — T81170A EST AZR/ABGD Instructor Traffic Accident Investigator and Manager patrol Dog handler Fl...More
  Meek, Daniel — On AD since Apr 89. Stationed: RAF Woodbridge, UK. 89-93 USAF Academy, CO. 93-99 Thule, GN. 99-00...More
  Mehringer, Jonathan — MSgt Security Police 67-88. Founding Member of The Air Force Security Police Association. Life Memb...More
  Melleski, Michael J
  Messick, Jerry L — Active Duty Air Force Security Forces since Jan 1984. Currently assigned to Dover AFB Delaware.
  Metcalf, Todd M — I served in the Marines from 1992-1996. Primary MOS-0311. Duty History: Jan-April- 1992 MCRD San...More
  Metrovich, Paul A — I entered in 92 and was stationed at K I Sawyer AFB, MI where I worked in Law Enforcement patrol and...More
  Meyer, Scott A — 70th APS 1978-1983, 482nd SPS/CATM 1983-1992, 315 SPS/CATM 1992-1999, Air University/CAPRAP 1999-200...More
  Meyers, Matthew J — Served in the (42 SFS 02-06), Deployed(Jordan 03),(Afghanistan 03),(Uzbekistan 03),(UAE 04-05),(886 ...More
  Mikkelsen, James E — Currently with the 173rd FW Kingsley Field Security Forces.
  Miles, Dennis
  Miller, Michael
  Miller, Steven F — Exciting and Rewarding
  Miller, Wes — Army Infantry veteran... Also Air National Guard Munitions/Missile Maintenance and Air Force Reserve...More
  Miller, William S — Military Working Dog Program 1981-1999 Security 1979-1981 Law Enforcement 1981-1999 Working with ...More
  Minderman, Lance —
  Miranda, Kurt — Served 4 years in the Air Force and stationed at Dyess A.F.B. Abilene, Texas. My unit was the 96th S...More
  Mitchell, Brad
  Mixson, Kelly G
  Moats, Arika N
  Monaccio, John K. — Dedicated to defeating the terrorist threat and enemies of this Nation. First one year Chief at P...More
  Montes, David
  Moore, L Donell
  Moore, Richard
  Moore, Thomas — 83-84 basic & SP tech school Lackland AFB, TX 84 ABGD Camp Bullis, TX 84-85 322MSS Grandforks AFB,...More
  Morabito, Anthony F — married 7 years
  Morgan, Ruel H — First SAC assignment was 68th SPS, Seymour Johnson, then SAC Elite Guard, Offutt and finially 91SPG,...More
  Morse, Greg
  Moser, Bryan P
  Murphey, Bradley D. — Served as a Law Enforcement Specialist/ Military Working Dog Handler (Patrol/Narcotics/Explosive) fr...More
  Murray jr, Richard E
  Musarra, Frank V — Attended the Virginia Military Institute, Class of 1988; Prior Army Combat Medic, 4 yrs; Prior Air F...More
  Mustifa, Anthony W
  Mutka, Steven
  Myers, Glen

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