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Michalski, John L

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  Parks III, Harry R — Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Drafted into the Army on 17 Aug 1966. Served twentyseven yea...More
  Parsons, Mel
  Payne, Leslie — US Army 1976-1979 ARNG 1983-1998 HHC,700th Spt. Bn 45th Inf. Bdge. USAR 1998-2001 3rd Bn, 290th In...More
  Payne, Robert
  Payne, Robert — Setaf 1956-1959 124th Signal company. Radio Platoon. AN/GRC-26 team chief..MOS 052.68.. High speed...More
  Pearl, Billy
  Peavey, Lane
  Peoples, Johnnie l
  Perez, Robert A — Commo Section, Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 559th United States Army Artillery Group, ...More
  Peterson, Mike t
  Pethe, James C — I served in 701 MPs 1955 at Ft Knox KY. Went thruogh basic training and MP training. Operation redw...More
  Petrell, Francis P — Air Defense Officer Basic and Advance Courses Defense Language Institute: Modern Greek Command & ...More
  Petring, Michael B
  Pettit, Bill A — Computer guy. In RVN worked NCR 500 in ChuLi, SETAF in Vicenca from 74-77 mgd IBM 1401 for HQ Acco...More
  Phillips, Dorian T — Setaf in Proccessing Center 22D Area Support Group 13th Military Police
  Piccola, Frank
  Pickers, Jose J — Basic Training US Army 77 (Ft Dix, NJ). IA Course MOS 75B (Ft Benjamim Harrison, IN). First assign....More
  Piet, Thomas J
  Pimpinella, Michael a
  Pimpinella, Michael a
  Poole, Bob
  Porzio, Ernie — former member of the 28thUSAFAD,looking for other members of same.Team 2,looking for personnel Major...More
  Prescott, Christine M
  Priber, Leonard A
  Pringle, Bruce A — Assigned to Cakmakli Turkey in 85 and Longare Italy in 91. I'm the father of 3 teens, 2 boys 1 girl...More
  Pritchett, Daniel G
  Pugliese, Raymond W — hq co,qm 1956-58

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