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Are you Special Forces material? Can you make the right decisions under pressure? Find out in just a few clicks. Relive an actual SEAL operation in Vietnam in this game of wits!

Mission Background
You are a Navy SEAL team leader in the thick of the Vietnam War. Recently a U.S. spy plane crashed deep in the jungle, with no survivors. The plane's black box was retrieved by the North Vietnamese Army before U.S. forces could get to it. If the black box is not quickly apprehended, the North Vietnamese will very likely turn it over to the Soviet Union, providing them with invaluable intelligence about U.S. air defense systems, communications, cryptography, and more. Your team's mission: Find the black box!

Mission Parameters
Your SEAL team includes yourself, five team members, and one Viet Cong defector. The defector has supplied you with information about the location of the camp that has the black box, plus other details regarding the camp's size, layout, and force strength. Your team will be taken by boat up the Mekong River for approximately 30 miles, and dropped off in a location near the enemy camp, under a moonless night.

It's all up to you.
On the next few pages, you will be presented with crucial mission decisions. The choices you make as Team Leader could mean the difference between mission success and failure - as well as the life and death of your teammates. After you play the game, you will be given a score and ranking, with explanations of the right answers. Good luck!

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