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 The Vietnam War

Jerry Lyons, 199th Light Infantry Brigade

"I came up with a plan. At some point, early in my tour, I must have made a conscious decision to try to control as much of my destiny as possible. That boiled down to the following: stay alert, do things right, have faith and don't dwell on the bad stuff." More...

Jim Schueckler
"Soon we were heading towards the mountains with a Huey full of mail, food, Christmas cargo, and two American young women. For the soldiers who had been living off Vietnamese food and canned Army rations at lonely, isolated outposts, these touches of home would be a welcome surprise." More...

Tom Fowler
"Fortunately, the firefight, such as it was, did not last long and nobody inside our company area was hurt. However, this experience gave me a firmunderstanding of why you are required to disassemble and reassemble a rifle blindfolded in basic training." More...

R. Dalton Buster
"Later we would also find out the V.C (Viet Cong) had kidnapped her grandfather. They wanted to know if they were real or dummy mines if it wasn't sandbags, putting in mines or stringin' wire, IT was burying empty metal ammo boxes (dummie mines)." More...

Dennis Belcastro, 669th Transportation Co.
"There were six gun trucks spaced throughout the convoy and mine was right out front when we rounded a bend in the road and entered the kill zone. Now, what you are about see is a simulation based on the actual event. However, I caution that there is no way the intensity and horror of this ambush can be effectively portrayed here today." More...

Michael J. Horton, 14th Engineer Battalion (Combat)
"The wind whipped my pantlegs as I stood with the others on the tarmac at Travis Air Force Base, where we had been bussed to catch our plane to Vietnam. There were about sixty-five of us, all army enlisted men, with several non-comissioned officers who were to escort us safely to Southeast Asia or at least to see that we didn't go AWOL." More...

Bob Hersey, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
"My Army career began with a promise ... A written "Guarantee" that I would become a US Army Bread Baker. I attended the Quartermaster School's bread baking course at Ft. Lee, Virginia all right but that was the first and last time that I would bake bread in the Army." More...

Marshall Darling, First Air Cav.
"My adrenaline level must have abruptly dropped at that moment because suddenly I began to shake and a wave of hysterical tears racked my body as I lay curled up in that smoky, earthy, damp smelling crater." More...

Sgt. Barry Prowell
"George has been in country as long as I have and used to be a member of my squad...We make eye contact and I can see the dread in George's eyes. Silent words flash between us. It is somewhat frightening, we both know today is different." More...

Mike Braun
"Westy is coming" was the word passed out to the company living for three weeks in sandbagged pits around the perimeter. We slept by day and fanned out by night to set up ambushes along the many canals feeding into the river. More...

Robert Scott
"I discovered a way to make extra money ... I take pictures of combat when Im able (like now), and sell or trade them with the Remington Raiders at Da Nang. They in turn send them home in letters to prove that they are really in a war." More...

Cpl. Stephen E. Austin, 1/27 Marines, Co. C, 3rd Platoon
"On my birthday things didn't go too good. One of my best friends who I met in Hawaii was shot twice in the stomach and he died the following afternoon. His name was Art Sinksen. I am going to write his parents a letter as soon as I go in to Battalion area." More...

Peter F. Fegatelli, Company D (Ranger), 151st Infantry
"Specialist Fegatelli, disregarding his own safety, came to his knees in order to place more effective machine gun fire on the advancing enemy. His accurate fire and courage inspired his comrades to increase their volume of suppressive fire." More...

Richard E. Meadows, 1st Infantry Division
At one point, I was watching the leaves at my feet dancing. It wasn't until a few seconds later that I realized that I was exchanging gunfire with a VC machine gunner. I was praying that my accuracy was better than his." More...

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