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Browse through a selection of articles on some of the heroes and leaders who made the war what we remember. Also see our Military Legends: Vietnam Archive.

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Troubled Apostle Of Victory
John Paul Vann, military man and civilian adviser, was a legend as contradictory as Vietnam itself. More...

Lt. Cmdr. Michael J. Walsh
At age 22, Michael J. Walsh was put in charge of a band of 105 mercenaries. Their goal was to get as much information as possible from their quarry. More...

Personality: General Lewis W. Walt
General Lewis W. Walt -- "Uncle Lew" to his Marines -- was the stuff of which legends are made. More...

Airman 1st Class William H. Pitsenbarger
Young pararescue medic received Medal Of Honor 34 years after fatal mission. More...

Pfc. Milton Lee Olive III
With one selfless act, young combat veteran became a battlefield legend. More...

Spc. 4 Alfred Rascon
During '10 minutes of Hell' in the Vietnam jungle, Mexican-born medic became a hero to his comrades. More...

Personality: Dicky Chapelle
Dickey Chapelle’s lifelong quest was to be where "her" Marines and the action were -- Vietnam included. More...

HM3 Robert Ingram
Courageous Corpsman, once given up for dead, was finally awarded a belated Medal of Honor. More...

Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jimmie Howard
With Howard's perseverance and encouragement, platoon held the hill. More...

Personality: General Fred C. Weyand
The Viet Cong counted on surprise for their seizure of Saigon, but General Fred C. Weyand saw them coming. More...

Jim Schueckler
"Soon we were heading towards the mountains with a Huey full of mail, food, Christmas cargo, and two American young women."

Tom Fowler
"Fortunately, the firefight, such as it was, did not last long and nobody inside our company area was hurt."


The average cost per B-52 mission during Vietnam was $41,421, with an average of 27 tons of munitions dropped.
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