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Media Vault

Military.com's Cold War Media Vault presents a variety multimedia features on the Cold War.  From interactive photo galleries to movies and audio files, the vault lets visitors experience the Cold War through multiple senses.

Atomic Gallery

  • Atomic Blast Gallery -- This gallery catalogues the majority of American nuclear tests between Trinity and the banning of above-ground test in 1963.  Explore the macabre beauty created by kilotons, and in some cases megatons, of power.

Civil Defense Gallery

  • "Duck and Cover" -- In this introduction to the 1950s animated short, "Duck and Cover," the viewer is introduced to Bert the turtle and the useful lesson of duck and cover (3.5MB Quicktime Movie).  Or, listen to the "Duck and Cover" song that accompanied the video (83KB ram file).
  • "Do you know what your family would do" -- A clip from a 1950s educational film quizzes the listener on their nuclear readiness.
  • Nuclear Survival Filmstrip & Slides -- Circulated in the 1950s this filmstrip teaches some of the basics of radiation and survival after a nuclear attack (318KB animated gif).
  • Civil Defense Gallery -- An assortment of civil defense related photos cataloging the range of the civil defense experience.

Cold War Speeches

X-Jets Gallery -- An interactive gallery of experimental bombers of the Cold War.

Share your Cold War memory.  As the experiences of the Cold War recede into the history books, veterans must record their experiences for future generations.  The first-hand accounts of a veteran's experience supplies important context to history and understanding the challenges facing the nation today.  Share your story now.

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