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Black Military History Directory - Desegregation and Advocacy Groups

Black Military History - Desegregation and Integration

Integration of the Armed Forces 1940-1965 - Report by the Army's Center of Military History provides a detailed examination of desegregation for all branches of the military.

The Desegregation of the Armed Forces - Check out an extensive repository of documents pertaining to the effort to desegregate the U.S. military in the mid-20th century.

Integration of the Armed Forces - Features a chronology of integration events, and also includes a timeline of African-American participation in U.S. wars beginning with the Revolutionary War.

Truman Administration and the Desegregation of the Armed Forces - Timeline highlights pivotal events in the effort to integrate America's armed forces from 1945-1953.

Success Story: Blacks in the Military - Atlantic Monthly article examines why integration of blacks in the military has succeeded better than in society at large.

Integration, the Army Way - PBS Newshour - Read a transcript of David Gergen's discussion with Professors Charles Moskos and John Butler on lessons the country can learn from the integration of the military.

Whitney M. Young Jr.- DoD article examines the accomplishments of this underrecognized civil rights pioneer.

Black Advocacy and Help Groups


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